I Received A Kiss On My Hand!

I had an interesting lucid dream today in the morning. I was with a Pakistani family whom I have known for some while. One of the couples who lived there had left their bed for me. The wife of my older cousin had decided to sleep on the floor so that I may have the bed. One of my younger male cousins was sitting on the bed next to me as I sat there too. I was about to leave to get something done when he held my hand and kissed it twice. I felt puzzled about this; so I investigated this gesture when I woke up. According to Dream Moods dictionary, a kiss on the hand signifies reverence and appreciation. So that means that my cousin still respects me. He is a quiet person; and, he was pretty young when we left Pakistan around 20 years ago. I am happy that I had a glimpse of some members of this family through my lucid dreams.

I find the dream world really beautiful because it is void of pretenses and offers the truth.

Goodnight! I am off to exploring the dreamscape further.

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Why Some Love Me And Others Abuse Me

I have thought about this for some years now. It seems that I have attracted both who truly love and appreciate me and who wish to only manipulate and abuse me. I have completed the HowStuffWorks’ quiz “What Type of Guy Is Most Attracted to You?” twice and both times my results have shown that I can attract only smart men to myself. My second ex-fiance was Dyslexic and he used to beat me in chess a second or so. I have never met anyone else who could do this! So this is how I know that only the smartest men can get attracted to me. Furthermore, most of the people who have targeted me have been identified by others around them as narcissistic in nature. Narcissists are very smart people; do you know that some Medical Doctors are narcissists? I can attract narcissists very easily towards myself because I am an Empath. My empathy is related to the fact that I am an ENFP and that I am a Muslim. This is how the abusers have always misunderstood my real intentions! I plan to challenge my abusers by discussing things on stage; even then, I have to play it very careful to make sure that I am not injured any further. This shall be fun because I usually give it my best shot. For instance, I learned how to sell very simple items like hair curling rods, pillow covers, and duvets—I did amazing at generating sales within the assigned time—so that I may be prepared to sell my upcoming books and workshops.


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Inducing Spectacular Dreams By Using Hero Figures

I am an ENFP so I draw energies from people, which is one reason why I can get breathtaking dreams while thinking about those I consider heroes. Just some days ago, I was thinking about works of one of my heroes who is mentioned in the blog post “Dance of Heroes” when I had a lucid dream that I will never forget.

I will not be discussing this dream in detail here because I am saving it for my book. But here are some things that were in this mega-dream:

  • Aeroplane
  • Bridge
  • A large crowd
  • Church (a large golden building)

I recorded details of this hypnotic sighting immediately; I have total ten minutes of data in form of two recordings. The most interesting part was how the entire dream was cluttered with people and how chasing a dream character took me to an enormous church building. This was crazy cool!

I must comment that there might be times when your dreams would be disturbed because the works or heroes you are reading relate to some difficult subject matters like genocide. Mine did too; here is a nightmare that I had while I was thinking about writings of a hero who is listed in blog post “Dance of Heroes“. If you do feel worried due to some dreams, do not give up because there will definitely be moments where you will be stupefied by what you can create while thinking about your inspiration.

What kind of inspiring work would you create if you thought about me and/or my writings?


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Why Music And Songs Make Me Feel Drunk

I love listening to great music because my brainwaves allow me to experience music to its deepest levels. I do not have any training in playing music and the only instruments I can actually play are the drum and dholki⁠. Some months ago, I played the violin for the first time and the tunes came out really well somehowI have never fully thought of formally training myself in singing songs and playing instruments. I usually turn on the music when I need to danceI dance to stay fit and to enjoy myself. What others might find queer is that I also listen to music and songs when I am really sad. Inside my eclectic brain this experience is like getting drunkl have never drunk alcoholic beverages though. I listen mostly to Bollywood (Indian cinema), Lollywood (Pakistani cinema) songs; songs sung by independent Pakistani and Indian singers and bands; all sorts of English songs; and, some Oriental songs. However, I am selective about what type of lyrics I may listen to. For example, I don’t listen to lyrics that are very submerged in sex and exploitation of female body. Most of the songs I listen to are very romantic; the rest are about other things like “Hero’s Come Back” by Japanese hip-hop band Nobodyknows.

