Canada’s Revolting Crime: Money-Laundering & Criminalization of Colored People

I have been thinking about presenting articles in a creative way to show people how Canada is looting assets of the colored population and then criminalizing them through very refined and pushy methods. These are some facts that I have collected so far and I am sure more and more ideas can be added here to reach the same conclusion. Here are some facts that I feel will help you understand how Canada is becoming rich but sad:

Fact 1: Canada is bringing more people here by marketing International programs. A lot of colored people are coming here with the hope of settling while not having any knowledge of what kind of system and “walls” they will be handling. Why is there such a strong effort to educate international students and immigrants when Canada has such a sketchy and old expectation gap where the workplaces are asking for something else and universities and even some colleges are teaching something else? The programs for which the Domestic students pay around $6000 require around $14,000 from the International Students. And, that is not it! Some college programs are designed and run in a haste and some courses inside those “fast” programs almost force students to “not use real Databases like Statistics Canada to extract relevant data” and “create imaginary content only”. Another example is when the post-graduate programs are marketed to attract graduates from any other Canadian university or college; for instance, Event Management program easily attracts students from Biological Sciences, English, and Communication. Then the students are given an assignment that should technically take some thinking from a research paper so as to create an imaginary report that seems to be at the graduate level. Let us assume that there is a question that involves finding out who will come to a specific kind of event that serves only certain foods and music. In reality, this kind of question can be answered by reviewing research articles that are found in databases like ScienceDirect, but students aren’t provided a list of relevant databases to explore at all. Why are they expecting that a Biological Sciences graduate or an International Student would know some of the databases required for Event Planning & Marketing? Another example is when Event Management students are asked by their Computer Application teacher to create only a Survey as part of Market Research. College teacher usually spends only around one hour explaining this kind of assignment. Excuse Me! High school students can do this. Why are they running this kind of assignment without giving them loads of information that’s at the graduate level? Why are they not running something more concrete and heavy like a “Focus Group” instead? You know that’s tougher than running a survey. Thus, some employers are just catching on the Expectation Gap and throwing away whoever they want to.  Here, read this article to see what I am trying to say.
Fact 2: Canada’s entire system is very color coded. This is true for the health care system and the labor market. For example, I know that the White graduates are asked less questions than the Colored graduates because I have seen this happen in real life. So its usual for some employers to say, “So you wrote a paper without using actual databases like Statistics Canada. What do you want me to do with it? What’s its point? A kid can generate this.” But he/she might not say this to a White graduate. Try Dodge Balling that!
Fact 3: Canada has a double glass ceiling almost everywhere. University campuses that produce colored graduates but hires and promotes mostly White people are just one example of the double glass ceiling. There are many more examples and you just need to learn where to find them. One great way of finding these examples is by talking to people, especially students. I say “talk to students” because most of the Canadian students are freakishly well-educated and knowledgeable.
Fact 4: Canada allows colored people including Brown, Black, and Aboriginals to be jailed even for very minor offenses. There are also queer cases like Toronto 18 where most of the colored men who were arrested were later released.
Fact 5: Canada has a Rich-Poor Gap and we all know that poverty is linked to crime. Poverty can also be created by isolating minorities from the majority, which is how you will still find that “Brown people like doing business with Black people”.
Fact 6: It is very easy to make innocent people say that they are guilty; believe they are guilty; and then tell everyone that they guilty. I think that most of the colored people who are being jailed in Canada were trapped through use of circumstances and lies. James L. Trainum’s book “How the Police Generate False Confessions: An Inside Look at the Interrogation Room” shares the techniques that are used to brainwash victims into believing that they are the “real hard-core criminals” or the “new, protected, and loved informants”. But know that these techniques do not work on everyone. What if the only free men from the Toronto 18 case were those on whom these techniques did not work? What if the rest are jailed because these techniques worked on them? Is this why we do not have much exposure to how these kind of cases are being run.

So, what really is going on here?

