Using Lucid Dreams to Scan Genealogy

I have been learning about my Rajputian heritage for a bit. My ancestors fled from India to Pakistan at the time when India and Pakistan were divided. Watch movie “Jinnah” to learn a bit about this particular history of the Sub-Continent.

You must have checked out my post “Rajputs are like Valkyrie” where I briefly talked about how Rajputs are like the Valkyrie clan of the Norse mythology. My first set of research showed me that the Rajputians were a very large genius race whose origins are difficult to trace because of how well they were mixed with other nations and how important it was to hide the reality of this unique heritage from everyone else.

After watching the Valkyrie fight for Thor in movie “Thor: Ragnarok”, I thought about the flying horse of the Valkyrie. I get lots of dreams of horses including dreams of flying horses. The next paragraph is just one of my lucid dreams about riding a horse—all of my dreams are in 3-D and they feel like real life. Most of my dreams about horses are still undocumented. I fell in love with horses when I was a kid; and, I still feel and recognize this bond. I belonged to a well-to-do Pakistani Punjabi family so my father would not let me mingle with the “people on the streets”. Thus, I used to stand next to my room’s window for hours; and, stare at the horse that was being managed by a poor man because he used it to earn his wages. I still remember being stuck to the window like glue for half an hour or more every other day. Several years after this experience, I can still dream of horses despite living a very busy Canadian lifestyle. Enjoy the thrill of my ever-youthful and psychic lucid mind as I narrate to you just one of my dreams about horses!

The night was dark and my house felt boring since I needed to do something very unusual and exciting. Thus, I rode my dark black horse through the narrow street with strength and pride of someone who was innately aware of this animal’s instincts. I felt his strong body pulsate with youth and life as I experienced the vibrations of his hooves travel through my thighs and spine and eventually touch my mind and heart. I was once again free to experience the rush and exhilaration of my body beating against the wind while seated on this magnificently proud creature. My usual calm self was now transformed into a very wild and unbeatable spirit that only wanted to make her horse run faster and faster.


I researched further today and found out that the Rajputians of Punjab were of Scythian origin.

The overwhelming majority of the population of Rajputana and Gujarat is of Scythic origin, and even a sizeable proportion of Punjab is too. Jats and Rajputs alone form approximately 28 % of Punjab population. [ Ibb.97 ]. Tod holds that Jats are one of the great Rajput tribes, and that both are Getae [ Ibb.97 citing Tod.I.52-75 and 96-101 ] The Jat Rajput ratio is 3:1 in Punjab [ Ibb.102 ] Adding the other Scythic races to the Rajput total yields well over 50 % of the population of Rajputana and Gujarat as Saka. Sakas no doubt dominated in the Punjab and parts of the Ganges valley as well, but they have here been more or less overwhelmed in the flood of Mughalloid (Indo-Muslim) immigration. Source:

According to the YouTube video “Horse Lords: A Brief History of the Scythians” the Scythians who had one of the first horse cultures on Earth were referred to as the Horse Lords. So the horses from my dreams might actually be an indication of my Scythian origin—I say “might actually be an indication” not “are actually an indication” because dreams are dreams and only some of them show the future. My mind is battling between two ideas: 1) If Lucid Dreams can open the future then perhaps they can also open the lineage; 2) But, I do not know for sure how far back it can go to trace one’s heritage although I know that to some extent Lucid Dreams allow for Remote Viewing into a different country.

Saying this, I am going to show you something even more interesting. The Irish are also Scythians!

Now, Magog, as we shall see in Appendix 3, was considered, with Ashchenaz, the father of the Scythian peoples, and the early Irish chroniclers were most emphatic in their insistence that the Irish were of Scythian stock. And there is good etymological evidence for this. The Irish were long referred to as Scots even before some of them migrated to the country that today bears their name, and as Brewer tells us:

‘Scot (is) the same as Scythian in etymology; the root of both is Sct. The Greeks had no c, and would change t into th making the root skth, and by adding a phonetic vowel we get Skuthai (Scythians), and Skodiai (Skoths). The Welsh disliked s at the beginning of a word, and would change it to ys; they would also change c or k to g, and th to d; whence the Welsh root would be Ysgd, and Skuth or Skoth would become ysgod. Once more, the Saxons would cut off the Welsh y, and change the g back again to c, and the d to t, converting the Ysgod to Scot.’ Source:

According to Library Ireland, Odin, name of a well-known character from Norse mythology, was one of the gods of the Scythians. And, the Valkyrie from movie “Thor: Ragnarok” who I think are like the Rajputs used to protect Odin.

