Helping Your Child Think Differently

Helping your child think differently than the rest isn’t easy, which is why I recommend smaller families instead of larger ones. But, once you have triggered the right thought at the right time, then it is actually designed to last for longer than you can imagine. Here is one of my personal  experiences.

My parents gifted me a large shelf that was filled with books when I became a teenager. It is still true that I started reading books as a child. I used to read faster and for longer simply because my governess used to hold me while I read—this is how I learned that emotional support is more critical than intelligence given that you need to successfully achieve goals within a team environment.

When I grew older, I got closer to books. I collected books slowly over several years and I even gained expertise about which Thrift Stores and online shops offer books for less. Once, a friend commented that collecting books isn’t a good idea because Canada offers us very large libraries. I reminded him gently that having your own books is psychologically beneficial because i) you don’t have to run to the library every time you need to access some critical information; and ii) you will feel more welcome in your bedroom or lounge simply because your environment is more cherishing in nature. My philosophical brain helps me entertain doubt. So, I utilized this comment to snoop around for more information. Apparently, successful individuals like Noam Chomsky and Bill Gates read a lot. I am glad that I still read and share a lot. If you ever connected with my private circle of friends, you will notice that they love me and find me more reliable because of how much I know.


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Note: This story is based on one of my childhood memories of my loving governess, Jasmine, who was responsible for babysitting and teaching me while I was in kindergarten. I was an accelerated child so I started reading at an earlier age.

Jasmine carried the girl in her arms who was crying like an infant after losing sight of her mother. “I want mommy. I want mommy, mommy,” she cried impotently as the governess addressed her gently while wiping tears from her small and round face. “Your bangs are so beautiful. They fall perfectly on your forehead such that you look like a princess,” she distracted the child further and kissed her left cheek as she sat on the checkered mattress. “She loves me. She is not mom, but she talks so softly. I must behave during this session,” the girl chided herself as she played with the hemline of her frock and nuzzled comfortably on Jasmine’s lap. “What do you want to do now? We should read, shouldn’t we? Which book do you want to read?” she asked the girl while pointing to her six books, which she had been eagerly carrying in her small backpack. Feeling lightened and soothed by her governess’s loving voice, the girl pointed to one book, “Let us read this one. It has pictures and description of a farm. I love farms Jasmine, love them,” she chuckled and rested her head against Jasmine’s bosom. She was a keen reader and as usual she surprised the governess by finishing the entire book in around five minutes. “Wow! You read so fast,” Jasmine exclaimed loudly as the girl played with her really long braids. “Who does your hair, Jasmine?” she asked curiously while caressing her governess’s braids. “Your braids are as thick as ropes. They are so pretty. They complement the shape of your face,” the girl cleverly returned the compliment that was issued to her a while ago. “Thanks! You are such a bright and sweet child,” Jasmine laughed as she closed the book and placed it in her backpack. “Your mom will be back soon and until then we should…,” Jasmine did not end up finishing her sentence because the girl broke down again. “I want mommy, Jasmine. Please, please…,” she cried in a rhythmic and lawless voice that echoed around the room and then wandered outdoors. “Oh! There, there. Let me clean your face. Your nose is running and your cheeks are looking so messy with tears,” Jasmine complained as she picked up the girl and ran to the washroom. She seated her near the wash basin, rinsed her clean hands with tap water, and wiped her face clean. The governess then washed her hands with soap and offered the child some water by cupping her hands. The girl drank the water from her hands like a thirsty pup and started feeling content, relaxed, and loved. “She is as caring as mommy,” she told herself as she threw herself in Jasmine’s arms and decided to nap.

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Being Aesthetic

Once, while shopping, I came across a Muslim woman who was hastily going over so many clothes. She seemed a bit flustered because shopping isn’t an easy task. I walked towards her and looked at her face and figure. Then, I reviewed some dresses and picked one for her. I placed it next to her and showed her the mirror. She was startled at how her complexion started standing out like freshness of young and open petals of a rose. The second that dress was placed near her, her manner of conduct and smile changed drastically. I was so pleased that day because I learned that I can achieve something difficult without much training.

My eyes work like this. I can sometimes pick very little details very quickly, but I have to be in the mood to do this. I reviewed my sight today for fun by running these two clips of Cinderella. Both of her dresses are very beautiful, and it isn’t easy to figure out the right dress for her. But, I started hating her Yellow Ball Dress because it kept throwing her complexion off. To make matters worse, her hair are almost the same color as the dress. There is no classic contrast here to indicate unity of opposites. Thus, I fell in love with her Blue Dress. You can see what I mean by running both clips. You will see that the difference between the potential of both dresses is very minute.

