Healing Through A Psychic Shield

Here is another true event from my life. Thanks to my enhanced stereodepth vision and lucid dreaming abilities, I can sometimes almost sleepwalk myself to an answer. Note that this happened to me while I was in a totally foreign environment, in a different country.

I was at a large event where several—I think around hundred—vendors were selling their merchandise. I was there with some friends. I took a stroll through the marketplace and checked out a huge variety of goods. Suddenly, I felt like buying a book for one of my friends. I stopped near a vendor whose books were placed on around three large tables. I thought hard about what my friend would have wanted—I did not had time to ask him what he would have liked. Then I briefly went through the available selection of books. Soon my heart made me stop at a book; pretty soon, I heard a voice that said that this was the right book. I bought this one right away. Then I went to my friend and gave him this book. Some years afterwards, he lost his father. You know the book I gave him actually taught how staying focused on tasks help relieve trauma.

Thus, I assisted in healing him by creating a psychic shield. When I first saw this book, I silently obeyed a voice that told me something although I could not see the whole picture. Let me explain this further. Once before falling asleep, I was playing with shadows that I had created by using my hands; I made a large bird by spreading my hands and joining the thumbs. A couple of days or perhaps a day afterwards—I didn’t document the exact time for this incidence—I was watching the movie “Raaz” (2002). In this movie, a large black bird arrives at some scenes to foreshadow an important event. Notice how my body reacted to the presence of this bird! Can you see now that listening to these extrasensory sounds is like listening to a shadow and then following it blindly.

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Visit To Two Planets Other Than Earth

Today, I had another bizarre lucid dream. Before sleeping, I told myself that I am going to Barzakh, the place human souls visit during sleep. After this, I had a couple of dreams; I woke up in the middle of all this and went back to sleep. Some of this dream took place on Earth; but, I feel that the rest is elsewhere. The following is description of this other place.

In this dream snippet, I became aware during my dream only to see myself lifted very fast to a great height. I was just being lifted through dark space that was all around me. It was going too fast; I did see some buildings during this. I tried to stay in control so I decided to spin and formed an intention to see a specific Christian speaker who sometimes visits very beautiful places; some days ago, after thinking about this, I told myself that I will also visit extremely lovely places now. I am an ENFP so I like playing like this! Thus, I told myself that I am wearing my imaginary Solomonic Veil; and, then I spun and spun. Meditations about this imaginary Solomonic Veil did stabilize one of my previous dreams. Read “Why I Have Started To Experience Strong Weather More Often While I Am Lucid“. This time I spun and only darkness was around my hands; my palms were touching each other and my fingers pointed outwards as if I were praying. I focused on my hands and saw dark stuff swirling around it as I navigated. Of course! I could see my hands to some extent. Perhaps, there was some light around here! I believe that the dark stuff around me is something that is part of the Space, something that is dark black. This dark energy I interact with actually exists; and, it interacts with the human soul pretty well. Read articles “Dark Energy: The Biggest Mystery in the Universe“; “Here’s The Reason Why Space is Black“; and, “The Dark Universe“. So after spinning, I came across something I have never seen before. But before I encountered this place, I was met with really high and rough winds. The winds of this region were so rough that my soul couldn’t maintain balance; and thus I was thrown around very viciously as I shivered and gathered courage to proceed. As soon as I came out of these rough winds, I saw a land that was filled with small ice cliffs. I was flying over this land at top speed; but, as far as my inner eye would allow me to see, I could see only ice. Perhaps these were mountains of ice! I can’t be so sure what exactly I saw because I couldn’t tell at what height I was flying. Anyways, it was pitch dark and ice was the only visible thing all the way to the horizon. There was nothing else there except that I did see a very small spot of light far away to my left; I saw this light almost flicker as I flew forward. I believe it was red in color or was that some blue around there as well! As I flew around, I felt slightly cold and a bit scared because I couldn’t find humans. So I repeated the affirmation that I was going to go see a speaker. Then all of a sudden, I vanished towards my right direction; PRETTY SOON, I ended up in an office where a man greeted me. I told him to ask the speaker to come and see me; and, he used telephone to let the speaker know. Then he made me sit in the waiting area that had sofas, tables, and books. I was wearing the clothes that I wear at home, which was my reality check that this is just a dream.

