Does Saliva Of Lucid Dreamers Heal?

Lucid dreaming causes changes in the body and mind; only some of my friends and my doctors have observed the miracles this ability has performed for me.

Some years ago, I lost lots of hair due to some personal concerns. But, due to my lucid dreaming abilities, my hair grew back rather quickly. Now I have very bouncy and shiny hair—they really stand out. Read “Lucid Dreams Grow Hair“. Besides this, my skin looks and feels very young; most people easily place me 10 to 20 years younger than my actual age.

Today, I was thinking about Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him); and, I remembered that there was a saying about how he once used his saliva to heal himself. Read’s second post by Mikha’eel to learn about this incidence. Does this mean that the saliva of lucid dreamers can be used to heal certain illnesses/conditions? Is it more powerful than the salvia of those who cannot enjoy lucid dreams? I strongly believe that more researchers should be paying attention to this fact.

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My Lucid Dream Provides Proof That Men Want To Be Desired

I had a lucid dream on March 08, 2019 in which I met a male dream character who frankly said to me, “Oh! So you want to pursue me”. Read “The Date That Almost Blew My Cover!

I was thinking why he said to me. So today, I read the article, “A sex therapist shares some very surprising truths about men’s desire“.

Yes. One of the things that stood out very strongly to me throughout my research is that men want to feel desired — they want to feel wanted by their female partner. Source: “A sex therapist shares some very surprising truths about men’s desire

Did you know that in Islam, women are allowed to propose to men and it is not just the men proposing to the women. Not many people know this Islamic teaching. I feel this teaching is there because it increases the likelihood of marriage. Apparently, if the woman proposes first, then the man will feel desired; this will increase the probability of her getting married to the man of her choice.

I cannot believe that my lucid dream showed me this! Do you know that the man in this dream is actually a real guy? Does this dream mean that I am supposed to be married to him; that he likes me; or that I like him? What does it actually mean? I don’t know yet. I had repeat dreams about this person. Around 3 or 4 times, I had lucid sex with him, which just started on its own without my realization of the beginning of its occurence. This is very rare. Of course! I had lucid dream sex with dark entities that do not have faces or one or two real men; but, the ones that involve real men usually fade away after a single occurrence. Having sex 3 or 4 times with a male dream character that looks like a real guy is actually a very high and rare number. During my dreams, I have also talked to him; walked with him; travelled with him; held a child (angel) in his presence; and, read with him. This is why I am thinking if this permissible act of dreaming is taking place because destiny is supposed to allow us to be married. I met him briefly at “The Parliament of World’s Religions” some months ago; but, he is from a different country. If he is not supposed to be with me, then that’s great because then I will learn how to get over my crush. For now, instead of bugging myself to find this answer, I am busy allowing myself to roam around during my dreams. I think that allowing your dreams to wander should removes repeat stimuli unless the stimuli is supposed to become real.

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Did I Catch A Threat To My Life Through A Lucid Dream?

I had a funny dream on Jan 10, 2019. A small portion of it, which involved taking a ride from someone I have recently met, did come true in Mar 2019. There is a segment in this dream where someone actually attacks me; but, I still cannot figure out who was the guy who tried to save me. It was a very odd dream; and, I am wondering if this particular portion will also come true.

I sat in a car with someone else—I met this person in Mar 2019. But, the scene changed really quickly; and, now I was sitting in a car with another man while holding my bag. This man was very tall and well-built; he seemed almost royal in the way he conveyed himself so I started calling him “Marquis” after I woke up. I was anxiously holding my bag while he was driving; I felt comfortable around him although I didn’t knew much about him. Soon, a very angry man came into this scene; he was holding a staff. He tried to ram the staff into the open window so that he may kill me. The Marquis saw this move so he tried to quickly close the window. All of a sudden, the Marquis changed his form. I felt I was hallucinating when a dark wing-like object came from the Marquis or Marquis’s arm and blocked my window; or did he just put some sort of shield up. I cannot tell what exactly happened but there was a strong otherworldly sense to all of this. Unfortunately, the attacker was quick and tricky. He jumped on top of the car—perhaps he was trying to get to the other side to attack. I had a strong sense that he was going to harm the Marquis next. Marquis noticed the man as he sat on the top of the car. Immediately, Marquis closed the sunroof so that the guy’s body got stuck in there. After this ordeal was over, Marquis took me for a medical examination.

