Some More Encounters With Certain Muslim Men On A Halal Dating App

I am in extremely bad mood right now! I have been reviewing profiles of eligible Muslim men on a halal dating app—I am not sharing the name of the app to ensure my privacy. I registered on this rather popular app with the hope of finding a husband. I have been using this app seriously for only around a month; and, I have already reported and blocked more than five men. These are born Muslim or revert Muslim men. I am hearing things from them that I find criminal. I have reported whoever I could report. But, sitting inside a slaughter house of this sort will never allow me to report everyone—when I get very tired of reporting, I just block.

One man called me from Serbia to talk to me. I was just getting out my bed when he called. I answered his audio call; but, I told him that I can’t connect with him right now because I am just getting out my bed. He got mad at me right away. And, he said that he is looking for an easy going person and not a hard-minded, crazy woman.

Another man just talked to me for some while and told me some important things about himself. Then he just vanished for some while. Then the next day or perhaps after a couple of days—I don’t fully recall because I am trying to forget what happened—someone who looked a lot like him added me to his Instagram. I started talking to him and asked him if he was that particular guy. He just texted back, “Yeah sure!”. Then the rest of crisis unfolded. He asked me to just download WhatsApp so that he may show me some tricks about investing in something. I said that I wasn’t interested in WhatsApp because this application has privacy issues. When I refused, he seemed annoyed. I eventually got fed up of this conversation; and, I left him too.

Then there was Prince Charming who went on being nice and polite for four or five days—and, he prays too. And, then one day he called me and indulged in saying some sexual things to me, which I found extremely offensive. I felt so discouraged when I heard him say all this. I left him right away.

Below is one of the conversations I had on this app; it is my first and last conversation with this guy. My comments are inside the red bubbles.

I am feeling very sick of all this! This isn’t the first time I have been cyberbullied. But, I know that abuse of women is increasing due to various factors like neglect and pandemic. This isn’t just happening inside the Muslim community; this is happening across the globe. Not to forget that Islamophobia and exclusion of Muslims are playing a role in increasing online abuse of Muslim women—this reality is taught through several online articles that share how the lives of Indigenous women were destroyed due to colonialism.

I have reported most of the men; and, app’s administration has taken action against all of these folks. However, what’s freaky about all this is if I didn’t know what I was looking at and the guy managed to do something and get away with it, then so many other people will point fingers at me.

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Is Canada At Brink Of A Deep Racialized Economic Apartheid?

In 2001, Grace-Edward Galabuzi wrote the article “Canada’s Creeping Economic Apartheid” for CSJ Foundation. This article discusses how an economic apartheid is gradually influencing all the racialized groups in Canada leaving them unprotected and marginalized

Below are some articles that discuss how the non-white population is getting hit most by the economic instability caused by COVID-19; and, how non-white women are left out of the COVID-19 recovery efforts.

South Asian and Black women face high jobless rates in Canada

Chart 6 South Asian, Arab and Black Canadians had among the highest unemployment rates in July 2020

Black, Asian workers see biggest jobless rate spikes in Canada

Canada’s Women of Colour Have Been Left Out of COVID-19 Job Recovery Efforts

Things were already horrible for non-whites before the pandemic. I believe it is only going to get worse! Canada has already participated in creating an apartheid for the Aboriginal people as well as genocide of the Aboriginal women and girls. It is obvious to me that non-white Canadians are going to go through a lot due to this pandemic!

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Bullying in Canadian Nursing Colleges

I have discussed a couple of times how some Canadian Nursing colleges have faculty that participates in abusing students. One particular story was how a Canadian Nursing student was being emotionally abused by a clinical faculty member; and, when she complained to the Program Coordinator, her complaint was not taken seriously at all. Instead she was told to leave her office simply because she started crying due to the trauma caused by mistreatment. She strongly believed that her complaint was not heard because this teacher was well-connected among politicians.

Below are some posts where I have discussed such issues:

Contorting Information Inside Canadian Workplaces

Why Some Abused Canadian Employees Do Not File A Report

Canada Offers a Facade to Its Citizens

How Someone Belonging to Health Care or Clinical Research Professions Can Be A Rapist?