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Canadian International Students Face Danger

Note: The story of the South Korean International student that I am discussing here is totally true. I am whistleblowing about this after reading a relevant article. 

The International students who arrive in Canada, especially the coloured ones, face extreme danger. They are told through terrific Marketing that Canada is diverse and multicultural. They aren’t told that Canada is a very racist country despite everything else and it’s very easy to abandon, kill, torture, or harass coloured people here. Stereotypes, discrimination, and need for power play a significant role in all this. I have been fighting all this on my own until I started collapsing and deciding to post some of my personal detail online. I feel that Canada is so racist that colour of skin is pasted inside most minds like this: Aboriginals get the worst treatment, then the Muslims, then Latinos, and so on. I learned all this while working and studying in Canada. I am not a spy, a cop, a politician, a terrorist, or anything along those lines because all these sound too extreme and harsh to my very sensitive mind. I am just a Canadian student and employee.

I have come to believe that International students are in danger because they are told that Canada is very accepting. They throw their money in and then lots and lots of them are unfairly passed through Canada’s revolving doors so that they keep thinking that they need to invest more and more in Canadian courses or volunteer work. Quite frankly, they have to keep investing like this for a long while while their White peers land a job and get married or move on with their lives. Some International students who come here don’t even know the impact of culture shock and how to handle it. And, usually nobody stops to explain that your need to scream for help isn’t an indication of mental illness but just a culture shock—that’s what happened to me. This is why some of them get very misused and then they can’t talk about it because they don’t know whom to trust and because the locals are not building trust the right way—we all know that overcoming culture shock requires receiving strong and detailed feedback and assistance from the locals.

I just read this article about Sex Trafficking by The Mantle and thought about one of my personal experiences. A long while ago, I was friends with a South Korean International student. We were best buddies because she needed to talk and I loved listening to her—I was not in any of her classes though. I was slowly learning about her and her culture when one day I realized that she wasn’t reaching out to me anymore. I called and left a message on her cell and I emailed her to find out what’s going on. My head is kind of OUT about this experience so I can’t remember how many years passed after she emailed me back. In her email she explained that she was actually homeless for several days. I got scared thinking how nobody else found out about this in time and why other Canadians she was studying with did not come to her rescue. Did this happen due to their Bystander Effect or her culture shock; if she had a culture shock, then why didn’t the rest of the students figured out what to do before her circumstances worsened? I don’t know! She was on the streets for several days and she could have been trafficked for sex slavery if the wrong set of guys would have arrived. But, God saved her. Her family got there and rescued her. I am just glad that she is alive.

I think you are going to get my point. As an ENFP, it’s my job to point out how lack of a good system and team work is killing young and smart individuals who just happen to be here in Canada and who don’t know anything about how it all works. Sometimes, I sleep feeling disturbed thinking if there is one of those really pretty Asian girls on the streets who came here to study but ended up getting trafficked as a sex slave. 

Always remember why those who have seen me perform or those who work with me call me Vendetta.


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Workplace Harassment and Racism Causes Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

Some Canadian workplaces are very dangerous for your mental and physical health; this is because of the abuse that’s required due to the discriminatory practices like the Double Glass Ceiling. If you want to work in Canada, know your rights and understand what is considered proper and what isn’t. Don’t sit hushed but talk to a functional and reliable team member who can help you report any sort of abuse.

I have been in Canada for more than 15 years but I am finding out that I am having EXTREME difficulty launching a stable career. They keep moving people around like they are animals by using lies and excuses or by gaslighting anyone who wishes to help. Nobody talks about these things because you can be abused further if you did. This can sometimes happen even if the abuser is a convicted criminal and the law-makers know that he has killed or abused another a victim before. How young criminals are protected by the Canadian law is one example of this phenomenon and you will find more examples if you start looking in the right places—can you see how easy is it for a virgin or disabled to be sitting right next to a covert criminal who is working inside an office? Perhaps, if Canadian Law Makers aren’t willing to get rid of real criminals, then they should hand them to an angry mob. For instance, in 2015, several locals of the Navsari village got together and killed a 40 year old man for raping a 2 year old child—you know that the human mind will devise excuses if it doesn’t know an available option pretty well. Another criminal thing that some Canadian Hiring Managers/Recruiters do openly is expect the candidates to explain all the gaps in their resume. This is an example of FRAUD because these gaps are usually not created by the victim but by those in charge like employers or teachers—I mean why would someone sit there and create gaps in his/her resume (the only real means of getting one to the source of income)?

