Memories and Aftermath of Sep 11

Sep 11 of year 2011 was a scary day for me because that day I saw some buildings collapsing on TV as a plane hit it. At this odd sight, I screamed with shock and almost started crying. My telepathic instincts just got triggered and I knew something really big had happened.

I was just very unsettled after this attack; and, I researched it thoroughly. I realized that there is no way that America would have missed an attack on her people so I blamed the government of America for allowing this disaster.

After Sep 11 many things happened to the Muslims including genocides that just started in other countries like India.

The need to manage the consequences of this atrocity is one reason why I started this blog and “Lucid Dreaming” and “Telepathy” projects. God has a way of gifting me. Just yesterday, on Sep 11, I attended IFCO’s (Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa) grant writing workshop to which I was invited by my employer. See the date and name of workshop here⁠—this is proof that all of this took place on Sep 11. I was introduced to a couple of filmmakers during a workshop. At the end of the workshop, one of the filmmakers agreed to connect with me next month.

On my way back home, my mind ran a telepathic signal. I imagined doing a riveting and creepy dance of some sort the details of which I don’t wish to share. Then I got home and fell asleep. When I woke up, I received a message from a female filmmaker who agreed to help me make my first film. I love the fact that a woman is willing to work with me because I have always supported the womenI run the Facebook group, “Forgotten Femmes”.

I cannot believe all this happened on Sep 11! God is signalling to me again!

All of this was like a Super Nova explosion!

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Telepathy Involving Digital Devices

Is it possible for digital devices to be influenced due to telepathy? I definitely believe so. Once it has happened that I was supposed to print more than ten copies of a large document for a meeting. But, the computer malfunctioned that day!  And, I ended up printing only five copies; and, there was one incomplete print out as well. When I got there, there were less people so five copies were sufficient. I did not knew how many people were going to show up that day. Right now, I have the copy that did not print fully; only last two or three pages are missing; and, there is still sufficient there for me to read, which is why I am thinking back to what ACTUALLY happened.

Its the same as when I say that I can get lucid dreams about a hero of mine after seeing her/his videos and pictures online. I have been able to interact in detail with these incredible dream figures. Read some of these dreams here:

Dream Characters that Appear Suddenly to Warn

(Read together because they are related to each other) Dreams Of “Breaking Bread Together” With Friends  and Dream Actualization: “Breaking Bread” With Friends

My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman

Dance of Heroes

(Read together because they are related to each other) I Have Met Agent Mulder and Agent Scully and I Got Attached To Mulder (David) & Scully (Gillian)

Here are two interesting articles on “Digital Telepathy”:

Telepathy is now possible using current technology
Digital Telepathy Is The Future of Human Species

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I Predicted The Coming of Hurricane Dorian

On August 31, 2019 I predicted a really large flood that rocked residential areas, which I thought belonged to Canada or ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD. Read “Flood Warning: Residential Areas of Canada Or Elsewhere In The World”.

Notice the following phrases from this blog post:

  • Elsewhere In The World
  • I just recall that it looked like any other house we see in Canada
  • I vaguely recall that the characters seemed like my siblings; although there was a queer feel that they weren’t my siblings

So I had a weird feeling all along that this wasn’t in Canada and then I had another feeling like it was in Canada.

Apparently, the feeling was there because it is supposed to hit Canada. Read “Dorian forecast to hit Nova Scotia as either hurricane or strong tropical storm“. This news was released on Sep 4 and my dream took place on Aug 31, 2019. So only today the world has found out that this hurricane is slowly moving towards Canada.

While describing the dream, I specifically stated the following:

I was somewhere in a rather large house; and, I was staring at the front of the house. The streets were flooding and the water was now flooding the front yard. It had rained all day on the previous day; and, the atmosphere was dreary, chilly, and somewhat fresh. The car that was parked in the front yard had crashed against the garage door due to the heavy wind and overflowing water. The water seemed very impatient in nature; and, it seemed very willing to enter the house. I heard the residents yelling warnings in dismay as they found out what had happened to the car. One of the guys calmed the woman who was crying about the wrecked car that he will manage this in the future. Source: “Flood Warning: Residential Areas of Canada Or Elsewhere In The World”.

