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CJ Werleman is an internationally renowned journalist who uncovers abuse of Muslim communities around the world. Before I decided to become a patron for CJ’s Patreon account, I had a lucid (clear) dream about him. I wrote about this dream in the blog post “My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman“.

Once just before falling asleep, I heard certain sort of voices that almost made my body jerk in pain. This is because CJ reads into unfair treatment of humans especially Muslims…CJ was walking there on his own feeling very happy about something. The dream emphasized the large number of people and then the size of the land so much so that CJ appeared almost insignificant and difficult to find. My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman

My mind becomes very clear just before I fall asleep and then during the dream state as well. So when I noticed CJ’s pain and humility, I started caring more about him and his work. I must comment that being able to experience someone’s pain is a gift. According to Brene Brown, vulnerability is the source of creativity and courage; see her speech “The Power of Vulnerability“. This is why great musicians and poets feel pain while composing their works. I knew I was dealing with someone very creative after I had this dream. Seeing is believing! Thus, I became a patron and started participating in the project.

CJ’s Patreon project is very creative. So far, I have participated in podcasts by asking questions (see blog post, “Participating In CJ Werleman’s Q&A Sessions“); attended virtual events (I even participated in the virtual event “72 Years of Indian Occupation of Kashmir“); received ebooks; learned about issues that Muslims are facing; read CJ’s articles to guide my research about Kashmir for my poem on Kashmir (see blog post “Why Am I Writing A Poem About Kashmir”); wrote the Boycott BJP/RSS Toolkit (see post “Boycott BJP/RSS Toolkit” published on Oct 08, 2020); and, provided articles for the project “Database: Hate Crimes Against Muslims in India” (see Comment 1 and Comment 2). Seriously, I am learning a lot through this project!

CJ is currently attempting to increase the number of patrons so that he may transform his podcast to a YouTube channel—see the original tweet here. Select a membership plan by visiting his Patreon account. Patron packages start at $1/month. To learn more about CJ Werleman’s work, check out his website.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and support!

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Why Am I Writing A Poem About Kashmir

One of my grandmothers have Kashmiri background. Her name was Iqbal, which means “Power“. I still remember her. She was a beautiful and gentle woman. She loved me a lot although she talked less because she was very old. Unfortunately, she passed away several years ago.

My grandmother shared her name with one of the founders of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal. Allama Iqbal is a very famous poet of Kashmiri background. I read some of his poems when I was a teenager. I fell in love with “Shikwa” and “Jiwab-e-Shikwa“.

My exposure to Kashmir is pretty limited for several reasons; but, destiny has created a path that I must walk. This path was created after I said a genuine prayer where I asked God to help me fight discrimination. Later, too many things happened that made sure that I ended up walking into the Human Rights industry. Read the full story about this special prayer here ‘Another “Silver Bullet” Prayer Came True‘.

When I decided to continue writing my poems while focusing only on Human Rights related issues, I felt compelled to work on a poem about Kashmir first. I started calling this poem, “my first poem related to Human Rights” because although I have written a couple of other Human Rights related poems before, I have worked on them without reading too much and while working on other types of poems like Romance Poems; however, now that I am writing while focusing “only on Human Rights related issues”, I am being really thorough and reading a lot of stuff before composing these works. So this poem about Kashmir is going to be the very first poem from this set of poems, which are going to be—hopefully—finalized in 2020. This decision was made after much thinking although it was just a gut feeling that made me decide.

I have finished a lot of work for this poem: taken lots of notes; composed some of my thoughts; and, attended webinars too. I say its destiny because ever since this prayer came true, things are happening that are ensuring that I end up writing Human Rights related poems. For instance, check out this webinar by “International Human Rights Commission“. I was just an attendee but the host, H.E Ambassador Malik Nadeem Abid, made sure to let me talk during the webinar. You know that I was thinking of leaving early before the end of this event; but, I actually decided to stay. Then I ended up being on camera. You can check out the video “72 Years of Indian Occupation of Kashmir“. I appear at the very end, at 2:30:24 (-5:43)

I will share my poem about Kashmir here. Make sure to read it.

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Use Of “White Helmets” Is A Distraction Tactic

I have offered my doubts and speculations about the Syrian humanitarian organization “White Helmets” twice before on my blog. Read blog posts “Why I Think White Helmets of Syria Are A Hoax” and “Syrian “White Helmets” Sounds like a Scam“.

In blog post “Why I Think White Helmets of Syria Are A Hoax”, I noticed that the actual number of volunteers for this group does not relate well to the population size of the opposition controlled Syrian areas, which is where this group functions.

According to Wikipedia’s article “ Demographics of Syria“, Syrian areas that are under the control of the opposition have a population of millions—it is not a small region at all. So why does this really large region has only around 3000 volunteers for the White Helmets? Think of things this way. Its war! Women, teenagers, and even seniors are going to attempt to find those who are injured. But, in the White Helmets’ footage we see mostly men conducting the rescue operations; also there are really less women who are participating, which is happening around the time when so many countries have females in their armies. Source: “Why I Think White Helmets of Syria Are A Hoax

Below is an updated version of the blog post “Syrian “White Helmets” Sounds like a Scam“. I had time to watch “The White Helmets” documentary (see Full Feature on YouTube) again so I ended up adding some more details.

