Telepathic Experiences Are Enhanced With The Help of Like-Minded People

Telepathic experiences can be enhanced with the help of those who believe in such abilities. The reason behind this is that the mind of telepaths is very vulnerable. This is because their brains are designed to be sensitive enough to catch hidden information. As a result, telepaths shut down when they feel they cannot trust someone. During these movements, their abilities become less and pain manifests itself slowly.

Today, I read an image from Carl Jung’s book, “The Red Book”. This image is on page 163. I have attached its pic here as well as a pic of the words that came to me as I touched and sensed this image.

The words that came to me are as follows:

  1. Tension
  2. Feeling of being attached
  3. Rough edges, round wrinkles
  4. like Holy Water
  5. Holiness
  6. Living compatments
  7. Edges: keeping something safe
I wrote all the words that came to me as I touched the image on Page 163 of Carl Jung’s “The Red Book”.


After figuring out these words, I looked at the translation and found out that the Chapter name was “The Magician”. Here is the translation of the material on page 163. It says, 162/163 and 162/163 on the side of the image below.

Translation of page 163 of “The Red Book”.

162 S: “But could you exist without divisiveness and disunity? You have to get worked up about something, represent a party, overcome opposites, if you want to live”.
I: “That does not help. We also see each other in the opposite. We have grown tired of his game.”
S: “And so with life”
I: “It seems to me that it depends on what you call life. Your notion of life has to do with climbing up and tearing down, 162/163 with assertion and doubt, with impatient dragging around, 163 with hasty desire. You lack the absolute and its forbearing patience”.
S: “Quite right. My life bubbles and foams and stirs up turbulent waves, it consists of seizing and throwing away, ardent wishing and restlessness. That is life, isn’t it?”
I: “But the absolute also lives”.
S: “That is no life. It is a standstill or as good as a standstill, or rather: it lives interminably slowly and wastes thousands of years, just like the miserable condition that you have created”.
I: “You enlighten me, You are personal life, but the apparent standstill is the forbearing life of eternity, the life of devinity! This time you have counselled me well. I will let you go. Farewell.”

Here is an interpretation of my words:

  1. Tension: Just before 163 begins, Carl discusses how one has to struggle with opposites. Then at 163, it is stated, “with hasty desire. You lack the absolute and its forbearing patience”. In my mind, being hasty and lacking patience are the reasons behind tension.
  2. Feeling of being attached: Being attached to this world creates impatience. Then it is also mentioned in 162/163 that to live means having doubts, forming assertions, and dragging around with desire and impatience. This is also a description of feeling attached to something.
  3. Rough edges, round wrinkles: This is a description of  water, which is discussed in 163 as “My life bubbles and foams and stirs up turbulent waves, it consists of seizing and throwing away, ardent wishing and restlessness. That is life, isn’t it?”
  4. like Holy Water: refers to how life is stated similar to water that bubbles, foams, and forms waves.
  5. Holiness: Refers to the struggle life imparts.
  6. Living compatments: In my mind, “like Holy Water” and “Holiness” change into “Living compartments”. This means that I am seeing something that is mobile and unsettled change into something peaceful and something that lives. This is when you read in 163, “My life bubbles and foams… That is life, isn’t it?…But the absolute also lives.”
  7. Edges: keeping something safe: Edges indicate end of something because all edges in a picture indicate the end of a picture and beginning of a new one. Thus, it is stated in 163, “I: “You enlighten me, You are personal life, but the apparent standstill is the forbearing life of eternity, the life of devinity!” The “Edges” is life of eternity that starts after this life ends or it signifies higher knowledge that erupts after acquiring lesser knowledge. After writing “Edges”, I wrote “keeping something safe”. The last lines of 163 are “This time you have counselled me well. I will let you go. Farewell.” This means that both entities, the one who is being counselled and the one counsells, are safe. The one who is counselling is safe because he/she is being let go in a safe manner, which includes offering a thanks and farewell. The counselled feels secure because he has learned something valuable during this encounter.

So I am kind of done for the day. I am glad that Carl’s spirit is back in my room and within my self, which is not just contained within my body and spirit. I have met Carl’s spirit before through my dreams. Read about one of my encounters, “Did I Meet Carl Jung?