Today I reviewed another article online. Read article “A Call to Revisit and Address the Histories of Bullying in Nursing Education“; authors are Zachary Daly, Kathy O’Flynn-Magee, and Patricia Rodney. This article specifically states that Nursing students suffer lots of abuse including abuse from clinical instructors and staff nurses while studying Nursing.

I don’t recommend that non-white people should enroll in Canadian Nursing colleges. I don’t think it is a good idea because non-white people usually earn less due to multiple barriers that are offered by this extremely racist country. According to Scott Gilmore’s article “Canada’s race problem? It’s even worse than America’s“, Canada is more racist than America; and, according to Allysha Howse’s article “Canada Ranked As One Of The Top Countries For Racial Discrimination In The Hiring Process“, Canada offers more discrimination in hiring practices than US, the country that created a disastrous war on Muslims and Islam by attacking Afghanistan and Iraq under the pretense of tackling terrorism. Canadian media is controlled by White people; so stories of non-white people aren’t heard in an effective and timely manner. I believe that Whiteness of the Canadian media is the reason why non-white people face difficulties in receiving proper coverage from the media or why they don’t trust the media enough to report abuse; read article “Canadian Media Incapable of Covering Race” to learn this. In 2001, Grace-Edward Galabuzi wrote the article “Canada’s Creeping Economic Apartheid” for CSJ Foundation. This article discusses how an economic apartheid is gradually influencing all the racialized groups in Canada leaving them unprotected and marginalized—genocide of Aboriginal women and girls has already taken place. Things have become even worse for the non-white Canadian population given the COVID-19 epidemic; read a relevant article “Black, minority women in Canada left behind in COVID-19 job recovery“. So I strongly recommend that the non-white Canadians don’t register in Nursing colleges because if they decided to leave after abuse, then i) they might not be able to attract media attention towards their cases; and, ii) if they have taken student loans, then they would have to pay that; not to forget that they will be suspended for a year by NSLSC (they offer student loans) because they withdrew before the program ended.

Lastly notice that in the West we are told that we should fight back to get our rights. But I don’t see this happening since most people who choose to fight back end up suffering from bad health simply because any given sphere of functionality, i.e. psychological, social, physical, mental, or spiritual is broken. How are they supposed to perform well and produce great results like this? You know Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) left Makkah when the abuse became harsh; he later came to power with the help of people from Madinah. He was ranked by author Michael H. Hart as one of the top influential men in the history of mankind; read article “100 most influential people in the world“. So if this King (King was just his title; he lived a poor life because he chose to give his wealth away) was humble and wise enough to flee when required, then why don’t non-white Canadians do exactly the same?

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Why I Don’t Listen to Eminem

I have tried listening to Eminem’s songs; but, I have hated the experience so much so that I have completely banned Eminem from my life.

I remember listening to just a couple of songs and then feeling bad about what was being said. I recollect that I started investigating lyrics of some of the songs in details and felt very uncomfortable after reading them. I clearly recall that I felt nausea and headaches after listening to some of his songs including “Love The Way You Lie” and “Not Afraid”. My experiences have always defined whether I will accept something or someone in my life or not. I banned Eminem a long while ago and right now my life is “Eminem-Free”. I am proud of myself!

Today, I found another article on the web. Jackson Katz’s article “8 Reasons Eminem’s Popularity is a Disaster for Women” shares how this artist is dangerous for women and even for gays and lesbians. I can see why my head kept splitting with pain when I listened to his words. I feel his work is very dangerous; and, I feel that men who listen to his songs are misogynistic in nature. Nowadays, even some Muslims are attached to this person’s words. As a woman and as a Muslim woman, I feel worried about my safety given the type of environment Eminem is gradually creating.

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Why Am I Writing A Poem About Kashmir

One of my grandmothers have Kashmiri background. Her name was Iqbal, which means “Power“. I still remember her. She was a beautiful and gentle woman. She loved me a lot although she talked less because she was very old. Unfortunately, she passed away several years ago.

My grandmother shared her name with one of the founders of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal. Allama Iqbal is a very famous poet of Kashmiri background. I read some of his poems when I was a teenager. I fell in love with “Shikwa” and “Jiwab-e-Shikwa“.

