Daydreaming About Someone You Love Creates Stunning Lucid Dreams

I daydream often because it ties into my creativity and helps me sleep well. Read “I Daydream Often”.  Yesterday, I daydreamt about a relative of mine who is very close to me. He is very loving, forgiving, and creative in nature. I have always felt so close to him that I actually created a character for my novel “Koh Kaaf” while thinking about him (blog post 1, blog post 2). This character, Alessio, is a very strong jinn who possesses the most precious magical objects in the Kingdom of Koh Kaaf. So yesterday, I recorded a small audio that will form a critical part of the plot. I daydreamt about this character and my relative; and, as I did so, I strongly felt my relative’s spirit particles dancing and mixing into this character—I have strong stereodepth and lucid dreaming vision that lets me visualize things like this.

Next day, I had a crazy precognitive dream, which had five meanings attached to it. I was in a car which this relative of mine was driving. I could not see myself but only feel myself. The car was on long curved highway. The highway rolled on both sides and there were two lanes in each road; there was an insignificant separation between these; and, there was some greenery on one side. My friend drove fast as the car cruised around this snaky road. I love going around in curves! The highway was designed in a way that permitted vehicles to go around the contours  pretty fast. First I thought we were just going around a curve but this shape continued for a while, which is how I realized that this was not a bend but a lengthy twisted highway. Just once, the car moved at such a high speed that we almost ended up on the opposite road; but, when that happened my vision blurred and I slowly saw us going back into the right lane. I was resting somewhere, perhaps I was in the front or back seat; I could not see myself but I could fully sense myself. My friend told me that we were about to park. We were in a place where there were some historic buildings that were made from stones—I did not see stones clearly but I have always associated historic places with “buildings made out of stones”. I did not receive a clear sense of the function of these buildings! As I gazed outside, I saw stunning buildings, some daylight, one guy on a bicycle, and lots of greenery. My friend asks me to help him park. So I put my hand on the gear, and put it in Reverse. Then he asked me to help move the car forward; so I put the gear in Drive mode. As he parked the car, I could see another car in the front and how exactly our car’s tires moved more tightly while we reversed for the last time. This felt like getting a driving lesson!

This dream had five meanings.

  • First, it shows a training ground where I learned driving; for example, the dream showed that if ones goes too fast on curved streets, then one’s car might go off the track.
  • Second meaning is much deeper. I actually went out with my family a couple of hours after I received this dream. The restaurant we visited was supposed to be a surprise so I was not told where we were going till the last minute. The roads were very curved exactly as I envisioned my dream.
  • Third meaning is very significant. The sibling I dreamt of being with was not with us on this trip. He was not with me and I was not with him! This is why I dreamt, “I could not see myself but only feel myself” with him. Sometimes things and people in a dream can get displaced in order to convey a vital meaning.
  • We went to Les Grillades, which is at Colonnade Road. Only 10 minutes away from here is the Billing Estate National Historic Site, which is an ancient heritage museum. My soul has superior function because it allows me to scan very large areas—I can see things that will take place in America while sleeping in Canada. Yes! it is most definitely true that your soul moves away from your body while you sleep. It is interesting to note that only your eyes move during dreaming, which is how I believe the soul conveys information to the brain.
  • Fifth meaning is very intriguing. During my lucid encounter, “I did not receive a clear sense of the function of these buildings”. This is because the area I visualized during my dream is a hybrid area. In this part of the Dreamscape, both the restaurant and Billing Estate National Historic Site are blended together, which is something that does not really exist. This happened because it should take only around 10 minutes to travel from one site to another.

Did you notice that daydreaming about my favorite person easily triggered a complicated lucid dream? According to article “Daydreaming might actually be a good thing — here’s why” those who daydream have faster brains, better working memory, and increased creativity and focus.

I bet you would like to engage in this act for sure now!


