Is There Any Point of Holding Peace Conferences in Abu Dubai or UAE?

I just watched a Peace conference that just took place in Abu Dubai, “Fifth Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies” (video 1, video 2, video 3). In Video 2, Manal Mohammad Omar who is the CEO of “Across Red Lines USA” stated, “Extremists target women as perpetrators and as victims. One of the things that destabilizes a community is to destabilize the women who are usually the backbone of the community. The way this can be countered is to integrate women from the very beginning into all phases whether it is economic, security, nation building, and especially at the time of transition.”

Nice words! I already know that this is the answer simply because I was never integrated really well in Canada. I struggled a lot to achieve whatever I could achieve; and, I can see how my lack of knowledge is directly related to Canada’s inability to properly integrate qualified and talented colored women. A White friend of mine got a job after crying at an interview; and, I was not given a job because a male interviewer complained that I was not making “sufficient” eye contact. The reality is that I did make eye contact with him even when I was under pressure to make eye contact with everyone else at a panel interview. This male interviewer tried deleting an entire situation from my mind by gaslighting me. He told me that I will be working with him; and, thus I should be making eye contact with him. I felt that he wanted me to think that he was more important than the other interviewers; and, that is why he was trying to find a way to chide me. What if he was thinking of forcing me to do something later on! I mean making eye contact during sex is also very important; and, Canadian corporate companies tend to shove a whole lot of stuff about assaults and abuse under the rug. These kinds of sadistic moves are very common in Canada.

Now let us discuss how Manal’s warm words lack meaning inside my mind! According to Wikipedia, Princess Latifa is the daughter of the Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. #FreeLatifa campaign is being run by the “UAE Civil and Criminal Justice Specialists”. According to the official website of #FreeLatifa campaign, Princess Latifa dissapeared on March 4th 2018 with the help of a French businessman and former navy officer Hervé Jaubert. She was caught with the help of the Indian Coast Guards and returned to Abu Dubai. The court issued a very brief statement that she is okay at her home, which is what tells me that we are dealing with someone who is highly narcissistic in nature. You can read some of my commentary in the blog post, “Please Help! Princess Latifa Of Dubai Is In Extreme Danger Please Help! Princess Latifa Of Dubai Is In Extreme Danger“. In this post, I have left a link to the “Human Rights Watch” page that discusses how women are mistreated in UAE.

Here are two quotes that tell you what this Princess thinks of the ruler of Abu Dubai and Prime Minister of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

“I’ve been mistreated and oppressed all of my life,” she wrote one day, according to an email shared by Jaubert. “Women are treated like subhumans. My father … can’t continue to do what he’s been doing to us all.” Source: Missing Emirati princess ‘planned escape for seven years’

He’s the most evil person I’ve ever met in my life. He’s pure evil. There’s nothing good in him. He’s responsible for so many people’s deaths and ruining so many people’s lives.

He doesn’t care about anyone. Source: Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Princess Dubai Royal Family Full Video.

OK! I think that all the Peace conferences and meetings that are held in UAE from here onwards should invite the princesses and any other female members of the Royal Family and should involve them in discussions about Women Rights. Obviously after reading about Princess Latifa’s condition, I am not going to sit and derive lots of lessons from Abu Dubai’s Peace conferences.

Lastly, I must comment that Manal’s words were still a bit comforting. I mean it is very hard for colored women to be properly integrated and be respected in Canada; and, that is how Canadian communities and society are very unstable in nature. So it still helps to listen to what a foreigner is telling you.

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My Visit to Toronto 2018 Parliament of World’s Religions

My Story

Here are two reasons why I went to The Parliament of World’s Religions Toronto 2018 event.

