Future of Lucid Dreaming

In the future, there are going to be more lucid dreamers due to increased awareness, technology, supplements, trauma, imperialism, and rise of corporate. Trauma will become a key player in the evolution of this industry because lucid dreams fight trauma and even psychiatrists teach their patients how to activate lucid dreaming state. More imperialists and corporate will dictate their control, stronger the need to experience these high quality experiences will become.

Here is how I spend my night before falling asleep. I plan things, which is very similar to giving an inexpensive or an exceptionally expensive order. For example, I might want to travel in an expensive train that runs in tracks that are built on mountains. So I might state something vague like “Let us go on an adventure of our liking” or “I want to ride a new kind of train”. Then the dream just comes so that I end up enjoying an experience that is very similar to real life. See my recording of the dream “Train on Mountain“. The best part is when I cue my mind to connect with my heroes/heroines or loved ones. This routine includes answering the question “Who do you want to meet next?” After I name, let’s say a Human Rights Activist or a Writer, I reconnect by reviewing their videos or books. After a couple of days or on the same day, depending on my mood, I find them through dreams. Another very tempting part is when I just randomly roam around in the dream world. I am doing this for like $40 per three or four months, which I spend to purchase a large bottle of “Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice”. Wow! For four months, this boils down to 33 cents per day. Hahaha! This is why I laugh a lot on those who spend lots of money to have fun! Check out the blog post “3000 Things I Have Done During Lucid Dreams“.

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Spooky Dream About Dark Creatures Eating Young Men

I had a crazy yet very very hot dream today. In this dream, I visited a small village that was set far away from rest of the land. Magical creatures, evil and good spirits, and humans lived together in a small village. Young men were being killed by dark forces. Their friends would look everywhere for them until they would realize that one of them has gone missing. Dark creatures that looked like fat black fish came to frighten the villagers. These creatures did not had a tail and a real mouth. They ate from their noses; they would emit a scream that seemed like someone crying as they would eat another creature. Killing another dragon—dragons belonged to men—was a simple task for them. All they would do is sniff them in. They ate these dragons like someone would eat cheesecake. I could see them attaching their noses to their preys and then emitting a scream that resembled a cry; then, I could see the dragons’ bodies break as their inner parts would fall out and their bodies would slowly disappear inside this forsaken creature.

I hope this isn’t just a promintion of some sort! I have received dreams that later came true. Because I am Rajput (blog post 1; blog post 2), I can easily play with otherworldly creatures inside my mind—I also believe that I have  Royal lineage because I get dreams of palaces in a very haunting manner. I strongly feel that these dark creatures are an indication of something ominous that is going to arrive soon in this world. I pray to God for protection!


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Indian Film “Hamid” Shares Ordeals of Kashmiris

Today, I watched the Indian movie “Hamid”, which shows how Kashmiris are suffering due to the conflicts involving the Indian Army. This movie was directed by Aijaz Khan and written by Ravinder Randhawa.

In this movie, the father of a seven year old Kashmiri boy Hamid vanishes. He had taught Hamid a little bit about God; and, he had taught him that when we put the words “Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem” (In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful) together, we get the numbers 786.

After his dad’s sudden disappearance, Hamid starts looking for him by attempting to connect with Allah (God). Thus, he asks the shopkeeper who had put money in his cell to dial number 786; but, the shopkeeper tells him that he must dial a 10-digit number. So Hamid finds a poster that has a 10-digit number printed on it. Then, he scribbles the number 9-786-786-786 on the paper. When he dials this number, he is connected to an Indian Army official named Abhay. Hamid never finds out that Abhay is actually participating in stopping the protests that are taking place in Kashmir. This man makes friends with Hamid and let’s Hamid think that he is talking to Allah (God). It is obvious to me that he does not want to tell him the truth because he has figured out that this call is an act of desperation. This is how Hamid learns to let out his true feelings about his ordeals; and, Abhay decides to listen and assist him. Over time, we see that Abhay actually tries to investigate where Hamid’s dad had went; pressures someone to issue wages to Hamid’s mother; consoles Hamid by singing the only song he really knows, which is the song that’s usually sung by Indian army units; and, also guides Hamid to run away from a site where the Indian army was arriving to manage a protest. Abhay takes the role of his father because he yearns to see his daughter one day as his existence is consumed by the need to play this role.