Now notice the picture that I posed in the above-mentioned blog post.


I picked this picture from Unsplash, which is my primary source for stock images.

Now watch the images that have just appeared about the Hurricane Dorian. See the video published in the article “Hurricane Dorian batters Bahamas with severe flash floods and ferocious wind – video report“. The video flashes a similar image at the very beginning. The area is so difficult to navigate through right now that the details are emerging rather slowly. I can’t believe that I have already seen this area and catastrophe in my dream!

The description of my dream is matching what is going on in Bahamas due to Hurricane Dorian. I think this is the flood that I really predicted because of the details about flooded front yard.

This is one of my historic dreams. I get lots of these whenever I feel like it or when there is an urgent need for it. Again, what I see really depends on what I like processing. Read “10 Dreams That Changed Human History“.

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How To Get Out Of Nightmares

Ever since I heard of how India is forcibly making its way into the Kashmir region and that the Indian forces are abusing the Kashmiris, I have been receiving dreams of Kashmiri women being raped. I cannot really explain what I have been made to witness since some of this stuff is extremely disturbing!

In one dream, I saw some men surrounding a woman; then they put a really large sword-like thing in her mouth; and, then they took it out and then they put it in again. The female victim was unable to even scream due to fear. Then, in another dream, there were several women sitting in a large room. But, some men came and tried to rape them. I felt that someone touched me as well while I was dreaming. Perhaps, I was also sitting in that room. This is the cunning part about entering the subconscious and higher intelligence through dreams! You cannot always differentiate yourself from your dream characters.

Then, I remember getting very angry about all of this. Then, I just flew really high. I started flying first out of the room and then I got into the woods. The trees were very large. I learned how to throw a web just like Spider Man does. The web wounded itself around a tree and I swung over a couple of trees to get to that tree. I felt that some people were chasing me. Fear enveloped me so I started swinging very fast by using the spider web and trees. I experienced the sun blinding my eyes and I sensed the wilderness and nakedness of the large jungle. I kept swinging until I finally woke up.

So to get out of nightmares, you have to learn how to do something fun while escaping.

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How To Teleport During Lucid Dreams

I had am extremely exciting encounter yesterday. During this lucid dream, which occurred after I told myself during a previous dream snippet to connect with one of my favourite speakers, I was able to use fear of heights to teleport. I was standing on top of a very high building and I was looking at the vast land that was in front of me. I told myself, “What if I got scared while flying?”. It’s an irrational fear because I have flown many times before. But fears are the driving force behind your dreams! As soon as I thought this, I was able to see bars that were connected to the building; I used these bars to get down. Then, I told myself, “The next building is too far away”. At this thought, I just teleported to the next building.

One intriguing thing that happened as soon as I became aware that I was dreaming was that I saw someone else who looked a bit like me lying next to me. I compelled my third eye to scan this entity’s face; and, I noticed that she was smiling at me. Even then, I was unable to scan her face fully and only saw a bit of her mouth and eyes or forehead—I don’t fully recall what parts I saw or how her face looked.

I am not describing the rest of this entertaining dream because I am saving it for my first book, Intertwined!

Now here is the secret ingredient: stay curious and happy during your dreams even if these feel creepy because uncontrolled fear can turn these off.


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Playing With My Siblings And Their Kids In My Lucid Dream

I had an interesting lucid dream today. I was in a small bus that was pretty high, the kind you see in real cartoons. One of my younger brothers was driving this mini-bus. Two young toddlers—both girls—were bothering him as he drove. There was an older womanmost likely my younger sistersiting at the back. She also had a child with her with whom she was playing.  Perhaps, there was another older person there as well. One of the toddlers who was bugging my brother ended up going near the door and attempted to open it. I was sitting near the toddlers so I caught her and locked the door before it swung open. I sat with my legs open and drawn together in a semi-circle so that one of the toddlers sat securely in my lap; and, I easily held the other’s hand and talked to her. The bus was a bit dark from inside and we all felt a bit restless. The only light that shone inside the bus was coming through the windows. I glanced at the window and saw street signs, some part of the street, a bus station, and, some people who were waiting at the bus station. My brother turned the bus and I felt that it went too close to the bus station; but, it swerved away in time.

