Lesson Gained From Prophet Mohammad’s Cousin Ja’far bin Abi Talib

I learned about Ja’far Bin Abi Talib by reading the book “Child Companions around the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)”; this book is prepared by Darussalam Research Division. I have gained two very important lessons from his example. Here is a summary of the relevant content of Chapter 5, “Abdullah Bin Ja’far’s (May Allah be Pleased with Them Both)”.

Ja’far Bin Abi Talib was Prophet Mohammad’s cousin. He chose to migrate to Abyssinia to help Muslims of Mecca escape harsh conditions. He eventually made friends with the Christian King of Abyssinia, King Negus. His wife Asma suckled and weaned both their son and King Negus’s son. Also, both of the sons were named Abdullah. This is a great example of friendship and Pluralism.

Ja’far Bin Abi Talib was known as “Father of the Needy”. And, his son Abdullah followed his footsteps until people started calling him “Sea of Generosity”. He used to give away his wealth without fearing anything. Once one of his servants told him that he saw his three hundred dinar silk coat, which was embroidered with gold, when he slept after Abdullah asked him where it was. After hearing this, Abdullah did not punish him for taking his coat; instead he gave this expensive item to his servant. Which current leader does that? Nowadays, leaders and people are kept far away from each other by security, gatekeepers, and laws. I know that such examples of generosity are very hard to find.

Overall, I have understood that Islam has really taught us how important it is to know each other well so that one may react well when the other is in needthis is the basis of Pluralism. Not to forget that Islam has also shown how generosity is the backbone of every society; this is something we have forgotten given how wide the rich poor gap really is and how most folks are selfish or have been forced to act selfish. If we really want our current societies to flourish, we should learn from such examples that are taught in Islam.

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Understanding Hadith “There Will Be More Women In Heaven And Hell Than Men”

I was going over Dr. Shadee Elmasry’s blog post “#SafinaQ&A: Insight behind Women Being the Majority in Jannah & Jahannam?” where the hadith “There will be more women than men in both Heaven and Hell” was being discussed. I was not content with the explanation that was being offered here so I looked up more information. I volunteer to run a Facebook page, “Forgotten Femmes” as well as counsel abused women if they approach me for advice; I have also survived domestic, workplace, and sexual abuse. I know that comments like the one mentioned here can cause abuse of women when left without context and explanation⁠—this happens due to the teaching that men get more than women for some reason. This is why I am looking into this in detail!

After a bit of work, I found an explanation that makes more sense to me.

There will be more women in Hell.

According to SeekersGuidance’s article, “In What Context Did the Prophet Say ‘Women Make up the Majority of the Inhabitants of Hell’?” this hadith was meant to be playful since the Prophet was just encouraging women to issue charity. Its like when a great writer makes fun of someone just for the moment in order to get something important done. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was just a guy like other guys! He had a sense of a humor which he used while communicating with both men and women.

There will be more women in Heaven

The answer to this question is quite simple. I know that some scholars think that this refers to the fact that houris are only females. However, my personal experiences have taught me otherwise. I am a lucid dreamer. I have learned from Islamic text that lucid dreaming is halal; dreams can come from angels and God and not just the self; and, our souls are not in our body when we are asleep. During my lucid dreams, I have been able to form sexual relationships with multiple male dream characters who are very smart and handsome; whether the relationship will form or not is not always in my control since other energies are playing a huge role in making this happen. Having sex during dreams is rare; but, it still happens sometimes. Most of the time, I connect with male dream characters to just chat or hang out. I have discussed this phenomenon clearly in blog post, “Be Moderate About Lucid Dream Sex“. If this is happening while my soul is not in my body, then this will definitely happen when I die and (God willingly) enter heaven. Here is another relevant explanation of this hadith. Read “Are all ‘houris’ female?


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A Live Q&A Session With IslamInSpanish

I participated in a live Q&A session with IslamInSpanish, which is an educational non-profit organization that offers Latinos education about Islam in Spanish language. I find it interesting that this organizationfounded by Mujahid Fletcherwas created after 9/11 because some of my work including some upcoming poetry is also created in an effort to combat an increase in Islamophobia that occurred after 9/11. I was introduced to Dr. Craig Considine in year 2018I had a lucid dream about this encounter in 2017. Since this event was preceded by a lucid dream, I realized that our meeting was important somehow. So I kept reviewing the online content provided by Dr. Considine and eventually came across IslamInSpanish. When I reviewed this organization, I felt particularly impressed by the fact that Latinos are one of the fastest growing Islamic groups in America.