My exposure to Kashmir is pretty limited for several reasons; but, destiny has created a path that I must walk. This path was created after I said a genuine prayer where I asked God to help me fight discrimination. Later, too many things happened that made sure that I ended up walking into the Human Rights industry. Read the full story about this special prayer here ‘Another “Silver Bullet” Prayer Came True‘.

When I decided to continue writing my poems while focusing only on Human Rights related issues, I felt compelled to work on a poem about Kashmir first. I started calling this poem, “my first poem related to Human Rights” because although I have written a couple of other Human Rights related poems before, I have worked on them without reading too much and while working on other types of poems like Romance Poems; however, now that I am writing while focusing “only on Human Rights related issues”, I am being really thorough and reading a lot of stuff before composing these works. So this poem about Kashmir is going to be the very first poem from this set of poems, which are going to be—hopefully—finalized in 2020. This decision was made after much thinking although it was just a gut feeling that made me decide.

I have finished a lot of work for this poem: taken lots of notes; composed some of my thoughts; and, attended webinars too. I say its destiny because ever since this prayer came true, things are happening that are ensuring that I end up writing Human Rights related poems. For instance, check out this webinar by “International Human Rights Commission“. I was just an attendee but the host, H.E Ambassador Malik Nadeem Abid, made sure to let me talk during the webinar. You know that I was thinking of leaving early before the end of this event; but, I actually decided to stay. Then I ended up being on camera. You can check out the video “72 Years of Indian Occupation of Kashmir“. I appear at the very end, at 2:30:24 (-5:43)

I will share my poem about Kashmir here. Make sure to read it.

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Listening to Silence

When I was a kid, I used to rest on my bed in the night and listen to the silence around me. Darkness used to envelope me as I would tune into this mysterious and hypnotic sound that encased me. I have discussed this phenomenon before in my blog post “Listening To The Night“.

In the night, the music of my mind and body becomes markedly unusual. I quietly listen to the changing sounds of the night and enjoy how it’s inexplicable tunes seep through me undeterred. I allow myself to drift from one thought to another without capturing anything in writing. Source: “Listening To The Night“.

I started receiving lucid dreams early onwards as a child. This is why I could easily tell that there was a definite pattern and rhythm in the sound of silence that I felt captivated by in the night. I had time today to think about this so I researched this online. According to article “What Is Pink Noise and How Does It Compare with Other Sonic Hues?” there are all sorts of sounds like Pink Noise, White Noise, Brown Noise, and Black Noise. This article shares that the Sound of Silence is a Black Noise. So I was right! Sound of Silence is definitely a type of noise and it definitely has some sort of pattern.

Furthermore, this article taught me a new term, the Pink Noise, for something that I have started practicing routinely after gaining insight about how to become lucid during sleep. Remember how I discussed “Hypnagogic Hallucinations” before in my post “Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India“. The lucid dream that I am discussing here is a historic lucid dream since it discusses a death threat to a Human Rights Activist who works on issues related to India and then it also shows what happens to Amnesty International due to India’s Modi-led government. See the following blog posts below for details:

Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India

Another Dream Symbol Came True: Amnesty International and India

So what do I listen to during these “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”? I can sense deep things like heartbeats, laughter, pain, and sweat when these sensations get activated. So if I have seen someone through a video, I can sense that person’s heartbeat and sweat during my hypnagogic hallucinations. Making me activate this mode is like Aladdin (the subject of my thoughts) walking into the Cave of Wonders (the cosmos that I can enter afterwards). According to article “What Is Pink Noise and How Does It Compare with Other Sonic Hues?” Sound of Heartbeat is considered Pink Noise. Seriously, when I listen to someone’s heartbeat just before falling asleep, my entire body relaxes a lot. Perhaps, this is somehow connected to the fact that infants are tuned into their mother’s heartbeat. I wonder what exactly I listened to when I was in my mom’s wombs—my mom has high levels of Photographic Memory.

