Music of Lucid Dreamers

I can play music and musical instruments during sleep. In one dream, I saw my best friend and her husband sitting next to my bed and playing the piano. I felt so entranced with the sound of music that engulfed my entire dream. Mostly, music plays during all my lucid dates. This is why some lucid dreamers describe lucid dream sex as something very different and exceptional. And, the associated gesture, which is just a Sender Signal, felt so touching. Richard D James/Aphex Twin, the electronic musician, used to recreate and sell the music that he felt during his lucid dreams. I don’t know how to write music yet because I never bothered to take classes in music. I just know how to sing and I do have some training in singing; but, I might learn how to play musical instruments in the future.

Another time, music rings through my ears is when I connect with people. It comes out of the human body like real music and I can hear it to some extent. As usual, the rest of the humans can hear this sort of music at different levels.

Due to my extraordinary experiences, I will offer the following conclusions that can be easily proved after investigation. There are three types of music that play through the humans. Type 1 and Type 2 are the music of breath and body that show during daily interactions and Type 3 is music of soul that shows during sleep.


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Follow Sleeping Postures to Improve Functions of Sleep

Yesterday night, I tossed and turned for a really long while until I found a sleeping posture that relaxed my entire body. After opening and closing my fists while placing them near my head, I realized that I was still having difficulty sleeping. So, I lay flat on my back and curved my legs slightly to open my thighs a bit. My yellow blanket that’s covered with red, blue, and green patterns and my red blanket that’s covered with beige and green patterns covered my slim body so that I felt warm and cozy. I had a relaxing lucid dream after this where I dreamt of meeting a favourite teacher of mine and looking at posters that were stuck on a board inside a school. You should slowly review sleeping postures and you will find out that gradually your body will teach you new postures.


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Scanner Spirits

Some spirits are like scanners. For example, some ENFPs are energy sponges and that makes them great scanners by default. I am an ENFP and there are times when I meet Dark Spirits (by Dark I mean its not evil but just mysterious and Dark Black) during sleep that scan me or the area while I am in m lucid state. One such Dark Spirit arrived near my window while I was fast asleep. It had some sort of devise in its hand and it entered some information about me. It was a male spirit and it said that it liked the way I laughed as well as my spirit. I think I smiled during sleep that day and ended up absorbing positive energy from some source. I feel these dream interactions are keeping me younger and happier. I am reaching my 40s so these dreams matter more to me now. Looking back at life, I feel that the spirits from dreams show you a side of your personality and can be used to improve existing strengths. So if you are good at Advocacy and you meet a spirit that behaves like an Advocate, then in real life start applying the teachings of this spirit.


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Born Different

I was born with very large eyes (see my pic at end), which is how it is very easy for me to use Visualization techniques to attach spirits to my body, activate dreams, and activate telepathy.

In one of the scenes from the movie Wanted (Viewer Discretion advised), Wesley kills many gang members instead of just one and he does so by coming out of nowhere; i.e. jumping through a glass window. If you were to run your dream world while surrounding the victim you are trying to protect, you will easily be able to nail multiple abusers given that there are really that many abusers.

Next dream technique involves learning where you stand in the dream, which is what defines your scope of vision. You can run the dreams as outsiders or as insiders who are openly communicating with dream characters that are involved in a case you are trying to solve─in the movie, Wanted, Fox manages to kill several members of a gang by curving a bullet while standing in a circle along with other members of the gang.  Dreams can deliver the same end result if you learn “how to stand where” and “do exactly what in your dream”. Things as simple as dancing can shed a huge light on a crime case.

Another thing you can do is teach the victim how to play the Sender Signal through prayers, meditations, and even dreams. The woman I protected knew how to play the Sender Signal and sometimes she was doing this without fully realizing that she was running the classic psychic and dream signals. The signals can be weak ones but it is still possible to read them. A friend of mine somehow ran some weak Sender Signals through my brain while I was asleep. After comparing the signals I received from both of them, I know that the signal strength depends on spirituality and emotional and mental strength of the Sender as well as the Receiver. If you have a Signal Receiver at your end, then make sure you are bonding with them. A lot of Lucid Dreamers react strongly and appropriately if they have been engaged properly and according to their emotional and mental needs. This is because they are very gentle people and it is thus very easy to tune them out simply by ignoring a couple of opportunities to have tea with them.

