Sounds of Prayers: Melodies That Echoes

I have a younger sister who is a religious woman—she chose Islam after reviewing and reading other religions although she was born among Muslims. She prays a lot and she is definitely a good believer. Now, I would not have commented like this about her spiritual nature unless I had observed something interesting! Those echoes are too profound and even I cannot fight these voices. When she is not in her room, her room feels too bright with ethereal and unearthly energy. I can almost hear her prayers and visualize angels whispering back. Her room feels really that beautiful and different even when she is not there. Another time, I have felt a similar force is when I read Dr. Craig Considine, a Christian speaker. Prayers like music have their own mathematics. Read “The Magical Mathematics Of Music“. Oh interacting with such energy forces has been quite an experience! I have documented some other incidences I had with energies and vibes in the post “Influence Of Angels on Lucid Dreamers and Telepaths“.


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Game Of Roses

On July 24, 2019 I wrote that I dreamt of a rose that I somehow associated with a particular speaker. Read “I Saw A Red Rose In My Dream“. In Jan 2020, some of my family members came to visit me. One of my male relatives had bought roses for his wife who decided to give these to me because I told her that I love roses. So I did receive roses like I predicted!

There are three things that can be easily noted here:

  1. The thought of the speaker is a displaced thought. Just like people sometimes displace during dreams so do thoughts. This means that you can see an object where it is not; but, later that object would appear in a different place than the one you envisioned.
  2. Second meaning is based on my personality type. I am ENFP, which means that I can receive dreams that have multiple meanings since I sometimes think like this during the day as well. What if the thought of that speaker just entered my dream because it is actually a psychic signal from the future. Read “Dream With Multiple Meanings“.
  3. Third meaning is that I have learned to associate with the natural elements that are surrounding this person. Read “Which Disney Princess Am I Like“.

Here is a picture of the roses my relative gave to me. They are withered now! I was about to remove all the petals and roses and put them in a bowl as decoration when I realized that I wanted to write this post and preserve the image of these roses.


I kept the dry and the fresh petals in two separate bowls; I placed two whole roses in each bowl. I loved how these felt in my hands!

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Why I Think Writing Is The Best Way of Shunning Rapists And Rape Culture

I have spent some years of my life in Pakistan. When I was a teenager, I wrote a powerful piece in my personal diary; I was still sitting in my high school when I composed this. I wrote this to make sense out of my thoughts that had scattered after I read a news article about rape of some Pakistani woman. I jotted down my thoughts and shared this with my friends. Within minutes, a teacher came to me and forcibly took my diary from me. She made it look like that I had written something evil and negative by adding stigma in my mind as well as those who were watching or participating in this cruel act. I still feel shocked when I think about how I had this freaky experience when I was just learning to communicate. I guess I was in bad hands back then! Anyways, I stayed true to myself and my needs when I grew older. Here in Canada, I can share written content; but, I know that the Canadian women are not really free in many ways.

I believe writing is the most effective method for handling rapists and rape cultures because rape is a very sensitive issue and there is less support for victims.

  • The current Canadian justice system is filled with flaws; and, testimonies of the victims can be easily used against them or the cases can be deemed unfounded. This is true for several other countries.
  • Most of the abusers know their victims up close; and, rapists are usually masters of emotional blackmail. This is why it is easier for victims to leave the city and contacts of their abusers and start a new life.
  • Most rape victims find it very difficult to acknowledge what actually happened to them. Read article “Why most rape victims never acknowledge what happened”.
  • Some rape victims are actually victims of domestic abuse and attempting to throw a rapist in jail could mean jailing a family member as well.
  • Sometimes it takes several years for the rape victim to come to terms and learn about what actually happened. Not all rape victims are educated about things like “Stockholm Syndrome”.
  • Sometimes it is very tough to receive support from family members. This could daunt even the most independent type of women.

This is why you should use writing to channel your thoughts and trauma:

  • Writing thoughts and experiences can heal the trauma.
  • It is possible to hide critical details and publish the work as fiction.
  • It is possible to overcome issues that caused the actual rape through writing: for example, the victim was unemployed when she walked into the wrong hands.
  • It is possible to shed light on society’s ills that have caused the rape.
  • Whenever victim’s trauma returns, all one has to do to feel empowered is open the book he/she wrote and start reading.
  • Victims can share their experiences without fear that someone else would inject their toxic thoughts into their victimized mind.
  • Victims’ work will stay in responsible hands of those who seek knowledge even after the victims have passed away.