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Did I Meet Carl Jung?

Originally Published On: Jan 20, 2017

Note Added on Feb. 15, 2017: This post was originally written in January 20, 2017. I was interviewed in early Feb, 2017 by a male. I got rejected because I had applied to a senior position on purpose. Furthermore, my dad also fell ill in Feb, 2017. After going through all of this, I felt compelled to review this dream. The voice in my dream baffled me on purpose and told me that Carl is somehow present there. I felt so convinced that I thought I was looking at Carl Jung himself. Was Carl there in spirit form and telling me about my upcoming ordeals or was this dream signal actually an indication of some sort of overlap between Carl Jung, my father, and the interviewer? 

Note Added on Sep 21, 2017:  I am an ENFP, and thus I am somehow linked to INFJs like Carl Jung. I realized that perhaps Carl Jung is now a permanent aspect of my dream world simply because I have blindly realized some of his mental anagrams by reading The Red Book. I must comment that my 3D dreams become very vivid and detailed after I have reviewed The Red Book. This is because it contains lines and patterns of some sort that induce and improve lucid dreams. I haven’t formally studied psychology and so I don’t know what The Red Book means. But, my dreams definitely improve every time I lazily browse some of this unbelievable document. Now, I believe that this indicates that you are supposed to read, review, and understand any sort of material written or created by those who somehow complement your personality style. Lastly, you will feel very surprised that I have always been attracted to fairies and jinn; and Jungian Psychology provides a very strong interpretation of that world.

Like Carl Jung, I have a strong fascination towards subjects that require investigation such as Psychology. Last night, I fell asleep while thinking of calling a Jinn or Spirit to help me write. My dreams were very weird after this and occurred at a fast rate despite my high stress levels. Although I was unable to remember all the details when I woke up, I still recalled some significant details. This dream ran as disconnected snippets, which occurred due to my existing stress. In one snippet, I strongly felt that I saw Carl Jung and I also felt like he was expecting me. Maybe, I felt like this because of the match in our belief in the overlap of the supernatural with this world as well as our existing knowledge.

Carl Jung sat on a seat that was placed inside a large and deserted room. There was no one else there except for him. He was tall and had the ability to beckon any soul towards him with ease. I examined him from far away. Soon, I realized that he was not alone at all. I first SAW a smell of some sort; then I thought I saw some sort of dark presence wrapped around him; as I stared further, the dark presence moved a little and whiffs of rotten smell spanned across the room and reached me. Carl remained unmoving towards this presence as my head started whirling at how strong and strange that smell was. I also felt some sort of creative music and solitude in his kind presence. I woke up soon after this; and, I felt that if I had the strength and courage to go near him, he would have started talking like the rest of my dream characters.

Perhaps, these are my overall feelings about him; but, I must comment that both of these presences felt very real and independent of me. What was that dark presence? Is it death, an angel, stress, illness, or creativity? This is why I strongly feel that I have seen the real Carl Jung and not just a memory. Remember that memories are the gateway to the rest of lucid realities.

In conclusion, I feel that he is somewhat safe to proceed with as a spirit. Last time, I ended up having more creative dreams as I fell asleep with Carl’s “The Red Book” laying near my pillow. On two separate occasions, I felt a vile presence near me while I slept with his book near me; this presence was overbearing, strong, and easy to control although sometimes I find it too difficult to handle. That was one reason why I returned this book to the library. The presence ceased to exist after the book was returned. Even after these experiences, I feel that Carl Jung was a very strong spirit who knew how to laugh and share his experiences while managing his two personalities. I still don’t fully know what that dark presence that had wounded itself around Carl Jung was; I strongly feel that Carl had played with both good and evil spirits, which is just like any other human.

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Deciding Whom to Marry

Recently, I met a very inspiring Pakistani woman who has not only been motivating to connect with more people but has also attempting to find the right guy for me. She is really sweet and open-minded like me. I am writing this post to answer some critical questions she and some other friends of mine posed. Whom do I marry? Very frankly, I don’t know yet because this seems like a very challenging question. I get so confused about this question because relationships with close friends or family members have always felt very overwhelming to sensitive individuals like me. 