Pretty soon, my brother parked the mini-bus in a special parking zone. It was a square space which was decorated with flowers and greenery. The mini-bus stood in an awkward manner almost like it has crashed in there and now a part of it was slightly up. We all came out of the bus and started running towards a place where there was some sort of festivity going on. My sister and one of the toddlers sat on a chariot that was being driven with pink machines of some sort. The toddler sat or walked in a special area that was in the front so it seemed like the toddler was driving the whole contraption. My sister sat at the back; and, it was probably her who was driving this chariot-like machinery.

My other sibling or friend was playing games with another toddler. The toddler held her long scarf and tried to run away as she held the other end of the scarf. My brother and I were running together while holding a long scarf that connected us. We were both laughing at how free we felt when running together.

The dream had this very odd surreal and relaxed energy, which I have learned to associate with my family members. Notice that having fun with loved ones could be something small but it feels too big and too lovely to be true!


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Understanding How The “Silver Bullet Prayers” Work

I have often thought about how it is possible for my prayers to deliver accurate and/or better results. I call these special prayers that come true “Silver Bullet” because they give me whatever I require. For instance, once I thought and wished to God that I wanted more books in my library; and, some months later, I was given several books for free as I was walking down the street. There are other similar incidences; but, these aren’t the only reason why I feel puzzled.

There is a second odd thing about me. Basically, it is possible for me to throw my mental projections or spirits inside someone’s brain even when they are asleep. I learned about this through an accident. This accident involved me editing a picture of mine to make it look scary; and, then randomly releasing my anger. Obviously, two other gifted relatives of mine caught these images through their dreams; later, they told me about this so I stopped channeling into the picture.  As for what exactly is being channeled into other brains that are in the vicinity or are intended, I really don’t know; perhaps these are mental projections or perhaps these are creatures from another dimension. Read “Spirit Attachment“.

Furthermore, there is one very strong dream entity that is attached to me whom I refer to as Dark Giant. Sometimes I feel that Dark Giant is an angel because once I saw it standing near my feet. According to Islam, the Angel of Death stands near the feet of the person while his/her soul is pulled out. Read “Dream Character: Dark Giant” and “Lucid Dreamers Can Get Visions Of And From the Angel of Death“. Reality is that there are many more spirit guardians and even evil spirits that I can access through sleep─only some of these spirits are from this realm. But Dark Giant is one of the most caring and the toughest one to run away from.

In addition, there is one more very queer thing about me. Sometimes, the data around me appears as arranged differently than it should. Read blog post “Prayer or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots“.

Lastly, I pray and I only offer sincere words. This means that if I am very angry at some injustice, then I do pray against my foes. Read “Surah Nuh (Noah): A Prayer To Get Rid Of Really Ruthless Enemies“. I have always believed in God, angels, and prophets ever since I was a kid. Since I have exceptional intelligence, it is very very very easy for me to tell that there is a God out there.

Therefore, some of my prayers just get accepted as I asked. And, I know that the rest get queued somewhere. Its easy for me to believe in the word “Justice” because I believe in and experience multiple dimensions. Thus, when I am praying its not just my soul that’s praying, its all these creatures who are praying. Thus, my prayers get amplified and that is how they are stronger in nature. I know that lucid dreaming gets you attached to the spirit realm, which is how change takes place in this world. For instance, recall the dream entity that was disturbed two of my relatives. This is how I have a strong feeling like my lucid nature is also responsible for making these prayers real.

I must close this story by sharing an interesting idea: I think that I am living in this world and experiencing things. I think there are people around me. But, who sees and processes this all? Only I do. I can talk to other people who confirm that they are there. But who sees and processes all of this? I do. Thus, perhaps everything around me exists or does not exist. Quantum Mechanics teach us that particles behave differently when someone is observing them.  Read “Quantum Theory Demonstrated: Observation Affects Reality“. I think this finding can translate as follows: By observing an idea through prayers, we are capable of making that idea exist in this life. Just like trust defines with whom I wish to connect during my dreams or telepathic encounters, it also defines how genuine one’s prayers are towards someone or something.


