My Instincts Say “Nay”

By: Arzoo Zaheer a.k.a. Dot a.k.a. Fractal

Unknowingly, unwontedly, I stumbled upon a mighty foe
A bastard child of sheer ignorance and hatred, ye know
A monster that ruthlessly tears the frail fabric of the society
Fed lovingly by the mainstream media, prejudices, and false notoriety
An ideology lovingly propagated by popular culture of some
A chameleon that deceptively changes colors to become
A deceptive snake writing within naïve hearts and minds
A deceptive snake writhing within naïve hearts and minds

They boast that they are magically superior somehow
Race, culture, ethnicity, technology, and wealth, oh wow!
Their list of useless reasons just continues and is expanded upon
Implicitly and explicitly in attitude, lingo, education, and tone
A social construct it is, falsely believed to be a scientific one
A construct that brutally silences the meek and weak, my hun
Encouraging the feeble-minded to hostility and “sleep”
A different sort of a psychopath that regularly brutalizes the weak

You foolish Racist! Remember the “Roots”
“Roots” of the past, tomorrow and of forever
“Roots” that intertwine like those of the tree
Holding strongly to give life and strength to the “free”
Oh, why your inner disease infects the “Roots” of the trees?
Leading to unwanted infection and decay of their A B Cs
And eventually, among us, a noiseless sound echos
As the tree falls to the ground—a silent pathos

A blackened heart
A broken heart
Some blackened hearts
Some broken hearts
Countless blackened hearts
Countless broken hearts
Now, oh racist, do you see?
Do you see, or are you still blind?

Ridicules so casually thrown at a person by a person
“Why are you living here? Go back to your country, you bison”
Ridicules sung in foreign languages by old ladies on the sidewalks
Harassments so casually tolerated by the “colored”; thoughts that stalk
Legal decisions carefully and pointlessly drafted on termination papers
“Unfortunately, the contract has ended because of such and such”

Huh! Decisions are Silent Derisions

Racial profiling and media propaganda eventually turns into
A war machine maniacally designed for genocide, just to subdue

“Social colonialism” gradually colonizes the “Others”
As the “dominant ones” foolishly marginalize their own brothers
Creating societal power differences within this so-called “democracy”
Creating socioeconomic disparities, disabling “minorities”, such hypocrisy
Senselessly creating “poverty” despite beautifully rich “diversity”
Marginalizing “Others” to the extent of retardation, oh a perversity

The “perpetrators” have no skin, they have no skin
The “perpetrators” have no skin, they have no skin
“They” took my voice, so I spoke with pen, paper and ink
“They” took my voice, so I spoke with pen, paper and ink

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

Discussing Personal Issues While Eating Shows Real Concern

I have been requested a couple of times by certain relatives that I should not discuss some of my personal issues inside their house and that I must abstain from complaining about things that bother me while eating.

I feel this neglect of women is very common now; and, everyone is engaging in this including those Muslims who appear very pious and generous.

This is why I have always discussed most of my critical issues with certain women while hiding from the rest. We discuss these things while having tea and eating snacks⁠—its hard to catch what we are really doing this way.

I feel that nowadays only some people can show genuine concern in a safe mannerthe current systems of education and governance are partially to blame for this. Members of one’s household cannot really be in the same position as someone one once networked with and who promised one something but never gave it to him/her.

Every time, I think I am going to have a great tea party with a lady, I end up listening to some gruesome truth. This is how I get laden with issues; and, there are times when there are more issues than solutions. What I have hated gravely about the Muslims I have known as well as the Canadian society is the fact that every day there are more and more abused women. What’s even more disgusting is that even some men who are from the world of Interfaith Dialogue do not know much about the realities women especially Canadian Muslim women are facingI try not to laugh when I meet one of such men because their version of reality is so brainwashed that almost anyone can crack out. I believe they are like this because they are treated better owing to their male gender. But, I know that the abused women or survivors of abuse can’t think that perfectly, which is more real inside my mind.

Overall, all this is a never-ending tale.

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Lucid Dreamers Have Better Metacognition

Around a year ago, I met a local artist who loved to draw and paint. She showed me several of her lovely pieces. But, I ended up picking one of her incomplete works—she gave it to me for free since it was unfinished. Here is a photo of that painting. IMG_3940

She asked me why I liked this one; and, I frankly told her that I loved it more than the rest because the colors made me feel peaceful. This is an example of metacognition; i.e. thinking of thinking.

I think I like it.

I think about why I like it.

I know I like it because I feel peaceful by looking at it.

Later, when I checked out the article, “7 realxing colors and how they affect your mood“, I found out that yellow, green, and violet colors are known to relax the viewers.

