The Man Standing Next To Me

I had an interesting dream today. In this dream, I was standing in some place that had an old large stone building; this building had a very tall gate, the type you see in mansions. The building was built on land that was spread to wherever my vision could go. It was evening so it was getting hard to see everyone clearly. I was standing outside facing the gate of this building. This place almost felt like India—I have never been to India.

I first thought that I was at my wedding; but, later I realized that this was a different event. I stood there alone and then I thought of an inspiration of mine—read “Dance of Heroes“. Suddenly, he appeared out of nowhere. It felt that I changed into him or rather that he said that he is just like me. Then he was there standing next to me and checking out the place with me. I was just a teeny meeny bit worried before because I was watching some people prepare things almost like I was at a wedding—perhaps, I wasn’t ready for this dream. I started feeling safe the second my inspiration—a Human Rights Advocate—arrived by my side. I received a strong feeling that this dream character was a friendly and nice person and that he was interested in learning more about what was going on in this scene; more importantly, I felt that he wanted to make me feel safer. I also saw a rather tall woman who pointed to some parts of her body to say that they are making things for my makeup and skin treatment. I somehow felt that this male dream character was completely comfortable with the idea of me being wed. But the moment he appeared, I felt so shy and hesitant for some reason that I did not talk to him at all. Instead, I distracted myself with dream characters. Pretty soon, I started kneading some dough. I kneaded lots of dough in a very large platter. It looked like I was making dough for something like a wedding cake although I wasn’t so sure whose wedding this was. I added too much flour and made the dough a bit tougher. I touched the dough and realized that I did not like the end result. So I threw some water on the dough and tried to make it a little bit smoother than before; however, I was able to change only a small part of it and the rest of it still seemed a bit hard though. But an older woman took the platter and dough from me and walked towards the mansion. I felt sorry that I didn’t end up finishing this job properly. Meanwhile, the male dream character who had appeared next to me actually faded away because I failed to address him.

This has happened before! Some dream characters tend to fade or vanish if I don’t acknowledge them right away. Other dream characters disappear after they have finished sending me messages. These dream characters can say yes and no and show approval or disapproval. My friends are really that bright!

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My Dream About Women Abuse At Rice University

I had multiple lucid dreams last night and this morning; I slept in a bit to enjoy this entertaining state.

I was flying over rooftops. There were so many rooftops but only one of them had greenery growing on it. The owners has planted something on the roof so the whole rooftop looked like a plantation. All this was covered with some sort of white sheet. But, when I stepped on it, my feet touched something mushy that had water in it; I could almost see the water. I was taking giant leaps such that the next step was really far away from the first one; and, it felt like how a giant walks. This has something to do with my meditation on one of my dream characters “Dark Giant“, which I think is the Angel of Death. I splashed around on this rooftop; and, then I jumped to another rooftop. I eventually got to the land; and, then I flew over the land. I could now see buildings and people. I flew around for some while; and, then I spun around pretty fast. I learned spinning from my dream character “Dark Giant” when I was a child; in this particular dream, this entity took me in its lap and sat in a teacup chair, which spun and spun pretty fast. So I used this technique to spin my entire body; and, I made sure to look at it while it was spinning. Before spinning and while spinning, I formed the intention of meeting a specific speaker at the Rice University.

Some new scenes arrived; but, I forgot them when I woke up. I am having just a little bit of trouble with dream recall due to some stress; anyways, I still remember some critical parts of these dreams. I kept navigating through the dreams; and, eventually, I ended up at the Rice University. This place looked totally bizarre and beautiful. I saw lots of buildings, mostly brownish in color. There were buildings that were clustered together like buildings GHI and then building D. The speaker I was trying to visit was in building D; so I tried to get to building D. To my surprise, I noticed that these buildings were surrounded by water; there was so much water all around these buildings that you can swim in there as you try to get to the university. At some point, I went under the water. I saw a lot of green stuff floating on water. It seemed to be clustered in some areas; and I could see its boundaries thinning where this stuff ends. I could see water all around me; but, I felt reluctant to explore this region. I even saw an amoeba or amoeba-like creature that was glowing and had several wonderful colors—I don’t know how long I have been submerged that I ended up seeing movement of this sort.

