Queer Incidences that Appear Like Coincidences

Since I am lucid and thus incredibly intelligent, I experience odd incidences that can easily be camouflaged as coincidences. To prevent my mind from wondering about their existence, I will recount only 5 such incidences:

  1. I was still battling my infectionits almost healed so don’t worrywhen my exams for the first semester of “Event Management” program began in April 2018. I had to take a break according to doctor’s instructions to manage my exhaustion. When I went to take one of my postponed exam, I ended up at a place where books and binders were being donated. I took a large binder and now I do not have to go shopping for next semester.
  2. When I visited “Algonquin College” in 2017, I ended up meeting a guy by chance alone who gave me a brief tour of the college. This happened before the Orientation and I am lucky that I met him.
  3. In Dec 2013, I got a job in a very “out of the box” manner. I printed a list of Recruiters and then decided to visit the first two recruiting companies. The second office I visited was located inside a mall. I got into the mall but then I couldn’t find them. Thus, I decided to knock at another company’s door and ask them where they had moved. The person I spoke to next gave me a job inside his company.
  4. A relative of mine suffered from a massive loss in business simply because he decided not to listen my comments. I was just 18 years old then and I did not had any training or exposure to the world of business. However, I swiftly analyzed a situation as an outsider and gave him my feedback. He thought that I was just a teenager who was trying to sound smart. Some years later, he found out why I cautioned him.
  5. I dodged death by a couple of seconds when a large van ran over my car’s front where the engine is. I was praying to Allah (God) just some seconds before I got hit; and, I heard a voice asking me to drive cautiously while turning. When the Paramedics got me out of my broken car, they were puzzled and scared to see that I was unharmedI only got a Whiplash and some mild bruises and thus I was still unharmed. This is my second near-death experience. I cannot share the details of the first near-death experience because it still feels too painful to me although it occurred more than 10 years ago.

There are more and more of these incidences and I am a bit afraid of documenting all of them. I feel that even if I fully embrace my inner genius, many individuals will try to daunt me one way or anotherof course! Einstein was lucid and thus a genius; but, why should a random woman win a similar position? This struggle would give me a headache and my performance might decrease. But, I must be brave enough to proceed so that you may notice more queer things in my first book.

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Why Learning is Unlearning

I created a list of urgent tasks yesterday. I started out with 3 points and slowly expanded the list to 16 points. I noticed that as soon as I had written down a point, I would forget the rest of my concerns related to that point (unlearn) and then my mind would start scrambling again till the next point comes in view (learn).  This “Learn and Unlearn” process can be seen almost everywhere. Think about it! its a scattered process because the universe is scattered.

The problem with creative people is that they are a kind of universe. For example, I know Technical Writing, Biological Sciences, Philosophy, English Literature, Event Management, and Mathematical Sciences. But during my spare time, I am an explorer who is continuously learning something else; for example, Dancing, Acting, Nutrition, Photography, and Creative Writing. I do all these fun things on the side because they are part of my existence and I cannot exist without them. This intriguing challenge is there because “Learning” is tied into “Unlearning” and this is a critical element of “Adult Growth and Development”.

Here are some useful articles on this phenomenon:

Why the Problem with Learning Is Unlearning
Learning and Unlearning: A Journey of Self-Acceptance
Unlearning: The key to unlock 21st Century problems?

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Dreams of My Uncle Have Brought Me Great Fortune

I once had an uncle who was a Medical genius but I lost him due to his life’s struggles and bad health—I still remember crying like a little broken-minded baby. I loved him a lot and I was always sitting in his arms or on his side and cleaning and massaging his scalp and feet. May God Bless His Soul! I still love and miss him. So whenever I attain my lucid state, I try to see him again.