Like I think, LOL!

Rajputs are like Valkyrie

After lots of self-analysis of my Rajputian lineage and some review of the Marvel characters The Valkyrie (Video, Article), I have realized that they are very similar. That’s because they will both get in the way to protect the ones they have given the pact to. Getting killed while doing something so chivalrous is of no consequence inside their minds. In the movie Thor: Ragnarock, The Valkyrie clan gets assassinated by Hela (see the clip below). This movie was interesting because it shows that the last Valkyrie woman (Tessa Thompson) who survived the battle with Hela comes back to protect King Thor.

Pact is a Pact! I can see why I broke teams of a really bad employer and a very cruel teacher as well as influence of five women abuse gangs—of course, every time I had a small team to help me out. I had really less training and less contacts but I made it happen. I also see now why I once dreamt of riding a winged horse. The dream indicates power and control of physical and supernatural sort.

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I Am Like Lucy

Here is what makes me similar to Lucy.

  1. I can ride the Black Wind
  2. My skin glow in the night for some reason
  3. I turn dark in the night sometimes, which means that Dark Giant arrives in its bigger form
  4. I can get snippets of the universe only if I open myself to a given concept
  5. I can heal myself to some extent (post 1, post 2) and I am amazing at finding the help that I need if I fail at healing myself.

Here are two thing that Lucy cannot do.

  1. I react very strongly to weather changes and I can predict them during my sleep
  2. I get dreams that later come true
  3. Some of my prayers get accepted. This includes some very difficult prayers as well.

Now, check out Lucy and you will start thinking that she is my sister. LOL!

Signed: Fractal a.k.a. Arzoo

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Reading Difficult Features of Body

I have high levels of Stereodepth Vision, which allow me to look at things in much detail without any effort—I am so excited that my eyes are very different. I first noticed my ability to effectively read features several years ago. I had gone outside for a task and I ended up meeting one of my cousins in the mall. Do you know how I recognized him as he walked among so many other people? I just happened to look at his neck while I was walking behind him. It took me seconds to realize that I was looking at my cousin’s neck. I was stupefied when I realized that I could read necks this way. The same happened when I saw Wesley’s Decoy sitting at his table at the end of the movie “Wanted”. I looked at the shape of his head and realized that it was different than Wesley’s because it was curved slightly different at the bottom. Do you know that police must train themselves to read features like these? They are passed through lots of manuals where they are taught how to read features so that they may easily identify almost anyone and even if that person has altered his/her looks. I think I will beat them at their game if I need to. Feeling Blessed!

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High Levels of Stereodepth Vision Make me Naturally Talented As A Photographer

I have not taken even one class in photography. I only know how to hold the camera and snap a picture. Below are some pictures that I took in the past. I find flowers so attractive.

There are some more great pictures that I took during my spare time. I will upload them here later.

Keep your cameras handy. Weather is nicer nowadays!

Same/Similar Food Urges

I get food urges when my siblings get them, especially when my brothers get them. I get this experience a lot when it comes to my two younger brothers. For instance, today I bought Sushi Family Pack after running around in the mall for a bit. When I got home, I ate a bit of it. Later in the evening, my younger brother surprised by suddenly visiting us along with his family–I had no idea whatsoever that he was coming. I looked at his face and then I realized why I got this strong urge to eat Sushi today. The fact is that he loves Sushi and he always eats seafood with his family. This is an indication of scent-based telepathy, I think.


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Drawing Feels Natural

I miss my grandmother who died a long while ago so I drew this old woman. Funny! I couldn’t drew her face long but ended up making it a bit round like my grandma’s.