I have barely launched my career and I have already changed THREE careers to stay safe. I am doing this while managing an Expectation Gap, which is never properly discussed by the right set of people—Canada don’t have a concrete way of handling Expectation Gap and the Canada-Ontario Job Grant that was just launched in 2014 only offers $10,000 (5 months because monthly living expenses usually boil down to around $2000) for training purposes. Canada is really that abusive towards coloured people and abusers know how to change the subject by saying that these are her personal experiences or maybe she made a mistake. KNOW that this is how NARCISSISTS  lie so please do not buy anything they tell you—due to narcissism, things like Workplace Rights or Human Rights aren’t working that well in Canadian workplaces or academic institutes. For example, I have already reported or complained about 7 abusive people I met in Canadian workplaces or academic institutes and I am barely starting out; and, I am watching a trend where some Canadians including very senior professionals who are sick of being mistreated while they are at work are choosing to disclose personal information only to Immigrants, Refugees, Visitors, or International Students because they have started feeling that they are safer with them. Racism and abuse can develop Stockholm Syndrome and make victims submissive to Sexual Abuse and Sex Trafficking. I wouldn’t have believed this statement fully because of how confusing it seems; then I read the article “Human Sex Trafficking: Canada’s Hidden Crime” by The Mantle and found out that its talking about something similar to what I have always suspected. I feel that these types of bullies are winning by doubling and shifting the minds and intentions of their victims. If this statement isn’t making any sense, then read “Shifting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America” by Charisse Jones and Kumea Shorter-Gooden. REPORT ANY TYPE OF ABUSER TO SOMEONE WHO CARES OR KNOWS WHAT TO DO NEXT OR GET AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE. Take help from an ENFP while doing this because they just know by default how to bring team work, individual characteristics, and human psychology into the picture to shift the blame to the abusers. That’s how I am surviving and getting away with filing so many reports or discussing so many complaints. Strangers and friends have started listening to me and believing me because they find me more genuine, thorough, and loving.

Working in Canada is like working in hell if the right set of people aren’t watching out for you. So please DO NOT WORK IN CANADA if you are coloured and if you don’t have someone who can watch out for you. Canada is really that dangerous for coloured peoplefor more than 10 years, I have been hearing similar “hushed” complaints from so many people that its driving me NUTS. It doesn’t quite show out there because colored people are very smart and because they know how to handle their lives; and, they all know that sharing personal information might eventually KILL them. The fact that Whistleblowing can get you fired if you did this in Canada shows you what I mean by “KILL them”. These people can’t even handle minor discrimination cases really well, how are they going to handle whistleblowing?

Stand up for yourself! Always remember why those who have seen me perform or those who work with me call me Vendetta.


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Expectation Gap in Canada’s Workplace and Academic Institutes

I am an ENFP, which makes me a revolutionary and independent team worker who can become an “Idea Bomb” when trained properly. I am releasing the following statements after carefully analyzing Canada’s workplaces and academic institutes.

Canada has very deep and ancient Expectation Gap and Experience Gap—the reason I feel that Canada has both types of gaps is because there is not enough pressure on universities and colleges to create courses that will definitely lead to a stable job. I think that in most universities and in some colleges, information is not taught in a way that can lead to stable employment. I have always wondered why some Canadian Academic Institutes took so much money from me and I was still unable to secure my future properly and in a timely manner. I landed a “real” job around one year after graduating from University of Toronto’s Honours Biological Sciences program (Major: Biological Sciences; Minors: Philosophy and Mathematics) in 2005. This “real” job was not in any of the areas I had studied simply because what I had been studying was irrelevant. I sent out so many well-tailored resumes including resumes through PetriDish and Career Edge, but I never got a reply back to most of them. My marks were great and I also had two or more awards so this failure has nothing to do with my potential; my “first set of real supervisors” were very satisfied with my work and communication skills so this has nothing to do with my personality or character traits; and, I did land a job at the end so this failure has nothing to do with how I wrote my resumes and cover letters.