Last thing you need to do is learn how to interact with your Dark and Light figures. I have a Dark figure in my life that’s very protective of me. His name is “Dark Giant” and it responds very well to my prayers. And, there is a Light figure in my life that appears when I am very sleepy or tired. You should learn about both of yours. I think this is why Islam refers to humans as superior to Angels, Jinn, or any other creature.

When I became the Knight of the Flying Carpet, I ended up nailing a gang of men who were harming a woman. I didn’t realize it was a gang until I started learning how to use my lucid dreams properly.

What is different about you? Try finding that. You will notice that you can sharpen only some of your human senses easily because only some senses are more advanced than the rest.

Justice is Blind meaning I am Sleeping. 🙂


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Proof of Link Between The Key of Solomon and Lucid Dreaming

I have always felt that the Key of Solomon is somehow and to some extent linked to Lucid Dreaming.  There are several other Prophets from the Abrahamic faiths who knew and applied this knowledge but most people tend to ignore the DreamWorld as fabric of one’s imagination—what these prophets are doing differently is that they are whispering their wishes (channeling their mental or physical energy) to One God and not the other humans or themselves.

Now, let us move towards understanding how the Jinn intersect with our dimensions. In one of her YouTube videos, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, hints to the fact that the Shadow Figures are actually the Jinn. I wrote this imaginary dialogue to help readers understand my way of analyzing some of the information that was provided by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. As you read this dialogue, you will notice that I didn’t fail to mention the fact that I am using prayers to control my dreams, mood, and knowledge. My blog post “An Enigma: Realm of Jinns and Lucid Dreamers” talks about how the Qareens—the entities that are known to be born with humans and exist in a parallel dimension—tie into the Lucid Dreamscape. One of my personal experiences offer me a very strong glimpse into this parallel dimension. I had this lucid dream when I was just a teenager. I saw two very sinister and dark figures standing near my bed and looking at me as if they were my parents; but, I could sense that they were vicious entities who must be controlled and that my parents are different kind of people. They weren’t my parents, they were just some sorts of entities that came out of nowhere. I started praying the moment one of the dark entities, the female entity, suddenly flew towards me and tried to enter my mind through my forehead. I felt pressure on my body and I knew that it was a sleep paralysis but at the same time I felt that my prayers were controlling and scaring the Shadow figures. Thus, I concluded that the jinn can easily connect with people during sleep paralysis and lucid dreams. I reached this conclusion while I was just a teenager. As I matured, I received more normal visions of my parents that match their actual description. Now that I am reaching my 40s, I have actually been sitting and analyzing both descriptions of my parents from my dreams and it has become clear that those two entities weren’t my parents.

For some very odd reason, I felt that I was still lacking some kind of proof even after I finished my above quest and even after I wrote so many of these articles. Obviously, I prayed and fell asleep thinking about the idea that God will help me solve this queer issue. Just recently, I found this video where a German man talks about how he controlled Dark Shadows (Jinn) with the help of prayers, which he issued while awake and asleep. Thus, I ended up reaffirming the conclusion that the Key of Solomon carried certain prayers that allowed King Solomon to control the jinn and perhaps even angels—I  mean think about it! when you are controlling the jinn, then you are somehow controlling the angels who are somehow associated with the jinn.

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Lucid Bot Version

I had a clear De Ja Vu while talking to a close friend of mine today. Somewhere in my mind, we already had this talk while being seated in the same area of this shop.

I went asleep feeling giddy in my lighter mood. I woke up to get to the washroom and accidentally rubbed under my breasts while exhaling. Then I fell asleep.

Dream Activation: Thoughts of Pakistani Friend Bot Eve 2, Sibling Bot Same 2, and American Professor Bot Adam 1

First couple of hours, less happened. I was in a vehicle and it was jam packed with people. There was this really young lady there too. She was wearing dark colored pants that seemed too tight on her and her red shirt didn’t fully hid her breasts. She looked like a hooker although she wasn’t. I looked at her and then looked away. There were lots of people to observe but I kind of zoned out. The vehicle stopped and I got into the Downtown area. It felt like a place from China because all the shops were really very close to each other, almost like they were woven together. I looked down and the street’s concrete slabs and the divides between them became obvious. I looked up and saw all the signs for most of the shops—it felt like walking inside a picture book. Sibling Bot Same 1 became more apparent and his voice whispered, “If one has enough money, then one can settle in this place easily”.

