Another “Silver Bullet” Prayer Came True

I have just realized that another one of my special “Silver Bullet” prayers has come true. Here are the sequences that lead to the completion of this prayer.

  1. I connected online with Professor J.K. Fowler who is the founder of Nomadic Press. I wished that I could visit the Nomadic Press team and meet J.K. at least once in my life.
  2. I dreamt of meeting Dr. Craig Considine in 2017; I met him next year. Read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year”. I started learning about his teachings in detail this way.
  3. Then I came across journalist CJ Werleman who defends the Human Rights of Muslims across the globe. I decided to learn about these issues in detail by reading his work.
  4. COVID19 pandemic started in 2020. Nomadic Press started offering free open mic sessions soon afterwards. I joined these sessions and met J.K. Fowler and the rest the folks. I started listening to their poems and felt that there were a lot of new techniques and concepts that I could catch. Oh! They do discuss “White Supremacy”, which is a topic that I have always wanted to learn. They also publish online chapbooks (selected verses of all the poems) for all the open mic sessions; this way, I get to review some of the stuff I heard and what exactly others really liked.

So one of my older prayers that I wanted to cause positive change came true but with deeper meaning attached—I said this one around 2004. Read “Poetry Is A Critical Part Of Activism”. Originally, I desired to speak out against discrimination; but, now circumstances and new developments are telling me that it is time to handle some Human Rights issues.

Attached to this prayer is another prayer where I wished that I wanted to meet Nomadic Press team and J.K. at least once in my life. Pretty intriguing!

How does this all sound to you? Does this make much sense? It sounds complicated, right! Disbelievers tell you that praying to God does not make any sense. They fail to notice that the sequence through which some prayers are supposed to come true might not always make sense. So now you see how prayers work!

Just two tips about praying properly: Be sincere while you pray and feel love for God while you ask for something.

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Ever Played A “Paheli” With God?

Paheli means puzzle! Every played a paheli with God? I have! God gave me a friend, a White Canadian woman, who gradually became my close friend. I was so close to her that I started referring to her as my twinI am a Brown woman who has a White twin. There were even times when we experienced telepathy like wearing same colored clothes or feeling tired at the same time.

As I grew older, I battled with myself. I found out that there were times when I would feel attracted towards a guy and wouldn’t quite understand why I was feeling this way. There were times when I would feel attracted to multiple men and wouldn’t react in any way because I didn’t had the rest of the clues about this process. Some years passed as I realized this mental state of mine and struggled to understand what was going on by reading articles and allowing time to pass without deciding on anyone. Then one day, my White friend told me a complaint that a senior person once made to her. What she said made me read further!

I read around 5 magazines about seniors; then I rested; and, then I read another relevant article. This one was called “Still Got It” by Gail Gallant; this was published in the Reader’s Digest, Oct 2020. According to this article, attraction is a very subjective experience. So what one feels when one finds oneself drawn towards someone is a very personal encounter; and, we all know that desirability is defined not just by looks but a whole lot of others things like eloquence, knowledge, and manners. The article further tackles the notion of “Age Shaming” that happens because we have been taught to love youth and associated things like ability to exercise and not having wrinkles; the author asserts that it is possible to fall in love and have sex even after age 60. Furthermore, the article shares that one’s attraction changes over time since it is related to how one feels; this explains how people can fall in and out of love multiple times. Lastly, the article teaches that one’s shared practical knowledge, observations, encounters, and memories determine who one chooses to mate with.

So did you see how God provided me the answers slowly so that I may get ready and put things in right context. Of course! I have learned a lot by reading about seniors and listening to my twin sister. I feel more in control of my life now! I feel that in time I will be able to find a good husband for myself.

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Types of Intelligence That I Demonstrate

Once a Psychology professor from University of Toronto told me that there are many different types of IQs and IQ tests don’t focus on all of these. For example, in my case, I have high levels of stereodepth vision and I also receive precognitive and historic lucid dreams.

So get ready with pen and paper! We are going to do a short activity right now. We are going to review different kinds of intelligence; write down which ones you are capable of executing and improving.

Check out the video “9 Types of Intelligence“; its by YouTube user Psych2Go. This video mentions the following types of intelligence:

Naturalistic Intelligence: I have high levels of stereodepth visions, which helps me observe my environment keenly. I have learned how to sharpen this vision by engaging in lucid dreams.

