A Perfect Error: First Recording My Guitar

So today, I decided to take some time to record some music that I generated with the help of my first guitar—I am still learning how to play the guitar. I decided to use the recorder of my computer. Reality is that I have never used this recorder to record music. So I just turned…… Continue reading A Perfect Error: First Recording My Guitar

Dancing Is Great For Your Brain

When I was a teenager, I used to keep myself balanced by dancing. I used to dance for hours at weddings, parties, and in my room. Just like now, I used to daydream a lot, which is how it was easy for me to dance. I even used to use my reflection—I danced in front…… Continue reading Dancing Is Great For Your Brain

Lassi, An Affordable Summer Drink

Lassi is a very tasty drink that is made by mixing yogurt, cold water, and sugar. But the trick here is to make yogurt at home. How To Make Yogurt At Home For best results, heat milk at low temperature for three hours until it is boiled. Indian Sweet Lassi Recipe Lassi reduces body heat and…… Continue reading Lassi, An Affordable Summer Drink

Why I Love Singing

I started singing at an early age; but, I received my only formal training when I was in a Pakistani high school. We had a small girls-only choir; and, we were required to sing for all the morning assemblies and school parties—I was also heavily involved in the school’s official girls-only dance team. I have not…… Continue reading Why I Love Singing

Pickled Mangoes and Potato Tikkis

Because I am a lucid dreamer, my choice of foods is different to begin with. I pick things that I love; people who have seen me around my favourite foods tend to discuss my reactions for pretty long. Here I will discuss two of my favourite foods. Mangoes I have always loved mangoes and I…… Continue reading Pickled Mangoes and Potato Tikkis