So through experiences with my lucid self, I learned that I relax substantially after listening to the silence or activating desirable “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”. According to article “Sound of silence increasingly rare as noise pollution rises“. Noise pollution is a big deal nowadays. When you are walking on the streets, you see so many people wearing headphones. People are not what they used to be! They have forgotten so many natural things; thus, their health is getting hit. Even I am left struggling with noise pollution to some extent. Truth is that I have always known that listening to silence heals me somehow; but, this article from 2017 offers the same conclusion. I can do this because my body and mind are both designed to heal things—I even release some sort of calming energy from my hands that heal the pain of menstruation among other things.

I strongly suggest that you try listening to sound of silence and also spend time thinking back to someone (including your inspirations) before falling asleep. Your health will improve significantly after you perform these activities regularly.

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Tango Between Personal and Societal Issues

A while ago, I read Amira Elghawaby’s Twitter post where she shared a video of a female child feeding toilet water to three male children; Amira commented that this is how Patriarchy feels like to her. I replied back to this tweet by sharing the video Shop Snatch where the character Nasreen who is married to a Misogynist and Patriarchal man chooses not to act when his shop is being robbed. Before I proceed any further, I must share a personal story. Some years ago, I was planning to study Cellular and Molecular Biology; but, I left due to ongoing discrimination that I perceived towards my gender. Now here is how I know that those who were discriminating against my gender caused a big loss to everyone! I receive dreams that later come true. In 2015, I dreamt of arrival of a plague of some sort; COVID19 arrived after some years. If I were sitting in the lab in 2015, I would have investigated what the word “plague” is referring to; and, then I would have started some relevant research. And, the results would have been perfect because by year 2015, my inner self would have grown up to that extent where it would have felt compelled to fully investigate whatever my intuition would have pointed to. Read my blog post “Dented Thinking Of A Genius.

In all the three cases above, we see one common factor as issues like Discrimination, Patriarchy, and Misogyny are being discussed. We learn that the brain cannot really manage challenging societal issues. According to the article, “Our World Outsmarts Us“, human brain is not designed to properly handle complex societal issues. I think societal issues can outwit even the smartest because 1) these are more interwoven; and, 2) these are designed to remove emotional support, which is required more than intelligence in order to survive in a group setting.

This finding shifts us to a broader concept. Some of the current leaders and citizens have become obsessed with pointing fingers at people to shift attention away from the complicated societal issues that continue to exist while they are around. This is another reason why Islam makes more sense to me! For example, there is no real prison system in Islam. My studies about Islam have shown me that the prisoners have lots of rights while they live inside the prison. These include but are not limited to gaining and providing education and marrying someone of one’s choice. This is how Islam managed to spread so rapidly throughout East and West. Real Islam can literally transform very hard core criminals into really protective and productive citizens. Islam is not what some countries and leaders are trying to paint for us. For example, you will hear from some people that some Muslims are even more dangerous now given what was done to them after 9/11. This is again a big lie! Islam actually asks people to slowly desert places where survival is not possible. It does not pose attacking and avenging oneself as the first alternative. However, I won’t be surprised if some victims of abuse reacted in a negative manner since it is normal to do so given how scattered the human brain becomes after abuse. Why do you think that 50% of the people who are jailed in Canadian prisons are just victims of abuse themselves? Read article “Half of Canada’s prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests.  I am 100% sure that there are lots of people in there who have been left to suffer in these modern cages simply because they committed a minor crime, the type the victim of the crime would forgive but the authorities would not.

As some leaders and citizens allow for imprisonment of those who are abused and willingly keep them in inhumane conditions, they are attempting to break mankind’s ability to safely move forward in the future. I mean humans react to the systems that they are made to face. If these individuals really want to help us and themselves, then they must break through the available oppressive systems. Everyone else who is just watching ongoing acts of oppression or who are stuck in a situation that exists due to circumstances should remind themselves to fight back with whatever is left intact.

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Something Is Wrong With The Sun

Before you read this, know two incredible facts about me: 1) I am a lucid dreamer; and, 2) I have high levels of the stereodepth vision. If you feel dumbfounded after reading this, know that you are not alone. Even I feel like this when I gaze at the world through my eyes! But, all this can’t be helped simply because I am designed to perform feats. I am a genius so I can easily think and create in a dented manner. However, I have learned over time how not to feel much fear while doing this.

