How North American Cops End Up Harming Those They Declared To Protect

I have watched a lot of online videos of North American cops wreaking havoc on armed or unarmed individuals. Over time, it has become very easy for me to state that these cops are not trained at all and that they should not be given the authority to rule like this. All this is happening due to a broken system.

Let us start with my country Canada. From personal experiences, I have found out that Canada is an extremely racist country although some Canadian leaders and citizens pretend to be loving and pro for multiculturalism; this mentality is displayed almost everywhere including academic institutes and corporate. For example, in Canada Black people are more likely to be harmed or injured by the cops. Read Molly Hayes’ article, Black people more likely to be injured or killed by Toronto Police officers, report finds. Additionally, there are also many stories where some Canadian cops ended up injuring the disabled, which tells me that they are simply not trained to handle whatever their job requires. Read CTV’s article Toronto officers guilty in assault of disabled man. 

Now let us think about what is going on in United States. Let’s analyze the murder of George Flyod. In the video shown in article “The death of George Floyd: What video and other records show about his final minutes” (written by Dalton Bennett, Joyce Lee and Sarah Cahlan), we see a White cop placed his knee on Flyod’s neck; according to the aforementioned article, he did this for more than 8 minutes. In this video we see that Flyod complained that he was having trouble breathing; but, the cop did not react by removing his knee. Now let me show you what really is going on here and how exactly Flyod was murdered!

I have around one year of training in Taekwando and Karate, which is why I keep some martial arts training material at home. I have been learning pressure points on my own as well since some of these are critical to flee from a life-threatening situation. I love studying Master Erle Montaigue who has several years of training in Dim Mak (Death-Point Striking). There are a couple of significant pressure points found on the neck; and, two of these pressure points S9 and S10 are very dangerous. See Grand Master Art Mason’s article Pressure Point Stomach 9-10.

Here is a quote by Erle Montaigue about St 9 pressure point. Check out the expression “death strike”!

“This combination of St 9 and Pc 6 is devastating—it is a death strike. So please do not allow your strike to come anywhere near your partner. The first move drains (referring to attack on Pc 6 while the next one stops the heart (referring to attack on St 9).” Pg. 67–68; Dim Mak (Death-Point Striking) by Erle Montaigue.

Now check out this video “Pressure Point Knockout – Neck Points” by YouTube user practicaltaekwando. You will notice that a more experienced martial artist is attacking two White Belts at the same time while someone is standing at their back. No! They are not trying to intimidate these young ones! They are actually trying to protect them. The pressure points that are found on the neck are so lethal that even the most experienced martial artists do not press these alone; this is because in case they ended up pressing these a bit hard, the other senior guys/gals (who are standing nearby or behind those who are learning) will know which pressure points to press if someone needs to be relieved immediately. In this video you will see that one man (dressed in Black Gi) hits the neck and upper back of one of the guys who fell down; he is most likely pressing a relevant pressure point to undo what was done.

Apparently, the cop who killed Floyd does not possess this knowledge although he feels that he is allowed to press these critical pressure points. How is this guy being trained? What exactly is in that training material?

OK! Now I am going to take you to another graphic scene. CJ Werleman, a credible American journalist, shared this tweet on his Twitter account.  Here we see that a cop pushed an old man who could not keep his balance; and, thus he fell and bled a lot. This incidence is also discussed in The Jerusalum Post’s article “Criminal probe launched of police seen shoving man in Buffalo“. Anyone who has lived with an elderly or is a professional caregiver of the elderly (like year 1 Nursing students) know that Falls are the leading cause of death among the elderly. Read articles “Fall-related deaths among older adults in British Columbia: cause and effect of policy change” and “Falls Prevention Facts“. It is easy for me to see that when he pushed this old man he did not realize what exactly he did!

As I stated above, it is VERY CLEAR to see that these cops do not know what they are doing. In my opinion, there are three things that are wrong with the North American system: 1) The cops are being taught that use of brute force is okay; 2) The cops are armed; and, 3) They have really less training.

If you have any doubts about how common it is for the North American police to use force even against unarmed civilians, then check out relevant YouTube videos. And, obviously these videos will show you that the North American police force is heavily armed. Now let us dig deeper into point 3, “They have really less training”. According to Olivia Goldhill’s article “How do police handle violence in countries where officers don’t carry guns?“, American cops are trained for around 19 weeks; according to Wilfrid Laurier University’s article “How to Become a Police Officer in Toronto“, it takes 24 weeks of training to become sworn as a police officer. Olivia Goldhill also notes that in Norway it takes three years of training before the police officers are considered qualified.

