Another Message From Beyond, In Response To My Thoughts And Doubts

For some days, I have been experiencing some anxiety about my dreams. I have felt a bit anxious because I know that my visions are just improving in intensity and scope. I have been experiencing things that I have never experienced before. For instance, in one dream, I went near a Christian speaker; and, pretty soon, I became too fast. I felt creepier even to myself! There was just this spooky feeling that a very strong angelic creature that was accompanying this speaker had connected with me.

So I asked God for some help. Meanwhile, I distracted myself with other tasks; but, deep down, I had a nagging feeling that I need to pay attention to my dream world.

A couple of weeks passed in this state. Then, I had this really interesting revelation.

In this particular dream, I was resting on my bed. I was fast asleep. Then I became lucid. Just before I opened my horus (third eye), I felt that someone was holding my right arm. Some sort of peaceful sensation flowed from where my arm was being held; i.e. pressed near the shoulder and the elbow. Eventually, I opened my eyes. I was shocked to see a tall spirit sitting next to me, on the right side of my bed, and looking down at me. There was lots of light all around this spirit or angel. This felt like a male spirit given how physically strong it was; it had a small whitish beard; it had a glow all around it and even its face was glowing; and, its abdomen and thorax area were so long that the spirit seemed like a really tall NBA player. It was smiling at me; and, it felt like a very loving and doting spirit. I woke up pretty soon after looking at this entity. I knew I felt a bit alarmed!

One lesson here is that if your emotions go too high while dreaming, then your dream state will break.

After receiving this dream, I wished to God for protection. I have always known that I can’t handle all this alone; but, these new changes have made me feel more vulnerable.

So I kept wishing and wishing for an answer to arrive.

Life kept moving on and on.

And, I kept wishing.

Tonight, just before falling asleep, I browsed the net for a bit.

And, I was very surprised when I found the answer to my question.

I found out about how the recitation of Ayat-ul-Qursi before falling asleep helps protect one during dreams, improves knowledge, and also brings a spirit guardian who stays there all night. Read Sajal Waseem’s article “10 Ayatul Kursi Benefits That Will Leave You Amazed“.

You know that in the world of lucid dreams, just before falling asleep, we say meditations like “Come spirits, come and protect and guide me.” Isn’t it interesting that the religion of Islam discusses this in detail! You know my experiences teach me that during dreams spirit guides can ask you to pray or even react to your prayers.

Isn’t all of this very interesting to observe!

Lucid Dreaming allows me to tap into some parts of this world; I have also visited Outer Space a bit and connected with otherworldly creatures through my dreams; I have solved a couple of crimes through dreams; and, I receive historic and precognitive dreams. I sometimes wonder how and why God created something so strong and just gave this ability to humans!

Today, I received an answer about this issue. Watch Netflix documentary “A Trip to Infinity“; this video shares the example of “Apple in the Box”, which shows how an Apple when left inside a box will change into all possible states before changing back into an Apple. This reminded me of other miracles Allah (God) has created. For instance, the story of the People of the Cave, which is mentioned in Surah Kahf; this story shows time travel; it discusses how God saved some believers from abusive officials by allowing them to sleep in a cave for several years. Furthermore, I remember reading in the Quran about how God will awaken humans again after their death. The clip “Apple in a Box” shows how this is possible.

The lesson learned here is that we humans are on this Earth in one particular state and we may have more than one state. Therefore, it is easy to see that the human soul as it appears during lucid dreaming is just another state of one’s existence.

Thus, it has become clear to me that I need to feel less anxious about how my lifestyle and I are altering due to my dreaming adventures since my lucid state is only evolving. I will now make sure to recite Surah Ayat-al-Kursi, every now and then, before falling asleep.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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