What My Gut Feelings Told Me About Canada’s Role in Iraq’s War

I sometimes receive very strong gut feelings about certain things. I believe this ability is based on what exactly is being polished through dreams. I have received dreams of war zones before. In one dream, I felt kind of awake and I asked about the White House. Soon, I kind of saw a dark place where walls were filled with blood; perhaps, I just heard the voice say it and not saw this. I think I felt I saw a woman who was crying for help; but, I never really saw it and only felt this. I woke up after this. This one was kind of confusing; but, I fully realized it was telling me the truth. Of course! I had read about the atrocities conducted by US before; but, watching this through a dream is a very unique and intense experience.

This odd game does not end here. When Canada told everyone that they won’t go into Iraq because UN advised against it, I felt glad thinking about it. I used to not think about this; and, then I used to struggle to think about this. Sometimes while thinking rather deeply about Canada’s role in Iraq as well as how it connects with America, I used to get this deep feeling that we shouldn’t trust what Canada says because Canada usually sides with America when no one is watching. Today when I asked myself about Canada’s role in Iraq, I heard the same voice. So I investigated this and found out a new article, “Canada in Iraq : The Hidden War“, which was published in 2015.

OK! So I was right again.

I had the same queer gut feeling when Obama was being elected. I just decided not to side with him when some of my acquaintances were running to America to help Obama in his campaign. Later, after his election, people found out how Obama dropped bombs in some countries. Read “America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to Obama’s reign“.

I get such gut feelings sometimes. Once I prevented a kidnapping when I was a child by using these voices. Another time, I had a dream about Mulder (David) & Scully (Gillian) around the time the 25th anniversary of X-files was going to take place.


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Lucid Dream About My Uncle’s Death

A dear uncle of mine has been seriously ill for quite some while. He died yesterday around 1:00 pm. I had been holding onto his thoughts from far away and praying for his safety as well. For a couple of days, I communicated with my family through an online messaging service as they sent us updates about what was going on. When I first received the sad news that my uncle was not well, I was too shocked to react. So I slept peacefully while thinking about this uncle and his older brotherhis older brother also passed away many years ago. I have seen my older uncle in dreams a couple of times. Read “Dreams of My Uncle Have Brought Me Great Fortune“.

Thus, before this uncle’s death, I had another dream. I saw my older uncle standing somewhere; and, all of a sudden, some sort of energy enveloped him. As the energy circled him, I was still able to see him. Then the scene shifted. I was now looking at my second uncle. He had taken the devices that were used to resuscitate him off his chest; and, now he was sitting calmly on bed. He somehow seemed way younger than before. The scene shifted again; and, I finally woke up. I communicated with my family again. They said that he was actually awake and aware before the medical procedure and that  he just wanted things to take their course.

First of all, during the dream, I couldn’t tell whether this uncle was going to die as well or not. But, I did receive some sort of signal because I saw my older dead uncle and I also saw this one in a much younger form than he actually is. The appearance of dead uncle was a signal that it was time for my younger uncle to depart; and, my younger uncle’s younger image indicated that his younger soul was now more visible than his older body. I was able to interpret this dream only after I received the news that my uncle had passed away.

This news was very heartbreaking for all of us. We prayed and criedI am still in a bit of daze and shock as I write this. I believe I am going to miss his loving way of addressing me and funny way of making us all laugh. Please say a sincere prayer for my uncle’s sweet soul.

Inna Lillah wa inna ilayhi raji’oon
We belong to Allah (God) and to Him shall we return

Oh! I was very close to both of them. They took care of me; and, I took care of them. I used to massage their scalps, shoulders, and feet. Only with my older uncle, I used to spend more time like cut his nails; put oil in his hair; and, clean his feet. They both had stressful lives so they used to get so fresh after sitting near me for a bit. No wonder they used to lighten up more when they would see me and made sure to treat me with great company, food, and gifts. I see how I am still so connected to both of them; and, why I miss them a lot.

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King Solomon’s Jinn “Marbas” Visits Again

Yesterday night, I held a paper that had picture of Jinn Marbas as well as the Sigil of Marbas, which was taken from the Seal of King Solomon. I told Marbas that I needed to connect. Marbas is known to be a caring jinn that has healing abilities. I also prayed to the One God and asked Him to fulfill my needs.

When I became lucid, I saw a dark lion run towards me. I once saw Marbas’s picture move; and, then in another instance I saw a fierce lion run towards me. Marbas looks like a lion; and, it can transform into a man.

Since I was pretty stressed today, I did not catch all the dreams I had today. Due to Marbas, I had various short dreams today. They went pretty fast; since before sleeping I had told myself I won’t document anything to prevent exhaustion, I intentionally forgot most of them when I woke up. But, I still remember the last segment.