So I went through corridors as I tried to get to building D. I did see the speaker for some while. He was giving a speech while standing and a lot of people were gathered around him. I kept moving around. The corridors looked like a labyrinth; if you ended up in the wrong corridor, then you would end up somewhere other than where you were planning to get to. During all this, I saw some kind of assault taking place on a woman. Then I saw a murder and a rape. I don’t fully remember what I saw; but, I remember that someone took scissors and cut a young woman’s dress off. She was wearing a puff sleeve blouse. I distinctly saw scissors being used on her blouse’s puffs. I also fully remember that the woman felt dead after all this was over. A couple of demonic spirits who harmed this woman were in that building; I felt a woman was also involved in this crime. Interestingly, the victim reminded me of myself.

Here are some interpretations of this particular dream.

Water was all around these buildings. Rice University is in Houston, Texas. And, Houston is at risk of flooding. Read article “Sea Level Rise Projection Map – Houston” at

Murder and rape of a woman while some demonic spirits occupied that building. Some crimes against women are taking place at the Rice University. See article “Rice University Crime and Safety in 2019“. This article suggests that violence against women makes up 15.1% of all the incidences that are taking place on the campus; but these make up none of the off-campus crimes. This is why I saw that this crime took place inside the university.

The woman who was attacked felt like me. Well! I am a coloured Muslim woman; I am also an immigrant to Canada. Here is why my dream character is telling me this. Check out “Racist, anti-immigrant messages discovered on Rice University campus“.

What if the entire dream was a precognitive dream? I receive these a lot! Rice University and its neighborhood were flooded in my dream but usual activities were still taking place—I thought that the sea levels had risen dramatically. Then I observed this violent incidence. Does this indicate that the violence against women is going to increase in the future?

I did not knew anything about Rice University’s history because I live in Canada and I have never been to Houston. I just gathered some relevant information about crimes and risk of flooding after I had this lucid dream. Lucid Dreams can definitely be used to open secrets of this world! Some people wrongly believe that we are just looking at creative thoughts that are reflections of previously learned data. However, the reality is that lucid dreams can open realities that the dreamer isn’t aware of.

Rice University, Houston, TX, U.S.

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Dream Of A Kiss On Lips

I had an interesting lucid dream about someone who is actually an inspiration of mine and who is mentioned in the blog post “Dance of Heroes”. Well! It was a deep and passionate kiss that lasted for some moments. It was a surprise because I had this dream when we had just met. I actually formed a powerful lucid dream relationship with this dream character later on. And so far, I am pretty happy.

Dream characters are incredibly smart entities. And if a dream character ever gives you a “Yes” then you should just enjoy the time you have with this being. If the dream characters belongs with you, you will notice a strong spiritual connection and even experience a kiss during the very first set of dreams. This is what my experience has taught me. This is not the very first dream character who kissed me on my lips. One of the dream characters who is also one of my inspirations has been with me for around 10 years. He appeared a couple of times during this period; and, he usually offers me profound and significant messages. This one also kissed me on the lips in one of the earliest dreams I had about him.

Not all dream characters can kiss you and you are going to have healthy sexual relationships with only a couple of them; however, the dreams about sex are usually way less in number, sometimes rare, than the other dreams. These dream characters are a permanent part of the dream world and they offer the dreamer motivation to learn and gain exposure to new things including historic events.

To learn more about meaning of kissing dream characters, read Auntyflo’s article “Kissing”.

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My Twin Nieces Are Growing Up

I dreamt of twin women and twin babies before my nieces were born—I also saw angels in this dream. I did not knew about the gender of the babies at this time since my sister wanted this to be a surprise. Babies are now around 4 months old. Read “Another Lucid Dream Came True: Birth Of Twin Girls” and “Lucid Dream About Twins” to learn more about this particular lucid dream.

Image of my dream that is shared in the blog post Lucid Dream About Twins”.

Good News: I think that my babies are lucid dreamers because I received a very clear signal from or about them before they arrived in this world.

Surprising News: My mind and body are reacting strongly to my nieces. I can hear them cry even when I am wearing my headphones; I just start feeling very uncomfortable suddenly, which is how I know that my babies need me. I have started to think really fast when I tell them stories to make them fall asleep. I usually tell them all sorts of silly and sweet fairy tales (like how Monster Boo helps Fairy Zoyah and Fairy Khadijah save the Forest of Cakes) and sing them tunes and nursery rhymes, which is how they still fall asleep. Oh! I also run Mozart Lullabies from Baby Relax Channel. I started doing this when they were younger so now they react quickly to my stories and songs as well Mozart Lullabies.