  1. This group is from Syria where a very humongous conflict is taking place. But all the members of the “White Helmets” were wearing these very crazy-looking helmets and stylish uniform. Why? Why is it that the entire team has such expensive uniform? Rescue workers usually have less budget and thus their uniforms should be “so so”. Uniform is designed to bend minds, which is how perception and understanding can be distorted.
  2. There are only three members of the “White Helmets” who appeared to talk on the stage. Their names and occupations are Khalid Farah, Former Builder; Abu Omar, Former Blacksmith; and, Mohammad Farah, Former Tailor. We are looking at a builder, a blacksmith, and tailor. I don’t know what type of builder Khalid is; but, I do know that blacksmiths and tailors get paid really less. So are these really volunteers or paid members? Furthermore, why is there no “Former Doctor” or “Former Writer” in this group? I mean there are 3000 members; so for a Netflix movie, should they not have attempted to surprise us by showing members who are really brilliant and who originally belonged to occupations that are designed to protect humans. I mean it would make sense if doctors or writers decided to volunteer with “White Helmets”!
  3. After around 12 minutes have passed, we see an explosion. The explosion occurs; and, one person who is wearing clothing that has the same color as what White Helmets wear is caught on camera falling down. Within seconds, we see a large shadow near this person almost like someone is standing right next to him. Why is someone standing near this individual right after an explosion? If a member of the White Helmets group is standing near him, then that does not make any sense either. He should be running away for a while and hoping that the explosions will stop; then he should be running back and picking up the wounded. Also, around after 11 minutes from the start of the movie, we see some White Helmets run into an ambulance as an air raid takes place. Very briefly, the camera flashes on the face of one of the members and we can easily see how calm he really ishe is not even sweating. This is one strong reason why I feel that I am looking at fake footage! Furthermore, during this entire documentary that is around 30 minutes long, we see mostly the perspective of the White Helmets. They are working with victims of war; why did they not put these victims on the stage in an attempt to share their perspective? Also why is the movie too short, only around 30 minutes long? Is this movie revealing evidence or hiding it?
  4. There are no female “White Helmets” who appeared in this movie. Why? In the war zone, people need help. It should be very easy to find and film female rescue workers. Secondly, how is it always possible to rescue women from rubble without aid from other women? Sure! They are just carrying them around but rescue workers also have to provide some medical care. Do you think Syrian women would be comfortable receiving medical care from male rescue workers? In addition, I spent several minutes scanning three different scenes: one where the volunteers were sitting in the bus and going towards the Turkish training site; second scene is when the volunteers were eating at the training site; and, third scene is about the actual training room. Even after scanning these scenes twice, I could not find any women in the bus or the training center. I could see only men in all these three scenes. Guess what they are learning? They were learning about listening devices that can be used to locate people who are trapped under the rubble. Listening devices are relatively easy to use so women should be able to use these as well. But there are no women in this particular training room. This sounds “off” given that the “Black Helmets” are supported by both British and American organizationsthese countries usually showcase themselves as pro for women rights.
  5. The bus in which the “White Helmets” were being taken to the Turkish training site is branded. The drapes are yellow and there are yellow chair covers that have the Mercedes-Benz logo on it. This is totally out-of-place!
  6. One of the “White Helmets” commented that they have no real training in handling this all. Then why doesn’t this documentary show them cracking out, going “coo coo” while they are talking. It’s a documentary right! I have even read and seen how very strong military men break down like girls due to pressure from war. Why aren’t these men shown in such humiliating and truthful positions or stances? Why isn’t this documentary covering this particular aspect of rescue work. I mean it’s sounding way too neat!
  7. The “White Helmets” are shown driving over to Turkey. The vehicle was filled only with men. And there is no thorough discussion about how they are paying for food and gas.