As I write this, I feel spooked of myself! I have lived my entire life with people who are not like me; and, so I have learned to be a bit like them. I know the reason why I did not release these pictures earlier is because I had learned to navigate like the rest, which is something that does not play in anyone’s favor. I mean my mental ideas are conceived to save people from bad things; so if I am compelled to walk the same path as others, then who am I going to save. Furthermore, its very difficult for me to function along with someperhaps mostCanadians simply because I find them very racist!

Here is the incredible story behind these pics and post. Several years ago, I was driving around in the city when I looked up and saw the sun. My keen eyes allowed me to view the sun and the sunlight in depth. Suddenly, I knew that something was wrong with the sun and sunlight. I was not looking at the usual scene! The sun seemed brighter and more serene at the same time. The sunbeams were longer and more spread across the sky. It felt like looking at a spectacular solar phenomenon of some sort! I was gripped with terrible fear at this sight, then for several days, and then for some years. I knew that something had gone wrong! Then, there was my inner voice that compelled me to continue with my thoughts for some reason. I did not knew how to tell people about what was going on; so I created this picture by using a software. I think I posted this on my older blog, which I had to delete to make this new blog.

As you view the rest of the post, know that the Date Created is flipped with the Date Modified because I moved my files around—this answer was provided by the Microsoft Community. The picture “The New Sun (Cells and Energy)” was created on April 2, 2011.

Cells and Energy picnik
The New Sun (Cells and Energy)

Date of creation of “The New Sun (Cells and Energy)”: Apr 2, 2011.

cells and energy
Process of Creation (Cells and Energy)

Date of creation for the pic “Process of Creation (Cells and Energy)”: Jan 5, 2014.

According to article, “What’s wrong with the sun?“, which was published in 2010, the sunspots have been vanishing for the past two years. This article tells us that some researchers believe that the sun is shrinking, which is causing massive climate change.

So what I saw in 2011 and then later drew it is what the researchers are pointing towards; i.e. a noticeable change in the Sun. So my eyes are letting me do this heavy job of detecting things that don’t make much sense with grand ease.

Do you wanna have more fun with this news? Check out article, “Our Sun Is Lighter Than Ever, And The Problem Is Getting Worse”, which was published in 2018. Now compare the first picture found in this article with the pic I made in 2011. They are similar right! Now refer to the third and fourth images of my blog post.  On Jan 4, 2014, I reviewed some of the draft images that were edited to create the final image (first pic) and created a collage (third image of this post titled “Process of Creation ‘Cells and Energy'”) by using three relevant ones. Did I somehow gauge the similarity between my picture (The New Sun “Cells and Energy”) that was made in 2011 and the image shared in the article Our Sun Is Lighter Than Ever, And The Problem Is Getting Worse”, which was published in 2018; and, then decided to make the image “Process of Creation (Cells and Energy)”. Its almost like I am saying to others, “No! Really! I made this picture; and, I did not download it from anywhere.”

Our Sun contains 99.8% of the Solar System’s mass, but gets lighter every day. When enough time goes by, its changes will render Earth uninhabitable. Source: “Our Sun Is Lighter Than Ever, And The Problem Is Getting Worse”

If you don’t believe how dented I can actually become, refer to the blog post, “Prediction Within A Prediction: Use Of Mind’s Peripheral Vision” to read how I predicted the coming of the Coronavirus.

Since I am a Muslim, I will leave a reminder here for everyone. In the Quran, we are warned that sun will join the moon (near the Earth) on the Day of the Judgement; see article, “Sun & Moon Join on Day of Judgment“.

Well! The Day of Judgement is not here yet; so the scientific communities from all across the world must join hands to figure out what should be done about these changes that are taking place in the Sun.

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How Individualism Is Hurting Us

I have been thinking about how some Canadians behave in a manner that I consider abhorrent. This is because they are very individualistic in nature. Even some of the people who have decided to work or live in Canada and who were originally from holistic societies become individualistic in the long run. That’s an example of taking the path of least resistance, which is the theme of the cartoon movie Wall-E.