Unfortunately, Hamid feels too upset when he finally founds out that he has been talking to an Indian Army official. So he breaks his dad’s cellphone, which is the only mobile device he can use to reach out to outsiders—I felt a bit worried when I saw him do this because I realized that he was going to be all alone again since his mother is not reacting to his needs owing to this recent tragedy. Furthermore, I felt relieved when I saw the last scene. Abhay sends a gift—red paint—to Hamid’s uncle’s shop where Hamid is learning how to make boats. You see Abhay had found out that Hamid’s dad used to paint the boats he had made with red paint; thus, even if Hamid is angry at Abhay for not telling him that he is not Allah (God), kind Abhay still chooses to play the father figure for him.

A startling revelation offered by this movie is as follows: Hamid’s father had always taught him never to be involved in any kind of politics—just like me, he liked expressing his feelings through poetry. Hamid throws the very first stone at an Indian Army vehicle after he finds out that the “entity” he was communicating with is not Allah (God) but an Indian soldier. I felt a bit shaken when I saw him do this because I realized how much pain he must have endured before he decided to do what his father told him not to do. He was lucky to escape alive after this; but, in real life, protestors can get shot for doing this. To get an idea about what I am trying to tell you here, check out CJ Werleman’s Facebook post, “In the 1990s, whenever Kashmiri protestors threw stones, Indian security forces would pretty much shoot anything that moved, blaming “cross fire” incidences“.

In conclusion, I like how the Indian cinema is taking a stand to cover the issues faced by Kashmiris. The description of the following video trailer shares the facts that this movie has won two awards at the 5th edition of the Rajasthan International Film Festival (RIFF).

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Why Abused Women Cannot Screen For Good Men Properly Without Aid

Victims of abuse cannot screen for suitable men properly unless they receive aid like articles, videos, or emotional support. This is because they have been conditioned to stay silent about bad behavior that is often mixed with body signals and comments that seem accepting and encouraging in nature. If you are growing this way, then obviously you are going to think about whether the signals you are receiving are genuine or not.

Here is a personal story that should remind you how exactly victims of abuse feel confused about what the other person really wants from them. Once, I was sitting in an office when my male boss leaned towards me and talked to me; he also fiddled a bit with his shirt. Both of these are signs that someone likes you. Read points 6 and 32 of article “46 Male Body Language Signs He Likes You“. At that time, I was unable to read into these cues but something else happened that triggered the rest of my reaction. When it was time for lunch to which he has invited me, he verbally pushed me to go in his car. I told him that I can drive over myself; but, he did not want to listen to this alternative. I hated this about him; and, I was uncomfortable during the entire ride. I held my cellphone in my hand; and, I even pretended to use it. I can’t believe I sat in his car! I was safe throughout all this though! I eventually left the job due to this particular incidence. This is how women who have been mistreated in the past cannot read the body language and behavior of men properly—I am glad that that day, I was more aware of my professional and personal boundaries.

I have learned that its easier to learn about appropriate male behavior and body language by using the Internet. Its tough to do this in real life because of confusing men. I strongly recommend that women should always educate themselves by reading helpful articles. For example, look for articles like “46 Male Body Language Signs He Likes You” and “10 Things A Guy Will Do If He Likes You“.

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Dream Of A Woman Giving Birth While Standing

Today, I had a very weird dream. I don’t know much about deliveries because I have never seen one in real life. In this dream, I was talking to a female relative of mine when a rather tall and sturdy woman who was standing behind my relative gave birth to more than five babies. Shockingly, she gave birth to all of them while standing. Children kept falling out from between her legs at a rather high speed. I felt a bit scared as I watched this. She placed the kids in a circle; and, they started playing games. They seemed older than regular infants; I felt that they were already older when they came out of her womb. I felt stunned as I stared at so many babies. This is when she said that she is about to give birth to another one. This one fell inside her pants because she did not even had time to undress for this laborious matter. She placed the last baby in the circle where all her other rather pretty babies were seated.

I finally woke up and started thinking if my subconscious just played another joke on me since it loves making me laugh or shocking the sh$% out of me. So I researched online and found out that it is actually possible to give birth while standing. Read “Giving Birth Upright – 9 Huge Benefits“. Dreams that tell the truth feel so surprising! What a beneficial gift from God!

I also found out that one dream interpretation is that I will have financial success because I watched someone else give birth. Read “Dreams About Giving Birth – Interpretation and Meaning”. Wow! I hope this dream comes true soon.

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Why I Believe Telepathy Is Natural?

