Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Perform Oil Therapy

Most of us are locked inside our homes due to the Coronavirus outbreak; and, some of us do not have a gym or motivation to exercise inside their home. So what do you do to feel positive enough to engage in exercises indoors and allow blood to run through your body?

This is a lesson you will learn if you have worked with a Physiotherapist. In the clinic, they massage your body with cream/oil and then let you exercise in the gym. The massage allows blood to circulate properly, which improves the mood and movement. After this, exercising is easy. Oh! you might want to change your exercise routine a bit like include stuff like Yoga for Better Sleep or Tai Chi for Weight Loss.

I usually do two different types of massages at home.

Scalp Massage: This is good for your brain and body and not just your hair. I use a combination of Amla oil, Olive oil, and Coconut oil  to protect my hair and scalp. Also, this combination removes headaches pretty well. My headaches literally vanish when I use this particular combo; and, I also sleep very well after this activity.

Body Massage: I massage my back, shoulders, neck, arms, and legs with Coconut oil. Coconut oil is used in some Chiropractic clinics because it relieves pain fast, which is why it is good for tense muscles. My aches vanish and my mood improves after using this oil.

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Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Repeat Mantras That Appeal To You

Psychotherpists suggest mantras to deal with severe stuff like rape trauma, depression, and anxiety. I love going outdoors so I am very anxious due to the lockout and isolation caused due to Coronavirus. I was having trouble sleeping a bit due to this; so I started repeating Mantras. I usually get very relaxed and sleepy with the help of these mantras. Check out article “52 Mantras for Natural Anxiety Relief“. From this list, my favourite mantras are “My breathing will set me free; just breathe” and “I will release what I cannot change”.

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Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Sleep Well

Proper sleep hygeine is very important especially during a crisis. I learned this while managing a concussion.

Here is a handout about sleep hygeine, which is provided by Sleep Foundation. You can also download applications like “Calm” or listen to Sleep Stories on YouTube. My favourite way of falling asleep is to listen to rain sounds. YouTube has lots of versions of rain sounds including “rain on roof” and “rain in village”. My most loved rain sounds are provided by YouTube user “The Relaxed Guy”. His videos range in length, which helps to relax during different routines. For example, run the 2 hour long video when you are reading a book; and, run 12 hour long video when you are going to bed. Check out his YouTube video “Gentle Night Rain 12 HOURS – Sleep, Insomnia, Meditation, Relaxing, Study“.

Sweet Dreams!

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Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Protect The Men

Leslie Young’s article “Why are more men dying of COVID-19?” discusses that mostly men are dying from the Coronavirus. The article states that the exact reason for this is unknown but it is possible that men’s habits like smoking are responsible for this.

To help manage the Coronavirus outbreak, make sure to protect the men around you. Share the article “How To Handle The Coronavirus Outbreak“and the tips provided under the category “Coranavirus” with men who are part of your circle. Make sure they don’t end up doing anything unhealthy due to frustration. Talk to them if they need to talk or direct them to a counselor if the issue is severe. Share this very beneficial article with them, “Thoughts for Men on coping with Social Distancing and Isolation“.

I am hoping that things will slowly go in the right direction this way!

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Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Use Your Sense Of Humour

When I was a child, my uncles used to tickle me a lot—may God bless two of my very funny uncles who have passed away. I felt very safe around them so I used to make sure that they would tickle me. So I had a strong sense of humour when I grew older. Now I use humour but only when I feel safe enough to do so—I think a mix of strong empathy and ENFP personality type dictate this.

I know Coronavirus is here so everyone is jailed in their own houses. I have been holding on as best as I can; but, today I felt that I was going to break down. I mean I am an ENFP. I need people around me otherwise I might get way too frustrated. True! I am living inside a very racist country; but, the human energy means a lot to my brain and soul; and, I know that there are some good people out there. Anyways, I actually realized this about myself a long while ago; and, I also patiently taught myself how to pursue myself to be happy if I get lonely for some reason.

Mimicking is a fun technique that I sometimes use when I am super-bored. Following these steps will help you perform this on your own:

Step 1: Sit or stand in front of a mirror

Step 2: Run a video of your favourite person; for example, a poet, a celebrity, or a friend

Step 3: Mimic that person. If the person you are mimicking is usually too serious, then try messing up while impersonating that person. One way that I mess up my routines is by being silent and just copying their hand gestures.

Laugh out loud! I have learned to mimic some interesting people this way. I have learned their hand gestures, the way they move their mouth or face, and the way they talk or argue. I can sometimes do this properly and other times I laugh at myself while attempting this. Since I am a writer, acting comes natural to me. One day, I pretended to be a Sultan. I tried doing this without a script and it went horribly. But, I had a laugh because I had wrapped my hair up a bit differently in my blue headscarf and was pretending to wear a royal turban of some sort. I sat on my bed; caressed my blanket while pretending it was some sort of expensive silken fabric; and, harassed some petty commoner (an imaginary friend). Like I said, this one was a big mess but it felt so hilarious. Takhliah! (takhliah means “everyone must leave”).

You can utilize your sense of humour in many ways including reading funny comics, pranking your family members, or writing something funny. So give this idea a shot if you desire. Your reward centres should be going on pretty fast!

Still not in? Read article “Does Humor Make You Live Longer?”  to learn about the benefits of humor.


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Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Help For Creatives

When I heard about the Coronavirus outbreak, I worried a lot about the economy. I read about how lots of jobs are being lost; obviously, I worried because this means that the movement of money was going to freeze in some ways even if the government and banks are offering assistance to the people.

To help everyone’s cope with this change, I reviewed things online and found the following helpful articles:

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Self Isolation or Quarantine? Free Online Classes!