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Galvan and Inaya

Once upon a time, there lived a powerful race of spirit storytellers on the Moon. There were all sorts of clans going from Royal clans to Nomadic clans. The Royal clan of storytellers used to travel every year from one region of the moon to another in order to join festive Royal events. The storytellers used to narrate all sorts of tales that belonged to the Moon, Earth, or elsewhere. The younger storytellers who have never traveled anywhere other than the moon had learned all the stories from the older storytellers; the older ones were special because they had learned to thrive on any given planet.

The younger storytellers used to fly from one region of the Moon to another in processions. The flying horses that belonged to the storytellers were given to them when they were children; these horses were very loyal; and, usually a flying horse would spend his/her entire life with the master. Theo, the younger son of the Chief of Storytellers, was on a quest for his identity since he was a rather deep kid. Thus, he chose to ride his horse at the very back of the procession. He thought that he would be able to finish reading his books that way since the end of the procession enter the city one hour after the procession has arrived at the city. Our beloved Theo did not knew that he had been chosen by the Sand Fairies to fulfill a prophecy.

The Sand Fairies are not bound by the time of Moon or Earth. Thus, they could be anywhere. They used to disguise themselves in form of the provided elements of a planet. For example, on the moon, they will be like sand; on Earth, they can be dust particles or soil. These disguises helped them accomplish their missions for they were responsible for bringing harmony to chaos. True! the Sand Fairies only became alive when a legacy needed to be created or a prophecy needed to come true.

The Sand Fairies were very cunning, which showed when they created a sandstorm that affected only the back of the procession—divide and conquer was their mentality. Therefore, Theo and his loyal horse Galvan as well as some other members of this mass were trapped in a confusing sandstorm. As the rest struggled to get out of this violent disturbance, Theo falls into a much deeper vortex that linked Moon to Earth. As he falls into the vortex, he thinks that he has fainted or that he is in some darker part of the sandstorm.

Theo falls and falls until he reaches a well that is located in a small Middle Eastern village. Soon he wakes up and yells in anger as he finds out that his horse Galvan is not with him. He is still not aware of the fact that one of Galvan’s wings were ripped apart by the Sand Fairies who were disguised as sand particles; and, that this is how he and Galvan were on Earth now. Pretty soon, Theo realizes that he was drenched in cold water and was lying inside a large hole of some sort. Since he was still young, he panicked pretty fast despite being very strong and magical. Thus, the brave Theo starts crying for help.

A young maiden who has walked a long distance in this deserted area to get to this well, finally collapsed near the well. She had just recently lost her parents and was now tired of taking care of her younger brother, Abbas. She almost falls asleep next to the well and is awakened due to a harrowing voice that came from somewhere. “Help me! Get me out of this dark place. Help me!” the voice echoed. Feeling surprised, she stands up and looks all around her. There was nobody there so she freezes in fear thinking that a jinn is teasing her. She tries to ignore all of this and looks at the bottom of the well as she throws her bucket and rope in. This is when she glances at Theo, the Storyteller; due to Theo’s magic, she forgets her fear and starts listening to him. Theo tries to hold the rope in order to get out of the well; but, Inaya’s arms and hands are too weak to support Theo’s weight. She screames as the rope tears at her young skin; then, she cries in agony as she realizes that her bucket and rope have fallen in the well. “I am so sorry! Sorry! I can’t hold the rope. You are too heavy”, Inaya, the quietest girl from her town, stammered out her complain. Her tears traveled through space and finally fell on Theo’s skin. For some reason, he likes how her tears felt; therefore, he decides to forget his fears and climb up by himself. He ties her rope to protruding stones and finally climbs out of the well.

Theo addresses Inaya gently as soon as he regains some composure, “Thank you lovely lady for throwing this rope. I owe you for saving my life”. Inaya gradually smiles at this stranger; and, then complains in a self-absorbed manner that she needs to buy food from the market and get some water for her younger brother. Then, she rants, “My family is not with me anymore. I have to take care of Abbas. I don’t have my bucket anymore. What am I to do?” Theo soothes her and she quickly returns back to her quieter self. Theo decides to accompany her and promises to help her return home safely.

