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I have dedicated this website to pursue my Lucid Dreams, Psychic, and Writing adventures.

As a lucid dreamer, I have always felt that there is lots more to learn. As a dreamer, I am able to witness things that are occurring elsewhere in space and/or time; connect with my inspirations and loved ones; engage in learning about human rights-related issues; and, even do some creative writing. I have learned how to combine my prayers with my dreams to create better prayers. One miracle associated with me is how I dreamt of Pope Francis around a year before he met Grand Ayatollah on March 6—I was born on March 6. Read “Lucid Dreams Helped Me Participate In Christian-Muslim History“. Some key figures that I have connected with during my lucid dreams are CJ Werleman, a well-known Australian journalist; Joram Van Klaveren, an ex-member of PVV who converted to Islam; Craig Considine, an interfaith speaker and a sociologist; JK Fowler, the founder of Nomadic Press; Ilhan Omar, the American congresswoman; and, Ahed Tamimi, a very famous Palestinian activist. There are more! Read “Dance of Heroes“. Two of my favorite dreams that have actually come true are my dreams about meeting Craig Considine and Joram Van Klaveren in person; read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year” and “Another Lucid Dream Came True: In-Person Meeting With Joram Van Klaveren“. One particular human rights issue that I loved dreaming about was how the Indian BJP government has created an atmosphere that is harming the journalists and this also tied into the closure of the Indian branch of Amnesty International; read “Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India“, “Lucid Dreams Show Broader Social Issues“, and “Another Dream Symbol Came True: Amnesty International and India”.  Not to forget that I use my dreams to create Arts. For instance, I used my dreams to create a poem about fighting Climate Change; read My Poem “Open Letter to Climate Change Activists” Is Published In Bilingual Art Anthology “Ottawa Inshallah”. Lucid dreams are like reality: full of feelings, physical sensations, and other elements of life. During these dreams, I feel that I am awake or experiencing something at a different level of consciousness. I can exit my body at will, control my dreams and soul’s (or mind’s) movements, communicate with people and creatures (including otherworldly creatures), and experience different places. In one of my lucid dreams, I flew over several trees in my ethereal form. Some sort of wind—I think it was a different type of wind than what we observe on this Earth—playfully touched my body as I witnessed the dark green trees rustle. The atmosphere of this dream was electric and animated. Lastly, I have made some of my dreams freely accessible with the hope that others will learn about my work and the art of lucid dreaming and then choose to continue the fight to manage critical issues that are harming our world; read “I Have Changed The Course Of History“. This website shares only some of my lucid dreaming adventures. There are many more!

As a psychic who experiences telepathy during the day, I have always felt very curious about opening my horus in different ways. I have learned that my usual psychic senses can be enhanced through lucid dreams. For example, I sensed these energies while I was awake and also sometimes with the help of Hypnagogic Hallucinations; read “I Can Hear Music Of Souls“. Another interesting aspect is how I dream about something and when I wake up to make sense out of what I have seen, relevant words or phrases pop out of my mouth. For instance, read “Nightmares or Realities: Triggered By The Stabbing Incidence That Took Place At A Rabbi’s Home In Monsey, New York During Hanukkah Celebration“. Here are some of my psychic experiences.

My written work is a means of literary experimentation. I feel that writers are the worst or best treatment and are worse or better than reality because every writer has a shredder and a recycling facility inside their brain—these are there by default or these could have been constructed by people or by the writer. I also tend to think of my brain as a gigantic prism with several faces. As a writer, I remember or try to remember things ranging from ugly to beautiful to good to bad to evil to forceful to almost forgotten—I feel that there is nothing that does not change a human being simply because humans tend to iterate the mental and physical effects of all of their influences one way or another. I collect the writing dough by using a method that I learned after studying Socrates and some other authors in detail. This method involves studying objects and individuals around me—I have studied several philosophers and writers; and, I feel that each one of them has somehow left a mark on my soul and method of thinking.

I am related to Pakistani poet “Jameel Malik”; read “How Am I Connected To Famous Pakistani Poet “Jameel Malik”. To me, poetry is a voyage of self-discovery and a search for truth. Poetry reminds me of the beauty within people and challenges me to cherish it. My poetry will always be a work in progress since achieving something is just a mirage. Through poetry, I attempt to address issues such as discrimination, politics, war, conflict, bonds, family, love, and spirituality. I think the more I write, the more this list will expand. I gather poetic content from my sleep or awake lucid phases as well.

I am sharing what I know with the world with the hope of creating some change.

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