Imagining Intriguing Things Makes Me Peaceful

Note: Part 2: Asad and Anya

Ever since I was a child, I imagined and imagined. When no one was watching me, I would be a stern teacher who is always writing on the board (my room’s wall) and disciplining children and youth (imaginary friends). I used to do the whole routine after classes were over. Some of our (my imaginary students and I) tasks were to have an assembly; review uniform, nails, boots, and hair; group exercise and a march to the classroom; notetaking as I wrote on the blackboard (my wall); and, ongoing disciplining or praise of students as well as feedback from students. I used to spend hours doing this routine alone in my room. I would even memorize my homework while writing on the wall. By the way, I used to also dress three of my siblings for school and teach two of the younger ones. I used to do some of these tasks in the mornings and the rest in the evenings or nights. I used to imagine things whenever I had spare time on my hands. Can you believe it? I was really that super-smart…

I thought I would stop imagining one day. But, I couldn’t stop. I am much older now and my mind is preoccupied with things that adults do like managing job, friends, and family. But in the night, I am a child again. This interesting mental state of existence becomes even more alluring every time it rains or storms. I feel so romantic during those moments. Thus, I sleep while imagining almost any kind of story going from Regency Romances to Arab Romances.

Here is what I imagined tonight:

Once upon a time, a young lad had to visit a new village to sell some bread. The village was far away so by the time he got there, the bread became stale. He sat near his merchandise and cried really hard. As he was shaking with grief, a gentle hand touched his shoulder. Then he heard the sweetest voice, “Why are you crying?” Feeling shocked, he turned around and was startled to see a young maiden smiling at him.

“My bread is stale”, he complained as he cleaned his nose.

“Oh! But do not worry. I will buy it all from you”, the young maiden replied in that soft bewitching tone.

“Thanks! But wait! What will you do with it?” he questioned as he hushed his selfish heart.

“I will cook Fattoush with it and then sell this appetizing dish to the locals”, the young lady smiled as she took out a large bag of coins.

“Thanks a ton! You just saved my life. Wait! Can I visit you while you cook this dish? I need to know how you make it,” he smiled in a boyish manner as he took the coins from her and packed all the stale bread for her.

Then, I thought to myself, “I think he just got a date”. Then, I started feeling so happy and sleepy. Hahaha! This sounds so fun. I think I will imagine further after finishing this post. Maybe, she is a fairy; or, maybe she is very rich and adventurous.

Sheesh! This works better than counting sheeps. Obviously, there is gonna be a better effort if I were awake and writing.

Sigh! Goodnight!

Added Next Day on Sep-06-2018: Below are the rest of my thoughts that came to me last night. I slept very well after imagining all this. Storytelling improves my mood. 

As she cooked Fattoush, the young man just stared at her, her utensils, and food.

“I love your place; You seem really rich,” he slowly observes. “C’mon, gimme some of the food, mother,” he jokes in a boisterous manner.

“You can have it because its ready now,” she smiles generously and places some food on his plate. “Its not my place. Its my best friend’s place,” she adds hesitantly.

“Where do you live?” he asks politely. And, he is surprised to hear her blurt, “Please! I need to run away from home. Please take me when you leave this place.”

His guts tell him that something is really wrong. After some more conversation, he finds out that her dad is not a good man and that she wishes to flee his company. “Of course! I need to help her,” he thinks as he tells her to hide behind the large rocks that are situated to the left of her friend’s house. The young lady next complains that her dad will find out that she is leaving because she has lots of stuff to carry with her. He calms her down and tells her to involve her close friend. “You will take one month to slowly move your stuff out of your father’s place. You will store all your luggage in your best friend’s place. We will meet behind the large rocks after one month,” he holds her hand and kisses it gently.

For a month, he remained a hidden man and she got ready to leave. The escape takes place exactly as it was planned. He had also worked hard to sell his donkey and buy a horse and a carriage. As she clings to him, he drives her away from her city.

“Who exactly is your dad?” he asks her cautiously while hoping that he has not disturbed her.

