Why I Love Singing

I started singing at an early age; but, I received my only formal training when I was in a Pakistani high school. We had a small girls-only choir; and, we were required to sing for all the morning assemblies and school parties—I was also heavily involved in the school’s official girls-only dance team.

I have not been to Pakistan in 20 years now. Whenever I feel down, I sing along by using some of my favourite songs—I have lots and lots of lovely ones. Singing activates some sort of odd effect inside my brain. I stay focused on my singing like a drug addict; then I dance like a hasheesh infested woman—so you must have realized that poetry is doing something even stronger than that. After a day or two have passed, my mood stays very optimistic, hot, sexy, and sensational.

Listen to some of the songs that I have sung under the title “Songs Sung & Written By Someone Else“. I will slowly add more clippers of songs here.

Here are some benefits of singing.

  1. According to Kay Norton’s “Singing and Wellbeing: ancient Wisdom and Modern Proof“, Singing brings groups together by breaking down barriers. Even very religious people who are traditionally labelled as dull sing eloquently and just like macho drug addicts.
  2. According to the article, “Music and Drugs are the Same to your Brain’s Reward Centre“, Music is like drug to the brain, which is another way singers feel high enough to sing for their audience. 
  3. According to article, “11 Surprising Health Benefits of Singing“, singing improves the posture. I have to sit or stand a specific way in order to sing. Then I have to move my hands and arms in order to guide my singing. 
  4. According to the aforementioned article, singing also strengthen confidence and communication skills.
  5. The last article also indicate that singing lower stress levels, improve alertness, and create better sleep. My brain adapts so quickly to singing that nobody ever notices that I was down just a couple of moments ago. Singing and music is how I survived teenager trauma.

When I get a crush on some guy, I experience the most stunning effects inside my mind. One such really intoxicating feeling is the need to sing and dance—it pays to be aware of the 14 phases of love. 

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Does Saliva Of Lucid Dreamers Heal?

Lucid dreaming causes changes in the body and mind; only some of my friends and my doctors have observed the miracles this ability has performed for me.

Some years ago, I lost lots of hair due to some personal concerns. But, due to my lucid dreaming abilities, my hair grew back rather quickly. Now I have very bouncy and shiny hair—they really stand out. Read “Lucid Dreams Grow Hair“. Besides this, my skin looks and feels very young; most people easily place me 10 to 20 years younger than my actual age.

Today, I was thinking about Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him); and, I remembered that there was a saying about how he once used his saliva to heal himself. Read Ummah.com’s second post by Mikha’eel to learn about this incidence. Does this mean that the saliva of lucid dreamers can be used to heal certain illnesses/conditions? Is it more powerful than the salvia of those who cannot enjoy lucid dreams? I strongly believe that more researchers should be paying attention to this fact.

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How A Pakistani Boy Verbally Harrassed Me When I Was In Grade 3 or 4

This is a real story; and, it is a horrific one. Porn is everywhere in Pakistan; and, it is shoved on children as well. Nobody wants to tell you this truth—reality is that porn is a usual thing to watch even in some Canadian offices. This story shows you how children can be brainwashed to say abnormal things.

One day, I was playing games with my friends inside my high school when an impure comment issued by a boy spread in some classes and finally got to my friends’ and siblings’ ears. Apparently, a rather young boy from grade 4 or 5—I think he was one grade ahead of me—was planning to kidnap and rape me. His comments were very dirty, thorough, and abusive in nature; and, he was constantly obsessing over my looks and clothes. My siblings and my friends got so worried after they heard this. But, we were all kids with really less influence. His weird comments continued for some days; and, every now and then, I used to hear news from my friends that now he is saying this and that. One of my siblings also heard him say some criminal stuff so he asked me to be very careful of this boy. Anyways, I was left unharmed as some students and my siblings chose to shun this guy. That was the first rape threat I received.

I had other abusive encounters as I grew older; when I matured as an adult, I decided to share some of these things online. I have been checking out something very sleezy, something as bad as porn that is visible among the Muslims including some well-known folks of Ottawa, Canada. Some of the Muslims do not help needy women out; they are always preaching things like “Your family is your first home. Not leaving them is better” instead of sharing their connections so that the abused woman may use their help to get through; and, they are always pointing to community centres when the reality is that the Canadian community centres are returning abused women. Some of these famous, well-connected, and practicing Muslims I have come across are really that good at managing women abuse. Given that I have been abused since I was a child, talking to such Muslims have been the scariest experience in my life.  A lot of time while randomly connecting with people including Muslims, I do not tell them who I am on purpose; this helps me see their real reactions, which is what any other woman/girl must be experienceing as well. Such Muslims are the reason why women and girls go through abuse even in very modern and wealthy countries like Canada. During the day, they parade as loving people; but, they are covert in nature so they select their victims and harass them when no one is watching. These kind of people are the reason why I feel that the ordeals Muslims are currently being put through are given to them by God on purpose. You can read comments by one of the Muslim guys I have nailed to be harassing in nature. Learn how they talk and what is wrong with what is being said; and, you will be able to nail the rest.