On their way to market, they eventually find Galvan, the flying horse. Galvan had fallen farther away from Theo because he had lost one of his wings. Galvan had fallen asleep as soon as he fell on Earth because he enjoyed this new foreign atmosphere. As Theo smells Galvan nearby, he whistles once. Nobody appears. He whistles again. Still there was nobody there. He whistles the third time. This time, Galvan comes running towards him for he has awakened from his slumber. Galvan runs towards him; attempts to fly; stumbles; tries flying again; and, stumbles again. Theo starts feeling very frustrated about this sight; so he runs towards his horse and rips off his second wing. You see, Galvan is a magical horse. He grows new wings every 60 days; and, his new wings always have a different color than the older ones. Theo caresses Galvan and hopes that he will forget about his wings for some days.

Inaya starts exclaiming in a frightful voice when she sees Galvan. “Its a jinn! A jinn with wings! Who are you, boy? You are a jinn too. You are both spirits of some sort”. Theo laughs heartily and tries to comfort her. He reassures her that they are not there to harm her; and, that one day they will fly back to the Moon, which is where they live. Inaya starts feeling consoled since she finds Theo attractive and comforting. Theo looks around; pretty soon, he finds Galvan’s other wing.

After buying some food and water, they finally get back to Inaya’s place. Inaya fixes a bed for Theo; and, moves Galvan to the large empty shed that was near her place. She asks Abbas to give Theo some food as she runs outside to feed Galvan. Theo wanted to please Inaya so he uses his magic to change Galvan’s wings into a beautiful white dress. He gives this dress to Inaya next morning; she decides to wear the dress and work at her place.

Lovely Inaya walks into the shed and runs towards Galvan. She has always loved horses; this was her first time connecting with a horse because her parents were too poor to afford one. As she places the food bucket near Galvan, Galvan manages to look at her. Instantly, he falls in love with her because he realizes that his wings were perfect for her skin. Inaya touches Galvan gently as she talks to him. Galvan hopes that the 60th day would come soon so that he may choose to become a man or stay a horse. You see Galvan is a jinn that is half horse and half man. Whether he will stay a horse, a jinn, or a hybrid form truly depends on his free will.

(Arzoo sighs and thinks): I feel sleepy now. I must go and eat my food now. Then, I am going to fall asleep. Imagining creative stuff really helps! Read the other story, “Asad and Anya” (part 1, part 2), which I have imagined to make myself fall asleep.


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Update on Status of My Works and Some Success Tips

So far, I have two works rolling at the same time. Here is an update for all my loving fans.

  • The first book, “Intertwined” is almost complete. I have a first draft so far; and, I am in the process of completing the transcription of several important audios.
  • For the first book, I am in the process of talking to animators and artists. I am collecting quotes so far.
  • There will be crowdfunding campaign soon for the first book, “Intertwined“. I will be introducing this campaign through emails or by appearing at the stage.
  • The second book, “She: The Mirror” is just a first draft. Several audios need to be transcribed. Then, phase two “Integrating Research” will begin.
  • An outreach campaign for this website and my work has started. So far, I am reaching out to select key figures; and, later this campaign will become more generic in nature.

