Lucid Dream About Twins

I had this dream a couple of days ago; I actually attempted talking to a pregnant woman’s unborn twins. During the day, I wished a lot that I could connect with the babies simply because they were sleeping and not kicking when I was trying to talk to them. When I slept that night, I had a dream about her babies!

In this dream, I was sleeping in the meadows; beautiful greenery encompassed me. I couldn’t see myself fully; however, I could see my head and face. Also, I couldn’t tell what exactly I was wearing. I could only realize that I was resting in the greenery. Then a young woman came running from the left; she was on a land higher than where I was. She peeked at me, smiled, and said hello. She was wearing a very beautiful plain pink dress that covered her entirely. I looked at her and smiled. As soon as I noticed her, she walked away towards a nearby tree. Soon, another woman who was identical to this woman came running towards her. She went directly to the tree under which she was standing and held her arm. The second woman was wearing the exact same dress and was built just like the first woman. Both women were now staring at the sky; I noticed that and started looking at the sky as well. I was stunned at the sight that met my eyes! The sky was filled with really beautiful angels. I almost forgot how exactly they looked when I woke up. But, I still remember that they almost seemed like clouds but had distinct figures ; they were super-alert; some of them seemed playful; and, all of them were standing in a queue almost like they were participating in some sort of ritual.  One of the angels⁠—a very adorable one⁠—was holding his/her palm open. He/she was standing near the moon and holding his/her open palm up so that I may be able to see what was in it. There were two babies sitting in his/her palm. The angel was smiling while his head was slightly bent as if he/she was listening to the babies; and, I felt he/she wanted me to see this. Another angel was standing guard right next to this one. The rest of the angels were serenading the entire sky! I also had a brief look at the moon; most of the time my gaze was set on angels and babies. The babies looked very small, playful, aware, and fragile. I looked at them longingly for some while!

The scenery of this lucid dream was really breathtaking. Where I was resting, everything was green. Then there was a portion of the scene that was yellowish or orangish. The tree under which both women stood had vibrant green colors. And, the sky was dark but had white halos and outlines; even the moon had an eerie greyish-blue radiance.

I loved how relaxed I felt throughout the dream, which means angelic presence. This friend of mine prays to God for assistance; so I am thinking that I was actually visited by mine and hers Guardian Angels who conveyed that the babies are doing well. This feels better than a vacation worth more than a million dollars!

I created my image (the one who is resting in the meadows) as if I were wearing one of my Khaadi dresses. In the dream, I couldn’t see what exactly I was wearing though. I could not even see myself. I could only realize that I was resting in the greenery.

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I Dreamt Of A Baby Girl

I had an interesting dream some days ago. In this dream, someone was holding a baby girl in his lap. I could not see who this person was although I could feel that this was a male. I could clearly see the baby girl! She was just an infant and had really beautiful features. She was very peaceful; and, it felt like she was smiling at me.

Here are a couple of interpretations:

  • Two of my friends (two different families) are expecting children. What if one of these kids is supposed to be a girl!
  • According to Auntyflo dreams of baby girl indicate relaxation and peace. This makes sense to me because I was very happy during and after this dream.
  • According to Dream Moods babies represent pure and vulnerable part of the self. So basically I saw my reflection. Learn about the ENFP child.


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Types of Intelligence That I Demonstrate

Once a Psychology professor from University of Toronto told me that there are many different types of IQs and IQ tests don’t focus on all of these. For example, in my case, I have high levels of stereodepth vision and I also receive precognitive and historic lucid dreams.

So get ready with pen and paper! We are going to do a short activity right now. We are going to review different kinds of intelligence; write down which ones you are capable of executing and improving.

Check out the video “9 Types of Intelligence“; its by YouTube user Psych2Go. This video mentions the following types of intelligence:

Naturalistic Intelligence: I have high levels of stereodepth visions, which helps me observe my environment keenly. I have learned how to sharpen this vision by engaging in lucid dreams.