I am in the process of slowly writing down their names and comments because I feel that this community need a strong attitude of this sort. So far, I have come across three abusive and influential Muslims. I am sure that I will find more as I connect with more people—I am still relatively new to Ottawa.

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How I Started Writing Poetry

Some years ago when I was studying at University of Toronto, some people indirectly made fun of me and my religion. All this was done in a subtle way; but, I notice things easily. One day when I got home from university, I prayed to God; and, told God that I needed an outlet. I still distinctly remember that I started writing after I issued this prayer. Now, here is the fun part. I have not been exposed to poetry writing when I was a child and adolescent; I used to focus more on mainstream music and songs; and, I used to just listen and sing back like a robot. According to article, “The emotional power of poetry: neural circuitry, psychophysiology and compositional principles” (Wassiliwizky, Koelsch, Wagner, Jacobsen, and Menninghaus, 2017), the tendency to listen to music and enjoy poetry less is due to insignificant exposure to the later art during childhood and adolescence. Now, here is what is even more intriguing. According to the above-mentioned article, poetry engages the brain regions associated with primary reward and plays a pivotal role in how emotional expression evolves. Thus, it is clear to me that although I am genetically related to some well-known poets, my ability to write poetry is a gift from God—I am even more convinced now that some of my most challenging prayers actually get accepted. I like it how one prayer altered my entire life. People now clap for me for pretty long—its funny how God works. Check out some of my poetry!

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Some Of My Brutal Mental Images of Men

I have some really bad images of some men and boys in my brain simply because abusers can literally smell me and they just know I am the right target. This is why I had to do lucid dreaming therapy on myself to keep myself alive. In addition, over time, I learned how to break bad and toxic teams apart. When I am around, you will truly see two sides of life: good and bad. Only good guys and gals will stay with me at the end. You will see that this is an ongoing trend! This trend is here because people are trying to murder young women and girls. This disease is called “Female Infanticide“.

Below are some of my experiences that have changed me so that I trust men really less:

  1. When I was a teenager, I escaped severe domestic abuse when my family immigrated to Canada from Pakistan. It was so terrifying back there!
  2. When I was a teenager, a male relative of mine touched me inappropriately. But, because we had otherwise good relationship, I was able to immediately stop him from damaging me any further. You know! He never harmed me again.
  3. When I was living in Pakistan, I along with all the girls who used to study with me, used to get stalked by around 10 to 20 young men—that’s most of the youth who were being sent to private tuition by their parents. We didn’t knew these men because we were studying in the “girl’s only college”; but, they used to stalk, harass, and intimidate us every day we would go for tuition. We complained to one of our male teachers who told us to always move in groups and always change our route. Although these boys used to be dressed as heroes—they were well-dressed and well-groomed—they used to act like real pigs. Read article “‘No means yes’: Pakistan TV’s dangerous trend of celebrating rapists and stalkers as heroes“.
  4. Later in Canada, I was raped by a Buddhist male who was Islamophobic and woman-hater. He is still free because he got away by confusing and scaring me. He is still alive because I believe that the Canadian system has mostly failed colored women, which is why I am not filing a report against him on purpose. Doing so would be a waste of time. Instead I am writing a book called “She: The Mirror“.  I stopped communicating with him once I became okay enough to read into the entire situation. I even changed my city to get away from this person. He calls himself “The Devil”; and, I believe that men like him roam Canada freely because Canada allows them to live. I got away with extracting some information from him as well as a confession, which is going to get published in this book.
  5. Once while walking inside a Canadian park, I was almost kidnapped by two Black men. They brought a car to lure me in. One of them intimidated me by inviting me to come to tea with him. Within seconds, the second guy brought a car while the first man kept nagging me in a high voice. I did not run; instead, I opened my cellphone and started talking to an imaginary friend. As soon as I felt better, I started running because I felt that he was going to jump at me from the back.
  6. A class fellow of mine who just happened to be White sent me a hate mail after trying to make me talk about my personal things like my background and writing. He was bipolar and drug addict. I had to block him from social media too.
  7. On some occasions, I was repeatedly verbally, emotionally, and psychologically harassed in different Canadian workplaces and academic organizations. Its a trend that is common among Muslim employers as well. For example, once a Muslim employer verbally and emotionally harassed me by saying, “Why are you expecting me to babysit you” when I asked him a question during training. He was away for some time during my training;  and, when he came back, he said these mean words to me upon my first inquiry. Most of the time, like 80% of the time, its the men who were mistreating me. Don’t sit there and think that Muslim men are the good guys. There is only a very small number of good Muslims left. Read how a Muslim guy who claimed to be working with abused women harassed me, “Be Aware of Some Imams or Muslim Men Who Are Trying to Handle #MeToo Discussions“. This guy was politically connected and he was also running a charity in Canada. I still deleted him because I feel that it is the right thing to do. You are going to notice that I am following my judgement only simply because I have learned to see the truth through experience.

