My Thoughts On Interfaith Marriage

I was reading Dr. Craig Considine’s Twitter profile where he briefly commented on Interfaith marriage. See original tweet here.

This idea has puzzled me often. We live in an area where things are already pretty tough: 1) Some Muslims are abusing other Muslims rather harshly; and, I have come across a couple of such cases; 2) According to Wikipedia, 65.4% of people are Christians; and, only 6.5% of the population are Muslims.

So after reading Dr. Craig’s tweet, I researched a bit. I replied a couple of times on this tweet. Here are all my replies.

  1. I have thought about this often. Quran refers to Christians as believers and states that marriage between believers is allowed. This article states that only the scholars are saying Muslim women may marry only Muslim men but Quran does not say this. Read Dr. Asma Lamrabet’s article, “What Does The Quran Say About The Interfaith Marriage?
  2. Quote [In absence of any proof that justifies the prohibition…contemporary scholars justify their attitudes by “natural weakness” of Muslim women who may go astray under the “bad” influence of their Christian/Jewish husbands] This sounds misogynist! Read Dr. Asma Lamrabet’s article, “What Does The Quran Say About The Interfaith Marriage?
  3. I believe God knew that some Muslims were going to oppress Muslim women. That is one more reason why God allowed for marriage between Muslim women and Christian/Jew men. Obviously, some Muslim men are forbidden on Muslim women because they have “bad” influence.
  4. You should read “Imam’s Daughter” by Hannah Shah. It a true story that shows how an entire Muslim community did not help Hannah who was being raped by her father (an Imam). She later became a Christian and married a Christian. What she did is totally halal.
  5. Islam states that Islam will spread to West. In some areas of West, there are less Muslims and more Christians/Jews. Writer of “Imam’s Daughter” lived in England and her Muslim community allowed her abuse. Continued….
  6. Its a small community so people found it easier not to protest against the Imam. Christians helped her. Thus the correct Islamic ruling is that Christian/Jew men are allowed on Muslim women through marriage.
  7. Quran only forbids marriage between a believer and a polytheist. Christians are considered believers; i.e., “closest to Muslims”. Quran has 1 or 2 verses that state that marriage b/w believers is allowed. These verses apply to both men and women.
  8. Scholars are misinterpreting these verses, I think; and, teaching them in a narrow-minded way. How can these scholars say that Christians/Jew women are believers but Christian/Jew men are not? Read Dr. Asma Lamrabet’s article, “What Does The Quran Say About The Interfaith Marriage?
  9. Quran also says that rules of country also apply for things like marriage. So if an imam is unwilling to marry a Muslim woman to a Christian/Jew man due to advice offered by scholars, then go to court to get wed. Choose a court that lets you. That is how you fight oppression.

Note that I mentioned Hannah Shah’s book “Imam’s Daughter” as a reference. It offers a great story about how mistreatment of Muslim girls/ women can go undetected because it is taking place in a secretive manner. I really love the whole book; but, I disagreed with how she says that the Islam allows for men to beat their wives and to kill apostates. Both of these are controversial issues and some of my research shows that the Quran does not ask wives to be beaten or apostates to be punished. I think Hannah was referring to a wrong translation of the Quran or Ahadith. That’s not her fault because there are really lots of interpretations, some of which are confusing. Read my blog post “How Do I Handle Different Data Collected From Different Islamic Sects?” Saying all this, it’s still an eye-opening experience to read this book.

Now let us go back to the original topic. I moved to Ottawa just around 2 years ago; and, I have been abused by around 5 Muslim employers. Murderers! I am new here; and, I cannot believe that they are attempting to abuse me. I told whoever I could; I also made sure to get as far away as possible; and, I have also blocked some new mean Muslim friends and not just abusive Muslim employers. I am happy that I chose to publically share some of these experiences here on my blog. See posts under category “Women Abuse“.

I am actually very glad that I read Craig’s tweet; and, researched the stuff. Reality is that the Quran is written for common folks; and, it can be easily interpreted by common folks especially when it comes to very basic needs like marriage. This is why I am now fully open to even marrying among Christians or Jews. Truth is that I have been looking among the Muslims for a really long; and, I still have not met anyone compatible yet. And, I strongly feel that God guided me to say all this by finding out what exactly is going on inside some of the Muslim community of Ottawa.

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Narcissism and “Islamic Morality”

Recently, I was reviewing Dr. Craig Considine’s Twitter profile when I left some comments about why I think Islamic Morality is not taught by the  Muslims. You can view the original tweet here; and, the tweet to which I replied here.