Musical Intelligence: I am pretty fast at Mathematics. I am learning how to play guitar during my spare time. I can play music and songs during my lucid dreams as well. And, I write and perform poetry; poetry is a type of music because I hear it play inside my mind in form of tunes and images.

Logical Mathematical Intelligence: Mathematics comes easily to me. I have received Honours in Mathematics from University of Toronto. When I study this subject, I feel very relaxed almost like I am playing music.

Existential Intelligence: I completed my Philosophy Minor from University of Toronto. I did this for fun! However, I was mildly surprised when the University of Toronto’s Philosophy department invited me to nominate a professor. They called me due to my high marks⁠—do you know that I used to question all my teachers for hours and they totally loved that about me. I chose to become a poet and a creative writer because this way I can think and even try working on problems that don’t have solid solutions.

Interpersonal Intelligence: I have high Empathy, which is a type of Extrasensory Perception; due to higher Empathy, I experience Telepathy. I am also an ENFP; ENFPs are the basis of any given organization due to their strong interpersonal skills. I love acting in front of my mirror; and, I make sure to take rest in order to manage my fatigue.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: I love dancing; I love exercising especially yoga; and, I love learning Martial Arts. So far, I have one year of training in Taekwondo and Karate. I have 13 relevant apps installed on my cellphone, which I use one by one when I am working out.

Linguistic Intelligence: I don’t use challenging words on this blog on purpose because I know that most people won’t be able to read these. This is an indication of linguistic intelligence. I reserve my linguistic adventures for some of my poems and all the harder stuff like reports and essays.

Intra-Personal Intelligence: I sometimes use lucid dreams to convey how I feel. This is an example of higher intra-personal intelligence. I like offering free counseling to whoever needs it; some of my blog posts have very helpful information on counseling and trauma relief. Helping someone think differently is a gift! This is why I am running a Facebook group for abused women, “Forgotten Femmes“. I also have some training in Suicide Intervention. I use this training whenever I need to. I have attempted to save some people online this way.

Saying all this, I am still imperfect like all other humans. For instance, my room is pretty messy and it remains messy no matter how hard I try. Everyone else has cleaner rooms. This links into higher creativity, of course; but, it is still imperfection at play. You know what I mean!  According to Brene Brown, imperfection is the source of creativity, joy, courage, and breakthroughs. See her video The Gifts of Imperfection: Living With Courage, Compassion, and Connection.

So what about you? Do this activity and then learn how to dream. You will get better dreams this way!


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Poetry Is A Critical Part of Activism

Today I am thinking back to how my adventures in the world of Poetry and Poets actually started. Several years ago while I was studying at the University of Toronto, I was discriminated against a lot—the hints were usually subtle and indirect and sometimes direct! I didn’t know what to do so I prayed to God. Pretty soon, I was able to write poetry.  This still surprises me a lot because up till today I have completed only one serious university course in English Literature. I think the fact that I am related to some very creative people including poets and musicians is also tying into this but only to some extentI am a Rajput by birth. I strongly feel that my poetry is related to my prayers. Read “How I Started Writing Poetry“.

I waited years and years for great teachers and prepared for years and years. I studied Philosophy at the university since this subject teaches how to ask questions and use logic and emotions while activating deep thinkingI was one of the top students in my Philosophy classes. In Nov 2017, I had a lucid dream during which I met Dr. Craig Considine who is an American Professor and Activist; he works on Interfaith projects trying to connect the Christians and Muslims. I met Dr. Craig in Nov 2018 at an Interfaith event; and, I am still in the process of studying his works. I came across Journalist and Activist CJ Werleman while I was reviewing Craig’s Twitter account. I had a great feeling about CJ Werleman when I thought about him and his works; and, I also had a good lucid dream about him. So I connected with him as well and started reading his works in detail. Gradually, I was able to see through some of their teachings properly. Thus, I was able to continue working on one of my older projects, “poetry dedicated to human rights issues”. I was actually pursuing this project when I paused this project for years so that I may get involved in deeper thinking and analysis, which will eventually help me move this project forward.

