Love is something you can’t describe fully no matter how hard you try. I understand how love is both truthful and unreliable. I mean it’s actual form is really that scattered and variant. It’s more than what other sees; and its form is not just contained inside those who choose to love and respect each other, like best friends; but, it actually exists way beyond their existence as well as this dimension. I feel that lucid dreamers can experience love in it’s strongest form because they can read thoughts even when those they are located too far away from each other. For example, I always end up calling my close friend who is in another city just when she is about to run in trouble. It’s like my Lucid Knights are still protecting her. Thus, I love God more than the rest because God granted me the mind of a lucid dreamer.


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Spirit Guides Create Routes for You

Today, I had an interesting dream. I was in a dark room and I found a large thick book. I opened it and reviewed some pages. The book showed the journey of a young, slim, and tall man. In the pics, he was giving speeches on stage in front of many people. He seemed energetic and enthusiastic about his volunteer work. I felt that he was somehow alive and did not just exist inside pictures. I read the content. It gave me two names: “Volunteer Think” and “Volunteer Heart Think”. There was some other content but I did not fully memorize it except for some stuff like he went to a specific company to volunteer that was very thorough in helping him move in the right direction. So I googled the words “Volunteer Think” because I have never heard of this before. I found three organizations that actually have “Think” and “Volunteer” in their names, webpages, or articles. These are “Think Together –>Volunteer“, “Think Volunteer“, and “On Think Tanks; article ‘Engaging volunteer interns for think tank activities: a win-win collaboration’“. I cannot believe that an article about “Think Tank” is showing in there. I love Think Tanks

I have been thinking about how to find work overseas if I decided to move away. This dream created an answer for me. Great Lesson! I was thinking of talking to “Dark Giant” during sleep today. This is when I met this young, slim, and tall male spirit guide.

Lots of Love to my Spirit Guide!

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Time is a Funny Bond!

I have been very busy with studies, this new blog, and my first book. Today, I was scrolling over my older blog and I found something startling. I have been taking content randomly from my older blog and putting it on my new blog. I never check the date or try to match them to the current dates while posting simply because there is no spare time to implement this strategy.

On August 19, 2017, I wrote the blog post “My Thoughts on ‘Key Of Solomon'”.  Today while reviewing my older blog, I found the same post under date August 10, 2016. I have no clue how this happened! I am a lucid dreamer, which is how this is possible. I am making the clicks unconsciously. I completed my entire research thesis on fruit fly the same way; I got my reference letter about stereodepth vision the same way; and I drive safely the same way.



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I Have Met Agent Mulder and Agent Scully

I have met both Agent Mulder and Agent Scully during my lucid dreams. The dreams involving these two are usually weirder because I try to do them like X-Files. But, I can never fully remember everything because the buildings I see and live in during those dreams are far too complex.

Today, I dreamt of them again. Perhaps, I was missing watching X-Files. These dreams are very thorough and because they have occurred many times now, I wish to start paying more attention to them. The stronger dream character in these dreams is Agent Fox Mulder. I say this although I don’t know his preferences and IQ. Here is today’s dream:

I was at a place that seemed to be somewhere near a college; and, Mulder noticed me. There was a large street that was connecting the mall to a college and another large brown building where Agent Mulder and Agent Scully were working on X-Files. Mulder spoke to me briefly and asked me to meet him in the building in the evening. He said that I should meet him at Floor 14 of the brown building. He was hoping to connect me with Scully and then let me enjoy the X-Files. I said yes to this offer; and, then I ran back to the mall. “I had to look great for this,” I told myself as I started shopping for clothes. I finally found some clothes; and, I even bought an iron for myself. I will have to pay someone at a ladies spa to manage me; and, then I will iron my clothes there. I did exactly that; and, then I dressed up. Then, I wanted to run to the X-Files set. “Floor 14 is really at the top somewhere,” I told myself as I realized that it will take me too long to walk from the mall to the X-Files set. So, I willed myself to fly. I flew on top of the streets. I could see people walking below and they now appeared too small. They could not see me because I was going too fast. I descended near the large brown building and almost slipped on ice. It had started snowing and some snow had collected near the entrance of the building. People were still sitting outside on chairs and drinking some beverages. “Perhaps, there is a cafe at the entrance of this building. But, I don’t wish to be seen by these people,” I told myself as I hid behind a wall. I looked up and slowly wondered if I can just fly up there. I felt intimidated but it was worth giving it a shot. So, I flew upwards and now I had flown too high. I had to reverse myself a little bit so that I might not hit the wall. I was now just suspended in front of a window that was at Floor 14 or Floor 15. Was that snow or was there an ice creature standing inside? I could see her silhouette covering one fourth of the window. I felt scared for some reason and lost my balance. I fell down; and, as soon as I recovered from this fall, I received a kick on the left part of my face. Just before I got hit, I clearly saw a slim foot hitting me. It reminded me of my sister’s foot. I told you that these dreams are weirder in nature!

Now here is the craziest part of this all. You must have read earlier in my blog that I receive dream signals from my family members. Well! when I woke up, I saw a cellphone message by my younger sister.

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Does Moon Impact Lucid Dreaming?

Let me guess the answer based on my experiences! I had some vivid dreams recently. I have been feeling romantic for a bit. I danced a lot (in my lounge) just yesterday and day before yesterday. And tonight, I felt like daydreaming.  So I checked the sky through my window. I was very surprised to see the crescent shining in the darkness. I took a picture of it. I am posting a screenshot, which shows it was taken today at 1:23 am.


So here are some articles on this particular topic:

Does The Moon Influence Dreams?

