Vision of Citizens Who Were Wearing Shalwar Qameez Being Abused By Cops

I had a horrible vision today. I do not know if this is just a playback of my memory or if some sort of incidence is supposed to take place. I saw men being taken away by cops, perhaps army men, from their homes or workplaces. I do not fully know where this took place but I did see a parking place. Men were wearing the traditional Pakistani clothes, Shalwar Qameez. Lots of them were being picked up! Some women were taken too. I feel they were innocent because they did not knew why they were being taken away; and, some of them were very keen about confronting whoever was kidnapping them. The kidnappers were dressed in clothes worn by officials, perhaps they were cops or army personnel. I think I saw a large tank or a van that was there to block movement. Captives talked to each other openly in their language since they had somehow become used to this entire routine. They were not afraid though! I could not tell which country this was happening in! Perhaps, this is because I am more into observing human behavior or maybe its due to the fact that abuse of honest folks is becoming a norm nowadays. This is all I recall of this particular dream. I woke up soon afterwards and started my day.

I started dissecting this dream after writing the above paragraph. One thing that kept popping up the lack of fear exhibited by the captives. I am a very creative person so I clearly see that fear is linked to creativity.  I see fear haunting me when I write or engage in a psychic phenomenon. Fear is there because it creates the rest of the things! Fear is an indication of what one does not know, which is why fear can give rise to other emotions like hatred when left unguarded. For example, read about the second woman from one of my dreams that I had in April 2019. Read blog post,”Young Female Spirits Have Been Haunting Me“. I actually met this woman in Dec 2019; she is much older than the female spirit who appeared in my dream but interestingly her attitude is very young. And, she asked me to complete a task related to charity. I have been struggling a lot to help out and my friends and acquaintances whom I approached for assistance know this. My fear shows in this dream too. In this dream snippet, I am resting in my bed, which symbolizes my fear of being fatigued.

My analysis of this new dream of mine is that the captives are actually very strong people. I understood this well  when these dream characters (captives) did not become afraid despite being misused so grossly. Like the rest of the emotions and behaviour, courage and intelligence come after fear. This is why I strongly feel it is the captors who are under trouble!

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My Psychic Images Of My Future Husband

I do not want to share everything here; but, here are some of the psychic images I had during some of my lucid dreams. As you read this, know that I am still unwed. I have only recently started receiving dreams about this man who I feel is my husband; so maybe that means that our wedding day is nearby. I would have loved to ignore these signals; but, I felt compelled to review these after reading the article, “What My Dream Revealed About My Future (now) Husband“, which is written by a Christian woman Jennifer Wilder.

  • He sits on my bed.
  • He is not afraid of entering my room.
  • He sometimes looks at me while I am still asleep. Once I woke up and saw him sitting at the edge of my bed. One of his arms was on my further side; and he was leaning over and smiling as he drew his face closer to mine. I woke up, smiled, and noticed that his eyebrows needed to be managed.
  • He likes to travel.
  • He likes to investigate as well as give me gifts. In one of my dreams, he had like 12 microscope like devices spread near my bed.  He and I sat on the bed and looked through the devices together. We chatted during this activity.


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I Met Pope Francis In My Dream

I had an interesting dream in the morning! I was at some event where Pope Francis was giving a speech in a building that had corridors and rooms with furniture and equipment. I was standing at the door; and, I addressed him by his name. I think he talked to me very briefly. During my dream, I could clearly see that his mind was preoccupied with his work. I distinctly remember him picking up his stuff and leaving the room where he was delivering a speech. I also noticed that he walked slightly bent.  He was interesting for me to watch because his mind seemed to be in some sort of interesting struggle!  I have never met him in real life, which is why this dream was important for me.

Source: Unsplash.

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How Acting Can Be Dangerous

I am a writer who likes to sometimes act in order to create written work. I was like this when I was a child and teenager; but, as an adult, I act less because I can get tired this way. Its a demanding struggle inside my mind because acting creates more creative content! Read blog post, “Act It All The Way Through“.

Once I read an online article somewhere that stated that true writers can present a more disintegrated and destroyed self, which helps to compose unique works. When I am creating my characters (while awake), I experience visualizations of my characters. I literally see them thinking, behaving, and reacting. They are very much alive inside my head! I know that great thinkers like Tesla and Carl Jung also received visualizations. When I had my first visualization of this sort while writing, I became very uncomfortable. I stopped writing and thinking! I stayed like this for several years! I was now writing anything else other than my first novel, “Saryan“.

