Why I Would Not Sell Any Of My Work To Lollywood Or Bollywood

I have some relatives that are well-known poets, musicians, and actors. One of my distant relatives is one of the top guys for both Lollywood (Pakistani cinema) and Bollywood (Indian cinema). I have never met him in my entire life; but, I have heard about him a lot from my relatives. Oh! he participated in the making of blockbuster Indian song, “Chori Chori“; I fail to name him because I don’t want the media to connect me to him in any way. But, if you listen and watch this song closely, you will definitely see my reflectionfeel free to compare to my poetry , spoken words and some parts of unfinished romantic works here.

When I gained sufficient experience that is required to compose poetry, I started thinking of writing and selling some romance poetry to Lollywood and Bollywood. However, I felt that I could not proceed with this because both cinemas are derogatory towards the women, which obviously means that they are derogatory towards the men as well. Thus, the idea of reaching out to Lollywood and Bollywood died in infancy.

Saying all this, I must comment that I am glad that most of my poems deal with Human Rights related issues. And, I am very happy that I can compete against a beautiful song like “Chori Chori” through my poem “My Sex Partner“. The cunning part here is that I created this poem through my lucid dreams. And, now I know that I can write more romantic poems by using my dream characters. I eventually hope to compel some of the Bollywood and Lollywood fans to become my fans instead and thus learn lucid dreaming to become fully able to accomplish feats alone!

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Another Lucid Encounter With My Favourite Poet

I have read lots of poetry but I feel very attracted to words of a certain American poet. I won’t be sharing his name here because I am describing a lucid encounter, which is a very deep telepathic and lucid experience but it could be deemed uncomfortable in the awake dimension. I get lucid easily after listening to him because he is a very caring and smart person and because his voice feels very soothing to me.

So I listened to one of his poems tonight. The atmosphere around me started changing gradually while I was still awake. First I felt a presence near me while I was resting on my bed. It was a very comfy presence so I slept near it while hugging it. This is odd to explain! Basically my bed is always warm but today it felt different because the atmosphere became heavier and denser. I could feel strong vibes of some sort coming from somewhere. Then there was this comforting smell that I continued to experience till morning.

As I finally slept, I had a lucid dream. In this dream, I could see this poet in a video. He loves his projects because he puts quite an effort in them; and, I really admire him for doing this. So in this video, he was walking in a crowded area and singing one of his poems. One of the kids who was with three really beautiful women who had small faces but really large eyes stopped the poet to play with him. The poet bent and placed his face near the kid’s face and smiled. I looked at the women again who were also smiling at this while they talked to each other. As the poet talked to the kid, the facial color of the three women changed from dull white to rosy white. Then the poet walked away. Now he was singing a beautiful song as he faced the camera. I could not fully understand all the words and techniques he threw although I felt mesmerized by his performance. As he swayed his head and uttered some beautiful words, everything around him faded; he seemed unaware of my presence although to some extent he knew that I was watching. After performing, he walked away and now he slowly became faded like a blob. My eyes eagerly tailed him; and, I could still see his vanishing figure.

When I woke up, I felt that my hand that was resting on my pillow was being held by a powerful force that I have learned to relate to this poet. I could feel this power attached to me, which makes sense because I know him and I feel attached to both him and his works.

Before this exciting encounter, I was in a very bad mood. For some days, I have been crying over some bad political news concerning Muslims; I have been working hard to learn something new; and, I was upset at something personal. I am so glad that I watched him perform one of his poems before I fell asleep. Oh! I have connected with him through my dreams before. Read “A Man Sitting Near My Bed” and “Dream Characters That Appear Suddenly To Warn”.

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Significance Of White Colour In Lucid Dreams

I sometimes get lucid dreams where I interact with dream characters that are dressed in white. In one dream, I was wearing a white dress and standing next to a dream character (my husband) as he bled near a pond. Read “Creating Change“. In another dream, I was dressed in white; and, I interacted with the dream character of an American professor before I woke up and saved a young Canadian girl from being cyberbullied. Read “Dream Characters That Appear Suddenly To Warn”. In yet another dream, a Christian professor appeared in white and saved me from being abused. Read “Dark Giant Answers: Muslims and Christians Are One Brotherhood”.

I personally think that White is an angelic colour since the dream characters are wearing white while saving someone or standing near someone who is dying. According to the “Dream Moods”, white colour indicates purity and awareness.

