Galvan and Inaya – Part 2

Note: To read part 1, click here. Galvan enjoys Inaya’s touch and starts feeling sleepy. He just realizes how tired he has felt ever since he arrived at this new planet. Some of his powers had drained; he still remembered screaming with pain when the Sand Fairies ripped off one of his wings; and, thanks…… Continue reading Galvan and Inaya – Part 2

Galvan and Inaya

Once upon a time, there lived a powerful race of Storyteller Spirits on the Moon. There were all sorts of clans going from Royal clans to Nomadic clans. The Royal clan of Storyteller Spirits used to travel every year from one region of the moon to another in order to join festive Royal events. They…… Continue reading Galvan and Inaya

Update on Status of My Works and Some Success Tips

So far, I have two works rolling at the same time. Here is an update for all my loving fans. The first book, “Intertwined” is almost complete. I have a first draft so far; and, I am in the process of completing the transcription of several important audios. For the first book, I am in…… Continue reading Update on Status of My Works and Some Success Tips

Asad and Anya – Part 2

Note: On Sep. 6, 2018, I started imagining a story because I couldn’t fall asleep. I wrote a post titled “Imagining Intriguing Things Makes Me Peaceful”. I am calling this story “Asad and Anya”; and, it is supposed to be an Arab Romance. Please forgive any errors because I am writing this in haste; and,…… Continue reading Asad and Anya – Part 2

Imagining Intriguing Things Makes Me Peaceful

Note: Part 2: Asad and Anya Ever since I was a child, I imagined and imagined. When no one was watching me, I would be a stern teacher who is always writing on the board (my room’s wall) and disciplining children and youth (imaginary friends). I used to do the whole routine after classes were…… Continue reading Imagining Intriguing Things Makes Me Peaceful

Lucid Dreamers are Historic Entities

Do you find it queer that I, an ENFP, have been documenting Canada’s Dystopia after and before 9/11 and that Anne Frank, an ENFP, documented the Nazis. You will see the results in my second novel “She: The Mirror”. Further Readings Racism in Canada, Issues in Canada Opinion: Indigenous peoples in Canada exist in ‘dystopian present’…… Continue reading Lucid Dreamers are Historic Entities

My First Book, “Intertwined”

I have finished the first draft of “Intertwined”, which will have my poetry, prose, lucid dreams, and pictures based on my dreams. It took me longer to finish this book because I had to induce lucid dreams over more than a year to slowly collect all the dreams and images. Then, I had to go…… Continue reading My First Book, “Intertwined”

About my Upcoming Novel “Land of Arwah”

I write like Stephen King About Stephen King | Analyze your text Note: I will be using several of my dreams that I had over years as well as stories of hauntings that I have heard or researched to create a fiction novel called “Land of Arwah”—perhaps, I will change the name of this novel…… Continue reading About my Upcoming Novel “Land of Arwah”


“Saryan” is a young adult mystery fiction. It is centered around four students and some professors of the University of Utah (I will change the name of the university later). Saryan, one of the female students, is the only person who knows that the fire inside Professor’s Hughes lab was purposedly started by a student.…… Continue reading Saryan