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Using Drawings/Sketches To Induce Lucid Dreams

Yesterday, I created two drawings of two of my favorite speakers. These were not well-done at all; but, perhaps this does not matter at all. When I fell asleep, I had two very lovely, detailed, and exciting lucid dreams. Drawings/sketches helps you remember other details like where this person was sitting; who he/she was sitting with; what he/she likes; what he/she wears; and, how he/she talks. The dreams that were triggered included the speaker only in one instance and not the second one. The first one showed one of the speakers; one of his family members whom I have never met before; a building that served as a home, office, and a school of some sort; and people these dream characters were visiting. The second dream showed some very mesmerizing castle-like buildings that belonged to America and were somehow created by thinking about the second speaker. This speaker works in California. I googled and found out that there are two castles in California namely Hearst Castle and Castello di Amorosa. But the buildings I saw seemed both modern and ancient. What if I created hybrids of some sort! Read article “The 12 Most Beautiful Castles In The United States“.  

I believe that my ENFP personality types can activate these dreams simply because precious memories of loved ones keep me warm and safe. However, there is something more exceptional about these dreams! Think about how telepathic individuals can use drawings to convey meanings and concepts; and, you will realize many dimensions of drawings. I do not think of drawings/sketches as 2D representations anymore since this 2D representation is bound by time; but, as soon as the self frees itself from time, which happens during sleep, these images can become alive in numerous ways.

photo of biscuit beside sketchpad
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I Wonder What My Babies Are Going To Be Like!

I wonder what my babies are going to be like! I think about this whenever I touch my tummy. I am not married yet; but, I strongly feel that I will have a husband and kids. I can sometimes almost hear them! I have always felt them around me! I am writing this note here for my kids to see. I learned this strategy from another mom who wrote a diary for her baby. When my babies will grow old enough, I will show them this note.

I wonder if my babies will travel through time like their mother. I would teach them how to do this. They will have my genes so this task should be easy for them!

I wonder if they will be lucid dreamers and telepathic like me. I hope and pray that these abilities are passed to all of them.

I wonder if they would do something interesting that historians would like to jot down.

I wonder if they will dance and sing like I do

I wonder what kind of friends they would make; and, I know they will run away from bad people because I will teach them how to do this properly.

I wonder what they will study

I wonder which country they would choose to live in

I wonder if they would become travellers like some of my elders

I wonder if they would get attracted to Human Rights and Arts like I did

I wonder which religion they will choose

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder


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Happy New Year!

My periods just ended today in the morning or was it last night! Since I am a Muslim, I have to bathe at the end of my periods and say a special prayer. Today, I am doing this on the first day of the new year, 2020. Can you believe it? I feel great about this.

Happy New Year To Everyone!

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Nightmares or Realities: Triggered By The Stabbing Incidence That Took Place At A Rabbi’s Home In Monsey, New York During Hanukkah Celebration

Note: Try a different browser if the audios don’t run in your default browser for some reason; for some reason, these are running faster on mobile.

Graphic Content. Viewer Discretion Advised.

On Dec 14, I had a sickening dream. I remember eating lots of spicy food, which aids in lucid dreaming, before falling asleep.

Here is the audio.


I recorded this hastily. Here is a better version of this dream.

This dream started with a woman who was holding a child in her arms. All of a sudden, she and her baby pointed to a spirit (jinn) that was sleeping on a child who was resting on the bed. It was a white spirit (jinn) with dots on its face going from forehead to upper part of nose in a straight line. The entity just appeared out of nowhere and was now sleeping contently on the kid’s chest! The woman eventually left this room; and, then the kid pointed again to what I think was a door. Here was a portal of some sort. Suddenly, the portal opened. A person who was holding a knife appeared in the portal; this individual had a clear intent to murder. The knife came in through the portal as this person tried to stab the lady. Now, I could see another psychopath who felt really really cold to me as he stood next to this killer. He also puts his knife in through the portal with the intent to harm this woman. They never stepped into this scene; but, only their hands were appearing through the portal. They almost stabbed her but she managed to escape unharmed. Then their hands and whatever parts of their bodies that were somehow visible disappeared behind the portal as the portal closed on its own.

You must have heard of the stabbing that took place during the Hanukkah celebration where five people were stabbed at a Rabbi’s home in Monsey, New Yorkthis was an antisemitic hate crime. Read “Hanukkah stabbing suspect charged with hate crime; prosecutors cite his journals“. This took place on the evening of Dec 28, 2019.  I had this dream on Dec 18; the picture below shows that the recording “Stabbers” was recorded on Dec 18. Funny how this lucid dream and the actual incidence both took place inside a home! Its perfect how I saw this about America’s New York while sleeping in Canada!