I am a bit puzzled about his spirit form because I feel that he is still present around me just like the Dark Giant. Maybe, its because he was very smart and he loved me a lot. Once, uncle came in my dream and showed me a car and then he asked me to get near him so that he may show me how to clean the car. In another dream, a dark animal spirit of a tiger (my favourite animal) chased me while I was sitting in a car; and then it broke down and splashed into a form that was just made out of water. Some months later, I got my G license and even got my first car. Furthermore, some of my family members slowly taught me how to clean different parts of my car.

This was several years ago. I missed my uncle’s laughter and teasing; so after he died, I called him to come see me again. He came to see me in my dreams some years ago.But, he was invisible and instead there was this odd energy source. The energy source took me a room that was filled with professionals and it walked next to me as I navigated through areas where businessmen/women were networking. I think this dream was a signal from my dead uncle to work hard and keep moving forward.

I didn’t call for him to come for some years because I needed to forget things. But just yesterday, I met him again. This time he was wearing my favourite brown jacket and he was still fat (obese) and healthy. Then, I felt something different from him—it felt like a voice and presence. I believe he suggested that a good man will soon protect me. Or did I hear things this way because uncle used to watch over me? I don’t fully know what’s going on…

Uncle used to tell me that I was so little that I could have easily hidden in his jacket’s pocket. I think I got cued at that point to stick with him for protection. I think I am just going to sit here and wait for that man to appear.



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Some Canadian Workplaces Are Very Abusive Towards Women

I resigned 4 times from bad Canadian workplaces. I am an immigrant and I came to Canada from Pakistan thinking that I will have a life and some freedom here. But, I have gone through thorough abuse here and I am noticing that many people including some teachers, professors, and health care providers are trying to discourage women from speaking out for themselves. Their motto is, “her personal information is nobody’s business and its safer that way”. That’s a lie! It is not safer that way. Abusive men will have a stronger say that way because they will end up thinking that “she is easy to abuse”; “she is naive”; or “she is okay with all this”.  This is why I have been pushed to believe that living in Canada is just like living in a very abusive country like Ukraine where cops rape women and everyone stays quiet.

First, I used to think that maybe my attitude needed some change. Every now and then, I used to wonder as to why my own thoughts would get directed towards my attitude? I mean when I got to Canada, I was an extrovert. Maybe, some abusive Canadian people tried to change me into a quieter person but these kind of scare tactics don’t work for long. When I started investigating about what was going on, I found out that many White women and not just the colored women were complaining. A White woman once told me that she was being forced to volunteer. Another White woman frankly informed me that she did not get a job because of how young she looked. If White women are being put through this, then obviously the colored women are being abused in harsher ways. A lot of times, the abusive men are getting away with this because they are abusing younger women; immigrants who do not know the entire Canadian system fully; or those who are already stuck behind multiple barriers that are erected by this racist country that has a very well-defined gap between the rich and poor.  Read “Harassment and Violence in the Canadian Workplace; An Issue on the Rise” by The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime.

Seriously! I am getting abused despite being so well-connected, educated, and experienced. I still do not have sufficient time or money to get a lawyer and sue my offenders. That’s why there is no written record of this abuse except for what I have already documented or discussed with my friends and advisors. And, that’s why my heart is getting affected and I am running into breathing issues. I wonder what is being done to those women who aren’t as privileged as I am! I am always more than happy to resign because I bring down my abusers every time I do this. You know what I mean!

Here is my message to all the women of this world: If you want risky adventure in your life like entertain the possibility of having your character assassinated, being murdered or raped, or enduring the state of invisibility, then you may decide to work in some Canadian workplace—remember that only some Canadian workplaces keep the women physically, economically, and psychologically safe and the rest offer grave health risks to them and their loved ones. I am writing a book about this; please, make sure to get your own copy once its completed and published. I am even running a Writing group for women only due to all of this. This way, we won’t be granting any abusers any opportunity to “open and close” the victims.  I know that all these fails are actually dictating a win, which is why I do not feel lost about things.