When I woke up, I first looked up dream interpretations; and, I found some interpretations. One of them was that I am looking at some harsh times ahead. I thought it had something to do with this speaker. But, I recalled that I had some positive dreams about him. So I allowed my mind to ramble again. This time my thoughts raced back to how some lucid dreamers have reported visiting Space. So I reviewed things online. And, I did find a Planet that matches the description of the place I visited during this dream. Its Planet Mercury! After a bit of research, I found out that the following details from my dream are actually true!

  1. Planet Mercury is filled with Ice. Read articles “First Photos of Water Ice on Mercury Captured by NASA Spacecraft” and “Weird! Mercury’s scorching temps may actually lead to ice“.
  2. Mercury actually gets cold despite being so close to Sun. Read article “Why does Mercury get so cold?
  3. There are actually red spots on Mercury. Read article, “Mysterious red spots on Mercury get names – but what are they?
  4. There are also some blue patches on Mercury. Read article “Mercury shines in blue and gold”
  5. Mercury is actually very close to Earth. Read article “Mercury Is Actually the Closest Planet to Every Other Planet“. This is why I dreamt that I was able to visit the office where this speaker worked PRETTY SOON.

Now here is the fun part. You know how I wrote that my soul was trapped in high winds for some while before I visited this ice-filled land. Well! I googled this and found out that Mercury has pretty less wind. Read article “The Climate on the Planet Mercury“. But, Venus, the planet between Earth and Mercury is known to have really high winds. Read article “Venus Surface“.

So I visited two planets Mercury and Venus and not just one planet! I like how my mind allows me to do this. I think that my high levels of stereodepth vision somehow tie into this ability.

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Listening To The Night

In the night, the music of my mind and body becomes markedly unusual. I quietly listen to the changing sounds of the night and enjoy how it’s inexplicable tunes seep through me undeterred. I allow myself to drift from one thought to another without capturing anything in writing. I conjure the energy fields of those I have genuinely loved and willingly or hesitantly fall inside it–I understand my clear yet childlike spirit. The night becomes more spirited; and, then I feel primed to review its strongest features. I close my eyes and stare at my slender arms. The music of my body impatiently becomes clearer till I see my arms glowing and radiating like a dark black firefly. I feel speculation at this level of insight and thus begin feeling more inquisitive. Hence, I rest with an open mind that’s willing to tread anywhere. The night tardily wraps me in its doting arms; thus, I realize every night why my friends describe me as grander than the rest.

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Ice Breaker Question For Dating

A guy introduces his colleague, Maria, to his Muslim friend with the hope that they will end up dating. Maria decides to pose a question that will provide some experiential information. So she asks, “Do you like the hot spa? How do you prepare yourself for that? What do you wear?” The Muslim man complains that this is a haram question but he wishes to answer it. In reality, he decides to mess up. So he answers, “I usually wear just my underwear for this. But, you know my legs are kind of dented; so I am planning to wear more next time.” Maria gets scared after hearing this. So she holds her colleague’s hand and instead asks him to date her. But soon she finds out that he is already married.

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Did I Receive Some Sort Of Warning From Malaysia?

Today, I saw this snippet as part of a more elaborate dream. The rest of the dream focused on interacting with people in their houses so I have almost forgotten the content. But, this portion stood out from the rest so I wish to share this on the web.

In this dream snippet, I saw a person who looked like an image or a blob—vainly, I speculated for a while about the gender of this entity—stand up on the map of the world and point to Malaysia. I saw Malaysia clearly written out on the map of this particular region. This entity was standing on a different part of the map and it was somehow able to glance into Malaysia. I looked where it pointed to; and, I was surprised to see that the lower part of the map of Malaysia was filled with something dark black. The darkness looked like dark spots like paint on an image; and, it spread like an envelope over the lower end of the map. The dots were moving around almost like smoke.

Usually one zooms into an image by forming an intention to have a closer look. I have done this before a couple of times. However, I did not do this for this particular dream because I was a bit tired. I am sharing the audio of the dream recall. Pardon any errors in recording because I have merged two audio files although I don’t know how to edit audio files yet and because I was super sleepy when I did this dream recall.

I recorded this dream around 10:36 am on August 29, 2020. The Date Created and Date Modified gets flipped when the audio is moved from the recorder to the computer. This answer about why the Date Created is later than the Date Modified was provided by the Microsoft Community. I am saving this as “Malaysia Weather Warning”; or should this be “Malaysia Fire Warning”? Fires destroy the climate and ecosystems and thus worsen the weather. So I think that title “Malaysia Weather Warning” works well.