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Finding Happiness Is An Easy Guess For An ENFP

You must have read a lot of complaints from me about some abusive Canadian folks who hassle me every now and then. I have pondered about my experiences; and, I have always known that all these events indicate that perhaps most and not some Canadians are actually very unhappy, troubled, and angry in nature. I have been living in Canada since 1997; and, this is the most of the stuff  I have found about Canadians. I even posted the article, “These 3 groups are at ‘high risk’ of mental health issues in Canada. Here’s why“, earlier about how mental health issues are on rise in Canada. Lastly, I posted earlier that I am writing a novel, “She: The Mirror” to discuss women abuse.

Watch YouTube video, “Why Do People Think ENFPs Are so WEIRD?”. At 4:07, Dan who is an ENFP─I am an ENFP too─states that science has proven that people cannot be happy because of the way they live in North America. I can see why his statement is the theme of a lot of my posts. “How to be happy”; “how to make others happy”; and “how to stay away from unhealthy stimuli” are the most basic abilities of ENFPs. I found the video, “What Makes ENFP Happy“. The lady in this video sounds a lot about me. She likes the same stuff as I do: delicious food including bagels; meditations; philosophy; fantasy like fairies and unicorns; nature including animals; weird things one can wear (like my edited pictures); good clothing; making things look nice; positive minded people; close relationships; humor; romantic relationships; and, genuine compliments not creepy ones.

I have noticed that it is very easy to be abused in Canada. For example, if you attempt to build an authentic relationship with someone who just happens to have some authority, you can be easily labelled as someone who seeks attention or who is desperate. Another thing that I find very weird about some Canadians is that they choose to stay with very abusive employers simply because they need the cash. I know that I cannot do this, which tells me that I am way healthier than the rest because it’s a more genuine response. If I do stay at a place that is abusive, then I will leave after finishing investigating what exactly is going on unless some effective and just decisions are implemented. I wonder how other personalities perceive and realize joy?

Before I end this post, I must comment that I sincerely believe that a lot of North America will face lots of mental issues that are going to keep on increasing in number and scope; and, hate crime and discrimination are just two images of some mental issues. Why do you think that the North Americans gathered against the Muslims after watching a bit of online data and TV shows? (article 1, article 2) I am making this statement after observing how some of them flare with hatred after someone bucks them up and watching their governments throw money in weapons and wars. Seriously! Some of these North Americans are not happy to begin with. What is all this hype and propaganda doing to them? Perhaps it is time to heal them. I think that all conscientious North Americans including the Muslims should keep creating initiatives that allow them to work on the mental issues that are afflicting North Americans. Trust me! there are so many of these issues that people have a hard time finding a safe workplace environment.

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How God Has Blessed Me?

I think when God created me, He created a very large puzzle and test. This is why He gave me both friends and enemies to deal with; and, He made sure that both my well-wishers and foes are very smart. But, God is very Loving so He gave me eight crazy cool tools to deal with those who wish to harm me:

  1. Creative Writing (part of Channel Therapy)
  2. Poetry (part of Channel Therapy)
  3. Lucid Dreams (part of Psychotherapy)
  4. Ability to fall in love with Historic figures like Anne Frank.
  5. Ability to dance (exercise heals)
  6. Ability to love songs and music (I listen and I sing, which heals)
  7. Prayers─Silver Bullets─that get accepted.
  8. I enjoy getting “fits” of laughter.

I am definitely not forgetting the fact that my friends are making sure that I stay safe. The only thought that prevented me from mentioning them in this list is that my friends are not my tools. LOL!

If you ever get in real trouble, think back to what I wrote above. Oh! Watch YouTube video “Light in the Darkness Living Well After Trauma“. This video is a real blesssing because a Twitter user decided to send it to me; it’s very detailed and informative.

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My Visit to Toronto 2018 Parliament of World Religions

My Story

Here are two reasons why I went to The Parliament of World Religions Toronto 2018 event.