To overcome my anxiety about this task, I compelted some quizzes. As an ENFP, my best matches are as follows:

INTJs (Personality Relationships, Playbuzz)
ENTJs (Playbuzz)
ENTPs (Playbuzz)
INTPs (Playbuzz)
INFJs (Personality Relationships)

WOAH! Isn’t this more overwhelming now. I mean that’s how many type of guys I have to sort through. (cries: wwaahh, wwaahhh, wwaahhh)


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My Inner Self

I am an ENFP just like anime characters Naruto, Gai, and Lee. I am a lucid dreamer, which means that I am like the Indigo children who possess extrasensory perception.   My lucid dreams are an indication that I possess certain abilities that other humans don’t have─this is why I am constantly reviewing books on psychic and supernatural phenomena to learn more about myself.

The Japanese anime, Naruto, actually exaggerates the abilities of indigo children who currently exist on this planet.  For example, anime character Naruto possesses a Nine-Tailed beast called Kurama, which is actually a chakra-based entity.  Similarly, I am the keeper and guardian of the Dark Giant and the rest of my incredible dream characters. I am a very strong empath, which is the reason behind my abilities such as healing, tuning into something else, and forming brilliant conclusions after critically evaluating presented problems─I don’t find it surprising that I chose to study Philosophy just like Socrates, Ibn Sina, and Carl Jung who were all well-versed in using the dream realm to enhance their IQ and life.

luigi-colonna-327178 (1)

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Learning Self Defense

I am watching a really lousy video of Muslim women learning self defence in a defence class. Either this footage was taken in a lousy manner or the dojo is a bad one.

I have one year of martial arts experience from both Taekwando and Karate dojos, which I acquired through Canadian instructors. I have sparred with men, women, and children. I have also taught other students martial arts under the guidance of my instructors. Here is some advice to Muslim American women as they attempt to learn martial arts.

  1. Do not enroll for bullshit type of training. Choose a better dojo and better team members. For instance, a typical Taekwando dojo requires 50-100 kicks per type of kick. I can tell this dojo is pretty bad because the instructors aren’t really watching their stances. Whether you will free yourself or get killed really depends on your stances.
  2. Realize that some Muslim male instructors won’t be interested in teaching you while others will. Do not feel depressed because of that. Walk away and find someone else.
  3. Spar with men because you must learn how to use their body type against them. Men have a different body type and thus different methods of tackling their opponents. This is why you will never find me in a women-only class.
  4. Stick with aggressive teachers and team mates. They can show you better and faster tricks.
  5. Study everyone in the dojo. Assess their body strength, swiftness, dodges, and attacks. Remember those moves as you spar against them.
  6. Remember that you are under strict discipline as you spar. This belt and uniform isn’t for fooling around. One move can prove more disastrous than you can imagine. For instance, a specific move that one of my teachers taught me can easily remove Adam’s Apple if performed with too much strength. So be careful of how you use your abilities.
  7. Do not feel frightened to assess your strength against men or larger women. There is a way of shifting the body weight to nullify their attacks. For instance, when I was sparring against a very muscled guy, I could sense that his physical energy would shift with each of my attacks and that he felt compelled to tackle me professionally.
  8. Do not let your opponent get to you even if you are fooling around. Stay at a safe distance and make sure to dodge and block properly. That’s the first rule of sparring in a Taekwando dojo.
  9. During a real fight, know when to run away by freeing yourself. If you can do so at the very first move, then know that that’s exactly what’s required by your instructors and team members. Key is to stay out of trouble.
  10. Practice martial arts in your spare time. Push yourself till you sweat and fall to pieces.
  11. Combine it with other exercises to create peace within yourself because that’s required to launch self defense. For instance, I combined Yoga and Tai Chi with Taekwando and Karate.
  12. Add to your knowledge base. For instance, I have been slowly reading a book on “Dim Mak” on my own. Never learn this art completely on your own unless you already have some sort of martial arts training. Dim Mak is one of the deadliest martial arts; and if you have learned it properly, you should able to do KOs really quickly given that doing a KO is the only escape out of trouble.
  13. Scream to challenge and frighten your opponent. One of the Kung Fu Black Belts once told me a real story of sparring where the opponent fell off the stage due to the intensity of the scream of the other guy.
  14. Hit the parts of the body that aren’t covered by muscles; for example, lower parts of the legs, feet, face, and neck are easiest to attack.
  15. Dance often to increase flexibility and relax yourself. I dance whenever I feel like it.
  16. Learn martial arts weapons. If someone attacks you, then you should be able to use a stick or pencil to defend yourself.
  17. Learn how to use your environment as a weapon. In the movie, Hush (2016), actress Kate Siegel uses a corkscrew to kill the villain who has managed to dodge and survive all of her attacks, get on top of her, and attempt to strangle her. In real life, hiding behind a van to confuse an attacker is just as good as what is happening in this movie.
  18. Have fun at the dojo. If you aren’t having fun, then you are more likely to lose.
  19. Remember that there are no real belts. I borrowed this philosophy from a Kung Fu Black Belt. I believe he taught me this because he noticed that sometimes White Belts can possess and demonstrate stronger knowledge of the principles of martial arts than the more experienced martial artists. For instance, my entire mind transforms as I wear the Gi (uniform). It’s like I become a different person altogether. Something alive found inside the Gi (uniform) literally enters my body, and I experience changes in my thoughts and actions.