My best tips for successfully finishing larger works are as follows:

  1. Complete everything in small steps
  2. Give yourself enough time to finish the rest of your important tasks like studies
  3. Become a workforce and not just a writer
  4. Have multiple backups on all works so that you may not lose anything
  5. Follow the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize tasks; it lets you focus on 20% of tasks that create 80% of the results.
  6. Say no to certain things. I said no to reciting poetry on stage for some years during which I completed this website and my first book. I had to remove this distraction because hanging around with people makes me focus way differently than when I am dreaming.
  7. Use alarms to segment your time.
  8. Learn sales techniques. You will be selling your novel and not just depending on a sales team. I have spent some months learning how to sell.
  9. Spend some time listening to music, watching movies, walking, exercising, or doing whatever you like.
  10. Stay organized. I have 13 really large folders with my written work; 1 19-pocket case file to keep the most critical documents; 6 boxes to hold some other critical content; 2 shelves to carry the documents that I am currently reading; 2 large bags to carry the books that I will be reading currently; and, 2 libraries to carry the rest of my books.
  11. Take a small course as you complete your work. Self-paced courses can easily fit into your daily brainstorming and writing routine. Alternatively, you can just pull articles from the web and read them. You will notice that there will be a point where you will feel compelled to take one or more courses.
  12. Know and understand your past. Your past will dictate everything you will have in the future. My past included praying to God to be able to write; walking with two of my best professors; performing poetry on stage; receiving mentorship by my favourite Canadian poet; and, receiving a review from a well-known American writer and poet.
  13. Get back in the game after failing on any portion of this tedious and lengthy task. According to article, “15 Songs That Capture The Spirit Of Being An ENFP“, the song that represent ENFP attitude after failure is “Chumbawamba – Tubthumping“.
  14. Daydream or dream every now and then about what things are going to be like when you finally win. My dream is that I am building a special place for my fans and some of most loved people. I sleep like a baby on this thought!


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Asad and Anya – Part 2

Note: On Sep. 6, 2018, I started imagining a story because I couldn’t fall asleep. I wrote a post titled “Imagining Intriguing Things Makes Me Peaceful”. I am calling this story “Asad and Anya”; and, it is supposed to be an Arab Romance. Please forgive any errors because I am writing this in haste; and, I am posting the unedited version here for fun. I sleep well when I am making up romance stories in my mind while lying on the bed. That’s just one of my eccentricity! Here is Part 2. I will post Part 3 tomorrow.

The horse keeps running until they reach the 300th city; and, in the 300th city, there is a witch who rules certain areas of a jungle. The witch falls in love with the Knight; and, she tries to separate them from each other. “I am not going to let you go. Its just that one of you is going to die! Heehehehe”, she cries vehemently. Then she scans their frightened faces and points naughtily to the Knight, “You are coming with me!” Anya starts crying, “Don’t take Asad. Stop! Stop!” She runs towards the witch to hit her; but, the witch puts a spell on her. The spell causes Anya’s arms to be lifted in air and her head to fall on the side as her tongue falls out in an unattractive manner. Asad feels a bit scared; and, he tries to use his sword against her. But, his sword just falls to the ground due to the spell. The witch laughs maniacally and holds his arm; she starts to drag him away towards her hideout. Suddenly, from somewhere from the darker parts of the jungle, comes three arrows drenched in holy water. The arrows hit the target, the witch, in three places: the forehead, the throat, and the heart. The witch burns and burns. She screams for helps and clings to Asad as Asad’s shirt starts burning as well. The spell that was placed on Anya breaks; and, she comes to her senses. She rushes to Asad’s side; forcibly removes Asad from witch’s cruel grasp; and, helps him remove his shirt before its too late. Feeling exhausted due to her struggle and overwhelmed by Asad’s mature and well-built body, Anya almost faints.