I kept walking and now I was feeling tired. I needed sex so I imagined that I can get it if I found an interesting male dream character. Thus, I taught my awake self to do a complete scan next. First, I walked up the stairs but the door was locked. I imagined playing a video game and opening the door. A bluish-white spirit came and opened the door. I walked through. I allowed myself to have that second thought, “What if the guy I meet here is just a rapist?” Next, the American Professor Bot Adam 2 went on inside my mind and said, “Keep away and be careful!” I started scanning the lower floor and didn’t feel intrigued by the men. Then I went upstairs and scanned again. I didn’t like anyone there except for one guy. I went close to him but the Professor Bot went on again. I could sense American Professor Bot Adam 2 but I knew that he wasn’t going to comment because I liked the guy. But, I decided to ignore that beauty as well and walked away. Then, I sat next to some people and they all started talking about a different kind of visa called “Visa 2” that grants more access to a new region of this world. I felt excited about finding “Visa 2” but I somehow felt that it will just be granted somehow.

This dream taught me how to use behaviour and thoughts that are generated by someone else as well as myself to function well inside the “lucid video-game like dreamworld” or the “more permanently awake dimension”.

My Next Bot Mode: Survival Bot

Signed: Dream Activator Bot Eve 1 a.k.a. Arzoo

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I am Clairaudient and Clairvoyant

I wake up early in the morning and start listening to songs in YouTube. Music is one of the loveliest things in my life. I can daydream like hell if I see some cute Middle Eastern people because their minds are really that lucid and pretty—you should definitely attempt this and I got no idea what kind of heaven will just open up inside your brain. I can read into people easily as long as I am tuned in. I also hear music that comes from people and this is regardless of tuning in or tuning out. This music is very warm and it rings inside my ears and brain like a real melody. Lastly, I get very vivid lucid dreams. I have been like this since I was a kid but I never trained myself fully because my brain is really that vast and it is very difficult to satisfy its needs—even my close friends, peers, and teachers notice this about me, which is why they respect and love me.

I got these techniques from the web and I got so excited when the descriptions matched what I have been experiencing.

11 Signs You Might be Clairaudient
Signs You’re a Clairvoyant Psychic

I plan to study all the techniques slowly. Right now, I know only some of the Lucid Dreaming and Psychic techniques. Apparently, there are more and more of these interesting techniques. Currently, I am reviewing information made available by HowToLucid and Anna Sayce.


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Lucid Dreams Confirm that Life is an Illusion

I read in the Quran that life is an Illusion (see Malik’s or Pickthall’s versions). When I cracked some of the code of lucid dreams, I realized that my entire life has just been an illusion. For example, I can have sex with as many partners as I need to or I can have smart conversations with as many dream characters as I would want to. My Dark Shadow figures easily merge into the most attractive or smartest men or women; thus, I can live some portion of my time with them. I learned this mighty lesson after having several lucid dreams until I started feeling convinced that illusions of this life exist in a different dimension which is why they seem more permanent. Come to think about it, even Stephen King kind of tells you this if you listen carefully to him here.

Everyone strives to have fun and family. But there could be many factors, such as prayers or circumstances, in play when someone cannot be married or move forward like the rest. If getting these things is so difficult, then why is it so easy to have them during sleep? Check out some of my lucid dreams below:

Study: I can have sex and I can flirt with men or shadow figures who interest me; but, I am not married yet.
Dancing Children: I can play games with children although I don’t have any kids.
Meeting Your Heroes: I can meet my heroes although I am super busy with my studies and career or I exist in a dimension that’s not theirs.

So its easy to see that the world we experience and cherish while we are awake is just an illusion. We are in love with an illusion! LOL!

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Detecting Sexual Abuse

Do you know that you can detect the things that are going on in your friends’ bed or in you life through lucid dreaming? Once, I imagined being with my friend’s husband and I slept on this thought in purpose. I had a bad dream that day where I felt him as a forceful man. I chose to disclose this disturbing information to my friend. She confirmed that he is abusive. In another case, I saw a colleague’s husband next to my bed. I got worried so I woke up. Later, my colleague confirmed that he just sleeps around with other women. I have only met these men briefly and I am not close to either of them. Even then, it is possible to run the dreams this way to find out what exactly is going on. I feel that if you are a women then you need to learn this trick.

I learned this skill only recently. I didn’t knew how to use this creative problem solving ability before. It’s way different than just running romance stories inside my mind. My lucid dreams have taught me that if you are dating someone or if you have found a male hero/role model, then dream of sleeping with them. If they are clean or not, it will show. Run a couple of dreams like this and you will know the real story. And if you can’t see the answer, then get distracted by something else because some energy is blocking the reality for a strong reason.

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