Several years ago, when I was still in my twenties, I met a wonderful Chinese-Canadian woman. I was fresh from Pakistan where I had lived in a city that did not had Internet or libraries. I only had access to books from my school and one bookstore. That is all I had! As a result of this, I was not educated in Politics, Religions, and Global Issues. The only thing I learned in some detail was Islam and how Islam ties all humans as one brotherhood by declaring anti-racist statements. My Chinese-Canadian friend introduced me, just a little bit, to her religion Buddhism as well as some political issues. Our hearts were pure and young; and, we really loved and trusted each other. I wanted to learn from her; and, I promised her that one day I will make time to learn these things. However, I lost contact with her some years ago because she ran away from her hometown due to domestic abuse—she had always made sure that I never saw or met her close family members except for one uncle (safer person) because she was very scared of them and she did not want me to mix with them for some reason. She hid her plan to leave from me because she did not want me to feel any pain or injury; and, instead of telling me what was going to happen, she treated me to dinner and a heartfelt chat the night after she left forever. It was heartbreaking to lose someone so awesome! But, I needed to keep the promise I made with her simply because I felt that doing so is an appropriate way of celebrating a champion like L.C. She was telepathic just like me. I still remember doing a reading with her while sitting outside the North Building of University of Toronto Mississauga. She used to say, “Arzoo, let more and more people see you. They will fall in love with you”. She did a complete makeover of my thoughts and behaviour through her generous company and comments. L.C. is the reason why I find the current fights that are taking place between the Muslims and Buddhists meaningless.

The second reason for attending this transformative event is one of my lucid dreams. On Oct 28, I wrote the post “Dream of ‘Breaking Bread’ With Friends” in which I discussed how I dreamt of meeting Dr. Craig Considine and some of his friends. This lucid dream took place some months before Oct 28; my precognitive dreams can take place several months and rarely some years before they are actually fulfilled. After seeing this dream, I felt sure that I will meet some great speakers at this particular event; and, that I must not miss. As a result of all this struggle, this dream was actualized on Nov 03 and I wrote about on this on Nov 04.

Please journey further with me and learn about this spectacular event!

Morning Assemblies

Indigenous Peoples’ Assembly

Cree Nation’s National Chief Perry Bellegarde discussed five elements of self-identification: languages, lands, laws, people, and government. He said that language is vital for identity; and, that the Aboriginal nations have both rights and responsibilities. He stressed that there are two laws in Canada: Civil Law and Common Law. But, there is a third law that must be recognized: Creators Law/Natural Law/First Nations Law.

Margaret Lokawua of “Women Environmental Conservation Project” reviewed the sexual rights and health issues of indigenous women. She commented that the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) is essential for protecting and empowering of Indigenous women. She said that the women can revitalize their indigenous community, which includes working on existing problems including environmental issues.

Dr. Wilton Littlechild stated that there is a strong need to pay attention to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). He mentioned that there is a strong need for justice and reconciliation for the victims of the residential schools. Some principles of reconciliation that were identified by Dr. Littlechild are 1) UNDRIP;  2) constitutional and treaty rights of  First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people; 3) reconciliation through sharing, apology, and commemoration; action to address destructive impacts on Aboriginal society; 4) and revitalization and integration of the Aboriginal cultural revitalization, knowledge systems, histories, and laws.

The “Countering War, Hate & Violence” Assembly

Rev. Dr. Shanta D. Premawardhana mentioned that religion shares love and inclusion, which is failing because extremists are using religions as tools to meet their own needs. He said that we can overcome this by exploring different traditions and religions. He said that he has taken his organization, OMNIA, to Northeastern Nigeria where he and his team has built 52 interfaith peacemaking teams. These groups are able to build power so that they can act collaboratively while working with those in the margins and building the contextual theologies that comes from below (not “top-down” but “bottom-up”).

Father Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam discussed several aspects of World Peace. One such facet around which peace is centered is human dignity. He said that humans have the right to live; right to have bodily integrity; right to have access to means needed for development including food, clothing, shelter, health care, rest, and social services.

Sakeena Yakubi, Founder and Executive Director of the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) and Afghanistan’s mother of education, shared a picture of the Afghanistan that existed around 40 years ago. She stated that 40 years ago,  Afghanistan was a beautiful and peaceful country. Afghanis could go anywhere they wanted to without feeling scared. They trusted everyone and everybody; thus they were free and fully enjoyed their freedom. But war has destroyed everything. Afghanis don’t trust others anymore because every day they have to deal with bomb threats and murders.


The “Faith and Interfaith: From Grassroots to Global” Plenary

Emcee Tarunjit Butalia introduced the plenary by offering greetings from various religions of this world. Some of the salutations included Native American greeting “To-hi-du-lit” (Good Peace of mind, body, and spirit); Jewish greeting “Shalom” (Hello, Peace); Baha’i greeting “Allah O’ Abha” (God is the most glorious); Hindu greeting “Namaste” (I salute the divinity in you); Islamic greeting “Assalam-u-Alaikum (May the peace and blessings of God be upon you); and, Christian greeting “This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it”.