What I am finding odd about this group is that it is being targeted by several Western organizations and that it was founded and funded by the Western organizations as well; some key regions that are operating inside Syria include France, Canada, US, and UK (Wikipedia article “Syrian civil war” and GlobeandMail’s article “What is Canada doing in Syria?“).  White Helmets were receiving fundings from US, which is the country that has also launched attacks on Syria. Apparently, America has a motive. Then Russia also targeted White Helmets attempting to portray them as fake, which was an attempt that was later refuted by some folks as a lie. See video “LIVE: Researchers share findings into activities of the ‘White Helmets’ in Syria at UN HQ” to learn the views of Maxim Grigoriev who is a member of the Russian Civic Chamber. But EUvsDisinfo’s post “Disinfo: White Helmets admit staging chemical attacks in Syria” shares that Maxim is using suspicious methods to communicate and all this is backed by the government of Russia. Apparently, there are too many articles and investigations out there in favour of and against a small group like White Helmets. This is how I know that they are all in there for themselves. For instance, Canada—a US ally in Syria—allowed Syrian refugees to come to Canada but they weren’t really treated like we were told in news. Read article “Canada’s hypocritical response to Trump’s anti-Muslim order” to learn the following grave news: Majority of the Syrian refugees were sponsored by Canadian charities, churches, and refugee-support groups; Canada detains undocumented child refugees; Canada screened refugees very strictly and excluded all single men after consulting with the US; and, several Syrians refugees are left in bad conditions so that they must use food banks or donations from charities in order to survive. Read article “Most Syrian refugees in Ottawa now rely on food banks“; and, you will learn that in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, most refugees are so poor that they need food banks to survive and a lot of them are unable to pay their rents. Canada is a country where sex trafficking is a hidden crime and where some landlords can get away with demanding sex in return for rental discounts. According to article “Young refugees face racism in schools, mostly from teachers” some Syrian students are being discriminated against in their schools. I have been living in Canada for around 20 years; and, I have faced lots of abuse and mistreatment from Canadians in academic organizations, companies, and private businesses as well as at personal level. I am very well-educated and I have amazing communication skills; even then, all this is still happening to me. What do you think is going to happen to the Syrians who already have PTSD or Stockholm Syndrome due to the war; who are too poor to pay for their rent and food; and, who have a language barrier and culture gap. I personally think that a lot of Syrian refugees are going to get sex trafficked or raped. I also think that some of these helpless folks are going to be gradually transformed into criminals since PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome both offer sufficient confusion that wrong people can use against the victims. Don’t believe me! Read article “Half of Canada’s prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests“. Canada is not prepared to handle them at all! Furthermore, according to article “American-Russian Relations in Syria? Less Rosy Than Trump and Putin Claim” two major players of this war, US and Russia, are not only participating in the war but also collaborating with each other through phone calls and meetings. The article “Syria conflict: What do the US, Russia, Turkey and Iran want?” clearly states that US is supporting moderate rebels and telling the world that they are after ISIS and IS. However, one must notice that US also created and funded the Taliban during the Soviet-Afghan war. Thus, it has become apparent to me that they are all in it for themselves. If you were to read some of the articles I mentioned in this paragraph, you will notice the same line of logic. I mean what exactly are these countries doing in Syria for so many years! According to the article “Syria conflict: What do the US, Russia, Turkey and Iran want?”  US has lead a coalition of almost 60 countries since 2014. Horrific! This is a disproportionate response to the actual situation at hand.

While so many things are going on in Syria, we are constantly being raided by confusing stories about the White Helmets—even Netflix is participating in this. I personally think that the White Helmets is an organization that was created simply to distract and appease those who were genuinely worried about the Syrian war. Come to think about it! The only time I have seen them is through online articles and videos, which can be easily faked nowadays.

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Poetry Is A Critical Part of Activism

Today I am thinking back to how my adventures in the world of Poetry and Poets actually started. Several years ago while I was studying at the University of Toronto, I was discriminated against a lot—the hints were usually subtle and indirect and sometimes direct! I didn’t know what to do so I prayed to God. Pretty soon, I was able to write poetry.  This still surprises me a lot because up till today I have completed only one serious university course in English Literature. I think the fact that I am related to some very creative people including poets and musicians is also tying into this but only to some extentI am a Rajput by birth. I strongly feel that my poetry is related to my prayers. Read “How I Started Writing Poetry“.

I waited years and years for great teachers and prepared for years and years. I studied Philosophy at the university since this subject teaches how to ask questions and use logic and emotions while activating deep thinkingI was one of the top students in my Philosophy classes. In Nov 2017, I had a lucid dream during which I met Dr. Craig Considine who is an American Professor and Activist; he works on Interfaith projects trying to connect the Christians and Muslims. I met Dr. Craig in Nov 2018 at an Interfaith event; and, I am still in the process of studying his works. I came across Journalist and Activist CJ Werleman while I was reviewing Craig’s Twitter account. I had a great feeling about CJ Werleman when I thought about him and his works; and, I also had a good lucid dream about him. So I connected with him as well and started reading his works in detail. Gradually, I was able to see through some of their teachings properly. Thus, I was able to continue working on one of my older projects, “poetry dedicated to human rights issues”. I was actually pursuing this project when I paused this project for years so that I may get involved in deeper thinking and analysis, which will eventually help me move this project forward.