Several years ago, when I was still in my twenties, I met a wonderful Chinese-Canadian woman. I was fresh from Pakistan where I had lived in a city that did not had Internet or libraries. I only had access to books from my school and one bookstore. That is all I had! As a result of this, I was not educated in Politics, Religions, and Global Issues. The only thing I learned in some detail was Islam and how Islam ties all humans as one brotherhood by declaring anti-racist statements. My Chinese-Canadian friend introduced me, just a little bit, to her religion Buddhism as well as some political issues. Our hearts were pure and young; and, we really loved and trusted each other. I wanted to learn from her; and, I promised her that one day I will make time to learn these things. However, I lost contact with her some years ago because she ran away from her hometown due to domestic abuse—she had always made sure that I never saw or met her close family members except for one uncle (safer person) because she was very scared of them and she did not want me to mix with them for some reason. She hid her plan to leave from me because she did not want me to feel any pain or injury; and, instead of telling me what was going to happen, she treated me to dinner and a heartfelt chat the night after she left forever. It was heartbreaking to lose someone so awesome! But, I needed to keep the promise I made with her simply because I felt that doing so is an appropriate way of celebrating a champion like L.C. She was telepathic just like me. I still remember doing a reading with her while sitting outside the North Building of University of Toronto Mississauga. She used to say, “Arzoo, let more and more people see you. They will fall in love with you”. She did a complete makeover of my thoughts and behaviour through her generous company and comments. L.C. is the reason why I find the current fights that are taking place between the Muslims and Buddhists meaningless.

The second reason for attending this transformative event is one of my lucid dreams. On Oct 28, I wrote the post “Dream of ‘Breaking Bread’ With Friends” in which I discussed how I dreamt of meeting Dr. Craig Considine and some of his friends. This lucid dream took place some months before Oct 28; my precognitive dreams can take place several months and rarely some years before they are actually fulfilled. After seeing this dream, I felt sure that I will meet some great speakers at this particular event; and, that I must not miss. As a result of all this struggle, this dream was actualized on Nov 03 and I wrote about on this on Nov 04.

Please journey further with me and learn about this spectacular event!

Morning Assemblies

Indigenous Peoples’ Assembly

Cree Nation’s National Chief Perry Bellegarde discussed five elements of self-identification: languages, lands, laws, people, and government. He said that language is vital for identity; and, that the Aboriginal nations have both rights and responsibilities. He stressed that there are two laws in Canada: Civil Law and Common Law. But, there is a third law that must be recognized: Creators Law/Natural Law/First Nations Law.

Margaret Lokawua of “Women Environmental Conservation Project” reviewed the sexual rights and health issues of indigenous women. She commented that the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) is essential for protecting and empowering of Indigenous women. She said that the women can revitalize their indigenous community, which includes working on existing problems including environmental issues.

Dr. Wilton Littlechild stated that there is a strong need to pay attention to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). He mentioned that there is a strong need for justice and reconciliation for the victims of the residential schools. Some principles of reconciliation that were identified by Dr. Littlechild are 1) UNDRIP;  2) constitutional and treaty rights of  First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people; 3) reconciliation through sharing, apology, and commemoration; action to address destructive impacts on Aboriginal society; 4) and revitalization and integration of the Aboriginal cultural revitalization, knowledge systems, histories, and laws.

The “Countering War, Hate & Violence” Assembly

Rev. Dr. Shanta D. Premawardhana mentioned that religion shares love and inclusion, which is failing because extremists are using religions as tools to meet their own needs. He said that we can overcome this by exploring different traditions and religions. He said that he has taken his organization, OMNIA, to Northeastern Nigeria where he and his team has built 52 interfaith peacemaking teams. These groups are able to build power so that they can act collaboratively while working with those in the margins and building the contextual theologies that comes from below (not “top-down” but “bottom-up”).

Father Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam discussed several aspects of World Peace. One such facet around which peace is centered is human dignity. He said that humans have the right to live; right to have bodily integrity; right to have access to means needed for development including food, clothing, shelter, health care, rest, and social services.

Sakeena Yakubi, Founder and Executive Director of the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) and Afghanistan’s mother of education, shared a picture of the Afghanistan that existed around 40 years ago. She stated that 40 years ago,  Afghanistan was a beautiful and peaceful country. Afghanis could go anywhere they wanted to without feeling scared. They trusted everyone and everybody; thus they were free and fully enjoyed their freedom. But war has destroyed everything. Afghanis don’t trust others anymore because every day they have to deal with bomb threats and murders.


The “Faith and Interfaith: From Grassroots to Global” Plenary

Emcee Tarunjit Butalia introduced the plenary by offering greetings from various religions of this world. Some of the salutations included Native American greeting “To-hi-du-lit” (Good Peace of mind, body, and spirit); Jewish greeting “Shalom” (Hello, Peace); Baha’i greeting “Allah O’ Abha” (God is the most glorious); Hindu greeting “Namaste” (I salute the divinity in you); Islamic greeting “Assalam-u-Alaikum (May the peace and blessings of God be upon you); and, Christian greeting “This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it”.

