A Perfect Error: First Recording My Guitar

So today, I decided to take some time to record some music that I generated with the help of my first guitarI am still learning how to play the guitar. I decided to use the recorder of my computer. Reality is that I have never used this recorder to record music. So I just turned the recorder on and played my guitar. Not to forget that my guitar had one string in the wrong place.

The result is hilarious and freaky! Truth is that the result is beautiful!

The music resembles Space sounds. Sure! As a lucid dreamer, I have heard Space Sounds before and visited Outer Space. But I was not expecting this kind of error!

Every now and then there is silence in the audio because I am deciding what to play. Then the bizarre recording starts again.

All this was being recorded. Meanwhile, I had no idea! I was just playing my guitar and feeling groovy.

Cool thing is that I had a laugh. Bad thing is that now I can’t listen to how I did and fix my errors.

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Dancing Is Great For Your Brain

When I was a teenager, I used to keep myself balanced by dancing. I used to dance for hours at weddings, parties, and in my room. Just like now, I used to daydream a lot, which is how it was easy for me to dance. I even used to use my reflectionI danced in front of the mirrorto see how I looked while dancing and which moves needed to be changed. I had just a little bit of real practice, which occurred when my friends and/or teachers would teach us dancing for the school events. I learned the rest of the moves by using videos. Apparently, my moves were good enough; and, I used to get lots of attention at weddings and parties due to these. Disney cartoon movie, “Ballerina” reminds me of myself; this movie teaches that real dancers just know how to dance without any supervision or real lessons.

I know a bit of Bollywood Dancing, Tap Dancing, Couple Dancing, and Indian Stick Dancing. Source: Dancing Feels Ecstatic

For me, dancing does not end in real life. I see people dancing even when I get lucid dreams. I have not danced during my lucid dreams though, which I think is because I dance in real life.

Today, I found an riveting article titled “Is Dancing Good For The Brain?“, which is written by Angela Betsaida B. Laguipo. This article shares the fact that dancing is good for your intellectual, emotional, and motor brain functions. This explains why I have always felt amazing after engaging in this particular activity.

One day, I will learn dancing in a classroom; and, I will definitely dance with my (future) husband.


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My First Sari

I have never worn a Sari in my life until today. One of my female relatives discouraged me from wearing it because it is very easy to slip in it. But, she also said that if you start wearing it, then over time, you will get used to holding it properly. I heard all these descriptions and got tired enough not to buy a Sari. But, deep down in my heart, I have always wanted to wear Saris at parties. Do you know that there are over 80 different ways of wearing Saris and that the origin of this particular type of clothing can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization (2800–1800 BC)? Its really that unique!

Today, an Indian friend of mine gave me a really lovely Sari. It still needs to be fitted though! It has Beige and Black colors. It is a very simple Sari, which is what I adore about it.  I love the colors: Beige color is neutral and relaxing and Black color is linked to strength and elegance.  I am very gifted with reading colors so I loved it at first sight. This one has an embroidered blouse—Black blouse with Golden Beige embroiderybut it needs to be fitted as well; so I am wearing one of my Black tops under this Sari.

My friend taught me how to wear the Sari: how to tie it, fold it and then wrap it. I wore it once at her home. Then, I got back to my place and tried it on for a while. I even practiced walking in it for a couple of minutes. Taking a selfie was not that easy because I was unable to capture a photo of the entire Sari; so, I took one selfie while sitting. I was so happy while wearing this Sari that I started daydreamingI am still kind of daydreaming.

I love my friend for giving me this gift and helping me find and cherish great memories! According to article “Why good memories are less likely to fade“, good memories don’t fade away easily. According to article “Savoring the past: Positive memories evoke value representations in the striatum”, good memories help remember the past better, which is actually very helpful especially while coping with stressful situations. The article, “How to make and use good memories to be a happier person” gives some tips about how to make great memories. I totally love these ideas; and, I usually employ all of these tips since I am an ENFP.

What is your personality type and what are your favourite moments? Do you know that people socialize differently based on their personality type?



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Me, Wearing Face Decorations

I am usually a very serious person; but, there is this really funny side of my personality that shows when I am writing funny stuff like jokes or having fun with close friends. I just captured some images of my face with face decorations—I took these with Samsung Galaxy A20. Thought to share with everyone!

So what exactly grants me this type of lethal sense of humor? Well! Here is a real answer based on my personality type, ENFP—ENFPs are considered Champions of Myers-Briggs Personality Types. Inside my creative mind, I see very fine lines that separate different aspects of my personality and thoughts. Its exactly like looking at a thin line appearing or disappearing all the time! This is why it is rather easy for me to be very serious and be very funny.