Presenting: Identical twins Zoyah (1 minute older) and Khadijah.

Here the babies are wearing pink. In my lucid dream, the young women were dressed in pink.
Here the babies are trying to touch each other while sleeping. In my lucid dream, the young women stood close to each other while one woman held the second woman’s arm.
Zoyah (right) looks a bit bigger than Khadijah (left) because she is 1 minute older. Smart babies! They are only around 4 months; and, they know how to pose for a pic.

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Dream That Made Me Study Sales Was A Grand Scale Prediction

In 2018, I had a dream where I met Shaun Randol, the founder of The Mantle. I wrote about this in the blog post ‘Use of A Specific Visualization Technique Created Dream “He Loves To Chat!”’.

Shaun continued talking like a real gentleman; and, then he gave me the tour of the entire place. He stood next to some paintings; placed his hand on the wall; stood near me; and, kept talking. I laughed at this gesture again. Then, he smiled and reacted by taking my hand and helping me walk to a different place. I started feeling tired from all this; so I almost fell asleep. I think this is what I did but I am not really sure. There were some other parts of this dream that I don’t fully recall. However, I did notice that Shaun had somehow made me pay attention to the paintings and that I spent some time looking at these. I also noticed that during this dream, I could make this man kind of fade away and still stay next to me just like a real ghost. Source: ‘Use of A Specific Visualization Technique Created Dream “He Loves To Chat!”’.

In 2020, I wrote how I studied sales in 2019 since I felt inspired by this dream. Read blog post “I Focused On Learning Sales After Interacting With A Dream Character“. First, I thought that I just felt inspired by what I saw in my dream. Later, I realized that this chat was not exactly what I thought it was.

On Nov 12, 2020 I had a meeting (held by MPI) with some event planners—here is the Facebook page for that particular meeting. During this meeting, an experienced event planner commented that a lot of people who lost their jobs are going to open their own companies and that there will be more salespersons in demand due to this change. Here is the image of the notes that I took for this meeting.

This meeting took place on Nov 12, 2020. An event planner told me that salespersons will be in more demand due to the changes that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the top of the first page, you can see the date is Nov 12, 2020. And, at the bottom of the second page, you can see the following paragraph.

Next year, in March, people are looking for their own companies now. They won’t come back. Salespersons in demand.

Wow! This lucid dream was a warning dream where my spirit guide appeared as Shaun Randol to convey a message or is it that Shaun himself is one of my spirit guides.

I am a bit frightened as I write this because it is kind of scary to experience something like this. I mean, I thought I was just hanging out with Shaun during this my dream; but, now I am in a bit of a shock. I guess this is normal when a grand scale prediction comes true!

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Another “Silver Bullet” Prayer Came True

I have just realized that another one of my special “Silver Bullet” prayers has come true. Here are the sequences that lead to the completion of this prayer.

  1. I connected online with Professor J.K. Fowler who is the founder of Nomadic Press. I wished that I could visit the Nomadic Press team and meet J.K. at least once in my life.
  2. I dreamt of meeting Dr. Craig Considine in 2017; I met him next year. Read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year”. I started learning about his teachings in detail this way.
  3. Then I came across journalist CJ Werleman who defends the Human Rights of Muslims across the globe. I decided to learn about these issues in detail by reading his work.
  4. COVID19 pandemic started in 2020. Nomadic Press started offering free open mic sessions soon afterwards. I joined these sessions and met J.K. Fowler and the rest the folks. I started listening to their poems and felt that there were a lot of new techniques and concepts that I could catch. Oh! They do discuss “White Supremacy”, which is a topic that I have always wanted to learn. They also publish online chapbooks (selected verses of all the poems) for all the open mic sessions; this way, I get to review some of the stuff I heard and what exactly others really liked.

So one of my older prayers that I wanted to cause positive change came true but with deeper meaning attached—I said this one around 2004. Read “Poetry Is A Critical Part Of Activism”. Originally, I desired to speak out against discrimination; but, now circumstances and new developments are telling me that it is time to handle some Human Rights issues.