Remember to grab a glass of Lassi, which is an amazing brain food that helps me think and sleep properly. Don’t forget to read the blog post Lassi, An Affordable Summer Drink to learn how to make lots of Lassi for really less.

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Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Using Lists And Setting Goals To Do Something Creative

Your mind is bound to get very hazy during the lockdown. So you need to start a small creative project for yourself. It could be something very personal like catching up with all the friends and family members I had to ignore due to work or it could be a large scale project like a crowdfunding project.

To remove the haze from your mind, create a list of tasks you must complete to execute and finally finish this project. Add deadlines next to tasks or use the Eisenhower Matrix to organize things. Listing things and setting SMART goals will help you develop confidence in yourself so that you may move your life forward while handling the realities associated with the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Drawing And Coloring Ease Tension

I really wanted to go to the Beauty Salon today; I have been aching for this for days now. I do not want to tear my hair out because I am locked inside! So I have decided to create the series, “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus”.

Around a year ago, I drew this new face while attempting to sketch myself. Check out Drawing A Different Face By Using Your Own Face.


Today I used pencil colors to color it. I used my favourite hair color and lipstick color to color this one.


Now I feel much better! I am not thinking about the Beauty Salon that much; and, I intend to manage my beauty needs on my own this time. Try this technique at home. It helps relax and relieve tension and repeat thoughts.

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How To Handle The Coronavirus Outbreak

Prayers and knowledge are your best weapons! I just shared this message with my family members. I am putting this on the web for everyone else.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly. Read “Trying to ward off the coronavirus? What products help and what may be a waste of money“. Learn how to wash your hands properly. Watch “The Safe Hands Challenge” video that is created by WHO.
  2. Clean the surfaces at home properly. Read  “These Common Household Products Can Destroy the Novel Coronavirus”.
  3. Use a mask to block spit and airborne viruses. Just like one of my therapists, some people spit while talking. I have read somewhere that N95 masks are not good enough. Instead, P2 masks are recommended. Read “PSA: P2 Masks Used For Bushfire Smoke Could Work Against Coronavirus Too”. Be aware of fake masks. Amazon has a policy that allows fake products to be removed from shelves so it is best to purchase from Amazon.
  4. Reality is that there are not enough masks and thus some people are making masks at home. This video teaches how to make masks from tissue paper. I think you can also cover your face with scarves and later wash these scarves in bleach to deactivate any germs. You just need to block the spit and airborne germs, I think! Some experts believe that Coronavirus is airborne; but, the rest are teaching us that masks are not really going to help. The real trick is in washing hands often. And the second trick is to realize that airborne viruses can get in from the open sides of your face mask so it makes sense to stay as far away as possible from people, esp. from those who are coughing or sneezing while wearing these masks (Social Distancing).
  5. Keep your immune system boosted. I have been eating garlic to do this. See this list of affordable immune booster foods. Boosting your immune system is a great idea because if your body has enough time, it would be able to create antibodies to protect you. Read “15 Foods That Boost the Immune System”.
  6. Wear gloves especially if you are using buses or usually working or walking in the public setting. Some countries are disinfecting buses and public places with some sort of liquid. There are videos about this online. I do not know if Canada is doing this. So buy your own gloves. Keep your hands covered and uncover your hands if you have to touch your face. You may choose to wash and then soak your gloves in soap and water to remove the germs or throw away used gloves. Be aware of cross-contamination when you are using gloves. Check out this video where a nurse shows you what cross-contamination means.
  7. Some people are planning to use herbs to fight Coronavirus. Here is a list of relevant herbs. Read “Coronavirus Alternative Treatments: Can Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs Help?”
  8. Do not buy beverages from any place that does not have the following sign up, “We are not refilling reusables due to COVID-19 outbreak”. This sign is up at the Canadian Starbucks cafes. Basically, if they are refilling reusables, then an infected reusable could have touched the dispensing nozzle so the virus can get transmitted even if they fill a recyclable cup.
  9. Buy Alcohol wipes (concentration of 60% or more) because alcohol deactivates this virus. Read “Why 70 Percent Alcohol Disinfects Better Than 91 Percent, According to a Microbiologist”.
  10. Antibacterial gels won’t kill the virus but there are some similar gels online that do attack viruses. Shop and browse online to find these. Looking up antibacterial gels should retrieve info on these other kind of gels. Antibacterial gels are used to manage secondary bacterial infections.
  11. Canadians are overreacting by buying supplies; if you did not stock properly, you might get harmed too. Sit with your family and/or friends to figure out how to stock. Stock necessary items like paper towels, eggs, bread, soap, and antibacterial sanitizers (these cannot kill the virus; it says “antibacterial”). Some stores have run out of supplies so you need to do a real stakeout and keep an eye on the stores with the help of your family/friends. Canadian officials are advising to shop only two weeks before supplies run out; Canadian food supply is still strong. Read “Coronavirus: Reports of lengthy lines, shelves running low at several Ontario grocery stores”.
  12. Its safer and thus allowed to pray at home. If you are praying in a public setting for some reason, then practice Social Distancing (#SocialDistancing) and stay far away from other people while praying.
  13. Know how to quarantine yourself properly. Check out this guide by One Medical.

Spend wisely so that you won’t go bankrupt. There is a warning about this too. Read Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills — and that’s the real global emergency.

I agree that some of the information provided here is contradictory in nature. For example, some experts are recommending P2 masks because these masks prevent particles that are sized like Coronavirus to travel through; and, other experts are saying that masks are not required for protection. I strongly recommend you read all of this and then do what you feel is best.

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