Before I discuss a key point that I learned from this lucid dream, I must point out some of the context. During this dream, I was concerned about a woman I had been protecting for some while. So when this woman and a child came in my dream, I thought that I was just watching my friend. So I saw her unharmed; but, I also saw the danger that was lurking around her. Now here is the real lesson. I said that there was a portal and two men who were holding knives were standing there. Well! Its a real time portal that transports the dreamer to another time zone/scene. I should have taken this portal to get to this other dream scene in order to find out what was going on over there. If this happens to you and you feel afraid of investigating, tell your spirit guide that you need to figure out what’s going on and he/she will attempt to protect you during this challenging time.

For two days, I briefly read about this stabbing incidence on social media; yesterday, I ate lots of sugary treats and one vitamin B6, which improves dream recall, and fell asleep hoping to enjoy a nice dream. Instead, I had a crazy nightmare!


As you read the transcription, you will see that I am talking to some Holy man while recording this dream. This is because I got so scared when I woke up that I held picture of a writer who is a very blessed person and has a strong spiritual side. Read this dream below.

I took vitamin B6 before falling asleep. By the time I woke up, I was really confused because I don’t know what I saw. I don’t think I can hack into this. My awake self is back so I almost started blacking out; my awake self was not letting me hack into this dream properly. There is something pointless about these murders! I am trying to calm down. At the beginning, there’s a guy who gets on the bus and puts a knife in someone’s back; then there are lots more of such people who are all enjoying killing people. They are saying that they will kill anyone who is not part of their clan. I think this is what they mean! (indistinct voice because I don’t feel so well) Oh man! What’s going on? They are just stabbing people; it felt like a competition of some sort, like a fun game. It had movie like spins inside it. Holy man, you have to stay close to me. No one can help me now (referring to the pain and fear I am experiencing while recalling my dream). But a Holy person can. And, you are a Holy person. Now let me think! Almost everybody had a knife. There is a large meeting place like a large banquet hall. They even go there; and, then they start stabbing. That’s bizarre! Its happening at a banquet hall! Can you believe it? What if that means that a couple of the stabbers are actually elite so that is why this is taking place at an expensive banquet hall. That’s a significant finding.

After analyzing how the previous dream pointed to a reality, I have started wondering if the second nightmare is caused by the antisemitic hate crime or if it is a precognitive dream? I have also realized that I need to heal myself fast, which is easy because I am lucid in nature; I will start by removing vitamin B6 for a couple of days so I may not be able to recall the dream properly.

Dr Julia Mossbridge, a Neuroscientist who has been studying precognition for 15 years​, has conducted research that shows that it is possible for the humans to predict the future; she believes that the precognitive dreams are actually caused by future events. Read article The scientist who says we CAN see the future in our dreams: Think premonitions are just hokum? A tantalizing book by a top neuroscientist will send shivers down your spine.

Everyone! Say NO to hate crimes. And, haters please stop hating, bullying, or killing; I mean you don’t want talented lucid dreamers like me to go on RED ALERT!

Added Jan 01, 2020

Listen to the second recording. As I recorded and thought more about my dream, my voice became less intelligible. Also, I said that no one can help me now and that only a Holy man can help me. Now read this scary news!

Doctors are not optimistic about his chances to regain consciousness, and if our father does miraculously recover partially, doctors expect that he will have permanent damage to the brain; leaving him partially paralyzed and speech-impaired for the rest of his life. Source: Monsey Stabbing Victim Might Not Regain Consciousness: Family

Can you see what is actually happening being reflected in my words and level of pain reported. I think I have learned something interesting from all this! It is possible that I hacked into what was going on during the day while I recorded my dream. Both “cries for the Holy man” and “mumbling that appears like speech impairment issue” happened while I was recording and thinking back about my dream and not during the dream.

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Daydreaming About Someone You Love Creates Stunning Lucid Dreams

I daydream often because it ties into my creativity and helps me sleep well. Read “I Daydream Often”.  Yesterday, I daydreamt about a relative of mine who is very close to me. He is very loving, forgiving, and creative in nature. I have always felt so close to him that I actually created a character for my novel “Koh Kaaf” while thinking about him (blog post 1, blog post 2). This character, Alessio, is a very strong jinn who possesses the most precious magical objects in the Kingdom of Koh Kaaf. So yesterday, I recorded a small audio that will form a critical part of the plot. I daydreamt about this character and my relative; and, as I did so, I strongly felt my relative’s spirit particles dancing and mixing into this character—I have strong stereodepth and lucid dreaming vision that lets me visualize things like this.