To answer some of my curiosity about Latino Muslims, I ended up joining one of their live Q&A sessions; the two speakers for this session were Isa Parada and Mujahid Fletcher. During this event, I learned of a story about how a woman failed to convert because of mixed messages: she was told by someone that she is not required to cover herself in order to convert; but, when she ended up at the place where she was going to convert, they asked her to cover herself. After hearing this, I recalled how due to mixed messages even born Muslims are leaving the masjids and Islam. There are plenty of these mixed messages in our lives nowadays and the human brain is simply not designed to handle the distortions offered to it through structures and norms that are embedded inside our societies. Read article “Our world outsmarts us”.  So I posed this question to the speakers: “I feel what was said to her (the woman who chose to not convert to Islam) was extreme. This is what I am noticing in Canada as well. Islam teaches one thing but we don’t see it in practice. People are leaving Islam due to mixed messages. How do we combat mixed messages that are being conveyed to us especially when these relate to something as personal as one’s choice of clothing?”

So here is a bit of the reply that was given by Mujahid Fletcher. He explained that the above mentioned misunderstanding took place because the people who are running the masjid are predominantly from an area of the world where it is natural to expect someone who is coming inside to be covered. However, he further noted that God does not expect perfection and that it would have been better to engage this lady differently than to attempt to ask  her to do something that she does not know about. See full conversation on this topic starting at instance 1:32:11 of video of this live event.

I really like brother Mujahid’s answer. He discussed the importance of moderation while teaching Islam or interacting with people. I feel that more we try to hack into parallel lives (living next to each other without communicating properly) in order to promote effective Interfaith Dialogue, more moderate we need to be. A good therapist will tell you that acknowledging something like an emotion or incidence is the first step of healing. Asking this question and then receiving a proper answer caused an acknowledgement, which will help the world around us heal gradually.

Many thanks to IslamInSpanish for creating and sharing this interesting event!

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Tango Between Personal and Societal Issues

A while ago, I read Amira Elghawaby’s Twitter post where she shared a video of a female child feeding toilet water to three male children; Amira commented that this is how Patriarchy feels like to her. I replied back to this tweet by sharing the video Shop Snatch where the character Nasreen who is married to a Misogynist and Patriarchal man chooses not to act when his shop is being robbed. Before I proceed any further, I must share a personal story. Some years ago, I was planning to study Cellular and Molecular Biology; but, I left due to ongoing discrimination that I perceived towards my gender. Now here is how I know that those who were discriminating against my gender caused a big loss to everyone! I receive dreams that later come true. In 2015, I dreamt of arrival of a plague of some sort; COVID19 arrived after some years. If I were sitting in the lab in 2015, I would have investigated what the word “plague” is referring to; and, then I would have started some relevant research. And, the results would have been perfect because by year 2015, my inner self would have grown up to that extent where it would have felt compelled to fully investigate whatever my intuition would have pointed to. Read my blog post “Dented Thinking Of A Genius.

In all the three cases above, we see one common factor as issues like Discrimination, Patriarchy, and Misogyny are being discussed. We learn that the brain cannot really manage challenging societal issues. According to the article, “Our World Outsmarts Us“, human brain is not designed to properly handle complex societal issues. I think societal issues can outwit even the smartest because 1) these are more interwoven; and, 2) these are designed to remove emotional support, which is required more than intelligence in order to survive in a group setting.