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Something Watches Over Her

Note: This post is based on one of my personal experiences. I think that the following is an example of channeling. I have not learned channeling formally, but I am somehow able to channel unconsciously and consciously. Even if I am not channeling through humans, I feel that something still watches over me. For instance, once I survived an accident and did not get killed simply because I had said a prayer a couple of minutes or perhaps seconds before the accident. 

She joined a group of experienced and passionate individuals who had either experienced paranormal phenomena or were willing to learn about them. For several hours, they shared their expertise and experiences in a very serious manner. By the time their meeting ended, she was exhausted and sleepy. “Let us go out and eat something at the restaurant,” one of them suggested. Despite her need to have a great time with her new friends, she decided to take a break and head home. “I will see you all some other time,” she smiled at them and walked towards the bus station. They waved their hands with a resolute understanding of those who had really seen struggles of life and slowly walked away towards the restaurant.

Thus, she stood alone at the bus station and waited for the bus. Unwillingly, she leaned against the glass and dozed off. Suddenly, something robust, something melodious, and something milky white held and rocked her as energy flew back in her tired and slim body. Perhaps, this rejuvenating experience lasted for a minute or so. As soon as she had absorbed this shared energy, she opened her eyes and smiled. There was nobody else there except for her. Now, she was ready for her long ride back home.

“Who or what was that?” she thought in a puzzled manner as she started walking away from the bus station. “Perhaps, it is not wise to stay in a desolate spot in the night,” she thought as she opened her cellphone and dialed home. “Was I standing in the energy field of someone else who was standing here in the past or was this a warning from one of the channelists of my group? Was something bad going to happen if I stayed here?” she kept wondering as she forced herself to walk calmly towards the nearest mall as she waited for someone to reply to her call.

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My Mental Archetype: An Orchestra of Fairytales and Wisdom

My mental archetype compels me to feel attracted to fairytales. Some of my dearest dream characters that belong to the supernatural world are dragons, flying horses, angels, jinns, and myself. I become very reactive when I see movies like “Wrath of Titans“, “Clash of Titans“, “Cinderella“, “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs“, “Immortals“, “Maleficent“, “Jinn“, “Beauty and the Beast“, “Sleeping Beauty“, “Twilight“, “Gods of Egypt“, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And the Wadrobe“, “Alice Through the Looking Glass“, “Picture of Dorian Gray“, “Guardians of the Galaxy“, and “Rise of the Guardians“. For some reason, I feel at home after watching these characters through videos. Below, I have answered some of the questions (bolded) found in the quiz provided at

  • Which man or woman could have rubbed my lamp? Thus, I appear. LOVING.
  • I always click on Forbes magazine for some reason. I traverse deep inside my mind and that of others to try to know everything. I study Philosophy.
  • I think half empty/half full glass is half full.
  • I am damn frightened of rejections simply because I know that I deserve better.
  • I find images that contain books, papers, pens, and glasses more attractive than the rest of the world.
  • I act creatively while I am at work.
  • I gaze into the depth of pyramids by using virtual tours. I dream of going there and analyzing things in detail one day.
  • I believe that truth will set us free.

Therefore, I am Jungian Archetype Sage─ no wonder my friends and family members have given me several nicknames including “philosopher”, “professor”, “fluffy”, “cat”, and “fairy”. It all makes sense inside my head: my quest for writing, knowledge, career, martial arts, lucid dreams, and things and people I wish to keep for long-term basis.

My results from read as follows:

You’re the sage! According to Carl Jung, the sage represents wisdom and the search for truth. You are wise beyond your years, patient and a deep thinker. You’re driven by a thirst for knowledge. One of your greatest fears is being ignorant, misled, or duped. You’re incredibly intelligent but you risk over analyzing until you’re incapable of actually making a decision. You’re an old soul and wise beyond your years, but Jung would tell you don’t get lost in the clouds!