Echoes Heard During Precognitive Dreams Actually Exist In Real Life

I had an interesting dream around a year ago, I think around 2017. It showed murder of a well-known American writer.

I was watching some famous American journalists and activists mingle with the rest at a protest in America. Suddenly, there was some sort of chaos that erupted, the source of which I did not fully catch. I remember that I felt that some people⁠—I think, perhaps, it was the cops⁠—were using guns to injure journalists. I was hiding somewhere; and, I peeked at the scene every now and then. Then I screamed in fear as I saw dead body of a well-known American writer and journalist⁠. He was dead; and, he looked very peaceful. I woke up soon after this dream.

Source: Watch Out! Journalists Around the Globe Are In Extreme Danger.

At that time, I woke up only to realize that I must alert this particular writer; later, I also found out a study that showed that this dream showed the truth.

Today, I found the article, “US Ranked As One Of Deadliest Countries For Journalists For First Time“. Reporters Without Borders’s 2018 Worldwide Round-up report was published in Dec 2018;  and, I had the lucid dream around a year before October 2018.

Source: Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous For Journalists.

Apparently, this story doesn’t end here. Check out Trump’s recent comments that he issued at the “Save America” rally on Oct 22, 2022. Here he suggested imprisoning and then raping writers in order to find out their sources. Read Peter Wade’s article “Crowd Cheers and Laughs When Trump Threatens Journalists With Prison Rape“, which is published by RollingStone, and watch the footage of his commentary on “Citizens for Ethics” Twitter account here.

This is definitely very stressful for me to hear. Journalists are unarmed citizens who should be treated as citizens and not animals.

In another dream that I had before Trump’s inauguration, I saw a conflict taking place; read “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years”. Later came the Capitol riots and banning of abortions. I remember waking up and screaming “vampires, vampires” while writing an edited version of the story. Perhaps, this way te truth will fade away; but, I kept a note on top of this fake story that I created to soothe myself. And the note clearly stated that I saw a fight between humans. However, today, I look back and realize that I chose the right word to describe the attackers. We are definitely looking at vampires. While discussing the ban on abortions, I stated that I was correct in using this word; read “Insight Remains Higher Right After Lucid Dreaming“. And, today after watching this clip, I am stating again, that I was correct.

I did see VAMPIRES in that dream. I used this word to describe the attackers because it was going to continue echoing outside the dream world and in real life. I can’t believe that the voice that got activated during this lucid dream state continued to echo in another form while I was awake!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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