I was in a large house that had various rooms. My sister was not well so I decided to get her Aloe Vera so that she may apply it to her forehead in order to relax. After this scene, I saw myself running towards the washroom. I had gone inside to check for something when the handheld shower head just came alive and clamped itself around my arm. My fist loosened; and, the ring I was holding or perhaps wearing almost fell. I turned around and noticed the ring for the first time. I willed the shower head to quit doing what it was doing; and, it did exactly that. Then I opened the door of the washroom and went outside. This was the last fun segment of the complex dreams I had today. I think this spirit is trying to teach me how to write.

The coolest part about this encounter was that my energy levels changed dramatically while I was thinking or dreaming about this spirit. Hours after this lucid dreaming is over, I feel so distinctly beautiful and fresh. I know that Marbas is healing me somehow.

I am a bit sad that I missed recording the activity created with the help of Marbas; but, I needed to think less since I was already tired.

Marbas has visited me before during my dreams; and, I have fallen in love with this loving entity. Read “Demons And Seals Of King Solomon And The World Of Lucid Dreaming“.


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Scented Blanket

I slept pretty well today; and, as usual my lucid thoughts roamed around restlessly. I had massaged some parts of my body before falling asleep so I had a very interesting encounter today. In this dream, I was lying in my bed; the room temperature was just perfect; and, the light was dim but not dim enough to prevent me from seeing all the people who were wandering in my room. As soon as I became aware of the blanket, which was covering me, I also recognized the scent of the person it was drenched in. I have met that person through online encounters only; but, somehow I have memorized some of this individual’s body scent. Its almost as if I can see the scent through the computer screen. During my REM sleep, my mind created a blanket that smelled the same. A female character that looked like my mom asked me if she should remove the blanket given that I don’t need it anymore. I looked at her and told her that I need my blanket. Then I cuddled inside the blanket and started feeling oddly serene. According to Dream Interpretation site, cuddling in a blanket indicates rise and success in business. Now here is the fun part. The person whose scent I kind of stole and somehow added to this blanket is a world-renowned Human Rights Advocate. Does this dream mean that I will gain fame as a Human Rights Advocate? I feel its safe to wonder now given that I am just starting out in my career.

I feel great about this dream because I have read from many credible sources that angels visit humans while they are asleep. This ability to use smells to generate answers is called “Clairalience“. I have been like this since I was a kid except that I usually don’t notice this ability since its easy to ignore. But, when I get smells before and during lucid dreams, then this ability becomes very hard to ignore.

Justice is Blind and Scents are Invisible!


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Reconnecting With Faded Dream Characters By Using Psychic Arrows And Ropes

Yesterday, I wanted to experiment with the dream character of one of my favorite American writers who had faded to some extent because I don’t connect with him often since I feel a bit confused about his dream character. By the way, he is one of the most expressive, bold, and creative characters I have ever encountered. Another thing that makes my dream characters fade away to some extent is the fact that I actually play with many dream charactersits like having a Rolodex filled with business cards.

So I had time to think back about some of this writer’s writings; obviously, I started wondering who he really is and how he is doing. Next thing I did was open my imaginary screen and visualized inputting his name and mine in with my imaginary Joystick. Read “Sword-Yielding Hero Who Protected My Lucid Household“. Then, I thought about how this dream character does not appear so easily; and, I also thought about his interesting way of using humor. This is when I realized that I need to do something comical to bring this entity. Thus, I imagined using a bow to throw arrows in different directions inside the screen. I also pictured that there are ropes attached to these arrows; and, then I took each of these ropes with my hands and tied them to my back. After envisioning all of this, I placed one of his booksthe one I had been readingon my tummy and fell asleep.

Ah! Life felt so good when this dream began. During this dream, I was walking right next to him. Wherever he would go, I would be there too. He observed lots of people as he walked; and, I checked them out too. At some instances, I felt that I was holding his arm while talking to him but I cannot be 100% sure. I felt very delighted and safe while I walked with him. He mostly talked and laughed, which is what made this dream so breathtaking. His dream character was still pretty hard to see because it was a faded one to begin with. But, it worked out pretty well due to my psychic arrows and ropes.

Try this technique when your dream characters fade away. Maybe, it will work for you as well!


