Story Of The White Mouse

Some months ago, I dreamt that there was a white mouse on my younger sister’s bed. I could see it playing on my sister’s empty bed; and, I got a feeling that somebody has given my sister a gift so that she may feel happy. I woke up feeling unsettled about this dream because I wanted to know what exactly is going on. I told my younger sister what I saw; and, she was surprised as well. Some months later, I received an answer when I found out that my younger sister has decided to marry someone. She is wed now; and, I am very happy for her because her husband seems like a very caring man. I wonder what’s next? Maybe, Parrots will do. I mean they are both chatting like crazy all the time. And, the Parrots will sing, “And, I’m telling you I’m not going“.


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Dream Actualization: “Breaking Bread” With Friends

On October 28, I wrote the post “Dream of ‘Breaking Bread’ With Friends” in which I discussed how I met Dr. Craig Considine and some of his friends. I believe that I saw only Dr. Craig clearly because I have read some of his work and have watched some of his educational YouTube videos; I bet if I reviewed some of his peers’ works in detail, then I can dream about them as well. This is an example of an “Active Precognitive Lucid Dream“. It was Active in nature because I was engaging with my dream characters; and, it was Precognitive in nature because it came true on its own. Here is how this happened:

When I went to The Parliament of World Religions event, which is taking place in Toronto from Nov 1 till Nov 7, I was a bit dismayed to find out that some of the speakers were cancelling and changing sessions every now and then. I was volunteering there as well so I was allowed to network only when I am not volunteering. My supervisor gave me an entire day, Nov 3, off because I told her that I needed to attend some lectures that day. Thus, I had one whole day to connect and network with speakers of my choice. I got there by 11:30 am; visited some areas; took lots of pictures; and, attended some lectures. I frequently checked the notice board “Program Changes” to see if there were any changes or cancellations. And, I was very surprised to see that the lecture “An Offering of the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad to the Christians of the World in the 21st Century” took place as promised. This is how I ended up meeting most of the speakers; I also talked to Dr. Craig in detail. Overall, I found this entire adventure and dream actualization to be an exceptionally exciting and beneficial opportunity.

Note that Lucid Dreams can combine lots of elements very fast. For example, in this dream, I was eating food with some speakers while riding a train. During my trip, I had to take the train to get to Toronto because my cousins and aunt found it hard to drop me off. Next I said that in my dream, I was on a Royal Train. My lucid dream did this because The Parliament of World Religions is a very historic event that is shaping the views of the current world; and, thus it has a huge influence on how politics are going to be played in the future. In essence, this lucid dream was a historic dream. Really Awesome!


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Dreams Of “Breaking Bread Together” With Friends

I often get dreams of “breaking bread together” with heroes, acquaintances, close friends, and  family members. This usually occurs when I have eaten less due to dieting or when I am not going to enough parties because I am busy. I know that these interpretations are given somewhere on the web. There are some other interpretations that are provided here. To relieve myself, I satisfy myself by going to large feasts with everyone I would have wanted to be with. In one dream that I had several months ago, I enjoyed lots of food inside a large Royal train; in this dream, I was accompanied with Dr. Craig Considine, several of his friends, and many women who felt very close to me—I have never met Dr. Considine and his friends in person though. I believe that I saw only Dr. Craig clearly because I have read some of his work and have watched some of his educational YouTube videos; I bet if I reviewed some of his peers’ works in detail, then I can dream about them as well. The entire train was lit and decorated. There were two large tables: one for women and one for men. Soon, the servers came; and, they filled the tables with loads of yummy food. I felt astonished at how the entire train felt really regal and how everyone was talking and laughing, which is just like what we observe in real life. I sat with the women; and, then I ate lots of food while observing everyone else. I just read that eating food in pleasant companies indicates that good times are ahead. Well! that sounds great to me.

Brief message to all my loved ones: I am a bit different so I cannot love you like the rest. Since I am just a bit like the Indigo children, I can show care through my dreams pretty well.


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Use of A Specific Visualization Technique Created Dream “He Loves To Chat!”

I have been reading “The Mantle” for some while; and, obviously I was thinking of some male and female journalists when I fell asleep. Then, I had the funniest dream about a male journalist whom I never met before in my life. It felt so interesting that I am still wondering about all of this.