Some of my favorite singers/band are as follows:

Adnan Sami

Vital Signs

Enrique Iglesias

Alka Yagnik


Lata Mangeshkar

Kishore Kumar

Asha Bhosle



Udit Narayan

Arijit Singh

Shreya Ghoshal

Kumar Sanu

Sonu Nigam

Javed Ali

Fort Minor

Marc Anthony


Backstreet Boys

Spice Girls


Celine Dion

Shehzad Roy

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


Tina Turner

The Fray

Owl City

Air Traffic Controller


Goo Goo Dolls

Mohammad Rafi

Bally Sagoo


Kings of Leon

R. Kelly


James Blunt

The Temptations

Elvis Presley

Dean Martin

Ben E. King

Ash King

Ali Haider



Ahmed Rushdi

Arnab Chakraborty

Mehdi Hassan

Anwar Rafi

There are lots of other favorites simply because songs and music are part of my soulI listen to Beethovan too. However, I have noticed that I cannot sing certain words owing to my philosophical nature, which is why I am still part of the world of Spoken Words (Poetry). I mostly listen to songs because it strikes something incredible inside in my head.  I can feel my brain adjusting rather quickly and exotically to the hypnosis caused by the mathematics of songs and music.

Two factors contribute to my ability to listen to creative music; play a couple of instruments; dance; and, write rather deep poetry.

  1. I am a Rajput by birth. I have read a little bit about the Rajputs; and, I know some facts about some of  family members. Thus, it is easy for me to conclude that the Rajputs are a genius clan. Read my blog post, “My Lineage: I am Rajput“.
  2. I can engage in lucid dreaming. I can hear different types of music throughout the day including music of breath, soul, body, guts, animals, and atmosphere. Read my blog post “Music of Lucid Dreamers“.

Overall, this existence has been a very deep experience! Perhaps the most fun part is that I have survived the process of adulthood and a part of me is just like a child.

Here are some helpful readings:

The magical mathematics of music
Why Teaching Poetry Is So Important

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Playing With Shadows On Wall

I am a bit like a real child sometimes, which is connected to my Champion nature. For some nights, I had time to reconnect with myself. One fascinating way of attracting myself to listen to myself is playing with shadow figures on wall. I usually lay on my bed after turning the lights off and preferably after turning on an Oil Diffuser; then, I create shadow figures with my hands and arms.

I have made different kinds of shadows so far including dog, butterfly, horses, and swan necks. I even used my to hands to show fast couple dancing. The best part is when I make stories inside my head while playing. In one game, I used my hands and arms to create figures of what I visualized as people; and, I tilted the hand to show their heads. I imagined that one is a girl and the second is a guy. Whenever the girl gets up in the class and does something, her male friend just follows her around to see what exactly she is up to. Of course! there are more funny stories in my head after playing like this.

I usually feel hypnotized with how my arms and hands move in a very elegant manner and how flexible they are. I have always been an explorer, which is how it is easy for me to investigate something as simple as a shadow.


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A Female Baby Connected With Me In My Dream

In one of my recent dreams, I was at a party where there were lots of women and children. One baby had somehow managed to get away from her mother. She was now crawling in the middle of two beds—perhaps those were tables⁠—and looking beneath them⁠ for something. I had been watching over her for a bit; obviously, I found her in time. I held her by her legs to prevent her from crawling under the furniture. Then, I picked her up. The dream scene shifted. I was now standing next to some women who were sitting on sofas. Maybe, one of them was baby’s mother. I asked her to give me some fruit for the baby. I held out my hand as I stood near the sofa. The woman who was sitting at the furthest end of the sofa gave some fruit to the woman who was sitting next to her; she passed it to another woman who gave it to another woman; thus, I eventually received this fruit. Now, I wanted to go see the baby again. So the scene shifted again. I was holding the baby girl in my arms again. I was rocking her gently because she was already asleep. I placed her in her crib; and, I could see how my hand held her small head. I lovingly touched her blonde hair with my slim fingers after placing her in her crib.

I checked Dream Moods Dream Dictionary to find an interpretation. The interpretation that is making some sense is that babies mean innocence since the dreamer is seeing her own inner purer self. Also the site suggests that holding a baby means holding onto to a part of life where one felt more needed. According to Auntyflo, dreaming of baby girl means that I need to let go of something that is making me feel vulnerable in order to let things turn in a different direction.

Interesting! I agree with these explanations more simply because what is happening in my real life is being answered through these interpretations.

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Reverts (Converts) To Islam Bring Guidance To Muslims

I like the stories of those who revert (convert) to Islam! I have read some interesting stories online; and, all this started out when I read about the first set of new Muslims who were companions of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). To my young mind, these stories taught a sense of adventure and courage. When I grew older, I kept learning about reverts: I had access to people in Canada; and, I had the net.