I had a bizarre day today because I had multiple telepathic encounters. The way I can tell that it’s telepathy is because my mind becomes open and then it stays open towards this phenomenon for a bit. I can imagine a creative brainwave of that sort. This brainwave shuts down when my brain needs to relax.

I had to travel around a bit today by using the buses. I sat in one of the front seats of my bus and played with my cell for a bit. All of a sudden, I had the urge to move to the back. When I got to the very last seat, I sat down and started looking outside the window. Next, I had the urge to just turn my body a bit towards the front so that I may easily turn my head in that direction as well. This is when I saw an old Brown male sitting with his cellphone on the seat and between his legs. He had placed it there and then forgotten it. The bus jerked; and, I noticed his cellphone shake. It was about to fall down when I told the man that he should pick up his cell. He thanked  me as he hastily grabbed his phone.

Then on the next bus, I chose one of the last seats again. I had another interesting encounter this time. A drunk man walked towards me and sat down. He said hello to me so I said hello back. I had a bad feeling the second I saw him so I decided not to talk to him. Pretty soon, I noticed that he was hiding a large bottle of beer under his jacket. He needed to rant so he told me what he does to make a living as well as his ethnic background. I won’t be discussing everything here because it would be unethical to do so. However, I will bring up some relevant points. He said that he works for the military and that he has participated in warfare in Afghanistan and Somalia. He then quickly showed me all the scars he had, which included several marks on his face, back of head, knuckles, and hand. Then he asked me where I am from. I told him that I am Canadian instead of sharing my ethnic background—you see I had a bad feel about him the second I saw him. After hearing my reply he cheered up and said that he liked it. He then stated that the new religion is “One Religion” or “No Religion”. He said that when he fights, he knows that other guys are always the losers. Then he said that Christopher Columbus discovered America. I smiled at his comments because I had decided just to listen to him without engaging. After this, he joked: “But, there was an Indian man who also discovered America. Tell me his name.” I told him that I don’t know anything about this person. He mumbled something really fast. It sounded like an Indian name, “Binder” something. I exclaimed in surprise so he clarified: “There is no such person. It’s a joke. I said ‘Been there, done that.’ ” His commentary clearly showed that he was expressing opinions of his social group. Read article “Why people believe in conspiracy theories – and how to change their minds“.

Let me end this story here. All this started a while ago when a friend of mine told me that some people who work in the military have a very racist and demeaning attitude. At that point, I thought that this is something one can understand more easily after observing it up close. Some years after this conversation, I experienced this particular encounter.

Did you notice that we cannot tell if the second event is peculiar in nature if we cannot see how the first event enfolded? I had the urge to sit at the back during the first incidence; and, I repeated this action so that the second event occurred. Truth is that I had a third telepathic encounter soon after the second one: I found the washroom even when I was hoping to wait before relaxing myself and roaming around to check out a specific office at first floor when my appointment was at the second floor. Again, I had the urge to wander at the first floor instead of running upstairs to the second floor. Can you now clearly see that telepathy is a very camaflouged phenomenon. If outsiders were observing me, they would just think that I am strolling around on purpose or that I am lost. But, that is not what’s going on in my mind. Reality is that when I viewed the board where all the numbers were listed, the room number for the office that was at the first floor kept popping up for some reason—I was inside a building I have never visited before.

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ENFPs Are Designed To Create Clash Of Ideas

I am an ENFP; over time, I have only found out that it is tough to fit me into smaller compartments of opinion. Here is a very meagre example that shows a broader lens.

Yesterday, I was talking to a well-educated and privileged Pakistani friend of mine about how I intend to support a soon-to-be divorced woman. She minded that and said that you should prioritize your needs first. Her sweet comment was, “You are not even married. You need to start looking for a good guy for yourself. Don’t worry about others.” I did not mind what she said because I knew that she meant well. Later, when I got home, I realized that I will help that soon-to-be divorced woman. Reality is that my needs do not fully click in my head. Instead, the following thought strikes me more:

If I desert her, there is no example setting. People are already ignoring those who need help. And, if I desert her, then I have killed a portion of my network, which will collapse some portions of other women’s networks. I mean this chain reaction just starts on its own when a woman is neglected.

Did you see a severe clash of ideas here? Did you also see how real leaders think? Inside my mind, it feels like walking a fine line; a little mental push here and there easily collapses one concept and forms the other. This unsettling way of thinking is very natural for ENFPs like me. In the end, an ENFP can choose the right path based on the broader grid. For me, this grid is built by Prophet Mohammad’s actions where he never ignored the oppressed and needy.