I can clearly see why my two ex-fiances got attracted to me. Both of them had a very strong sense of humor. My Pakistani ex-fiance used to make everyone laugh in parties or in group setting. My Belgian ex-fiancea Dyslexic geniusused to prank only his closest friends; and, he definitely wanted to prank me after our marriage. One strong reason why I couldn’t marry such funny and smart men is because I was pretty young and inexperienced at that time. I was around 25 years old when I started liking my second ex-fiance; and, I never dated my first ex-fiance. Read blog post, “What Kind of Guys I Attract?

ENFPs are often extremely silly people…They enjoy playing pranks on people, and simply do this in order to get a laugh out of everyone…This makes them great company… Source: “What Your Silly Side is Like Based On Your Personality Type“.

One of the worst pranks that I have ever thrown occurred in my best friends’ company. Once my best friends decided to prank a groom at a friend’s wedding by making him eat sweets that had vinegar added to them. I helped them change the Indian sweets that were purchased for the couple; and, I also sewed the sweets in a thread. The idea was that the groom will pick up one thread and attempt to all the sweets on that thread. We were all bridesmaids so we were able to offer this condition to the groom. This is how he ate more than one sour sweet just before his first night. KO!

Asian Girl Eating Hot Noodles

Reading A Great Philosophy Essay

A Great Essay Has Ended!





Chippy & Cheese

Chippy & Cheese

Feeling Slick!

Miss Nutty

Tired Chef (Doing Overtime; At End of Shift)

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Last Memory Of My Best Scarf

My best friend once gifted me a lovely scarf. It lasted me two winters or so; and, then I lost it. I still do not remember where and how I lost it. I was commuting by bus so it is hard to remember when exactly it was not with me anymore. It was a crazy looking scarf. It had my favourite colours: maroon, red, some shade of blue, and brown.

Since I do not recall anything at all about how I lost it, I am healing this trauma by using a positive memory. Just a couple of months ago, I was in Downtown Ottawa. It was very cold and many well-dressed people were shivering. I saw a younger man who seemed frightened about the cold. I noticed him shaking a lot so I addressed him to find out if he was okay. He looked at me and blurted that he is very cold and does not know what to do. He seemed unable to keep on moving although he was standing inside a station. I immediately offered him my scarf; but, he was too shy to take it. I pressed further but he politely declined. So I pointed to a nearby bar and said that thee places are usually warm and they might have tea or coffee, which would help him get warm. He rushed towards the bar after thanking me. I prayed for his safety and ran downstairs towards the O Train.

Today, I was thinking about my scarf and trying hard not to curse when it occurred to me that maybe God took it to signal to me that He liked my previous attempt at saving a person from extreme cold. Now I can imagine what it would had felt like if he ended up taking my scarf that day. LOL! I don’t miss it now!

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Happy New Year!

My periods just ended today in the morning or was it last night! Since I am a Muslim, I have to bathe at the end of my periods and say a special prayer. Today, I am doing this on the first day of the new year, 2020. Can you believe it? I feel great about this.

Happy New Year To Everyone!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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How “One World Film Festival” Raises Awareness About Global Issues

Canadian youth and adults are challenged by a fast-paced system and a politically charged environment where many are aware about the need to promote awareness of relevant international and local issues. A film festival like One World Film Festival (OWFF) thus plays a pivotal role in shaping opinion by empowering citizens. People who are dwelling on Planet Earth in today’s world are pressured to absorb information fast, which is how the new generation is being shaped to work and think more quickly by retrieving data from various stimuli and resources.

One of the very first films that I watched—in grade 11, I think—to learn about issues surrounding mental and physical health was Tennessee William’s “The Glass Menagerie”. This fiction movie shares the story of Laura Wingfield, her brother Tom Wingfield, and their mother Amanda Wingfield. What struck me as stunning about this movie was the fact that Laura limped and was also mentally fragile; and, the use of a glass menagerie to symbolize Laura’s refuge in her imaginary world as well as her sensitive memory. I remember feeling very moved after watching this picture; and, I promised myself to keep learning through such expressive broadcasts. As I grew older, I became more familiar with the world around me; and, finally found a festival that helped me fulfill the promise I had made many years ago.

One World Film Festival (OWFF) is Ottawa’s longest-running documentary film festival that seeks to use media and performing arts to educate people about several global issues including women empowerment, identity, migration, indigenous rights, social justice, human rights, and environmental issues—specifically, it connects marginalized communities and Third World population with Canadians. Its a very historic event! Its interesting to see how One World Film Festival’s poster has changed over time. See Past Festivals – 1989 to 2016.