I love how drawing things relaxes and focuses me; and, I love how drawing has always felt natural to me. I have not been trained in the classroom in this art except for when I was in high school. I belonged to a Pakistani high school, which was run in a small city named Sheikhupura, so obviously we had to learn without much help—I studied in National Model High School. I only had a sketch pad, some pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, and some color pencils. My teachers taught me how to draw fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ducks. I even won an award for drawing and coloring ducks. The easiest competition that I had was a genius who knew all the Sciences and Humanities but he could draw only pea-sized photographs. 🙂 Hehehehe! I was around 15 years old when I left my high school and joined a Women’s Only College that was also very strict about Sciences—I feel like crying. We had music and dance events though as well as bazaars, which was helpful. I came to Canada in 1997 but I never ended up saving enough for Arts classes.

But, it still worked out fabulously for me. I wonder how my drawings would change after I have trained myself with the help of some real artists!


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Queer Incidences that Appear Like Coincidences

Since I am lucid and thus incredibly intelligent, I experience odd incidences that can easily be camouflaged as coincidences. To prevent my mind from wondering about their existence, I will recount only 5 such incidences:

  1. I was still battling my infectionits almost healed so don’t worrywhen my exams for the first semester of “Event Management” program began in April 2018. I had to take a break according to doctor’s instructions to manage my exhaustion. When I went to take one of my postponed exam, I ended up at a place where books and binders were being donated. I took a large binder and now I do not have to go shopping for next semester.
  2. When I visited “Algonquin College” in 2017, I ended up meeting a guy by chance alone who gave me a brief tour of the college. This happened before the Orientation and I am lucky that I met him.
  3. In Dec 2013, I got a job in a very “out of the box” manner. I printed a list of Recruiters and then decided to visit the first two recruiting companies. The second office I visited was located inside a mall. I got into the mall but then I couldn’t find them. Thus, I decided to knock at another company’s door and ask them where they had moved. The person I spoke to next gave me a job inside his company.
  4. A relative of mine suffered from a massive loss in business simply because he decided not to listen my comments. I was just 18 years old then and I did not had any training or exposure to the world of business. However, I swiftly analyzed a situation as an outsider and gave him my feedback. He thought that I was just a teenager who was trying to sound smart. Some years later, he found out why I cautioned him.
  5. I have dodged death four times. I do not wish to discuss everything here but I can briefly discuss two such accidents: as a child, I contracted Chicken Pox and I could not get out of bed or feel fully aware for many many days; and, another time a well-educated and seemingly normal Canadian man tried to physically harm me. Because I am slightly psychic, I get near-death experiences; and, I get more psychic due to these experiences. I feel it works both ways. I am well and safe because I can heal owing to my lucid dreams. In essence, I am an X-File.
  6. A young boy once complained to me that he was too slim. I prayed in his favour and now he is adult with really large muscles. Sometimes, my prayers work really well so I call them “The Silver Bullet”.

There are more and more of these incidences and I am a bit afraid of documenting all of them. I feel that even if I fully embrace my inner genius, many individuals will try to daunt me one way or anotherof course! Einstein was lucid and thus a genius; but, why should a random woman win a similar position? This struggle would give me a headache and my performance might decrease. But, I must be brave enough to proceed so that you may notice more queer things in my first book.

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Why Learning is Unlearning

I created a list of urgent tasks yesterday. I started out with 3 points and slowly expanded the list to 16 points. I noticed that as soon as I had written down a point, I would forget the rest of my concerns related to that point (unlearn) and then my mind would start scrambling again till the next point comes in view (learn).  This “Learn and Unlearn” process can be seen almost everywhere. Think about it! its a scattered process because the universe is scattered.

The problem with creative people is that they are a kind of universe. For example, I know Technical Writing, Biological Sciences, Philosophy, English Literature, Event Management, and Mathematical Sciences. But during my spare time, I am an explorer who is continuously learning something else; for example, Dancing, Acting, Nutrition, Photography, and Creative Writing. I do all these fun things on the side because they are part of my existence and I cannot exist without them. This intriguing challenge is there because “Learning” is tied into “Unlearning” and this is a critical element of “Adult Growth and Development”.

Here are some useful articles on this phenomenon:

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