Finding Myself Again

Around 7 years ago, I was raped by a Buddhist Islamophobe who was a Martial Arts Dan. He got away because I was a virgin when I was raped; and, I really did not knew anything about rape trauma or how to react after the rape. I failed to request a legal investigation due to lack of family support; I did not speak to the rest of family members after an older female relative insulted and bullied me when I complained about what happened; and, I also felt worried about revictimization, which usually happens during legal investigations. The same female relative who doubted me later helped me get some medical attention; but, I still did not get any councelling except when my family physician printed some relevant material for me. All this is still considered insignificant amount of assistance! So I lived with my trauma for around 7 years and used lucid dreaming and writing to heal myself. A lot changed after I was raped. I became very scattered and frightened!

  • I changed my career
  • I changed my city
  • I stopped working out and studying Martial Arts
  • I stopped smiling and being myself
  • I gained weight
  • I developed two medical (physical) issues that were eventually permanently sorted out

I took time to recollect myself. I read therapy suggestions and research about human behaviour online; I made sure to talk to my best friend whenever the need arose; and, due to the acceptance and support offered by my best friend, I was able to gradually open up about this abuse to two other friends. As I engaged in this quest, I learned many new things about human behaviour as well as lucid dreaming. Today, I feel much healed and relaxed! Just a while ago, I was looking at my resume and writing project when I realized that I had accomplished a lot on my own; and, I did this inside Canada, a country that offers very toxic environement to women especially coloured women.

I now know what I can end up achieving if I put my mind to it. I have been harassed and intimidated by men repeatedly because violence against women is on the rise. Read “Some Of My Brutal Mental Images Of Men“. But, I am still alive and kicking in the right direction. Staying optimistic and enjoying reliable company has helped a lot! I am now able to focus on exercises and sports to manage myself; and, I will attempt to join a survivors’ support group  too. I will try to find that Martial Artist—before the rape, I had a white belt in Karate and Taekwando—who almost got killed 7 years ago.


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I Used A Prayer To Straighten My Hair

Several years ago, I fell in love with super straight hair. My hair are very fine so I did not want to use a rod to straighten them. Furthermore, I did not had detailed knowledge of hair products; and, the most I knew was about Nioxin products because an older lady told me about them. At some point, I prayed to God that I wanted straight hair.

After a couple of years had passed, I ended up being late inside a mall and decided to just visit a salon to relax and see if I liked something. They had placed a lot of their amazing products in a small basket and put them on sale to attract customers. I asked them about their services and made a note about this salon. I like small things like baskets and books; so I decided to check out the products before leaving the shop. After going over a couple of products, I decided to buy “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong”. I did not knew what I had just bought so I decided to use it slowly. Every now and then I would apply it to my hair. When I realized that my hair actually liked this product, I started using it more regularly. After some months of treatment, something great happened to my hair.

Just a couple of days ago, my sister came to meet me. And she said, “Wow! Your hair are so straight now. What did you do to them?” I smiled and showed her what I was using.

Okay! So prayers really work. I have written before about how some of my prayers just get accepted. Read Silver Bullet: My Prayers Are In Multiple Dimensions.  This product has done wonders to my hair. I strongly recommend this cream to everyone.

I am sharing some of my pics here to show how my hair looked before and after applying “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong”. The last three pics were taken tonight after midnight. I had washed my hair just a while ago; and I have not used a straightening rod at all. Its God’s will! My hair are always going to look awesome now!

Before using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong”
Before using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly
After using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly. Puzzling over how some of my prayers just work!
After using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly
After using “Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong” regularly. See the shock on my face!

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Teach Girls To Protect Each Other At An Early Age

When I was a teenager, God put me through a scary trial. We lived in a small village in Pakistan. It was usual for us to get chased by a large mob of young men when we would go to study tuition. We tried solving this together by staying close to each other; identifying how the mob used to form and who were the participants; and, then finally complaining to one of our teachers in a group setting. My participation in this process was limited to listening to the teacher; never walking without my group; and, making sure that the ladies made sure to change their route. He advised us to always change our route.