Today, occupied Jammu and Kashmir is being abused by India; thus, I feel compelled to write this post. I feel its my destiny to speak out! One of my ancestors who was a Medical Doctor earned Sword of Honour for his services during the WWII. Also he was captured by the Nazis and later released alive. Oh! I heard that he could also write poetry! So obviously, the need to work on Human Rights is in my blood! Furthermore, one of my distant relativesI have never met him but only heard about him—belongs to Lollywood (Pakistani cinema) and Bollywood (Indian cinema). I don’t bring up his name on purpose because I don’t want to be linked to such singers and poets. Read “Why I Would Not Sell Any Of My Work To Lollywood Or Bollywood“. Bollywood is silent over this issue although some actors discuss the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. Read “Sonam Kapoor Trolled For Saying It’s “Better To Be Quiet” On Kashmir Conflict. Defends Comment Anyway!” and “Bollywood movies shot in Jammu and Kashmir“; also watch YouTube video “How is Bollywood related to the Kashmir dispute?”. I thought about what was going on here. You see Bollywoodand also Lollywoodhave a lot of very lame stories that they can easily sell because they have some great poets and singers at their end. Songs are their secret ingredient! I am calling songs a secret ingredient because human brain cannot fight back poetry. According to “The Human Brain Is Hardwired for Poetry” poetry increases stimulation of mind and sense of mental reward while challenging the existing mindset.

Thus, it has become clear to me that sociological norms and stereotypes, which are basis of racism and war, can easily be challenged through poetry. So that was the real answer given to me by God through my prayers! Therefore, I have decided to continue using poetry for activismI am currently working on a poem about occupied Jammu and Kashmir for my first book “Intertwined“. Human Rights Activists have a very valuable weapon in the form of poetry. You know the secret ingredient behind the freedom of Pakistan was a poet named “Allama Iqbal“.  And, he is still considered an Indian icon; see article “Why Pakistan’s spiritual father Allama Iqbal will remain an Indian icon“. But do you know that he is a Kashmiri by birth?

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How North American Cops End Up Harming Those They Declared To Protect

I have watched a lot of online videos of North American cops wreaking havoc on armed or unarmed individuals. Over time, it has become very easy for me to state that these cops are not trained at all and that they should not be given the authority to rule like this. All this is happening due to a broken system.

Let us start with my country Canada. From personal experiences, I have found out that Canada is an extremely racist country although some Canadian leaders and citizens pretend to be loving and pro for multiculturalism; this mentality is displayed almost everywhere including academic institutes and corporate. For example, in Canada Black people are more likely to be harmed or injured by the cops. Read Molly Hayes’ article, Black people more likely to be injured or killed by Toronto Police officers, report finds. Additionally, there are also many stories where some Canadian cops ended up injuring the disabled, which tells me that they are simply not trained to handle whatever their job requires. Read CTV’s article Toronto officers guilty in assault of disabled man. 

Now let us think about what is going on in United States. Let’s analyze the murder of George Flyod. In the video shown in article “The death of George Floyd: What video and other records show about his final minutes” (written by Dalton Bennett, Joyce Lee and Sarah Cahlan), we see a White cop placed his knee on Flyod’s neck; according to the aforementioned article, he did this for more than 8 minutes. In this video we see that Flyod complained that he was having trouble breathing; but, the cop did not react by removing his knee. Now let me show you what really is going on here and how exactly Flyod was murdered!

I have around one year of training in Taekwando and Karate, which is why I keep some martial arts training material at home. I have been learning pressure points on my own as well since some of these are critical to flee from a life-threatening situation. I love studying Master Erle Montaigue who has several years of training in Dim Mak (Death-Point Striking). There are a couple of significant pressure points found on the neck; and, two of these pressure points S9 and S10 are very dangerous. See Grand Master Art Mason’s article Pressure Point Stomach 9-10.

Here is a quote by Erle Montaigue about St 9 pressure point. Check out the expression “death strike”!

“This combination of St 9 and Pc 6 is devastating—it is a death strike. So please do not allow your strike to come anywhere near your partner. The first move drains (referring to attack on Pc 6 while the next one stops the heart (referring to attack on St 9).” Pg. 67–68; Dim Mak (Death-Point Striking) by Erle Montaigue.

Now check out this video “Pressure Point Knockout – Neck Points” by YouTube user practicaltaekwando. You will notice that a more experienced martial artist is attacking two White Belts at the same time while someone is standing at their back. No! They are not trying to intimidate these young ones! They are actually trying to protect them. The pressure points that are found on the neck are so lethal that even the most experienced martial artists do not press these alone; this is because in case they ended up pressing these a bit hard, the other senior guys/gals (who are standing nearby or behind those who are learning) will know which pressure points to press if someone needs to be relieved immediately. In this video you will see that one man (dressed in Black Gi) hits the neck and upper back of one of the guys who fell down; he is most likely pressing a relevant pressure point to undo what was done.

Apparently, the cop who killed Floyd does not possess this knowledge although he feels that he is allowed to press these critical pressure points. How is this guy being trained? What exactly is in that training material?