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I Have Learned How To Make A Narcissist Feel Sorry

There are some pretty cruel narcissists in my family—you know the type that make you think only in the washroom. The challenge at my end was that I did not access to Internet when I was younger because I was living in Pakistan back then. The next complication was that I was too young to read into what was going on inside my family. So when I grew older and I learned how to use the internet, I ended up reading some articles about narcissism. This is when it occurred to me that I was dealing with some very experienced narcissists.

When a narcissist relative of mine moved out of dad’s place, he pointed to me and said that he is moving away due to me. I used to stand up for myself and for those whom he used to injure; obviously, he hated me a lot. I still laugh at this lie because I know that he left because he got a job somewhere. I realized that day that narcissists are very insensitive and they point fingers at the victims till the very end.

I am managing another narcissist relative by using some of these techniques. One thing I like doing is telling him that he is wrong in front of someone else who is more likely to take my side. For me, an Empath, some of these methods are actually too painful to utilize; but, I am very glad that I can use the rest of these. Read “How do you make a narcissist feel sorry?

Narcissism is actually on the rise in Pakistan and Canada; but, a lot of Pakistanis and Canadians are “unaware” of this due to the effects on the mind that are caused by “Gaslighting“. I slowly became aware of all this because I used to pray to God, which healed some of my trauma.

I like the fact that as an educated Empath, I am the worst weapon against Narcissists. I can clearly see how they go “flat out blank” after my ongoing efforts. Read “An Educated Empath Is A Narcissist’s Worst Nightmare: Why A Narcissist Can Never Get Away?” Narcissists attempt to subdue Empaths like me because an Empath’s superb character and personality are needed to make amazing Social heroes/heroines. Reading emotions and thoughts is one of the most basic things that an Empath can do, which is what’s missing in today’s environment. The best part of possessing this kind of mind is that I don’t fully realize my control over the minds of narcissists because control is not intended in any of my moves, which are somehow designed to add “some sort of control”. No wonder those who know me call me “grander than the rest” and even bullies revert to their normal self after my touch.

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Today, I am reading another one of Barbara Cartland‘s clean romance novels and loudly laughing at my older self.  My mother gifted me my first copies of Dame Barbara Cartland‘s Regency Romance novels when I was a teenager. Here are some of my precious thoughts on these books:

The Story That Used To Run In My Head When I Was A Teenager

So there was once a Royal British man who had to make friends with lots of women since it was customary to do so. But they were all too needy and wanted this, this, and that; or, they were not the right one. One day, something bad happens like this man had to save a young ordinary woman who fell from a cliff; or he ends up finding a woman who has run away from her home. Then he falls in love with her at first sight and slowly realizes it. This experience slowly changes him into a better person.

The Story That Runs In My Head Now

So there was once a Royal British man who had to have sexual relationships with lots of women and call girls since it was customary to do so. But they were all too needy and wanted this, this, and that; or they were not the right one. There are times when he sounds way too bossy and mean—obviously, he abuses women too. One day, something bad happens like this man had to save a young ordinary woman who fell from a cliff; or he ends up finding a woman who has run away from her home. Then he falls in love with her at first sight and slowly realizes it. This experience slowly changes him into a better person.

But, then again, do British Royal men really marry ordinary women who are going through ordeals like attempting to commit suicide or running away from home? If yes, then why is Twitter not booming with these stories. And, what is this thing about slowly changing him? Is the heroine handling a narcissist male?

Hahahaha! This feels so funny inside my head right now. I was grown in Pakistan so when someone brings up friendship between guys and girls, it means having tea or chatting. I did not knew what a real sexual relationship is until I was in my twenties; I learned these details in Canada. I studied some of this subject on my own from home, in Biology classes, or by talking to my friends.

I love how I have an interesting memory of my younger self, which helps me relate well to a younger audience. Innocence is something so indescribable that you will miss it a lot when you lose it! For instance, now I have to skip some parts of these novels like when the hero is hanging out with other women; or, I have to read it over longer periods of time so I don’t think about what’s going on in there. And, when I was a teenager, I said the following when an older friend of mine asked me how I would spend my day after getting married: “After getting married, I will sing lots of songs.” I said this because my uncle used to sing a lot just before he got married. LOL!

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