My Twin Nieces Are Growing Up

I dreamt of twin women and twin babies before my nieces were born—I also saw angels in this dream. I did not knew about the gender of the babies at this time since my sister wanted this to be a surprise. Babies are now around 4 months old. Read “Another Lucid Dream Came True: Birth Of Twin Girls” and “Lucid Dream About Twins” to learn more about this particular lucid dream.

Image of my dream that is shared in the blog post Lucid Dream About Twins”.

Good News: I think that my babies are lucid dreamers because I received a very clear signal from or about them before they arrived in this world.

Surprising News: My mind and body are reacting strongly to my nieces. I can hear them cry even when I am wearing my headphones; I just start feeling very uncomfortable suddenly, which is how I know that my babies need me. I have started to think really fast when I tell them stories to make them fall asleep. I usually tell them all sorts of silly and sweet fairy tales (like how Monster Boo helps Fairy Zoyah and Fairy Khadijah save the Forest of Cakes) and sing them tunes and nursery rhymes, which is how they still fall asleep. Oh! I also run Mozart Lullabies from Baby Relax Channel. I started doing this when they were younger so now they react quickly to my stories and songs as well Mozart Lullabies.

Presenting: Identical twins Zoyah (1 minute older) and Khadijah.

Here the babies are wearing pink. In my lucid dream, the young women were dressed in pink.
Here the babies are trying to touch each other while sleeping. In my lucid dream, the young women stood close to each other while one woman held the second woman’s arm.
Zoyah (right) looks a bit bigger than Khadijah (left) because she is 1 minute older. Smart babies! They are only around 4 months; and, they know how to pose for a pic.

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Ever Played A “Paheli” With God?

Paheli means puzzle! Every played a paheli with God? I have! God gave me a friend, a White Canadian woman, who gradually became my close friend. I was so close to her that I started referring to her as my twinI am a Brown woman who has a White twin. There were even times when we experienced telepathy like wearing same colored clothes or feeling tired at the same time.

As I grew older, I battled with myself. I found out that there were times when I would feel attracted towards a guy and wouldn’t quite understand why I was feeling this way. There were times when I would feel attracted to multiple men and wouldn’t react in any way because I didn’t had the rest of the clues about this process. Some years passed as I realized this mental state of mine and struggled to understand what was going on by reading articles and allowing time to pass without deciding on anyone. Then one day, my friend told me a complaint that a senior person once made to her. What she said made me read further!

I read around 5 magazines about seniors; then I rested; and, then I read another relevant article. This one was called “Still Got It” by Gail Gallant; this was published in the Reader’s Digest, Oct 2020. According to this article, attraction is a very subjective experience. So what one feels when one finds oneself drawn towards someone is a very personal encounter; and, we all know that desirability is defined not just by looks but a whole lot of others things like eloquence, knowledge, and manners. The article further tackles the notion of “Age Shaming” that happens because we have been taught to love youth and associated things like ability to exercise and not having wrinkles; the author asserts that it is possible to fall in love and have sex even after age 60. Furthermore, the article shares that one’s attraction changes over time since it is related to how one feels; this explains how people can fall in and out of love multiple times. Lastly, the article teaches that one’s shared practical knowledge, observations, encounters, and memories determine who one chooses to mate with.

So did you see how God provided me the answers slowly so that I may get ready and put things in right context. Of course! I have learned a lot by reading about seniors and listening to my twin sister. I feel more in control of my life now! I have been behind in my search for the right guy because I can’t find the right guy; and, I keep getting worried about the fact that I am getting older by the moment. However, now I am sure that in time I will be able to find a good husband for myself.

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How Individualism Is Hurting Us

I have been thinking about how some Canadians behave in a manner that I consider abhorrent. This is because they are very individualistic in nature. Even some of the people who have decided to work or live in Canada and who were originally from holistic societies become individualistic in the long run. That’s an example of taking the path of least resistance, which is the theme of the cartoon movie Wall-E.

According to Rob Whitley’s article, “Is an Increase in Individualism Damaging Our Mental Health” individualism causes issues like divorce, loneliness, low self esteem, depression, PTSD and suicide. The author points out that social media is also the cause of alienation and relevant issues like depression and loneliness. He further asserts that individualism is causing people to define success and failure as personal attributesthese I think have a lot to do with society since emotional support is the key to improving performance. Once I posted an article about the Rich Poor Gap on Twitter while discussing how this is hurting our chances of survival. Pretty soon, a user replied back saying that there are so many positive stories out there and that I need to focus on these instead. I started laughing when I read her comment because I have observed many dedicated and skilled individuals who are stuck in the cycle of poverty. She made me sound like an idiot by hinting that there is something wrong with me because I am not focusing on the positiveknow that this kind of sentiment works well only through cold methods of communication such as social media.