This finding shifts us to a broader concept. Some of the current leaders and citizens have become obsessed with pointing fingers at people to shift attention away from the complicated societal issues that continue to exist while they are around. This is another reason why Islam makes more sense to me! For example, there is no real prison system in Islam. My studies about Islam have shown me that the prisoners have lots of rights while they live inside the prison. These include but are not limited to gaining and providing education and marrying someone of one’s choice. This is how Islam managed to spread so rapidly throughout East and West. Real Islam can literally transform very hard core criminals into really protective and productive citizens. Islam is not what some countries and leaders are trying to paint for us. For example, you will hear from some people that some Muslims are even more dangerous now given what was done to them after 9/11. This is again a big lie! Islam actually asks people to slowly desert places where survival is not possible. It does not pose attacking and avenging oneself as the first alternative. However, I won’t be surprised if some victims of abuse reacted in a negative manner since it is normal to do so given how scattered the human brain becomes after abuse. Why do you think that 50% of the people who are jailed in Canadian prisons are just victims of abuse themselves? Read article “Half of Canada’s prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests.  I am 100% sure that there are lots of people in there who have been left to suffer in these modern cages simply because they committed a minor crime, the type the victim of the crime would forgive but the authorities would not.

As some leaders and citizens allow for imprisonment of those who are abused and willingly keep them in inhumane conditions, they are attempting to break mankind’s ability to safely move forward in the future. I mean humans react to the systems that they are made to face. If these individuals really want to help us and themselves, then they must break through the available oppressive systems. Everyone else who is just watching ongoing acts of oppression or who are stuck in a situation that exists due to circumstances should remind themselves to fight back with whatever is left intact.

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Acting In Moderation

In Islam, moderation is a very broad concept. It takes time and patience to learn this skill. I believe that usually Muslims who are keen about both secular and religious aspects tend to be moderate in nature. According to the article, “How the Prophet Muhammad Rose above Enmity and Insult“, Michael Hart who wrote “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History” states that Mohammad was successful on both the religious and secular levels. This tells me that Mohammad practised moderation!

I will give you a relevant example from my life. I once came across this student who was funny, hard-working, and demanding. I loved working with him; but, I also disagreed with him. So when he left studies for work, I felt bad about our past misunderstandings. I wanted to bid him farewell in a healthy way. So I gave him two valuable gifts to take with him. He cheered up considerably after this!

When people apply Islamic rulings in a wrong manner, they become extreme and end up harming innocents instead. One such example is how the Saudis are demanding halal organs and China is slaughtering Uyghur Muslims to get these. Reality is that there is no such halal or haram thing when it comes to organ donations because finding suitable organs could be a matter of life or death and sometimes suitable organ that is being donated by a Muslim might not be a good option for the Muslim patient. Read Medline Plus’s article “Transplant Rejection“. Another example is Muslims who keep stressing that only God can see the future and thus lucid dreamers are lying bout seeing the future. This is a very extreme and dangerous statement because they are invalidating the rest of the Islamic teachings, current Scientific research, and the testimonies of the dreamers. When I looked into how Islam views lucid dreaming, I found out that it is halal; there is a saying of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) that states that the pen is lifted from someone who is asleep. Furthermore, I found out that humans can see the future because I read somewhere that believers will have 1 out of 24 visions of a Prophet. I do not know fully what the word “believers” is referring to; but, I am using this and the previous saying about dreams as testimony that it’s possible for anyone else to see the future to some extent with the help of lucid dreams. My last example of extremism relates to how some teachers including some North American teachers pick on amazing students due to small things like grammatical errors. I once failed to correct my typos due to lack of time and submitted my work. A teacher made sure to punish me rather gravely by filing a report, some of which was based on fake ideas, with her higher authorities—some students rebelled against her due to all of this and because this abuse tied into how they were being mistreated as well. Therefore, I permanently left the guidance of this teacher! Later, I came across a blog written by a well-known American professor. I found some errors in his posts as well, which forced me to think further. So I researched online and found out that human brain is allowing for this particular mistake. Read article, “Why Your Brain Lets You Make Grammar Mistakes (Even If You Know Better)”. 

Thus, it is clear to me that moderation is the key to practising both secular and religious ideas. This clearly shows when we review noteworthy champions like Mohammad (peace be upon him). I think that real Champions are like children to some extent—just like lucid dreamers, their minds are younger—regardless of how grown-up they really are. So it is best to behave in moderation around them in order to make their lives and yours easier.

