Earthlings that are like Kryptonians

Note: Lucid Dreamers are like SuperMan and SuperWoman. I have flown several times during my lucid dreams and it will take me lots of time to fully describe everything that I have experienced. Here is just one of my dreams. I originally posted it on my older blog “Writer’s Dojo” as “The Jinn Gang”.

This is one of my lucid dreams. I am just describing a small portion of my dream. It is a very long dream and I don’t wish to type everything. These things fly really fast. I felt I was being zapped like The Flash. I think that I accessed the Black Light that is characterized by other Lucid Dreamers, among other things, by a visual of being carried or guided by black winds. Perhaps, the Jinn also participate in some lucid dreams and thus in the process of unraveling the unconsciousness.

The black mass flew over the buildings with stealthily speed. They were many in numbers and the woman could see them. They were also fully aware of her presence. But, they liked her presence so they allowed her to be part of their gang. The black mass was enormous, long, and ever-molding; dark and tightening as the deepest depths of ocean; fast as sound or lightning; fierce as the deadliest inhabitants of the jungle; and deceptive, quiet, and expressed as the darkened forest. Black mass camouflaged them from everyone as they rested in mid-air, above shops, and further strategized their movements. They were many in numbers and were fearsome yet playful. During this encounter, her fear quickly changed into trust as she flew and twirled with the jinn gang. They silently watched over her while she purchased a soap from a small shop. As she came out of the shop, they circled her and lifted her protectively. Then they all flew together again as the woman enjoyed this new comradeship. “They will drop me back home safely,” she told herself as she experienced this rather fast, dark, and inexplicable dash through the sky.

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Link Between Music of Lucid Dreams and Telepathy

I hear music that comes from human bodies. That’s why my friends describe me as “grander than others”. I think they end up seeing their faces and minds inside my mind and this removes stress from them. During sleep, I can use the same music to activate lucid dreams although using music of person A might lead to dreams of person B. I just read about how to create music in lucid dreams; and, I realized that I can enhance my soul’s music by using lucid music. However, I am wondering what will happen if I ended up enhancing my mind this way? I mean my current state feels like “torture” to others and myself. Everyone else tells me this and I can “feel” what they mean.

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Lucid Dreams Show Processes

In one of my lucid dreams, I watched a couple of artists work on a wooden structure that looked very similar to Sol Bailey Barker’s “Monumento a la Selva”. They worked together and erected the structure and then they dismantled it. I felt that they really wanted people to see what they created; and, I feel that this is why I could see the entire process that felt like watching a movie being fast forwarded. It all went very fast but I remember seeing the brown wooden structure really well. I know this sounds bizarre but lucid dreams are extraordinarily creative in nature so they seem unreal.


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Mental Time Machine – Type 1

Here is a description of one of my Symbolic Precognitive dreams, which took place on May 01, 2018 and was actualized on May 04, 2018.  I have created an audio about this. There is an error in the audio. I said this dream took place on May 03, 2018 but it actually took place on May 01, 2018. Its just that this information feels too fresh inside my mind.

Please listen to this audio till the very end. None of this is fabricated. The material belongs to me and it is copyrighted. I am discussing only one version of the Mental Time Machines I have been using to browse small segments of the universe.


Again, the two Dream signals are 1) “sandwiched people” are the ones who were leaving the office and 2) “the long end of the machine that is always morphing like a Transformer” is the Vimy Memorial Bridge.

Here is the image that I just drew today to show this dream.


The links that I am mentioning in this audio are as follows:

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Snakes of Lucid Dreamers

What are the snake-like creatures that once visited me during one of my lucid dreams? During this enlightening dream, I transformed into a dragonness and fought alongside a male dragon in an attempt to get rid of an angry male dragon. The dragon who fought by my side won; and, then as soon as I changed into a human due to fatigue, he took me and flew out of the window. I found this dream fascinating because I learned to associate the nicer dragon to my youngest brother who often comes in my sleep; and, in one dream, we read books together.

Carl Jung also saw snakes in her dreams. Watch YouTube video “The Transforming Snake in Jung’s Red Book” to learn everything from Jungian’s perspective.

Scroll to 1:22 of video “Mystery of death of Arjun by his son in Mahabharat”and you will learn about the snake-wife of Arjun.

I know that some genies (jinns) appear like the snakes and that genies (jinns) are actually very intelligent beings who have families, religion, and free will. Because I am lucid, I can sometimes access those parts of the universe easily and perhaps I have been interacting with the jinn—I mean as an incredible, this interaction is one of my basic abilities. Of course! I have enjoyed dreams of all sorts. According to Islam, the dreams are from the self, devil, and God; and, every human gets these.