I believe that Individualism makes you assume things. More you focus on the positive stories only because doing so makes you feel stronger and confident, more you are going to assume things about those who are not performing well. To break through Individualism and its harmful effects, you need to listen to the bad stories and see why they are being created in the first place. Once a Canadian class fellow of mine who did not knew me and who had zero idea about my background sat next to me; and, within a couple of minutes, he decided to mock me by calling me a racist. He did not even knew that racism is not taught in Islam; he did not knew that I write poetry to fight racism; since he likes assuming, he would never bother to find out that I have also attempted to confront a foreign writer who had racist views online. I had no idea what he was saying; and, so I ended up leaving his group permanently. So his rushed comments are symbolic of how rushed the Canadian environment really is. Owing to individualism, everyone here is hurrying; and, they are not thinking properly.

Individualism can drastically harm your emotional and physical health through isolation, neglect, intimidation, sexual abuse, financial abuse, and verbal abuse. My experience within the individualistic Canadian society has taught me that all of this is possible; and, it is very clear for me to see how this is happening since I am originally from a holistic (Pakistani) culture. For example, I am finding that communicating with Canadians is difficult inside the workplaces because they abuse people a lot here. According to World Population Review, suicide rate in America is 15.3, in Canada is 12.5, and in Pakistani is 2.9. Really?

Mental health issues are on the rise…suicides are more frequent in developed, individualistic countries. The close bond between families, friends and one’s local community…almost disappeared. Source: Our Individualistic Society is Causing Serious Mental Health Issues.

Thus, it is very obvious that individualism is harming all of us. However, a lot of us won’t pay attention to the fact that individualism is the reason why we are all dying to have a peaceful world. According to Andrew Orton’s article, “Interfaith Dialogue: Seven Key Questions for Theory, Policy, and Practice” interfaith dialogue requires that one must interact with individuals of different communities instead of just living next to each other without communicating properly (this phenomenon is called “parallel lives”). Interfaith dialogue plays a critical part in promoting world peace by forming more cohesive societies. According to Andrew Sobel’s article, “Eight Ways to Improve Your Empathy” your empathy improves as you expose yourself to new environments and allow yourself to be challenged. Obviously, individualism is doing the exact opposite! Most definitely, you cannot achieve world peace or great health just by attending meetups or hanging out with someone who has individualistic values.

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My Attachment To Sociology Taught Me How Crushes And Love Work

When I was studying at University of Toronto, I experienced strong psychological need to learn as much as possible. My need was so massive that I could not focus on one particular program. I started out with a Major in Biological Sciences. After one year of studies, I realized that I was simply not performing the way I had expected myself to perform. Thus, my marks were lower than I expected. Anyways, I went home and thought and thought about how to solve this issue. I started reviewing what I studied in my high school and realized why I was enjoying myself a lot in school; this was because I was studying multiple subjects in high school instead of focusing on one particular type of course. So for my second year, I chose wisely. I added more courses including English, Mathematics, Philosophy, Chemistry, and Linguistics. Pretty soon, my mood and marks both improved dramatically.

While I was going through this amazing change, I actually enrolled in a Sociology course as well. I was very excited about studying this course. But within a couple of days, I got super-bored. The thoughts that kept bugging me were that I was learning from a White professor and studying inside a university that had mostly White teachers and a racist environment—there were some good guys and gals though. I felt neglected and clearly realized that I could not learn because I could not trust the teaching environment. I kept asking myself that given all this, why am I studying Sociology, which is the study of how society develops and functions. I kept this thought at the back of my mind while I went to the classroom. But soon enough, the most obvious happened! I ended up leaving the class permanently and never came back.

Over years, my crush on Sociology intensified; so I kept some books related to Sociology and other relevant subjects like Communication and Criminology in my library. In addition, I met Sociologist Dr. Craig Considine and also purchased one of his books, “Muslims in America, Examining The Facts”. Before I proceed, I must comment that my meeting with Dr. Craig was a very blessed and destined event since it was preceded by an extremely beautiful and vivid precognitive lucid dream—occurred several months before we met—during which one’s guardian angels visit.