“He is the King of this country,” she starts sobbing hysterically. “He is a mean man who scares me a lot.”

He runs his horse faster. “King of this country! Hell No! She is making me confront that dude with a horse and a carriage. Sweet babe…” he thinks as he eyes her with more affection. His horse runs even faster as if he is also cued into their needs.

As they approach the second city, some thieves attack them. The young man tries to fight but he is easily outnumbered. To his surprise, the young lady uses a staff to harm them all. “She is applying the art of the Royal army,” one of the hooligans screams and runs away. “Stop fighting, lady,” the guy whispers. “You have just created a witness who can easily narrate that we were here.” Off they run again!

As they enter the fourth city, she throws a note folded on a stone at the window of a really large shop. “What! Why did you do this? They are about to just kill us. These people are really wealthy, God Dammit!” he curses at her loudly. “Don’t worry! My best friend runs this shop. He will read this note; and, he will know where I am going. He usually sits near the window I just broke,” she laughs and replies back. The note gets delivered to the right hands and the horse runs faster.

By the time they reached the sixth city, they had eaten all the food. As he stops to feed his horses, she runs away to a shop. “Pack this, this, and that,” she orders the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper stares at the Royal coins, which are specific to the Royals of this country, as he hurriedly packs all the food.

She gives him the food and asks him to eat. “How did you pay? I was still feeding the horses. You should have waited,” he exclaims in a tired voice. Even before she answers, he screams, “Wait! You just gave them the Royal coins. At this rate, we are going to get toasted, young lady,” he complains as he lifts her and places her in his carriage. Then he commands the horses to run fast.

“How dare you touch me? You fool of heart!” she cries and pulls his hair.

“How dare you touch me? How dare you touch me? Is that all you have to say? You are the one distributing all the evidence out there. Don’t you know how to stop, young woman,” he finally lets it out. “Who am I? Who am I? I am a Knight from your father’s enemy’s country. I just got to your city to collect some evidence; and, you found me. What am I going to do with you?” he hits his head in frustration.

“Sorry! I won’t tell dad. I promise!” she replies slowly as she uses her handkerchief to wipe his forehead.

“Wait! What! I won’t tell dad. Is that all? Your dad is the worst man if he hurts you. I mean I just took this job because I had to help my country; but, now you are adding additional purposes inside my mind. I am sorry too! I am not angry at you anymore. And, thanks for the food,” he takes her handkerchief; wipes his hands with it; and, puts it in his pocket.

The horse runs faster as she clings to his arm.

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Other Super Powers that I Believe I Have

I have bought a new book titled “The Children of Now: Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, Start Kids, Angels on Earth, And the Phenomenon of Transitional Children” by Meg Blackburn Losey. I want to share some abilities that I feel I have just recently discovered.

First, I must briefly discuss some of my abilities that have already been mentioned on this blog:

  1. A voice that tells me what to do when I am in danger or someone I love is in danger.
  2. Meet and talk to otherworldly creatures like the jinn; e.g., the Dark Giant.
  3. Receive vivid dreams
  4. Use dreams to glance into the future
  5. Remove bullies from my life through thoughts or prayers only
  6. Heal quickly
  7. Heal those around me
  8. Have difficult prayers accepted
  9. Help senior business professionals make more profound monetary decisions
  10. Catch and stop crimes through dreams
  11. Project myself forward in future
  12. Know if someone close to me is going to die. I get dream signals just before someone I know or have loved dies.
  13. Use someone else’s energy to create dream
  14. Utilize dream portals
  15. Shapeshift during sleep
  16. Get attracted to ancient things like text, concepts, and pyramids
  17. Communicate with the dead
  18. Communicate with my loved ones like my friends and family members
  19. Communicate with my heroes
  20. Learn processes during my sleep
  21. Hear the music of body, soul, sleep, and guts
  22. Read pictures fast. I can only read some pictures this way.
  23. See Jinn (dark creatures from a different dimension)
  24. Attract lucid dreamers and other gifted people towards myself
  25. Attract spirits to myself and allow other intelligent humans view those spirits
  26. Know through dreams if weather is gonna change like rain or storm
  27. A strong inner understanding of the difference between my powers (level 1) and those of a real Prophet (level 24)