So now you can see why these guys/gals behave like illiterate janitors who have just been assigned a management job without being offered proper training. Of course! they are going to keep on using very primitive ways of ensuring “safety” of citizens.

Over years, I have watched in horror as many Canadians left their jobs since they believed that that was the only proper way of dealing with an abusive employer. This is especially true for the minority women; read United Nation’s stand on Canada’s treatment of minority women. Canada is losing money this way since the companies are spending lots of cash to train those they end up abusing. These people are not afraid of walking away alone or in a group setting even if that means starving oneself. This is how they leave the deserted companies in huge turmoil! And, this is exactly what’s going on with the American government as well. More use of force means less people are going to follow since humans are born to be free. 

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Tango Between Personal and Societal Issues

A while ago, I read Amira Elghawaby’s Twitter post where she shared a video of a female child feeding toilet water to three male children; Amira commented that this is how Patriarchy feels like to her. I replied back to this tweet by sharing the video Shop Snatch where the character Nasreen who is married to a Misogynist and Patriarchal man chooses not to act when his shop is being robbed. Before I proceed any further, I must share a personal story. Some years ago, I was planning to study Cellular and Molecular Biology; but, I left due to ongoing discrimination that I perceived towards my gender. Now here is how I know that those who were discriminating against my gender caused a big loss to everyone! I receive dreams that later come true. In 2015, I dreamt of arrival of a plague of some sort; COVID19 arrived after some years. If I were sitting in the lab in 2015, I would have investigated what the word “plague” is referring to; and, then I would have started some relevant research. And, the results would have been perfect because by year 2015, my inner self would have grown up to that extent where it would have felt compelled to fully investigate whatever my intuition would have pointed to. Read my blog post “Dented Thinking Of A Genius.

In all the three cases above, we see one common factor as issues like Discrimination, Patriarchy, and Misogyny are being discussed. We learn that the brain cannot really manage challenging societal issues. According to the article, “Our World Outsmarts Us“, human brain is not designed to properly handle complex societal issues. I think societal issues can outwit even the smartest because 1) these are more interwoven; and, 2) these are designed to remove emotional support, which is required more than intelligence in order to survive in a group setting.

This finding shifts us to a broader concept. Some of the current leaders and citizens have become obsessed with pointing fingers at people to shift attention away from the complicated societal issues that continue to exist while they are around. This is another reason why Islam makes more sense to me! For example, there is no real prison system in Islam. My studies about Islam have shown me that the prisoners have lots of rights while they live inside the prison. These include but are not limited to gaining and providing education and marrying someone of one’s choice. This is how Islam managed to spread so rapidly throughout East and West. Real Islam can literally transform very hard core criminals into really protective and productive citizens. Islam is not what some countries and leaders are trying to paint for us. For example, you will hear from some people that some Muslims are even more dangerous now given what was done to them after 9/11. This is again a big lie! Islam actually asks people to slowly desert places where survival is not possible. It does not pose attacking and avenging oneself as the first alternative. However, I won’t be surprised if some victims of abuse reacted in a negative manner since it is normal to do so given how scattered the human brain becomes after abuse. Why do you think that 50% of the people who are jailed in Canadian prisons are just victims of abuse themselves? Read article “Half of Canada’s prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests.  I am 100% sure that there are lots of people in there who have been left to suffer in these modern cages simply because they committed a minor crime, the type the victim of the crime would forgive but the authorities would not.

As some leaders and citizens allow for imprisonment of those who are abused and willingly keep them in inhumane conditions, they are attempting to break mankind’s ability to safely move forward in the future. I mean humans react to the systems that they are made to face. If these individuals really want to help us and themselves, then they must break through the available oppressive systems. Everyone else who is just watching ongoing acts of oppression or who are stuck in a situation that exists due to circumstances should remind themselves to fight back with whatever is left intact.

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My Vision Of Torture of Kashmiris By Indians

On Sep 2, 2019 I wrote the blog post “How To Get Out Of Nightmares” in which I discussed my dreams about the rape and torture of Kashmiri women.

In one dream, I saw some men surrounding a woman; then they put a really large sword-like thing in her mouth; and, then they took it out and then they put it in again. The female victim was unable to even scream due to fear. Source: How To Get Out Of Nightmares

Just an hour ago, American journalist CJ Werleman tweeted a video by “Indian American Muslim Council” where Indian women discuss how the Hindutvu thugs who were holding swords attacked themthis occurred inside Delhi.