In this lucid dream, I was standing next to a building where this particular journalist was working. He took my hand and helped me enter the building. This felt like when “Alice in Wonderland” enters the hole, which eventually led her to the best adventures of her life. My mind changed the door to look smaller than what it should be. Then, he asked, “Are you here to see someone?” I thought of another journalist; and, he appeared immediately as well. I felt that the first journalist replied, “I will get him for you if you want me to. Do you have any questions for him as well?” I started smiling and asked him to forget the idea. He smiled back gradually and the other journalist who was running towards me just vanished from the picture. If this man did not disappear from the picture, then what exactly would have opened? Would it be jealousy or some distraction tactics? All this is interesting for me to observe because I am a writer. This entire dream felt like a magical place because “The Mantle” feels like a fascinating place. Remember the Lucid Dreams can open more ideas and concepts if you are connecting with places that you find pleasant and mysterious. He continued talking like a real gentleman; and, then he gave me the tour of the entire place. He stood next to some paintings; placed his hand on the wall; stood near me; and, kept talking. I laughed at this gesture again. Then, he smiled and reacted by taking my hand and helping me walk to a different place. I started feeling tired from all this; so I placed my head on his shoulder and almost fell asleep. I think this is what I did but I am not really sure. There were some other parts of this dream that I don’t fully recall. I also noticed that during this dream, I could make this man kind of fade away and still stay next to me just like a real ghost.

I just realized what mixing creative people with an inquiring nature is designed to do. But, then again, I am a Jungian Sage; my dreams are designed to open like this. How about yours?

In addition, some days before this dream took place, I was imagining having a conversation with some of the journalists and editors of “The Mantle”. I acted out several roles and created an imaginary script where I tried mimicking some behaviors that I imagined exist in certain characters—I am mostly using real videos and writings to form these fascinating dialogues.

I strongly believe that this dream took place after a few days had passed because my mind needs to relax itself and think before creating a response. And, I believe that this happened because acting is actually a visualization technique that lucid dreamers can use to create dreams. I can use acting as a visualization technique because I am writer and writers love to act to create characters. Which technique would you use if you wanted to create a lucid dream about your favourite individuals/heroes? As you work on this technique, remember that you are just having fun and not just there to observe things for your writing. Also know that I played a different script while awake; but when I fell asleep, one of the characters played himself differently than what I expected. Does that mean that I ended up tapping into the real him? Of course! this is a strong possibility. There is one more aspect of this entire game that you must not forget. I acted in front of my gigantic mirror; and, I know that some lucid dreams use mirrors for some reason as well. When I would talk, I was not just imagining that these characters were in the mirror; but, I was also placing them in my room every now and then.

As you learn this technique, don’t get spooked. If you feel scared, these dreams can shut down for pretty long. Also make sure to take lots of rest to avoid fatigue. Just think of all this as a lesson; and, respect your dream characters because these are your spirit guides. Lastly, know that your dream characters know how and what you need. Never attempt to shut down their conversation and instead of rushing everything, try to form a real relationship with your dream characters.

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Lucid Dreams suggest that women should be leaders in peacebuilding

I have previously discussed how I have been receiving Lucid Dreams about unjust bloodshed ever since I was a teenager. I thought today that lucid dreams are usually used to open scientific codes or understand rules that are invisible without investigation. So why am I getting signals of this sort? Before I answer this question, I will narrate to you some of my dreams.

In one dream, I was inside Iraq. There was a large wall behind which injured people were hiding. A spirit took me to the other side of the wall. A man complained to me about the condition of those who were harmed. I looked at everyone who was bleeding and dying. After feeling their misery and looking at their dire condition, I flew away and promised that I will do something.

You can read three other lucid dreams here:

Watch Out: Journalists Around The Globe Are In Extreme Danger. In this dream, I hid behind a vehicle; saw murder of a well-known American journalist; woke up and investigated slowly; and, then reported this on social media by using a relevant article. I plan to now reveal everything I have seen even if I cannot find an article on it.

Creating Change. This post shows two dreams. In the lucid dream that I had while I was a teenager, I froze due to fear. So I did not learn what to do next. I say this because dreams are training grounds. I once learned how to help someone deliver a baby by using my lucid dreams. In the second dream that is mentioned here, I used a voice to investigate. I asked my spirit guide  to tell me,”What will happen if I did not help out with Human Rights related issues?”

There are more such dreams which will be shared in my first book.

To answer my original inquiry, I researched the terms, “women+peacebuilding+better” in Google today. After some browsing, I found the article “Can women make the world more peaceful? Here is a quote:

The results demonstrated that women do have a positive and significant impact on peace, as encouraging their participation increases the probability of violence ending within a year by 24%…implementing gender quotas for national legislatures could increase the probability of violence ending within five years by 27%.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I rest my case.

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Watch Out! Journalists Around the Globe Are In Extreme Danger

Around a year ago, I had an odd dream; and, I told myself that I will investigate this slowly. I went slowly because the guy I dreamt about was and is still alive and well. Before I narrate this dream to you, I must comment that I had dreams of protests, bloodshed, and war zones (specifically Iraq and Afghanistan) before. These dreams are warnings of events that are actually taking place or will take place in the future; and, they do bother me during sleep and while I am awake. I have seen a real angel, Angel of Death, in my sleep a couple of times. This is how I can have dreams of death. I have a female relative and a female friend who demonstrated the same ability, which is how I know that my mind isn’t just spooking out and giving me nightmares. Another way, I know that everything is okay with these dreams is that I get them when I think about two of my favourite American authors. I think that Angel of Death gets attracted to creative people faster. This is what I saw:

I was watching some famous American journalists mingle with the rest at a protest in America. Suddenly, there was some sort of chaos that erupted, the source of which I did not fully catch. I remember that I felt that some people, maybe it was the cops, were using guns to injure journalists. I was hiding somewhere; and, I peeked at the scene every now and then. Then I screamed in fear as I saw dead body of a well-known American journalist and writer. He was dead; and, he looked very peaceful. I woke up soon after this dream.