Attached to this prayer is another prayer where I wished that I wanted to meet Nomadic Press team and J.K. at least once in my life. Pretty intriguing!

How does this all sound to you? Does this make much sense? It sounds complicated, right! Disbelievers tell you that praying to God does not make any sense. They fail to notice that the sequence through which some prayers are supposed to come true might not always make sense. So now you see how prayers work!

Just two tips about praying properly: Be sincere while you pray and feel love for God while you ask for something.

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Pressing Pressure Points During Lucid Dreams

I had a couple of interesting dreams today. I was worried about something when I fell asleep. I don’t fully recall most of my dreams due to stress; but, I do remember some of them. So here is a critical finding!

I ended up pressing some pressure points on my abdomen during the dream.

I slept feeling anxious, fearful, and worried about something—dealing with COVID19 isn’t easy. I had placed my cellphone on my chest and a picture of a friend of mine was open on it—I had time to go over the pics saved in my cellphone’s Gallery. During my dream, I used my hand to move my cellphone down on my abdomen. It now sat a little below my belly button and above the vulva but still on the lower abdomen. My cellphone stayed there for a bit; and, I felt the pressure from it. When I woke up, I realized that I had left my cellphone on my chest and slept.

I started reviewing things right away to figure out what was going on. I think that certain pressure points were pressed during this process. I wonder how deeply these were pressed or if I were just finding relevant information without actually pressing these points. I reviewed the Stomach Meridian points mentioned at the YinYangHouse’s website. The ones that I believe were impacted by this move are ST26, ST27, ST28, ST29, and ST30. According to YinYangHouse’s website, ST27 works on fear, panic, and anxiety. Also two Spleen Meridian points, SP13 and SP14, were pressed. According to YinYangHouse’s website, SP14 actually manages fright and panic.

Alright! I don’t quite know these points and their function. The only pressure points I have studied are for Martial Arts; so I don’t know these ones. I find it interesting how I can find new information by using my lucid dreams!

I feel like a Therapist! Thank God! I learned how to use my personality type well while dreaming. I am an ENFP; and, so I derive warmth and learning from people.

My Inner Self and I (while asleep)

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Ever Played A “Paheli” With God?

Paheli means puzzle! Every played a paheli with God? I have! God gave me a friend, a White Canadian woman, who gradually became my close friend. I was so close to her that I started referring to her as my twinI am a Brown woman who has a White twin. There were even times when we experienced telepathy like wearing same colored clothes or feeling tired at the same time.

As I grew older, I battled with myself. I found out that there were times when I would feel attracted towards a guy and wouldn’t quite understand why I was feeling this way. There were times when I would feel attracted to multiple men and wouldn’t react in any way because I didn’t had the rest of the clues about this process. Some years passed as I realized this mental state of mine and struggled to understand what was going on by reading articles and allowing time to pass without deciding on anyone. Then one day, my White friend told me a complaint that a senior person once made to her. What she said made me read further!

I read around 5 magazines about seniors; then I rested; and, then I read another relevant article. This one was called “Still Got It” by Gail Gallant; this was published in the Reader’s Digest, Oct 2020. According to this article, attraction is a very subjective experience. So what one feels when one finds oneself drawn towards someone is a very personal encounter; and, we all know that desirability is defined not just by looks but a whole lot of others things like eloquence, knowledge, and manners. The article further tackles the notion of “Age Shaming” that happens because we have been taught to love youth and associated things like ability to exercise and not having wrinkles; the author asserts that it is possible to fall in love and have sex even after age 60. Furthermore, the article shares that one’s attraction changes over time since it is related to how one feels; this explains how people can fall in and out of love multiple times. Lastly, the article teaches that one’s shared practical knowledge, observations, encounters, and memories determine who one chooses to mate with.

So did you see how God provided me the answers slowly so that I may get ready and put things in right context. Of course! I have learned a lot by reading about seniors and listening to my twin sister. I feel more in control of my life now! I feel that in time I will be able to find a good husband for myself.

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Is Canada Safe For Women?

Is Canada safe for women? I have asked this question a couple of times on my blog; and, I am asking this question again. I just read USNews’s article “Best Countries for Women“; Canada is listed there as #5. I think that this ranking only shows that relevant data remains hidden in Canada. My experience as a colored Canadian woman has taught me that a lot of Canadians abuse (including victim blaming, gaslighting, and intimidation) women especially colored women. This happens in academic organizations and workplaces.