During my spare time, which is rare to have, I was able to learn a bit of this particular subject. I felt very absorbed in learning whenever I would open a book, which is how I realized that I was always in love with this subject and just happened to realize it late.

And, drum rolls….


This is how I learned how crushes and love worked. I mean if your crush or loved one is not paying you appropriate attention, then what is the point of going through all this.


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I Wonder What My Babies Are Going To Be Like!

I wonder what my babies are going to be like! I think about this whenever I touch my tummy. I am not married yet; but, I strongly feel that I will have a husband and kids. I can sometimes almost hear them! I have always felt them around me! I am writing this note here for my kids to see. I learned this strategy from another mom who wrote a diary for her baby. When my babies will grow old enough, I will show them this note.

I wonder if my babies will travel through time like their mother. I would teach them how to do this. They will have my genes so this task should be easy for them!

I wonder if they will be lucid dreamers and telepathic like me. I hope and pray that these abilities are passed to all of them.

I wonder if they would do something interesting that historians would like to jot down.

I wonder if they will dance and sing like I do

I wonder what kind of friends they would make; and, I know they will run away from bad people because I will teach them how to do this properly.

I wonder what they will study

I wonder which country they would choose to live in

I wonder if they would become travellers like some of my elders

I wonder if they would get attracted to Human Rights and Arts like I did

I wonder which religion they will choose

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder


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Daydreaming About Someone You Love Creates Stunning Lucid Dreams

I daydream often because it ties into my creativity and helps me sleep well. Read “I Daydream Often”.  Yesterday, I daydreamt about a relative of mine who is very close to me. He is very loving, forgiving, and creative in nature. I have always felt so close to him that I actually created a character for my novel “Land of Arwah” while thinking about him (blog post 1, blog post 2). This character, Alessio, is a very strong jinn who possesses the most precious magical objects in one of the kingdoms of Arwah. So yesterday, I recorded a small audio that will form a critical part of the plot. I daydreamt about this character and my relative; and, as I did so, I strongly felt my relative’s spirit particles dancing and mixing into this character—I have strong stereodepth and lucid dreaming vision that lets me visualize things like this.

Next day, I had a crazy precognitive dream, which had five meanings attached to it. I was in a car which this relative of mine was driving. I could not see myself but only feel myself. The car was on long curved highway. The highway rolled on both sides and there were two lanes in each road; there was an insignificant separation between these; and, there was some greenery on one side. My friend drove fast as the car cruised around this snaky road. I love going around in curves! The highway was designed in a way that permitted vehicles to go around the contours  pretty fast. First I thought we were just going around a curve but this shape continued for a while, which is how I realized that this was not a bend but a lengthy twisted highway. Just once, the car moved at such a high speed that we almost ended up on the opposite road; but, when that happened my vision blurred and I slowly saw us going back into the right lane. I was resting somewhere, perhaps I was in the front or back seat; I could not see myself but I could fully sense myself. My friend told me that we were about to park. We were in a place where there were some historic buildings that were made from stones—I did not see stones clearly but I have always associated historic places with “buildings made out of stones”. I did not receive a clear sense of the function of these buildings! As I gazed outside, I saw stunning buildings, some daylight, one guy on a bicycle, and lots of greenery. My friend asks me to help him park. So I put my hand on the gear, and put it in Reverse. Then he asked me to help move the car forward; so I put the gear in Drive mode. As he parked the car, I could see another car in the front and how exactly our car’s tires moved more tightly while we reversed for the last time. This felt like getting a driving lesson!

This dream had five meanings.

  • First, it shows a training ground where I learned driving; for example, the dream showed that if ones goes too fast on curved streets, then one’s car might go off the track.
  • Second meaning is much deeper. I actually went out with my family a couple of hours after I received this dream. The restaurant we visited was supposed to be a surprise so I was not told where we were going till the last minute. The roads were very curved exactly as I envisioned my dream.
  • Third meaning is very significant. The sibling I dreamt of being with was not with us on this trip. He was not with me and I was not with him! This is why I dreamt, “I could not see myself but only feel myself” with him. Sometimes things and people in a dream can get displaced in order to convey a vital meaning.
  • We went to a local resturant. Only 10 minutes away from here is the Billing Estate National Historic Site, which is an ancient heritage museum. My soul has superior function because it allows me to scan very large areas—I can also see certain things that will take place in America while sleeping in Canada. Yes! it is most definitely true that your soul moves away from your body while you sleep. It is interesting to note that only your eyes move during dreaming, which is how I believe the soul conveys information to the brain.
  • Fifth meaning is very intriguing. During my lucid encounter, “I did not receive a clear sense of the function of these buildings”. This is because the area I visualized during my dream is a hybrid area. In this part of the Dreamscape, both the restaurant and Billing Estate National Historic Site are blended together, which is something that does not really exist. This happened because it should take only around 10 minutes to travel from one site to another.