Abusers make a big mistake when they misuse and mistreat people. They do not read them properly and they do not give them a chance to be read in a safe manner. They failed to read the following:

  1. I am a writer who stays quiet until she is done observing something.
  2. I am a great chess player and I slowly learn how to reverse all the moves.
  3. I am very stubborn, which is why I always follow up.
  4. I love using strategies to resolve conflicts; so if you are offering me even a tiny bit of doubt about something then I will definitely investigate it in detail.
  5. I am a genius but I haven’t fully discussed this in public yet. This is another reason why this fact is still undiscovered.
  6. I am a Rajput and thus I belong to one of the most brilliant races of this world. I once walked back home after a sparring match with a broken foot. Indian Rajputs have kind of that body type and endurance. I still have a mark on one of my foot. It’s my trophy!
  7. I heal faster simply because I am lucid.
  8. People and strangers love me.
  9. I don’t believe in the usual types of heroes that are shown by Hollywood, Bollywood, and Warner Bros although I give people the other impression when I am wasting my time. This is because I know that the real champions are made up of something different than what we all have come to believe.

By the way, classic mistakes like these can cause historical changes. But, in Canada these kind of mistakes are becoming the norm!

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Music of Lucid Dreamers

I can play music and musical instruments during sleep. In one dream, I saw my best friend and her husband sitting next to my bed and playing the piano. I felt so entranced with the sound of music that engulfed my entire dream. Mostly, music plays during all my lucid dates. This is why some lucid dreamers describe lucid dream sex as something very different and exceptional. And, the associated gesture, which might be just a Sender Signal, feels so touching. Richard D James/Aphex Twin, the electronic musician, used to recreate and sell the music that he felt during his lucid dreams. I don’t know how to write music yet because I never bothered to take classes in music. I just know how to sing and I do have some training in singing; but, I might learn how to play musical instruments in the future.

Another time, music rings through my ears is when I connect with people. It comes out of the human body like real music and I can hear it to some extent. As usual, the rest of the humans can hear this sort of music at different levels.

Due to my extraordinary experiences, I will offer the following conclusions that can be easily proved after investigation. There are four types of music that play through the humans. Type 1 and Type 2 are the music of breath and body that show during daily interactions; Type 3 is music of soul that shows during sleep; and, Type 4 is the music that sometimes plays when you think you are following your guts and it can be enhanced by deliberately playing Type 3 music.


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Canada’s Undiscovered Geniuses

Canada has lots of undiscovered geniuses who aren’t participating on purpose because they feel that they are being abused. I will share one of my personal stories here. I have an Honours Bachelors of Sciences in Biological Sciences from University of Toronto. I chose to finish Double Minors in Philosophy and Mathematical Sciences because I found Biological Sciences to be too restrictive for my mind. I failed to pursue higher education in my favourite subject, Biological Sciences, because one of the female Research Scientists commented that she was having difficulty getting the money she needed for her projects. Scientific Research has always been very easy for me. It didn’t take me more than two week (excluding commute time an drew time to study for other courses)  to draft my entire Research Thesis; and, I didn’t choose an easy one to investigate. I chose to conduct research on Drosophila Melanogaster (fruit fly) and attempted to introduce a new segment in the fly’s body. This was tough because the body of the fly develops through a sequence of complicated biological processes that require only certain genes to be expressed in a specific sequence and quantity. On my first try, I nailed the genes and genetic markers that were needed to introduce the mutation, which will eventually play a very significant role in creating that additional body segment. Other scientists had issues creating this mutation because the flies usually end up dying due to it. But, I managed to keep them alive and also got the alive flies checked by my professor. She felt puzzled about how I nailed the answers so quick. I didn’t manage to complete this experiment because of a fly contamination that somehow took place in the lab. Fly contamination is common and it takes practise to find out how to stop them before they occur.

Now I must comment that despite all this intellect and motivation, I had to switch my careers a couple of times just to stay safe. Does that make any sense?

