Reverts (Converts) To Islam Bring Guidance To Muslims

I like the stories of those who revert (convert) to Islam! I have read some interesting stories online; and, all this started out when I read about the first set of new Muslims who were companions of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). To my young mind, these stories taught a sense of adventure and courage. When I grew older, I kept learning about reverts: I had access to people in Canada; and, I had the net.

One of my best friends is a revert (convert) to Islam; she used to be a Christian. My second ex-fiance whom I couldn’t marry due to circumstances was also a revert (convert) to Islam; he used to be Atheist. Both of these individuals changed their belief system totally on their own and without any pressure—this explains a lot about my need to follow Islam. When I came across them, they were already Muslims. I have learned a lot of new things by interacting with them; and, I am thankful to Allah (God) that they played a role in  improving and changing me.

I have even read about how some people are afraid of reverts (converts) because they feel that they are looking at people who are still not close to Allah (God) and Islam. I disagree with them because I have seen even Muslims do this. Through Islam, I have learned that there are different levels of faith; and, Allah (God) sees the reality clearly about one’s level of faith. Reality is that I learned this teaching afterwards; and, what made me close to reverts (converts) are the stories of Prophet Mohammad’s companions, which I read when I was a teenager.

Here are some interesting stories of those who chose religion of Islam to guide them in this world:

The life of Abdullah Quilliam: One of Britain’s most famous converts to Islam

Islam in Women – Women converted to Islam in the world- Documentary 2015

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Famous Converts To Islam

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Story of four Americans who became Muslim

Stories of people who converted to Islam

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The life of Abdullah Quilliam: One of Britain’s most famous converts to Islam

Tell Me About Islam: Yvonne Ridley

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Memories and Aftermath of Sep 11

Sep 11 of year 2011 was a scary day for me because that day I saw some buildings collapsing on TV as a plane hit it. At this odd sight, I screamed with shock and almost started crying. My telepathic instincts just got triggered and I knew something really big had happened.

I was just very unsettled after this attack; and, I researched it thoroughly. I realized that there is no way that America would have missed an attack on her people so I blamed the government of America for allowing this disaster.

After Sep 11 many things happened to the Muslims including genocides that just started in other countries like India.

The need to manage the consequences of this atrocity is one reason why I started this blog and “Lucid Dreaming” and “Telepathy” projects. God has a way of gifting me. Just yesterday, on Sep 11, I attended IFCO’s (Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa) grant writing workshop to which I was invited by my employer. See the date and name of workshop here⁠—this is proof that all of this took place on Sep 11. I was introduced to a couple of filmmakers during a workshop. At the end of the workshop, one of the filmmakers agreed to connect with me next month.

On my way back home, my mind ran a telepathic signal. I imagined doing a riveting and creepy dance of some sort the details of which I don’t wish to share. Then I got home and fell asleep. When I woke up, I received a message from a female filmmaker who agreed to help me make my first film. I love the fact that a woman is willing to work with me because I have always supported the womenI run the Facebook group, “Forgotten Femmes”.

I cannot believe all this happened on Sep 11! God is signalling to me again!

All of this was like a Super Nova explosion!

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I Think Like A Cop

I have a severe history of abuse; but, I have become a Women Rights advocate. I have learned how to get women out of trouble and to identify those who are stuck. I have met all these women in real life; some of these women are very smart and some their memories have been removed so that they may shift into a different person.

I like the fact that when under pressure, I think like a cop. My writing ability overlaps with this facility. Read “7 Ways Police Work Made Me a Better Writer“.  Once I sat in the car of a stalker along with a victim. I pretended to be friends so that I may figure out how he behaves. This ended well and safely. The rest of the details I cannot share due to confidentiality. But, this should give you an idea that I will venture in the uncomfortable zone. For instance, revealing certain information about myself online is pretty easy for me because it would make the abusers feel uncomfortable. I know from experience that I have gained while working with nice and normal men is that only abusers feel uncomfortable about disclosure.

Obviously, protecting women is a challenging task; but, by now I know how to get the women out of trouble. I have created this guide to help women nail abusers since abused women cannot do this properly without written aid. Read my blog post “Regeneration“.