Did you notice that daydreaming about my favorite person easily triggered a complicated lucid dream? According to article “Daydreaming might actually be a good thing — here’s why” those who daydream have faster brains, better working memory, and increased creativity and focus.

I bet you would like to engage in this act for sure now!


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Teach Girls To Protect Each Other At An Early Age

When I was a teenager, God put me through a scary trial. We lived in a small village in Pakistan. It was usual for us to get chased by a large mob of young men when we would go to study tuition. We tried solving this together by staying close to each other; identifying how the mob used to form and who were the participants; and, then finally complaining to one of our teachers in a group setting. My participation in this process was limited to listening to the teacher; never walking without my group; and, making sure that the ladies made sure to change their route. He advised us to always change our route.

We tried this a couple of times and the mob stopped. Perhaps, he talked to the boys and their parents too because apparently some of these young men were also students. Anyways, this situation proved very frustrating for us. I clearly remember that a young sweet lady later got very angry when another man chased us on his bicycle. She was my friend and from my group so I knew her character. What she did next did not make any sense to me. She took her slipper off and threw it at that man’s face. When I grew older, I researched what happened to her and realized that her character shifted due to the abuse we were being put through; and, thus she became a bit violent. Well! This little bit of violence is not a big deal given that we also used to get stared by mobs of young men who used to climb the walls of our academic institute. So stressful! So this is how I completed some of my studies in Pakistan.

Anyways, when I grew older and felt that I could handle some added responsibility, I started working on “Forgotten Femmes“. Over time, I realized that I was able to react more strongly to women’s needs because I learned to do this while I was just a teenager. This is why I feel that we should teach our girls how to protect each other when they are younger; it makes sense to me that they should be offered proper and mandatory training when they enter their teenage years. They will always end up using these skills later in life!

four women in front of green bushes

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Telepathic Signal From My Niece: Conquering The Waters

I have a 1 year old niece who has felt super-smart to me even when she was in her mother’s womb. I have felt her many times while she was unborn by touching her mother’s tummy. On several occasions, I have dreamt about her. Before she was born, I actually dreamt that my sibling was holding a new baby. The delivery went well; and, Myah was born.

Myah is very beautiful and super-attractive just like me. Just like me, its not her looks that are superior but there is something mysterious about this kid that takes over the other person whenever she interacts. Just like me, her best feature are her eyes, which become very alluring whenever she is looking at someone she loves. Not to forget, she has a distinct music surrounding her body and soul, which seems very hypnotic to me.

Some months ago, I had an interesting dream about baby Myah. Her mom was wandering near a large water body, which reminded me of a sea. Myah and her mom went inside this water body. Then there was this huge light that came from the bosom of the sea, which I strongly felt was coming from Myah herself. The light shone and lit everything to the extent that for several moments I could not see anything. Then, Myah and her mom came out of the water alive.

I was very puzzled about this dream. I think I found the answer just a couple of months ago when my sibling told me that Myah had learned some swimming and that she will continue to learn.

This is great news! I think Myah is special like me. She has been sending me signals even when she was not born and these signals continue even when she is living some hours away from me.

blue and white abstract painting
Photo by Tomáš Malík on

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Why I Find Children Really Adorable

Connecting with children is such a big treat! I have four siblings; and, I used to really take care of them when they really needed me. I used to iron their clothes; dress them; carry them around when they were too young; play games with them; feed them; and even help them finish their homework. I started taking care of my siblings at an early age; and, it was easy for me to do so for some reason. My mother said that I even taught my siblings how to feed themselves or how to properly potty train when I was just a kid. I still remember that I was really that responsible even when I was a teenager; I still recall that it was easy for me to do all this and then also complete my studies; and, I definitely recollect that I liked doing all this extra work although I had lots of help from my elders whenever I needed it.

Now that I am pretty much grown up, I sometimes get dreams of children and of my past. My favorite dreams are when I am taking care of the youngest sibling who is obviously more loved than the rest. Sometimes, I might be dreaming of another baby when I mistake him/her as my youngest sibling.