Asad holds her in his arms to make sure her head does not hit the ground and whispers, “Are you okay Anya? Oh God!” Anya recovers slowly; and, stands up again while holding Asad’s arm. “Thank you Asad, its just that…” Anya smiles in a shy manner; she seems baffled and is unable to place her words properly. As they turn around, they are startled to find the shopkeeper standing behind them with Bow and Arrows. “Come to Think about it, you did leave a note for me,” The shopkeeper says to Anya. “Oh wow! You actually came looking for me. I cannot believe it,” Anya exclaims and runs towards him. Asad does not reach for his sword as he sees Anya’s confidence returning back to normal after seeing the shopkeeper. “For how long have you been tailing us? And, we never noticed you! How intriguing,” Asad slowly comments as he approaches this stranger. “I heard you were a legendary warrior of some sort; but I have never seen your skills before. Thanks for rescuing us,” Anya addresses the shopkeeper in a very polite manner. Asad lifts his eyebrows in surprise because he has not seen her talk like this before. “Oh! Rustom is a friend; but he is also a Royal. He is less Royal than me; but, he is still part of the Royal lineage. He is not directly related to me though although he is always around me!” Anya hastily explains to Asad. Rustom gives Anya lots of great food that he has brought from his Palace. He complains that the food that she has been eating is bad for her health; and, he is not happy about this. Anya thanks Rustom for his kindness.

They travel together until they reach Asad’s country. Rustom protests that he is not going to enter this country; but, Anya seems very delighted. “I, the Knight of the third state of the Kingdom of Maurit, permit Lady Anya of the Kingdom of Yamirates to enter the Kingdom of Maurit. I promise to escort and guard you during your stay in my country, my dear lady,” Asad shouts this quickly while ignoring Rustom’s comments and behaviour and hopes that Rustom stops complaining. Rustom yells, “I want to see how strong this man is. Is he really the fabled knight Asad? Really! And what was he doing in our country? Anya’s stories of her travel through the 300 countries only show that some people have left plenty of clues about both of you”. At this point, Rustom and Asad fight and fight with their swords and tongues until Anya loses her temper. “Go to hell! I don’t want any of you now,” Anya screams as she throws her shoes at them. “I just want my Royal food. And, I want my new dress, the one that Rustom brought”, she whines like a child. “Yeah! That was in the luggage I gave you. The dressmaker was right across the street so I got your dress from there,” Rustom smiles and replies in a gentle tone. “Oh shoot! You bought the dress from the dressmaker? Together, both of you have left a whole lot of clues behind!” Asad points angrily to Anya and Rustom with his sword. “Sorry! I was blinded by my affection and sense of duty towards this young lady,” Rustom looks Asad in his eyes in a challenging manner as he puts his sword in its sheath.”Who exactly are you to Anya,” Asad stares hard at him and his eyebrows fall and form a shadow on his eyes. “Why do you need to know our relationship…and pedigree?” Rustom complains in a tone that simmered with rage. “It’s up to you if you want to enter my country; or, you can just leave us alone,” Asad addresses Rustom in a much nicer manner as he gradually starts noticing Anya’s frustration.

After hearing this, Rustom bows to Anya, rides his horse, and disappears behind the trees. Anya holds Asad’s hand and says, “Asad! Please, I can’t go back; I don’t have my title or power anymore. But, please be gentle with this man!” Asad comments jokingly as he lifts Anya and places her in the carriage, “I will erase him if he follows us. But, do you love him?” “Yes, I love him. You are not going to kill him,” Anya blurts as she leaves the carriage and sits on the seat next to Asad. “What have I gotten myself into, lovely lady!” Asad exclaims as he holds the reigns of the horse. “Why don’t you show me how you drive this carriage?” she engages him again hoping that he will forget everything about Rustom. After traveling for some days in Asad’s country, they start feeling that they are being tailed again. “Is Rustom still behind us?” Asad looks back and asks Anya whose gaze is focused on the city ahead of them. “Where are we?” she asks him as they enter the city. Anya doesn’t want to bring Rustom up again because she did not like what happened.