Valarie Kaur of the “Revolutionary Love project” shared that she has always wanted her daughter to inherit a nation where women are believed. She stated that in the US a global trend is on the rise: far-right movements now have power and they are threatening democracy and human rights including women rights. She said that every day she asks the same question: “What if this darkness is not the darkness of the tomb but the darkness of the womb. What if America is not dying but waiting to be born. What if a new world is waiting to be born?”

His Excellency, Cardinal Blasé Cupich, started his speech by bringing up the shooting that took place at the Tree of Life synagogue of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 27, 2018. He called for the healing of the victims of this shooting by emphasizing that people of all faiths are joined together in solidarity for this Anti-Semitic act. He noted that the younger generation is playing a crucial role in creating change in the society. He further reviewed how the world is using wars to settle conflicts; and, how it cares less about what is being left for the future generation while collecting all the reaped profits. Then, Cardinal Blasé Cupich continued discussing that the current economy, environment, and politics must be changed with the help of this world’s religions.

The Closing Plenary

John Troy, Mayor of Toronto, addressed the Closing Plenary with the message that underlying values of religions are the same; and, they have to do with treating people with dignity, respect, humanity, and compassion. He stressed the importance of bringing people together in this world where some people are trying to divide, cause conflict, and cause something that is worse than ideological or faith related conflict.

Bob Rae mentioned that we need to fully realize how destructive and terrible the power of hate is; and, we also need to understand the tragedy that religion has been used to give rise to as much hate as it has given to love. We have to fight and we must challenge those who are using faiths as instruments of hate and destruction.

Larry Greenfield stated that Religions of World must reverse the ways of tolerating inequality wherever it appears; discrimination on basis of race and gender; any other violations of human dignity; mistreatment of animals; destruction of Earth’s resources; and other movements that channel these processes.


Lecture 1: Citizen Engagement: How Democracies Can Thrive in the Age of Populism

Speaker: John Ralston Saul

During his lecture, “Citizen Engagement: How Democracies Can Thrive in the Age of Populism”, John Ralston Saul provided some context that is required for one to become an engaged citizen. He said that the citizen is the source of legitimacy of state. It is not the constituency because emperors can lose their power if they are unable to help the people. Then, he compared nationalism, populism, and democracy. He stressed that the Citizen Model allows people to clean up the corruption by granting them power to do so.

Lecture 2: Faiths Rising with Global, Local Multi-Faith Environmental Leadership: Connecting with GreenFaith

Speakers: Fletcher Harper, Irene Woodard, Estrella Sainburg, Malik Saafir, Rev. Dr. Neddy Astudillo, Gopal Patel, Kyle Lemel, and Nana Firman.

Green Faith interfaith coalition addresses environmental issues holistically. They discussed how they are building new policies, resources, and tools that will allow people of faith to act as engaged activists who are ready to change the environment. The speakers reviewed some religious teachings to show critical role of religion in saving the environment. They further discussed how Green Faith achieves its objectives by coordinating several campaigns and mobilizations ; e.g., “The Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice” that took place in New York in Sep, 2018.

Lecture 3: An Offering of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad to the Christians of the World in the 21st Century

Speakers: Charles Upton, John Andrew Morrow, Jennifer Doane Upton, Abdul Malik Mujahid, and Craig Considine

The speakers are part of the Covenants Initiative that seeks to tell the world about how Prophet Mohammad of Islam formed covenants to protect the Christians. The speakers challenged the current Christians to oppose Islamophobia because the current Muslims are opposing how ISIS is slaughtering Christians and Muslims. One of the speakers quoted Prophet Mohammad: “And even as they honor and respect me, so shall Muslims care for [the Christians] as being under our protection and whensoever any distress or discomfort shall overtake them, Muslims shall hold themselves in duty bound to aid and care for them, for they are a people subject to my Nation, obedient to their word, whose helpers also they are”. To listen to the full lecture, click here.

You can visit the official website of Parliament of World’s Religions here; Twitter Account Updates and Live Feeds are available here.

I took some photos with the help of my cellphone simply because I broke my camera, Samsung Digital Camera (pink color), a while ago. Here is the movie of the event. Please enjoy!