I looked on the net for interpretations. Thank God, I found one relevant article titled “Malaysia ditches law to combat forest fire smog“; otherwise, I would have kept a tab on this dream so that I may look for answers in the future. According to this article, fires that are started to clear palm oil plantations in Indonesia usually go out of control and thus also cover parts of Malaysia. Malaysian government was creating a law to punish the Malaysian companies that are working inside Indonesia for causing such fires. But a new administration actually gave up on this plan because now they want to collaborate with other countries to handle this issue; but, this move is being criticized by some experts.

The reason I think it relates to my dream is because Indonesia’s Sumatra island that is identified in the image of this article is actually close to the lower end of Malaysia; and, this article was published in Kuala Lumpur, which is also in the lower part of Malaysia’s map.

Very frankly, I am extremely worried. I was actually planning to visit outer space or exciting sites like an ocean; but, I ended up receiving a rather freaky image of Malaysia. I am writing this from Canada; and, I must state that I have never visited Malaysia. Furthermore, I must comment that I have been rather busy studying current politics of war and abuse. I do receive dreams related to climate change a lot. Read “Lucid Dream About Dead Birds“; “My Recent Visit to Sky and Perhaps Space: Vision of the July 2020 Thunderstorm“; and, “Why I Have Started To Experience Strong Weather More Often While I Am Lucid“. So I am not surprised that I had a dream of this sort. My dreams are my best part; so if some of my dreams are showing how ruined and wrecked Earth and its inhabitants are, then somebody must be blamed for this and somebody must take responsibility for this. I implore those who are in the position to help to stop these fires from taking place. I feel something massive is going on given that this kind of data has entered my dream world. I can get hurt during my sleep if the weather keeps getting harsher. For example, in the blog post “Why I Have Started To Experience Strong Weather More Often While I Am Lucid” I stated the following

During these moments, after becoming lucid, I feel that my soul cannot make it to the designated location or person. I feel it being thrown around rather viciously. Other times, I feel my soul literally shudders due to the high wind. Source: “Why I Have Started To Experience Strong Weather More Often While I Am Lucid“.

Now a bit about how I feel I created this incredible dream character inside my mind. A couple of days before I fell asleep, I meditated on my Guardian Angel. I have been trying a new method where I would alter my Guardian Angel’s name to see which characteristics would reflect back. So far, I have named my Guardian Angel Cassiel (Speed of God) and Eloa (She Who Questions). Read ‘”A Lucid Dream After I Meditated On My Guardian Angel“‘ to see Cassiel in action; and, check out ‘Lucid Dream After Meditation On My Guardian Angel Whom I Renamed “Eloa”‘ to see what Eloa brought for me. This time I meditated on angel name Dina; which according to article “Angelic Names for Boys and Girls” refers to the angel who taught speech to humans. Furthermore, I sometimes imagine holding a doll on the back of my hand; and, then I ask it to answer my questions. I feel these two meditations somehow got combined during my dream to produce the blob (doll like entity). I hope this knowledge helps you create your own dream characters.

Now let us go back to the main subject. Can you imagine being thrown around so wildly while you are dreaming? Can you imagine your dream characters, some of who you created after sincere meditations during the day, feel distraught every now and then? After thinking about the content of this dream, I have started feeling very worried for everyone including myself at this point. And, I am hoping and praying that Planet Earth and its inhabitants will somehow find some peace.

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Nourishing The Psychic Child

Before I begin this post, I must share two facts. First of all, I am an ENFP so a part of me is still childlike; this is why I possess a strong and contagious imagination. Secondly, my sister has recently given birth to twin daughters—they sent me psychic signals from their mother’s womb. Thus, I have been learning about parenting infants. Recently, I noticed that the babies were happier when I was holding them and they would get a bit annoyed when I would place them in the bassinet. I thought about this for several days; finally, I ended up researching this online.

According to María Verónica Degwitz’s article “Do children remember being in their mother’s womb?“, children calm down and their mood improves after hearing mother’s heartbeat. This article further states that the strength of relationship and attachment a child feels towards his/her mother is determined by how much time is spent in the womb; the child also learns a lot from mother’s scent, smell, movements, and gestures. The author concludes that attachment is thus a child’s most significant reference for learning about reality.  