One of my best friends is a revert (convert) to Islam; she used to be a Christian. My second ex-fiance whom I couldn’t marry due to circumstances was also a revert (convert) to Islam; he used to be Atheist. Both of these individuals changed their belief system totally on their own and without any pressure—this explains a lot about my need to follow Islam. When I came across them, they were already Muslims. I have learned a lot of new things by interacting with them; and, I am thankful to Allah (God) that they played a role in  improving and changing me.

I have even read about how some people are afraid of reverts (converts) because they feel that they are looking at people who are still not close to Allah (God) and Islam. I disagree with them because I have seen even Muslims do this. Through Islam, I have learned that there are different levels of faith; and, Allah (God) sees the reality clearly about one’s level of faith. Reality is that I learned this teaching afterwards; and, what made me close to reverts (converts) are the stories of Prophet Mohammad’s companions, which I read when I was a teenager.

Here are some interesting stories of those who chose religion of Islam to guide them in this world:

The life of Abdullah Quilliam: One of Britain’s most famous converts to Islam

Islam in Women – Women converted to Islam in the world- Documentary 2015

Scientist Atheist Converts to Islam | YOU will cry | “Live” – Part 1

Scientist Atheist Converts to Islam | YOU will cry | “Live” – Part 2

Famous Converts To Islam

These Muslim Convert Stories Will Challenge Your Perspective Of Islam

Choosing Islam – Converts Tell Their Stories 1/3

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Choosing Islam – Converts Tell Their Stories 3/3

Story of four Americans who became Muslim

Stories of people who converted to Islam

The British Victorians who became Muslims

The life of Abdullah Quilliam: One of Britain’s most famous converts to Islam

Tell Me About Islam: Yvonne Ridley

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Memories and Aftermath of Sep 11

Sep 11 of year 2011 was a scary day for me because that day I saw some buildings collapsing on TV as a plane hit it. At this odd sight, I screamed with shock and almost started crying. My telepathic instincts just got triggered and I knew something really big had happened.

I was just very unsettled after this attack; and, I researched it thoroughly. I realized that there is no way that America would have missed an attack on her people so I blamed the government of America for allowing this disaster.

After Sep 11 many things happened to the Muslims including genocides that just started in other countries like India.

The need to manage the consequences of this atrocity is one reason why I started this blog and “Lucid Dreaming” and “Telepathy” projects. God has a way of gifting me. Just yesterday, on Sep 11, I attended IFCO’s (Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa) grant writing workshop to which I was invited by my employer. See the date and name of workshop here⁠—this is proof that all of this took place on Sep 11. I was introduced to a couple of filmmakers during a workshop. At the end of the workshop, one of the filmmakers agreed to connect with me next month.

On my way back home, my mind ran a telepathic signal. I imagined doing a riveting and creepy dance of some sort the details of which I don’t wish to share. Then I got home and fell asleep. When I woke up, I received a message from a female filmmaker who agreed to help me make my first film. I love the fact that a woman is willing to work with me because I have always supported the womenI run the Facebook group, “Forgotten Femmes”.

I cannot believe all this happened on Sep 11! God is signalling to me again! I mean how is this possible that I was supposed to find a job at a specific company at a specific time and thus be in time to meet these filmmakers? God is making these moves on His own!

All of this was like a Super Nova explosion!

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I Think Like A Cop

I have a severe history of abuse; but, I have become a Women Rights advocate. I have learned how to get women out of trouble and to identify those who are stuck. I have met all these women in real life; some of these women are very smart and some their memories have been removed so that they may shift into a different person.

I like the fact that when under pressure, I think like a cop. My writing ability overlaps with this facility. Read “7 Ways Police Work Made Me a Better Writer“.  Once I sat in the car of a stalker along with a victim. I pretended to be friends so that I may figure out how he behaves. This ended well and safely. The rest of the details I cannot share due to confidentiality. But, this should give you an idea that I will venture in the uncomfortable zone. For instance, revealing certain information about myself online is pretty easy for me because it would make the abusers feel uncomfortable. I know from experience that I have gained while working with nice and normal men is that only abusers feel uncomfortable about disclosure.

Obviously, protecting women is a challenging task; but, by now I know how to get the women out of trouble. I have created this guide to help women nail abusers since abused women cannot do this properly without written aid. Read my blog post “Regeneration“.


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