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Are Muslims Really Against the West?

I have seen some interesting arguments by some Islamophobes about how Muslims hate their world. The reality is the Muslims don’t hate their world and that they are just following some religious documents to make their afterlife a better place. You must have heard that Muslims hate songs and singers as well. Reality is that they don’t hate them although there is a prohibition about what kind of material needs to be conveyed. That prohibition does not have to be always conveyed through governments; and, it can still boil down to personal level. There are also levels of faith that a human displays throughout their lifespan. Even Quran clearly states that the humans will have lower faith at some times and then better faith some other times. It is actually talking about quests of the self and change at a personal level and then at the societal level given that the people want that change. In essence, all these are things that are also, to some extent, conveyed by other religions. Pointing fingers at Muslims is becoming easy now because of how the mainstream media is brainwashing people. But if you review history, you will find many examples of Muslims rescuing people of other faiths and cultures. The movie, “Free Man” is a rare find! According to Wikipedia, it shares the story of a Jew Singer, Selim (Simon) Halali, who was rescued by Muslims during the German occupation (1940-1944). Pretty interesting! There are lots of channels out there that are bent on defaming Mulsims; they do not discuss historic stuff like the role of Muslims during the Holocaust. And, this is doing great damage to existing interfaith activities, which should prove chaotic in the long run. For example, how many of you have heard of the organization, Green Faith? Do you know that this interfaith organization is trying to cause climate change by using the religious and spiritual communities? Do you know that Islam is the second largest religion in Canada; and the second largest religion in the world? According to the Pew Research Centre, Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious community; and, that in 2070, Islam will become the largest religion across the entire globe. How are they supposed to achieve this without spreading in the West? You must have heard the statement that Muslims are never going to help their situation. You must have! But, do you know that even psychopaths can heal? And, most Muslims are not psychopaths because they are required to perform the process of “Earthing” through prayers. So how do I know that the Muslims of this world are never going to recognize that they are being targeted by certain people, organizations, and governments; and, that they need to band together with like-minded folks to do something about this? Saying all this, are you really sure if Muslims are targeting the West?

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Watch Out! Journalists Around the Globe Are In Extreme Danger

Around a year ago, I had an odd dream; and, I told myself that I will investigate this slowly. I went slowly because the guy I dreamt about was and is still alive and well. Before I narrate this dream to you, I must comment that I had dreams of protests, bloodshed, and war zones (specifically Iraq and Afghanistan) before. These dreams are warnings of events that are actually taking place or will take place in the future; and, they do bother me during sleep and while I am awake. I have seen a real angel, Angel of Death, in my sleep a couple of times. This is how I can have dreams of death. I have a female relative and a female friend who demonstrated the same ability, which is how I know that my mind isn’t just spooking out and giving me nightmares. Another way, I know that everything is okay with these dreams is that I get them when I think about two of my favourite American authors. I think that Angel of Death gets attracted to creative people faster. This is what I saw:

I was watching some famous American journalists mingle with the rest at a protest in America. Suddenly, there was some sort of chaos that erupted, the source of which I did not fully catch. I remember that I felt that some people, maybe it was the cops, were using guns to injure journalists. I was hiding somewhere; and, I peeked at the scene every now and then. Then I screamed in fear as I saw dead body of a well-known American journalist and writer. He was dead; and, he looked very peaceful. I woke up soon after this dream.

I wanted to drop this guy an email about my dream; but, then I kept thinking that I also get dreams that show only some elements of reality. Another fact that daunted me was that I have never met him in real life. Thus, he did not knew anything about my character; and, I did not knew anything about his character. Can I really offer any commentary about my strong telepathic experiences without establishing trust? No! So I started checking his social media regularly; and, I am glad that he is still alive and well. Today, I found the video “Deadly Year for Journalists” on AJ+; and, realized that the rest of the journalists were in danger too. I think that that is what the dream was actually trying to convey.

If you are a journalist or are friends with one or some of them, kindly watch out for them. I feel something bad is going on; and, I am sincerely hoping that people will get to the root of this organized crime soon.