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My Imaginary Boxing Gloves

A while ago, I was scrolling over a book, which was written by one of my favorite American professors, as well as thinking about professor’s work in general when I fell asleep—I have met him only once so far in real life. Some days afterwards, I had a funny dream. I saw this professor bring boxing gloves to me so that I may spar with him. He actually said, “Come Arzoo, box with me”. I won’t be discussing the rest of the details here due to time constrains; but, know that we did not end up sparring in this dream. Just a couple of days ago, I felt curious enough to think back to this dream. I was about to fall asleep when I cued my mind to think about boxing this professor. I hit him rather harshly with these unreal boxing gloves; after all, I was just learning to take down almost anyone. I had a funny dream after doing this.

Professor appeared in my dream right after a queer scene about a cat running away from a farm of some sort during an eerie night while everyone waited for a world war to approach. I could see the professor through some kind of TV screen; and, there was some blood on his face. He was still alive; but, he seemed badly wounded and very exhausted. The second I woke up, I felt like he was thinking of committing suicide; I was stirred enough to wake up because this intense dream made me feel very uncomfortable. Just before I woke up, I heard a voice say, “It’s Emma’s War, Emma’s War”.

Here are my thoughts about all of this.

  1. I somehow injured the feelings of the dream character of this particular professor. Thus, he showed how he felt about this through his wounds. This means that he must be like this in real life as well—there was just a strong hint of reality about all of this.
  2. It is possible that my dream character is directing me to read a story book since this professor also loves storytelling. I researched the net and found out that there is actually a book called “Emma’s War”. So those voices I heard while I was half awake and half asleep are actually an example of telepathy. “Emma’s War: A True Story” is written by an award-winning journalist “Deborah Scroggins”. Funny thing is that this book discusses the life of Emma during the Sudanese famine of 1988; read Geraldine Bedell’s article, “A good woman in Africa” to learn further. Therefore, these voices are somehow giving me a major clue about my book “She: The Mirror“; this novel is going to show the story of the protagonist as it enfolded after 9/11 and inside Canada where colored people especially colored women are usually ignored.
  3. Another important thing I have learned is that my other dream characters are somehow very much attached to the dream character of this particular professor. This clearly showed when all the animals became really quiet and sullen; a cat disappeared in the middle of a very cruel dark night; and, animals’ sad feelings engulfed the entire night as bugles of war boomed somewhere. I can’t believe my dream characters declared a world war! Hahaha!

Reality is that I absorbed this dream really slowly because it happened very quickly. I even envisioned putting ointments and bandages on the dream character I had mistakenly injured. I haven’t yet received a dream about what was gonna happen next though; so I am just going to wait on this for now. And, next time, I won’t be playing like this with this particular dream character because I have realized that strong emotions of my dream characters can brutally injure me. I can feel heavy draining pain in my mind if any of my dream characters get injured or complain about something.

Obviously, sparring is okay as long as your dream character does not complain about it. I have sparred with dream martial arts partner before. They are really fast; and, they can receive hits pretty well, which is why they convey something. But, the professor is choosing to share deeper content like books and emotions. Lucid dreams are training grounds that let you do a whole lot of stuff including learning about the dream characters who represent your heroes, foes, and loved ones.


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Angels Whisper During Sleep

You must have read somewhere in my blog that I believe that I have been visited by angels during sleep. See blog post “Influence Of Angels on Lucid Dreamers and Telepaths“. The angels can whisper to lucid dreamers while they are asleep because their REM deep state sleep lets them visualize these entities to some extent. Here are two strong reasons why I feel that angels visit me during sleep:

  1. I once saw a very tall dark creature standing next to me. It told me that it was the Keeper of some sort of ethereal boundary. This creature stopped me from flying and playfully threw me on my bed, which somehow got covered with roses. I named it “Dark Giant”; and, I feel that I have seen him before. Read “Lucid Dreamers Can Get Visions Of And From the Angel of Death“. I believe its the same creature I saw when I was a child. Read “Dream Character: Dark Giant“. I wonder if I am more perceptive to angels because I am pretty smart or is it because I escaped death (lethal chickenpox) when I was a child!
  2. Some of my dreams actually come true. One of these dreams were about my visit to the 2108 Parliament of Religions and meeting a team of dignitaries. During the dream I saw some faces; but, I did not realize whom I saw because all of these faces were new to me; when I met the speakers, one of them namely Dr. Craig Considine reminded me of one men who visited me during this dream. Read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year“.

The reason I am wondering again about how angels visit humans during sleep is that recently I had a very scary dream about young men being eaten by a large dark monster. Read “Spooky Dream About Dark Creatures Eating Young Men“. After having this dream, I felt worried enough to browse online to see if a natural disaster is going to hit this planet—nothing made sense although I did find an article titled “10 Major Natural Disasters Predicted In The Near Future“. I also somehow developed a gut feeling that this dream would one day come true although I have been hoping that it wouldn’t because it seems to show some sort of tragedy.