Musical Intelligence: I am pretty fast at Mathematics. I am learning how to play guitar during my spare time. I can play music and songs during my lucid dreams as well. And, I write and perform poetry; poetry is a type of music because I hear it play inside my mind in form of tunes and images.

Logical Mathematical Intelligence: Mathematics comes easily to me. I have received Honours in Mathematics from University of Toronto. When I study this subject, I feel very relaxed almost like I am playing music.

Existential Intelligence: I completed my Philosophy Minor from University of Toronto. I did this for fun! However, I was mildly surprised when the University of Toronto’s Philosophy department invited me to nominate a professor. They called me due to my high marks⁠—do you know that I used to question all my teachers for hours and they totally loved that about me. I chose to become a poet and a creative writer because this way I can think and even try working on problems that don’t have solid solutions.

Interpersonal Intelligence: I have high Empathy, which is a type of Extrasensory Perception; due to higher Empathy, I experience Telepathy. I am also an ENFP; ENFPs are the basis of any given organization due to their strong interpersonal skills. I love acting in front of my mirror; and, I make sure to take rest in order to manage my fatigue.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: I love dancing; I love exercising especially yoga; and, I love learning Martial Arts. So far, I have one year of training in Taekwondo and Karate. I have 13 relevant apps installed on my cellphone, which I use one by one when I am working out.

Linguistic Intelligence: I don’t use challenging words on this blog on purpose because I know that most people won’t be able to read these. This is an indication of linguistic intelligence. I reserve my linguistic adventures for some of my poems and all the harder stuff like reports and essays.

Intra-Personal Intelligence: I sometimes use lucid dreams to convey how I feel. This is an example of higher intra-personal intelligence. I like offering free counseling to whoever needs it; some of my blog posts have very helpful information on counseling and trauma relief. Helping someone think differently is a gift! This is why I am running a Facebook group for abused women, “Forgotten Femmes“. I also have some training in Suicide Intervention. I use this training whenever I need to. I have attempted to save some people online this way.

Saying all this, I am still imperfect like all other humans. For instance, my room is pretty messy and it remains messy no matter how hard I try. Everyone else has cleaner rooms. This links into higher creativity, of course; but, it is still imperfection at play. You know what I mean!  According to Brene Brown, imperfection is the source of creativity, joy, courage, and breakthroughs. See her video The Gifts of Imperfection: Living With Courage, Compassion, and Connection.

So what about you? Do this activity and then learn how to dream. You will get better dreams this way!


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I Dreamt Of A Cat

Today, I dreamt of a really cute cat again. I feel pretty close to cats so I have received signals from them while I was awake or asleep. What’s even more fun is that cats can read me very well. One of my friends had a large cat named Kajol. He hated strangers; but, he fell in love with me. He played a lot with me! And, before I left him (the day I saw him for the last time before he died), I received a telepathic signal from the cat that he was not feeling well. Read “I Received Signals From My Aunt’s Cat Before She Died“.

Today in my dream, I experienced a funny sight. A small black cat was sleeping near my feet as I was kind of dozing. I don’t know if this cat was a guy or a gal; I think I will refer to it as a she. Pretty soon, she fell from my bed. She almost hit her head on the floor; quickly, she rolled over to stabilize herself. She could not stop herself rolling due to the momentum and kept rolling. I felt startled as I saw her roll around like this. She eventually stopped spinning around; stood up on two legs; and, then moved one of her paws as if she was pointing to something or saluting someone. The most unforgettable part of this dance was that her head wobbled slightly as she performed the last pose. Now I am thinking back to her how she reminded me of myself. I also dance something like this when I have some spare time.

Gosh! I love cats. What’s very interesting about my relationships with cats that I don’t have a cat of my own because one of the ladies I live with is allergic to cat hair. Thus, I steal whatever pleasure I can by playing with my friends’ cats; and, I sometimes sleep while listening to YouTube videos of cats purring.

Here are some helpful articles about people who select cats as pets.

Cat People Are More Distinctive than Dog People
17 Basic Differences Between Dog People And Cat People


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Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to everyone! I am celebrating my Eid alone today. The COVID-19 lockout feels difficult to manage especially today because I love celebrating my Eid with people. So to make sure that I don’t get bored, I actually dressed up and took some selfies.