I am praying pretty hard that none of this comes true! My prayers do get accepted so I am hoping that nothing bad happens. And, I still have not met this guy Marquis. I don’t know who he is.

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The Date That Almost Blew My Cover!

I had a lucid dream date today. I was in odd place that looked like a roof. There was paint-like material everywhere; and, you could mistake it for an ocean. Two individuals were putting a rectangular door-like object up. They had erected it in the middle of the roof. The paint or ocean was fascinating because it fell around forming spikes and rays. I felt a bit bored after watching this display so I decided to fly out of a rather large window. I placed my face next to it and willed it to open. It opened easily; and, I slowly looked down. I could clearly see the roads, buildings, and people. I was not afraid of heights but the wind felt so cold. The wind hit against my body rather harshly; therefore, I told myself that I could not fly today. “Perhaps, I can make some sort of safety bubble around myself”, I thought. After hearing this inquiry, I implored myself, “Safety bubble! How will I make it?” Impulsively, I told myself to jump. Despite my fear of getting way too chilled, this actually worked! I could see my shadow figure flying by checking out the shadow it was forming on the road. At one point, I became too frightened of the icy wind and started staring at the road.

Soon, this dream segment got disturbed; and, now I was back inside some building. The building had spacious rooms; and, it was built like any beautiful hotel or historic place. It felt as serene as colours beige and blue! I started feeling better as I opened the door and walked outside. I was now inside a very busy business hub of some sort. The moving cars and pedestrians crowded this region; and, one would almost forget to check out the skyscrapers that stubbornly serenaded the sky. I walked towards the traffic lights but felt distracted by a handsome man who had just walked out of an office. I ran towards him and held his arm. He blurted as he quickly read the intention s behind this move, “Oh! So you want to pursue me,” he stated in a frank manner. My inner self actually nagged me after I eventually woke up from this dream, “Safety Bubble was the cue!”

The dream continued although I felt very surprised at his delightful but untimely comment. So I said less to him and dragged him towards the building and away from the rest of the people. I felt that he had blown my cover because I did not want to date without a party and analysis; and, from the very beginning, he had said things way too truly. Thus, my inner self restlessly shifted to a phantom thought that I had felt within. Faces of several historic figures appeared and dissappered in front of me—he loves history. I imagined that this lovely man who was now next to me was watching all of this too; but, I was not so sure. Then an event exploded nearby and we checked it out as well! The face of a famous historic figure remained on a very large screen while the audience clapped and roared. I felt transfixed on their shadows: some of which were thin; some were denser; and, the rest were just dancing. I watched the crowd acting up as I felt scared that this particular figure was eventually going to disappear too. Surprisingly, this one stayed until I opened my eyes. The colour that was used to paint this last figure kept changing as the crowd went crazy. As I woke up, the colour changed to yellow shade that was similar to my room’s colour.

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Some Telepathic Encounters Are Like Inaudible Sounds

Only sometimes, I feel strong urges to react to something; hear music that comes from human bodies; get tugs at my heart; lucid dreams that show the truth or future; and voices that guide me. All of these experiences are inherent to telepathic experiences. Rarely, I hear sounds that can be described as “invisible” or “inaudible”. In reality, that I don’t hear them at all but I get other signals that tell me that something is up. For example, I might feel like turning on one of my favourite songs due to “unknown reasons”. This “unknown reason” magnifies itself as a state of mind where I am thinking about and working on something else.

Actually, this happened today so I noticed it! I was thinking about my lucid dreams, writing, and an event when I browsed through some music videos. After listening to one or two videos, I clicked on a music video that I had introduced to my brother. Then, I switched off the music because I had started missing him; I checked my messages right away. My younger brother had just sent me a message. I felt so happy after reading it. Telepathy is a very powerful and resilient thing to experience.

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Shadow Figures of Some Lucid Dreamers or Creatives

I have been experimenting with my telepathic abilities during my spare time. I have discovered a huge game; and, I have realized that in this game, other creatives and lucid dreamers are very important.