To calm my shaken self, I slowly started hacking into what actually was going on. I found out that this is normal for me! I also found out that this links into how Telepaths can sometimes receive certain images since these images are actually out there;  I practiced Telepathy in real life for some time while working with abused women, making personal decisions, or simply taking a walk. It did not work out well when I was stressed or when I was not in the mood! I also found the link between these visualizations and lucid dreams. Apparently, creating a fantasy or daydream before falling asleep actually triggers my lucid dreams. Read “Daydreaming About Someone You Love Creates Stunning Lucid Dreams“. I have also experimented with some of my dream characters; to my surprise, I have found out that dream characters can evolve over time. One of the dream characters with whom I have interacted over a couple of dreams is a well-known American professor and writer. See complete list of my dream characters that are based on real people in blog post, “Dance of Heroes“. His character actually changed dramatically over time; and, in one dream he warned me about protecting a trapped woman. Read “Dream Characters that Appear Suddenly to Warn“. This is when I realized that there is nothing I can do about how characters appear in my mental eye while I am writing⁠—like my dream characters, they will most certainly evolve over time.

Saying all this, I have learned one vital thing⁠—I went on a real voyage to discover this answer because I am a real champion (article 1, article 2, article 3, article 4). All the above that I just described is not really acting! Acting is something that is similar to all the above but at the same time very different. My experiences have taught me that acting is more exhausting in nature than the rest of the methods! The fact that I am a Telepath (a very sensitive person) is also preventing me from acting too much since my smart mind is bent on preventing unnecessary fatigue. Article “Acting changes the brain: it’s how actors get lost in a role” discusses how actors might suffer from Post-Dramatic Stress Disorder where they can shift into some character. Frightening! I can fully see this fine line; but, Thank God, I have not yet crossed it. However, I am sure if someone adds really deep trauma in my life, I will somehow shift into one of my characters. I strongly recommend that writers should use acting as last resort and practice care while and after acting.


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Lucid Dreaming Does Not Require Psychedelics

Someone once commented that one cannot have lucid dreams without the use of Psychedelics. I created this post because I felt this was a topic that others might bring up  later. I totally disagreed with this individual!

Below are some important things that we need to note:

  • Some Psychology experts or enthusiasts are not so happy about lucid dreaming so they might say that dreamers are using psychedelics; this is true of the person who issued this comment and this is also true of those experts who haunted Carl Jung when he tried to use dreams to study Psychology and behavior. In 2002, University of Wisconsin’s researchers found out that gamma brainwaves were seen in Buddhist monks’ brains during  meditation and everyday neural activity. Read “Study of meditation and brain waves in Buddhist monks confounds Wisconsin researchers“. In 2009, researchers Voss and Hobson from the Neurological Laboratory in Frankfurt, Germany found out that gamma brainwaves exhibited during lucid dreams. Read “Lucid Dreams Found to Take Place at Gamma Brainwave Frequencies”. Meditations can cause gamma brainwaves, which can induce lucid dreams. Meditations are easy to do; and, thus it is easier for me to conclude that extreme measures like use of Psychedelics are not required for lucid dreaming.
  • Psychedelics are illegal in most countries; and, Psychedelic experiences can easily cause nightmares. Read article Lucid Dream Induction – Psychedelics
  • There are various techniques that can be used to induce lucid dreamswithout using Psychedelics. Read article How To Lucid Dream And 7 Ways It Will Change Your Life
  • The ability to have lucid dreams is a genetic trait as well. I do not use Psychedelics but I have been able to have lucid dreams since I was a kid. A female relative of mine also receives creative lucid dreams; and, she has never touched any Psychedelics in her entire life.

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Meeting With American Congresswoman Ilhan Oman

I had some awesome lucid dreams today. In one snippet, I saw myself sitting in a bus next to American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. We chatted for a long while; perhaps, I tried puzzling her with some arguments; but, she endured patiently as she answered me. At the end, she started laughing and said, “You are a nice person. I did not realize this before”. I think this dream character hinted to the fact that thischaracteristic does not show on my face because it is easy for people to misread my features. I will have to add Ilhan’s name to my blog post, “Dance of Heroes“,which is where I am keeping track of all the heroes/heroines I have met in my lucid state.