In her article “Babies Rely on Mother’s Voice and Heartbeat To Develop Healthy Brains“, Allison Eck discusses the research conducted by Amir Lahav who is a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School. Amir and his colleagues found out that premature babies who are exposed to recordings of mother’s heartbeat and voice develop thicker auditory cortex (part of the brain that is responsible for hearing); larger auditory cortices are linked to improved language development and hearing in infants.

Meditation by thinking about someone invokes Hypnagogic Hallucinations, which include sensation of dream subject’s heartbeat, scent, breathing, touch, and vibes. This heavenly experience happens right before one enters sleep and then become lucid. I can learn about these things by reviewing content written by someone, videos, audios, or real life experiences—it is easier and preferable to activate sensations of those who inspire or love you! I wonder if the sensations we experience through Hypnagogic Hallucinations are part of the human soul, which leaves the body while we sleep. Furthermore, human vibes, scents, and music are three of the most significant mediums in this game. I can use scents and vibes to initiate telepathic incidences as well as lucid dreams.

Scented Blankets” shares a dream where I found myself covered in a blanket that was drenched in the scent of a world-renowned Human Rights Advocate. I took this as a sign of some sort!

Be Moderate About Lucid Dream Sex” discusses how I interacted with some energies before I had lucid dream sex with a particular dream character.

My Motherly Instincts Are Sharpened Through Lucid Scents and Music” shows how I protect people by using scents and music.

Music of Lucid Dreamers” is about seven types of music I hear during my telepathic or lucid dream encounters.

Link Between Music of Lucid Dreams and Telepathy” reviews how I use the music that comes from human bodies and why my friends describe me as “grander than others”.

Vibe Size” explores different uses of the human vibes during the awake and asleep states.

Sensing The Writer Through His/Her Writings” again examines the use of vibes and Hypnagogic Hallucinations in inducing telepathic events and lucid dreams.

Just like a child grows and develops by listening to mom’s heartbeat and voice, the psychic self educates and nourishes itself by listening to much needed Hypnagogic Hallucinations (heartbeat, scent, breathing, touch, and vibes). One of the best conclusions of such inductions is meeting with one’s inspirations. So far, I have connected with J.K. Fowler, Ahed Tamimi, Dr. Craig Considine, Lucy Lawless, Carl Jung, Che Guvra, Shaun Randol, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Qasim Rashid, Eric Anthamatten, Ilhan Omar, Pope Francis, and, CJ Werleman. You can search these names in my blog to read relevant dreams. Read blog post “Dance of Heroes“. Additionally, I also love dreams about paranormal creatures like the jinn. I can have these dreams because I believe in existence of such entities and because I am somehow able to read into their presence. I have encountered some of these entities; so far, I have been able to name only four of these by matching descriptions found in the dreams with information provided in certain preserved texts. Read “Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming“. Lastly, I receive historic dreams and connect with extremely deep and wise dream characters; I have three progenitor dream characters who link into several dreams. Check out some of my historic dreams ‘Progenitor Dream Characters and “Big Dreams”: Lessons Derived From Evolution Of Carl Jung’s Dream Character Elijah And His “Big Dreams”‘.

Just like an infant, my attachment levels tend to heighten before, during, and after a psychic or non-psychic encounter. Furthermore, my relationship with the actual person or entity actually gets better after repeat encounters—given the fact that I am looking at someone really nice or smart. For instance, after connecting with Carl Jung through my dreams, I got a bit more closer to his work. Just like infants develop better auditory cortices after exposure to mother’s heartbeat and voice, I develop stronger brain, body, and soul through lucid dreams and telepathic incidences. Therefore, it is obvious that dream characters are very similar to one’s parents.

Cherishing the psychic child (a type of inner child) is a blessed and enlightening experience. How do you love and educate your psychic child?

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Why I Have Started To Experience Strong Weather More Often While I Am Lucid

I have always been in tune with the weather since my lucid dreams get influenced by these changes. However, during some of my recent dreams, I have received visions of weather that is very much out of control. During these moments, after becoming lucid, I feel that my soul cannot make it to the designated location or person. I feel it being thrown around rather viciously. Other times, I feel my soul literally shudders due to the high wind. Over time, I have learned to take extra measures. I have told myself that I can wear the Solomonic Veil during such adverse dream conditions, which actually ended up improving my movement during such ordeals. Definitely, it has worked well to some extent! For instance, when the dream starts the whole scene is so unstable due to the strange weather that I cannot move around or I strongly realize how vain this situation really is. Then after I wrap myself in this imaginary Solomonic Veil, I become strong enough to move around–this is the Expectation Effect at work. Read my blog post My Recent Visit to Sky and Perhaps Space: Vision of the July 2020 Thunderstorm to learn about one of such dreams. In this post, I wrote that I felt that I have been spinning in the clouds for days. I had this dream on July 28; the thunderstorm warning was issued in July 29; there was one storm on July 29 and some more from there onwards.