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Saving Us From Death And Sickness Is God’s Gift To Us

Once when I was studying at the university, I had to run towards a bus at a bus station. I was wearing a long skirt, the one that reaches all the way down (I have never exposed my legs in public). I was still able to run in the skirt properly! So I almost made it to the bus; but it started moving away. I waved my hand for the driver to see; then suddenly I fell down due to a bump or puddle on the road. Now, I was a bit knocked out so I could not move. The bus moved and one of its wheels merely grazed me. I could feel the large and heavy structure of the bus near me but my head was turned away. I could just sense that the wheel was touching my body. I was like, “Oh My God! Is the bus going to go over me now. Am I going to die?” Luckily, the bus just turned in a different direction; and, I was left alive. I slowly came back to my senses and was able to move and look around. The road was empty. I was not in any danger. I stood up and walked away from the road towards the bus station where I was safe. Did you see what happened? All this was not in my control! I could not even stand up and run away. This was all in God’s control. I am still very surprised that my skirt did not get stuck under the bus and that I did not get dragged away or get crushed under the bus.

Some years ago, I got very sick and could not get back to my functional routine for some while. I prayed for myself while I was stuck in my bed. God gave me a gift as I faced this ordeal. God increased the mass on my legs! When I finally became strong enough to be somewhat functional, I started getting edema on my feet because my feet could not properly support the new muscle mass. I fought back and soon the edema vanished. My legs got stronger and stronger as I walked routinely. And, one day, I was able to run again. I cannot describe how happy I felt when I ran that day. I was running at a new speed as my heart and brain struggled to keep up. My modified legs were letting me run so fast that I felt like Hercules. My head and heart could not keep up; thus, I struggled hard to understand this massive change. I fell in love with my new legs that day so I decided not to change them. Today, I think that these were gifted to me by God so that I may start learning self defense again—I have one year of training in Karate and Taekwando so far. So this is the result of another one of my prayers that got accepted—I call such special prayers Silver Bullet. Read Silver Bullet: My Prayers are in Multiple Dimensions.

Note how both situations were out of my control and how God added control back in my life. God is definitely watching over me! Read Something Watches Over Her.


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I Am Niece Of A Martyr (Shaheed)

One of my uncles was a Medical genius. He loved his work; and, he routinely took care of his patients. I used to take care of him whenever I was near him. He loved getting scalp and foot massages from me. I could read him very easily because his brain used to release some sort of tune that I could sense through my mind. I used to spend an hour or more working on his scalp and tired feet. He eventually died due to a heart attack, which he had while he was on the job—he lived with a health issue throughout his life. He died after I left his country Pakistan to move to Canada—perhaps, he died because I was not there to properly take care of him. We considered him a martyr (shaheed) because he died while protecting his patients.

I like the fact that I played a critical role in maintaining his health. I was a teenager back then. I just used my sixth sense to tune into his need for massage and reacted every time he needed it. Later, when I became experienced enough to understand my extrasensory experiences, I researched things and found out that the massages were not just lowering his stress—I already knew this when I was a teenager—but also improving his heart health. Read articles “5 Remarkable Benefits of Scalp Massage” and “18 Health Benefits of Foot Massage, According to Science”.

I shook like a leaf when I heard of his untimely death. After many days of grieving, I finally regained my senses. It still hurts a lot thinking about him since my connection with him is very deep. Uncle used to tell me that I had the magic touch and that he felt very relaxed after I was finished taking care of him. Now I know that he was right! I am really lucid, which helps me heal myself and others. Read “Lucid Wind and Healing“. I had an interesting vision when I thought about him while I had fallen asleep. I saw a weird energy coming out from somewhere; and, then my dream started, which I later found was a precognitive dream. Another time, I saw his dream character just before a relative gave me an important gift. I think his energy played a critical role in my development.

I wrote this blog post because I was reflecting about the harsh realities offered by COVID-19—I created the menu item “COVID-19″ to help people deal with this outbreak. I am hoping that people will attempt to improve their bonds with each other after reading this story.

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Falling In Love Feels Like A Heart Attack

Note: I am sharing this here because a lot of times Muslims are portrayed as dull and boring people who lack the intellect to do creative things like falling in or out of love. The mainstream media has played a big role in twisting the image of the Muslims—even historical acts that were issued to demonstrate kindness and love have been manipulated as something evil. Storytelling is a powerful tool for helping people visualize the reality, which is why I am sharing a very private part of my life with my readers.

To me, falling in love feels like a real heart attack. I am even in love with some of my dream characters. How much do you think I love my loved ones with whom I interact on daily basis?