According to the article, “Lucid dreams and metacognition: Awareness of thinking; awareness of dreaming“, lucid dreamers have larger brain areas that are dedicated to self-reflection or metacognition.

What’s funnier is that I know that you know that I am exceptional. That’s what the article “Lucid Dreamers Know They Have Bigger Brains and More Self Reflection. And They Know that You Know” states.

I love lucid dreaming; and, I like the fact that it is something that can be learned over time. The best part about this ability is that it allows me to derive pleasure and satisfaction from very insignificant things as well, such as this painting.

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ENFP Personalities Are Considered Champions Because They Struggle With Dilemmas

As an ENFP, I have experienced many dilemmas throughout my life and at different levels. These dilemmas are built inside me due to the nature of my mind and personality.  One fundamental dilemma that I struggle with on daily basis is as follows:

As an ENFP, I believe in social justice. I use poetry to enter this struggle. During my spare time, my creative mind requires a daily dose of music, lyrics, and dance. Thus, I watch interesting music videos and engage in dancing. However, listening to audios and dancing can be both pretty stressful. It can temporarily break the relaxed mental state that is needed to enter lucid dreams. Since I cannot exist without aforementioned forms of arts, I sometimes allow for an epic phenomenon like lucid dreams to not take place. Then I have to give up on this fun stuff and adopt the mental and physical states required to dream properly. I can feel genuinely novel pain while I perform these activities, since I cannot perceive myself as a complete human being without any of these conflicting states. This helps me become better in the future since changes only cause the elements of any given system to eventually attain congruence.

Thus you can see that the ability to notice and realize a dilemma is one of the most basic ability of the ENFP personalities. Dilemmas play a critical role in achieving social justice. For instance, whistleblower Edward Snowden faced an ethical dilemma when he chose to leak some information from the American government to the journalists. The dilemma was simple: He vowed to protect the information presented after he was hired; and, he vowed to protect the rights of the citizens especially the vulnerable. So now he is being hunted because he quickly saw this dilemma and chose a course of action. This is exactly why ENFPs are considered leaders who can create personal and social change.

One of my siblings correctly labels me as a “hurricane” or “storm”. The daily chaos and peace felt within is really at that level. Interestingly a hurricane/storm has an eye; and, I have a third eye that opens during lucid encounters. LOL!

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How Canada Abuses Victims Of Abuse

Victims of abuse can be jailed because they are confused and did something wrong. For example, someone who was born to a man who just hits to convey his point will think that that is the right way. This conclusion is based on the Bobo Doll experiment, which shows that people learn through acts of rewarding and punishment and by watching these acts being performed on someone else. Read “Bobo Doll Experiment“.

Now, read the following articles:

Exposing Canada’s ugly mental-health secret
Why more Canadian millennials than ever are at ‘high risk’ of mental health issues
Half of Canada’s prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests

So all of these are suggesting that mostly children and poor victims are likely to go unattended and thus abused further through jailing or legal fines. I cannot believe this! I cannot believe that Canada is playing a role in creating mental health issues!

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What My Gut Feelings Told Me About Canada’s Role in Iraq’s War

I sometimes receive very strong gut feelings about certain things. I believe this ability is based on what exactly is being polished through dreams. I have received dreams of war zones before. In one dream, I felt kind of awake and I asked about the White House. Soon, I kind of saw a dark place where walls were filled with blood; perhaps, I just heard the voice say it and not saw this. I think I felt I saw a woman who was crying for help; but, I never really saw it and only felt this. I woke up after this. This one was kind of confusing; but, I fully realized it was telling me the truth. Of course! I had read about the atrocities conducted by US before; but, watching this through a dream is a very unique and intense experience.

This odd game does not end here. When Canada told everyone that they won’t go into Iraq because UN advised against it, I felt glad thinking about it. I used to not think about this; and, then I used to struggle to think about this. Sometimes while thinking rather deeply about Canada’s role in Iraq as well as how it connects with America, I used to get this deep feeling that we shouldn’t trust what Canada says because Canada usually sides with America when no one is watching. Today when I asked myself about Canada’s role in Iraq, I heard the same voice. So I investigated this and found out a new article, “Canada in Iraq : The Hidden War“, which was published in 2015.

OK! So I was right again.

I had the same queer gut feeling when Obama was being elected. I just decided not to side with him when some of my acquaintances were running to America to help Obama in his campaign. Later, after his election, people found out how Obama dropped bombs in some countries. Read “America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to Obama’s reign“.

I get such gut feelings sometimes. Once I prevented a kidnapping when I was a child by using these voices. Another time, I had a dream about Mulder (David) & Scully (Gillian) around the time the 25th anniversary of X-files was going to take place.


