Hello Everyone,

I have dedicated this website to pursue English prose and poetry. My written work is a means of literary experimentation. I will be posting my poetry, short stories, philosophy reports and essays, excerpts of novels, book reviews, and links to purchase my work here.

I feel that writers are the worst or best treatment and are worse or better than reality, because every writer has a shredder and a recycling facility inside their brain—these are there by default or these could have been constructed by people or by the writer. I also tend to think of my brain as a gigantic prism with several faces. As a writer, I remember everything ranging from ugly to beautiful to good to bad to evil to forceful to almost forgotten—I feel that there is nothing that does not change a human being simply because humans tend to iterate the mental and physical effects of all of their influences one way or another. As a writer, I understand how my decisions are going to influence the future.

What puzzles me the most as I mature as a writer is my learning potential. For instance, after reviewing only one article written by another writer, I learned how to change the tone of my content to adapt it to the tone of that article. The first time I tried this technique, I got a bit scared because it looked like that someone else wrote it. But, slowly I started adapting to this technique.

I collect the writing dough by using a method that I learned after studying Socrates and some other authors in detail. This method involves studying objects and individuals around me—I have studied several philosophers and writers, and I feel that each one of them have somehow left a mark on my soul and method of thinking. I also know how people belonging to different economic classes and cultures speak. I have observed several types of individuals up close, and I know how to replicate their tones and conversation styles. In addition, I know their manner of thinking and deriving logical conclusions. Lastly, I know the fears, strengths, desires, likes, dislikes, and experiences of several individuals—if I want I can take just one of someone else’s fears and write something intriguing about it.

To me, poetry is a voyage of self discovery and search for truth. It is a reflection of one’s soul and mind. It’s an outlet for one’s worries and a meditation of very strong and relaxing nature. Poetry reminds me of the beauty within people and challenges me to cherish it. My poetry will always be a work in progress since achieving something is just a mirage. One can never truly achieve something, one can only experience it from up close.

Through poetry, I try addressing several issues that I have personally come across, read, or heard. These include various issues such as racial, cultural, ethnic discrimination, politics, war, conflict, bonds, family, love, spirituality, experiences, and societal issues. I think the more I write, the more this list will expand. I gather poetic content from my sleep or awake lucid phases as well. For example, some research indicates that waxing moon is known to increase lucidity and other research suggests that full moon increases lucidity (see section “Using the Moon”). I once pointed to the moon while lying on my bed and the entire poem, “The Moon”, flashed inside my mind within seconds—I will be publishing this poem in my first poetry book.

Now, I must tell you a little bit about my lucid dreaming abilities. My lucid dreams are like reality: full of feelings, physical sensations, and other elements of life. During these dreams, I feel that I am awake or experiencing something at a different level of consciousness. I can exit my body at will, control my dreams and soul’s (or mind’s) movements, communicate with people and creatures (including otherworldly creatures), and experience different places. In one of my lucid dreams, I flew over several trees in my ethereal form. Some sort of wind—I think it was a different type of wind than what we observe on this Earth—playfully touched my body as I witnessed the dark green trees rustle. The atmosphere of this dream was electric and animated. In yet another dream, I witnessed a gigantic ship get wrecked and eventually sink. I was on the ship along with everyone else as it slowly sank in the depths of water and everyone cried for help. Some people, mostly young ones, started gathering around me and asking for help. I tried opening my mouth to give them directions but no voice would escape my lips no matter how hard I tried to talk. Slowly, the ship started sinking and everything turned dark. I believe I saw the South Korean ferry that actually sank in 2014; around this time, I was also thinking about a South Korean friend of mine. In one other dream I was at an airport, but I didn’t knew how I got there. Then, a really tall, athletic man walked towards me. I could see only his body but not his face, which was like a shadow. I felt that he knew me somehow. I also felt that he decided to meet me on purpose although he was in a rush to get to his flight. Then, all of a sudden, he held and kissed me. At that moment, I heard him think, “I am content with you.” Then, I woke up feeling a bit confused. Some years afterwards, I actually connected with this person through email and phone. We are still formal friends; and, I feel that this is what this dream was foretelling. Oh! sometimes the dream characters behave in a way that is not the same as what we observe in real life.

Believe me, lucid dreams are quite a ride. This is why I have a dream log where I document all of these dreams. My dreams are so intense and real that after they are over, the images can stay encrypted in my brain for years; and, I can use the dream log to activate the entire memory whenever I need to.

I need more practice in sharpening this art, but overall it’s a really fun experience to be able to create prose this way. When I get tired of writing, I practice several scripts inside my head so that I may not forget anything important.

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Signed: Fractal a.k.a. Arzoo

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