Unfortunately, my story does not end here. In 2011, I enrolled for Technical Communication at Seneca College. I completed two volunteer placements—most of the students completed only one placement—and landed two awards. Furthermore, I was commended by my class and teachers for conflict resolution and leadership; but, I could only land another insignificant volunteer opportunity in around 1 year and my first “real” job was in around 2 years after graduation. This was not because I didn’t apply to enough jobs but because most jobs were demanding lots of other concepts and software that were never covered in the college. It’s like this: the program’s actual length is 2 year but it should be 3.5 years; and, students are required to produce 2-page long Requirements Document that is actually supposed to be more than 20 page long.

Again, my story doesn’t end here at all. After thorough research, I found the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, which offers only $10,000 to each applicant. I believe this is too less because one needs around $2000 to live like a real person; i.e., pay for rent, gas, medicine, training, and clothes. So, if you do the maths right, you should be able to drain all the funds in 5 months given that large or medium-sized companies aren’t entertaining you. And, how are you going to overcome an Expectation Gap that is created over 4 years or more in 5 months? Furthermore, large companies can offer you great jobs but they are also not in need of grant money because they have too much money to begin with. Do you know that once an employer from a great company mocked me by saying, “Why do I need a grant if I need to hire you?”  He sounded like he was just having fun and not a strong conversation. I could tell that he said this only to me because I am Brown and he doesn’t care about my qualifications, awards, or references. That’s how they are abusing me as well as several other individuals; they know how to do this because they select their victims in a very creative manner, which is how everyone else who isn’t being abused ends up believing that the “victim is the bully” or “the victim deserves it”. This is an example of narcissism that exists in Canada’s workplace, which is how Workplace Rights or Human Rights don’t work so well in Canada.

As a result of all of this, I came across some employers and Employment Councillors who ended up sharing their personal concerns about how academic institutions are mistreating and exploiting international (those who don’t know about how everything works) and domestic (those who know less about how everything works) students. Furthermore, I strongly believe that Canada’s discriminatory and misogynist attitude complicated my situation. There is this strong sense of hyper-responsibility that women will make it on their own even if they don’t have the right set of resources, education, information, or network simply because they are smart. I feel that this is because Canada’s legal system expects hyper-responsibility from the women and people are just reflecting back exactly that attitude through relationships of any sort. But the reality is that success in the workplace or academic setting requires emotional support and it has less to do with intelligence.

I decided to speak out about all of this because I came across an article titled “The expectation gap: Students’ and universities’ roles in preparing for life after grad” and because several other reputable individuals narrated similar stories to me. I had kept notes about this mistreatment and neglect for years; and, after reading this article a couple of times, I realized that the rest of the students were also forced through this extremely abusive system and I was not the only “warrior” or “survivor” here. Lastly, I believe that there isn’t sufficient coverage about this issue and there is lots of cover up. For example, if you google “Canada expectation gap”, then only one relevant article actually shows in the search results. Here are some snapshots of the Google results going from page 1 to page 3. Like I said, LOL! Only the second article is relevant to my inquiry and I can tell that it is handling a “hushed” issue because it was published in 2014 and I started observing all of this in 2005. Like I said, OMG! The fact that Google is playing it very silent on this only shows that not many individuals including the government officials are focused on this issue or willing to share money to resolve it. And, I know that this post is telling the truth because I have already spoken to some young graduate women, including White women, who have complained to me about being neglected by the employees. I think its a “hushed case” because why else would Google place less data about “Expectation Gap” and allow more data for keywords “Skills Gap”; wouldn’t this harm the ranking and popularity of the rest of the relevant articles given that some people might have heard only the phrase “Expectation Gap”.