Today, occupied Jammu and Kashmir is being abused by India; thus, I feel compelled to write this post. I feel its my destiny to speak out! One of my ancestors who was a Medical Doctor earned Sword of Honour for his services during the WWII. Also he was captured by the Nazis and later released alive. Oh! I heard that he could also write poetry! So obviously, the need to work on Human Rights is in my blood! Furthermore, one of my distant relativesI have never met him but only heard about him—belongs to Lollywood (Pakistani cinema) and Bollywood (Indian cinema). I don’t bring up his name on purpose because I don’t want to be linked to such singers and poets. Read “Why I Would Not Sell Any Of My Work To Lollywood Or Bollywood“. Bollywood is silent over this issue although some actors discuss the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. Read “Sonam Kapoor Trolled For Saying It’s “Better To Be Quiet” On Kashmir Conflict. Defends Comment Anyway!” and “Bollywood movies shot in Jammu and Kashmir“; also watch YouTube video “How is Bollywood related to the Kashmir dispute?”. I thought about what was going on here. You see Bollywoodand also Lollywoodhave a lot of very lame stories that they can easily sell because they have some great poets and singers at their end. Songs are their secret ingredient! I am calling songs a secret ingredient because human brain cannot fight back poetry. According to “The Human Brain Is Hardwired for Poetry” poetry increases stimulation of mind and sense of mental reward while challenging the existing mindset.

Thus, it has become clear to me that sociological norms and stereotypes, which are basis of racism and war, can easily be challenged through poetry. So that was the real answer given to me by God through my prayers! Therefore, I have decided to continue using poetry for activismI am currently working on a poem about occupied Jammu and Kashmir for my first book “Intertwined“. Human Rights Activists have a very valuable weapon in the form of poetry. You know the secret ingredient behind the freedom of Pakistan was a poet named “Allama Iqbal“.  And, he is still considered an Indian icon; see article “Why Pakistan’s spiritual father Allama Iqbal will remain an Indian icon“. But do you know that he is a Kashmiri by birth?

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Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Overcome Fear

COVID-19 outbreak is causing fear among people; and, I think that given the fast pace of our society, most of us don’t know what fear really means and how to properly manage it. Fear occurs when you are faced with uncertainty.  It can be pointing to a fact or it may not be pointing to a reality. Either way fear provides valuable information. There are many ways of coping with your fear. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Alter your perception of your fear since fear is something that can be changed into a strength.
  • Nail evidence if facts are causing fear and react to manage. If facts are not causing fear, then meditate on the present moments in order to reconnect with reality.
  • Ground yourself by using a variety of methods such as finishing a large project in smaller chunks or throwing a dance party in your room.
  • Be grateful of what you have. Create a Gratitude List. Read article, “How to Make a Gratitude List“.
  • Repeat mantras that interest you. There are all sorts of mantras out there such as mantras for fear, depression, stress, anxiety, and mindset.
  • Prevent overwhelming thoughts by using coping strategies like postponing unnecessary things, meditating, and leaning on friends. See article, “10 Ways to Stop Feeling Overworked and Overwhelmed“.

As you learn how to manage your fear, learn to pace yourself properly. Do not try to perform a lot of these strategies because this way your attempts will be ineffective in nature. Just go slow and modify your usual work routine with methods that actually attract your attention.


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Lucid Dream After Meditation On My Guardian Angel Whom I Renamed “Eloa”

Some days ago, I had a great dream after I meditated on my Guardian Angel; this time I named my Guardian Angel Cassiel, which means “Speed of God”. Read “A Lucid Dream After I Meditated On My Guardian Angel”. Since the dream that was triggered was so interesting, I decided to rename my Guardian Angel. This time I called it “Eloa”, which according to the aforementioned article means “She Who Questions”.

I  had another strange dream after I meditated on my Guardian Angel Eloa. Here is the stunning result.