Valarie Kaur of the “Revolutionary Love project” shared that she has always wanted her daughter to inherit a nation where women are believed. She stated that in the US a global trend is on the rise: far-right movements now have power and they are threatening democracy and human rights including women rights. She said that every day she asks the same question: “What if this darkness is not the darkness of the tomb but the darkness of the womb. What if America is not dying but waiting to be born. What if a new world is waiting to be born?”

His Excellency, Cardinal Blasé Cupich, started his speech by bringing up the shooting that took place at the Tree of Life synagogue of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 27, 2018. He called for the healing of the victims of this shooting by emphasizing that people of all faiths are joined together in solidarity for this Anti-Semitic act. He noted that the younger generation is playing a crucial role in creating change in the society. He further reviewed how the world is using wars to settle conflicts; and, how it cares less about what is being left for the future generation while collecting all the reaped profits. Then, Cardinal Blasé Cupich continued discussing that the current economy, environment, and politics must be changed with the help of this world’s religions.

The Closing Plenary

John Troy, Mayor of Toronto, addressed the Closing Plenary with the message that underlying values of religions are the same; and, they have to do with treating people with dignity, respect, humanity, and compassion. He stressed the importance of bringing people together in this world where some people are trying to divide, cause conflict, and cause something that is worse than ideological or faith related conflict.

Bob Rae mentioned that we need to fully realize how destructive and terrible the power of hate is; and, we also need to understand the tragedy that religion has been used to give rise to as much hate as it has given to love. We have to fight and we must challenge those who are using faiths as instruments of hate and destruction.

Larry Greenfield stated that Religions of World must reverse the ways of tolerating inequality wherever it appears; discrimination on basis of race and gender; any other violations of human dignity; mistreatment of animals; destruction of Earth’s resources; and other movements that channel these processes.


Lecture 1: Citizen Engagement: How Democracies Can Thrive in the Age of Populism

Speaker: John Ralston Saul

During his lecture, “Citizen Engagement: How Democracies Can Thrive in the Age of Populism”, John Ralston Saul provided some context that is required for one to become an engaged citizen. He said that the citizen is the source of legitimacy of state. It is not the constituency because emperors can lose their power if they are unable to help the people. Then, he compared nationalism, populism, and democracy. He stressed that the Citizen Model allows people to clean up the corruption by granting them power to do so.

Lecture 2: Faiths Rising with Global, Local Multi-Faith Environmental Leadership: Connecting with GreenFaith

Speakers: Fletcher Harper, Irene Woodard, Estrella Sainburg, Malik Saafir, Rev. Dr. Neddy Astudillo, Gopal Patel, Kyle Lemel, and Nana Firman.

Green Faith interfaith coalition addresses environmental issues holistically. They discussed how they are building new policies, resources, and tools that will allow people of faith to act as engaged activists who are ready to change the environment. The speakers reviewed some religious teachings to show critical role of religion in saving the environment. They further discussed how Green Faith achieves its objectives by coordinating several campaigns and mobilizations ; e.g., “The Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice” that took place in New York in Sep, 2018.

Lecture 3: An Offering of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad to the Christians of the World in the 21st Century

Speakers: Charles Upton, John Andrew Morrow, Jennifer Doane Upton, Abdul Malik Mujahid, and Craig Considine

The speakers are part of the Covenants Initiative that seeks to tell the world about how Prophet Mohammad of Islam formed covenants to protect the Christians. The speakers challenged the current Christians to oppose Islamophobia because the current Muslims are opposing how ISIS is slaughtering Christians and Muslims. One of the speakers quoted Prophet Mohammad: “And even as they honor and respect me, so shall Muslims care for [the Christians] as being under our protection and whensoever any distress or discomfort shall overtake them, Muslims shall hold themselves in duty bound to aid and care for them, for they are a people subject to my Nation, obedient to their word, whose helpers also they are”. To listen to the full lecture, click here.

You can visit the official website of Parliament of World Religions here; Twitter Account Updates and Live Feeds are available here.

I took some photos with the help of my cellphone simply because I broke my camera, Samsung Digital Camera (pink color), a while ago. Here is the movie of the event. Please enjoy!

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Remote Sensing Through Telepathy

Note: None of this is fabricated. This happened when I was barely in my twenties. It was easy for me to get confused about this phenomenon so I shared this only with my close family members. Now, I am willing to share this with the rest of the world.

