Creating a More Spontaneous Approach to Writing

I am listening to some of my recordings about women abuse and entertaining lucid dreams. They aren’t straightforward and sometimes I am acting. They feel very impressive although they are just the first draft. Listening to myself feels very difficult because my voice has a certain sort of resonance or vibration to it─this has been noticed by those who have come across me─ and its not just my smart approach and use of literary devices. Its very confusing hearing myself out because I end up sounding more creative when I am being spontaneous─I hope my eyes don’t fall out of my sockets; some of the recordings are really that fast. By the way, these recordings are a response to a comment by one of the judges whom I met at one of the events where I gave a performance. He told me that he felt very stupefied after hearing my poetry and then he commented, “I wonder how amazing you would sound if you were to act a little more spontaneous”.

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Brainstorming as a Character

This is a hectic technique because it requires use of acting and writing skills. You can do this routine in small chunks; you just need to know where each snippet is saved. To accomplish this technique, you will have to role play and imagine being in the position of your character─be spontaneous and shocking. I use this technique to handle characters who are a little foreign to me or who have so many aspects that it is tough to imagine them comprehensively. For instance, for my upcoming novel Saryan, I am brainstorming to figure out the way the cops/detectives react, behave, and think. During this routine, you will have to use your mental and physical notepads to scratch the surface of your observations and then scratch what lies beneath. Here you are not only building your character but you are also learning how to make this character stand out. This session will have two phases: brainstorming phase and then an expansion phase. During the expansion phase, you will take your brainstormed content and re-imagine it within the setting of your novel.

Here are some ideas I just generated while creating the cops/detectives for my upcoming novel Saryan:

  • Always give them the benefit of doubt while acting nice or getting along.
  • Always suspect everyone.
  • Always take mental notes of everything that you observe and see.
  • Listen to all the nonsense crap someone is saying. There are clues in there.
  • Be supportive of community. People think, “We have found a good cop. Life will work out this way.” That’s how people share information with you.
  • Sometimes, they tease to intimidate you or for fun. They think if they should be teasing everyone who belong to a group or just be selective about it.
  • Think in a scattered way without feeling an obligation to agree with his/her peers. For instance, “What’s this other sound? No! that other sound. Where is it coming from?”
  • Able to form concrete conclusions by using less evidence. Hence, the line, “You might be ahead criminal, but I am 10 points ahead of you.”
  • Be secretive about things and hold back. This requires lots of patience and most people cannot do this at all.
  • Throw a litmus paper test to see if someone is on your side or not.


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Act It All The Way Through

Writers can learn from actors because acting is inherently linked to writing. I know this because I have always felt drawn to the actors and their minds─like Charles Dickens, I am an ENFP who likes to act because it drives her mad with pleasure. When some writers are thinking of fun things to say or different ways of conveying the same message, they mumble sentences to themselves. Others prefer to close their eyes, zone out, and think. Rigorous writers like me use brute forcing to create characters and dialogues by acting in front of a mirror.

I have been acting in front of the mirror or playing make-believe games ever since I was a child. Because I wasn’t formally introduced to any professional writers as a child, I did not knew what this need to act meant. In one game, I used to hold my hands up after twisting them at my back and then circle the room for like an hour or so. Mom used to feel puzzled at this game; so I would tell her, “I am the penguin.” I used to feel somewhat puzzled at myself when similar behaviour continued during my teenage years. While I was attending high school, I would secretly enjoy acting as a teacher and writing on walls while teaching imaginary children. Only as an adult, I realized that this acting was actually assisting me in designing dialogues while interacting with imaginary characters.

As you tap into your in-built secrets that will allow you to become more versed in writing, remember to record yourself every time you are acting things out. You will feel very surprised at the variation in speech and style that occurs during these moments. Read “5 Secrets Writers Can Learn from Actors” to learn all the savvy details of this issue.

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Studying and Creating Characters

Study 16 Personality Styles  and those around you if you wish to study or create characters. Get a notepad and write down personality traits and associated behaviours. Think of yourself as a Psychologist who is examining patients or an Ecologist who is reviewing the environment. Below is an example that will help you figure things out.

Listen to the song “Part of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid”. Just like me, Ariel is an ENFP; and, thus she is the most critical character (factor) in this fairytale. It doesn’t take more than one song to figure out how an ENFP behaves or thinks. That’s how every personality type has some strengths or weaknesses that make them shine no matter what. Just like me, Ariel likes keeping memorable objects (thingamabobs), reading books, dancing, and connecting and falling in love with people. Inside our innocent minds, little things become very significant; such as, the gadgets or pins that a friend offered ten years ago. Another similarity between us is that we both easily fall for natural elements like sand, fire, sea, and humans. In addition, we both instinctively know how to help people think and react properly; but, when the time is right, both of us fight back with whatever we have got on her hands. Just like me, Ariel defines the world around her through her intelligence, wit, and courage; at the same time, we are both outliers (different). That’s how, we always keeps wishing that we want to be “part of the world” that has already accepted or rejected us.

