Leading by Example: Support Human Rights Activists

Note: The idea behind “Leading By Example” project is to offer a donation whenever I can to a charity, not-for-profit organization, or person of my choice. This program is designed to provide an example to everyone about how to offer charity regularly. Whether this task is conducted on monthly or yearly basis really depends on where you are in your career or how much struggle you are up against. But, even then the donations should be routinely provided through this method─remember, even a warm smile is considered a donation because it improves the minds. Oh! I learned all this through Islam. Kindly follow these footsteps to lead the rest.

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I have been helping out with some Human Rights issues by learning on my own. Its not easy to learn and apply this knowledge. This is why I grew up admiring those who wanted to study journalism or politics and then go against the tide. Truth is that it is getting harder out there; public support becomes more critical during such tough times.

I am choosing to support CJ Werleman who is a Journalist, Author, Political Commentator, and Activist. He has provided valuable insight into America’s war on terrorism; and, conflicts that are taking place in Israel, Palestine, Kashmir, India, Chechnyna, Germany, Burma, and Syria.

Donate today to  help him in his efforts. Visit CJ Werleman’s Patreon page.

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Rahim Pardesi’s “Nasreen” Comedy Show Is Misogynist In Nature

Some Pakistani shows even comedy shows are very misogynist in nature. I was raised on some of these shows; but, I learned how to walk away on my own. While living in Canada, I learned about Rahim Pardesi’s YouTube videos. I watched some of them and found some of them interesting. However, the rest of these videos were very frustrating in nature. It is easy for me to notice that he displays main character “Nasreen” as a very odd woman who is a total misfit and an outcast. I find it very cruel to see that he expects people to laugh at this. I have laughed on some of these depictions as well because he is actually very funny—there are times he jokes about the male characters instead. Here are some videos that strike me as very very odd! What’s even more peculiar is that the young woman “Nasreen” is actually Rahim Pardesi himself.

The Gym Class: Nasreen goes to the gym and does absolutely nothing except to flirt with a well-built guy.

Iftar Time: Nasreen’s husband tells her that she should wait a bit more and she is not going to die doing so. This is how he is talking to her during the sacred month of Ramadan.

Natural Beauty: Nasreen’s husband complains that she has wasted her money on getting her eyebrows shaped because she got this done last week. So apparently, he is not reading into the fact that she is bored or that her eyebrows grew out of shape because hair grows faster for some brown women.

Shop Snatch: Nasreen is busy running in slow motion or playing video games while her husband’s shop is being looted. This shows how well they connect with each other and read each other’s needs. This also shows that Nasreen is just responding to ongoing neglect.

Desi Hunger Games: Nasreen eventually yells at her husband after he misses her anniversary. He then throws chocolates at her like he is feeding an animal. Then, he starts daydreaming about a pretty Indian actress, Katrina Kaif.

Desi Holiday: This video clips starts when Nasreen’s best friend calls her and tells her that she is going to “Barcelona”. Nasreen learns that she is going to Dubai and gets all excited. Her husband says, “Shut up! You are barking”. Then, he tells her that he is going to take her to Pakistan instead; she gets very unhappy when she hears this.

Nasreen Kidnap: This clip shows how Nasreen is kidnapped and how her husband does not help her at all when the kidnappers call for ransom. She runs away on her own; and, when she gets home, she finds out that her husband is busy playing cards with his friends.

Nasreen After 40 Years: In this video, Nasreen ends up befriending a psycho killer due to fear. She feeds him and dances with him—they don’t tell viewers that she has “Stockholm Syndrome”. The psycho finally kills her because she runs out of the food that she was using to stop him from harming her. Her husband comes home; sees the dead body; and, thinks that she is pranking him. He checks out the dead body for 40 years; and, keeps thinking that she is pranking him. He says something along these lines, “Wake up! I am going to work. Stop overacting”. This shows you that for many days, he has not bothered to look for her outside of this kitchen and that her life does not exist outside of the kitchen.

“Nasreen” is clearly misogynist in nature because it depicts hatred towards women and shows this in various ways including neglect and verbally aggressive language. Obviously! the influence of such shows does not end at the screen.

My personal experiences have taught me that some Pakistani households are very toxic for women and children. In such abusive and dysfunctional households, Pakistanis are learning things mostly from TV; thus, they talk and behave a little bit or very much like Nasreen’s husband. This kind of mistreatment is designed to break women’s and children’s confidence and ruin their future. Some of my close male relatives used to sometimes talk like this. Three of them have changed a lot over years, which is a good indication. But, two of the guys who have reformed still tend to get very grumpy sometimes and then verbally assault me; then they apologize sooner or later. It’s scary because of the nature of comments. It used to be worse when they were younger; but, they have somehow changed into better people. They had some trauma in their lives so it was easier to change when stimuli was removed. We are learning how to move forward by talking to each other. I have noticed that we still work pretty well together, which is probably because our bond formation is still very strong.