We tried this a couple of times and the mob stopped. Perhaps, he talked to the boys and their parents too because apparently some of these young men were also students. Anyways, this situation proved very frustrating for us. I clearly remember that a young sweet lady later got very angry when another man chased us on his bicycle. She was my friend and from my group so I knew her character. What she did next did not make any sense to me. She took her slipper off and threw it at that man’s face. When I grew older, I researched what happened to her and realized that her character shifted due to the abuse we were being put through; and, thus she became a bit violent. Well! This little bit of violence is not a big deal given that we also used to get stared by mobs of young men who used to climb the walls of our academic institute. So stressful! So this is how I completed some of my studies in Pakistan.

Anyways, when I grew older and felt that I could handle some added responsibility, I started working on “Forgotten Femmes“. Over time, I realized that I was able to react more strongly to women’s needs because I learned to do this while I was just a teenager. This is why I feel that we should teach our girls how to protect each other when they are younger; it makes sense to me that they should be offered proper and mandatory training when they enter their teenage years. They will always end up using these skills later in life!

four women in front of green bushes

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Why I Called Carl Jung My Main Guy For My Fantasy Novel “Koh Kaaf”

I have a strong connection with the spirit of Carl Jung. I can smell him and his thoughts the second I open his book “The Red Book”; I have only been able to read just a couple of pages of “The Red Book”; and, I can feel my mind scattering owing to his creativity. What happens to me is pure mathematics! When I connect with Carl Jung, I always have very exciting or freaky dreams. But, these scary dreams are a form of protection, Carl Jung’s is offering me as a guardian spirit. For example, remember how I wrote on my blog that ever since I moved to Ottawa, I have received some dreams about rapes. Carl Jung was the first spirit who appeared to tell me about rape! I saw a large white man trying to forcibly sleep with me. I got frustrated and woke up. Because he used force, I took this as a signal and slowly allowed the signal to start opening in different ways until I became more aware of what really was going on. My next dream did not involve me but some young girl who went shopping. Read “Many Rapists Are Hiding In Ottawa“. I believe these dreams were a signal from him because most of the times I receive very pleasant dreams when I think about him. I believe his spirit is somehow guarding me.

What interests me more about all this is the fact that Carl Jung is an INFJ and I am an ENFP. INFJs are ENFPs’ ideal match! The connection between Carl and I is very strong because our personalities are designed for this intertwining. This is true for all the heroes/heroines listed in my blog post “Dance of Heroes“ since it is easier to bring those dream characters to you that are somehow connected to you.

To answer why I feel so unsettled when I read about Carl Jung, I reviewed article, “Jung’s Personality Type: INTP, INFJ, INTJ, or INFP?” This article clearly stated that Carl Jung thought that spirituality and religion would improve one’s health; symbols and archetypes are central to human spirituality; and, Arts, Religion, and Humanities were all important subjects and its not just Sciences that should dominate one’s world. According to Carl Jung’s book, “The Red Book”, Carl was busy studying the myth-creating functions of mind and fantasies. This sounds so funny because it feels like looking at my reflection. Read my blog carefully! I state everything that is already well-known about this legend:

  • I believe that spirituality and religion improve one’s health, which is why I prefer to  pray when dealing with ruthless enemies. The thing about praying is that it does not necessarily have to hurt one’s enemies because it might end up healing them instead while you are learning to be less reactive to traumatic events.
  • Something deep inside me has always reacted to symbols and archetypes, which is what Carl thinks is central to human spirituality. You can tell this is true about me because lucid dreamers are usually playing with symbols and archetypes.
  • Carl asserted that Arts, Religion, and Humanities were all important subjects and its not just the Sciences that should dominate one’s world. This makes a lot of sense to me. When I was studying at the University of Toronto, I started out by studying Sciences. However, I started feeling very queer and bad about studying only this particular subject. So I added Humanities (Linguistics, English, and Philosophy) and Mathematics courses to my schedule. As I matured further, I started using poetry (Arts) to convey myself.
  • Carl studying the myth-creating functions of mind and fantasies.  I have always been attracted to fantasies, myths, and fairy tales. Read blog post “My Mental Archetype: An Orchestra Of Fairy Tales And Wisdom“. I am reading some of Jung’s dreams and I feel it I should easy to construct fairy tales by dreaming like he does. This is why I am currently investigating “The Red Book” in detail. Watch video Video replay: Introduction to Jung and Fairy Tales to understand further.