Here are some abilities that are mentioned in the book “The Children of Now”, which I believe I have although I never read into these fully until today:

  1. Interact with Orb people through dreams. Other gifted children have also reported this. Read Chapter 3, “Orbs are People Too”.
  2. Have some impact on equipment and machinery. Other gifted children have also reported this. Read Chapter 6, “Children of the Stars”.
  3. Not stay bound within the time portal. Other gifted children have also reported   this. Read Chapter 6, “Children of the Stars”.

Many of the Star Kids also have a unique effect on electronic equipment, causing it to malfunction or turn off and on randomly. Pg.  114, Chapter 6. “The Children of Now”.

They are also able to expand and collapse time consciously—they can actually make events longer or shorter by working outside of time intentionally. They have intrinsic understanding that consciousness is faster than the speed of light, and they use their consciousness to warp time relations as they wish. Pg.  115, Chapter 6. “The Children of Now”

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How to Safely Conduct Telepathy During the Day?

I have used telepathy during the day occasionally to save some people. All this started when I was a child. I just happened to hear a voice minutes before I saved my sibling from being kidnapped. The second incidence, which I still recall very clearly owing to its very confusing nature, is a bit recent. I cannot provide any details of this incidence due to confidentiality issues; but, I used my telepathy vision to glance at two men who were posing as friends of a young woman. After studying the faces and vibes of both of the guys for just a little bit, I realized that they weren’t really her friends. She used a bit of my help to escape because she chose to trust me instead.

My experiences have taught me that I can read and react faster if the other person (victim) fully trusts me.


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What Kind of Guys I Attract?

Today, I completed the HowStuffWorks’ quiz “What Type of Guy Is Most Attracted to You?”; and, the results matched the reality. I have two ex-fiancés because I like to wait before deciding. One of them is a wealthy Pakistani businessman; and, the second is a Dyslexic genius from Belgium who could beat people in chess in a matter of seconds or minutes (if player is too smart). My first fiancé was a great comedian; and, the second one was the life of every party. But, I couldn’t dedicate myself fully to either of the men simply because they weren’t for me although I still love them my way.

I like my results!


How Prayers Hide Information to Proceed?

This just happened to me; and, I am slowly recovering from this mild shock because I thought I will get this done faster because I frequently visit the local Art Galleries. I am trying to finish an academic project for a course that is held at Algonquin College. I am supposed to help my group find entertainment for a fundraising event held for “Farm Radio International”, which is a non-profit program that serves the African farmers. I am not from Africa so I don’t know much about the culture and trends of this particular region. So, I spent around an hour browsing the web while praying to God that I finish this assignment in time.

First my eyes got stuck on the Firestone Collection that is displayed at the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG GAO). But, I couldn’t find the price, which I am supposed to quote for this project, for the items found in this collection. Then I browsed through some other collections offered at the OAG GAO and couldn’t find anything with prices attached to them. After some while, I visited Kijiji and found some paintings that are worth more than $1000. For some reason, I didn’t like any of these amazing paintings. The two selections were Large Fernand Labelle Oil On Canvas Painting  and Abstract Marcel Favreau Oil On Canvas Painting. I was just about to give up when I stumbled upon Artists in Canada and found a painting of “some kind of round fruits” by Virginia Dupuis (fifth painting from the left, under words “click on image for enlargement”). I didn’t understand the drawings that were presented there due to my lack of knowledge; and, thus I visited Invaluable and searched for another painting there. Again, I didn’t feel content with the search results for some reason. So I browsed back to Virginia Dupuis’s drawings. I started staring at Harvest Moon, which is a close-up of Gooseberries (green round fruits); and, I started praying for help again because I didn’t knew what I was looking at. Next, I googled the words “Gooseberries + Africa” and ended up finding from Berries of Africa website that Gooseberries are one of South Africa’s most popular berries. This painting is an exact match because “Farm Radio International” serves the African farmers.

