Some More Encounters With Certain Muslim Men On A Halal Dating App

I am in extremely bad mood right now! I have been reviewing profiles of eligible Muslim men on a halal dating app—I am not sharing the name of the app to ensure my privacy. I registered on this rather popular app with the hope of finding a husband. I have been using this app seriously…… Continue reading Some More Encounters With Certain Muslim Men On A Halal Dating App

My Thoughts On Interfaith Marriage

I was reading Dr. Craig Considine’s Twitter profile where he briefly commented on Interfaith marriage. See original tweet here. This idea has puzzled me often. We live in an area where things are already pretty tough: 1) Some Muslims are abusing other Muslims rather harshly; and, I have come across a couple of such cases;…… Continue reading My Thoughts On Interfaith Marriage

Capitalizing on Muslim Marriage Crisis

There is a real Marriage Crisis that’s enfolding in the North America and influencing the lives of the Muslims. And, I strongly believe that the Muslim women are not at fault because this crisis might just be an indication of Female Infanticide, which is plaguing almost every country in one form or another. As you…… Continue reading Capitalizing on Muslim Marriage Crisis

Muslim Marriage Crisis

Originally Published On: Mar 18, 2017 Note: Some or most Muslim men have double standards that are deeply rooted inside their minds. They twist the issues their coloured sisters are having to make them seem demonic and unacceptable while creating excuses to help White women who have similar issues. They ignore vital things like the…… Continue reading Muslim Marriage Crisis

Handling Marriage Fraud

Originally Published On: Mar 17, 2017 Note: Some Canadian Muslims have very evil and closed hearts and minds. I heard of this Muslim man divorce his wife through email because his relatives pushed him to get rid of his wife. There was no involvement by a third party, which is usual in such cases.  My…… Continue reading Handling Marriage Fraud