You see what I mean!

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Helping Your Child Think Differently

Helping your child think differently than the rest isn’t easy, which is why I recommend smaller families instead of larger ones. But, once you have triggered the right thought at the right time, then it is actually designed to last for longer than you can imagine. Here is one of my personal  experiences.

My parents gifted me a large shelf that was filled with books when I became a teenager. It is still true that I started reading books as a child. I used to read faster and for longer simply because my governess used to hold me while I read—this is how I learned that emotional support is more critical than intelligence given that you need to successfully achieve goals within a team environment.

When I grew older, I got closer to books. I collected books slowly over several years and I even gained expertise about which Thrift Stores and online shops offer books for less. Once, a friend commented that collecting books isn’t a good idea because Canada offers us very large libraries. I reminded him gently that having your own books is psychologically beneficial because i) you don’t have to run to the library every time you need to access some critical information; and ii) you will feel more welcome in your bedroom or lounge simply because your environment is more cherishing in nature. My philosophical brain helps me entertain doubt. So, I utilized this comment to snoop around for more information. Apparently, successful individuals like Noam Chomsky and Bill Gates read a lot. I am glad that I still read and share a lot. If you ever connected with my private circle of friends, you will notice that they love me and find me more reliable because of how much I know.


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Note: This story is based on one of my childhood memories of my loving governess, Jasmine, who was responsible for babysitting and teaching me while I was in kindergarten. I was an accelerated child so I started reading at an earlier age.

Jasmine carried the girl in her arms who was crying like an infant after losing sight of her mother. “I want mommy. I want mommy, mommy,” she cried impotently as the governess addressed her gently while wiping tears from her small and round face. “Your bangs are so beautiful. They fall perfectly on your forehead such that you look like a princess,” she distracted the child further and kissed her left cheek as she sat on the checkered mattress. “She loves me. She is not mom, but she talks so softly. I must behave during this session,” the girl chided herself as she played with the hemline of her frock and nuzzled comfortably on Jasmine’s lap. “What do you want to do now? We should read, shouldn’t we? Which book do you want to read?” she asked the girl while pointing to her six books, which she had been eagerly carrying in her small backpack. Feeling lightened and soothed by her governess’s loving voice, the girl pointed to one book, “Let us read this one. It has pictures and description of a farm. I love farms Jasmine, love them,” she chuckled and rested her head against Jasmine’s bosom. She was a keen reader and as usual she surprised the governess by finishing the entire book in around five minutes. “Wow! You read so fast,” Jasmine exclaimed loudly as the girl played with her really long braids. “Who does your hair, Jasmine?” she asked curiously while caressing her governess’s braids. “Your braids are as thick as ropes. They are so pretty. They complement the shape of your face,” the girl cleverly returned the compliment that was issued to her a while ago. “Thanks! You are such a bright and sweet child,” Jasmine laughed as she closed the book and placed it in her backpack. “Your mom will be back soon and until then we should…,” Jasmine did not end up finishing her sentence because the girl broke down again. “I want mommy, Jasmine. Please, please…,” she cried in a rhythmic and lawless voice that echoed around the room and then wandered outdoors. “Oh! There, there. Let me clean your face. Your nose is running and your cheeks are looking so messy with tears,” Jasmine complained as she picked up the girl and ran to the washroom. She seated her near the wash basin, rinsed her clean hands with tap water, and wiped her face clean. The governess then washed her hands with soap and offered the child some water by cupping her hands. The girl drank the water from her hands like a thirsty pup and started feeling content, relaxed, and loved. “She is as caring as mommy,” she told herself as she threw herself in Jasmine’s arms and decided to nap.

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Engaging Your Dream Characters

Talking to dream characters is very easy once you have become lucid. I have learned the following by reviewing my dreams.

You can start by reviewing your dream character’s favourite writings, pictures, or movies. Then, you can place your favourite items next to you and sleep.

During your sleep, communicate with your dream characters by referring back to their knowledge base and your inquiries or thoughts. To see a dream that’s situated in the future, do some deep meditation while telling yourself that God will help you see the future. Make sure to refer to “God” because otherwise you will end up placing too much psychic energy on yourself or the person you are trying to communicate.

Indicate to your dream characters the things you want or do not want. Walking away from them shows them that you do not wish to communicate with them.

If your dream character was a psychic or a lucid dreamer who had his own entities, then learn to appreciate those entities and this special thing about him/her. This way, you will notice that you dreams will very easily intersect with the psychic lines and boundaries the subject had experienced.

Connect with the subject’s physical space like where he/she usually goes for work. This will activate the rest of the location for you. For instance, I told myself that I like that this professor teaches in that particular university. Thus, in my dream I saw myself next to him in his university.