Overall, it is very crippling living with them or being close to them, which is why our family members have grown apart. Domestic abuse is just one reason why I am not planning to marry within my culture. There is always this fear that something torturous is going to happen to me. I engage in Lucid Dreaming; and, even then I cannot remove this fear from my mind. Another reason is that I know things are like this for some other Pakistani-Canadian women as well; and, I know that some of  them are bent on identifying themselves as non-Pakistanis so that they may not get shot by their family members.

Saying all this, I must comment that all this is true for some Pakistani households only. And, the only way out of this is by using mainstream media to engage, which is obviously not going to be done for quite some while. Pakistani mainstream media is usually filled with dramas, comedy shows, music shows, and reality shows. There is really less footage on how to overcome domestic abuse; how to have a stable married life; or how to be good parents. You can tell which household is abusive if you are a keen observer or if you are sticking around for longer. In a typical abusive Pakistani household, children are usually very well-behaved in front of strangers; but, at the back they are very mean towards each other, parents, or employees. If you are a keen observer, you might end up noticing a bad joke such as, “Why won’t you try to sleep outside today?” This will very likely get camouflaged as the rest of the family members would attempt to shrug it off as something funny or childish someone is saying to distract the guests. If you live with them for a bit, you will definitely hear the children scream and also see them fighting a lot. And, if you are close to the abusive parents somehow, you will see that you cannot mention Psychologists or Family Councillors to them. They simply won’t listen because they have played a role in creating this dysfunction.

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“Surah Nuh (Noah)”: A Prayer To Get Rid Of Really Ruthless Enemies

I am reading a collection of prayers called “Majmuah Wazaif”. This book has some particular Surahs (set of Quranic verses also called “Chapters”) as well as different ways of praying each of them.

Next to “Surah Noah” the description of recitation is as follows

If someone is under severe danger from an enemy and getting away is impossible, then read this Surah 1000 times. You can also read it in a group that has an odd number of people. Read it one seating.

I know that some people would dedicate an entire day to read it 1000 times; I am planning to do the same because I have been reading blog posts by some people who need some real help and because I need to ask God to help me on certain tasks. In the past, I have recited some prayers sometimes exactly according to description and other times a little farther away from the description. I strongly believe that God sees one struggle and does not look for perfection when granting something.

“Surah Nuh (Noah)” discusses the story of Prophet Nuh who is mentioned in the Torah, Bible, and Quran. He is the guy who built the Ark with the help of angels. Read article “Prophet Nuh (Noah), the Ark and the Flood in the Islamic Teachings“.

The website Quran.com shares the complete “Surah Nuh (Noah)” here.

I am now going to share a real story with you before I leave. I used to pray a lot; and, I used to pray in a specific manner. When my needs arose, my prayers started to get accepted─I think my lucid nature also played a role in this. I started calling my prayers, “The Silver Bullet” because I was given exactly what I asked for. Believe in God; and, God will protect you while you are alive or dead.

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My Niece Myah

My niece Myah is now one year old. I am very much in love with my princess, my daughter, my munchkin. Today, she tried to say my name and my sister’s name; she has also been trying to say her brother’s name. Since she has not learned how to talk yet, she kind of blurts out some parts of the names, which sounds wickedly adorable. These attempts are the reason why I feel that she is going to be a linguistically gifted child. Today was more hectic than the rest of the days I have spent with Myah because now she is older than before.

Our day started out a bit lazy. I woke up with a mild headache due to stress; but, I still went downstairs to check out my niece and sister-in-law. After talking to my sister-in-law for a bit, I held my niece in my lap. I thanked God that she has become used to me by now—she was a bit shy at the very beginning. Her mother had already fed her so I mostly played games with her. We spent a lot of time reading children’s books; playing with her toys, real fruits, and the fake fruit basket; singing amd dancing to the tunes of Sesame Street music; feeding each other; pasting stickers on each other; and, kissing, hugging, and communicating with each other.

My favourite part was when she would laugh at me after I used my nose to tickle her tummy. Even more interesting part was when she scratched my face especially cheeks and lips; and, I had to remind her to be gentle. When I said the word “gentle”, she gave me a solid stare and started listening to me; her arms literally froze in air as she stopped scratching me like someone is scratching a cat. I think she is used to playing like this because she is around cats a lot. Her parents are slowly teaching her how to listen and react to word “gentle”. I totally love her reaction to this!