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How My Detective Self Sometimes Work

Well! I am just like a real detective simply because I can spy while I am awake or asleep. Sometimes, some stuff just gets stuck in my mind and it nudges at me differently than the rest. For instance, I have watched only some videos of Indian actress of Sushmita Sen; but, after watching a particular dance video, I realized pretty soon that I was looking at a dilemma of some sort. I felt that the actress had a much stronger gravity than what the video was trying to depict. So I researched her and found an article about her on the official website of Miss Universe. According to this article, Sushmita Sen was elected the 43rd Miss Universe in  1994; she has also acted as an entrepreneur; and, she has received the “Peacemakers of the World, Osaka, Japan” award. Notice how quickly I catch data that interests me! This is how I have met so many heroes during my sleep. I guess this ability makes me a hero as well!


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Traits of Heroes and Telepathic/Indigo Children That I Exhibit

Telepathic/Indigo Children are heroes but slightly different than the rest of the heroes. Here are some traits that I have seen in myself that remind me that I am a little different than traditional heroes but still a hero.

Just like a hero, I exhibit Passion, Leadership, Courage, Drive, Integrity, Sensitivity, Honesty, Resilience, Confidence, Ability to Motivate Others, Patience, Humor,   Selflessness, Positivity, Care, Determination, and Humility. You should familiarize yourself with this list of traits of heroes because its easy to think of a hero as an average joe.

As a Telepath and Lucid Dreamer, I have a tendency to wander and feel lost since doing so helps me learn better; have a high expectation of others since this is required to build trust for telepathic communication; have shifting priorities owing to the need to learn many things as soon as possible; and, I can easily get frustrated with societies and authorities that follow existing norms because I exhibit out of box mental phenomena. Read “13 Common Traits Of An Indigo Child“.

If you read the above properly, you can nail me as both “not a hero” and a “hero”. But the trick here is that a hero can be read as both and not many people are aware of this reality. I know that all heroes have a desire to appear just like average joes. That is why a real hero gives you a feel like you can walk over him/her. And, there are more methodical and deeper heroes that let you walk over him/her so that they may learn to react better over time. Another moment of weakness is when a hero analyzes a dilemma just before making a decision—its easy to laugh at them or feel confused about them during such tough times. This is why I feel that one should familiarize oneself with the traits of heroes and telepathic/indigo children because you don’t really want to be mistaken when you see them in real life.


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Lucid Dream About My Uncle’s Death

A dear uncle of mine has been seriously ill for quite some while. He died yesterday around 1:00 pm. I had been holding onto his thoughts from far away and praying for his safety as well. For a couple of days, I communicated with my family through an online messaging service as they sent us updates about what was going on. When I first received the sad news that my uncle was not well, I was too shocked to react. So I slept peacefully while thinking about this uncle and his older brotherhis older brother also passed away many years ago. I have seen my older uncle in dreams a couple of times. Read “Dreams of My Uncle Have Brought Me Great Fortune“.

Thus, before this uncle’s death, I had another dream. I saw my older uncle standing somewhere; and, all of a sudden, some sort of energy enveloped him. As the energy circled him, I was still able to see him. Then the scene shifted. I was now looking at my second uncle. He had taken the devices that were used to resuscitate him off his chest; and, now he was sitting calmly on bed. He somehow seemed way younger than before. The scene shifted again; and, I finally woke up. I communicated with my family again. They said that he was actually awake and aware before the medical procedure and that  he just wanted things to take their course.

First of all, during the dream, I couldn’t tell whether this uncle was going to die as well or not. But, I did receive some sort of signal because I saw my older dead uncle and I also saw this one in a much younger form than he actually is. The appearance of dead uncle was a signal that it was time for my younger uncle to depart; and, my younger uncle’s younger image indicated that his younger soul was now more visible than his older body. I was able to interpret this dream only after I received the news that my uncle had passed away.

This news was very heartbreaking for all of us. We prayed and criedI am still in a bit of daze and shock as I write this. I believe I am going to miss his loving way of addressing me and funny way of making us all laugh. Please say a sincere prayer for my uncle’s sweet soul.

Inna Lillah wa inna ilayhi raji’oon
We belong to Allah (God) and to Him shall we return

Oh! I was very close to both of them. They took care of me; and, I took care of them. I used to massage their scalps, shoulders, and feet. Only with my older uncle, I used to spend more time like cut his nails; put oil in his hair; and, clean his feet. They both had stressful lives so they used to get so fresh after sitting near me for a bit. No wonder they used to lighten up more when they would see me and made sure to treat me with great company, food, and gifts. I see how I am still so connected to both of them; and, why I miss them a lot.

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