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Why I Chose “Surah Noah” To Get Rid of Really Ruthless Enemies

You must have read the blog post, “Surah Nuh (Noah)”: A Prayer To Get Rid Of Really Ruthless Enemies“. Now, I must tell you that I just chose to open the book “Majmuah Wazaif” (it is published by the Chaand Company of Lahore, Pakistan) and decided to use “Surah Noah” although this book mentioned other chapters (surahs) too that promised to deliver similar results.

Today, I was just browsing Twitter when I found article “The mathematical miracles of the Holy Quran” from The Muslim Vibe’s Twitter account. This article shows a video that discusses the mathematical miracle related to Surah Noah.

After watching the video, I learned that Adam is the first father of humanity but Noah is the second father of humanity because he helped humans survive the flood. The video then discusses two important facts that shook me with fear about why and how did I chose “Surah Noah” and not another chapter (surah).

1) Chapter Noah is the 71th chapter. There are 43 chapters before and 43 chapters after this chapter that don’t mention Noah. Thus, this chapter is in the centre of these chapters. I believe this means that this chapter is to the Quran like skeleton is to the human body. (see video from 1:59 till 2:50)

2) There is only one verse, verse 23, of chapter 23 that mentions Prophet Noah. But the chapter with greatest number of mentions of Noah is chapter 11; verse 46 of Chapter 11 mentions Noah; and, verse 46 has a total 23 words. Interestingly, these numbers relate to the human DNA: there are a total of 46 chromosomes that appear in 23 pairs. (see video from 8:18 till 9:50)

What if “Surah Noah” is designed to create a balance or control of some sort over humans that are abusive towards someone. What if that’s the message behind “Surah Noah”? I have great telepathic instincts that sometimes awaken during the day and while I am asleep (referring to Lucid Dreams).  Selecting “Surah Noah” for supplication is again one of these incidences where I just used my gut feelings to navigate to a bigger answer.

Wow! This was mind-blowing; and, I feel exhausted because my mind exerted itself in order to understand what really is going on. Of course! I haven’t figured out more than to read chapter often while asking God for protection.

Add to this mathematical miracle the fact that I am a lucid dreamer with incredible abilities, and you will see how some of my prayers just accepted.

Silver Bullet: My Prayers are in Multiple Dimensions
Understanding How The “Silver Bullet Prayers” Work


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I Love Hair Accessories That Can Accentuate My Head And Face

I love hair accessories that accentuate my head and face. I usually don’t put too many things on my hair: so far, I have only used different kinds of hair bands, hair clips,  fancy hair pins, and bindi.

Out of all hair accessories, bindi is my favourite because it brings out the shape of my head.


I took the picture below at a Gala that I attended quite some while ago. I edited this pic twice in Photo Editor Pro; and, I added once a larger rose and then a smaller one. My face somehow feels different with each rose although it’s the same rose that has been sized differently for each edit.


I find this potential as one of the most alluring of my features.

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Telepathy Involving Digital Devices

Is it possible for digital devices to be influenced due to telepathy? I definitely believe so. Once it has happened that I was supposed to print more than ten copies of a large document for a meeting. But, the computer malfunctioned that day!  And, I ended up printing only five copies; and, there was one incomplete print out as well. When I got there, there were less people so five copies were sufficient. I did not knew how many people were going to show up that day. Right now, I have the copy that did not print fully; only last two or three pages are missing; and, there is still sufficient there for me to read, which is why I am thinking back to what ACTUALLY happened.

Its the same as when I say that I can get lucid dreams about a hero of mine after seeing her/his videos and pictures online. I have been able to interact in detail with these incredible dream figures. Read some of these dreams here:

Dream Characters that Appear Suddenly to Warn

(Read together because they are related to each other) Dreams Of “Breaking Bread Together” With Friends  and Dream Actualization: “Breaking Bread” With Friends

My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman

Dance of Heroes

(Read together because they are related to each other) I Have Met Agent Mulder and Agent Scully and I Got Attached To Mulder (David) & Scully (Gillian)

Here are two interesting articles on “Digital Telepathy”:

Telepathy is now possible using current technology
Digital Telepathy Is The Future of Human Species

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I Predicted The Coming of Hurricane Dorian

On August 31, 2019 I predicted a really large flood that rocked residential areas, which I thought belonged to Canada or ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD. Read “Flood Warning: Residential Areas of Canada Or Elsewhere In The World”.