Another best moment involved walking Princess Myah by allowing her to fold her hands around my fingers.  She held her arms up and then ran wildly as I ran with her. She has somehow learned how to apply pressure on my hands so that I may know which room she wants to enter or which way she wants to turn. We also walked outside for 30 minutes or so while my baby niece rested lazily in her stroller.

Another highlight of this day was when her mom and I decided to dress her up in her two new frocks. These are large and very decorated and frilled party frocks. One is coloured red with a large red rose on the waist; a sach belt that can be tied at the back; and, many frills at the middle and bottom of dress. The second frock is pink in colour; embroidered with dark pink flowers; has a large white flower on the waist; and, has a very pretty sach belt. After we dressed her up in the red frock, she got so excited at the feel and look of the dress that she held her mom’s hands and ran towards my younger sister to surprise her. Her mom and I went almost crazy with excitement and fatigue as we tried to snap her pictures. Finally, we dressed her in the pink frock. Again, we tried taking her pictures; but, by this time she was pretty stressed. Thus she grumbled and became distracted. Her mom decided to give her my small hair clips to play with. She held them and marvelled about them while we managed to take her pictures when she was sitting and standing.

She had to rest a bit after all of this; also, her mom and I were definitely tense and strained after this particular activity. Then, we were courageous enough to forget our need to rest and bathe her to relieve her. She was rather happy and energetic during the bath; and, she splashed a lot of water on her mom. I helped dry and dress her as her mom showed me some exercises she does with her to relax her.

Phew! What a gorgeous and challenging day! I am about to fall asleep early tonight. Her mom is still with her; and, I admire her courage and patience with my child Myah.

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My Disturbing Dream About Kidnapping of Children In The West

Some years ago, I had a very disturbing dream; and, I failed to discuss it online simply because I became too numb with fear—the fact that I was still in the learning phase contributed to this fear. There are scary dreams that do not scare me; and, there are scary dreams that hit on your deepest fears. Later form of dreams is rare simply because I am not aware of too many fears of mine. As you read this dream, know that some dreams are very focused on smaller things like one’s close friend and others zoom into broader truths like what is going on the West or East.

In this lucid dream, I saw several children whose hands were tied; they were kneeling while sitting in a queue; and, they were being fed something, perhaps a drug, with a spoon. I think a woman was feeding them. She seemed in control of the situation; perhaps, she was rich and too used to this routine. They were inside a very beautiful golden building, which was right next to a very large body of water. This building looked like an expensive one, the kind we see only in the West. These children were then loaded in a large electric boat, which left for an unknown destination. The only thing I remember about this building was that it had a large letter written on it; I think that letter was “G”.

I believe I will slowly learn how to conquer my deepest fears. All I have to do is expose myself more to these and then perform research to find out what actually is going on. Just a couple of days ago while revisiting my old dreams after gaining exposure to more dreams that actually came true and acquiring deeper insight into the world of luid dreams, I found an article that supported this particular vision. Read Action Against Abduction’s article “New Research Exposes Huge Increase In Child Abductions“;and, Judith Spitzer’s article “A hidden crime: Child sex trafficking is on the rise“. Apparently, child abductions are on the rise in the West.

Quite frankly, you should always document your dreams even if some of these seem like a rant. Creative minds need to rant and procastinate so that they may easily perform routine tasks and create results. This is why some dreams may seem like something you may ignore; but, these might still carry one or two critical pieces of information. Keep a diary where you document all of these mental events.

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Contact Me If You Need A Psychic Detective

I have been thinking about this a lot. In some instances, I have been able to conduct telepathy successfully while awake or asleep.  Let me tell you a story that I have hidden for a while because this took place when I was not ready for all of this.

When I was younger, I came across the case of Rehtaeh Parsons. First, I saw a picture of Rehtaeh Parsons on the webit was the one in which she was shows sleeping next to two boys. I somehow managed to tap into her picture really quickly. I saw a couple of things very clearly:

  • She was a victim.
  • I felt defeated.
  • I felt scared.
  • I heard voice of a kid, but it seemed too hushed.

I got scared of this reading; and, I ran away from my room. At that time, I failed to contact Ms. Parsons parents because I had no website and no proof at all to back up my claim. I slowly learned about her case by following the news. When I created this website, I even tweeted to her father Glen Canning.