Several members of my Rajputian family are very creative people; and, some of them are also lucid dreamers. Over time, I have learned to see the projected bodies of some of my family members. They appear like shadow figures that I can see during the day; and, they tell me things like which part of my place that person is going to stand in the future or whether they are thinking of me or not. Its a cute deal! Below are some simple tricks I use to achieve this level.

Type 1: Shadow Figures That Appear While I Am Awake

I openly asked deceased Carl Jung to connect with me. I wanted to connect with him because he had appeared in one of my lucid dreams and enlightened me. I have felt a strong connection with him because I like Psychology and Supernatural as well, which are the two things that Carl adored. After reading, thinking, or dreaming about Carl Jung, I have sometimes clearly seen some shadow figures that look like my family members. Once, I kept seeing a female figure walking down the stairs; in reality, nobody was there and I could see this as well. Some minutes later, one of my family members walked down the stairs. Oh! only two of family members’ shadow figures appear without initiating any sort of connection with Carl Jung. Maybe, they have stronger shadow figures.

Type 2: Shadow Figures That Appear While I Am Asleep

I can clearly see how I can dance with some of my heroes and the rest of the loved ones through my dreams. I think my mind is unconsciously filtering personality types and intelligence levels to create lucid dreams. The creative dreams I receive after reading books or watching videos by my heroes don’t just revolve around their dream characters. For example, just recently, I had a very creative dream because I slept while holding my favorite author’s book—I feel more drawn to fantasy dreams that transport me to magical worlds after touching or reading his books. What if this was a meshing dream?

Type 3: Shadow Figures That Appear As Tunes

I get very clear music inside my minds when I connect with creative people—this happens when I am awake or asleep. Read blog post “‘Gotham’! I Am Getting That Tick In My Head” to learn how my mental music changes when creative people including lucid dreamers are around.

In conclusion, this ability is very beautiful; and, it creates CRAZZZZYYYY results at the end. Like all other human abilities, this power has a limitation. Most of the time and/or depending on your mood, it can only be used with some and not all lucid dreamers and creatives. I am sharing this here because I need you to learn about this faculty so you may learn how to induce this mental state in order to achieve stability and prosperity. Remember that you are opening your inner self through lucid dreams so what will open depends on who you really are. Read article “This Is Why People Are Intimidated By You, Based On Your Personality Type” to learn about your super-power. For instance, As an ENFP, I am a dreamer who believes in the following:

Persistence: This showed when I tagged and protected an abused women by using different dreams. I have shared only one dream through my blog post, “Knights of the Flying Carpet”,  but there were several more.

Undying Hope: I worked on “Forgotten Femmes” Facebook group even when I knew really less or even when I was unemployed. That is because I believed in the women and the fact that our society will one day become a better one.

A Spirit That Cannot Be Destroyed: My lucid dreams protect me from lots of things like depression, anxiety, PTSD, or poverty.

I Create My Own Box: My dreams are allowing me to create my new social identity, which links into my most precious dreams. When I was barely out of my teens, I came across some Canadian activists; they made sure to introduce me to several things including articles of Noam Chomsky. Now that some of my lucid dreams have been posted, I am able to connect with some great names with the hope of teaching them how to use lucid dreams to create a better society.

I Can Connect With Almost Anyone: I have not tried this a lot through dreams because I enjoy spending time around my loved ones more. But, I definitely get the urge to just roam around in the dream world. This ability showed when I dreamt of Che Guvra; a random neighbor or family friendDavid and Gillian from X-Files; an outdoor contractor; and, a journalist from “The Mantle”.

So if you could read yourself this way through dreams, what exactly would you end up painting?

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Should Pakistan Be Allowed To Harass Peace Activists?

On Jan 28th 2019, I had the following dream. I have posted a picture of my cellphone recorder to show you the date. Oh! if this audio does not run in Firefox, run it in a different browser. At my end, Firefox is not running this audio for some unknown reason but Opera is.

On Jan 28 2019, I saw this dream. See the date next to recording titled “craig-prophecy”.

On Feb 15 2019, Dr. Craig Considine posted on his Twitter that he received an email from WordPress that stated that Pakistan is considering banning his website. You can see this tweet by visiting Craig’s Twitter account and reviewing tweets published on Feb 15 2019.