Maybe, I spun for daysI mean this person is pretty far away. The more I noticed the clouds, clearer they became. But, if I noticed them less, the dark field around me would increase. So I repeated myself that I am going to meet this person. Source: My Recent Visit to Sky and Perhaps Space: Vision of the July 2020 Thunderstorm

When I wrote the above-mentioned blog post, I thought that I spun for really long because this person was far away. Now, after thinking back to how many times my soul endured violent weather conditions during lucid dreams, I have figured out that I said “I spun for days” because there were supposed to a couple of thunderstorms starting from July 29; and, that such absurd conditions are supposed to continue in the future.

So today, I thought about what actually was going on. I really wondered why I am subjected to such harsh weather when my soul exits my body during sleep. So I searched things on the net and found out that something severe is actually going on. I am leaving some helpful articles below:

US Hurricane Experts Predict ‘Extremely Active’ Storm Season

NOAA’s new hurricane outlook shows so many storms, we may have to turn to the Greek alphabet

Hurricanes and Climate Change

Why are glaciers and sea ice melting?

We all must strive to pray though! Prayers are part of our psychic shield. Once God saved a friend of mine from death; I had prayed for him so much that he was returned alive to me. I know from experience that everything that is around us including dream characters react to prayers.

If you have engaged in lucid dreaming or if you are planning to do so in the future, keep this advice in mind. Your soul becomes a super-magnet during dreams so that it may suck in whatever is around it. Stay brave and keep navigating!


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Another Lucid Dream Came True: Birth Of Twin Girls

I had a vivid dream at the beginning of July 2020; I wrote the post “Lucid Dream About Twins“. During this dream, I saw two women dressed in pink who made me focus on the sky where I saw the two children on an angel’s hand. Today, I received a wonderful news! My sister has given birth to twin girls. I can talk about this now; but, in the post I did not mention that I was referring to my pregnant sister.

Then a young woman came running from the left; she was on a land higher than where I was. She peeked at me, smiled, and said hello. She was wearing a very beautiful plain pink dress that covered her entirely. I looked at her and smiled. As soon as I noticed her, she walked away towards a nearby tree. Soon, another woman who was identical to this woman came running towards her. She went directly to the tree under which she was standing and held her arm. The second woman was wearing the exact same dress and was built just like the first woman. Source: Lucid Dream About Twins.

First I thought that the babies were in the sky. But now I know that the two women from this dream were also the babies. Here is how I know! The women in my dream felt very close to each other; and, they stood right next to each other under a tree while holding arms. When my sister’s twins were born, they were holding hands. Here is another attached idea. These two babies (the ones in the sky) are going to grow into older women (the ones standing under the tree). I have posted an image of them holding hands belowI do not wish to share full pic here.

These babies are my idols! They sent signals to me before they were born. What a lovely surprise!


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Telepathy: Repeat Flashing Of Images

There are times when I see images of certain people flash in my eyes even when they are so far away and even when I haven’t met them or met them very brieflythis is rare though. There is one particular American speaker whose image flashes in my eyes more than the rest of the images for some unknown reason. When these images flash, I literally see them for less than or more than a second.  Once I was standing near the reception desk of a local clinic when I turned to my left and saw image of this particular American speaker flash on an existing banner for some while. This image persisted longer than a couple of seconds.  I felt a bit puzzled when I saw this non-existent image—like I said earlier, this is rare for me. I have seen this person’s image repeat so many times that I have started thinking that there is some sort of superior and hidden message in this repetition. This is an example of telepathy. Read article, “Mental Telepathy is Real“. Check out user Jemifest’s YouTube video “How to Send a Mental Message to Someone!!! (TELEPATHICALLY)“to learn how to send messages through your mind’s eye; I think the images are more or less transmitted the same way. In my case, there is less effort required because I am highly intuitive; thus, the images just flash when they have to. I believe this is due to the fact that my third eye has already been sharpened due to lucid dreams.