I was a bit shocked when I read that Delhi’s Hindutvu thugs were holding swords because it matched the description I found in my lucid dream. I strongly feel that there is something very severe going on inside Kashmir and that the world needs to open their eyes to the crisis that is enfolding there. Perhaps, what is happening inside Kashmir is far worse than what is taking place inside Delhi because Kashmir was placed under a severe and lengthy lockdown (article 1, article 2).

Here are some more relevant articles about Kashmir. I feel that there is less and disproportionate coverage of what is going on inside this region.

Kashmir lockdown: Stories of torture and arbitrary arrests” by Akash Bisht; Published on Sep 2019

‘Don’t beat us, just shoot us’: Kashmiris allege violent army crackdown” by Sameer Hashmi; Published on Aug 2019

Kashmiris Call for Investigation of Torture Accusations Against India” by Sameer Yasir and Kai Schultz; Published on Jul 2019

Why the World Ignores India’s Violence in Kashmir” by CJ Werleman; Published on Sep 2017

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Vision of Citizens Who Were Wearing Shalwar Qameez Being Abused By Cops

I had a horrible vision today. I do not know if this is just a playback of my memory or if some sort of incidence is supposed to take place. I saw men—including younger menbeing taken away by cops/army men from their homes or workplaces. I do not fully know where this took place; but, I did see a parking place. Men were wearing the traditional Pakistani clothes, Shalwar Qameez. Lots of them were being picked up! Some women were taken too. I feel they were innocent because they did not knew why they were being taken away; and, some of them were very keen about confronting whoever was kidnapping them. The kidnappers were dressed in clothes worn by officials, perhaps they were cops or army personnel. I think I saw a large tank or a van that was there to block movement. Captives talked to each other openly in their language since they had somehow become used to this entire routine. They were not afraid though! I could not tell which country this was happening in! Perhaps, this is because I am more into observing human behavior or maybe its due to the fact that abuse of honest folks is becoming a norm nowadays. This is all I recall of this particular dream. I woke up soon afterwards and started my day.

I started dissecting this dream after writing the above paragraph. One thing that kept popping up was the lack of fear exhibited by the captives. I am a very creative person; I clearly see that fear is linked to creativity.  Fear haunts me when I write or engage in a psychic phenomenon. Fear is there because it creates the rest of the things! Fear is an indication of what one does not know, which is why fear can give rise to other emotions like hatred when left unguarded. For example, read about the second woman from one of my dreams that I had in April 2019. Read blog post, “Young Female Spirits Have Been Haunting Me“. I actually met this woman in December 2019. She is much older than the female spirit who appeared in my dream; but, interestingly her attitude is very young. And, she asked me to complete a task for herI did what she requested because such acts are considered charity in Islam. I have been struggling a lot to help her out; and, my friends and acquaintances whom I approached for assistance know this. My fear shows in this dream too. In this dream snippet, I am resting in my bed, which symbolizes my fear of being fatigued.

My analysis of this new dream of mine is that the captives are actually very strong people. I understood this well when these dream characters (captives) did not become afraid despite being misused so grossly. Like the rest of the emotions and behaviour, courage, and intelligence come after fear. This is why I strongly feel it is the captors who are under trouble!

Currently, India is after the Kashmiris who also wear something similar to the Pakistani Shalwar Qameezits called Pheran. India has also passed a Citizenship Amendment Bill, which is known as anti-Muslim law. I can’t be sure where exactly the dream I saw took place, which is why I need to bring up this next concept. Usually, genocide does not just take place; it is created slowly over time. What is happening in places where Muslims are being abused and prosecutedlike India, China, and Palestine—is actually the start of a much larger holocaust. Thus, this dream could be an older memory or a vision of something extreme that is supposed to happen in the future.

Added: Feb 13, 2020

This post was published on Jan 22, 2020. Today, I found another article that was published on Feb 07, 2020. Read “CAA: Protestors Forced Into Hiding, As UP Police Puts Bounty On Their Heads”. It discusses how peaceful protestors who were protesting India’s anti-Muslim law and condemning the CAA were taken by the police and had a bounty put on their heads even after some of them escaped from the protest site. This article specifically states that most of the people who were arrested and tortured are Muslim; lastly, it offers a significant finding that even children are being taken from their homes. So it is strongly possible that this incidence was what my vision was offering me.