And, Drrrummmmmm Rrrrolllll……

Best surprise is that both Carl Jung and I use lucid dreams to finish our works! Aaaaawesommmmmmme!

So can you see why Carl Jung and I are inherently connected. Although he was not that great when it came to having genuine relationships and he did get attached to some of his female patients, I still feel that there is a part of his psyche that is rich with interesting ideas and should be explored slowly. Here are some dreams where I connected with Carl Jung’s spirit.

Did I Meet Carl Jung?

Nature Of My Telepathic Connection With Carl Jung

Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport

Shadow Figures of Some Lucid Dreamers or Creatives

Telepathic Experiences Are Enhanced With The Help of Like-Minded People

Its clear to me that INFJs are a great match for me because they believe in protecting those who need help and my entire life’s quest has been to help others achieve their dreams.

ENFPs are sometimes referred to as Champion personalities because of their enthusiasm for helping others realize their dreams. Source: “ENFP: The Champion

I called Carl Jung the main guy for my fantasy novel, “Koh Kaaf” because he gives me both scary and pleasant dreams, which is why it feels like that I exist in a different dimension altogether whenever I am reading his works or thinking about him.

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A Psychic Shared Image Of My Husband

I met a psychic this Saturday; and, I asked him to tell me some things about me. He told me some stuff very correctly. I got puzzled because this was our very first meeting and he was able to tell me things that people usually say after observing me a couple of times. So I felt safe about asking him an important question. I asked, “What can you tell me about my husband?” He proceeded very confidently and did not stop to wonder if I was just testing him so that he may give me a wrong answer like you are already married. Instead he puzzled me even further by telling me the following:

Your husband will be a tall and slim man. He will sometimes wear brown/khaki shirt and brown/khaki pant. He will be taller than you and you will tilt your head to talk to him. He will be a very warm, loving, genuinely caring, and conscientious person. He will be someone you will actually enjoy laughing with.

I was stunned when I heard this because reality is that I did not marry one of my ex-fiances because he was not tall enough and I wanted a taller man. Furthermore, he accurately nailed that this man would be a very loving and conscientious person. I felt very amazed when he figured that out because this is where some people get the wrong answer; since I am an ambitious woman, they think that I will marry a rich man.

I feel so happy and excited right now!

man and woman holding each others hand wrapped with string lights
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Creating Income For Two And Not One Woman

I am very excited today! When I started dreaming as a child, I never realized that this ability would eventually lead me to a real breakthrough and that I would be able to set an example for the society that they will never forget.

Today, I am finalizing my content for my first workshop; and, I have already shared this content with another new female speaker. I am happy that the workshops that I will design will not only protect me but also this new female speaker. I can’t believe I have done this! This is a great example for other people who belong to the Canadian society where women’s needs are being neglected in a methodical manner⁠—neglect is a type of abuse that is offered to the women.

This is an example of the Amplification Effect, which was used by women to fight gender bias in the White House. I strongly suggest to the women that they help each other out if they wish to escape the dark future Canada offers them.


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Why I Love Cooking And Baking

I was at a local mall when I got attracted to LUNA Crepes. I bought a crepe from them and inquired effectively so that the owner gave me the recipe for crepes. I realized that it was easy to cook so I decided to experiment with cooking this. Today I had time so I cooked some crepes for myself. It’s simple: You just use all purpose flour and add a pinch of salt in it. Then mix. Also mix some eggs and milk in a separate bin. Then you add this on the flour and stir to keep the mixture smooth.

I ended up making six crepes for myself: three with chocolate and hazelnut spread; two with cooked tuna; and, one with simple vegetables. This was my first time experimenting with crepes. Also I did not have the Crepe Spreader to make this so I improvised. Check out the photo I just took of these yummy ones!


I learned cooking professionally when I was a teenager. My mom made sure that I was enrolled in Chinese Cooking and Baking classes that were offered privately by someone she knew. So I learned how to cook Chinese food; thus, I was able to cook soups, rice, gravy dishes, and snacks for my family members. This was just for fun because someone else usually cooks for us!