OK! Now I am going to take you to another graphic scene. CJ Werleman, a credible American journalist, shared this tweet on his Twitter account.  Here we see that a cop pushed an old man who could not keep his balance; and, thus he fell and bled a lot. This incidence is also discussed in The Jerusalum Post’s article “Criminal probe launched of police seen shoving man in Buffalo“. Anyone who has lived with an elderly or is a professional caregiver of the elderly (like year 1 Nursing students) know that Falls are the leading cause of death among the elderly. Read articles “Fall-related deaths among older adults in British Columbia: cause and effect of policy change” and “Falls Prevention Facts“. It is easy for me to see that when he pushed this old man he did not realize what exactly he did!

As I stated above, it is VERY CLEAR to see that these cops do not know what they are doing. In my opinion, there are three things that are wrong with the North American system: 1) The cops are being taught that use of brute force is okay; 2) The cops are armed; and, 3) They have really less training.

If you have any doubts about how common it is for the North American police to use force even against unarmed civilians, then check out relevant YouTube videos. And, obviously these videos will show you that the North American police force is heavily armed. Now let us dig deeper into point 3, “They have really less training”. According to Olivia Goldhill’s article “How do police handle violence in countries where officers don’t carry guns?“, American cops are trained for around 19 weeks; according to Wilfrid Laurier University’s article “How to Become a Police Officer in Toronto“, it takes 24 weeks of training to become sworn as a police officer. Olivia Goldhill also notes that in Norway it takes three years of training before the police officers are considered qualified.

So now you can see why these guys/gals behave like illiterate janitors who have just been assigned a management job without being offered proper training. Of course! they are going to keep on using very primitive ways of ensuring “safety” of citizens.

Over years, I have watched in horror as many Canadians left their jobs since they believed that that was the only proper way of dealing with an abusive employer. This is especially true for the minority women; read United Nation’s stand on Canada’s treatment of minority women. Canada is losing money this way since the companies are spending lots of cash to train those they end up abusing. These people are not afraid of walking away alone or in a group setting even if that means starving oneself. This is how they leave the deserted companies in huge turmoil! And, this is exactly what’s going on with the American government as well. More use of force means less people are going to follow since humans are born to be free. 

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Participating In CJ Werleman’s Q&A Sessions

I have been learning about Human Rights related issues as these apply to Muslim communities around the world; one day, I wish to get to the point where I may be able to compose deep and thoughtful poetry about these issues. Recently CJ Werleman started Q&A sessions for his Patrons where he takes questions from Patrons and issues these to other well-known figures. I have been participating in these Q&A sessions in order to learn. Make sure to bookmark this post because I will be updating it every now and then.

I am finding the Q&A sessions very interactive and helpful. Many thanks to CJ and his team for making this possible!

Please support CJ Werleman! He is trying to make this world a better place by preventing abuse of Muslims. Some politicians and their supporters have learned to take things by force; and, they have learned how to punish people even if those individuals are innocent. You know something as simple as grading can create risk-averse behaviour, which is risky since humans cannot grow properly this way. What do you think all this abuse of Muslims is creating in the long run? Please support CJ Werleman!

Q&A Session: A Far-Right Politician Converts to Islam

Discussion with Arnoud van Dourn

CJ’s original tweet

Q&A Session: History of Islam in the United States

Discussion with Khaled Beydoun

CJ’s original tweet

Q&A Session: Human Rights Apocalypse in Kashmir

Discussion with Mr. Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu & Kashmir

More upcoming…

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Tango Between Personal and Societal Issues

A while ago, I read Amira Elghawaby’s Twitter post where she shared a video of a female child feeding toilet water to three male children; Amira commented that this is how Patriarchy feels like to her. I replied back to this tweet by sharing the video Shop Snatch where the character Nasreen who is married to a Misogynist and Patriarchal man chooses not to act when his shop is being robbed. Before I proceed any further, I must share a personal story. Some years ago, I was planning to study Cellular and Molecular Biology; but, I left due to ongoing discrimination that I perceived towards my gender. Now here is how I know that those who were discriminating against my gender caused a big loss to everyone! I receive dreams that later come true. In 2015, I dreamt of arrival of a plague of some sort; COVID19 arrived after some years. If I were sitting in the lab in 2015, I would have investigated what the word “plague” is referring to; and, then I would have started some relevant research. And, the results would have been perfect because by year 2015, my inner self would have grown up to that extent where it would have felt compelled to fully investigate whatever my intuition would have pointed to. Read my blog post “Dented Thinking Of A Genius.

In all the three cases above, we see one common factor as issues like Discrimination, Patriarchy, and Misogyny are being discussed. We learn that the brain cannot really manage challenging societal issues. According to the article, “Our World Outsmarts Us“, human brain is not designed to properly handle complex societal issues. I think societal issues can outwit even the smartest because 1) these are more interwoven; and, 2) these are designed to remove emotional support, which is required more than intelligence in order to survive in a group setting.

