Why I Love Singing

I started singing at an early age; but, I received my only formal training when I was in a Pakistani high school. We had a small girls-only choir; and, we were required to sing for all the morning assemblies and school parties—I was also heavily involved in the school’s official girls-only dance team.

I have not been to Pakistan in 20 years now. Whenever I feel down, I sing along by using some of my favourite songs—I have lots and lots of lovely ones. Singing activates some sort of odd effect inside my brain. I stay focused on my singing like a drug addict; then I dance like a hasheesh infested woman—so you must have realized that poetry is doing something even stronger than that. After a day or two have passed, my mood stays very optimistic, hot, sexy, and sensational.

Listen to some of the songs that I have sung under the title “Songs Sung & Written By Someone Else“. I will slowly add more clippers of songs here.

Here are some benefits of singing.

  1. According to Kay Norton’s “Singing and Wellbeing: ancient Wisdom and Modern Proof“, Singing brings groups together by breaking down barriers. Even very religious people who are traditionally labelled as dull sing eloquently and just like macho drug addicts.
  2. According to the article, “Music and Drugs are the Same to your Brain’s Reward Centre“, Music is like drug to the brain, which is another way singers feel high enough to sing for their audience. 
  3. According to article, “11 Surprising Health Benefits of Singing“, singing improves the posture. I have to sit or stand a specific way in order to sing. Then I have to move my hands and arms in order to guide my singing. 
  4. According to the aforementioned article, singing also strengthen confidence and communication skills.
  5. The last article also indicate that singing lower stress levels, improve alertness, and create better sleep. My brain adapts so quickly to singing that nobody ever notices that I was down just a couple of moments ago. Singing and music is how I survived teenager trauma.

When I get a crush on some guy, I experience the most stunning effects inside my mind. One such really intoxicating feeling is the need to sing and dance—it pays to be aware of the 14 phases of love. 

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Why Some Abused Canadian Employees Do Not File A Report

There are plenty of reasons why someone who has been thoroughly abused does not file a report with the Ministry of Labour

  1. They do not know or trust the Minsitry because they have never worked there. They do not have any impressions of the people who work there. They keep thinking that their file might go in wrong hands again.
  2. There is no time. They might already be stuck in a bad situation like managing family and children or just getting the job after finishing studies.
  3. They belong to a minority culture and religion. There is lots of ways of misunderstanding what is going on. For example, Mulsim women do not make pushy or ongoing eye contact with men like some Canadian employers want them to make while talking. This can be used against them to abuse them further; but, nobody is able to make note of this mistreatment.
  4. Somebody could have already lied to them and done a fake and unreliable investigation. For example, some academic organizations including Nursing schools like Humber College are doing exactly this. Read Globe and Mail’s article “Justice on Campus“. This mistreatment is not necessarily rape; it can include emotional abuse offered by some teachers in a selective manner to only some students. Because the victims have been lied to, they might already been brainwashed not to act properly. Those who are left watching also go through effects of gaslighting.

This has happened to me as well. I did not file report of being harrassed by an employer because I was in a hurry to move forward. But, this did come back to haunt me later when I needed a reference for a position. Anyways, it’s a really long story! I cannot share it here. I am sure if you were to talk to a lawyer or journalist about this, they will tell you more reasons why people do not want to file a report even after being gravely misused and misunderstood. Canada is like that; and, I believe that it is going to stay like this for a long while. Very frankly, Canada offers a very unstable work environment for coloured people, especially coloured women. If you are colored and have a job, then save up and leave Canada whenever possible. I feel Muslims also need to listen to what I am saying here. Canada is actually a very racist country; people can be easily coerced to believe lies through mainstream media. For example, read article “How Canadian Media Normalizes Islamophobia” to see how Muslims are being targeted by the mainstream media. One key figure Canadian media uses repeatedly is Tarek Fateh who keeps lying about how Islam allows for rape and sex slavery by using scholars who are not well-recognized or by contorting or removing the real context behind a story. I have read some Islamic texts during my spare time. Slavery and rape are not allowed in Islam. PERIOD. It’s prohibited according to the Quran and the words of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). I believe that it is due to weird people like Tarek Fateh that Canadian Muslims are facing Islamophobia and hate crimes.

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My Lucid Dream Provides Proof That Men Want To Be Desired

I had a lucid dream on March 08, 2019 in which I met a male dream character who frankly said to me, “Oh! So you want to pursue me”. Read “The Date That Almost Blew My Cover!

I was thinking why he said to me. So today, I read the article, “A sex therapist shares some very surprising truths about men’s desire“.