Baking was a bit tougher than Chinese Cooking. So I used to practise with one of my best friends. She and her mom helped me learn a bit about how to make cakes. The rest of the time, we had fun like watching movies.

I love cooking and baking because there is lots of room for experimenting with different foods and cooking styles. It feels awesome to feel the same type of flour differently; for example, I use the same flour for making Chappati (Roti) and Crepes but it tastes so unique with different ingredients. #nomnomnom.

Another reason I love cooking and baking is that when I make something incorrectly some of my loved ones still prefer eating these. One of my best moments is when the muffins I once made ended up being a bit stiff but my younger siblings just ate them without complaining. I still laugh so hard at this really old story!

You should learn how to cook and bake and keep experimenting with combining ingredients in various ways. You will sleep well after this activity because you have learned to depend on yourself to manage your needs.

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Which Disney Princess Am I Like?

I found an interesting article that popped up while I was browsing the net! Read “What Disney Princess Are You, Based on Your Star Sign?” So I am like Pocahontas because my zodiac sign is Pisces. I play with Zodiac signs only when I am pretty bored and have nothing else to do! Sometimes, the information provided is accurate and other times it isn’t.

I like how the article states that Pisces have a deep connection with the world and people around them. This totally shows when I am fast asleep and experiencing different dimensions through lucid dreams. I can even use Earth’s elements like Water, Earth, and Wind to figure out things like if a storm is comingI predicted the arrival of Hurricane Dorianor if someone wants me near or away from them. In one dream that I had regarding an online acquaintance whom I met some years ago, I utilized trees to figure out our connection. During the dream, I felt that this person was nearby. I decided not to talk and run away. The minute I thought this, the trees in the area started moving aggressively and some of the trees’ branches grabbed me, took me backwards, and threw me down. I felt this indicated that he would feel very injured if I just left without proper communication. The only reason why the trees reacted during my sleep is that he is actually very attached to the Earth and whatever it offershe has never indicated anything about how he would feel if I were to just leave. This dream is the reason why I am still connected to this person online; interestingly, he is also choosing to maintain contact with me.


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An Unfortunate Incidence On OCTranspo Bus

I was riding an OC Transport bus, which is usually a very safe ride. The weather was pretty cold today. When I got into the bus, I bumped against a couple of people. I finally found a spot where I could stand. The bus started moving; and, I relaxed but now everyone was just standing and not moving and bumping into each other. Pretty soon, I realized that I had lost my glove. I asked the woman who was standing next to me if she had seen it. She said that she had not seen it. For some reason, I started feeling very odd inside my head. Later, I realized that it was not just fatigue! So I asked myself to focus and look for my glove. I thought that either it was near me, near the door of the bus, elsewhere in the bus, or at the bus station because I was sleepy when I was in these areas. So I started scanning the bus. It was tough to do this because the bus was fully loaded so much so that it is tough to breathe. I prayed and kept looking while suffering from sudden jolts as the bus jerked. All of a sudden, I saw my glove. It had fallen in an empty place between some structure that was part of this vehicle’s design and a seat that was in the middle of the bus. I could see only a part of my glove. I slowly inched towards the person who was sitting there and asked him to pick up my glove and give it to me. The real problem started after all this. After some more moments had passed, I realized that the bus was just getting warmer and warmer. I found myself dozing and did not understood why I was feeling so zoned out. Eventually, I found an empty seat for myself. This is when I got the shock of my life! The seat was very heated because the heater was turned on to the max. I started feeling that it was become harder to breathe; I already had a bad headache as well. Thus, I forced myself to get up and walked to a different seat. As soon as I sat there, I touched the metal surface of the bus. It was very heated as well. This is when I realized that perhaps the driver had forgotten to turn down the heat because the morning temperature was -23 degree Celsius but then the temperature slowly went up to -10 degree Celsius in the night; it is also possible that he turned it on just to heat the bus temporarily and then forgot to turn it down due to stress. Before I got off the bus, I told him that the seats at the back feel super-heated. This was a very freaky experience for me! I am glad that I did not just fainted due to stress caused by heat.

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