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Sounds of Prayers: Melodies That Echoes

I have a younger sister who is a religious woman—she chose Islam after reviewing and reading other religions although she was born among Muslims. She prays a lot and she is definitely a good believer. Now, I would not have commented like this about her spiritual nature unless I had observed something interesting! Those echoes are too profound and even I cannot fight these voices. When she is not in her room, her room feels too bright with ethereal and unearthly energy. I can almost hear her prayers and visualize angels whispering back. Her room feels really that beautiful and different even when she is not there. Prayers like music have their own mathematics. Read “The Magical Mathematics Of Music“. Oh interacting with such energy forces has been quite an experience! I have documented some other incidences I had with energies and vibes in the post “Influence Of Angels on Lucid Dreamers and Telepaths“.


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Mary Was A Prophetess And There Were Other Female Prophets

I was thinking about how I can predict some future events, which is a key characteristics of certain prophets. I must comment that I have read in Islam that believers have only 1 out of 24 visions that a prophet or prophetess possesses. I once heard from a Muslim woman that there must have been female prophets (prophetesses) but they are not mentioned in the Quran for some reason; however, the Quran does dedicate an entire chapter, “Surah Maryam“, to Lady Mary who is mother of Prophet Jesus.

Today, I was thinking about how I, a woman, could see very clearly in the future. For example, I predicted the coming of Hurricane Dorian. Read blog post “I Predicted The Coming Of Hurricane Dorian”. I had time to think today; so I pondered for a bit and realized that there must have been some prophetesses mentioned in the Quran. This is when I found the article titled “Was Mary a Prophetess of Islam?“, which stated the difference between messenger and prophet and mentioned the fact that Mary received messages from an angel to clarify that Mary was indeed a prophetess. I am happy to know this! And, now I know for sure that there were other prophets and prophetesses too; but, the Quran does not mention all of them.

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Significance Of White Colour In Lucid Dreams

I sometimes get lucid dreams where I interact with dream characters that are dressed in white. In one dream, I was wearing a white dress and standing next to a dream character (I thought that he was my future husband) as he bled near a pond. Read “Creating Change“. In another dream, I was dressed in white; and, I interacted with the dream character of an American professor before I woke up and saved a young Canadian girl from being cyberbullied. Read “Dream Characters That Appear Suddenly To Warn”. In yet another dream, a Christian professor appeared in white and saved me from being abused. Read “Dark Giant Answers: Muslims and Christians Are One Brotherhood”.

I personally think that White is an angelic colour since the dream characters are wearing white while saving someone or standing near someone who is dying. According to the “Dream Moods”, white colour indicates purity and awareness.

In Christianiy, white is associated with angels. In Judaism, white refers to purity. In Islam, dead are supposed to be dressed in white. Read about this in Wikipedia.

I find it peculiar how in Islam we are told that the best colors for the dead is the white colour. This is an odd statement because in Islam sleep is referred to as a state that is like death. Intriguing right!

I think these are the reasons why some of my dream characters including me are dressed in white.

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Why I Chose “Surah Noah” To Get Rid of Really Ruthless Enemies

You must have read the blog post, “Surah Nuh (Noah)”: A Prayer To Get Rid Of Really Ruthless Enemies“. Now, I must tell you that I just chose to open the book “Majmuah Wazaif” (it is published by the Chaand Company of Lahore, Pakistan) and decided to use “Surah Noah” although this book mentioned other chapters (surahs) too that promised to deliver similar results.

Today, I was just browsing Twitter when I found article “The mathematical miracles of the Holy Quran” from The Muslim Vibe’s Twitter account. This article shows a video that discusses the mathematical miracle related to Surah Noah.

After watching the video, I learned that Adam is the first father of humanity but Noah is the second father of humanity because he helped humans survive the flood. The video then discusses two important facts that shook me with fear about why and how did I chose “Surah Noah” and not another chapter (surah).

  1. Chapter Noah is the 71th chapter. There are 43 chapters before and 43 chapters after this chapter that don’t mention Noah. Thus, this chapter is in the centre of these chapters. I believe this means that this chapter is to the Quran like skeleton is to the human body. (see video from 1:59 till 2:50)
  2. There is only one verse, verse 23, of chapter 23 that mentions Prophet Noah. But the chapter with greatest number of mentions of Noah is chapter 11; verse 46 of Chapter 11 mentions Noah; and, verse 46 has a total 23 words. Interestingly, these numbers relate to the human DNA: there are a total of 46 chromosomes that appear in 23 pairs. (see video from 8:18 till 9:50)

What if “Surah Noah” is designed to create a balance or control of some sort over humans that are abusive towards someone. What if that’s the message behind “Surah Noah”? I have great telepathic instincts that sometimes awaken during the day and while I am asleep (referring to Lucid Dreams).  Selecting “Surah Noah” for supplication is again one of these incidences where I just used my gut feelings to navigate to a bigger answer.