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Flood Warning: Residential Areas of Canada Or Elsewhere In The World

Since I am a lucid dreamer, I get warnings about bad weather rather often. Read blog post “Rains, Storms, and My Brain“.

Today, I had an interesting dream in the morning. I was standing near a window and I was using my hands to break through the window. I cut the glass with my hands; and, the second layer appeared. I used my hands to cut this layer again; and, the third layer appeared. Thus, I courageously cut some layers and finally created a hole in the window. I was able to look outside from this hole. This window was a lucid dream portal, which is used to travel through time and get to any location you desire.

I was somewhere in a rather large house; and, I was staring at the front of the house. The streets were flooding and the water was now flooding the front yard. It had rained all day on the previous day; and, the atmosphere was dreary, chilly, and somewhat fresh. The car that was parked in the front yard had crashed against the garage door due to the heavy wind and overflowing water. The water seemed very impatient in nature; and, it seemed very willing to enter the house. I heard the residents yelling warnings in dismay as they found out what had happened to the car. One of the guys calmed the woman who was crying about the wrecked car that he will manage this in the future.

I thought during the dream where exactly I was but I did not receive any answer. I just recall that it looked like any other house we see in Canada; and, it seemed a bit expensive and had an average looking front yard. I vaguely recall that the characters seemed like my siblings; although there was a queer feel that they weren’t my siblings.That is all I recall! There was no voice like the one that implored me to read “Emma’s War: A True Story” when I imagined boxing a particular speaker. This is how I know that information about where exactly this flood is going to hit is being hidden by supernatural forces like angels or God. Read blog post “God is Al-Hafiz (The Preserver)“.

I felt like breaking away; thus, I did not want to fly through this window today.


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Why I Find Children Really Adorable

Connecting with children is such a big treat! I have four siblings; and, I used to really take care of them when they really needed me. I used to iron their clothes; dress them; carry them around when they were too young; play games with them; feed them; and even help them finish their homework. I started taking care of my siblings at an early age; and, it was easy for me to do so for some reason. My mother said that I even taught my siblings how to feed themselves or how to properly potty train when I was just a kid. I still remember that I was really that responsible even when I was a teenager; I still recall that it was easy for me to do all this and then also complete my studies; and, I definitely recollect that I liked doing all this extra work although I had lots of help from my elders whenever I needed it.

Now that I am pretty much grown up, I sometimes get dreams of children and of my past. My favorite dreams are when I am taking care of the youngest sibling who is obviously more loved than the rest. Sometimes, I might be dreaming of another baby when I mistake him/her as my youngest sibling.

Today, I had an interesting dream. I think I saw my youngest sibling; he was just a toddler or perhaps a bit beyond that age. He was busy poking at things at my parent’s place. Another sibling was sitting on the computer and reading something. So when the child got near him, he had to ignore him so that he may continue his readings. The child felt this and minded this lack of attention. He then started roaming around in the house feeling a little distraught. This is when he found me. I picked him up and started moving from one room to another. We finally got to the TV Lounge that was well-lit and more decorated than the rest. There were a couple of sofas and a large TV. There was also a small couch on which someone had placed some sort of pillow; covered it with something made out of something that’s similar to straw; and, then placed two vases filled with water on this. The child accidentally touched this arrangement; and, everything fell apart. He stared crying because he felt worried about what he had done. I hugged and comforted him; and, then I picked everything up and rearranged it properly.

Guess what happened next?

When he was sitting in my lap, he looked at me and said, “You are so nice. I won’t ever forget that you helped me like this.”

I started laughing because I did not expect him to note all this to this extent. It is a fact that children can feel things at a different level. If you are doing small tasks for them, which you might be interpreting as rather easy, they still notice and appreciate this gesture.

Children are so innocent. When I grew older, I found lots of fake friends and some genuine friendsI have always made sure to remove all false friends from my circle. This is why I think back to how children deserve more attention since they have not yet learned how to lie, cheat, or deceive.

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