I had been up in the morning so that I could help my youngest brother get ready for school. After he left for school, I went back to sleep only to wake up again feeling worried about something. I was half sleepy when I put my slippers on and left my home. For some reason, I kept walking and walking until I ended up in my youngest brother’s home. Now, the funny thing is that I didn’t exactly knew the route to his school because my parents drops him to school.  I somehow got there. I kind of woke up when I saw some children playing football in a field. I started walking towards the field because I could see my youngest brother there. Then, I saw another kid hit him really hard. I started running towards them. I went near my brother and held him close to me. I told him that I love him a lot. After this, I made eye contact with his young bullies and told them to stop. They backed out because I told them to fully understand that I will bring the teachers in this game of theirs. My younger brother looked closely at me and said, “You are still wearing slippers? Wait! You are still not wearing your nicer clothes that you wear outside. How did you get here?” I did not knew how to answer him so I told him the truth that I just had a gut feeling that I have to here. He asked again, “How did you get here?” So I told him that I just wore my slippers and started walking around.

Okay! So the above is an example of scent-based telepathy. You remember how I told you that I found a missing Diamond earing and returned it to its owner. Well! Both of these incidences are indicating to a larger mathematical calculation that my mind sometimes does simply because it needs to. I am not in full control during those times; something else runs every critical move needed for me to get to my destination.

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Are Muslims Really Against the West?

I have seen some interesting arguments by some Islamophobes about how Muslims hate their world. The reality is the Muslims don’t hate their world and that they are just following some religious documents to make their afterlife a better place. You must have heard that Muslims hate songs and singers as well. Reality is that they don’t hate them although there is a prohibition about what kind of material needs to be conveyed. That prohibition does not have to be always conveyed through governments; and, it can still boil down to personal level. There are also levels of faith that a human displays throughout their lifespan. Even Quran clearly states that the humans will have lower faith at some times and then better faith some other times. It is actually talking about quests of the self and change at a personal level and then at the societal level given that the people want that change. In essence, all these are things that are also, to some extent, conveyed by other religions. Pointing fingers at Muslims is becoming easy now because of how the mainstream media is brainwashing people. But if you review history, you will find many examples of Muslims rescuing people of other faiths and cultures. The movie, “Free Man” is a rare find! According to Wikipedia, it shares the story of a Jew Singer, Selim (Simon) Halali, who was rescued by Muslims during the German occupation (1940-1944). Pretty interesting! There are lots of channels out there that are bent on defaming Mulsims; they do not discuss historic stuff like the role of Muslims during the Holocaust. And, this is doing great damage to existing interfaith activities, which should prove chaotic in the long run. For example, how many of you have heard of the organization, Green Faith? Do you know that this interfaith organization is trying to cause climate change by using the religious and spiritual communities? Do you know that Islam is the second largest religion in Canada; and the second largest religion in the world? According to the Pew Research Centre, Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious community; and, that in 2070, Islam will become the largest religion across the entire globe. How are they supposed to achieve this without spreading in the West? You must have heard the statement that Muslims are never going to help their situation. You must have! But, do you know that even psychopaths can heal? And, most Muslims are not psychopaths because they are required to perform the process of “Earthing” through prayers. So how do I know that the Muslims of this world are never going to recognize that they are being targeted by certain people, organizations, and governments; and, that they need to band together with like-minded folks to do something about this? Saying all this, are you really sure if Muslims are targeting the West?

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What My Imaginary Friends Are For?

Even as a child, I had lots of imaginary friends. I knew less about lucid dreaming back then; but, it used to get triggered on its own. I never shared these dreams with anyone because I did not understood what I was looking at. As I matured, I ended up spending more time on my own simply because I found that the people close to me were less creative and different. You know, this is why my close friends find it very hypnotizing that I pay lots of attention to them whenever I can and that I genuinely love them. One day, to beat boredom, I started acting in front of the mirror. I imagined talking to some journalists who work at The Mantle; and, then I dreamt of two of them. My mind was too preoccupied to sort things right away; so I never realized why they were here to see me until today.