Oh well! I just finished my assigned part of the project. How queer all this was!

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Sometimes, time and relativity conform really well inside my mind without my full realization of this occurrence. This is why the entire incidence can display itself as a coincidence. Because this is has happened multiple times with me, I can easily state that its some sort of mental rule that applies on its own. But, some outsiders who have not seen this about me in person would doubt my story; the rest will believe in me owing to their knowledge, inspirations, and minds.

This happened when I was driving on the road and turning the dial on my radio. Just minutes before an ambulance came roaring from the back, Marc Anthony’s song “You sang to me” started on the radio. The lyrics that ran are as follows:

All the while
You were in front of me
I never realized
I just can’t believe
I didn’t see it
In your eyes
I didn’t see it
I can’t believe it
Oh but I feel it
When you sing to me

How I long
To hear you sing
Beneath the clear blue skies
And I promise you
This time I’ll see it
In your eyes
I didn’t see it
I can’t believe it
Oh but I feel it

I had the recorder on my cellphone turned on because I was recording something before I started driving and I didn’t turn it off. You can hear the ambulance’s sirens just before this song ends.  The funny thing is that the song is talking about someone’s eyes—I talk about my eyes often—and it is one of my favourite songs, which put me on alert. Thus, I stopped my car while the ambulance was still far away. After this, I kept switching the radio to find another great song. The recorder recorded everything as it is. You can easily hear the noise created by traffic in this video.

This audio was recorded on July 20, 2018 as I drove between Algonquin College and my place near Strandherd Road, Ottawa.

I am a very active Fractal form, which is how I am just a bit different from the rest. I feel that everyone is different and everything depends on how you are opened to the world around you.

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Awake Psychic Mind Thinks and Reacts in Small Segments

I think that the awake Psychic mind thinks and reacts in small segments. For instance, today I was at WalMart when I had a sudden urge to eat bananas—actually, I had been dieting and I decided to eat some bananas just two days ago. So I bought some more bananas from this retailer. When I got home and I was surprised to find out that we had three unexpected guests. We ended up serving the bananas along with the rest of the fruits and meal.

When I go to sleep, I can construct large and detailed objects, buildings, and entities in a matter of minutes or perhaps seconds. But, during the day I can do only some things in a very deep telepathic manner simply because the mind unconsciously filters out unnecessary things. This is why I think that the awake version of the human mind works in smaller segments.


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Using Lucid Dreams to Scan Genealogy

I have been learning about my Rajputian heritage for a bit. My ancestors fled from India to Pakistan at the time when India and Pakistan were divided. Watch movie “Jinnah” to learn a bit about this particular history of the Sub-Continent.

You must have checked out my post “Rajputs are like Valkyrie” where I briefly talked about how Rajputs are like the Valkyrie clan of the Norse mythology. My first set of research showed me that the Rajputians were a very large genius race whose origins are difficult to trace because of how well they were mixed with other nations and how important it was to hide the reality of this unique heritage from everyone else.

After watching the Valkyrie fight for Thor in movie “Thor: Ragnarok”, I thought about the flying horse of the Valkyrie. I get lots of dreams of horses including dreams of flying horses. The next paragraph is just one of my lucid dreams about riding a horse—all of my dreams are in 3-D and they feel like real life. Most of my dreams about horses are still undocumented. I fell in love with horses when I was a kid; and, I still feel and recognize this bond. I belonged to a well-to-do Pakistani Punjabi family so my father would not let me mingle with the “people on the streets”. Thus, I used to stand next to my room’s window for hours; and, stare at the horse that was being managed by a poor man because he used it to earn his wages. I still remember being stuck to the window like glue for half an hour or more every other day. Several years after this experience, I can still dream of horses despite living a very busy Canadian lifestyle. Enjoy the thrill of my ever-youthful and psychic lucid mind as I narrate to you just one of my dreams about horses!