This finding shifts us to a broader concept. Some of the current leaders and citizens have become obsessed with pointing fingers at people to shift attention away from the complicated societal issues that continue to exist while they are around. This is another reason why Islam makes more sense to me! For example, there is no real prison system in Islam. My studies about Islam have shown me that the prisoners have lots of rights while they live inside the prison. These include but are not limited to gaining and providing education and marrying someone of one’s choice. This is how Islam managed to spread so rapidly throughout East and West. Real Islam can literally transform very hard core criminals into really protective and productive citizens. Islam is not what some countries and leaders are trying to paint for us. For example, you will hear from some people that some Muslims are even more dangerous now given what was done to them after 9/11. This is again a big lie! Islam actually asks people to slowly desert places where survival is not possible. It does not pose attacking and avenging oneself as the first alternative. However, I won’t be surprised if some victims of abuse reacted in a negative manner since it is normal to do so given how scattered the human brain becomes after abuse. Why do you think that 50% of the people who are jailed in Canadian prisons are just victims of abuse themselves? Read article “Half of Canada’s prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests.  I am 100% sure that there are lots of people in there who have been left to suffer in these modern cages simply because they committed a minor crime, the type the victim of the crime would forgive but the authorities would not.

As some leaders and citizens allow for imprisonment of those who are abused and willingly keep them in inhumane conditions, they are attempting to break mankind’s ability to safely move forward in the future. I mean humans react to the systems that they are made to face. If these individuals really want to help us and themselves, then they must break through the available oppressive systems. Everyone else who is just watching ongoing acts of oppression or who are stuck in a situation that exists due to circumstances should remind themselves to fight back with whatever is left intact.

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Why Canadians Ask “Where Are You From?”

A very odd questions that I usually encounter from strangers and peers is, “Where are you from?” I have been thinking about why they ask this question because I am finding that some Canadians are not nice people although they profess that they are. Actually, some of them are doing really weird things including workplace abuse and rape while camouflaging their bad behaviour with nice behaviour. I have experienced workplace abuse and rape while living in Canada, which is how I had an opportunity to observe the behaviour of the abusers. In one instance, an abuser harassed me at workplace; and, then he followed up with a friendly hello while offering me a candy. Anyways, I stopped working at that office because my complaint was not formally reviewed and considered due to their gang dynamics and ignorance of relevant policies.

I used to answer the question, “Where are you from?” because I thought that the Canadians were curious people and it is okay to reply back properly. However, all that changed after two particular events.

Incidence 1: Some years ago, I visited America and lived with Americans for some while. I was utterly shocked when I saw an American therapist dressed in her traditional ethnic clothes as she worked from her clinic. My first question was, “Do other Americans consider visiting her now that she is wearing her traditional clothes?” She told me that the Americans she has been interacting with are nice and accepting people. I felt a stab through my heart when I realized that it is in Canada, a country that prides itself to be multicultural, that I have to make sure no one sees me in my traditional clothing. I came across more Americans when I visited the mall and attended an event. I found them to be nice people. Then it hit me that Canadians complain a lot about Americans. Is it true? Are Americans really as bad as some of these Canadians are desperately trying to portray? Now that Trump has been elected and has been in office for some while, some things about America have changed for the worst.

Incidence 2: I came across a very talented American professor who reviewed my work and commended me rather beautifully. I was super-shocked for many years at what he said because I have not heard this kind of praise from most of the extremely privileged and well-educated Canadians who belong to the academic setting—this excludes a couple of well-known poets who are not from the academic setting and who have commended me well on my performances and works. Reality is that I find the environment offered by Canadian academic institutions very oppressive—sure there is a small number of professors and teachers who will always stand against mistreatment of students. Saying all this, I still remember being told by a Biology professor, “But this is just one paper”, when I asked him what he really thought about my Research Thesis—this happened at University of Toronto. He attempted to marginalize me instead of encouraging me. People like him are the reason why I am not pursuing a PhD in Sciences. And, I think today the world is facing a freaky crisis like Coronavirus because geniuses like me are constantly being abused by Canadians and thus they are forced to leave their studies. Read Canada’s Undiscovered Geniuses.

Today, I am thinking back to all of this. Canada is actually dangerously racist. My experience tells me that they love harming coloured people inside academic institutions and workplaces. As I thought more and more about everything, this answer formed and kept banging against my head until I decided to write this post.

Premise 1: Canada is an extremely racist country. These two article state that Canadians are more racist than Americans. Read “Study Proves Canada Is Actually More Racist Than The United States” and Canada’s race problem? It’s even worse than America’s.

Premise 2: Canadians play it nice while interacting; but, this attitude is compelling some people to become insane or feel very distraught and neglected. Read Why Canadian “Niceness” Is Unhealthy.

Conclusion: Therefore, it is clear to me that most Canadians ask, “Where you are from?” because they are assuming things or deciding whom to torture. Once, I was warned by a friend that certain people are talking at my back about my headscarf—which I have removed in self defense so that it may become easier for me to manage ongoing discrimination—and that I should avoid talking to them. Basically, I was asked not to be nice to them when the entire office was playing it nice.

Okay! Canada sounds very bizarre right!