Here are my replies:

  1. People are not looking for morals anymore. Don’t you see! A narcissist can also play moral in order to trap & destroy victims. Thus, morals are not granted to people by others or expected of others. Instead people are learning how to escape psychopaths, narcissists, and sociopaths.
  2. Forgiving requires communication with narcissist, which can destroy the mind further. Then another narcissist can easily sit in the victim’s lap.
  3. If you are Muslim, then your mind would eventually say hurt the narcissist. Then it would say apply the rules of the country. But this way the narcissist is going to get away because law is subservient to criminals. (added later on WordPress only: A lot of well-known politicians as well as political regulations are narcissistic in nature.)
  4. Only way to defeat a narcissist is to draw a boundary, which can be misconstrued as “harsh”, “childish”, or “unnecessary”. Drawing a boundary can be seen as immoral b/c narcissists select those victims they have drawn closer to or b/c they are reacting to their previous wounds.
  5. It is a fact that one has to play bad (cruel) in order to escape abusers. So why are you teaching me all these morals of Prophet? I mean applying these would mean that I will become forgiving again and someone will hurt me again.
  6. Narcissists create codependents who tend to be forgiving. If we added “Islamic Morals” to current situations, then victims will get in more trouble. Victim is “supply” b/c narcissist need his/her energy to thrive. People are destroying the idea of “forgiveness” from their minds.
  7. I meant the fact that people can be changed into supply is the reason why people are destroying concept of forgiveness.
  8. Psychopaths & Narcissists are hiding in great fields. Narcissists choose Medicine, Management, or Politics. They can get away with hiding lots of scandals by pointing fingers at others. Some Doctors do this too! Those in authority are abusive; so what are the rest going to learn?
  9. Narcissists create tough situations: “A manager hits her kids in front of her team. Team stays quiet b/c they need money to survive; and, economy is already broken. Would they take money or stop the Manager?” This is why people run away in groups from some Canadian workplaces.
  10. It’s not just “Islamic Morality” that cannot be applied. Normal behaviour or certain aspects of any law cannot be applied to narcissists because they are opportunistic and manipulative.
  11. We need a new system if we wish to survive. But to do this we will have to stay away from psychopaths and narcissists. This has to be done to prevent self-destruction. Really tough!
  12. We can play “Islamic Morality” partially nowadays. We need to not forgive in order to teach. We need to forgive in order to not let the victim do self harm.
  13. People cannot follow rituals because following rituals can cause brainwashing. Research online and you will find that I am telling the truth. That is what prayers and rituals are without “Islamic Morality”.
  14. I must comment that I did apply rules of “Islamic Morality” thoroughly once in my life. I was younger then so I could take some hits from a younger bully without feeling too angry. One day I prayed for him. He changed completely after this prayer. He has NEVER harmed me again.
  15. Other times, abusers just apologize for abusing me because they know that I don’t belong in this kind of circle. But, I make sure to move away from abusers. They pick more on me because I am an Empath. This is why I have to use a functional group to escape. Prophet did this too!

Saying all this, I must comment that I am still learning about “Islamic Morality”. However, the fact that Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) devised a system to manage cruel people shows that doing so is part of the “Islamic Morality”.  So I answered partially because it is a lengthy discussion; you cannot apply the rules of “Islamic Morality” to narcissists or psychopaths without the help of a functional and smart group; and, whatever most of the people learn from masjid counts as basic “Islamic Morality”, which does not quite take you where you want to go with these people.

Think of this example as you look into what I am saying to you:

According to article, “Half of Canada’s prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests” half of Canada’s prisoners are victims of child abuse including sexual abuse. Canada should have placed them only in rehabilitation instead of prisons. But, the jailing system nowadays is very different than what we have learned in Islam. In Islam, prisoners have so many rights that they do not count as prisoners in the sense that we understand nowadays; and, these rights are there to ensure that they go back to exhibiting normal behaviour. My sister once told me that we cannot apply Islamic teachings nowadays because we do not have the rest of the system. This is true because something as simple as forgiving a criminal must be done when trustworthy alliance is still available. These reliable friends or companions used to make sure through their actions and attitude that this criminal does not misbehave again. I have read in the article, “Teaching philosophy to prisoners can help transform ‘macho’ prison culture” that teaching philosophy proves very beneficial to prisoners. Thus it is obvious to me that when Prophet used to forgive someone, his companions or alliances used to offer the system necessary to help the criminal become his/her usual self. Otherwise this forgiveness thing does not work!

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Flood Warning: Residential Areas of Canada Or Elsewhere In The World

Since I am a lucid dreamer, I get warnings about bad weather rather often. Read blog post “Rains, Storms, and My Brain“.

