Skipped Lines of Telepathy

When I am relaxed enough, I can skip lines even during telepathy. It’s like skipping through data found on memory nodes pretty fast. Today, in the morning, I asked myself if my package was outside or not. I then told myself to check first; at the same time, I thought that it was not there. […]

Remote Sensing Through Telepathy

Note: None of this is fabricated. This happened when I was barely in my twenties. It was easy for me to get confused about this phenomenon so I shared this only with my close family members. Now, I am willing to share this with the rest of the world. I had been up in the […]

Scent-Based Telepathy

I write like David Foster Wallace About David Foster Wallace | Analyze your text   My psychic body becomes like a dark illuminating candle in the night. I usually fall asleep after listening to the hypnotizing music that comes out of my body. This is how I slowly learned what scent-based telepathy meant (also learn […]