Yes. One of the things that stood out very strongly to me throughout my research is that men want to feel desired — they want to feel wanted by their female partner. Source: “A sex therapist shares some very surprising truths about men’s desire

Did you know that in Islam, women are allowed to propose to men and it is not just the men proposing to the women. Not many people know this Islamic teaching. I feel this teaching is there because it increases the likelihood of marriage. Apparently, if the woman proposes first, then the man will feel desired; this will increase the probability of her getting married to the man of her choice.

I cannot believe that my lucid dream showed me this! Do you know that the man in this dream is actually a real guy? Does this dream mean that I am supposed to be married to him; that he likes me; or that I like him? What does it actually mean? I don’t know yet. I had repeat dreams about this person. Around 3 or 4 times, I had lucid sex with him, which just started on its own without my realization of the beginning of its occurence. This is very rare. Of course! I had lucid dream sex with dark entities that do not have faces or one or two real men; but, the ones that involve real men usually fade away after a single occurrence. Having sex 3 or 4 times with a male dream character that looks like a real guy is actually a very high and rare number. During my dreams, I have also talked to him; walked with him; travelled with him; held a child (angel) in his presence; and, read with him. This is why I am thinking if this permissible act of dreaming is taking place because destiny is supposed to allow us to be married. I met him briefly at “The Parliament of World’s Religions” some months ago; but, he is from a different country. If he is not supposed to be with me, then that’s great because then I will learn how to get over my crush. For now, instead of bugging myself to find this answer, I am busy allowing myself to roam around during my dreams. I think that allowing your dreams to wander should removes repeat stimuli unless the stimuli is supposed to become real.

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How Victims of Abuse Can Move Forward Safely

These are tips that I have learned while learning how to move forward from abusive workplaces or relationships.

  1. Give yourself time. Go slow. Do not rush or do something rash.
  2. Listen to your close friends or those who are going through similar hardships.
  3. Express yourself genuinely by sharing with trustworthy folks or writing about it.
  4. Take prescription medication if necessary. In my case, I was able to move forward without medication because I know how to use lucid dreams and because I chose to drink recommended does of Aloe Vera Whole Leaf juice instead.
  5. Make genuine friends, both males and females. Don’t cut someone from your friendship circle due to gender because opposite gender knows a lot of helpful things that your gender don’t know. Connecting with members of the opposite gender should help you relate well to your needs as well, which can help you realize your weaknesses and strengths in a safe manner.
  6. Sleep for at least 8 hours routinely.
  7. Exercise regularly.
  8. Distract yourself by enrolling in a program or a course.
  9. Find a hobby.
  10. Help someone else out through social media or by meeting in real life. This should help you take mind off your worries.
  11. Use lucid dreaming techniques to sleep better. You can visit a whole lot of places by using dreams. I love it when my dreams let me ride in aeroplanes or helicopters. I can do this all for free. Do you have any idea how that feels!
  12. If you are not married or not in a relationship, then try lucid dream sex. It improves mood and helps you become more focused. I am Muslim; and, I definitely engage in Lucid Dream sex. Do not feel that doing so will somehow break your personal boundaries because it can’t do that. Dream characters are very smart and sensitive entities. If your mind wanders in doubt about this, the dreams will disappear on their own.  This is why in Islam we are told that “the pen is lifted while one is asleep“.
  13. Block negative thoughts by distracting yourself.
  14. Learn abusers’ mentality and don’t add anyone of that sort in your close circle of friends. Read “Regeneration“.
  15. Meditate in a safe place. Close your eyes. Breath in and out until you are relaxed. Now think of your favourite person or best memory. Imagine you are rowing towards that person or memory.
  16. Forgive and forget. If you are having trouble forgiving, then do something constructive such as build a support group or write a book about your experience. Forgetting is easy!
  17. Enjoy your favourite activity. For me, playing with nature is very important. I spend a lot of time in the Water Park during summer. Martial Arts is also very important for me because I can think more clearly this way. So, no matter how hard or different this activity seems to you after the abuse, still do it.
  18. Listen to music but don’t overdo this. Manage your urge to listen to too much music.
  19. Don’t watch too much TV. Do exercise or dancing instead to feel good.
  20. You will become hazy if your trauma hits you back. Manage your time well. I use alarms to wake up; I have an agenda book at home and a smaller one in my purse; and, I use the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize my tasks.

All these activities should help you manage your self-esteem, confidence, mood, and morale. If you did all of these, then moving forward should be easy. Trust me! this gets easier over time.