Today, I had an interesting dream in the morning. I was standing near a window and I was using my hands to break through the window. I cut the glass with my hands; and, the second layer appeared. I used my hands to cut this layer again; and, the third layer appeared. Thus, I courageously cut some layers and finally created a hole in the window. I was able to look outside from this hole. This window was a lucid dream portal, which is used to travel through time and get to any location you desire.

I was somewhere in a rather large house; and, I was staring at the front of the house. The streets were flooding and the water was now flooding the front yard. It had rained all day on the previous day; and, the atmosphere was dreary, chilly, and somewhat fresh. The car that was parked in the front yard had crashed against the garage door due to the heavy wind and overflowing water. The water seemed very impatient in nature; and, it seemed very willing to enter the house. I heard the residents yelling warnings in dismay as they found out what had happened to the car. One of the guys calmed the woman who was crying about the wrecked car that he will manage this in the future.

I thought during the dream where exactly I was but I did not receive any answer. I just recall that it looked like any other house we see in Canada; and, it seemed a bit expensive and had an average looking front yard. I vaguely recall that the characters seemed like my siblings; although there was a queer feel that they weren’t my siblings.That is all I recall! There was no voice like the one that implored me to read “Emma’s War: A True Story” when I imagined boxing a particular speaker. This is how I know that information about where exactly this flood is going to hit is being hidden by supernatural forces like angels or God. Read blog post “God is Al-Hafiz (The Preserver)“.

I felt like breaking away; thus, I did not want to fly through this window today.


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Why I Find Children Really Adorable

Connecting with children is such a big treat! I have four siblings; and, I used to really take care of them when they really needed me. I used to iron their clothes; dress them; carry them around when they were too young; play games with them; feed them; and even help them finish their homework. I started taking care of my siblings at an early age; and, it was easy for me to do so for some reason. My mother said that I even taught my siblings how to feed themselves or how to properly potty train when I was just a kid. I still remember that I was really that responsible even when I was a teenager; I still recall that it was easy for me to do all this and then also complete my studies; and, I definitely recollect that I liked doing all this extra work although I had lots of help from my elders whenever I needed it.

Now that I am pretty much grown up, I sometimes get dreams of children and of my past. My favorite dreams are when I am taking care of the youngest sibling who is obviously more loved than the rest. Sometimes, I might be dreaming of another baby when I mistake him/her as my youngest sibling.

Today, I had an interesting dream. I think I saw my youngest sibling; he was just a toddler or perhaps a bit beyond that age. He was busy poking at things at my parent’s place. Another sibling was sitting on the computer and reading something. So when the child got near him, he had to ignore him so that he may continue his readings. The child felt this and minded this lack of attention. He then started roaming around in the house feeling a little distraught. This is when he found me. I picked him up and started moving from one room to another. We finally got to the TV Lounge that was well-lit and more decorated than the rest. There were a couple of sofas and a large TV. There was also a small couch on which someone had placed some sort of pillow; covered it with something made out of something that’s similar to straw; and, then placed two vases filled with water on this. The child accidentally touched this arrangement; and, everything fell apart. He stared crying because he felt worried about what he had done. I hugged and comforted him; and, then I picked everything up and rearranged it properly.

Guess what happened next?

When he was sitting in my lap, he looked at me and said, “You are so nice. I won’t ever forget that you helped me like this.”

I started laughing because I did not expect him to note all this to this extent. It is a fact that children can feel things at a different level. If you are doing small tasks for them, which you might be interpreting as rather easy, they still notice and appreciate this gesture.

Children are so innocent. When I grew older, I found lots of fake friends and some genuine friendsI have always made sure to remove all false friends from my circle. This is why I think back to how children deserve more attention since they have not yet learned how to lie, cheat, or deceive.

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God is Al-Hafiz (The Preserver)

So I can sometimes read minds during the day; and, I receive truthful visions during sleep. So that makes me a believer because I have only 1 out of 24 sights of a real prophet. 

But, there are times when I need a break from all this different existence. So how do I get that break? Well! I use music to tune out; then, I tune back in when I feel the need to do so. I can do this because my ENFP personality lets me take my intuition and creative needs very seriously. Read “ENFP Personalities Are Considered Champions Because They Struggle With Dilemmas“.

I have watched a couple of documentaries about psychic detectives. After research, I have found out that there are some events when even the best psychic detectives just lose—this is why I feel that God sometimes intervenes in this world to make things go a certain way.

I thought about this reality for some days. And, then I started playing with a psychic entity that I created from my mind. I let it play on my hand; and, then I motioned towards the computer screen and pointed it to the screen while thinking about a particular friend of mine. I thought that this entity will somehow get to this particular brother since he has inquired about lucid dreaming in detail. These are just some games I sometimes play to get to the answer because my daydreaming ability is linked into superior functions like telepathy and lucid dreams.