Care about your dream character just like you care about the real person. So, if your dream character refuses something from you, then don’t impose yourself on that particular character. You can still negotiate things with your dream characters. For instance, I once verbally pursued my dream character to have sex with me; I kept requesting it until he said okay.

Bring the opposite sex in your dreams often. Doing so is designed to improve your curiosity level and manner of interaction.

Stick around with someone who is already very experienced in lucid dreaming. I still recall having strong lucid dreams after befriending another lucid dreamer.

Remember to feel what your dream characters want you to feel. So, if you are having sex with your dream character, then feel free to fully enjoy yourself. And, if you are sensing that your dream character has become frightened, then look around or ask him/her what’s causing this fear.

You can use this to train and improve your mind and its reactions or you can do all of this to help someone or spy on someone. I mostly do all of this for writing or entertainment.

Yaaay! Your parachute team is on its way.


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Meeting Your Heroes

You must have someone you admire or hold sacred in certain ways—all of us do. Lucid dreaming is one of the best training grounds that provides safe meetings and conversations with role models and heroes. During your dreams, not even your heroes can judge you or do anything that is outside of your control. If your sacred dream figure is someone you have met or are planning to meet, then play it safely during your dreams. For example, you may choose not to have sex with that particular dream figure to prevent any emotional responses from developing.

Once during one of my dreams, I met one of my role models who is a Western male versed in both writing and poetry. I was walking next to him while we chatted and enjoyed the releasing atmosphere of the park. It all felt very real and thrilling, and thus I made the dream longer and longer. In another dream, I was volunteering for a place that was being run by one of my adorable male role models. Another time, I sat next to Che Guvra while feeling hesitant and scared. Before this, I met Carl Jung. During this dream, I heard of a very queer presence and got a distinct feeling that Carl was somehow present in this dream although I am not 100% sure how exactly. In another recent dream, I had the opportunity to walk inside a university with a very popular American Professor. We talked for quite some while and I noted one of his personal concerns.

Another time, I met a very popular Western actress, Lucy Lawless, whom I had learned to adore because of the fact that she usually played the lead role—I was just an unversed teenager at that time. TV series “Xena” was just released in my country and so I used to get very happy while watching her punch and kick. I have always known her as an actress, but during my dream she managed to show me something really different. Somehow and I do not know how exactly, she showed me some of the nature of women abuse. It’s all very funny because one of the fight scenes from her movies changed into a scene about abuse; and then I heard her commentary that was directed at me. Several years later, I found out that she was actually a Rights Advocate—that’s when I felt even more frightened because then I ended up realizing to what extent these dreams are capable of penetrating the universal reel.

I am purposely hiding the names of the individuals I have met in real life, with whom I am planning to connect in person, or who I will be studying in detail online. It is safer to navigate this way because some of these dreams are not just lucid dreams but premonitions or visitations of their actual psyches.

Lesson Learned: Don’t feel scared of this ability because Lucid Dream Sex or any other kind of sex related dream can easily occur even if you just happen to think about someone, watched someone’s speech online, or briefly talked to someone over phone. When you are with your heroes, remember to delay the ending and become able to switch scenes if something uncomfortable happens. For example, I changed my dream setting after sitting next to Che Guvra for a minute or two. Relax yourself by watching one of his/her videos or reading one of the written pieces or quotes. Then dream about gaining more knowledge from his/her dream figure. And, don’t do what you might later regret. If you have met any of your heroes, treat them with respect because these are actually your spirit guides. They are showing you a specific path during dreams and you must take that route one way or another. You can find your heroes whether they are dead or alive. That’s how all this feels like the movie “Immortals“.


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Sex and Energies

Originally Published on Sep 9, 2016.

I was just a teenager when I was introduced to Lucid Dream Sex. This happened on the night of the wedding of one of my older relatives. After the wedding, when everyone had gone to sleep, I woke up during my dream. I needed to hug my married relative and his wife again so I thought about walking towards their room. That’s when I saw them together, and originally I had a very vague idea about what I actually saw. Their mental and physical energies were still melting and vibrating in the atmosphere; thus, my lucid soul showed me the truth about their union. I woke up feeling scared about my new energy levels, which were actually emanating from my relative’s room.

This was my first sex related lucid dream. I was really young and untouched by external influences, which is why I wondered if Lucid Dream Sex is okay for virgins. I did some online readings and found out that virgins get lucid dreams all the time. And, that lucid dream orgasms—I had some great lucid dream orgasms once I matured a bit—are like real orgasms. You know married women seem to have fresher skin and that’s because of blood regulation and psychological relief that takes place due to the orgasm. I think that Lucid Dream Sex causes lucid dreamers to appear younger. If you are a lucid dreamer, then you should know health benefits of real orgasms.

Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the size of the psychic body is very vast and unimaginable. There are times when the psychic body unconsciously awakens even when the lucid dreamers are not in complete control. Those moments are revelations that every lucid dreamer keeps in his/her diary for later analysis.

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