A lot of Canadians do not stop probing if you hint to them that you are not interested in answering this question. Instead, they ask the same question differently, “We are Canadians. It helps to know where you are really from? Everyone here is from somewhere. You know what I mean.” See how confusing this sounds! I strongly advice everyone to ignore such questions as these are not serious inquiries but are meant to eventually exclude you. Very frankly, so many Canadians ask me this really personal question; but, I have been invited to tea parties only by a couple of individuals who demonstrated a genuine interest in me, which showed when they said or indirectly implied, “I don’t care about your skin or religion. Let us just hang out!”

I know that if you are a Canadian, then you will definitely doubt me after completing this reading. Doubting someone is a Canadian thing to do! Actually, misconstruing someone sane as insane and someone competent as lousy is also something very Canadian. So here are two more relevant articles. Read “Where Are You From” Is Not An Innocent Question To Ask Canadians “ and “Contradictions At The Heart Of Canada’s Multiculturalism“.

The more a person is “different” from white society, the more likely the average Canadian would want them to stay away. Source: “Contradictions At The Heart Of Canada’s Multiculturalism“.

So from here onwards, I will communicate differently with Canadian UNLESS I really like the person who is talking to me.

Rule 1: I will not answer any questions regarding my ethnic background. Truth is that I am a Canadian citizen; but, I feel that Canadians do not want to accept the truth that a person who is not White or is somehow “different from white society” can be a Canadian.

Rule 2: I will doubt every generous and nice move a Canadian makes until I figure out whether he/she is genuine or a covert racist.

There you have it! Life makes more sense now.

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My Vision Of Torture of Kashmiris By Indians

On Sep 2, 2019 I wrote the blog post “How To Get Out Of Nightmares” in which I discussed my dreams about the rape and torture of Kashmiri women.

In one dream, I saw some men surrounding a woman; then they put a really large sword-like thing in her mouth; and, then they took it out and then they put it in again. The female victim was unable to even scream due to fear. Source: How To Get Out Of Nightmares

Just an hour ago, American journalist CJ Werleman tweeted a video by “Indian American Muslim Council” where Indian women discuss how the Hindutvu thugs who were holding swords attacked themthis occurred inside Delhi.

I was a bit shocked when I read that Delhi’s Hindutvu thugs were holding swords because it matched the description I found in my lucid dream. I strongly feel that there is something very severe going on inside Kashmir and that the world needs to open their eyes to the crisis that is enfolding there. Perhaps, what is happening inside Kashmir is far worse than what is taking place inside Delhi because Kashmir was placed under a severe and lengthy lockdown (article 1, article 2).

Here are some more relevant articles about Kashmir. I feel that there is less and disproportionate coverage of what is going on inside this region.

Kashmir lockdown: Stories of torture and arbitrary arrests” by Akash Bisht; Published on Sep 2019

‘Don’t beat us, just shoot us’: Kashmiris allege violent army crackdown” by Sameer Hashmi; Published on Aug 2019

Kashmiris Call for Investigation of Torture Accusations Against India” by Sameer Yasir and Kai Schultz; Published on Jul 2019

Why the World Ignores India’s Violence in Kashmir” by CJ Werleman; Published on Sep 2017

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Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India

Note: I have never been to India although I strongly believe that I saw India in this dream. Here I am discussing one political move that I was not aware of until I had this dream.

I was resting in the car with one of my female relatives. It was warm and sunny outside.  I got out of the car because I was getting bored. Before I left, I told my relative that I needed to go. I got out of the car and started walking on the grass. Behind me, very far away from me and almost at the horizon, there was a really large building that had many manicured lawns and fantastic gardens. It seemed to be made out of bricks; its color was beige-brown; and, I thought that it belonged to an academic institution. Perhaps the fact that it was a university was emphasized by a young male dream character who was riding a small bike that looked like a golf cart but did not had the roof and was half the size. I felt curious about where I was so I went near this person and poked him. When he noticed me, I asked, “What is this building behind me?” He seemed arrogant and did not want to wait to explain. So he kept driving away, looked back, and shouted, “Its Five!”

This guy drove ahead while I walked behind him since I did not knew where to go. As I followed him, I ended up in a more open space. I could see Modi, some members of his party, and people who belonged to the university including the students. Several booths were set up on both sides of the street; and, Modi’s team was busy distributing some flyers to them. The guy who was driving the small golf cart like vehicle kept driving and eventually disappeared in the crowd. I kept walking and came to a place where a fence was guarding a new building that was near a park of some sort. Many kids were playing in that area. I checked them out for a bit; and, then I climbed over the fence. On the other side of the fence, there was another door that led to a place that had elevated areas for people to sitthis place looked like an entrance to a subway or a staircase. This particular door was very beautiful. It had a circular design with bars made out of stone that protruded inside a hollow circle that was also made from stone. I pushed the door open and got inside. There was a young girl sitting at the window alcove. I asked her if she knew where a certain Western Human Rights Activist lives or where he is right now? She said that she does not know, which symbolizes how some of the younger generation is not well versed in real politics. Thus, I complained to her, “How come you don’t know him? He is really famous”.  Then I told  her that I will go and find him myself. So I kept looking around; got tired; and, kind of woke up. Then I fell asleep againI am a heavy sleeper.