Several minutes passed after this game started; and, I continued randomly browsing the web. And, then all of a sudden, I found Harun Yahya article, “Black holes: A manifestation of Allah’s name of Al-Hafiz“. The article mentions how the Quran describes the black holes. Then, this article refers to how Stephen Hawking—one of the world’s most famous physicist—found out that the radiation produced by the black holes contain information about this region of space. Harun Yahya then states that this finding describes the function of Allah (God) as “The Preserver”.

Oops! I think that the psychic entity I created with my mind actually went into the computer and retrieved an answer to an inquiry my mind had been constantly teasing me about.

So the answer to my original inquiry is that the reason why even the best psychic detectives fail psychic sightings is because God has willed these things not to be preserved in the manner that it may be read by a certain psychic. I also know from experience that the events that one psychic will fail to interpret, the other may succeed in interpreting simply because the patterns of the cosmos are written that way. Even then there are things that will remain unknown including things that have happened on Planet Earth—the fact that there are things out there that humans will never know is actually taught in Islam.

Thus, I will leave you all with one Islamic teaching that I have totally understood: It is entirely up to God to create creations; then fill the Earth and Universe with these creations; then wipe out a particular creation; and, replace it with a new creation.

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Jhansi Ki Rani Is A Rajput Just Like Me

I like my Indian lineage; and, I love the fact that I am a Rajput. My ancestors left India during the division of the Indo-Pak subcontinent.

Rajputian women are very strong-willed and resilient, which is what I like about myself. Jhansi ki Rani (Lakshmibai) was an Indian Rajput who led the resistance against British. Read “Legendary Rajput Queens”. I just watched the entire movie, “Manikarnika – The Queen Of Jhansi” (video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4). When I saw the female protagonist fight in this movie, I knew that she was using the arts of war that were similar to ones used by ancient Rajputs. She fought the British because she wanted to free her people. She was referred by the British as the “A man among mutineers”; and, she was considered one of their most dangerous (significant) enemies. How admirable! She started the entire resistance that finally pushed the British out of the Indo-Pak subcontinent. The British lead in a very cruel manner, which is why both the Hindus and the Muslims were united against the British at that time. Jhansi Ki Rani was killed during the Battle of Gwalior against the British when she was 23 or 29. I feel that she is a true hero and a martyr!

Similarities between Jhansi Ki Rani and myself are striking.

  • I can play the role of a Crime Stopper simply by using lucid dreams; and, this Queen uses her sword to protect the vulnerable.
  • I can use poetry and creative writing to add resistance that is required for social change and justice.
  • She is not there to bow to her abusers neither am I.
  • Just like me, she defends the needy. Check out “Forgotten Femmes”, which is a Facebook page that I run to protect the abused women.
  • She organized a team of female warriors who fought alongside her; and, I am organizing a team of women who will know how to protect other women.
  • She is physically and mentally strong. I was very injured and medicated when I completed an entire program at Algonquin College.
  • Both of us have some loyal friends who tend to tail and protect us even during very difficult times.
  • Rani was very amusing and spirited and as such was referred to as “Chabbili”, which means “playful; I am also high-spirited and playful, which is why my close friends and well-meaning acquaintances like me more.
  • We are both legends. I just know that I will become a legend among those who seek knowledge and literature.

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I Saw A Red Rose In My Dream

I had a rather interesting experience today. I was hoping to meet one of my favorite speakers in my dream. So I started thinking about him when I became lucid. During this state, I did not see him; however, I saw something very peculiar. I saw a really large red rose that was right next to my face. I was slowly smelling it and realizing how vulnerable it made me feel. I associated the rose to the speaker; and, then I shifted the dream scene to something else since I couldn’t find him.

According to “Roses Dream Meaning“, positive changes are ahead if the dreamer thinks of romance, love, and passion when he/she sees the rose. This sounds funny! I have always associated roses to romance and fun times. I wonder what this all means!


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Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots

Something very odd happened to me just a couple of days ago. On July 14 around 11 am, an online friend of mine who lives in UK sent me a video by Nashiha Pervin in response to a discussion about types of abuse Muslim women are facing in their community. I met this guy many years ago when I joined an Islamic forum; for some reason, I felt like keeping in touch with him through email.

This email was sent to me from UK on July 14, 2019 at 11:18 am.