Next day, I had a crazy precognitive dream, which had five meanings attached to it. I was in a car which this relative of mine was driving. I could not see myself but only feel myself. The car was on long curved highway. The highway rolled on both sides and there were two lanes in each road; there was an insignificant separation between these; and, there was some greenery on one side. My friend drove fast as the car cruised around this snaky road. I love going around in curves! The highway was designed in a way that permitted vehicles to go around the contours  pretty fast. First I thought we were just going around a curve but this shape continued for a while, which is how I realized that this was not a bend but a lengthy twisted highway. Just once, the car moved at such a high speed that we almost ended up on the opposite road; but, when that happened my vision blurred and I slowly saw us going back into the right lane. I was resting somewhere, perhaps I was in the front or back seat; I could not see myself but I could fully sense myself. My friend told me that we were about to park. We were in a place where there were some historic buildings that were made from stones—I did not see stones clearly but I have always associated historic places with “buildings made out of stones”. I did not receive a clear sense of the function of these buildings! As I gazed outside, I saw stunning buildings, some daylight, one guy on a bicycle, and lots of greenery. My friend asks me to help him park. So I put my hand on the gear, and put it in Reverse. Then he asked me to help move the car forward; so I put the gear in Drive mode. As he parked the car, I could see another car in the front and how exactly our car’s tires moved more tightly while we reversed for the last time. This felt like getting a driving lesson!

This dream had five meanings.

  • First, it shows a training ground where I learned driving; for example, the dream showed that if ones goes too fast on curved streets, then one’s car might go off the track.
  • Second meaning is much deeper. I actually went out with my family a couple of hours after I received this dream. The restaurant we visited was supposed to be a surprise so I was not told where we were going till the last minute. The roads were very curved exactly as I envisioned my dream.
  • Third meaning is very significant. The sibling I dreamt of being with was not with us on this trip. He was not with me and I was not with him! This is why I dreamt, “I could not see myself but only feel myself” with him. Sometimes things and people in a dream can get displaced in order to convey a vital meaning.
  • We went to Les Grillades, which is at Colonnade Road. Only 10 minutes away from here is the Billing Estate National Historic Site, which is an ancient heritage museum. My soul has superior function because it allows me to scan very large areas—I can see things that will take place in America while sleeping in Canada. Yes! it is most definitely true that your soul moves away from your body while you sleep. It is interesting to note that only your eyes move during dreaming, which is how I believe the soul conveys information to the brain.
  • Fifth meaning is very intriguing. During my lucid encounter, “I did not receive a clear sense of the function of these buildings”. This is because the area I visualized during my dream is a hybrid area. In this part of the Dreamscape, both the restaurant and Billing Estate National Historic Site are blended together, which is something that does not really exist. This happened because it should take only around 10 minutes to travel from one site to another.

Did you notice that daydreaming about my favorite person easily triggered a complicated lucid dream? According to article “Daydreaming might actually be a good thing — here’s why” those who daydream have faster brains, better working memory, and increased creativity and focus.

I bet you would like to engage in this act for sure now!


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I Used A Prayer To Straighten My Hair

Several years ago, I fell in love with super straight hair. My hair are very fine so I did not want to use a rod to straighten them. Furthermore, I did not had detailed knowledge of hair products; and, the most I knew was about Nioxin products because an older lady told me about them. At some point, I prayed to God that I wanted straight hair.

After a couple of years had passed, I ended up being late inside a mall and decided to just visit a salon to relax and see if I liked something. They had placed a lot of their amazing products in a small basket and put them on sale to attract customers. I asked them about their services and made a note about this salon. I like small things like baskets and books; so I decided to check out the products before leaving the shop. After going over a couple of products, I decided to buy “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong”. I did not knew what I had just bought so I decided to use it slowly. Every now and then I would apply it to my hair. When I realized that my hair actually liked this product, I started using it more regularly. After some months of treatment, something great happened to my hair.

Just a couple of days ago, my sister came to meet me. And she said, “Wow! Your hair are so straight now. What did you do to them?” I smiled and showed her what I was using.

Okay! So prayers really work. I have written before about how some of my prayers just get accepted. Read Silver Bullet: My Prayers Are In Multiple Dimensions.  This product has done wonders to my hair. I strongly recommend this cream to everyone.

I am sharing some of my pics here to show how my hair looked before and after applying “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong”. The last three pics were taken tonight after midnight. I had washed my hair just a while ago; and I have not used a straightening rod at all. Its God’s will! My hair are always going to look awesome now!

Before using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong”
Before using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly
After using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly. Puzzling over how some of my prayers just work!
After using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly
After using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly. See the shock on my face!

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