Seven Subtle Factors Influencing Lucid Dreams (c) 2005 Robert Waggoner

Moon Dreams: How Moon Phases Affect Your Dreaming

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The Dragon Seer: Invoking the Dragon Within

I had some dreams of reptiles but the one that I found very entertaining involved three dragons. In this dream, I was in love with a young man who liked to read me his books. He was a very loving man and he loved sitting close to me. Then a large male dragon came and attempted to injure the younger man. To my surprise, the younger man changed into a gigantic dragon and engaged in a battle with his bully. I sat and stared in fear until the younger dragon got injured. I couldn’t tolerate this any further so I willed myself to transform into a dragoness. Then, I attacked the dragon who interfered with our meeting. He attacked me back; and, I fell down. But, it was already too late. The meaner dragon felt compelled to fly away.  The younger dragon was still too worried so he transformed back into his human self; picked my wounded body; and, flew out of the window. By the way, this young man looked like my younger brother who loves me a lot.

I was just reading the book “The Psychic Children. Dolphins, DNA, and the Planetary Grid” by Hugh Newman. On Page 16, following is stated.

Uxmal was an odd place. Its layout looked like some sort of university or school. I felt tired and slept in the shade for a couple of hours until I was woken up by some lizards, who reminded me to pay attention to my dreams. Note taken.


I finally understood what some Reptiles of Dreamscape symbolize. This book traces the voyage of a gifted child named Orion who visits and meditates at different places. During one of her dreams, she says that the lizards tell her to pay attention to her dreams. This sounded funny to me because the Dragon who played by my side was also filled with persuasion, power, love, and anger.

I couldn’t believe the similarity between these two dreams. So I googled this concept and found this article “Seven ways your lizard brain can improve your persuasion skills” by Harvey Schachter. It specifically states that the lizard brain improves persuasion, which is what both Orion and I saw about our lizards. What exactly did we hack into?

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Dance of Heroes

I was thinking of writing a bit of “Koh Kaaf” with the help of my dream characters. I did not knew fully how to proceed so I feel asleep thinking of some of my idols. Then, the “Dance of Heroes” began; and, I became as superb as the magical Aurora Borealis. Before I begin narrating a small portion of the dream—I am saving the rest for my book, “Koh Kaaf”—I must comment that my exceptional dream characters change forms based on creativity of the subjects of my thoughts. Here is my lucid dream.

I was inside a large forest whose trees felt dead, monstrous, and gigantic; and, I was speculating about proceeding with my writing about “Koh Kaaf”. All of a sudden, Ahed Tamimi—the Palestinian child who was taken by the Israeli authorities and who will be released in 8 months after being captured—came to my side and pointed to a large withered tree. Then she screamed, “Go! Its time for you to go and do this”. She seemed like a free spirit who was not afraid of saying and teaching what she truly believed in. I made eye contact with her and then my spirit flew in the direction that she had pointed to. As I neared the tree, I looked up and saw a man flying downwards. It was no other than Professor JK Fowler—the American professor who founded Nomadic Press and who wrote my favourite article “District 6 in District 9: The Metaphoric Menagerie“. JK Fowler directed me to enter the bottom of the tree and face upwards. I did exactly that; and lo and behold, I saw such startlingly frightening patterns that I can’t fully describe them. This new sky was filled with highways and streets that were populated with shops, people, and cars.

So this is the “Dance of the Heroes’. They can dictate all your lucid dream patterns because you have learned to praise their work just like you praise your deepest desires and dreams—other heroes who have visited during my dreams are Professor Craig Considine, Lucy Lawless, Carl Jung (I had a very scary dream when I was thinking of him. I know that he had a rough life. He is very brilliant about dreams and fantasy though. He is the main guy for data extraction for “Koh Kaaf”.), and Che Guvra (I saw him very briefly. I got scared for some reason. But, he seemed really alive and lovely.). You can read some of my experiences here, “Meeting Your Heroes”.

Brief message to my heroes: I am a bit different so I cannot love you like the rest. Since I am just a bit like the Indigo children, I can show care through my dreams pretty well.

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Earthlings that are like Kryptonians

Note: Lucid Dreamers are like SuperMan and SuperWoman. I have flown several times during my lucid dreams and it will take me lots of time to fully describe everything that I have experienced. Here is just one of my dreams. I originally posted it on my older blog “Writer’s Dojo” as “The Jinn Gang”.

This is one of my lucid dreams. I am just describing a small portion of my dream. It is a very long dream and I don’t wish to type everything. These things fly really fast. I felt I was being zapped like The Flash. I think that I accessed the Black Light that is characterized by other Lucid Dreamers, among other things, by a visual of being carried or guided by black winds. Perhaps, the Jinn also participate in some lucid dreams and thus in the process of unraveling the unconsciousness.

The black mass flew over the buildings with stealthily speed. They were many in numbers and the woman could see them. They were also fully aware of her presence. But, they liked her presence so they allowed her to be part of their gang. The black mass was enormous, long, and ever-molding; dark and tightening as the deepest depths of ocean; fast as sound or lightning; fierce as the deadliest inhabitants of the jungle; and deceptive, quiet, and expressed as the darkened forest. Black mass camouflaged them from everyone as they rested in mid-air, above shops, and further strategized their movements. They were many in numbers and were fearsome yet playful. During this encounter, her fear quickly changed into trust as she flew and twirled with the jinn gang. They silently watched over her while she purchased a soap from a small shop. As she came out of the shop, they circled her and lifted her protectively. Then they all flew together again as the woman enjoyed this new comradeship. “They will drop me back home safely,” she told herself as she experienced this rather fast, dark, and inexplicable dash through the sky.

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