Old is New! Part 2

I wrote the post “Old is New” to compare Pakistani singer “Mehdi Hassan” and British band “The Boyzone”. Because I am so attracted to music, I sometimes sit and compare songs from different countries.

Here are two songs that are somehow similarI say, “somehow similar” because these artists belong to different cultures and countries and I have no idea how they are sounding like each other. In both songs, the singer is asking the one who is addressed to read into their thoughts so that they may feel content. Both are somehow putting the one who is addressed lower: Indian singer Lata says, “you are already so scared and we haven’t even started anything yet”. British singer Gordon says, “the ending is too hard to take”. In both cases, the singer is trying to impress the other person by talking about things that only the singer knows. Both singers are trashing the other person but in a very beautiful way. Lata is trashing the other person by offering a higher mental space and Gordon is trashing the other person by lowering him/her. While doing so, they are both sounding very unsettled. Despite all these similarities Lata’s song is romantic and Gordon’s song is about a breakup. Moreover, the songwriters have written the songs in such a way that they end up appearing like ghosts to their beloveds. Lastly, there is some similarity in how the musical instruments are being played.

O Mere Dil Kay Chain by Lata Mangeshkar. English Lyrics.

If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon Lightfoot.

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How I Beat Stress

Coping with stress isn’t an easy thing to do especially when you are changing into a mature adult. It requires patience and persistence as well as an understanding about your mental and physical needs, which change as you age. I must comment that as a psychic, I have to dodge a lot of negative energy and embrace the positive energy. There are times when I am sitting in a place where there is so much negative energy that my sponge-like brain absorbs all of it; and, then it can retain and replay it back for several years. This is why a lot of my stress relieving activities involve managing my energy levels.

Here are some stress relieving activities I employ to beat stress:


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Old is New!

Ever heard songs that are on a different scale? You don’t quiet realize why but there is just something about those songs that click you the right way.

I used to sing “Jab Koi Pyar Sei” by Mehdi Hassan when I was a teenager. This song was originally created and sung in 1976. Compare this to Boyzone’s “No Matter What“, which was released in 1998. And, if you listen very carefully, you will feel the similarities between the way these songs were sung as well as the intended meaning behind them. No wonder I feel for both of these songs. I think my high levels of stereodepth vision allow me to somehow figure out the similarities in both songs although I have not been formally trained in Music or Singing. So I believe that singers of band Boyzone are like Mehdi Hassan. LOL! I feel so wickedly tickled!

I feel so much in love with something really grand when I hear these songs. They are somehow different than the rest or at least that’s the way I see them. My atraxia!

The video of “No Matter What” shows you the lyrics in the captions. I couldn’t find the translation of the song “Jab Koi Pyar” so I translated it below. It’s easier to see now that their line of logic is same.

Mahdi Hassan’s song “Jab Koi Pyar Sai” or “Whenever someone will call you with love”

Whenever someone will call you with love
You will remember one guy (me)
You will learn the meaning of pain
When you will be separated from your beloved
When your heart will know no rest
You will remember one guy (me)

Your lips will say the name of your love
Candlelight will make you feel jealous
Whenever a star will sparkle
You will remember one guy
Whenever someone will call you with love
You will remember one guy (me)

You will bear the pain of this life
While your heart will vainly seek comfort
When the pain of your heat will bother you
You will remember one guy (me)
Whenever someone will call you with love
You will remember one guy (me)

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Lady and the Turtle

Lady opens the door
Reptiles creep through
And a good-hearted turtle too
Lady reminiscences
The turtle becomes a slipper
Lady wears the slipper
And walks out


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