Message to Human Rights Activists

Lucid dreams are considered training groundsI can even learn martial arts through dreams. Perhaps, my soul is helping me train so that I may relate well to others’ suffering. Another explanation is that the dreams are foretelling something big! Women play a critical role in creating peace. Since I am a Muslim woman, it makes sense that my psyche is allowing me to have such dreams. I had a couple of other dreams where I played the role or attempted to play the role of a peacemaker. Read “Lucid Dreams suggest that women should be leaders in peacebuilding“. The dreams are actually suggesting that there is a strong need for the women to be involved in preventing such massacres. Lastly, these dreams are taking place because I am preoccupied with learning about Human Rights related issues. Lucid dreaming allows me to scan any given area and visualize the futureI believe limitation in scanning is due to limitations in what I am actually interested in. I strongly recommend that other Human Rights activists also learn how to utilize lucid dreaming—it pays to get hints about what is about to happen.

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Nightmares or Realities: Triggered By The Stabbing Incidence That Took Place At A Rabbi’s Home In Monsey, New York During Hanukkah Celebration

Note: Try a different browser if the audios don’t run in your default browser for some reason; for some reason, these are running faster on mobile.

Graphic Content. Viewer Discretion Advised.

On Dec 18, I had a sickening dream. I remember eating lots of spicy food, which aids in lucid dreaming, before falling asleep.

Here is the audio.

I recorded this hastily. Here is a better version of this dream.

This dream started with a woman who was holding a child in her arms. All of a sudden, she and her baby pointed to a spirit (jinn) that was sleeping on a child who was resting on the bed. It was a white spirit (jinn) with dots on its face going from forehead to upper part of nose in a straight line. The entity just appeared out of nowhere and was now sleeping contently on the kid’s chest! The woman eventually left this room; and, then the kid pointed again to what I think was a door. Here was a portal of some sort. Suddenly, the portal opened. A person who was holding a knife appeared in the portal; this individual had a clear intent to murder. The knife came in through the portal as this person tried to stab the lady. Now, I could see another psychopath who felt really really cold to me as he stood next to this killer. He also puts his knife in through the portal with the intent to harm this woman. They never stepped into this scene; but, only their hands were appearing through the portal. They almost stabbed her but she managed to escape unharmed. Then their hands and whatever parts of their bodies that were somehow visible disappeared behind the portal as the portal closed on its own.

You must have heard of the stabbing that took place during the Hanukkah celebration where five people were stabbed at a Rabbi’s home in Monsey, New Yorkthis was an antisemitic hate crime. Read “Hanukkah stabbing suspect charged with hate crime; prosecutors cite his journals“. This took place on the evening of Dec 28, 2019.  I had this dream on Dec 18; the picture below shows that the recording “Stabbers” was recorded on Dec 18. Funny how this lucid dream and the actual incidence both took place inside a home! Its perfect how I saw this about America’s New York while sleeping in Canada!


Before I discuss a key point that I learned from this lucid dream, I must point out some of the context. During this dream, I was concerned about a woman I had been protecting for some while. So when this woman and a child came in my dream, I thought that I was just watching my friend. So I saw her unharmed; but, I also saw the danger that was lurking around her. Now here is the real lesson. I said that there was a portal and two men who were holding knives were standing there. Well! Its a real time portal that transports the dreamer to another time zone/scene. I should have taken this portal to get to this other dream scene in order to find out what was going on over there. If this happens to you and you feel afraid of investigating, tell your spirit guide that you need to figure out what’s going on and he/she will attempt to protect you during this challenging time.

For two days, I briefly read about this stabbing incidence on social media; yesterday, on Dec 29, I ate lots of sugary treats and one vitamin B6, which improves dream recall, and fell asleep hoping to enjoy a nice dream. Instead, I had a crazy nightmare!

Here is a picture that shows date of creation for the second recording. Date Created and Date Modified are flipped because I moved the file out of my recorder. This answer about why the Date Created is later than the Date Modified was provided by the Microsoft Community.  The Date Created (here flipped as Date Modified) was Dec 30 2019.

As you read the transcription, you will see that I am talking to some Holy man while recording this dream. This is because I got so scared when I woke up that I held picture of a writer who is a very blessed person and has a strong spiritual side. Read this dream below.