Today, I had an interesting dream. I think I saw my youngest sibling; he was just a toddler or perhaps a bit beyond that age. He was busy poking at things at my parent’s place. Another sibling was sitting on the computer and reading something. So when the child got near him, he had to ignore him so that he may continue his readings. The child felt this and minded this lack of attention. He then started roaming around in the house feeling a little distraught. This is when he found me. I picked him up and started moving from one room to another. We finally got to the TV Lounge that was well-lit and more decorated than the rest. There were a couple of sofas and a large TV. There was also a small couch on which someone had placed some sort of pillow; covered it with something made out of something that’s similar to straw; and, then placed two vases filled with water on this. The child accidentally touched this arrangement; and, everything fell apart. He stared crying because he felt worried about what he had done. I hugged and comforted him; and, then I picked everything up and rearranged it properly.

Guess what happened next?

When he was sitting in my lap, he looked at me and said, “You are so nice. I won’t ever forget that you helped me like this.”

I started laughing because I did not expect him to note all this to this extent. It is a fact that children can feel things at a different level. If you are doing small tasks for them, which you might be interpreting as rather easy, they still notice and appreciate this gesture.

Children are so innocent. When I grew older, I found lots of fake friends and some genuine friendsI have always made sure to remove all false friends from my circle. This is why I think back to how children deserve more attention since they have not yet learned how to lie, cheat, or deceive.

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My Instincts Say “Nay”

By: Arzoo Zaheer a.k.a. Dot a.k.a. Fractal

Unknowingly, unwontedly, I stumbled upon a mighty foe
A bastard child of sheer ignorance and hatred, ye know
A monster that ruthlessly tears the frail fabric of the society
Fed lovingly by the mainstream media, prejudices, and false notoriety
An ideology lovingly propagated by popular culture of some
A chameleon that deceptively changes colors to become
A deceptive snake writing within naïve hearts and minds
A deceptive snake writhing within naïve hearts and minds

They boast that they are magically superior somehow
Race, culture, ethnicity, technology, and wealth, oh wow!
Their list of useless reasons just continues and is expanded upon
Implicitly and explicitly in attitude, lingo, education, and tone
A social construct it is, falsely believed to be a scientific one
A construct that brutally silences the meek and weak, my hun
Encouraging the feeble-minded to hostility and “sleep”
A different sort of a psychopath that regularly brutalizes the weak

You foolish Racist! Remember the “Roots”
“Roots” of the past, tomorrow and of forever
“Roots” that intertwine like those of the tree
Holding strongly to give life and strength to the “free”
Oh, why your inner disease infects the “Roots” of the trees?
Leading to unwanted infection and decay of their A B Cs
And eventually, among us, a noiseless sound echos
As the tree falls to the ground—a silent pathos

A blackened heart
A broken heart
Some blackened hearts
Some broken hearts
Countless blackened hearts
Countless broken hearts
Now, oh racist, do you see?
Do you see, or are you still blind?

Ridicules so casually thrown at a person by a person
“Why are you living here? Go back to your country, you bison”
Ridicules sung in foreign languages by old ladies on the sidewalks
Harassments so casually tolerated by the “colored”1; thoughts that stalk
Legal decisions carefully and pointlessly drafted on termination papers
“Unfortunately, the contract has ended because of such and such”

Huh! Decisions are Silent Derisions

Racial profiling and media propaganda eventually turns into
A war machine maniacally designed for genocide, just to subdue

“Social colonialism” gradually colonizes the “Others”
As the “dominant ones” foolishly marginalize their own brothers
Creating societal power differences within this so-called “democracy”
Creating socioeconomic disparities, disabling “minorities”, such hypocrisy
Senselessly creating “poverty” despite beautifully rich “diversity”
Marginalizing “Others” to the extent of retardation, oh a perversity

The “perpetrators” have no skin, they have no skin
The “perpetrators” have no skin, they have no skin
“They” took my voice, so I spoke with pen, paper and ink
“They” took my voice, so I spoke with pen, paper and ink


  1. I know that the term “colored” is outdated and that it is replaced by the term “People of Color” (POC). However, I am using this term here to show how abuse and associated stigma and shame tends to stick inside the mind for longer. Secondly, note that as a Muslim I do not believe in Racism. Racism is something that was taught to me by some Canadians after I arrived in Canada. So I am struggling to learn more about Racism and how to deal with it; I am learning on my own by using the net. Thus, I am keeping the term “colored” to emphasize this struggle of mine to learn the terms that were forced on the “People of Color” (POC); I mean the word “Human” is literally missing from the dialogue since we are being impacted by additional terms like POC.

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