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Imagining Intriguing Things Makes Me Peaceful

Note: Part 2: Asad and Anya

Ever since I was a child, I imagined and imagined. When no one was watching me, I would be a stern teacher who is always writing on the board (my room’s wall) and disciplining children and youth (imaginary friends). I used to do the whole routine after classes were over. Some of our (my imaginary students and I) tasks were to have an assembly; review uniform, nails, boots, and hair; group exercise and a march to the classroom; notetaking as I wrote on the blackboard (my wall); and, ongoing disciplining or praise of students as well as feedback from students. I used to spend hours doing this routine alone in my room. I would even memorize my homework while writing on the wall. By the way, I used to also dress three of my siblings for school and teach two of the younger ones. I used to do some of these tasks in the mornings and the rest in the evenings or nights. I used to imagine things whenever I had spare time on my hands. Can you believe it? I was really that super-smart…

I thought I would stop imagining one day. But, I couldn’t stop. I am much older now and my mind is preoccupied with things that adults do like managing job, friends, and family. But in the night, I am a child again. This interesting mental state of existence becomes even more alluring every time it rains or storms. I feel so romantic during those moments. Thus, I sleep while imagining almost any kind of story going from Regency Romances to Arab Romances.

Here is what I imagined tonight:

Once upon a time, a young lad had to visit a new village to sell some bread. The village was far away so by the time he got there, the bread became stale. He sat near his merchandise and cried really hard. As he was shaking with grief, a gentle hand touched his shoulder. Then he heard the sweetest voice, “Why are you crying?” Feeling shocked, he turned around and was startled to see a young maiden smiling at him.

“My bread is stale”, he complained as he cleaned his nose.

“Oh! But do not worry. I will buy it all from you”, the young maiden replied in that soft bewitching tone.

“Thanks! But wait! What will you do with it?” he questioned as he hushed his selfish heart.

“I will cook Fattoush with it and then sell this appetizing dish to the locals”, the young lady smiled as she took out a large bag of coins.

“Thanks a ton! You just saved my life. Wait! Can I visit you while you cook this dish? I need to know how you make it,” he smiled in a boyish manner as he took the coins from her and packed all the stale bread for her.

Then, I thought to myself, “I think he just got a date”. Then, I started feeling so happy and sleepy. Hahaha! This sounds so fun. I think I will imagine further after finishing this post. Maybe, she is a fairy; or, maybe she is very rich and adventurous.

Sheesh! This works better than counting sheeps. Obviously, there is gonna be a better effort if I were awake and writing.

Sigh! Goodnight!

Added Next Day on Sep-06-2018: Below are the rest of my thoughts that came to me last night. I slept very well after imagining all this. Storytelling improves my mood. 

As she cooked Fattoush, the young man just stared at her, her utensils, and food.

“I love your place; You seem really rich,” he slowly observes. “C’mon, gimme some of the food, mother,” he jokes in a boisterous manner.

“You can have it because its ready now,” she smiles generously and places some food on his plate. “Its not my place. Its my best friend’s place,” she adds hesitantly.

“Where do you live?” he asks politely. And, he is surprised to hear her blurt, “Please! I need to run away from home. Please take me when you leave this place.”

His guts tell him that something is really wrong. After some more conversation, he finds out that her dad is not a good man and that she wishes to flee his company. “Of course! I need to help her,” he thinks as he tells her to hide behind the large rocks that are situated to the left of her friend’s house. The young lady next complains that her dad will find out that she is leaving because she has lots of stuff to carry with her. He calms her down and tells her to involve her close friend. “You will take one month to slowly move your stuff out of your father’s place. You will store all your luggage in your best friend’s place. We will meet behind the large rocks after one month,” he holds her hand and kisses it gently.

For a month, he remained a hidden man and she got ready to leave. The escape takes place exactly as it was planned. He had also worked hard to sell his donkey and buy a horse and a carriage. As she clings to him, he drives her away from her city.

“Who exactly is your dad?” he asks her cautiously while hoping that he has not disturbed her.

“He is the King of this country,” she starts sobbing hysterically. “He is a mean man who scares me a lot.”

He runs his horse faster. “King of this country! Hell No! She is making me confront that dude with a horse and a carriage. Sweet babe…” he thinks as he eyes her with more affection. His horse runs even faster as if he is also cued into their needs.