The night had fallen; and, the temperature was a bit chilly. I was with some other people of my age. We walked down the stairs; and, then I sat down in an enormous park. Perhaps a couple of my close family members were with me; I clearly saw only one senior female relative who sat right next to me. We sat in a very large circle, which is a significant finding. According to the above-mentioned article, “Eloa” is the name of angel who is known to be born from the tear of Jesus. Tears and eyes have parts that look like circles; and, pictures of Jesus also shows a round halo on Jesus’s head. I think that the large circle of people is indicating that this occasion is actually very sacred. Now let us go back to this dream. It was dark but this place was lit. I was looking around trying to figure out what was going on. Suddenly, my relative who was sitting next to me took some jewelry and make up out; and, then she started putting these on me. I gave her my right arm; and, she put a set of bangles on it. Only two bangles from that set were broken; I could see the golden colored base of these bangles since the decoration had worn off. However, I know that these bracelets are not made out of gold. I mean why would someone put decorations on top of a Gold bracelet! When she was done with my first arm, she asked for my left arm; and, I extended it so that she may hold my hand. Eagerly, she put another set of bangles on this hand. Then she also applied some nail polish on my nailsI definitely saw a fake nail that kept slipping off my real nail. I was wearing red or pink nail polish now. This was not my wedding though and there was just a general sense of celebration in the atmosphere.

Complicated right!

I looked at the dream dictionaries for some explanations.

I am glad that I was not wearing Gold bracelets because that does not have a good explanation attached to it. Here is the explanation that I feel is more fit somehow. I am saying this explanation is more fit because another relative of mine reported having a very positive dream about me and because I had some dreams that are pointing to this direction.

Being Gifted A Bracelet

According to “Dream Interpretation Dictionary” receiving bracelets as a gift suggests that I will help someone without expecting anything in return. According to “My Islamic Dream” site, receiving a gift during dreams means positive things like love, happiness, and friendship.

Wearing A Bracelet

According to “Dream Book”, seeing bracelets on one’s arms indicates an early marriage and a happy union. I definitely will have a late marriage since I am usually occupied with work; but, I feel that I will have a happy union. Again, this guess is based on some other dreams I had.  According to “My Islamic Dictionary“, wearing a bracelet means joy of some sort given that it is being worn by a woman.

Trying To Wear A Bracelet

I allowed this woman to help me wear these bracelets. According to “Dream Interpretation Dictionary” this means that I am secretly in love with someone. I need time to think about this! This might be in the future since I do receive dreams that later come true.

Wearing a Bracelet Set

According to “Auntyflo” website, if the bracelet is part of a set, then that means that the dreamer is advancing in the social setting.

Broken Bracelet

I saw two broken bracelets; but, the rest of the bracelets were in great condition. According to “Auntyflo” a broken bracelet means that I need to protect myself against an explosive person.  According to “Dream Interpretation Dictionary” this could mean a decrease in one’s income. According to “Dream Book” this means that I will develop an attachment to someone.


I saw a complete circle that was made by people who were sitting in this gathering. I did not fully saw a full circle although I heard a voice that told me that this was a whole circle; I do remember vaguely that I looked up at some point and saw people sitting as far as I could see. According to “Auntyflo” a complete circle means that things including a romantic relationship (I think this is in the future since I am still single and I have not met anyone significant yet) are connected at my end and things are reaching completion. This also means that certain relationships are important to me.

Okay! So that was tough to do. One critical conclusion of this particular dream that is offered to me by my Guardian Angel Eloa is that I am most likely going to have a happy marriageI am also using my previous dream signals to reach this conclusion.


