Ice Breaker Question For Dating

A guy introduces his colleague, Maria, to his Muslim friend with the hope that they will end up dating. Maria decides to pose a question that will provide some experiential information. So she asks, “Do you like the hot spa? How do you prepare yourself for that? What do you wear?” The Muslim man complains…… Continue reading Ice Breaker Question For Dating

About People Who Like Butterflies

This story is about people who like butterflies. Once upon a time, a beautiful wide-winged butterfly came bouncing around and sat on a lover’s nose. Feeling surprised, he dared not move and dared not breathe for several seconds. Then the wise butterfly plucked one of the hair from his ugly nostrils and flew away. Soon…… Continue reading About People Who Like Butterflies

Challenge Questions

Some years ago, I hurriedly wrote the following challenge questions for an online form: What is this? Who are you? I lost my sheet where all the answers were; when I visited the form today, I went blank after seeing these questions. These are harder to answer because they are hitting on multiple nodes of…… Continue reading Challenge Questions

Average Joe and Cop

I write like Stephen King About Stephen King | Analyze your text Average Joe: (opens the car’s window and screams freely) Nobody knows how mysterious and frightening I really am. Cop: (stops his car) We know everything. You know what I mean! Average Joe: I am too busy to answer your questions. Cop: What do…… Continue reading Average Joe and Cop

Politician and Average Joe

I write like James Joyce About James Joyce | Analyze your text Politician: What do you do all day? Average Joe: You mean after work or school? Politician: Yeah! after all that. Average Joe: Nothing much. Read books, browse the web, and/or scare myself by watching some movies. Politician: Do you know we are watching…… Continue reading Politician and Average Joe