Once I fell in love with this Belgian Muslim revert (convert)I was around 25 years old back then. I still distinctly remember feeling very anxious about things going the right way for both of us; I still recall I used to keep his picture at my workplace and used to hold it when I was stressed; and, I distinctly recollect even considering elopement if we needed to. He was also very much in love with me; and, I could tell that this was the case because he used to pay a lot of attention to me. He was Dyslexic, which means that he was extremely fast in certain tasks. We used to play Chess for hours; and, he used to beat me in seconds. I loved to write; and, he loved to edit my stuff and offer advice. I wrote this poem for him, “In Love, They Waited Patiently—at the time I wrote this poem, I had already decided that I will eventually marry him. Reality is that we considered ourselves engaged to each other although there was no official ceremony for this. It was a long distance relationship so most of the time, we connected online. Despite all our efforts, things did not work out as we expected; and, so we did not get married. We took our time before we made the final decision; I was engaged with him for a couple of years. Even after making my decision to move forward, I worried a lot for him. Thus, I prayed for his well-being; and, today I am still grateful to God that he successfully married another woman and created his family. I briefly saw his family pic on Facebook, which is how I knew this. As for my intriguing mental state…well, it disappeared on its own over time.

All this was quite an experience! I strongly feel that God allowed this relationship to occur because getting him distracted by me would have kept him chaste, which is what he really wanted compared to what other women were offering him. He was still a new revert (convert); and, I was still learning how to fall in love and whom to marry. The fact that both of us worked on ourselves and never made any physical contact still shines in my mind as evidence of our dedication to our religion Islam regardless of what we felt towards each other. He was safer with me, which is why God made us stick around for long until we both matured enough to figure out our next steps.

So what I went through can be explained with the help of this article:

Am I having a heart attack or am I in-love?

What your heart and brain are doing when you’re in love

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I Think Like An Astronaut

Previously in my post, “I Think Like A Cop“, I discussed how I can think like a cop—my telepathic and lucid dreaming abilities are also a part of this.

Just a day or two days ago, I found out that I have been thinking like an astronaut while working on my “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak” series.

Here is the tweet that shares a video provided by AJ+. Here are the four tips on self-isolation that are offered by Astronauts.

Tip 1) Higher Purpose: I discussed higher purpose in the blog post “How To Handle The Coronavirus Outbreak” by referring to use of prayers and then again in blog post “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Help For Creatives“.

Tip 2) Get a Hobby, Set Goals: I discussed goal setting and a hobby, drawing and coloring. Read “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Drawing And Coloring Eases Tension” and “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Using Lists And Setting Goals To Do Something Creative. 

Tip 3) Connect With Nature: I discussed this in my blog post “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Sleep Well”.

Tip 4) Listen to Health Experts: I shared lots of helpful information in the blog posts “How To Handle The Coronavirus Outbreak“, “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Protect The Men“, and Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Use Your Sense Of Humour.

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Dented Thinking Of A Genius

What I am about to narrate to you today is an incredible personal story. The data around me is very different because I am a lucid dreamer, a telepath, and an ENFP genius. I seriously hope nobody gets spooked by this story!

When I was choosing my university, I received a couple of admission letters. I asked myself what I wanted at the end of all this studies and my mind promptly answered, “I want Prestige; thus, I want University of Toronto”. So I chose to study Biological Sciences; I was planning to study Cellular and Molecular Biology after graduating. But, I never did my Master of Science because I felt neglected due to what was going on inside Univeristy of Toronto. Now the next set of things are very surprising!