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A Lucid Dream After I Meditated On My Guardian Angel

Yesterday I read HolyBlog’s article “Who your Guardian Angel is and what they do: 10 things you should know“; at the end, the author stated that Guardian Angels bring our messages to God and God’s message to us. I have learned in Islam that sometimes dreams can be messages from God to average humans; and, it is not just the prophets who receive true dreams. According to Rafiq A. Tschannen’s article “17 Rules of Islamic Dream Interpretations” dreams that keep on repeating are actually true dreams; and, that believers will receive true dreams at the end of the times (I am also interpreting this as “people receiving true dreams during tumultuous times” since Carl Jung also received dreams that came true during difficult times like the WWI).

I had an interesting dream today. Sometimes I get dreams that repeat themselves; and, other times I receive dreams that I see only once but that later come true. See blog post “Progenitor Dream Characters and “Big Dreams”: Lessons Derived From Evolution Of Carl Jung’s Dream Character Elijah And His “Big Dreams”.  When I review these dreams, I feel that the story of David and Goliath is coming true. I feel like David who used a very small object, a stone, to kill a giant named Goliath. Thus, I killed the giant of ignorance!

Before I had this dream, I was thinking about my Guardian Angel. I wanted to play games with this friend of mine so I gave it a name so that I may relate to it. I chose the name “Cassiel”, which means Speed of God; see article Angelic Names for Boys and Girls. I said some prayer to God and told God to interpret my thoughts to Cassiel so that it may act accordingly. Then I fell asleep imagining that Cassiel is nearbyI was lying on bed while I was meditating. I had an intriguing dream after this!

I was at the back of a very large venue. As I walked through a corridor, I could see people wrapping up and cleaning some sites; others were busy managing things inside offices, kitchen, and laundry rooms. Pretty soon, I got lost; and, I could not figure out where to go. I asked for directions and soon a woman approached me. She pointed to a seat and asked me to sit on it if I wanted to. She was planning to push the seat to the exit. Laugh Out Loud! I denied this offer and asked her where the exit door was. She pointed in a specific direction. Around us many dream characters stood; they were part of the site management team. This was taking place inside another corridor that lead to a door that was almost blocked by dream characters, their trollies, and all other etceteras. I kept walking and managed to get away. Now I was in the main lounge where guests were seated. This place was mega huge! On one side, there were two sets of stairs leading upstairs towards the main entrance. On the other side, the area was so huge that it was hard to figure out what exactly I was looking at; I think there was a cafe to the left. As I walked further, I came across a guest speaker. He is mentioned in the article “9 People Who Defended The Rights Of Muslims In 2016″. He has spoken out a lot after 9/11 in order to defend the Muslims and prevent Islamophobia, which are the topics that interest me a lot. He was reading something, like a newspaper or an article. As soon as I noticed him, my gaze automatically moved towards the venue’s entrance. There was someone standing there; and, he was pointing something towards this speaker. I swiftly moved near the speaker; I felt that the guy who was standing up there moved closer to us although I did not clearly see him do that. Then he threw some sort of large needle-like thing at the speaker by using some sort of gun. I reacted and hit this very large needle with something. It fell away from the target! He threw another one of these. I hit it back again. This continued for a while; and, it felt like playing ping pong. I know that I exhausted the attacker! Meanwhile, the speaker just sat and enjoyed the show.

Now I know that there is a huge significance attached to this dream. For example, I don’t know how to play ping pong that well. But, in this dream, I was dodging these horrific looking needles at a tremendous speed. This reminds me of the name I gave to my Guardian Angel, Cassiel; Cassiel means “Speed of God”. Another possible interpretation of this dream is that I am supposed to protect this particular speaker; and, then God will somehow create an opportunity to do this. I wonder what would happen if I changed my Guardian Angel’s name to emphasize a trait!


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I Dreamt Of A Cat

Today, I dreamt of a really cute cat again. I feel pretty close to cats so I have received signals from them while I was awake or asleep. What’s even more fun is that cats can read me very well. One of my friends had a large cat named Kajol. He hated strangers; but, he fell in love with me. He played a lot with me! And, before I left him (the day I saw him for the last time before he died), I received a telepathic signal from the cat that he was not feeling well. Read “I Received Signals From My Aunt’s Cat Before She Died“.