This time the dream started in the middle of the night. I was near a place that had a gigantic wall next to bushes or trees. There was a guy ahead of me; and, he was climbing the wall pretty fast like a ninja. I saw him do this and felt intimidated because I have not flown in my dreams for some while. Even then I attempted to climb the wall and follow him. Suddenly, the Human Rights Activist I was trying to find earlier came flying towards me. I could see him clearly right now. He seemed like a real alive person. I think he noticed me and was about to say something to me. To my utter surprise and shock, the scene suddenly became violent. I think there was someone else in the trees besides the male who had just climbed over the wall. Maybe, there were two guys hiding thereI don’t know for sure. A guy who was dressed in black and whose face was concealed stabbed this Human Rights Activist. The activist fell down and almost fainted due to pain. I held him as he tried to communicate. Furthermore, I noticed that the stabber was a young man who actually felt bad about what he just did—he seemed confused. I wanted to get help so the scene shifted. I was now near a shop or an office; and, a dream character came out from this place as I held the activist and almost cried. I told this new dream character to immediately call 9/11. I talked to the activist and tried to comfort him. His shirt was now open; and, I could see the cut made by the knifethe cut was made somewhere just above or on the abdomen. His body was still warm and alive; and, he was still breathing. He was looking at me and was aware of me despite his poor condition. I held his hand and placed his head against my chest as I slowly talked to him. I felt horrible because I did not realize what had just happened and why. The night became darker as the rain gradually poured on us. How the rain just appears to change the atmosphere and temperature and how intense emotions show during this dream are indications of presence of my guardian angel. Read “11 Signs You’re Being Visited By Your Guardian Angel” and “Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Messages in Dreams” to learn more about guardian angels that visit people during their dreams.

I activated this dream by meditating on the video of this Human Rights Activist. I was able to initiate “Hypnagogic Hallucinations” pretty fast after this meditation, which is how I received this dream. During the dream, I became aware of the simulation mode I was running when I tried climbing the large wall. I climbed it too fast, which is why I felt that I was just playing a video game. According to article, “Do Video Games Improve Your Ability to Lucid Dream?” video games improve one’s ability to engage in lucid dreams.

This dream shares a political move that India’s Modi government is currently playing. Before I had this dream, I had an idea about how some activists were receiving death threats from certain figures including members of the India’s Internet Troll Army; I knew about how Hindutva thugs attacked the JMI university, which I thought was an incidence that just happens to involve a university; but, I did not knew about the fact that Modi’s government is building a culture of abuse and assassinations inside universities. I found out about this aforementioned fact after I woke up from this dream and googled for ideas by using concepts taught during this dream. Here is what I found while awake. Astounding!

If the BJP concludes that marginalising Muslims and waging a culture war against liberal elites is a winning strategy, there is more at stake than India’s universities. Source: Jo Johnson’s article “Narendra Modi’s culture war storms India’s elite universities

Since Mr. Modi became prime minister in 2014, the Hindu right’s battle for influence over young minds has intensified. Source: Kai Schultz and Suhasini Raj’s article “Behind Campus Attack in India, Some See a Far-Right Agenda

In this dream, I connected with a dream character that was sitting on some sort of vehicle and driving it in the university’s lawn. Although he seemed to ignore me and chose not to talk to me, he led me to a place where I could see the booths that were set up by Modi’s team. Dream characters are very incredible entities that offer insight into things that one is not aware of or things that are about to happen in the future. It must be noted that this dream character helped me because I was not rude to him. Apparently, there is a way of talking to your dream characters; to learn more, read article “How to Talk to Dream Characters 101“. From experience, I have learned that it is best to just stick around with your dream characters; and, if they are based on real persons, then please do not show those people any kind of hatred or hostility.  I have learned from experience that if you were to stick around with your dream characters, then they actually evolve over time and become stronger. Read one of my experiences, “Dream Characters That Appear Suddenly To Warn“. The professor who appears in this dream is actually a much older dream character. He has grown older and wiser inside my head, which is how he is acting more aggressively as mentioned in the blog post, “Dream Characters That Appear Suddenly To Warn“.

It is possible to get precognitive dreams or to make profound conclusions by analyzing the data collectedI think this is one of those dreams that is supposed to change the course of history. Read “10 Dreams That Changed Human History“. I think that this dream is suggesting that if the current atmosphere of bullying that is sustained by Modi’s government continues, then even the wisest and the most well known Human Rights Activiststhe guy who met me in this dream is a very respected historic figure—will face extreme hardships and assassinations. I think we survived in this dream though! I am not sharing his name here because I do not want the bad guys to develop ideas about murdering him—this dream could be just a symbolic dream but you know how some dumb people work. However, I am still sharing this warning with concerned Human Rights Activists. 


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