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Should Foreigners Be Choosing Canada for Stay or Business?

Canada uses a lot of money from foreigners. They bring wealthy foreigners here under false promises of a great future; and, they also make them invest in Canadian products and services. Reality is that even I was brought here through cunning marketing schemes that sold Canada to my family by telling us that we will have a great life there. But, I have been abused so many times over 20 years. Unbelievable!

Canadian system is a COMPLETE FAIL. A lot of Canadians I have come across fail to document severe abuse that is taking place inside academic organizations and workplaces; instead they only notice the abusers’ titles before they help the abusers throw the victim(s) out of the office—this experience is similar to murdering or raping someone. Some Canadians, especially White people, are extremely abusive; and, they talk like they own the entire planet although they are very ignorant of other cultures. I was stunned when I read that Vancouver’s Real Estate is being run by the Chinese. I was surprised when I heard this because I have been observing how Chinese people are being mistreated inside Canada. One thing that I have seen about some White people is that they raid you with their abusive and pushy behaviour; wait for your feelings and emotions to get all tied up; and, then laugh at you further or contort you further when your words or behaviour don’t come out so well. Actually, this is the type of joke that is being played over and over again. A Chinese friend of mine was mistreated by a senior professional who belonged to the Events Industry; thus, I felt forced to note this here. I am sure this kind of abuse is common towards coloured people; and, that even some coloured people also abuse other coloured individuals this way because doing so helps them fit into some existing lens! This is because some people are being sanitized to work a certain way. See this movie about how some Canadians obtain sexual consent. You will see what I mean by “being conditioned a certain way”. All this abuse is a group thing! This kind of hoax is pulled at unsuspecting foreigners on routine basis. For example, when I got here from Pakistan, I used to think that every race make up just one unit simply because racism is not taught in Islam—did Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) propagate this message because he knew that racism causes mental illnesses? But, in Canada I was taught the concept of  racism and how White people are better than other races. This idea was slowly and painstakingly drilled into my head by Canadians—this is an example of mental and emotional abuse that occurs daily in Canada.

Canada needs to make up her mind! They need to either stop calling foreigners to their country; or they need to learn and respect their culture. I am using “they” to refer to Canadians; and, I am using the word Canada to indicate that it’s a very very very bad country. I am doing this because Canadian media is made up mostly White people; and, Canada is a very colour-coded and racist country. I have no clue what kind of people are living in this country? I personally don’t have a strong feeling of belonging even if I have some great friends; I am forced to navigate through my career by making a list of people (abusers/bullies) with whom I should never connect. I feel stranded in Canada; and, I cannot sleep so well knowing that I live next to animals. I have learned over time that they only take our money and resources; and, then leave us at some psychiatrist’s office or on the streets.

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Should Pakistan Be Allowed To Harass Peace Activists?

On Jan 28th 2019, I had the following dream. I have posted a picture of my cellphone recorder to show you the date. Oh! if this audio does not run in Firefox, run it in a different browser. At my end, Firefox is not running this audio for some unknown reason but Opera is.

On Jan 28 2019, I saw this dream. See the date next to recording titled “craig-prophecy”.

On Feb 15 2019, Dr. Craig Considine posted on his Twitter that he received an email from WordPress that stated that Pakistan is considering banning his website. You can see this tweet by visiting Craig’s Twitter account and reviewing tweets published on Feb 15 2019.

I personally feel very offended by this. I feel that Craig’s intentions are being misunderstood simply because he is associated, to some extent, with the Ahmadiyah sect. So countries like Pakistan are willing to declare his content as “blasphemous” while ignoring the fact that he is advocating for Interfaith Dialogue and World Peace. I feel such stands against peace activists are damaging our societies in a grave manner. The government officials are public servants; and, they need to learn to listen and create dialogue instead of controlling choices and making decisions.

Saying all this, let me briefly review the contents of this dream. When it comes to heroes/idols, you can easily get relevant dreams given that you are reading something the dream character wrote or you are interested in their work. But, you won’t always be able to nail what exactly is going on until you find proof about it. Nevertheless, you should still get unsettled and start scanning that person’s social media site or the news for noteworthy news. There will be times when dreams will tell you what exactly is going on. For example, I dreamt of the murder of a well-known American journalist before “Reporters Without Borders” published in their Worldwide Round-up report. Read “Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous For Journalists“.