So I watched this recording and then went over some other items offered by Nashiha Pervin. I finally posted the video “GROWING UP POOR TO PAYING OFF $42,000 IN DEBT: MY STORY & ADVICE TO BECOMING DEBT-FREE!” in the Forgotten Femmes group at 1:50 pm on July 14. Although this video discusses how to save up and eliminate debt, there is some information about use of Black Seed to treat illnesses. Specifically, Nashiha Pervin discusses how Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) used to say that Black Seed treats everything except for death.

I posted this video on Forgotten Femmes at 1:50 pm on July 14.

At 3:00 pm on July 14, I called an American friend of mine whom I had recently met online. She had emailed me earlier and asked me to call her. For the first time since we started communicating, she shared how she was trying to treat a certain kind of cancer. I talked to her for around 55 minutes; consoled her; and, promised to follow up after the call was over.


I connected with my American friend on July 14 at 3 pm for 55 minutes. Notice the email account @….edu.

After the call, I thought back to how my online friend from UK had sent me a link to Nashiha Pervin’s YouTube channel; and, how one of her videos discuss benefits of Black Seed. Then, I googled for info online and found an article that recommends use of Black Seed to treat cancer. Here is this article, “Benefits of black seed oil“. I emailed this article to the American friend who was suffering from cancer at 4:26 pm.

Email sent to @….edu account at 4:26 pm on July 14.
Email offered link to the article I found on Google.

Now notice something fascinating about all of this:

  • Both of the other players were never in contact with me in person; and, I have only known them online.
  • Both of them unknowingly played a part in this puzzle.

Now, here is something that happened way before this incidence. Some years ago, I lost one of my younger cousins due to a particular kind of cancer. I promised him when I talked to him before he died that I will find out how to treat his cancer. That promise was never completed on time because God wanted to take his soul away─Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said that Black Seed can cure everything except death. Even then when the correct time arrived, God answered my prayer. But, because of the way God answered it, I was left wondering if it was just a telepathic event or answer to an older prayer─sometimes my prayers just get fulfilled, which is why I call them the “Silver Bullet“.

Now notice this detail about this entire story:

  • Death is different than diseases, illnesses, accidents, or other unfortunate life threatening incidences.

I feel that I must leave the article, “KALAUNJI (Nigella sativa): A remedy for every diseases” here as well. It helps to read all the benefits of Black Seed.

Time behaves differently around me because I am a lucid dreamer and because I pray to God (Allah) for protection. See category “Lucid Dreams” and “Psychic Realm” to read more relevant blog posts.

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Canada Is One Of The Worst Countries For Women

Canada is one of the worst countries for women—by women, I am referring to both White and Colored women. Before I start talking about why I feel that Canada is unsafe for colored women, I must point out the case of the White Canadian women. My comment is based on conversations that I had with 3 White Canadian women. They were all very silent, dismissive, and submissive about their ongoing abuse. I feel they were treated worst than animals by their partners or colleagues; and, then they initially chose to keep quiet due to the lack of support by their family and community.

Saying this, I must now point to the fact that the condition of the Colored women is waaaayyyy worse than that of the White women. For example, White women are more likely to be given a job during a co-op or after a co-op; and, the Colored women are very likely to struggle for month or even years before they are offered a real job. Abuse that takes place against the Colored women gets easily hushed because 1) some of these women are new to Canada and thus are not aware of how Human Rights work in Canada; 2) some of these women are young; 3) some of these women have very challenging circumstances so complaining against abuse means allowing their children or siblings to be further injured; 4) some of these women have hidden or visible disabilities; 5) abuse usually takes place in a gang setting where women are brainwashed by more than one individual; 6) some of the victims do not trust anyone because their abusers used to make them trust them; and, 7) some of the victims do not offer the Canadian system because they have read on credible media outlets how abuse is taking place in religious and academic places as well as workplaces.

According to Reuters’ article “Factbox: Which are the world’s 10 most dangerous countries for women?“, America is one of the most dangerous countries for women. When I read this article, I felt very shocked and dismayed because Canada was not on this list.Why is Canada not on the list when I have been observing women being harshly mistreated for around 20 years? There are workplaces here where they are repeatedly harassing women; stressing them beyond their limit; and, then expecting them to continue “friendly” relationships or keep managing work despite all the offered insensitivity.

I was lucky because I got some of my answers after I researched the web! Maclean’s article “Canada’s race problem? It’s even worse than America’s” clearly identified that Canada’s racism problem is more severe than that of America. CBC also published an article titled “UN human rights committee slams Canada’s record on women“, which points out how UN provided Canada criticism and recommendations in several areas including Gender Equality and Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women.

So how come Canada’s name does not show up in the list provided by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. See Reuters’ article “Factbox: Which are the world’s 10 most dangerous countries for women?“.

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