The night was dark and my house felt boring since I needed to do something very unusual and exciting. Thus, I rode my dark black horse through the narrow street with strength and pride of someone who was innately aware of this animal’s instincts. I felt his strong body pulsate with youth and life as I experienced the vibrations of his hooves travel through my thighs and spine and eventually touch my mind and heart. I was once again free to experience the rush and exhilaration of my body beating against the wind while seated on this magnificently proud creature. My usual calm self was now transformed into a very wild and unbeatable spirit that only wanted to make her horse run faster and faster.


I researched further today and found out that the Rajputians of Punjab were of Scythian origin.

The overwhelming majority of the population of Rajputana and Gujarat is of Scythic origin, and even a sizeable proportion of Punjab is too. Jats and Rajputs alone form approximately 28 % of Punjab population. [ Ibb.97 ]. Tod holds that Jats are one of the great Rajput tribes, and that both are Getae [ Ibb.97 citing Tod.I.52-75 and 96-101 ] The Jat Rajput ratio is 3:1 in Punjab [ Ibb.102 ] Adding the other Scythic races to the Rajput total yields well over 50 % of the population of Rajputana and Gujarat as Saka. Sakas no doubt dominated in the Punjab and parts of the Ganges valley as well, but they have here been more or less overwhelmed in the flood of Mughalloid (Indo-Muslim) immigration. Source:

According to the YouTube video “Horse Lords: A Brief History of the Scythians” the Scythians who had one of the first horse cultures on Earth were referred to as the Horse Lords. So the horses from my dreams might actually be an indication of my Scythian origin—I say “might actually be an indication” not “are actually an indication” because dreams are dreams and only some of them show the future. My mind is battling between two ideas: 1) If Lucid Dreams can open the future then perhaps they can also open the lineage; 2) But, I do not know for sure how far back it can go to trace one’s heritage although I know that to some extent Lucid Dreams allow for Remote Viewing into a different country.

Saying this, I am going to show you something even more interesting. The Irish are also Scythians!

Now, Magog, as we shall see in Appendix 3, was considered, with Ashchenaz, the father of the Scythian peoples, and the early Irish chroniclers were most emphatic in their insistence that the Irish were of Scythian stock. And there is good etymological evidence for this. The Irish were long referred to as Scots even before some of them migrated to the country that today bears their name, and as Brewer tells us:

‘Scot (is) the same as Scythian in etymology; the root of both is Sct. The Greeks had no c, and would change t into th making the root skth, and by adding a phonetic vowel we get Skuthai (Scythians), and Skodiai (Skoths). The Welsh disliked s at the beginning of a word, and would change it to ys; they would also change c or k to g, and th to d; whence the Welsh root would be Ysgd, and Skuth or Skoth would become ysgod. Once more, the Saxons would cut off the Welsh y, and change the g back again to c, and the d to t, converting the Ysgod to Scot.’ Source:

According to Library Ireland, Odin, name of a well-known character from Norse mythology, was one of the gods of the Scythians. And, the Valkyrie from movie “Thor: Ragnarok” who I think are like the Rajputs used to protect Odin.

Like I think, LOL!

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Rajputs are like Valkyrie

After lots of self-analysis of my Rajputian lineage and some review of the Marvel characters The Valkyrie (Video, Article), I have realized that they are very similar. That’s because they will both get in the way to protect the ones they have given the pact to. Getting killed while doing something so chivalrous is of no consequence inside their minds. In the movie Thor: Ragnarock, The Valkyrie clan gets assassinated by Hela (see the clip below). This movie was interesting because it shows that the last Valkyrie woman (Tessa Thompson) who survived the battle with Hela comes back to protect King Thor.

Pact is a Pact! I can see why I broke teams of a really bad employer and a very cruel teacher (great liar) as well as influence of five women abuse gangs—of course, every time I had a small team to help me out. I had really less training and less contacts but I made it happen. I also see now why I once dreamt of riding a winged horse. The dream indicates power and control of physical and supernatural sort.

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