If you are really trapped figuring things about someone gone missing or dead all of a sudden, feel free to reach out to me. I can attempt to enter the picture for you; but, know that I cannot guarantee that I will be able to connect you all the time. This telepathic ability shuts off on its own; and, I do perceive some difficulty reading certain brainwaves or timelines for some reason. I can attempt to give you some answers this way. I have not decided on my rate yet; but, this service will be inexpensive. I can be reached at dotswritingdojo@gmail.com.

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Nature Of My Telepathic Connection With Carl Jung

I just feel close to Carl Jung because 1) he studied one of my favourite subjects, Psychology; 2) he practiced lucid dreaming; and, 3) he had a history of child abuse.

How I Get Close To Carl’s Spirit

  1. I read some of his written work as well as its interpretation. I feel a strong longing for his book, “The Red Book”.
  2. I review the patterns and pictures available in “The Red Book”
  3. I watch videos about Carl and his work.
  4. I learn a bit about Carl’s personal life.

Changes Experienced

  1. My lucid dreams become very vivid after I connect with Carl Jung.
  2. I get dreams that are actually true including warnings. In one warning, I saw a rather older man attempting to sleep with a younger woman. Then I received some other similar dreams. All this happened while I was in Ottawa, which is I feel that this is a warning that rapists are living in Ottawa. I left a warning online in my blog post, “Many Rapists Are Hiding In Ottawa
  3. I get dreams about my personal affairs. I have actually seen Carl in one of these dreams. Read “Did I Meet Carl Jung?
  4. I even connected with a mean spirit who reminded me of Carl’s mom; but, this might actually be a warning that someone is trying to abuse me in real life. See point 4 of my blog post, “Spirit Attachment“.

Breathing Space

I give myself time away from Carl Jung. For many months or even years, I stop myself from connecting with his spirit. This helps me recover from the shock of experiencing this other spirit that seems to be part of me but feels different.


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Use of Lucid Dreams and Automatic Writings to Connect With Spirits/Ghosts

Note: If the audios below don’t run in Firefox for some reason, try running them in IE or Opera.

I learned in Mathematics that if A=B and B=C, then A=C.

A= Lucid Dreams

B= Automatic Writing

C= Ability to connect with spirits

Lucid dreams are used to do automatic writing. Read my blog post, Link Between Lucid Dreaming And Automatic Writing. Automatic writing is used to connect with spirits/ghosts. Read blog post, Using Automatic Writing To Communicate With Ghosts. Therefore, both Lucid Dreaming and Automatic Writings are used to connect with spirits/ghosts.

Here is proof of all this. I had an odd lucid dream about this phenomenon today—dreams usually tell you the truth about people and concepts because these are used to gaze into souls and universe. Lastly, I was thinking about one of my younger siblings before I snoozed and experienced this dream—this dreaming ability became easy for me because my younger sibling is a very caring and creative man. Dreams are fractal in nature, which is how they can capture other fractals.

This is the edited version.
This is the unedited version. At some instances, I am mumbling; using the wrong words;  and, yawning. This tells you that I was very sleepy while I was recording this.

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My Favourite Treat: Achaar With Roti

I was introduced to Achaar when I grew old enough to eat spicy foods. As a kid, I used to steal and eat mangoes that my grandma had painstakingly cut and dried for the achaar. Achaar refers to a miscellaneous collection of spices, vegetables, and fruits; it is made in oil and spiced with several spices including chilies and fennel. It is also possible to have only one ingredient as achaar. For example, the Mango Achaar is made up of mangoes that are still young. Watch YouTube video “Aamb Da Achaar” to see how this one is made. If you love history, then view article “A Brief History Of The Humble Indian Pickle” to learn some of the complicated history of achaar.

Roti is one of the staple foods of Pakistan and India. It is made by using water to knead dough from floor. Then, you just need to roll the dough into a desired shape—I like square and round shapes. Sometimes, people use oil to make the roti; other times, roti can be filled with yummy ingredients like potatoes, chilies, or sugar. Check the video “How to make roti in 3 minutes” to learn how to make it.

Usually, we use the plain roti for eating achaar. I can eat a large roti with lots of very salty and spicy achaar without feeling anything other than joy. Sometimes, my nose starts running due to the spices; but, I believe that’s part of the fun. I know that a lot of people especially Westerners cannot eat loads of achaar; they usually keep one pickled carrot, mango, or lemon on plate. In contrast, I can eat like 3 to 4 servings in one day—by one serving, I mean a large spoon. You should try this treat too! You will notice that you will always want a little more of this, which is exactly what’s expected of you.

I am holding my favorite treat: Achaar on Roti.

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