I took vitamin B6 before falling asleep. By the time I woke up, I was really confused because I don’t know what I saw. I don’t think I can hack into this. My awake self is back so I almost started blacking out; my awake self was not letting me hack into this dream properly. There is something pointless about these murders! I am trying to calm down. At the beginning, there’s a guy who gets on the bus and puts a knife in someone’s back; then there are lots more of such people who are all enjoying killing people. They are saying that they will kill anyone who is not part of their clan. I think this is what they mean! (indistinct voice because I don’t feel so well) Oh man! What’s going on? They are just stabbing people; it felt like a competition of some sort, like a fun game. It had movie like spins inside it. Holy man, you have to stay close to me. No one can help me now (referring to the pain and fear I am experiencing while recalling my dream). But a Holy person can. And, you are a Holy person. Now let me think! Almost everybody had a knife. There is a large meeting place like a large banquet hall. They even go there; and, then they start stabbing. That’s bizarre! Its happening at a banquet hall! Can you believe it? What if that means that a couple of the stabbers are actually elite so that is why this is taking place at an expensive banquet hall. That’s a significant finding.

After analyzing how the previous dream pointed to a reality, I have started wondering if the second nightmare is caused by the antisemitic hate crime or if it is a precognitive dream? I have also realized that I need to heal myself fast, which is easy because I am lucid in nature; I will start by removing vitamin B6 for a couple of days so I may not be able to recall the dream properly.

Dr Julia Mossbridge, a Neuroscientist who has been studying precognition for 15 years​, has conducted research that shows that it is possible for the humans to predict the future; she believes that the precognitive dreams are actually caused by future events. Read article The scientist who says we CAN see the future in our dreams: Think premonitions are just hokum? A tantalizing book by a top neuroscientist will send shivers down your spine.

Everyone! Say NO to hate crimes. And, haters please stop hating, bullying, or killing; I mean you don’t want talented lucid dreamers like me to go on RED ALERT!

Added Jan 01, 2020

Listen to the second recording. As I recorded and thought more about my dream, my voice became less intelligible. Also, I said that no one can help me now and that only a Holy man can help me. Now read this scary news!

…doctors expect that he will have permanent damage to the brain; leaving him partially paralyzed and speech-impaired for the rest of his life. Source: NBC New York, Monsey Stabbing Victim Might Not Regain Consciousness: Family

Can you see what is actually happening is being reflected in my dream content, words, and level of pain reported. I think I have learned something interesting from all this! It is possible that I hacked into what was going on during the day while I recorded my dream. Both “cries for the Holy man” and “mumbling that appears like speech impairment issue” happened while I was recording and thinking back about my dream and not during the dream. Why was I holding the picture of a blessed writer and crying for help from “Holy man”? This was because the person I was connected to was in pain; and, I could sense it.

Added Apr 12, 2020

When I was transcribing the dream that took place in Dec 2019, I was holding the picture of a blessed writer and crying for help from this “Holy man”. Why did I decide to hold his picture and cry out the words “Holy man”? I said the following.

Holy man, you have to stay close to me. No one can help me now (referring to the pain and fear I am experiencing while recalling my dream). But a Holy person can. And, you are a Holy person.

Well, I have just found that the man, R’ Yosef Neiman, who was injured during the Monsey stabbing has passed away. I said “No one can help me now. But a Holy person can.” Now I know that I said this because this person was going to die; and, thus a Holy man was going to conduct his funeral. I read into what was going to happen and used one element that was near me, i.e. picture of a blessed person, to convey what I felt and saw in my dream.  Read article, Victim of Monsey Stabbing Passes Away, which was published in Mar 2020. I feel very sad after reading about this. I felt his pain very clearly when I went through this entire dream!

Pardon me if I am offering you the correct answer in an unclear manner—I initially thought that I was using the words “Holy man” to address the writer whose picture I was looking at in order to gain some strength. Its just that I am still learning about this really strong energy that stays with me once I wake up from my dream world.

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Teach Girls To Protect Each Other At An Early Age

When I was a teenager, God put me through a scary trial. We lived in a small village in Pakistan. It was usual for us to get chased by a large mob of young men when we would go to study tuition. We tried solving this together by staying close to each other; identifying how the mob used to form and who were the participants; and, then finally complaining to one of our teachers in a group setting. My participation in this process was limited to listening to the teacher; never walking without my group; and, making sure that the ladies made sure to change their route. He advised us to always change our route.

We tried this a couple of times and the mob stopped. Perhaps, he talked to the boys and their parents too because apparently some of these young men were also students. Anyways, this situation proved very frustrating for us. I clearly remember that a young sweet lady later got very angry when another man chased us on his bicycle. She was my friend and from my group so I knew her character. What she did next did not make any sense to me. She took her slipper off and threw it at that man’s face. When I grew older, I researched what happened to her and realized that her character shifted due to the abuse we were being put through; and, thus she became a bit violent. Well! This little bit of violence is not a big deal given that we also used to get stared by mobs of young men who used to climb the walls of our academic institute. So stressful! So this is how I completed some of my studies in Pakistan.

