Experiencing Layers Of My ENFP Personality Through Dreams

Who you truly are shows well through lucid dreams. As an ENFP, I am great at having fun with my friends. I enjoy parties; and, I have a very relaxed and nice way of conducting myself. This is why some people can easily nail me as the weakest member of any group. Think about it this way: others feel like taking care of me because I am genuine towards them; so the rest think that I am the most vulnerable, which is why almost everyone is willing to protect me. But, this is exactly how and why people are reading me incorrrectly. For instance, I do not act weakly when I know that something urgent needs to be done or someone is in trouble. For example, I made sure to get a friend of mine home safely even when I was stranded during the April 2018 snow storm.

These queer layers show during dreams as well. For instance, I describe some dreams where I am just having a feast with friends; enjoying a dance party; or enjoying lucid dates with hot dudes. Then I describe other dreams that are more thorough like when I wrote about the death of a well-known American journalist and abuse of a young married woman I just came across.

I find it very slick how layers of my personality shows in my lucid dreams. What about your personality and your dreams? If you haven’t started documenting these yet, then start today. I started out with really less dreams; and, then I slowly improved myself. I loved the entire process because I was able to demonstrate my inquisitivity and creativity this way. I am sure you will have fun as you attempt to unlearn and learn yourself.


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Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year

On Oct 28 2018, I reported on my blog that several months ago, I dreamt of being on a train with some very distinguished individuals. I specifically mentioned that I was on a Royal train. Read “Dreams of ‘Breaking Bread Together’ With Friends“. I wrote this post on Oct 28 and reported that I saw myself with Dr. Craig Considine and some of his friends. This dream was actualized on Nov 03, which is a Saturday.  Read “Dream Actualization: ‘Breaking Bread’ With Friends“.


The picture above shows you the Properties of file “British Train”, which is the first audio file provided below. The file shows the Created Date as Sep 19, 2018; and Modified Date as Nov 25, 2017. Actually, the Created Date is Nov 25, 2017 and the Modified Date is Sep 19, 2018. The dates were flipped because I moved the file out of my audio recorder on Sep 19, 2018. This answer was provided by the Microsoft community. Oh! This dream is so fresh inside my head that I have been unable to remember the exact date when I saw it and instead thought it was just some months before Oct, 28. I can remember better by looking at this picture. I think this lucid dream has created a false memory. Read research paper “Positive Consequences of False Memories” to see how mind/brain improves by using this kind of data. Read article “False memories have an upside” if you don’t wish to read the scientific article noted above.

Now listen to the first recording. At the end, I say that it is Nov 24. I meant, Nov 25. Some stuff is not clear because I had just woke up; but, you will hear of my entire journey somehow. During the trip, I lived with my aunt; moved by using buses and trains; transferred from a bus to a train due to some transportation issue that created a need to detour; and, met Dr. Craig and his peers during a historic (thus the words “Royal train”) event called “The Parliament of World Religions”.  At the end of this first video, I say that I recorded this video on a Saturday. The dream was actualized on Nov 03, 2018, which was also a Saturday.

Oh! I think I changed my future by believing in a dream. There was always a chance that I was not going to show up at this event simply because it was in Toronto. Going from Ottawa to Toronto isn’t easy at all; and, lots of planning was done to make this happen.


Feel free to commend me for doing all of this. There is only one person, me, who is documenting all of this. Clap, Clap, Clap. Working without a team isn’t easy because I have to learn how to manage all my ups and down while working on a very heavy project. Make the crowd roar for me! Clap, Clap, Clap.

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Pattern Recognition Through High Levels of Stereodepth Vision

I have high levels of stereodepth vision, which were uncovered during a research study that was conducted at University of Toronto. Read my blog post “About My Stereodepth Vision” to learn more. I believe that this vision is linked into my ability to conduct telepathy, enjoy lucid dreams, and solve complex problems with really less help.

When I was studying University of Toronto, I attempted to create a mutant fruit fly that will have an additional body segment. Although I did not successfully completed this experiment due to a mite infestation, I was still able to finish most of the crosses. I did manage to create a fly that had a H99 deletion and that remained alive despite this significant change. This deletion was needed to create the additional segment; and, it is tough to do this because fruit fly’s genome fights any changes that are introduced into the system. So instead of completing the experiment, I ended up proving that it is possible to keep H99 mutant fruit flies alive. This experiment was not easy; but, I somehow nailed the correct set of genes to get things rolling on the right track. Read “Canada’s Undiscovered Geniuses“.