In Christianiy, white is associated with angels. In Judaism, white refers to purity. In Islam, dead are supposed to be dressed in white. Read about this in Wikipedia.

I find it peculiar how in Islam we are told that the best colors for the dead is the white colour. This is an odd statement because in Islam sleep is referred to as a state that is like death. Intriguing right!

I think these are the reasons why some of my dream characters including me are dressed in white.

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Is The Dreamscape A Realm For Controlling Digital Devices?

Some years ago, I had a rather queer dream. In this dream, I saw two large dark figures walking away from my bed. They looked like robots and one of them waved at me. They were both laughing and kidding around almost like they were leaving a friend behind because she does not want to interact. I looked at the backs of these robots and felt very shocked to see such creatures so near me. I woke up soon after this.

I thought and thought about this dream. And, I told myself that I must have attempted to dream of some characters from movie “Transformers”. So I decided to forget about this dream since such dreams don’t attract me enough.

Just a couple of months ago, something odd happened to me.I wrote about it on my blog.

Once it has happened that I was supposed to print more than ten copies of a large document for a meeting. But, the computer malfunctioned that day! And, I ended up printing only five copies; and, there was one incomplete print out as well. When I got there, there were less people so five copies were sufficient. I did not knew how many people were going to show up that day. Right now, I have the copy that did not print fully; only last two or three pages are missing; and, there is still sufficient there for me to read, which is why I am thinking back to what ACTUALLY happened. Source: Telepathy Involving Digital Devices

Today, I am thinking back. Do these robots have something to do with this incidence? Am I unconsciously controlling the digital devices that are around me to some extent or is something else controlling them for me for some reason? The only reason I cannot figure out what’s going on is because I am an Empath so I don’t feel too much attracted to inanimate objects; then, how can I control these devices? I got no clue what exactly happened that day! This is not a coincidence although it looks like one. I think this because too many similar and odd coincidences take place around me. Read blog post, Queer Incidences that Appear Like Coincidences

I can say with conviction that interacting with dream characters can change the reality to some extent. Thus, it is easy to conclude that interacting with robots and devices during dreams will create results in real life as well. Even after making this conclusion, I feel very puzzled. I guess this reaction is bound to happen as I develop as a lucid dreamer and telepath. Read the full post Telepathy Involving Digital Devices.


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Adjusting The Inner and Outer Watches Through Lucid Dreams and Dream Characters

It is possible to use lucid dreams and dream characters to adjust the inner and outer watches. Inner watch is inside my mind and soul; and, the outer watch is based on my  actions. I have performed this technique many times and in many ways; and I have found this method to be a super-easy task.

This can be done in as many ways as you need it to be done; and, this can be worked to any level and format according to your potential. I have learned from experience that my inner and outer watches work in sync very fast only when I am among those I trust and love; and, they sometimes shuts down in their own.

So here is how some of this game proceeds.

Sometimes, dream characters appear and leave funny signals like a guy yawning near a clock so that I had to snatch it before he falls fully asleep. Other times, I time  imaginary clocks to make myself wake up on time; I do this because I sometimes miss out on my two alarms. Furthermore, I use energies that I have stored in my mind by observing other people. Of course! I have some favourites (heroes) when it comes to use of energies.  One American speaker who is mentioned in this list has perfect energy for this purpose. I learned about some of his vibrances when I met him in real life—I can learn viberances of humans through videos too. So before sleeping at night, I imagine placing a round clock on the wall that is on the left side of my bed. Then I say that the dream character who resembles this speaker will make sure that this new clock wakes me up on time. And, every single time, after doing this, I wake up on time. Just today in the morning when I used this imaginary clock and this speaker’s energy again, I saw a dark creature enter my room and move towards my desk as soon as I opened my eyes. Oh! the bond between me and this particular speaker is very beautiful and strong owing to the connection between our thoughts and writings. Once, I saw his dream character sitting near me and talking to me. This is why using his energy multiple times on the imaginary clock created a dark creature. 

Only sometimes, the inner and outer clocks sync very strongly so I can start seeing very extensive answers really fast. I have documented two incidences here: “Chance Or Destined Events?” and “Good Souls Channel Together”.

I originally thought that this could not be done until I gave it a shot. I have learned this over time. This is how I have learned that lucid dreams are something you can learn and utilize in daily life.

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Telepathic Signal From My Niece: Conquering The Waters

I have a 1 year old niece who has felt super-smart to me even when she was in her mother’s womb. I have felt her many times while she was unborn by touching her mother’s tummy. On several occasions, I have dreamt about her. Before she was born, I actually dreamt that my sibling was holding a new baby. The delivery went well; and, Myah was born.