Anyways, when I grew older and felt that I could handle some added responsibility, I started working on “Forgotten Femmes“. Over time, I realized that I was able to react more strongly to women’s needs because I learned to do this while I was just a teenager. This is why I feel that we should teach our girls how to protect each other when they are younger; it makes sense to me that they should be offered proper and mandatory training when they enter their teenage years. They will always end up using these skills later in life!

four women in front of green bushes

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How White Supremacists Think

According to Wikipedia, White Supremacists believe that the White people have a right to dominate other races since they are superior to them.

Just a while ago, I had an accident online. I came across Kent Jensen of Narata Storytelling Cardsyou can compare the logo found in the Twitter messages with the one found in Kent’s official Twitter page. I found the storytelling cards entertaining so I wrote a blog post about them. I had to remove this blog post later because I found out that he was racist.

Here is a picture of the blog post that I wrote on June 10, 2019.

Image of the blog post “Narata Storytelling Cards” that was published on June 10, 2019.
Image of the Twitter post about “Narata Storytelling Cards”.

Yesterday, Kent Jensen texted me the following message. See pic below.

Funny. You use the technology of the brilliant whites to complain about us. Oh such gratitude. Lucky Canada.


Guess what he said before that? See pic below.

I also get very quickly tied to wherever I go. I was in Morocco and considered staying there. I was in Chicago and considered staying there. Paris, London, La, etc. I really could live permanently in Rome. My favorite place on Earth.


So he sounded very friendly until yesterday, which is when he asked me why I was using a technology  made by the White people to complain about them? He mocked that I was showing “gratitude to Canada” this way!

I was surprised when I read these comments. Thus, I had to message him back

Canada is a very racist country. That is why! What is funny about me saying this? People should use any means available to complain. What are trying to convey?

Why are you calling Internet technology of Brilliant Whites? Colored people also contributed to its development.

This is the article I shared with him: The Women and People of Color Who Invented the Internet.

I find it very surprising that he told me that he loves traveling all around the world; but, this is what he has to say to a colored woman. He is from Norway; and, I have learned about racism mostly due to my experiences that took place inside Canada. This is how I know that all White Supremacist have the same awful language that uses lies to demean and manipulate others. Read article, “Far-right extremist groups and hate crime rates are growing in Canada“.

I was also planning to buy the Narata Storytelling cards; but, something delayed me and the crowdfunding campaign closed before I could purchase the cards. See this Twitter  message (last pic) was sent by me on July 22, 2019; and, the Narata Storytelling Cards crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign ended on July 21, 2019. I am glad that my telepathic (Psychic Realm, Lucid Dreams) instincts prevented me from spending money on his campaign.


In light of the attacks that took place at the Al-Noor Islamic Center near Oslo, Norway, I feel that these Twitter messages should gain more attention since you can clearly see how White Supremacists think.  According to article, “Suspect in Oslo mosque shooting expressed right-wing sympathies, say police”, the shooter was influenced by Vidkun Quisling who is known for his war crimes and cooperation with Nazis. According to article, “The Development of White Nationalism in Nazi Germany“, White Supremacy has roots in the vision created by Adolf Hitler. What Kent Jensen is really saying is that he can visit different places on Earth; but, I (a colored woman) should not be complaining about Canada (a country lead mostly by White people) by using the net, which he incorrectly believes is a technology created by White people. After reading this, I recalled that the White Supremacists are sitting among the creative folks as well. By offering commentary that minimizes the role of colored people in creating revolutionary inventions or works as well as the realities faced by the colored people, the White Supremacists are developing an atmosphere that is required for terrorism and mass murder. Read article, “White Supremacy Is Terrorism, Not a Difference of Opinion“; and, you will realize that White Supremacists are doing and saying things as they see it proper. The Pyramid of White Supremacy clearly shows that “Call for Violence” and “Genocide” come after attempts to “Minimize” and “Discriminate in a hidden or open manner”. To understand the threat posed by White Supremacy further, read article, ‘FBI director to Congress: Most domestic terror cases are driven by “white supremacist violence”‘.

I can clearly see why I felt very concerned after reading his vile message. I wonder how his threats are going to escalate given that the political environment is already offering coloured people lots of friction and hurdles! Kindly make sure to share this article with as many people as possible. People like him are offering coloured people barriers to establishing themselves properly and living a life free of abuse.

Added August 19, 2020

This attitude reminds me of how some Canadians act. I have been facing harsh abuse for some years now. Seriously! There is a Whiteness standard on almost everything here. Only recently, a UK based think tank published a report that showed that Canada is one of the worst countries with a strong White Supremacist base. Read Canada Among Very Worst White Supremacist Countries: Report.