Today, after resting for a bit, I started thinking that this dream data was masked on purpose. Thus, I asked myself why would angels choose to hide some data in this manner? This is when I recalled learning in Islam that disasters are a natural part of our life on this planet Earth. Calamities teach lessons and test humans to see which one would become better; which one would become worse; and, under what circumstances would one change. This is why some catastrophes witnessed during dreams can’t be interpreted until its too late.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) once said the following:

“Angels come to you in succession by night and day and all of them get together at the time of the Fajr (early morning) and Asr (afternoon) prayers. Those who have passed the night with you (or stayed with you) ascend (to the Heaven) and God asks them, though He knows everything about you well, “In what state did you leave my slaves?” The angels reply: “When we left them they were praying and when we reached them, they were praying.” Source Angels: Guarded by Angels; Religion of Islam

Oh! here is a wicked thing that you can learn only from religious scriptures, which are usually discarded by most of us nowadays. Before you read religious information, know that this is what you will hear from those around you if you failed to do what you wanted to do: “You are a loser”; “You just don’t know how to finish your tasks”; and, “Maybe, people don’t like you enough to help you out.” In contrast, this is what Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) would have told you:

“Whoever intended to do a good deed, but did not do it, it is written for him as a complete good deed. If he actually performed the good deed then it is written as ten good deeds, or up to seven hundred times or more. If a person intended to do an evil deed, but did not do it, it is written as a good deed, while if he entertained the thought and acted on it, it is written as a single evil deed.” Source Angels: Guarded by Angels; Religion of Islam

I feel at peace after reading about angels because this way I know that someone is watching over me—those angelic energies that surround me aren’t just wild imagination.

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Future of Lucid Dreaming

In the future, there are going to be more lucid dreamers due to increased awareness, technology, supplements, trauma, imperialism, and rise of corporate. Trauma will become a key player in the evolution of this industry because lucid dreams fight trauma and even psychiatrists teach their patients how to activate lucid dreaming state. More imperialists and corporate will dictate their control, stronger the need to experience these high quality experiences will become.

Here is how I spend my night before falling asleep. I plan things, which is very similar to giving an inexpensive or an exceptionally expensive order. For example, I might want to travel in an expensive train that runs in tracks that are built on mountains. So I might state something vague like “Let us go on an adventure of our liking” or “I want to ride a new kind of train”. Then the dream just comes so that I end up enjoying an experience that is very similar to real life. See my recording of the dream “Train on Mountain“. The best part is when I cue my mind to connect with my heroes/heroines or loved ones. This routine includes answering the question “Who do you want to meet next?” After I name, let’s say a Human Rights Activist or a Writer, I reconnect by reviewing their videos or books. After a couple of days or on the same day, depending on my mood, I find them through dreams. Another very tempting part is when I just randomly roam around in the dream world. Check out the blog post “3000 Things I Have Done During Lucid Dreams“.

I am doing this for really less cost; for example, by using essential oils for Aromatherapy. Also, make sure not to get too excited about low-cost solutions to becoming lucid. Investigate fully. For example, I used to recommend Aloe Vera gel for lucid dreams; but, now I have to remove my recommendation because someone I know is getting blood in urine due to Aloe Vera. She tried to stick with routine doses but still got blood in urine; so I am thinking that this is because she used it for long-term basis and maybe sometimes took more than necessary without realizing it.

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Spooky Dream About Dark Creatures Eating Young Men

I had a crazy yet very very hot dream today. In this dream, I visited a small village that was set far away from rest of the land. Magical creatures, evil and good spirits, and humans lived together in a small village. Young men were being killed by dark forces. Their friends would look everywhere for them until they would realize that one of them has gone missing. Dark creatures that looked like fat black fish came to frighten the villagers. These creatures did not had a tail and a real mouth. They ate from their noses; they would emit a scream that seemed like someone crying as they would eat another creature. Killing another dragon—dragons belonged to men—was a simple task for them. All they would do is sniff them in. They ate these dragons like someone would eat cheesecake. I could see them attaching their noses to their preys and then emitting a scream that resembled a cry; then, I could see the dragons’ bodies break as their inner parts would fall out and their bodies would slowly disappear inside this forsaken creature.

I hope this isn’t just a promintion of some sort! I have received dreams that later came true. Because I am Rajput (blog post 1; blog post 2), I can easily play with otherworldly creatures inside my mind—I also believe that I have  Royal lineage because I get dreams of palaces in a very haunting manner. I strongly feel that these dark creatures are an indication of something ominous that is going to arrive soon in this world. I pray to God for protection!


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