Lisa Neve was labelled one of the most dangerous women in Canada. After being silenced for so many years, she decided to speak to the media. Read article “After decades of silence, Canada’s one-time most dangerous woman slams justice system” to learn her entire story. I am sure that she is not alone and that there are many more such female victims. According to Canadian Women’s Foundation’s article “The Facts about Gender-Based Violence“, 67% of the Canadians know a woman who has gone through sexual or physical abuse. Yeah! My experience tells me that this number includes White women as well. So why is Canada ranked #5 in the article “Best Countries for Women“? Is it because other countries also offer lots of abuse to women? Or Is it because this article offers mere propaganda?

Quite frankly, I have no clue what’s going on! But, I have lived in Canada for around 20 years; and, I find the Canadian workplaces to be extremely toxic. Trust me! Canada is a type of country you must stay away from especially if you are a colored woman.

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Altering The Past: The Open Window

The room I lived in when I was a kid and then a teenager had a window that interested me a lot. It was always closed because I lived in the upper floor and because it opened towards the market. But, the closed window did not stop me from having fun. There was time to study; there was time to play games with friends and siblings; there was time for movies and cassette players; and, there was time to stare out of this particular window. I used to climb on the headboard of my bed to get to the upper part of this window because the lower part was blocked with bricks that were part of another building. I loved this activity!

From here, I could see the outside world. I was born in a well-to-do family; but, the lives of others especially the poor attracted me a lot for some reason. I really wanted to learn everything about the rest; I used to get so electrified when I would meet people. So, checking out the marketplace was one of the most exciting things I ever did! From this window, I could see the people who were selling street foods; the Tonga driver who used to clean his horse; rest of the market; a street; and, the neighbors’ roofs where their children played. I used to spend so much time watching the Tonga driver clean and feed his horsethe best part was when he would take care of horse’s hooves and shoes. I was so much in love with horses so this sight was a splendid treat for me. Sometimes, I used to eat ice creams, sweets, or chocolates while standing on my bed’s headboard and looking at this gripping scene.

Sometimes, I used to talk to the Tonga driver inside my head. I used to hear a voice every time I used to talkit was kind of vague inside my head because I was too tuned into watching things instead of listening to myself. Now, after experimenting with my Telepathic abilities, I have realized that that was the voice of the Tonga driver. So today, I had a very interesting dream.

In this lucid dream, I was back to this window. And, I did something that I have always wanted to do. The window was just open now. And, I was hanging out from this window; half of my waist was now outside and half was inside. I was mostly sensing the air around me. I didn’t get to see the market; but, I did manage to feel how fresh everything around me felt. Perhaps, I was humming something. I am not so sure! But, I was in a great mood.

Before I had this dream and a couple of more interesting ones, I had a lucid dream about a very handsome and nice male dream character who is based on one of my inspirations. He talked in an animated manner. He was from a small village; perhaps, he was visiting. He even prayed in my dream along with a group of men. Then my man made sure to finish all his engagements so that he may get back home to me in time. He even had an argument with a man who actually got into our house to quarrel with him during the time he had saved for us. I told him to kick this man out; and, I almost felt him kicking. Immediately, I got scared of the possibility of him throwing this man out because he (my guy) was pretty athletic. I felt he was just going to use one of his legs to throw him out! He didn’t kick him though; instead he just talked to him and calmed him. After this conversation, the angry man left in a happy mood. I was very excited when I saw my date. He chatted a lot while I rested in his arms. He laughed and loved me while talking. We were husband and wife in this dream. I did not had intercourse; but, we exchanged a lot of energy so it felt like intercourse. I think the fact that I have never been in a real physical relationship is playing a role in creating a dream with no real intercourse. Read article “Lucid Dream Intercourse: The Technique That Really Works, Feels Great, and Lasts Longest“. Saying this, I must comment that I do receive lucid dreams where I am having real intercourse. And I believe that some of these dreams are actually about my real husband. I am still unwed; and, I had these dreams while resting alone in my room.

Keeping your mood uplifted is the key to playing in the world of dreams. If your mood is too down and you aren’t struggling to revive yourself, then your dream world will just die slowly like the rest of your mind and body. This is why lucid sexual relationships are a key part of the dreamscape.

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