Scent-Based Telepathy

I write like David Foster Wallace About David Foster Wallace | Analyze your text   My psychic body becomes like a dark illuminating candle in the night. I usually fall asleep after listening to the hypnotizing music that comes out of my body. This is how I slowly learned what scent-based telepathy meant (also learn […]

Projecting Inwards

As a telepath, I can project inwards to some extent. I can project into mirrors, human abdomens, pictures, and human souls. I feel that telepathic projections work in the same way as prayers and intentions do. Of course! dreams project inside the human minds and the universe as well; but, I am talking about while […]

I Am Like Lucy

Here is what makes me similar to Lucy. I can ride the Black Wind My skin glow in the night for some reason I turn dark in the night sometimes, which means that Dark Giant arrives in its bigger form I can get snippets of the universe only if I open myself to a given […]

Same/Similar Food Urges

I get food urges when my siblings get them, especially when my brothers get them. I get this experience a lot when it comes to my two younger brothers. For instance, today I bought Sushi Family Pack after running around in the mall for a bit. When I got home, I ate a bit of […]

Reading Faces

Faces are critical part of scanning criminals. You can learn from an example of a psychic person. Simply because their brains are faster, they can SOMETIMES read faster than the rest; but everyone else can also learn to do this. Here is one of my personal experiences. I was hanging around with a victim of […]