As they approach the second city, some thieves attack them. The young man tries to fight but he is easily outnumbered. To his surprise, the young lady uses a staff to harm them all. “She is applying the art of the Royal army,” one of the hooligans screams and runs away. “Stop fighting, lady,” the guy whispers. “You have just created a witness who can easily narrate that we were here.” Off they run again!

As they enter the fourth city, she throws a note folded on a stone at the window of a really large shop. “What! Why did you do this? They are about to just kill us. These people are really wealthy, God Dammit!” he curses at her loudly. “Don’t worry! My best friend runs this shop. He will read this note; and, he will know where I am going. He usually sits near the window I just broke,” she laughs and replies back. The note gets delivered to the right hands and the horse runs faster.

By the time they reached the sixth city, they had eaten all the food. As he stops to feed his horses, she runs away to a shop. “Pack this, this, and that,” she orders the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper stares at the Royal coins, which are specific to the Royals of this country, as he hurriedly packs all the food.

She gives him the food and asks him to eat. “How did you pay? I was still feeding the horses. You should have waited,” he exclaims in a tired voice. Even before she answers, he screams, “Wait! You just gave them the Royal coins. At this rate, we are going to get toasted, young lady,” he complains as he lifts her and places her in his carriage. Then he commands the horses to run fast.

“How dare you touch me? You fool of heart!” she cries and pulls his hair.

“How dare you touch me? How dare you touch me? Is that all you have to say? You are the one distributing all the evidence out there. Don’t you know how to stop, young woman,” he finally lets it out. “Who am I? Who am I? I am a Knight from your father’s enemy’s country. I just got to your city to collect some evidence; and, you found me. What am I going to do with you?” he hits his head in frustration.

“Sorry! I won’t tell dad. I promise!” she replies slowly as she uses her handkerchief to wipe his forehead.

“Wait! What! I won’t tell dad. Is that all? Your dad is the worst man if he hurts you. I mean I just took this job because I had to help my country; but, now you are adding additional purposes inside my mind. I am sorry too! I am not angry at you anymore. And, thanks for the food,” he takes her handkerchief; wipes his hands with it; and, puts it in his pocket.

The horse runs faster as she clings to his arm.

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Lucid Dreamers are Historic Entities

Do you find it queer that I, an ENFP, have been documenting Canada’s Dystopia after and before 9/11 and that Anne Frank, an ENFP, documented the Nazis. You will see the results in my second novel “She: The Mirror”.

Further Readings

    1. Racism in Canada, Issues in Canada
    2. Opinion: Indigenous peoples in Canada exist in ‘dystopian present’
    3. Restorying Canada: Margaret Atwood, Leah Kostamo on the yin and yang of utopia and dystopia
    4. How the Police Generate False Confessions: An Inside Look at the Interrogation Room

“She: The Mirror” will be published some years after the publication of my first book, “Intertwined”.

Oh! I even look a little like Anne Frank (see her picture). Here is one of my pics from teenage years.

Odd right!



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My First Book, “Intertwined”

I have finished the first draft of “Intertwined”, which will have my poetry, prose, lucid dreams, and pictures based on my dreams. It took me longer to finish this book because I had to induce lucid dreams over more than a year to slowly collect all the dreams and images. Then, I had to go on a hunt for an editor and drawing artists. All of this is done now. Soon, I will being the challenging task of interviewing artists and editing my book before its sent to my Senior Editor.

Some samples of my poems are available here.

I have not shared all the usual prose (written while awake) on my blog because it is focused on “Women Abuse” as it takes place inside Canada. I need this to be a surprise!

Only some of my lucid dreams are online and a much larger number of these exotic and unique dreams will be published in this book.