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Dreams of My Uncle Have Brought Me Great Fortune

I once had an uncle who was a Medical genius but I lost him due to his life’s struggles and bad health—I still remember crying like a little broken-minded baby. I loved him a lot and I was always sitting in his arms or on his side and cleaning and massaging his scalp and feet. May God Bless His Soul! I still love and miss him. So whenever I attain my lucid state, I try to see him again.

I am a bit puzzled about his spirit form because I feel that he is still present around me just like the Dark Giant. Maybe, its because he was very smart and he loved me a lot. Once, uncle came in my dream and showed me a car and then he asked me to get near him so that he may show me how to clean the car. In another dream, a dark animal spirit of a tiger (my favourite animal) chased me while I was sitting in a car; and then it broke down and splashed into a form that was just made out of water. Some months later, I got my G license and even got my first car. Furthermore, some of my family members slowly taught me how to clean different parts of my car.

This was several years ago. I missed my uncle’s laughter and teasing; so after he died, I called him to come see me again. He came to see me in my dreams some years ago.But, he was invisible and instead there was this odd energy source. The energy source took me a room that was filled with professionals and it walked next to me as I navigated through areas where businessmen/women were networking. I think this dream was a signal from my dead uncle to work hard and keep moving forward.

I didn’t call for him to come for some years because I needed to forget things. But just yesterday, I met him again. This time he was wearing my favourite brown jacket and he was still fat (obese) and healthy. Then, I felt something different from him—it felt like a voice and presence. I believe he suggested that a good man will soon protect me. Or did I hear things this way because uncle used to watch over me? I don’t fully know what’s going on…

Uncle used to tell me that I was so little that I could have easily hidden in his jacket’s pocket. I think I got cued at that point to stick with him for protection. I think I am just going to sit here and wait for that man to appear.



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Music of Lucid Dreamers

I can play music and musical instruments during sleep. In one dream, I saw my best friend and her husband sitting next to my bed and playing the piano. I felt so entranced with the sound of music that engulfed my entire dream. Mostly, music plays during all my lucid dates. This is why some lucid dreamers describe lucid dream sex as something very different and exceptional. And, the associated gesture, which might be just a Sender Signal, feels so touching. Richard D James/Aphex Twin, the electronic musician, used to recreate and sell the music that he felt during his lucid dreams. I don’t know how to write music yet because I never bothered to take classes in music. I just know how to sing and I do have some training in singing; but, I might learn how to play musical instruments in the future.

Another time, music rings through my ears is when I connect with people. It comes out of the human body like real music and I can hear it to some extent. As usual, the rest of the humans can hear this sort of music at different levels.

Due to my extraordinary experiences, I will offer the following conclusions that can be easily proved after investigation. There are four types of music that play through the humans. Type 1 and Type 2 are the music of breath and body that show during daily interactions; Type 3 is music of soul that shows during sleep; and, Type 4 is the music that sometimes plays when you think you are following your guts and it can be enhanced by deliberately playing Type 3 music.


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Follow Sleeping Postures to Improve Functions of Sleep

Yesterday night, I tossed and turned for a really long while until I found a sleeping posture that relaxed my entire body. After opening and closing my fists while placing them near my head, I realized that I was still having difficulty sleeping. So, I lay flat on my back and curved my legs slightly to open my thighs a bit. My yellow blanket that’s covered with red, blue, and green patterns and my red blanket that’s covered with beige and green patterns covered my slim body so that I felt warm and cozy. I had a relaxing lucid dream after this where I dreamt of meeting a favourite teacher of mine and looking at posters that were stuck on a board inside a school. You should slowly review sleeping postures and you will find out that gradually your body will teach you new postures.


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Scanner Spirits

Some spirits are like scanners. For example, some ENFPs are energy sponges and that makes them great scanners by default. I am an ENFP and there are times when I meet Dark Spirits (by Dark I mean its not evil but just mysterious and Dark Black) during sleep that scan me or the area while I am in m lucid state. One such Dark Spirit arrived near my window while I was fast asleep. It had some sort of devise in its hand and it entered some information about me. It was a male spirit and it said that it liked the way I laughed as well as my spirit. I think I smiled during sleep that day and ended up absorbing positive energy from some source. I feel these dream interactions are keeping me younger and happier. I am reaching my 40s so these dreams matter more to me now. Looking back at life, I feel that the spirits from dreams show you a side of your personality and can be used to improve existing strengths. So if you are good at Advocacy and you meet a spirit that behaves like an Advocate, then in real life start applying the teachings of this spirit.


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