I wanted to drop this guy an email about my dream; but, then I kept thinking that I also get dreams that show only some elements of reality. Another fact that daunted me was that I have never met him in real life. Thus, he did not knew anything about my character; and, I did not knew anything about his character. Can I really offer any commentary about my strong telepathic experiences without establishing trust? No! So I started checking his social media regularly; and, I am glad that he is still alive and well. Today, I found the video “Deadly Year for Journalists” on AJ+; and, realized that the rest of the journalists were in danger too. I think that that is what the dream was actually trying to convey.

If you are a journalist or are friends with one or some of them, kindly watch out for them. I feel something bad is going on; and, I am sincerely hoping that people will get to the root of this organized crime soon.

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Always Involve a Telepath In Your Business or Personal Decisions

I encourage everyone to always involve at least one genuine telepath in your critical business or personal decisions. I say the same to Human Rights Activists because I feel that they need to get introduced to the mental permutations of a real telepath—I believe that they need to do this even if that means building someone from scratch. Look for someone who is humble, selfless, and shows characteristics of telepaths like lucid dreaming. I am saying this after some frank dissection of certain facts that have been hitting me on the face like cold ice.

Recently, a relative of mine made a small financial investment when I asked him not to do so. I remember going near the merchandise and developing a bad feel about the sellers. Then, I asked my relative to ignore this particular product; but, he chose not to listen to him. He is still suffering from financial loss that took place because that product was actually very defective and the sellers were lying.

In addition, it is better if you have two or more telepaths on your team. I know that this is more effective than just one telepath. For example, my experience has taught me that sometimes my telepathy can get turned off when I am looking at specific humans or their pictures simply because I start enjoying the hypnotizing music that surrounds them—this music is different than the music of telepathy simply because it starts when I am about to fall in love with someone. But, at the same time, another telepath may still remain functional as that person is still tuned out of that sort of music. I learned all this while working with a second telepath and while my psychic music was turned off because I felt brutally attracted to the man I was reading.

As you look for a telepath to protect you, remember that they have very unique minds that can turn off when they detect deceit. This is why telepathy works best when the telepath trusts someone or if he/she is related to the person who needs help.


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Finger Induced Lucid Dreams Link Into Telepathy

Note: No matter how bizzare this sounds to you, all of this is 100% true.

I have sometimes tried the FILD technique; I have managed to achieve some lucidity while performing this technique imperfectly. I have been noticing that sometimes my finger starts tapping on its own. I first thought that it was just because I cued myself into the finger tapping technique. But, today something happened while I was driving around and scanning some places for job. As I approached a mall, my left finger started tapping on its own. Instinctively, I made a left turn and drove into the mall. I checked out some places; and decided to stop at an Indian Take-Out. After speaking to the Manager, I found out that she was actually looking for someone in Marketing. I felt glad and gave her my resume, which was a perfect fit for this position. After this incidence, I realized that when my finger starts tapping on its own, then it is actually saying something. I am sure that there will be times when finger tapping won’t lead to any positive results; but, I believe this is because I am not doing the finger tap technique properly. Why don’t you try this at home and see what happens!

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Lucid Dreams Grow Hair

Some years ago, I lost lots of hair due to some personal concerns. My mom got worried when she saw that my hair were thinner and a little less than before. She requested me to take care of them. After this incidence, I strived to get better at Lucid Dreaming; and, hunting a cure for stronger hair. I did an entire quest where I used dreaming to improve my hair growth; and, then used some great products like Nioxin and Paul Mitchell System’s “Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment Wild Ginger”. Some years afterwards, my scalp got filled with hair that shone and bounced like they used to do before.

Today after combing my hair and styling them, I thought about this entire ordeal. I recalled that Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was a Lucid Dreamer as well; and, that there is really old religious saying that states that believers have only 1 out of 24 portions of the sight that a prophet possesses. I also remembered that some hair of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) are still safely stored in some museums. One key characteristic of Mohammad’s hair is that they keep growing on their own and are still growing without the body. I considered this peculiarity for a bit and realized that this is happening because he has 24 out of 24 of the vision since he is a real Prophet.

All of this feels more interesting  after watching my thin hair grow back in larger healthier chunksthere is similar impact on my skin that feels so youthful that some people incorrectly assume that I am in my twenties.

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