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Game Of Roses

On July 24, 2019 I wrote that I dreamt of a rose that I somehow associated with a particular speaker. Read “I Saw A Red Rose In My Dream“. In Jan 2020, some of my family members came to visit me. One of my male relatives had bought roses for his wife who decided to give these to me because I told her that I love roses. So I did receive roses like I predicted!

There are three things that can be easily noted here:

  1. The thought of the speaker is a displaced thought. Just like people sometimes displace during dreams so do thoughts. This means that you can see an object where it is not; but, later that object would appear in a different place than the one you envisioned.
  2. Second meaning is based on my personality type. I am ENFP, which means that I can receive dreams that have multiple meanings since I sometimes think like this during the day as well. What if the thought of that speaker just entered my dream because it is actually a psychic signal from the future. Read “Dream With Multiple Meanings“.
  3. Third meaning is that I have learned to associate with the natural elements that are surrounding this person. Read “Which Disney Princess Am I Like“.

Here is a picture of the roses my relative gave to me. They are withered now! I was about to remove all the petals and roses and put them in a bowl as decoration when I realized that I wanted to write this post and preserve the image of these roses.


I kept the dry and the fresh petals in two separate bowls; I placed two whole roses in each bowl. I loved how these felt in my hands!

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Using Drawings/Sketches To Induce Lucid Dreams

Yesterday, I created two drawings of two of my favorite speakers. These were not well-done at all; but, perhaps this does not matter at all. When I fell asleep, I had two very lovely, detailed, and exciting lucid dreams. Drawings/sketches helps you remember other details like where this person was sitting; who he/she was sitting with; what he/she likes; what he/she wears; and, how he/she talks. The dreams that were triggered included the speaker only in one instance and not the second one. The first one showed one of the speakers; one of his family members whom I have never met before; a building that served as a home, office, and a school of some sort; and people these dream characters were visiting. The second dream showed some very mesmerizing castle-like buildings that belonged to America and were somehow created by thinking about the second speaker. This speaker works in California. I googled and found out that there are two castles in California namely Hearst Castle and Castello di Amorosa. But the buildings I saw seemed both modern and ancient. What if I created hybrids of some sort! Read article “The 12 Most Beautiful Castles In The United States“.  

I believe that my ENFP personality types can activate these dreams simply because precious memories of loved ones keep me warm and safe. However, there is something more exceptional about these dreams! Think about how telepathic individuals can use drawings to convey meanings and concepts; and, you will realize many dimensions of drawings. I do not think of drawings/sketches as 2D representations anymore since this 2D representation is bound by time; but, as soon as the self frees itself from time, which happens during sleep, these images can become alive in numerous ways.

photo of biscuit beside sketchpad
Photo by Mona Termos on

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Nightmares or Realities: Triggered By The Stabbing Incidence That Took Place At A Rabbi’s Home In Monsey, New York During Hanukkah Celebration

Note: Try a different browser if the audios don’t run in your default browser for some reason; for some reason, these are running faster on mobile.

Graphic Content. Viewer Discretion Advised.

On Dec 14, I had a sickening dream. I remember eating lots of spicy food, which aids in lucid dreaming, before falling asleep.

Here is the audio.


I recorded this hastily. Here is a better version of this dream.

This dream started with a woman who was holding a child in her arms. All of a sudden, she and her baby pointed to a spirit (jinn) that was sleeping on a child who was resting on the bed. It was a white spirit (jinn) with dots on its face going from forehead to upper part of nose in a straight line. The entity just appeared out of nowhere and was now sleeping contently on the kid’s chest! The woman eventually left this room; and, then the kid pointed again to what I think was a door. Here was a portal of some sort. Suddenly, the portal opened. A person who was holding a knife appeared in the portal; this individual had a clear intent to murder. The knife came in through the portal as this person tried to stab the lady. Now, I could see another psychopath who felt really really cold to me as he stood next to this killer. He also puts his knife in through the portal with the intent to harm this woman. They never stepped into this scene; but, only their hands were appearing through the portal. They almost stabbed her but she managed to escape unharmed. Then their hands and whatever parts of their bodies that were somehow visible disappeared behind the portal as the portal closed on its own.