Over time, I learned to do the following in order to survive:

  1. Read into abnormal psychology. Read my blog post, “Regeneration. Over time, I have even learned how to read into the character and behaviour of the politest women. I have recently eliminated contact with two Muslim women who promised one thing and ended up doing something else in a very lousy way.
  2. Leak information to reliable women and men whom you have met in real life and learned to trust over time.
  3. Create a buddy system. I run one such system through Facebook group “Forgotten Femmes“. Currently, I am paired with exactly one abused woman who is helping me learn some valuable stuff while I teach her what I already know.
  4. Connect with a reliable lawyer and leak information for further use.
  5. Write things down A through Z; and, I intend to release data in the form of a book whenever I am ready.
  6. Do not connect with unreliable people. I literally block them from my social media; and, I don’t take anything from them.
  7. Do not make any physical contact with men. Its simple! Physical contact can be used by covert criminals to choose the victims.
  8. Speak out! One some occasions, I have extracted reference letters from employers who were mistreating me.
  9. Leak information on the web. Nowadays, the women who are usually escaping alive have two qualities: 1) like me, they don’t give up easily; and, 2) they expose the transgressors. Read story of Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun who was granted asylum in Canada because she chose to use the net to campaign for herself.
  10. Use a safety list. 
  11. Amplify my needs with the help of other women.
  12. Use lucid dreaming to heal; detect crime; and, create a better future for myself.
  13. Use telepathy to figure out the next set of moves. This move does not always work because telepaths get tuned out sometimes.

Over time, I have learned that narcissists and abusers target me because I am an empath. For example, once my older brother who used to psychologically torture me, said to me, “You are so fun to bug Arzoo. Its simple! You take everything so seriously. All your emotions really show”. He also stopped harassing me at the end because I challenged the shit out of him. Read article, “Dear Empaths: 4 Types of Narcissists You May Be Attracting” to see why narcissists can literally smell me. Article “Is the Narcissist Legally Insane?” shows that narcissists don’t feel responsible for their actions, which is why they can say so many mean things without feeling anything.

Being a woman isn’t easy in this world anymoreI am still alive because I am lucid. Over several years, I have found so many similar stories that are scattered throughout Canada and Pakistan that you have no idea. I have also been observing that the political/activist platform of North American Muslims and Christians is also oriented towards the men; I have noticed that some of these great figures actually hide themselves behind papers whenever they hear an abused woman cry for help”. I know that I have not met many great female Muslim speakers because they aren’t well paid or respected by their community. Read point 5 from the ordered list (second) of my blog post, “Framing and Misuse of the Canadian Muslim Women“. This is another reason why I think that there are really less good people left on Earth—good people don’t mind keeping women on the same page.

In conclusion, my overall impression of men including Muslim men is very bad. My impression of some Muslim women isn’t awesome either because I have definitely seen some Muslim women walk away when other women or girls need helpI still remember being molested by a female Muslim teenager when I was just a toddler. Despite all these routine challenges that are offered to me, I am still alive and functional because I am a champion and a lucid dreamer.

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How Champions Are Different Than The Rest

I know from my personal life experiences that champions are very different than the rest—if you observe them up close, you will fully understand a lot of tough things.