In 2013, I started managing a Facebook group called “Forgotten Femmes“, which was started by a Canadian lawyer. My friend hinted to me that the abused Canadian women are in dire condition and that there is a strong need for more community initiatives. After listening to his comments, I decided to help out; but, first I needed to investigate things. So, I talked to some Canadian women and realized that something deeply disturbing was going on. There were comments about mistreatment at work, home, and community. Then, I read a lot of other articles and soon my mind was geared. Furthermore, I wrote down all of my experiences and then I reviewed them in the light of this new knowledge. By the time I was finished, I was left with a very strong gut feeling that something very wrong was going on in Canada. And, this time I beat the Canadian Feds (see Global News article “New survey details widespread harassment in Canada’s workplaces”) because they had more tools, resources, and access than I did! They only posted this article about a recent survey in 2017; and, I made my conclusions before that by reviewing my personal experiences, talking to mostly women, and reading articles only. Read more details of this particular story by visiting blog post “Canada’s Double Glass Ceiling: Where Should Canadian Women Go?

I could do all this while I am awake (not asleep and in lucid state) because I had high levels of stereodepth vision. What I love most about this ability is that it lets me appear as a strong professional.

  1. I can travel through time to see the universe. I am doing all this while using very few lucid dreaming techniques. I am not fully versed in any techniques; and, I am using them rather loosely. But, it is still working out.
  2. I can use my lucid dreams to scan large time duration in order to nail an answer. I can beat larger systems and devices this way. For example, in Oct 2018, I shared my dream about the murder of a well-known American journalist. And, in Dec 2018, “Reporters Without Borders” released data about how US is the world’s most dangerous country for journalists.  Read “Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous for Journalists“.
  3. Sometimes even the most challenging prayers of mine can get accepted. For example, I prayed that I may connect to a good lawyer. The lawyer who came in life after this prayer granted me the entire “Forgotten Femmes” group. This is why I call my prayers “Silver Bullet“.
  4. I can do some stuff that I am really new to like an expert. For example, I can snap pictures pretty well but I have zero professional training.

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How To Deal With A Narcissist?

Is it okay to open your doors to an entire community because some members of that community have treated you properly?

Well! I learn from my example. True! I am Muslim; and, I know many Muslims. It’s true that Islam requires giving charity and praying, which should heal narcissism to some extent. Even then, I have come across some very manipulative Muslims who I believe are narcissists because their intentions aren’t correct even when they are giving charity or saying their prayers. Such narcissists toy with vulnerable folks like their own children while appearing trustworthy and religious—they are usually surrounded by other people who fully believe in them because they don’t know that they are dealing with covert narcissists or because they are afraid of them. I feel that we no longer live in an open and welcoming world anymore.

Here are some helpful videos about how to handle Narcissists.

“Narcissist, Sociopath, or Psychopath?: How To Recognize The Distinction”

“What A Narcissist Thinks When You Go Grey Rock”

“Gaslighting Narcissist Worst Form of Abuse”

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“20 Signs That You Are With A ‘Covert’ Narcissist”

“When You Unmask A Covert Narcissist, RUN, But Quietly! Counterfeit Relationship. Narcissism Expert”

“How Covert Narcissists Lure Empaths As Their Victims”

“The Narcissitic Games You Should Know About | The Red Files | Balance Psychologies”

“Fun With Your Narcissist! How To Beat Them At Their Own Game And Enjoy It”

“Outsmart The Narcissist Forever! How To Beat The Narcissist & Take Away Their Game”

“When A Narcissist Say These 9 Phrases, This Is What They REALLY MEAN”

“Narcissistic Abuse Causes Brain Trauma”

“Long-term narcissistic abuse can cause brain damage”

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Imaginary Parallel Play With Your Heroes

In year 2011, I received a review of some of my poetry from a distinguished American poet and writer. This review was important for me because it was my first review; and, because this occurred around the time when I knew really less about the poetry and writing industry. Seriously! I have only finished one university course in English Literature although I have successfully completed some courses in Linguistics and Philosophy—I still read a lot of books because I started reading at an early age. I still do not know many poetry techniques; and, most of the stuff I write just comes out of me on its own. I printed his comments about my first set of poems and felt inspired by them because he had somehow accurately gauged my mental strength and eventual influence of these poems. I kept his well-thought ideas about my potential and possible growth and development in my mind as I learned how to imagine doing Parallel Play with this great individual.