Once, a Muslim woman told me that she firmly believes that people cannot see the future and only the Prophets can. I thought about her statement and recalled reading a saying by Prophet Mohammad, which went something along these lines, in one of the books: “Followers/People have 1/24 of the vision of the Prophets.” Source: “Time Travel and Prophethood”

Dreams thus teach you about real life and how to proceed. Incredibly intelligent dream entities are there to guide you. My dream is pointing to the danger that the Muslim-Christian lobby will be injured if Craig is forced to leave. The way it is doing this is as follows: I am a Muslim and I am watching all this; Craig is a Christian and he is wrapping up Biblical images. So the dream is pointing to the Muslim-Christian relationships. This dream tells me that there is a strong need to forget religious or sectarian differences and join hands to create world peace.

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At What Age Did I Start Writing?

I wrote my first article when I was around 15 years old. It was an opinion article and a much needed entry for my personal journal. I wrote this while I was studying in Pakistan. Mind you, this is around 20 years old news! I was upset about a news story about abuse of a local woman; so I got heated enough to let all my thoughts out.  Some friends of mine read the article as well. Soon—and I do not know how—the word got to my English teacher, Rukhshanda. She found me; took my journal from my hand by force; and, locked it in the Principal’s office. I was pretty young back then so I just became very scared and sullen. I did not protest about what was going on; but, I promised myself that I will get away from such situations in the future so that I may write again. I still think that my teacher did a very filthy thing. The only queer thing about that article was that it was filled with my thoughts about an atrocity that my mind could not fathom. And, my English teacher could not handle the fact that one of her top students had decided to find her voice—I feel like vomiting. Rukhshanda was not a bad woman though—I mean when my periods started while I was at a field trip, she immedialty took care of me

Anyways, I grew up watching how some Pakistani people push their children and even their friends’ children to achieve perfection. But, when someone is special enough to deliver exceptional results, they make that person sound odd and dumb. Even some of my relatives point out to me that I should not be writing or reading poetry. One of my male relatives said to me, “If you need to do all this, then do it at home”. I decided to pay no attention to all of this; however, I feel that it is still having some impact on my activities. This is why I am noting this here on the web so that I may have a more real reminder in front of me.

To summarize all this, I learned how to write creatively at an early age. Furthermore, I even learned how to read at an early age. My mom has told me that when I was a toddler, I could read some words from the TV screen. She used to get so surprised when she would hear me speak these words—no wonder, I even poty trained my older sibling. I have been fighting all my life to make room for my writing. And, I intend to do this in the future as well. All this is beyond incredible, don’t you think so.

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How Trauma Stays With The Victims For Longer

Traumatic memories are always going to bother the victims simply because it is easier to remember traumatic events. For instance, someone who has been attending University of Toronto might realize that the colored people are not allowed or discouraged from being part of the faculty. Quite frankly! You should count how many White people are teaching in Canadian universities or colleges that are based in cities that have lots of colored people—such as Brampton and Mississauga. The halls of University of Toronto Mississauga Campus are filled with Brown people. When I was studying at this campus some years ago, it was actually referred to as the “Brown Campus”. But, how many of these graduates are graduating to become teachers at this university? I know that some of these graduates have learned to flee from the academia and that they have learned this in a group setting. I can easily state this because I know a few of these ambitious graduates. I also know that even after years have passed, they fail to apply to any jobs that are offered by the Canadian academic organizations. In some cases, the trauma that is felt by watching people of same skin color being excluded from teaching positions is really that deep. I find this knowledge very interesting because I can clearly see why Canada fails to utilize the talent that she has created with so much talent. Talk about twisted bonds! LOL! I personally think that they are doing the right thing as they walk away. According to Simona Chiose’s article “Justice on Campus”, Canadian universities hush around 90% of the abuse cases, which I think allows abusers to stay and mingle with the rest. So like my friends say, “If you are away from such people, then you aren’t missing out much”.

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How To Deal With A Narcissist?

Is it okay to open your doors to an entire community because some members of that community have treated you properly?

Well! I learn from my example. True! I am Muslim; and, I know many Muslims. It’s true that Islam requires giving charity and praying, which should heal narcissism to some extent. Even then, I have come across some very manipulative Muslims who I believe are narcissists because their intentions aren’t correct even when they are giving charity or saying their prayers. Such narcissists toy with vulnerable folks like their own children while appearing trustworthy and religious—they are usually surrounded by other people who fully believe in them because they don’t know that they are dealing with covert narcissists or because they are afraid of them. I feel that we no longer live in an open and welcoming world anymore.

Here are some helpful videos about how to handle Narcissists.

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“Long-term narcissistic abuse can cause brain damage”

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