When I was younger, I saved my younger brother from being abducted. When I was introduced to the world of Martial Arts for the very first time, I was not shy about walking on a broken foot. My right foot actually broke while I sparred with a much larger sparring partner; my parents weren’t home so I had to walk back. It healed on its own over time although it was infected for a bit. There is still a mark on my right foot; and, it still functions perfectly. When I matured even further, I walked again while enduring further pain. Around five years ago, I contracted a lethal Urinary Tract Infection and another related complication. In 2018, I ran through the anaconda-like corridors of Algonquin College with these injuries as well as feet that were swollen due to edema. Most of my class fellows learned about my medical condition because they could see me in pain sometimes. I had to struggle to manage my assignments, studies, and doctors’ appointments; but, I was in the final stages of healing because I had been fighting this condition for some years now. At the end, I won this battle as my infection fully healed; and, I was placed on the Dean’s List for Event Management program. From this ordeal, I learned the significance of having a dependable team in achieving difficult and memorable tasks.

This is why I can relate to champions, such as Indian track and field sprinter Milkha Singh, who are not like the usual Hollywood/Bollywood/Lollywood protagonists; but, who have real struggles that make them heroic in nature. And, they are in tune with their inner self, their inner child. As an ENFP, that is my best gift. Becoming a champion simply means learning and understanding their behaviour; and, then creating similar behaviour that is unique to you but still resembles your champions’ behaviour.

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Why I Doodle?

My answer derived from my experiences is that I doodle to get less distracted, less stressed, and to laugh. According to Theresa Fisher’s article, “Studies Show That People Who Doodle Have An Advantage Over the Rest“, doodling allows one to retain information, improve focus, prevent boredom, and manage stressful moments.

When I look at my doodles, I just feel a sense of accomplishment. I have often wondered why I feel this way—its like one of those magical moments one get when one is looking at one’s heroes or crushes. According to Matt Ellis’s article, “The meaning of doodles: when a squiggle isn’t just a squiggle”, some of history’s most influential people used to doodle—lucid dreamer Carl Jung’s book “The Red Book” has doodle art. So my dream of changing people through my writing, poetry, and lucid dreams isn’t just a dream. It is an actual historic reality!

I learned doodling on my own—I was doing this even before I learned the word “doodle” and benefits of doodling. I followed a rather creative process, which included doodling with the help of my imagination; learning how to draw so that I was able to play with various shapes and faces; using someone’s face to create a doodle of a different face; and, doodling on hands with Mehandi (henna). If you want to learn this art, visit Skillshare. Don’t forget to learn the meaning behind your doodles. Its more fun reading into yourself this way!

Check out some of my cute and queer doodles!


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Emotional Support Produces Better Results

When I was younger, I studied only one English Literature course at University of TorontoI completed a Major in Biological Sciences and Double Minors in Philosophy and Mathematics. As a student, I was blessed because I was close to some of my Biology, Philosophy, Maths, and English professors. I used to walk with a Philosophy professor as well as an English professorthey did not mind me right next to me. They were both very nice men and were much older than me. On our way from North building to South building, I used to pair up with these two professors. The walk is like 25 minutes so it is very boring walking alone. Pairing up with my professors after class helped me because it was easier for me to think back to the lectures this way. Both of my professors were very protective of me just like they were towards other students. No wonder I grew up so focused! My ongoing attraction towards English and Philosophy is directly tied to the additional emotional support provided by these men. They used to spend the most time answering my questions because they knew that I was going to ask them the most questionsI enjoyed their courses more because they were more interesting to begin with.

When I grew older, I changed into what these professors were trying to create; i.e. a creative, fresh, and inquisitive mind that asked the right questions and finds the right answers; and, someone who would listen to herself before deciding on something. As I matured, I realized that I was performing better when I was working close to those who chose to love and protect me; otherwise, I was just running away faster. Read article  “Why offering emotional support in the workplace can lead to increased productivity” to find out why I am always writing, thinking, and consistently and patiently pursing my goals.


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“Gotham”! I Am Getting That Tick In My Head

My novel lucid mind plays a funny rhythm every time I come across someone or something exceptional—its different for each case. Once it played this tune with X-Files; I even play with m favourite charcaters or sets when I become lucid. And, this time my lovely brain is playing this tick every time I finish watching series Gotham—I have to make sure not to watch dirty scenes though so that my funny tune may play properly. This tune I feel after watching “Gotham” is so real. It’s like all my dream characters start singing some sort of song during the day. It’s a thrilling experience! I know that some mastermind artists and speakers receive enlightenment through tunes that activate inside their minds after a timeless encounter. This odd music is the reason why I plan to read this series slowly. The script for “Gotham” is available at Springfield! Springfield!

Advice to all writers and poets: Stay close to the things that are causing that odd rhythm inside my brain. Fight to get close if you need to. After close encounter, start writing.

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