Nowadays, people have access to many learning platforms including social media, open learning services, and free libraries. So why would someone want to spend their money to watch films? My experiences with the world of movies have taught me that motion pictures teach faster because they offer multi-sensory and collective experiences where one may feel one’s emotions as well as those of the audience and movie characters; learning can be completed in an incognito and relaxed environment; and, it becomes possible to focus on multiple issues and literary techniques and not just one or two. Now imagine going to the One World Film Festival (OWFF) and being bombarded by many educational pictures!

Come join this memorable adventure! One World Film Festival (OWFF) is coming to Ottawa again this year. Don’t forget to support their 30th Anniversary by donating to their crowdfunding campaign. Hurry Up! Campaign ends on June 2nd—they have only 7 days left to raise funds.

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Lassi, An Affordable Summer Drink

Lassi is a very tasty drink that is made by mixing yogurt, cold water, and sugar. But the trick here is to make yogurt at home.

How To Make Yogurt At Home For best results, heat milk at low temperature for three hours until it is boiled.

Indian Sweet Lassi Recipe

Lassi reduces body heat and heals the body by roviding vitamins and improving metabolism and digestion. You can crush mangoes or strawberries; and, add them in the Lassi to create better flavour.

I just made and consumed a tall glass of lassi. Several minutes after finishing this tasty treat and licking your lips, you will still feel the yogurt on your tongue. Scrumptious! And, it is super-affordable given that you make your own yogurt.

Now go and make your own lassi and then boast about it to your friends.


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My Favourite Treat: Achaar With Roti

I was introduced to Achaar when I grew old enough to eat spicy foods. As a kid, I used to steal and eat mangoes that my grandma had painstakingly cut and dried for the achaar. Achaar refers to a miscellaneous collection of spices, vegetables, and fruits; it is made in oil and spiced with several spices including chilies and fennel. It is also possible to have only one ingredient as achaar. For example, the Mango Achaar is made up of mangoes that are still young. Watch YouTube video “Aamb Da Achaar” to see how this one is made. If you love history, then view article “A Brief History Of The Humble Indian Pickle” to learn some of the complicated history of achaar.

Roti is one of the staple foods of Pakistan and India. It is made by using water to knead dough from floor. Then, you just need to roll the dough into a desired shape—I like square and round shapes. Sometimes, people use oil to make the roti; other times, roti can be filled with yummy ingredients like potatoes, chilies, or sugar. Check the video “How to make roti in 3 minutes” to learn how to make it.

Usually, we use the plain roti for eating achaar. I can eat a large roti with lots of very salty and spicy achaar without feeling anything other than joy. Sometimes, my nose starts running due to the spices; but, I believe that’s part of the fun. I know that a lot of people especially Westerners cannot eat loads of achaar; they usually keep one pickled carrot, mango, or lemon on plate. In contrast, I can eat like 3 to 4 servings—by one serving, I mean a large spoon—in one day given I feel like it. You should try this treat too! You will notice that you will always want a little more of this, which is exactly what’s expected of you.

I am holding my favorite treat: Achaar on Roti.

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Why I Love Singing

I started singing at an early age; but, I received my only formal training when I was in a Pakistani high school. We had a small girls-only choir; and, we were required to sing for all the morning assemblies and school parties—I was also heavily involved in the school’s official girls-only dance team.

I have not been to Pakistan in 20 years now. Whenever I feel down, I sing along by using some of my favourite songs—I have lots and lots of lovely ones. Singing activates some sort of odd effect inside my brain. I stay focused on my singing like a drug addict; then I dance like a hasheesh infested woman—so you must have realized that poetry is doing something even stronger than that. After a day or two have passed, my mood stays very optimistic, hot, sexy, and sensational.

Listen to some of the songs that I have sung under the title “Songs Sung & Written By Someone Else“. I will slowly add more clippers of songs here.

Here are some benefits of singing.

  1. According to Kay Norton’s “Singing and Wellbeing: ancient Wisdom and Modern Proof“, Singing brings groups together by breaking down barriers. Even very religious people who are traditionally labelled as dull sing eloquently and just like macho drug addicts.
  2. According to the article, “Music and Drugs are the Same to your Brain’s Reward Centre“, Music is like drug to the brain, which is another way singers feel high enough to sing for their audience. 
  3. According to article, “11 Surprising Health Benefits of Singing“, singing improves the posture. I have to sit or stand a specific way in order to sing. Then I have to move my hands and arms in order to guide my singing. 
  4. According to the aforementioned article, singing also strengthen confidence and communication skills.
  5. The last article also indicate that singing lower stress levels, improve alertness, and create better sleep. My brain adapts so quickly to singing that nobody ever notices that I was down just a couple of moments ago. Singing and music is how I survived teenager trauma.

When I get a crush on some guy, I experience the most stunning effects inside my mind. One such really intoxicating feeling is the need to sing and dance—it pays to be aware of the 14 phases of love. 

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