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Marriage Of Princess Jodha With King Akbar: History Tells You That Manner of Conduct Can Confuse People

I have watched the movie “Jodha Akbar” a couple of times simply because that era still fascinates me a bit. Princess Jodha, or Mariam-uz-Zamani, was a Rajput, just like me. She was offered in marriage to King Akbar to protect her father’s kingdom. I don’t like this about some of the Rajput men of that time. Some of them did not knew how to protect their kingdom; and thus many Rajput princesses were offered to Akbar. I believe that Akbar was a very confusing man because he called himself Muslim but had more than 4 wives, which he took through political pressure. Note that 4 wives are allowed to Muslim men but this requires free and aware consent from each woman. The idea behind this ruling is to dodge ball issues like “protecting divorced women” or “having children when the first wife cannot reproduce”. This is why despite this ruling, having a monogamous relationship is preferred given the current state of affairs and how just the man really is.

By marrying many Rajput princesses, King Akbar destroyed his name in history. He did two things that fall under the category of “Abuse and Groom” that lead to “Stockholm Syndrome”. First, he did not let these women play any political role in his court.

Akbar took many Rajput princesses in marriage. The rajas had much to gain from the link to imperial family. Akbar made such marriages respectable for Rajputs.[20] However, it is noteworthy that Akbar’s Rajput wives (including Mariam-uz-Zamani) did not play any political role in the Mughal court. Source: Wikipedia.

Secondly, he allowed the Hindu women to practise Hinduism.

Akbar did not convert any of his Hindu wives to Islam and permitted the Hindu inmates of his harem to perform their rituals in the palace, and even participated in them sometimes. Source: Wikipedia.

This is the usual “Abuse and Groom” phase that can cause “Stockholm Syndrome”.

In contrast, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was a very different man who practiced a completely different path. For instance, he married women and gave them status during the times when women and girls used to be buried alive and sold in marriages. Islam gave them the right to have education, job, property, vote, and be politically involved (article 1, article 2). Some text state that Mohammad had polygamous relationships with around 13 wives; only wife Aisha was a virgin woman. Other text suggest that Mohammad did not had polygamous relationships but his marital affairs were monogamous in nature. In addition, Aisha was around 20 years old when she consented to marry Mohammad. Add to this the fact that Mohammad looked and appeared young because he was lucid in nature; I know this from experience because I am lucid too and thus I look younger as well.

So, this debate is over! Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was a better man than King Akbar. I am going back to finish the rest of my tasks!

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Some Canadian Muslim Men Are Abusing Muslim Women

Note: This is not about the Muslim men; its about men who are too rash and who thus end up participating in systemic oppression of women. I must comment that I edited this post a bit after posting it for the first time. Its just that I wasn’t thinking clearly after this incidence; and, I had to talk to two of my close friend in order to get over this blow. Then, I added some important missing information to this post. As I write this, I am asking myself, “Where are the Forgotten Femmes going to go if men kept pushing me away from workplaces like this? I mean this society isn’t run by women alone.” And, know that I am speaking from experience. I am a survivor of domestic and workplace abuse; that is how I can read into abusers’ moves.

Some Canadian Muslim men—and, some non-Muslim men—are abusing Canadian Muslim women very thoroughly. I say “Canadian Muslim women” and not “some Canadian Muslim women” because hurting one means hurting the rest by collapsing a part of one’s network. Obviously, this also means that they are hurting non-Muslim women as well. For example, a potential employer just asked me out after only one job interview; one brief telephone conversation about work; and, some precise text messages that are not intimate or romantic in nature. I felt hassled because I was partially under his control since he was interested in working with me. I cannot discuss the entire situation here but sometimes he sounded pushy; and, he also asked some questions that don’t quite belong within the context he was pretending to operate. For example, he texted me, “Let me know if you need anything until you get the job”. His questions/comments were designed to cue me to talk further and open up about some of my personal circumstance until he felt cozy about stating what he had to state. This is an example of “control through economic means and male privilege”. See “Power and Control Wheel”. Again, he did this rather quickly and after seeing me only once—unfortunately, I have only some of the text messages saved and no recorded telephone conversation. He vaguely conveyed that he was going to help me quickly if I ended up dating him for a bit. I felt so scared that I ended up thinking back to how two other young Muslim women had told me similar stories about themselves. Those two were gravely misused by some Muslim men and then let go; I was there as a “Buddy” to help both of them. I can’t imagine working next to this man now simply because of what happened or it could be because I felt that he had wrong intentions. I mean who could ask someone out so quickly? Whatever his intention was, I am not comfortable around him any further. I think I will not take the job that he was planning to offer me; and, I had to block his number so now I don’t have any access to any of his connections. I clearly see why a previous Muslim employer coerced me to take a ride with him after inviting me to have lunch with him; and, another Muslim employer asked me to meet him for an interview and portfolio review for around 5 times. I felt forced to comply by their requests. Only the second incidence was formally reported and some action was taken because some official authorities were nearby when this happened. I removed these two men from my network as well; and, I have come to a firm conclusion that I will have to keep breaking contact like this and keep looking for a job until I find some decent people to work with.  Add to this the fact that workplace abuse is becoming more common in Canada, which I now acknowledge as one of the most racist countries in this world; and, you have some crazy answers in front of you. Now, you should be able to gradually see how the victims/survivors cope with abuse; how they attempt to escape; how escape is not always possible or very difficult; and, how it becomes possible to trap, abuse, or rape them again.