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How Canada Abuses Victims Of Abuse

Victims of abuse can be jailed because they are confused and did something wrong. For example, someone who was born to a man who just hits to convey his point will think that that is the right way. This conclusion is based on the Bobo Doll experiment, which shows that people learn through acts of rewarding and punishment and by watching these acts being performed on someone else. Read “Bobo Doll Experiment“.

Now, read the following articles:

Exposing Canada’s ugly mental-health secret
Why more Canadian millennials than ever are at ‘high risk’ of mental health issues
Half of Canada’s prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests

So all of these are suggesting that mostly children and poor victims are likely to go unattended and thus abused further through jailing or legal fines. I cannot believe this! I cannot believe that Canada is playing a role in creating mental health issues!

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How “One World Film Festival” Raises Awareness About Global Issues

Canadian youth and adults are challenged by a fast-paced system and a politically charged environment where many are aware about the need to promote awareness of relevant international and local issues. A film festival like One World Film Festival (OWFF) thus plays a pivotal role in shaping opinion by empowering citizens. People who are dwelling on Planet Earth in today’s world are pressured to absorb information fast, which is how the new generation is being shaped to work and think more quickly by retrieving data from various stimuli and resources.

One of the very first films that I watched—in grade 11, I think—to learn about issues surrounding mental and physical health was Tennessee William’s “The Glass Menagerie”. This fiction movie shares the story of Laura Wingfield, her brother Tom Wingfield, and their mother Amanda Wingfield. What struck me as stunning about this movie was the fact that Laura limped and was also mentally fragile; and, the use of a glass menagerie to symbolize Laura’s refuge in her imaginary world as well as her sensitive memory. I remember feeling very moved after watching this picture; and, I promised myself to keep learning through such expressive broadcasts. As I grew older, I became more familiar with the world around me; and, finally found a festival that helped me fulfill the promise I had made many years ago.

One World Film Festival (OWFF) is Ottawa’s longest-running documentary film festival that seeks to use media and performing arts to educate people about several global issues including women empowerment, identity, migration, indigenous rights, social justice, human rights, and environmental issues—specifically, it connects marginalized communities and Third World population with Canadians. Its a very historic event! Its interesting to see how One World Film Festival’s poster has changed over time. See Past Festivals – 1989 to 2016.

Nowadays, people have access to many learning platforms including social media, open learning services, and free libraries. So why would someone want to spend their money to watch films? My experiences with the world of movies have taught me that motion pictures teach faster because they offer multi-sensory and collective experiences where one may feel one’s emotions as well as those of the audience and movie characters; learning can be completed in an incognito and relaxed environment; and, it becomes possible to focus on multiple issues and literary techniques and not just one or two. Now imagine going to the One World Film Festival (OWFF) and being bombarded by many educational pictures!

Come join this memorable adventure! One World Film Festival (OWFF) is coming to Ottawa again this year. Don’t forget to support their 30th Anniversary by donating to their crowdfunding campaign. Hurry Up! Campaign ends on June 2nd—they have only 7 days left to raise funds.

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Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport

Before I fell asleep day before yesterday, I visualized a large screen on top of me; I held my imaginary Joystick and keyed some information in; then, I randomly pressed the buttons of my Joystick.

In this dream, I was on a tour with my family members. I think I saw my sister-in-law and my niece as well; we were taking turns to manage the baby. We were in a hurry because our flight was supposed to depart soon; and, we were lost inside a labyrinth of some sort. First, we were inside a large antique house that was lit with darkness and bluish light that had light shades of golden light. The darkness literally felt like some sort of light that actually helped people see. One of my cousins who still lives inside Pakistan visited me during this dream. He was standing near one of the staircase of this establishment. I think my cousin hinted that the staircase that would take you downstairs might end up in places where it is easy to get lost given that you don’t know your way around. My cousin checked us out and then he pointed to the airport as he commented, “Go to the ceiling (higher area). The airport is there”. So we ran towards the ceiling (higher area).