Myah is very beautiful and super-attractive just like me. Just like me, its not her looks that are superior but there is something mysterious about this kid that takes over the other person whenever she interacts. Just like me, her best feature are her eyes, which become very alluring whenever she is looking at someone she loves. Not to forget, she has a distinct music surrounding her body and soul, which seems very hypnotic to me.

Some months ago, I had an interesting dream about baby Myah. Her mom was wandering near a large water body, which reminded me of a sea. Myah and her mom went inside this water body. Then there was this huge light that came from the bosom of the sea, which I strongly felt was coming from Myah herself. The light shone and lit everything to the extent that for several moments I could not see anything. Then, Myah and her mom came out of the water alive.

I was very puzzled about this dream. I think I found the answer just a couple of months ago when my sibling told me that Myah had learned some swimming and that she will continue to learn.

This is great news! I think Myah is special like me. She has been sending me signals even when she was not born and these signals continue even when she is living some hours away from me.

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Is Future Predetermined?

I had an interesting lucid dream some while ago when I slept thinking about a specific publisher. I am still working on my first book; it still needs thorough review and edit; and, I have not been able to get to it due to my work schedule. Although I have talked to this publisher and reviewed other options, I still have not decided whom to publish with.

During my dream, I received a package. My printed book was very colorful; and, it had the name of the owner of the publishing company printed on it as well. And, I heard some sort of voice that showed some intentions of the owner of the publishing company although I was unable to fully decipher what was being said.

Oh! I think that I have received multiple dreams related to this publisher and people who visit his company or are his friends. I don’t know any of these individuals up close; but, I receive these dreams when I am thinking about this particular publisher or his work. Some are rather vague yet others are strong signals. For example, the dream “Lucid Dreams Show Processes” is connected to volunteers or artists who are somehow connected to this publisher.

Since I have not made a decision yet, does the dream about publication of my book indicate that matters are predetermined? I have always wondered about how destined and chance events work. I am tempted to believe that God can create both types of events. I think God wills which events are going to be chance events and which are going to be predetermined; and, the way things are orchestrated, we humans receive the illusion of time. Lucid Dreams are how the illusion of time can be erased; but, to what extent and for what reason? Don’t you see that this dream has added a conviction inside my mind. Am I going to attempt to publish the first or second book with this publisher? And, why is this choice important enough for this dream to exist?

I wonder how and why God created this universe!


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A Man Sitting Near My Bed

Once upon a time, in one of my recent lucid dreams, I saw a very large mansion, the types Rajas and Ranis of Indo-Pak subcontinent used to have. Some of my family members and I were occupying that place. I did not feel too much interest in this place so I did not observe well—also I was stressed when I fell asleep. One woman from my family was holding her baby and standing and talking to someone in a rather spacious corridor. I was tired and resting on a large bed. A man who resembled a famous American poet sat on the floor near my bed. His face was facing me; and, he was slowly stating some mysterious and endearing words. I could hear him say something in Urdu although I know that the poet whom this dream character resembled does not know this language. His voice was very soothing; and, I started feeling relaxed after listening to him although I could not fully understand what he was trying to say. This handsome dream character seemed very concerned about me; and, it was evident that he wanted me to heal fast. At some point, his face started vanishing because I was too tired to maintain the dream scene. But then I thought that I did not want him to disappear. As soon as I thought this, his face appeared again. I listened to his animated chat and smiled. I felt lost in this trance where I tried to interpret his words and realized the beautiful meaning of this kind gesture. I woke up feeling rejuvenated after this encounter.

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Lucid Dreamers Create Legacies

Lucid Dreamers are born to create legacies. Today I  had a supersonic dream that I am saving for my workshop—it is not a romantic dream. I am not going to share this on the web because I am saving it for my workshops and books; however, I can show you something that is inferior to this dream in quality and concept although watching this clip should help you envision a small portion of my mega dream.

See this clip from Twilight; here Edward takes Bella on a ride through the wind.

Here is a lesson that I have learned from this dream. I can have real fun by studying pictures that are associated with someone else as long as I have learned to trust that person. In this dream, I used an idea that I actually learned by looking at some pictures of a Human Rights activist I came across online. And, it worked out really well! Just adding an idea that is described in a picture into the dream can create something very novel and exciting. Exquisite!


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