Parallel Play is a technique used by children where they play next to each other without influencing each other and while feeling an interest in what others are doing.  ENFPs like me can easily use Parallel Play in real life, which is actually very attractive and supportive. This activity creates a stronger psychological state among adults because this way they have more personal space for maturation. But, I can take this game one step ahead and recreate the person of interest through Lucid Dreams or just imagine the existence of my hero(es) in order to amplify all my thoughts.

One situation that I created inside my mind is a strong idea about his efforts and struggles. Another thing that I did differently was to print his email and read it every now and then. Yet another task I made sure to complete was to participate in his online projects and campaigns. Because I am an ENFP, emails and hand-written letters are like real gold mines in my mind; and, all of this happened because of exactly one email (the review). Then I used to slowly work towards my goals while thinking that I am working alongside my inspiration.

It has really worked fabulously so far! The first draft of my first book, Intertwined, is finished. It started out with around 100 pages; and, now it is like more than 300 pages. I feel I enjoyed myself more while working on this challenging project because I could effectively and easily imagine being around this person. Reality is that by imagining this, I became so focused on finishing my book that I even gave up on local poetry readings. Doing so helped me conserve my energy and use it on lucid dreaming instead. I made this odd move because after reading his review, I felt that it was time to go beyond; and, the only way of achieving this goal was to focus on my inner self. Thus, seeking solitude helped me move forward faster. Another thing that played in my favour are my novel genes. As a Rajput, I am related to some very famous names; some of them are distant relatives whom I have never met. Reality is that I do not know most of these individuals up close because I came to Canada when I was pretty young. One story that I have heard from my family members is how a top Bollywood and Lollywood executive and performer is related to me. I cannot reveal his name here because I have never met him in real life; but, I know that he participated in making the Blockbuster Hindi song “Chori Chori” —nice song, but I would never go towards Bollywood or Lollywood. I know that the need to realize who you truly are is also connected to your genes to some extent.

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Lucid Dreaming Is Halal (Allowed On Muslims)

There have been times when I have dreamt of falling in love with and dating entities that appear like really beautiful men including some of my heroes; only some of these dream characters are dark or I cannot fully see them. They are brilliant, too brilliant; and they feel even more brilliant when they change into my heroes. I have learned to write and visualize the future with their help. I am even learning how to write poetry with their help; “My Sex Partner” is a poem that I have created with their help.

I have thought about this ability of mine a lot simply because all the feelings, emotions, and sensations are real. These men feel real; and, they talk and laugh just like real men do. This is why I sometimes get frightened; don’t know what to say; or just wake up feeling too spirited. So I researched and researched only to find out that some top scholars like Ibn Sina and Socrates and legendary prophets like Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) were lucid in nature.

This is when I started looking for actual Quranic verses or Ahadith (Quranic verses) about lucid dreams. Fortunately, I found out this hadith (saying of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)).

The Messenger of Allah (صلي الله عليه وسلم) said: “The Pen is lifted from three (i.e., their deeds are not recorded):

  1. a child until he reaches puberty;
  2. an insane man until he comes to his senses;
  3. one who is asleep until he wakes up.”

[Recorded in Abu Dawud #4403, and Ibn Majah #2041] Source: “The Pen Is Lifted From Three

After I read this hadith, I realized that all the engagements I had so far through lucid dreams were halal and a real gift from Allah (God). Reality is that my dreams intensified on their own when I was recovering from an injury. I used to pray pretty well before I was injured. This kind of activation is a signal from Allah (God) that He loves me a lot.

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I Love Teas!

My love for teas began when I was a teenager. My mom used to eat lots of healthy food; she would drink a lot of Chai (traditional Pakistani tea) every day; and, herbal teas used to make her go crazy with delight. As a teenager, I wanted to experiment less with other teas because I was too used to the Chai. Every morning, I used to drink the Chai my mom used to make for us. During the evening, I would ask some other elders to make me the same tea. Its a fact that although I was addicted to this tea, I still did not enjoy the ones that were made by other elders. Over time, I started noticing that I was unable to be fully happy throughout the day if I missed my morning Chai. This proved true for my adult version as well. I think I fell in love with the Pakistani Chai because of my mom’s touch.

I have never drunk alcohol in my entire life simply because I am a Muslim. Before I start discussing all the teas I have drank so far, I must comment that I believe that my taste buds are smarter because I don’t drink. I developed a taste for herbal teas as an adult when I started managing my need to have only the Chai my mom makes. I mean, I cannot depend on this tactic at all since my mom is pretty old now; and, my bladder does not like caffeine anymore.