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Creating Change

I just completed some through thinking today. I feel that it is time for the next set of steps for me; I had to delay this phase a bit because I was finishing my certificate in Event Management.

Over time, I have realized that I am ready for this. But, my feelings about doing this matured tremendously in one night when I got stuck with a friend in the April 2018 snow storm. I wanted to give her a ride because the streets were freezing quickly. She would have found it difficult to walk that night. But by the time we got to my car, the front, back, and window glasses got covered with frozen ice. I endured some crazy moments feeling agonized about this snow storm; glancing at my friend who was not dressed well for this; desperately cleaning the car with very cold hands; realizing that I could not do this task alone and that I had to shut my car’s engine because there was really less gas left; and, then running around for help. Two guys helped us out; and, only one of them stayed behind for long and scraped the rest of the ice from my car. Both of us ladies got back home safely. I realized that day I could achieve very challenging tasks easily if I were to put my mind to it.

Another thing that helped me mature this idea was a lucid dream. I had this dream when I was just a teenager; every now and then, I used to think about when I would get married and to whom. One day, I had a dream that I actually left at the back of my mind until today. In this dream, I was wearing a white dress and my husband was lying bleeding next to a large pond. He was crying for me; and, I was just staring at him. Today, I realized that this dream means something very important. It means men are going to die if I didn’t know what to do. I had another similar dream yesterday where I asked a voice, “What will happen if I did not help out with Human Rights related issues?” The voice showed me a scene where I saw some well-known Rights Activists being slaughtered like cows. I woke up and realized that both dreams are tying into something much bigger. I must comment that I don’t usually get nightmares; and, that I am very much versed in communicating with some very intelligent dream characters. It is a scientific fact that Dream Characters can solve all sorts of problems and they are never wrong.

I am going to start the project “Next Creatives” by creating blog posts, essays, and summaries of articles about some critical global issues. The ones that I really like are Poverty, Interfaith Dialogue, Women Rights, White Supremacy, Imperialism, Mental Health, and World Peace. So far, I have been reading about these on my own. I plan to create brief plans inside many minds by using a fragmented approach. I also plan to make a great team; and, then hold events to address these issues and connect with like minds. If you feel that you would like to connect with me and help me with these causes, then email me at  Here is the Facebook page for Next Creatives. Make sure to put a relevant subject heading like “Addressing Global Issues”. I look forward to this new phase of my life.


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Ancient Muslims Were Better Rulers

Ancient Muslims were better Muslims than the ones we observe today. Modern rulers including Imperialistic rulers are bent on creating all sorts of gaps under the guise of protection or governance. For example, a lot of money is thrown into building stronger armed forces and intimidating other countries instead of focusing on creating more durable international ties and treaties. Another instance of such oppression is the Rich Poor Gap that exists in many rich countries like Canada. All of this is done in a very clever manner so all the average joes are left singing praises of their countries. For instance, Canada is well-known for harassing citizens by expecting them to earn their wages in an unstable economy and even while having really bad circumstances like aching teeth and no healthy food. Thus, Canada is considered rich but her people are unproductive and unhappy.