Wow! This was mind-blowing; and, I feel exhausted because my mind exerted itself in order to understand what really is going on. Of course! I haven’t figured out more than to read chapter often while asking God for protection.

Add to this mathematical miracle the fact that I am a lucid dreamer with incredible abilities, and you will see how some of my prayers just accepted.

Silver Bullet: My Prayers are in Multiple Dimensions
Understanding How The “Silver Bullet Prayers” Work


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How Some Canadian Muslim Men Are Abusing Some Of The Canadian Muslim Women

In Canada, Muslims are the minority. Obviously, even the worst Muslims would want to appear as loving and approachable in this country. I have gathered this data after talking to some Muslim women who are victims of abuse as well as from my experiences—I had some very harsh experiences most of which I was required to sort mostly on my own although I had a couple of friends who validated my experiences and comforted me through thick and thin. Some Canadian Muslim men are abusing some of the Canadian Muslim women in the following ways:

  • Engage in pre-marital sex and expect to marry virgins
  • Rape women who approach them or who are strangers
  • Pretend to be religious to attract women
  • Pretend to be friendly and caring to lure women until they are trapped
  • Confine women to closed spaces for hours or days to disconnect them
  • Spy on them by reading their social media and cellphone messages
  • Promise to marry someone and then bring someone else from their country of origin and marry that person instead
  • Physically or emotionally harm their female relatives and act nicer towards them in front of other women; this continues until another woman is caught in this malicious cycle
  • Force women out of their jobs or compel them to work for less
  • Do not offer promised training to the women they have hired
  • Mistreat and harm women and then go to masjids for prayers and fast to appear religious
  • Lock younger sisters or wives in rooms and watch TV or go out for fun
  • Threaten to deport them and/or actually deport them to their original country after psychologically or physically torturing them
  • Make fun of the wife in front of his friends
  • Enjoy parties including dance parties while neglecting the women of their households
  • Twist victims’ personalities and characters until the victims double and shift into someone else
  • Obsessively blame the victim at home and then use instances where she lost her temper or got annoyed to tell her that she is not fit enough to work outside with people
  • Stalk women especially those they are hanging out with or dating
  • Expect the women to hide their issues including issues related to their reproductive system and emotional health from men of the family
  • Expect women to act like they would have done routinely while they are pregnant including shopping, cleaning, cooking, managing guests and parties, and appearing at social gatherings
  • Force and expect women to do menial jobs; sometimes they actually say, “Why don’t you go out and work in Packaging for a bit” while ignoring that this person has a resume tailored for an executive position
  • Some male relatives are telling women, “Whether you will  have a job or not really depends on your husband; this does not depend on you, your brother, or your father”
  • Regularly be absent from conversations about critical personal issues like mental health or emotional state. I know that some of them have been depriving the victims since they were children.
  • Use other women of the households to manipulate the victims
  • Hide symptoms of withdrawal and depression as “need to procrastinate” and “laziness”
  • Diagnose the victim as “obese” or “tending towards obesity” to hide the fact that her condition is due to ongoing emotional abuse
  • Tell the victim that she is prone to listening to the devil when in reality she is not praying due to loss of concentration
  • Prevent victim from nailing what really is going on with her mental or physical health by telling her lies and expecting her to repeat these lies back to her therapists or friends
  • Form an abusive gang whose members notice that the older members of the household are ignoring someone and then make sure to neglect and desert the victim

Of course! Women abuse is common in all communities including the Muslim community. However, its important to note what is going on inside Canadian Muslim community because Muslims are a minority here and mainstream media and politics aren’t attempting to effectively manage the issues afflicting this community.

These men and the men who appear totally clueless when you bring up whatever is negatively influencing the women are not following Prophet Mohammad’s (peace be upon him) teachings. Read Jim Garrison’s article, “Mohammad was a Feminist” to learn how Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) liberated the women.

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