According to Rob Whitley’s article, “Is an Increase in Individualism Damaging Our Mental Health” individualism causes issues like divorce, loneliness, low self esteem, depression, PTSD and suicide. The author points out that social media is also the cause of alienation and relevant issues like depression and loneliness. He further asserts that individualism is causing people to define success and failure as personal attributesthese I think have a lot to do with society since emotional support is the key to improving performance. Once I posted an article about the Rich Poor Gap on Twitter while discussing how this is hurting our chances of survival. Pretty soon, a user replied back saying that there are so many positive stories out there and that I need to focus on these instead. I started laughing when I read her comment because I have observed many dedicated and skilled individuals who are stuck in the cycle of poverty. She made me sound like an idiot by hinting that there is something wrong with me because I am not focusing on the positiveknow that this kind of sentiment works well only through cold methods of communication such as social media.

I believe that Individualism makes you assume things. More you focus on the positive stories only because doing so makes you feel stronger and confident, more you are going to assume things about those who are not performing well. To break through Individualism and its harmful effects, you need to listen to the bad stories and see why they are being created in the first place. Once a Canadian class fellow of mine who did not knew me and who had zero idea about my background sat next to me; and, within a couple of minutes, he decided to mock me by calling me a racist. He did not even knew that racism is not taught in Islam; he did not knew that I write poetry to fight racism; since he likes assuming, he would never bother to find out that I have also attempted to confront a foreign writer who had racist views online. I had no idea what he was saying; and, so I ended up leaving his group permanently. So his rushed comments are symbolic of how rushed the Canadian environment really is. Owing to individualism, everyone here is hurrying; and, they are not thinking properly.

Individualism can drastically harm your emotional and physical health through isolation, neglect, intimidation, sexual abuse, financial abuse, and verbal abuse. My experience within the individualistic Canadian society has taught me that all of this is possible; and, it is very clear for me to see how this is happening since I am originally from a holistic (Pakistani) culture. For example, I am finding that communicating with Canadians is difficult inside the workplaces because they abuse people a lot here. According to World Population Review, suicide rate in America is 15.3, in Canada is 12.5, and in Pakistani is 2.9. Really?

Mental health issues are on the rise…suicides are more frequent in developed, individualistic countries. The close bond between families, friends and one’s local community…almost disappeared. Source: Our Individualistic Society is Causing Serious Mental Health Issues.

Thus, it is very obvious that individualism is harming all of us. However, a lot of us won’t pay attention to the fact that individualism is the reason why we are all dying to have a peaceful world. According to Andrew Orton’s article, “Interfaith Dialogue: Seven Key Questions for Theory, Policy, and Practice” interfaith dialogue requires that one must interact with individuals of different communities instead of just living next to each other without communicating properly (this phenomenon is called “parallel lives”). Interfaith dialogue plays a critical part in promoting world peace by forming more cohesive societies. According to Andrew Sobel’s article, “Eight Ways to Improve Your Empathy” your empathy improves as you expose yourself to new environments and allow yourself to be challenged. Obviously, individualism is doing the exact opposite! Most definitely, you cannot achieve world peace or great health just by attending meetups or hanging out with someone who has individualistic values.

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Why Canadians Ask “Where Are You From?”

A very odd questions that I usually encounter from strangers and peers is, “Where are you from?” I have been thinking about why they ask this question because I am finding that some Canadians are not nice people although they profess that they are. Actually, some of them are doing really weird things including workplace abuse and rape while camouflaging their bad behaviour with nice behaviour. I have experienced workplace abuse and rape while living in Canada, which is how I had an opportunity to observe the behaviour of the abusers. In one instance, an abuser harassed me at workplace; and, then he followed up with a friendly hello while offering me a candy. Anyways, I stopped working at that office because my complaint was not formally reviewed and considered due to their gang dynamics and ignorance of relevant policies.

I used to answer the question, “Where are you from?” because I thought that the Canadians were curious people and it is okay to reply back properly. However, all that changed after two particular events.

