Another Lucid Dream Came True: In-Person Meeting With Joram Van Klaveren

Oct 30 was one of the most beautiful days in my entire life because I met one of my inspirations and another lucid dream of mine came true. I remember waking up just a couple of days before Oct 30 and feeling inspired to plug in “Joram Van Klaveren Canada”; this is when I found out that Joram, one of my inspirations, was going to perform in Canada on Oct 30. To my surprise, he was coming to Milton. “Oh my God! This trip—from Ottawa to Milton—is going to be easy”, I thought. Suddenly, I understood that I must not miss this opportunity to connect with Joram. I booked the ticket on Oct 23 and somehow ended up getting there although deep inside I believed that this was impossible to achieve given how less time I had to plan.

Here is another surprise! The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the “Islamic Community Centre of Milton” was how hospitable and caring some Muslims were. I needed help with something and a couple of people including children came running towards me. The wife of one of the imams eventually helped me take care of this particular need. Alhamdulillah!

The event “An Afternoon with Joram Van Klaveren” started with the Quran recitation. Then they ran a short snippet of Emir-Stein Centre‘s video Why I Left the Far-Right” to introduce Joram who left his political career with Netherland’s Party For Freedom (PVV) and became a Muslim. After the introduction, Joram started his lovely speech. I focused on Joram with the hope of shaking off my stress, which occurred due to travel; I was also a bit anxious because everything was happening too fast and I kept thinking back to one of my lucid dreams in which I saw Joram give a speech and talk to me as well; read “Another Psychic Visit by Joram Van Klaveren and Other Occupants of Netherlands“. So I distracted myself by focusing on Joram. Pretty soon, my sponge brain was able to absorb Joram’s energy. Joram’s energy felt very strong, calm, and friendly. No wonder, I started feeling relaxed right away!

Joram continued to discuss his story and Islam Experience. He mentioned how the VR movie about Islam is changing views about Islam and Muslims. I was happy to hear that most of the people who watched this movie started seeing Islam in a positive light and some folks even converted to Islam; read testimonials here. As I listened to Joram, I could vividly visualize his philosopher self. I felt elated to see that Joram reminded me of myself. I studied Philosophy at the University of Toronto, which is how I learned the art of questioning, reflection, and self-interrogation. Joram’s story shows that he used his need to engage in philosophy to become a Muslim. You know he asked too many questions, which is a distinctive characteristic of genuine philosophers. Joram is definitely a very gifted human being. As a philosopher, he questions, probes, actively seeks answers, is restless in nature, and engages in continuous learning.

At the end of the event, I was able to briefly chat with Joram. He patiently listened to me and also gave me his signature. He even wrote a prayer for me, which I found very beautiful.

This event was held by ICNA Canada. It was organized by Sohail Jamil and moderated by Khurram Masti Khan. Concluding prayer was offered by Sheikh Huzaifah and closing remarks were issued by Farhan Naqvi. Special thanks to Islamic Community Center of Milton‘s staff Shaykh Daood Butt and Shaykh Huzaifah Ali Khan for holding the event at this place.

This incident and dream actualization clearly show that everything is designed by God.

  1. God inspired Joram as well as the staff of ICNA Canada to hold this event in the Islamic Community Centre of Milton on Oct 30. Somehow, the Islamic Community Center of Milton had space available so the event was held in Milton.
  2. A friend of mine decided to support me a bit during this trip.
  3. A couple of days before this event took place, God inspired me to search for “Joram Van Klaveren Canada”, which is how I learned that this incident was about to take place.
  4. I dreamt of watching Joram’s performance in Sep 2022. The truth is that I have received multiple dreams about Joram so I am thinking that he will somehow have a strong impact on my life. Read “Another Psychic Visit by Joram Van Klaveren and Other Occupants of Netherlands“.
  5. I found out about Joram after visiting Emir-Stein Center where I watched Joram’s video “Why I Left the Far-Right“.
  6. I found out about Emir-Stein Center while learning about Dr. Craig Considine. I visited their website to watch Craig’s video “Who Is the First Anti-Racist?
  7. I started learning about Dr. Craig Considine and his work in detail after I received a lucid dream about him in 2017; God ordered it so that I met him—for the very first time—in 2018 during the same month and on the same day (Saturday) when I received a dream about him. Read my blog post “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year“.

I am very delighted and shocked to see that I have met Joram so soon. You know I used to ask myself, “I have seen myself talking to him in my dream; but, I don’t think this will happen anytime soon though”. I guess I was wrong! When God wants something to happen, it just happens on its own. Isn’t it weird that nobody and nothing could stand in the way and prevent this dream from coming true!

My deepest gratitude to Joram for being brave enough to write the book “Apostate” and for visiting Canada: “Joram, you are a true inspiration. I was very delighted to finally meet you and I love listening to your talks, a lot of which are on YouTube. I am very happy that I have been able to receive lucid dreams about you. You know, Muslim traveler Ibn Batuta followed his dream and became a legend. Obviously, meeting you was a very important step in my life! I wonder where this change will take me.”

Lastly, a special thanks to my friend who supported me during this entire trip. She is the best!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

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