I have spent lots of time learning about Islam and the West as well because I started studying at a very young age. However, I can easily state that I still know less because of the nature of my segmented education (most of the time, I study these subjects during spare time only) and the amount of reliable information that is really out there. I think of myself as a young and budding scholar. And, I am not surprised that I can still easily state that ancient Muslims were far better rulers than what we are forced to observe today. For example, when I was a teenager, I learned a story in my Pakistani “Islamic Studies” class. I learned how generous acts are mandatory in Islam and can easily open the gates of Heaven.  I was so happy to learn that the Muslim Rulers inlcuding Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and several of his close companions used to distribute their wealth after they would bring their trade processions to their homeland. This wealth was routinely distributed in the marketplace by the rulers themselves; this way, the people could access the minds and wealth of their rulers and influence their decisions. Most of the rulers would go back home with sufficient and very less money, which they needed to help their family members.

I used to feel very awed by this example because I had not seen in real life simply; this is because the rulers of my world are very greedy people. For many years, like more than 20 years, I held onto this thought because I needed to know why they did this. After reading and researching many concepts and ideas over time, I understood something vital. These Muslim traders including Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) were fitter than the rest of the population. Other people could not have been that successful in bringing thousands and thousands of camels that are loaded with real gold and valuables. So to manintain fairness and equality, i.e. to protect people who have slightly different IQ than theirs, they used to give away their wealth. Thus, their people slowly became more productive and loving in nature; and, that is how Islam became a popular religion and still is because it does not believe in the survival of the fittest. Rather, it points to the mental and physical abilities as critical definition of the humans that can still flourish really well in a healthy environment created by those who are able to do so.

Saying all this, I must comment that I can still point to some Muslims who can be considered great leaders although they are filtering information from this current world. For instance, the Army Battallion Captain who taught me a bit of the Army curriculum when I was a teenager (First Aid, Marching, Running, and Shooting), treated me like his own child. He was loving and protective of me; and, he used to make sure that I would get my rest whenever I would ask for it. His manner of speech was like that of a real mother, which is why I found it easy to intimidate him with phrases like, “If I want to, I won’t listen to you at all.” He used to laugh at all the queer stuff I could come up with because he found me funny. I studied under his supervision for around a year; and, I found it interesting to notice that he was so nice and humble despite having so many rewards and despite being able to intimidate his peers with his intelligence, strategical thinking, expertise, and emtions. So he grew me really well and taught me about choosing things properly and slowly. I feel that his manner of conduct made him a great leader although he is still nowhere near the amazing ancient examples I have studied. I think this is because those examples are from a time when information was processed differently due to circumstances.

Lastly, I must point out that the quest for power destroys the mind.  But, those of us who are reacting better when they feel loved and protective have better minds because these minds are versed in interdependence, which is a vital element of the emotion Love. Ancient Muslim Rulers had this too; and, it showed in form of covenants that are designed to protect the Christians are anyone else who chose to live in the Islamic countries.

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How God Showed me that Canada’s Economy is Slowly Collapsing

God has played a great role in making me who I am today. God brought two incidences in my life that clearly showed me that something was going wrong in Canada.

Incidence 1: Around 14 years ago, I met my ex-fiance who was a Belgian Muslim. We spent a lot of time talking to each other; and, during one of our conversations, he said that you are paying lots of money to get educated. He said that that is how you are going to have trouble moving forward. Lastly, he added that he has paid almost nothing to get an undergraduate education and then a post-graduate Plumbing certificate. He wanted to start his own business, which he must have done so by now.

Incidence 2: Around 11 years ago, I met a gentleman who had some experience working in the Middle East. He said that the housing schemes in the Middle East are way savvy and better than what we have seen in Canada. I tallied this comment with one of my childhood experiences. I remember visiting a servant’s house in Pakistan; and, I clearly recall feeling stunned in terms of how large the house was. Multiple families lived in that house so it was easy for them to pay the property tax. The house was theirs to keep; and, they said it was very easy to let their family members build and improve portions of this house. I have never observed such stability in Canada. People are stuck handling very boring and lengthy mortgage schemes.

In July 27, 2017, the Trumpet published the article “Canada’s Economy on the Verge of Collapse“. Read this article and you will notice that the first two issues that are mentioned here are the ones that I was made aware by the above-mentioned gentlemen.

Don’t feel scared about how I did this again. I am a Lucid Dreamer and a spiritual woman so there are lots of things about me that don’t fall under the “average” category.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.