The ceiling (higher area) was a very large place and had several interesting places including an educational institute and a paan shop. Everything up there seems old and broken. There were some people including children walking and chatting there. The two women who were keeping me company deserted me and ran towards the paan shop. The paan shop was rather small; it was made from bricks; and, a fabric was used as the tent for the window. I got away from there because I had a feeling that we were in the wrong place and that we were bewitched to go there. So when I tried to get away from the ceiling (higher area), I saw a grey door on the side. Perhaps, this door was in between the lower area and the ceiling (higher area); or maybe, I took some stairs to get to this door. I distinctly remember that I looked over my shoulder while I was standing near the door; and, I could still see my family members on the ceiling (higher area). The greyish-white door was slightly ajar although it seemed lock. Some hidden force gently forced me to stop near this door and open it. I hesitated for a bit; and, then I pushed to open this old and somewhat broken door.

Inside, a startling sight welcomed me. Inside everything was grey: skeletons were grey; walls were grey; and, the grave was grey. Two human skeletons were sitting near a grave that appeared like a box or a sealed hole. The beings that were sitting there almost frozen in space and time actually noticed me when I started screaming, “Where is the airport?” To answer my inquiry, the skeletons started moving, which was shocking and exciting to watch. The male skeleton indicated something to the woman and me. The female skeleton held a knife; asked the male skeleton to help her; sat on the box/hole; noticed that the guy skeleton was not going to do anything; and, then attempted to open the box/hole with her knife. The knife made some grating screeches and finally the box/hole opened. When she opened it, a male skeleton that was stored inside became alive and just stepped out. As soon as he got out of the place where he was confined, he slit his throat with the knife and changed into some kind of soil-like substance. I think he somehow conveyed to me that he was the old boyfriend of the female skeleton.

The opening to the airport was at the bottom of this pit. The female skeleton pointed out and said, “The airport is in there”. All of a sudden, the scenes shifted. The female skeleton now looked like a very pretty woman; she was dressed in white and was about to be wed to an Asian guy. The guy was brown, tall, and slim; and, he had a distinct black beard. He had locked himself in the washroom for some reason; and, he actually opened the door when his bride requested him to do so. Inside, there were two young toddlers who belonged to this couple. He turned around, noticed his woman, and did not state anything.

This guarded grave was the key to the airport. This must have felt spooky, which is why we never made it to our initial designation.

Now some explanation about this dream:

      1. I entered the following names in my imaginary screen: Eric Anthamatten and Carl Jung. Eric specializes in Social and Political Philosophy and Ethics. I was very impressed after I read one of his papers, Dignity and Punishment, which discusses use of punishment and imprisonment to rehabilitate criminals. Carl Jung  is the founder of Analytical Psychology; and, he was intuitively open towards the paranormal. When one combines thoughts of these two, the result should be “use of supernatural elements to hack into a crime scene in the form of a clever guessing game”. I guess that is one reason why I had this funny dream.
      2. Eric’s CV indicates New York as city of residence. I googled “Airports+graves” and found the article on Consumerist titled Yes, Those Are Grave Markers Embedded In This Airport Runway,; this news shares that a certain Dotson family’s graves are still found at one of the runways of the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. I thought that Savannah, Georgia was too far away from New York. So I looked again; this time, I found Alexander Nazaryan’s article New York’s darkest secret: The Hole is a Mafia graveyard that few people venture into. The article clearly states that you can pass the graveyard (hole) of the mafia as you journey towards the John F Kennedy International Airport.
      3. You must have noticed that I am using “ceiling” and “higher area” interchangeably. This is because I am not so sure how there can be so many buildings on the “ceiling. One explanation is that unfolding of a 3D figure in 2D plane should make this 3D figure look flat where each face is connected by 2D planes. This is exactly what I see when I draw the images from my dream. When we fold the area depicted as the “higher area”, it becomes the “ceiling” of a building or region. The higher area is where the Airport is [Quote from this dream] My cousin checked us out and then he pointed to the airport as he commented, “Go to the ceiling (higher area). The airport is there”. So we ran towards the ceiling (higher area).[End Quote] So in the dream, the spirits took me through the graveyard before I could get to the Airport, which is the John F. Kennedy Airport (see point ii).The use of lower land and higher land is an indication that such an area exists where this graveyard is. Now read the article “The ‘Hole’ is 12 Feet Below Street Level and About A Century Behind the Rest of New York”.


2D representation of this lucid dream.

It is clear to me that there exists a universal grid of some sort inside the minds of the lucid dreamers. For further information, see blog posts “Why I Was Nicknamed “Paree” or “Fairy” By My Family Members?” and “3000 Things I have Done During Lucid Dreams“.

I am going to keep trying this technique with as many people as possible simply because I have a deep need to wander during my dreams. I have used real people before for my dreams since my ENFP IQ bounces around creative individuals. See blog posts “My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman“; “Nature of My Telepathic Connection With Carl Jung“; and “Dance of Heroes“.

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