Furthermore, here is another interesting discovery. My ancestors are from India and I am a genius of some sort due to my lucid dreaming abilities—I clearly see how I saved one of my siblings from being kidnapped when I was just a teenager. I read AlJazeera’s article “India’s Child Geniuses” and found out that are many more geniuses who are currently being neglected in India. Don’t you feel dumbfounded now!

In addition, I must comment that I have heard how some geniuses are crazy people. But, I feel that I am being mislead on purpose. Geniuses aren’t crazy people especially not the geniuses who pray, which is because Islamic prayers are used to manage mental health issues. That’s why I always think, “Hell Yeah! This idiot is calling geniuses loonies because he/she does not know anything about how prayers work.”

Well! I don’t know how to help people who are halfhearted but I am sure that lucid dreaming can also cure this issue. You should enjoy the description of one of my lucid trains. I am hoping that people will start learning lucid dreaming instead of wasting their lives on porn, drugs, and alcohol. I mean if you are doing these things to feel real, then know that lucid dreams also make you feel very real.

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Byakugan and My Stereodepth Vision

Simulacrum means that some of the fiction is derived from reality and some reality is created by using fiction. I was just reviewing Naruto a while ago when I noticed the Byakugan. The Byakugan allows the clan to see further away and in more detail than the rest of the humans. It’s like X-Ray vision where you can see people by using their energy shields (post 1, post 2). High levels of Stereodepth vision is like the Byakugan because it lets me sense people even if I am not looking at them. It also lets me see my friends and family during sleep by allowing for psychic signals. So, animes represent the reality but in exaggerated form; and, it plays out the personality styles pretty well. For instance, Hinata uses Byakugan to execute the Eight Trigrams 32 Palms style. Similarly, ENFPs like me do things in a specific sequence, which allow for a stronger reaction at the end. For instance, the ENFPs do not engage in throwing bluffs while trying to prove something. They only bow to properly researched and proven data and documentation while making conclusions or issuing statements. That’s how their brains work. Hinata’s Eight Trigrams 32 Palms style as well as the attitude of Hinata’s brother Neji are actually great examples of ENFP-style learning. In the Dojo, the ENFP would rather learn every point and then create their own sequences and styles than to fight like the rest of the martial artists─and best of all, they don’t ever give up. Naruto does a great job in utilizing personality styles and its more in demand because the viewers feel that all the conversations and tackles are for real. If you really want to ace in writing, then learn about all the Personality Styles and hang around relevant individuals to see how they talk and react.


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My Creative Strain

Creativity is something messy and critical to my existence as an ENFP. The way it works with real Champions of Mental Spins (Imagination) is that they do not require training in every career/profession. Most of them are self-learned. Do you know that I can direct my Family Doctor with ease and comfort when it came to diagnosing any issues that I am having? Here are some careers that I easily relate to not because I am trained in all of them but because I have lots of training material and some expertise on these subjects besides a clever vision:

I do all these things without much training because I am naturally gifted; and my Rajput Bloodline works perfectly for these demanding tasks. That’s how I wrote my first book as well—it will be published in around a year. Laugh out Loud! If you meet me ever in real life, you will see that I do all of these things single-handedly.

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How Legendary Chronicles Are Created

I am a descendant of the Rajputs, the Royal Warrior Clan of Indo-Pak. Some of their men and women are legendary writers and artists, which is why I am tuned into Lucid Dreaming.

Check out movie, Arjun the Warrior Prince. From 1:07:46 to 1:12:02, Prince Arjun fights an entity and then fights more and more creatures. This is how Lucid Dreams look. What I find ironic about all this is that Prince Arjun kept his pact with the woman he was trying to save; and, I am writing my first book for the Women and Men of this world despite all the challenges I have been put through. Historical!

Also notice that Hindu Philosophy is filled with Lucid Dream encounters simply because some of the Rajputs were Lucid dreamers—I know this is a fact because I am their progeny. This is how it was easy to combine elements of Hindu Philosophy and Fantasy into English literature; e.g., Chronicles of Narnia.

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