Today in my dream, I experienced a funny sight. A small black cat was sleeping near my feet as I was kind of dozing. I don’t know if this cat was a guy or a gal; I think I will refer to it as a she. Pretty soon, she fell from my bed. She almost hit her head on the floor; quickly, she rolled over to stabilize herself. She could not stop herself rolling due to the momentum and kept rolling. I felt startled as I saw her roll around like this. She eventually stopped spinning around; stood up on two legs; and, then moved one of her paws as if she was pointing to something or saluting someone. The most unforgettable part of this dance was that her head wobbled slightly as she performed the last pose. Now I am thinking back to her how she reminded me of myself. I also dance something like this when I have some spare time.

Gosh! I love cats. What’s very interesting about my relationships with cats that I don’t have a cat of my own because one of the ladies I live with is allergic to cat hair. Thus, I steal whatever pleasure I can by playing with my friends’ cats; and, I sometimes sleep while listening to YouTube videos of cats purring.

Here are some helpful articles about people who select cats as pets.

Cat People Are More Distinctive than Dog People
17 Basic Differences Between Dog People And Cat People


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A Visit To Space

Once during my lucid dream, I heard this really odd sound. I first thought that I was imagining being close to a real train and the sound was coming from that. This sound that I heard was pretty intense. It felt like a really large train was running around outside this room. I read more about lucid dreaming after this. This dream stood out because there are no train tracks near our place. After some research, I found out that some people have actually reported being in Space while dreaming. This makes sense inside my mind because according to some religious scripts like Islamic ones the human soul leaves for a different dimension named Barzakh while one is asleep.

Even after learning about being able to travel to Space and being part of the Barzakh while one is asleep, I did not think back to how I heard these sounds while I was asleep. This was because I had no explanation whatsoever to figure out what really happened; also, perhaps, I wasn’t ready enough to investigate what actually happened that night. Today I was just browsing the web when I came across two YouTube videos (video 1, video 2) where they shared the sounds of the universe. To my surprise, the sounds of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Enceladus all remind me of the sounds I heard that particular night.

I now know that I went into Space that night. Yaaayyy!


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I Dreamt Of A Dolphin Today

I dreamt of a dolphin today! I have gone under the ocean twice before during my dreams. In one dream, I hunted some sort of treasure that was under the water; and, in the second one, I watched someone swim in order to learn swimming. These were very  fascinating experiences. Today, I dreamt of being right next to a dolphin. And, I got so scared for some reason!

The dream started with my spinning in space and attempting to figure out what’s next. My thoughts were scattered today. I wanted to go see a speaker; but, I got distracted by other things that I have somehow associated with this amazing person. I knew this person likes being near the water bodies. So I started thinking about the ocean and what’s under the ocean. Pretty soon, I was under the ocean. Then I was next to a real dolphin who got very near me. I got scared for some unknown reason though! Perhaps, I thought this thing was just going to eat me. So I started listening to my inner voice; and, the voice said, “I am not afraid; I am afraid of God”. I repeated this so many times that my energy levels altered; and, I eventually woke up. Repeating a mantra or a prayer during your dream is actually a way of controlling dreams that might unsettle you for some reason.

I have been laughing at myself a bit due to this dream since I have never seen Dolphins in real life and I didn’t knew until right now why I was screaming in my sleep! Perhaps, I need to see Dolphins in real life and overcome this particular fear. However, I know that this fear is tied to reality. I am pretty vulnerable (my weakest part are my slim arms, which I can’t properly use to defend myself; I study martial arts so I have learned to rely on my stronger legs). I believe this dream is actually telling me that if a Dolphin attacks me, then it would be difficult for me to get away. Truth is that when a fear voices itself during a dream or even real life, you should pay attention to it. Read “Evidence Puts Dolphins In New Light, As Killers” and “10-year-old attacked by dolphins: the dangers of wild animal interactions“.

Cute Dolphin!

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