  1. I was discriminated against while studying at the Uniiversity of Toronto. One of my professors mocked me when I asked him what he really thought of a Research Thesis of mine. He could not read me properly at all. I asked this because I wrote this; and, obviously I loved what I had written. He replied in an aloof and sarcastic manner that this is just one paper. I felt enormous pain when he addressed me like this! Of course! I was new to all this so I must have made some errors as well. But I was a young student back then; and, I deserved to be loved and cherished properly. Furthermore, while I was doing research at The Ramsay Wright Zoological Laboratories, I found out that the female researchers were unhappy because they were not receiving sufficient grants. After all this, I started feeling that even if I got my PhD, I won’t be taken seriously. Eventually, I decided not to complete my Master of Science. Read blog post Canada’s Undiscovered Geniuses. I must comment that I did got admission into York University but I did not say YES to this. From what I have learned by talking to York’s coloured graduates, York University’s Sciences department has a good reputation when it comes to properly integrating coloured students.  As you read the rest of the story, you will realize that all this had to happen before I ended up gaining “Prestige”.
  2. While studying at University of Toronto, I completed a study through which I found it that I had high levels of stereodepth vision, the vision responsible for the feats conducted by surgeons, athletes, and scientists. I discussed this in the blog post, “About My Stereodepth Vision”. Oh, once a Psychology professor told me that there are many kinds of IQs and we cannot just figure out how smart someone is simply by doing an IQ test. I believed him right away simply because I am a very broad minded individual.
  3. As I grew older, I became more and more “out of the box” in nature. I started experiencing lucid dreaming and telepathic encounters, which actually intensified a lot after 9/11 since I was using prayers to protect myself and the weak. I made sure to avoid racist and abusive people because I felt that my brain used to stop functioning in their presence. As I learned about myself further, I realized that I was able to receive dreams that had historic significance. I learned that I could open time portals and move through time to learn something. Read blog post, “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In time By Around Four Years” and “Time Portals Open According To Your Decisions and Intentions“. Truth is that when I received a precognitive dream as a child, I completely forgot about it until I reached a stage in my life where I realized that I could not ignore these signals anymore. Read How Far Ahead In Time Can A Lucid Dreamer Really Go?  to learn about a precognitive dream that I had around 20 years ago and that come true just recently. Reality is that throughout this project, I had no mentors at all. I learned all of this on my own; and, I built my entire website as well as wrote all the content on my own.
  4. Truth is that I predicted that in 2015 a pandemic will hit America. Read blog post, “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years” and “Time Portals Open According To Your Decisions and Intentions“. In my dream, a Black woman stated that a plague has arrived. Plague is a type of pandemic. During my dream, I wondered what sort of plague she was referring to; but, then I chose to use a time portal that showed me the world that was going to be created with the election to Trump. Was the Black woman using the word plague loosely or was she using it based on similarity between plague and Coronavirus. For example, in both cases, some people are willing to market and sell fake products.

I left my studies due to discrimination specifically racism and gender bias. If things stayed on course, then today I would have been working inside a lab learning about Cellular and Molecular Biology. I would have conducted breakthrough research and perhaps I would have saved everyone from Coronavirus. It is all very simple inside my head! So racist or sexist people should know that lots of suffering that everyone including themselves will go through in this world would be created due to discrimination.

As I finish my thinking here, I fully realize that I got what I wanted when I enrolled in University of Toronto. I wanted “prestige” and today I definitely got it. I have belled the cat! If you still do not believe me think about this sequence: I completed the writing for this blog on my own; I had a dream about a plague in 2015; and, I have somehow managed to warn people about what really is going on. Like I said, I got “prestige” just like I promised myself!

But what did Canada got through me? Just complaints and more complaints! This is because around 90% of harassment and discrimination cases are not investigated formally by Canada’s educational institutes. Read Justice on campus.

Added on June 21, 2020

Currently, there is an interesting story circulating on social media. Its the story of how Jagmeet Singh was removed from the House because he called a Bloc MP Quebecois racist. Over years, I have learned that racism is very tightly interwoven in Canada’s society. Some of the Canadian organizations/institutes/companies are running scams through people’s minds. They say that such and such is not evidence of racism without running a formal investigation where the person who said something should be properly interrogated. If you watch the video that is found in the above-mentioned article, you will see that the person who is talking to Jagmeet Singh reminds him that calling someone a racist is very dangerous. He is trying to make people forget the idea that racism shows as subtle and indirect hints as well. Anyone who has read at least one good book on racism (see my essay on “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad) would know that racists don’t always act in a direct manner that can be easily be detected. I believe that what happened to me at University of Toronto is an example of both racism and sexism. But, this has never been investigated formally simply because the Canadian campuses usually do not run formal investigations when their students are abused and because their administration and management are very racist in nature (see article Massey College and insidious racism on Canadian campuses). So now I have a new rule in my book: When someone acts in a manner that can be understood as stemming from systemic racism, then that is racism even if the attacker denies that he/she is a racist. And, here is the rest of the evidence that is helping me make this conclusion. Read articles “Study Proves Canada Is Actually More Racist Than The United States“; “Canada’s race problem? It’s even worse than America’s“; and, “Racism not a big problem? Activist says survey shows Canadians ‘in denial’“. We all know how horrific United States really is; but, Canada is waaaay beyond that because here racists can easily get away with hiding their intentions behind politeness, status, and color.

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