Notice the following phrases from this blog post:

  • Elsewhere In The World
  • I just recall that it looked like any other house we see in Canada
  • I vaguely recall that the characters seemed like my siblings; although there was a queer feel that they weren’t my siblings

So I had a weird feeling all along that this wasn’t in Canada and then I had another feeling like it was in Canada.

Apparently, the feeling was there because it is supposed to hit Canada. Read “Dorian forecast to hit Nova Scotia as either hurricane or strong tropical storm“. This news was released on Sep 4 and my dream took place on Aug 31, 2019. So only today the world has found out that this hurricane is slowly moving towards Canada.

While describing the dream, I specifically stated the following:

I was somewhere in a rather large house; and, I was staring at the front of the house. The streets were flooding and the water was now flooding the front yard. It had rained all day on the previous day; and, the atmosphere was dreary, chilly, and somewhat fresh. The car that was parked in the front yard had crashed against the garage door due to the heavy wind and overflowing water. The water seemed very impatient in nature; and, it seemed very willing to enter the house. I heard the residents yelling warnings in dismay as they found out what had happened to the car. One of the guys calmed the woman who was crying about the wrecked car that he will manage this in the future. Source: “Flood Warning: Residential Areas of Canada Or Elsewhere In The World”.

Now notice the picture that I posed in the above-mentioned blog post.


I picked this picture from Unsplash, which is my primary source for stock images.

Now watch the images that have just appeared about the Hurricane Dorian. See the video published in the article “Hurricane Dorian batters Bahamas with severe flash floods and ferocious wind – video report“. The video flashes a similar image at the very beginning. The area is so difficult to navigate through right now that the details are emerging rather slowly. I can’t believe that I have already seen this area and catastrophe in my dream!

The description of my dream is matching what is going on in Bahamas due to Hurricane Dorian. I think this is the flood that I really predicted because of the details about flooded front yard.

This is one of my historic dreams. I get lots of these whenever I feel like it or when there is an urgent need for it. Again, what I see really depends on what I like processing. Read “10 Dreams That Changed Human History“.

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How To Get Out Of Nightmares

Ever since I heard of how India is forcibly making its way into the Kashmir region and that the Indian forces are abusing the Kashmiris, I have been receiving dreams of Kashmiri women being raped. I cannot really explain what I have been made to witness since some of this stuff is extremely disturbing!

In one dream, I saw some men surrounding a woman; then they put a really large sword-like thing in her mouth; and, then they took it out and then they put it in again. The female victim was unable to even scream due to fear. Then, in another dream, there were several women sitting in a large room. But, some men came and tried to rape them. I felt that someone touched me as well while I was dreaming. Perhaps, I was also sitting in that room. This is the cunning part about entering the subconscious and higher intelligence through dreams! You cannot always differentiate yourself from your dream characters.

Then, I remember getting very angry about all of this. Then, I just flew really high. I started flying first out of the room and then I got into the woods. The trees were very large. I learned how to throw a web just like Spider Man does. The web wounded itself around a tree and I swung over a couple of trees to get to that tree. I felt that some people were chasing me. Fear enveloped me so I started swinging very fast by using the spider web and trees. I experienced the sun blinding my eyes and I sensed the wilderness and nakedness of the large jungle. I kept swinging until I finally woke up.

So to get out of nightmares, you have to learn how to do something fun while escaping.

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Please Support VA Senate District 28 Dem Nominee “Qasim Rashid”

A while ago, I had a lucid dream where I found myself standing next to brother Qasim Rashid while he was working in his office—sometimes, I only have to read some text or watch a video in order to activate my lucid self. The events of this dream indicated that he was working on an issue related to abuse of some sort. Some days later, I read on his Twitter profile that he has decided to run for the VA Senate District 28. I am thinking this dream is a good indication, which is why I am choosing to write this blog post.

Qasim Rashid holds a Law degree from University of Richmond School of Law. Some of his experiences include but are not limited to combating sexual and domestic violence against women; advocating for children’s education; protecting the marginalized communities by collaborating with international and national non-profit organizations; and providing emotional and spiritual support to prisoners as a Prison Chaplain.

Visit Qasim’s official site to learn about issues that he wish to work on; also, visit Qasim Rashid’s Twitter profile to learn more about him and his work.

Donate for his campaign.

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