Incidence 1: Some years ago, I visited America and lived with Americans for some while. I was utterly shocked when I saw an American therapist dressed in her traditional ethnic clothes as she worked from her clinic. My first question was, “Do other Americans consider visiting her now that she is wearing her traditional clothes?” She told me that the Americans she has been interacting with are nice and accepting people. I felt a stab through my heart when I realized that it is in Canada, a country that prides itself to be multicultural, that I have to make sure no one sees me in my traditional clothing. I came across more Americans when I visited the mall and attended an event. I found them to be nice people. Then it hit me that Canadians complain a lot about Americans. Is it true? Are Americans really as bad as some of these Canadians are desperately trying to portray? Now that Trump has been elected and has been in office for some while, some things about America have changed for the worst.

Incidence 2: I came across a very talented American professor who reviewed my work and commended me rather beautifully. I was super-shocked for many years at what he said because I have not heard this kind of praise from most of the extremely privileged and well-educated Canadians who belong to the academic setting—this excludes a couple of well-known poets who are not from the academic setting and who have commended me well on my performances and works. Reality is that I find the environment offered by Canadian academic institutions very oppressive—sure there is a small number of professors and teachers who will always stand against mistreatment of students. Saying all this, I still remember being told by a Biology professor, “But this is just one paper”, when I asked him what he really thought about my Research Thesis—this happened at University of Toronto. He attempted to marginalize me instead of encouraging me. People like him are the reason why I am not pursuing a PhD in Sciences. And, I think today the world is facing a freaky crisis like Coronavirus because geniuses like me are constantly being abused by Canadians and thus they are forced to leave their studies. Read Canada’s Undiscovered Geniuses.

Today, I am thinking back to all of this. Canada is actually dangerously racist. My experience tells me that they love harming coloured people inside academic institutions and workplaces. As I thought more and more about everything, this answer formed and kept banging against my head until I decided to write this post.

Premise 1: Canada is an extremely racist country. These two article state that Canadians are more racist than Americans. Read “Study Proves Canada Is Actually More Racist Than The United States” and Canada’s race problem? It’s even worse than America’s.

Premise 2: Canadians play it nice while interacting; but, this attitude is compelling some people to become insane or feel very distraught and neglected. Read Why Canadian “Niceness” Is Unhealthy.

Conclusion: Therefore, it is clear to me that most Canadians ask, “Where you are from?” because they are assuming things or deciding whom to torture. Once, I was warned by a friend that certain people are talking at my back about my headscarf—which I have removed in self defense so that it may become easier for me to manage ongoing discrimination—and that I should avoid talking to them. Basically, I was asked not to be nice to them when the entire office was playing it nice.

Okay! Canada sounds very bizarre right!

A lot of Canadians do not stop probing if you hint to them that you are not interested in answering this question. Instead, they ask the same question differently, “We are Canadians. It helps to know where you are really from? Everyone here is from somewhere. You know what I mean.” See how confusing this sounds! I strongly advice everyone to ignore such questions as these are not serious inquiries but are meant to eventually exclude you. Very frankly, so many Canadians ask me this really personal question; but, I have been invited to tea parties only by a couple of individuals who demonstrated a genuine interest in me, which showed when they said or indirectly implied, “I don’t care about your skin or religion. Let us just hang out!”

I know that if you are a Canadian, then you will definitely doubt me after completing this reading. Doubting someone is a Canadian thing to do! Actually, misconstruing someone sane as insane and someone competent as lousy is also something very Canadian. So here are two more relevant articles. Read “Where Are You From” Is Not An Innocent Question To Ask Canadians “ and “Contradictions At The Heart Of Canada’s Multiculturalism“.

The more a person is “different” from white society, the more likely the average Canadian would want them to stay away. Source: “Contradictions At The Heart Of Canada’s Multiculturalism“.

So from here onwards, I will communicate differently with Canadian UNLESS I really like the person who is talking to me.

Rule 1: I will not answer any questions regarding my ethnic background. Truth is that I am a Canadian citizen; but, I feel that Canadians do not want to accept the truth that a person who is not White or is somehow “different from white society” can be a Canadian.

Rule 2: I will doubt every generous and nice move a Canadian makes until I figure out whether he/she is genuine or a covert racist.

There you have it! Life makes more sense now.

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