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About my Upcoming Novel “Koh Kaaf”

Note: I will be using several of my dreams that I had over years as well as stories of hauntings that I have heard or researched to create a fiction novel called “Koh Kaaf”—perhaps, I will change the name of this novel later on. Most of this book will be based on several lucid dreams that I had over years. I have been documenting all of my dreams because I feel that these dreams show my creative side. Although I have a very preliminary first draft for this book, I won’t be sharing it here because it needs a major revamp. However, I will share with you some of my least scariest and fun lucid dreams that I plan to use in this novel.

My very first scary dream occurred around age six, I think. It recurred only once when I grew older. As a child, I used to sleep with my mom. My brother would sleep in the other bed that was right next to mine. One day, I woke up because someone was pulling my hair. There was some space between the two beds so I used to let my long hair fall in that space. As I woke up that day, I felt several distinct tugs on my hair and turned around to see who was pulling them. I thought that I was wide awake and not asleep. That’s when I saw this entity. It was the size of a gnome, really brown and hairy, and had really long and sharp nails. It said to me in some language that I somehow understood—perhaps it spoke in my mother tongue, “Hey! come here, I want to be your friend. Play with me.” It laughed and its really long and pointy teeth became visible. I felt very scared and said, “Let go of my hair or else I will wake my brother up.” It laughed and looked towards my brother who was sleeping peacefully. I looked as well and was surprised to see my brother’s really ghostly figure—perhaps it was his soul—sit on the bed. He turned his head towards me, looked at me for a bit, and then he went back to sleep. Now, I got even more confused because this entire scenario did not make any sense. I mean why would my brother ignore my pleas for help? I looked at this creature again as it kept begging me, “Be my friend, let’s play.” Its voice was hoarse, insisting, and freaky—I think that it wasn’t quite talking but I could hear its thoughts. Then, it pulled my hair again. After hearing its pleas several times, I started considering its request while feeling very frightened. As I battled inside my mind about its request for friendship, I developed a stronger sense of the entity in front of me. My mind said, “It is deceptive. It will attempt to be your friend and then it will hurt you somehow. Don’t make friends with it no matter what.” So I decided to ignore it. Then, somehow I went back to sleep again. After that I woke up. During the state that we refer to as being awake, I named this entity “Bagarbilla.”

My lucid dreams matured and intensified when I became an adult. I saw this one when I was in my late twenties. In this dream, I flew out of my body and became aware of it afterwards. I saw myself standing at the edge of my bed. I also saw someone really tall stand near my bed while facing me. It looked like a shadow and I couldn’t see its face. It held and hugged me; then, it pushed me (my soul or mind) back on my body. I started feeling very peaceful as it held me; I knew I couldn’t fly away even if I wanted to. At the time it held me, I started praying to God. And, then it pushed me on a bed filled with roses. At that moment, I started thinking that something is really weird about this scenario because there were no roses on my bed. I witnessed the rose petals scatter around rather wildly as I fell back in my body. Then, I woke up.

In another dream, I was talking to this dark-skinned, tall woman who had really long nails and plump lips. She chided me about something and then she forcibly held my arms. Upon her touch, my arms started burning. Although I couldn’t feel them burn, I still somehow realized the pain as I saw my skin slowly crack and burn. Then the woman left the scene, and a new segment of the dream started. Then, I woke up.

In yet another dream, I came to my senses after I saw myself hovering over a bunch of trees—I think this was my very first lucid dream where I learned how to control my body movements. I was a bit surprised to see myself suspended in the sky on top of so many trees. The fresh air brushed against my ethereal form as I saw the dark green trees rustle. I willed myself to go up, and I moved up and above the trees. But, pretty soon I started falling down towards the trees. This is when I started feeling scared but a voice said, “Don’t feel scared. Try to fly.” I believed what the voice said so I continued to will myself to fly high above the trees. Pretty soon I forgot that I was flying and started enjoying zooming forward, backward, upward, downwards, and sideways. The atmosphere of this dream was very electric, fresh, and animated.

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