Saying all this, here is a list of teas that interest me a lot:

Over time, I will learn more about other teas. So far, I have enjoyed the Indian Tea Culture, Pakistani Tea Culture, Canadian Tea Culture, and Chinese Tea Culture. I even have a full Chinese Tea set─I think its Porcelain, but I don’t know for sure.

I definitely recommend that everyone tries lots of teas every now and then. I have blocked a certain time of my day, which is when I drink and experiment with teas. I try this at home; at a friend’s place; or at the mall. This is a part of me that I don’t want to ever lose. Obviously, I have tasted a whole sorts of yummy yogurt juices as well; but, these still don’t beat the teas in flavor and variety.

The genius of teas is that just adding an additional ingredient creates an entirely new flavor. For example, the Chamomile tea is very different than the Chamomile and Rose Bud Tea. Drinking the later version makes me feel a certain strong almost sticky feeling on the centre of my tongue. That’s because of the Rose Buds. This odd feelings actually lasts for pretty long.

Can you sense how cool this experience really is?


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Data That Highlights Itself Inside The Mind Of A Telepath

This information is based on a recent experience of mine. I was contacted by someone trustworthy to do a job that I don’t really know about. I decided to take it because that person was in urgent need of assistance. I needed to email some key figures to get some help for him fast; but, I did not knew whom to connect with. To get me started, he gave me names of three journalists. Then, the real action began.

I said one name once to myself and then wrote the other name on a piece of paper. Then, inside my mind, I focused on one name only and repeated the names of some email domains including gmail.com, hotmail.com, and yahoo.ca. All of a sudden, hotmail.com was highlighted inside my mind. I googled the name of the journalist; and, then I placed hotmail.com next to it. Soon, I found her real email address, which was at a private email server. Although I had never heard the name of this server before, just using a random selection brought me close to my target. Then, I scrolled over to the second or third page of Google. Soon, I found a large Excel file that had names and emails of 87 key journalists. Bingo! I just proved that Telepathy creates mega-results.

I have this file open in front of me right now; and, I am slowly sorting out their names to complete my task. If you are ever stuck and don’t know what to do, play this technique. Only use information that is highlighted inside your mind.

For this technique, I used Internet as a tool. But, if I don’t have a real tool in front of me, I can attempt to find answers by using my dream world. This has worked well in the past. And, if it is a face-to-face answer, then I can offer the correct answers by glancing at faces of people or just analyzing the situation. This has also worked out in the past. Another technique of mine is just to engage in a conversation with someone and then lots of helpful information just starts flowing in my direction for some reason—I believe that this has something to do with how I talk.

The only person who documented this particular incidence is the guy who reached out to me for some assistance. This is how things are working at my end. I have helped some people before by using telepathy; but, I have to maintain confidentiality while I discuss the used methods online. Please note that none of this information is fabricated no matter how fantastic it seems. I can perform these techniques simply because I can see the truth through lucid dreaming.

So if you are really stuck somewhere and need help, know that real telepaths receive vivid lucid dreams.

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Random ESP Experience: Solutions That Appear Out of Nowhere

Just two days ago, I had a random ESP experience. I was preparing for a job interview while scrolling through YouTube videos of songs and lectures. All of a sudden, I clicked on something and then got distracted by my writing. I felt confused when a video about how to answer Interview questions properly opened. I did not knew that such a video existed; and, I had never thought about this before simply because I have been learning by talking to industry experts.

I recall meditating on the demon Botis, which is one of my favourite dream characters and a jinn that was sealed with the help of the Key of Solomon. During meditation, I really briefly saw Botis remove a portion of his sword from its sheath. I remember falling back on my bed and closing my eyes. See blog post “Working On A Poem About ISIS“. In the past, I have successfully gone into some pictures and figured out some stuff. See blog post “Intuitive Reading: Sun Lutang“.

I also remember praying to God for help. Sometimes, even the most challenging prayers of mine get fully accepted. Read “Silver Bullet: My Prayers Are In Multiple Dimensions“.

I have already aced on two interviews; and, I am quickly figuring out my next set of steps. When I reviewed the videos that I found through these prayers and meditations, I realized that there was plenty of stuff that I did not knew at all. I cannot always fully recall how exactly solutions appear out of absolutely nowhere.


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