Scent-Based Telepathy

I write like David Foster Wallace About David Foster Wallace | Analyze your text   My psychic body becomes like a dark illuminating candle in the night. I usually fall asleep after listening to the hypnotizing music that comes out of my body. This is how I slowly learned what scent-based telepathy meant. Because I […]

I Write Like

If you wish to understand your writing style, then you should create some content while awake or sleep. When his arduous task is complete─all this is strenuous for the mind  because finding dream content requires relaxing my body and mind─use I Write Like to figure out which author you sound more closer to. Then, borrow some […]

Always Look Back

I write like Stephen King About Stephen King | Analyze your text Note: This is one of my childhood experiences. None of this fabricated. When I was a child, I prevented someone from kidnapping one of my siblings. The entire incidence is actually an example of telepathy, which exists between family members and loved ones […]