You must have heard of the stabbing that took place during the Hanukkah celebration where five people were stabbed at a Rabbi’s home in Monsey, New Yorkthis was an antisemitic hate crime. Read “Hanukkah stabbing suspect charged with hate crime; prosecutors cite his journals“. This took place on the evening of Dec 28, 2019.  I had this dream on Dec 18; the picture below shows that the recording “Stabbers” was recorded on Dec 18. Funny how this lucid dream and the actual incidence both took place inside a home! Its perfect how I saw this about America’s New York while sleeping in Canada!


Before I discuss a key point that I learned from this lucid dream, I must point out some of the context. During this dream, I was concerned about a woman I had been protecting for some while. So when this woman and a child came in my dream, I thought that I was just watching my friend. So I saw her unharmed; but, I also saw the danger that was lurking around her. Now here is the real lesson. I said that there was a portal and two men who were holding knives were standing there. Well! Its a real time portal that transports the dreamer to another time zone/scene. I should have taken this portal to get to this other dream scene in order to find out what was going on over there. If this happens to you and you feel afraid of investigating, tell your spirit guide that you need to figure out what’s going on and he/she will attempt to protect you during this challenging time.

For two days, I briefly read about this stabbing incidence on social media; yesterday, I ate lots of sugary treats and one vitamin B6, which improves dream recall, and fell asleep hoping to enjoy a nice dream. Instead, I had a crazy nightmare!


As you read the transcription, you will see that I am talking to some Holy man while recording this dream. This is because I got so scared when I woke up that I held picture of a writer who is a very blessed person and has a strong spiritual side. Read this dream below.

I took vitamin B6 before falling asleep. By the time I woke up, I was really confused because I don’t know what I saw. I don’t think I can hack into this. My awake self is back so I almost started blacking out; my awake self was not letting me hack into this dream properly. There is something pointless about these murders! I am trying to calm down. At the beginning, there’s a guy who gets on the bus and puts a knife in someone’s back; then there are lots more of such people who are all enjoying killing people. They are saying that they will kill anyone who is not part of their clan. I think this is what they mean! (indistinct voice because I don’t feel so well) Oh man! What’s going on? They are just stabbing people; it felt like a competition of some sort, like a fun game. It had movie like spins inside it. Holy man, you have to stay close to me. No one can help me now (referring to the pain and fear I am experiencing while recalling my dream). But a Holy person can. And, you are a Holy person. Now let me think! Almost everybody had a knife. There is a large meeting place like a large banquet hall. They even go there; and, then they start stabbing. That’s bizarre! Its happening at a banquet hall! Can you believe it? What if that means that a couple of the stabbers are actually elite so that is why this is taking place at an expensive banquet hall. That’s a significant finding.

After analyzing how the previous dream pointed to a reality, I have started wondering if the second nightmare is caused by the antisemitic hate crime or if it is a precognitive dream? I have also realized that I need to heal myself fast, which is easy because I am lucid in nature; I will start by removing vitamin B6 for a couple of days so I may not be able to recall the dream properly.

Dr Julia Mossbridge, a Neuroscientist who has been studying precognition for 15 years​, has conducted research that shows that it is possible for the humans to predict the future; she believes that the precognitive dreams are actually caused by future events. Read article The scientist who says we CAN see the future in our dreams: Think premonitions are just hokum? A tantalizing book by a top neuroscientist will send shivers down your spine.

Everyone! Say NO to hate crimes. And, haters please stop hating, bullying, or killing; I mean you don’t want talented lucid dreamers like me to go on RED ALERT!

Added Jan 01, 2020

Listen to the second recording. As I recorded and thought more about my dream, my voice became less intelligible. Also, I said that no one can help me now and that only a Holy man can help me. Now read this scary news!

Doctors are not optimistic about his chances to regain consciousness, and if our father does miraculously recover partially, doctors expect that he will have permanent damage to the brain; leaving him partially paralyzed and speech-impaired for the rest of his life. Source: Monsey Stabbing Victim Might Not Regain Consciousness: Family

Can you see what is actually happening being reflected in my words and level of pain reported. I think I have learned something interesting from all this! It is possible that I hacked into what was going on during the day while I recorded my dream. Both “cries for the Holy man” and “mumbling that appears like speech impairment issue” happened while I was recording and thinking back about my dream and not during the dream.

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