I personally feel very offended by this. I feel that Craig’s intentions are being misunderstood simply because he is associated, to some extent, with the Ahmadiyah sect. So countries like Pakistan are willing to declare his content as “blasphemous” while ignoring the fact that he is advocating for Interfaith Dialogue and World Peace. I feel such stands against peace activists are damaging our societies in a grave manner. The government officials are public servants; and, they need to learn to listen and create dialogue instead of controlling choices and making decisions.

Saying all this, let me briefly review the contents of this dream. When it comes to heroes/idols, you can easily get relevant dreams given that you are reading something the dream character wrote or you are interested in their work. But, you won’t always be able to nail what exactly is going on until you find proof about it. Nevertheless, you should still get unsettled and start scanning that person’s social media site or the news for noteworthy news. There will be times when dreams will tell you what exactly is going on. For example, I dreamt of the murder of a well-known American journalist before “Reporters Without Borders” published in their Worldwide Round-up report. Read “Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous For Journalists“.

Once, a Muslim woman told me that she firmly believes that people cannot see the future and only the Prophets can. I thought about her statement and recalled reading a saying by Prophet Mohammad, which went something along these lines, in one of the books: “Followers/People have 1/24 of the vision of the Prophets.” Source: “Time Travel and Prophethood”

Dreams thus teach you about real life and how to proceed. Incredibly intelligent dream entities are there to guide you. My dream is pointing to the danger that the Muslim-Christian lobby will be injured if Craig is forced to leave. The way it is doing this is as follows: I am a Muslim and I am watching all this; Craig is a Christian and he is wrapping up Biblical images. So the dream is pointing to the Muslim-Christian relationships. This dream tells me that there is a strong need to forget religious or sectarian differences and join hands to create world peace.

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I Got Attached To Mulder (David) & Scully (Gillian)

I started watching TV series “X-File” because a sibling of mine suggested it—maybe, that is why I like this series more. Over time, I have noticed myself getting attached to only certain actors. I feel that I have somehow learned to see beyond the characters they are playing to connect with them; although I am still very much attached to the fictional characters as well. I go in a very relaxed and clear state of mine when I watch X-Files. My favourite actors who played the coolest characters ever are David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

On Sep 7 2018, I dreamt of meeting Agent Mulder and Agent Scully. Read “I Have Met Agent Mulder and Agent Scully“. I don’t become lucid unless I am really interested in someone or something that’s associated with that person. On Sep 5, BBC America tweeted that they are celebrating 25th Anniversary of “The X Files”. When I had this dream, I researched related news on Twitter. I was shocked to read BBC America’s tweet because I did not knew about this occasion before—I am the kind of person who spends 96% of her time watching entertainment and only 4% of her time learning about the performers/actors or how this entertainment is created. Thus, on Sep 7—the day I had this dream—I tweeted to and to tell them that I had this dream.

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Experiencing Layers Of My ENFP Personality Through Dreams

Who you truly are shows well through lucid dreams. As an ENFP, I am great at having fun with my friends. I enjoy parties; and, I have a very relaxed and nice way of conducting myself. This is why some people can easily nail me as the weakest member of any group. Think about it this way: others feel like taking care of me because I am genuine towards them; so the rest think that I am the most vulnerable, which is why almost everyone is willing to protect me. But, this is exactly how and why people are reading me incorrrectly. For instance, I do not act weakly when I know that something urgent needs to be done or someone is in trouble. For example, I made sure to get a friend of mine home safely even when I was stranded during the April 2018 snow storm.

These queer layers show during dreams as well. For instance, I describe some dreams where I am just having a feast with friends; enjoying a dance party; or enjoying lucid dates with hot dudes. Then I describe other dreams that are more thorough like when I wrote about the death of a well-known American journalist and abuse of a young married woman I just came across.

I find it very slick how layers of my personality shows in my lucid dreams. What about your personality and your dreams? If you haven’t started documenting these yet, then start today. I started out with really less dreams; and, then I slowly improved myself. I loved the entire process because I was able to demonstrate my inquisitivity and creativity this way. I am sure you will have fun as you attempt to unlearn and learn yourself.


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