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My Recent Visit to Sky and Perhaps Space: Vision of the July 2020 Thunderstorm

I had an interesting dream yesterday. I was standing near a really large terrace or a window. Everything outside was dark, really dark. I could see houses, buildings, and greenery. I jumped in order to fly; but, I didn’t want to fly too high. So my body allowed me to fly low. I flew through thick foliage; there was a house to my right and another right in front of me. I could see the people who lived in these houses as some of them had come outside. I got bored of this sight so I flew up. As I flew up and up, the scenery changed really fast. Within seconds, I was surrounded by clouds. I was speeding by so fast that I could see nothing more than the clouds. I managed to look in the distant horizon and saw a breathtaking weather phenomenon. I could see a thin streak of lightning coming from the top end of the sky; moving downwards to strike a cloud; and, then vanishing somewhere below. I looked at this odd sight and felt slightly overwhelmed; but, I was in control of my emotions so it was easier to proceed with the rest of the dream.

When I started this dream, I was hoping to meet someone; and, I was able to give it my best shot in order to connect. I must comment that this entire scene is not necessary for the meeting to take place. From experience I have learned that it is possible to move so swiftly that it would seem like teleportation. But for some reason, I could not get to this person like this and instead I was left struggling.

During the dream, I could only imagine my hands. My hands were very close to each other, almost touching each other with palms joined. I focused on my hands and spun by using themin dream world, you can spin by using your hands and not just your feet like you do in real life. The whole scene spun due to this movement. My body went in circles pretty fast. While spinning, I repeated the intention that I am going to go meet this person. I spun for long; but, I don’t really know for how long. Time zone is different in sky and space; and, your soul is out of your body and your existing time zone while you are asleep. There were clouds all around me; sometimes, they were dark and other times they were bluish white. Maybe, I spun for daysI mean this person is pretty far away. The more I noticed the clouds, clearer they became. But, if I noticed them less, the dark field around me would increase. So I repeated myself that I am going to meet this person.

I almost woke up around this time. But, then I went back to sleep again so the rest of the dream just started. Due to my intentions, I ended up in a beautiful foreign place. This time, I felt that this wasn’t a dream and that this was real life. The colors of the dream were lighter; but, they became stronger the longer I stayed. There was some sort of entrance for a building at my back. There was open space in front of me. As my gaze crossed this space, I encountered two offices. The entrances had some sort of wooden planks on which one can step before getting into the offices. Both office doors were joined; one is to the extreme left and the second is in front of me. I didn’t knew where I was! Soon a dream character, a woman dressed in pink, approached me and said in a mysterious tone, “I have been looking for you. I understand you are here to see him. I can tell you where this person is.” I had a strong feeling that this woman is real! I asked her where this person was. She pointed to the office. I looked at the office again; and, now I could see this person’s name written on some sort of plate that was attached to the door. I peeked through the glass portion of the door and found out that the office was empty. I decided to keep looking around and moved towards the back of this area, which was just a couple of steps away. Now the colors became clearer. There was a corridor at the back and perhaps another office that was open. There was a really fat man there and then there was a really slim man there who looked a bit like the person I was planning to meet. I looked at them and tried to figure out where this person was. I couldn’t find him. So I flew back to the sky and spun again. Then I dashed downwards and a lot of trees fell in the way. All of a sudden, I found him; or I thought I did. I felt I was standing right next to this person; and, I could hear his voice although we were surrounded by really fresh smoke/fog of some sort.

This audio of the dream recall (titled “met-X-dashthroughskytrees”) was trimmed a bit since I did not record so well at the end. I was pretty sleepy when I recorded this. You can hear me yawn; and, perhaps I even ended up recording some of the growlings of my empty tummy. LOL!


Date Modified and Date Created were flipped when I moved the audio from the recorder to the computer. The date of creation is July 28, 2020. Date the file was moved is July 29, 2020. This answer about why the Date Created is later than the Date Modified was provided by the Microsoft Community. 

I saw and recorded this dream yesterday. Today, I woke up and ate my breakfast outside. I was distracted by the dark clouds and sounds of thunder so I asked one of my friends about the weather. She told me that a thunderstorm is expected today! I was surprised when I heard this; so I looked for information online. It turns out that scattered thunderstorms are expected today. Here are some warnings from the news.

Special weather statement warns of scattered thunderstorms on Wednesday; Ottawa CTV News

Special Weather Statement; The Weather Network

CTV News Ottawa Broadcast

Here is some footage of this storm. I recorded this at my friend’s place this evening.


The rain was pretty intense; it felt like fresh smoke/fog just like I saw in my dream.

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