Today, something marvellous happened to me. Last night, before sleeping, I felt like playing games just like my old self. I learned this game on my own. I used to imagine putting oil in my mom’s hair until she would fall asleep due to this massage. I used to literally place my hand somewhere and tell mom that I am bringing oil from that place. This place could be the back mirror of my dad’s car. I was just a little older than my toddler self back then. So last night, I reviewed this aspect of mine. Then, just before sleeping, I played twice a certain game. I imagined clicking on certain parts of a round object. Then, I took that round object and threw it up; I imagined it got suspended above me as a flat protective layer. I was still not satisfied. So I played again. Again, I imagined pointing to certain reas of a round object, perhaps it was the globe—I am not so sure. This time, I threw it up with much more confidence. Then, I mentally commanded it to watch out for my lucid needs. I looked closely at this imaginary shelter without feeling any fear and waited patiently to fall asleep. Oh, here is something that I almost forgot to mention. Before, I used this strategy, I listened to the video, “Improve Concentration and Memory | Guided Imagery | Hypnosis | Meditation Yoga”.

One thing I found out upon a much closer analysis is that my fingers tapped on the round object in a certain way; and, the dream scenery was constructed the same way. It’s like shapes appeared in patterns that are similar to the way I tapped my fingers. I think if you are imagining having sex with someone and tapping your fingers the same way, then that is definitely going to happen in your lucid dreams. I have done this before although I just realized today what it all means. It’s an extended version of the FILD technique.

whichever you tap your fingers, Now then, here is the grand news! I received a very extended lucid dream after playing with my mind this way. In my dream, I visited several houses and tracks that were built on really large mountains. The dream offered an astounding view; and it was populated with children and grown-ups. I watched them closely although I was invisible. I had so much fun! I wrote all this down and sketched it as well. I will publish this in my first book, “Intertwined“.


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Good Souls Channel Together

I have been thinking about a recent telepathic experience I had while I was at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) for The Parliament of World Religions. I remember that while entering this convention centre, I channeled a prayer to protect those who were there. I felt lots of positive energy when I was there, which helped me meditate further. What happened next is actually a bit freaky; but, it’s all real.

After my shift as a volunteer was over, I hanged around with a friend of mine. We got lost and then we found our way around; we chatted for some while and took some photographs; and, eventually, we bid each other farewell. I was too stressed by that time so I sat down next to a large poster about The Gate movie. This poster was right next to the bridge that connect the South and North buildings. I remember being very satisfied with my experiences at this event; and, then I started walking on the bridge. I stopped at the centre of the bridge and decided to take the last set of photos. AsI put my stuff on a sofa, I saw a diamond jewelleary item. I picked it up and analyzed it. Soon I realized that it was made up of real diamonds and that it was either an earring or a piece from a bracelet. I decided to give this item to the Lost and Found. As I turned around, I noticed a woman dressed in black walking on the bridge. She had a walkie talkie in one of the pockets of her pants because she was working at this convention centre. For some odd reason I felt compelled to talk to her. I addressed her rather quickly, “Miss, can you help me?” She turned around and walked towards me. I told her that I have just found some missing jewellery; and, since I was tired, I was wondering if she could give it to Lost and Found. She screamed with delight when I showed her this item. Then she said the most astonishing words as she showed me her ear that had a similar earring on it, “This is mine. I lost it. You found it. I cannot believe it”. I smiled at her and gave her earring back to her. Then I told her that I am telepathic, which is how I found her stuff. She was surprised to hear this. I walked away after comforting her for a bit.

I thought about this tonight; and, I realized that someone else was channeling with good intentions. My channeling increases whenever this happens. Second thing I noticed was that I was delaying things by getting lost, chatting to my friend, taking photographs, and then taking some rest. Did I knew somehow that she was going to arrive at the Bridge at a specific time and then I would help her? Similar incidences have happened before; but, I cannot fully get used to this all because all this does not fit into what most of us have been made to believe about human senses.

This picture was taken next to the poster for “The Gate” movie, which was placed right near the Bridge that connected the North and South Buildings of the MTCC.


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Link Between Sexual Assault Trauma, Physical Issues, and Need for Psychological Relief

I was researching something on the net for myself when I came across the PowerPoint presentation titled, “Impact of SA on the body: working with survivors of sexual assault to assist them in healing pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction issues“.  These slides discuss how some women can develop pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction after being sexually assaulted. I was shocked to read the meditations that are mentioned on pages 35 till 38. The therapists are using phrases like “My sexuality is safe”; “It is safe to be vulnerable”; and, “I am willing to feel. It is safe for me to express my emotions. I love myself” to heal several pelvic flood dysfunctions. Really! I have read the Abuse Cycle in detail; and, I know that the psychological needs and physical needs are linked with each other, which is how something like hitting can lead to other issues that remain hidden until therapists teach the victims how to cope with trauma. Until today, I had no idea that the thoughts are linking into physical illnesses to such a refined extent.

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