Added May 08, 2018.

The game does not end here at all. I am currently taking “Event Management”, an Ontario College Graduate Certificate, at Algonquin College. I am watching how some teachers keep telling us that this program is very challenging but then the rest of the teachers keep saying that this program is basic. It is actually a very easy program but it is set up in a very bad way. They give us short assignments that are worth like 2% or 4% but most of these hybrids aren’t teaching us anything other than basic definitions or minor tasks like finding information from the web. There are some bigger projects that are worth it but I feel that in some assignments I am getting away with using resources that are considered “not so great” by employers. For instance, when I was asked to write a Business Plan for a Wish Event, I was not introduced to the right set of websites like Statistics Canada or Reference Canada. I did not complain about this because I already have some Marketing Guides (here is one helpful guide that I got from an event) that I found after attending some events that are designed for Marketing professionals. But, what about other students? I have been told by someone that other students are “none of my business”; but can I really do this given that I am an ENFP who has been made to watch all of this for a really really long while? This program has lots of International students who don’t have any information on Canadian databases or places to find these databases. Another thing that I noticed is that this specific assignment required imagining things like Audience Demographics but then again its called a “Business Plan”. Furthermore, the Elective “Programming for Meetings and Conferences” is a very bad course simply because it only offers PowerPoints and no group projects. Now, I need you to look at how it is marketed. If you visit the Event Management page at Algonquin College, you will see the following blurb when you hover over “Programming for Meetings and Conferences”.

Students develop a conference program including speaker and entertainment selection, delivery methods, such as workshops, plenary, round tables and webcasts. Participant and spousal program options are introduced. Students gain the skills and knowledge to plan and execute successful meetings. Strategies for the creation of green meetings and conferences are discussed.


The blurb states, “students gain the skills and knowledge to plan and execute successful meetings”. Very frankly, I did great in this course but I feel that I did not gain sufficient skills to “plan and execute successful meetings”. I only learned how to create a “Meeting Outline” and a “Function Sheet“. I know that in real life the interviewer is going to say, “Did you learn how to use software X to create template for Y?” And the answer is very likely going to be NO!; this is because the other course “Computer Applications for Events” is offering only easy software like Canva and “Excel” (Assignment, Instructions and Template) and there is nothing on more creative and important software like “Adobe Photoshop” or “Whova”, etcetera—the only creative software that we learned a little bit (5%) was Lucidchart. Do you know that “Adobe Photoshop” has more fonts and thus it is unlikely to run into a Branding issue while using this software? I feel they are rushing us through two semesters (each is only 4 months long) and that is why they are teaching us really less things. True! I get to meet people who are working inside Meeting Professionals International but shaking hands with someone does not always guarantee a real and stable jobI spoke to a graduate of this course who told me that she had to work real hard for 2 years after graduation until she got a stable job offer. In addition, I have a co-op placement but it is at a small company simply because the skills that are currently being taught are basic; for instance, I only know the definition of an “Request for Proposal” but I don’t know how to create an “”Request for Proposal”. I can imagine getting kicked out of many interviews because I know that lots of interviewers are going to say, “Do you have a sample ‘Request for Proposal’ for me to review?” I am choosing to work with this company because I am very happy here owing to their loving and nurturing culture and because there is a strong opportunity to gain more information through collaboration. But to ponder further, what’s even more butchering about this entire situation is that the Event Management students are fundraising for a local charity with zero dollar budget. The domestic students are finding this easy because they know the area. In contrast, the international students do not know much about this city; and on top of all this, some of them have ESL issues and thus they can easily get mistreated and humiliated under the guise of “plagiarism”.

I spoke with some other students and graduates and they some of them complained about feeling like they are going through a cycle of some sort where they are being asked to do too many things and then not given the jobs that they deserve—I even spoke to a student who was waiting at a bus station and she said the same. Despite these agreements, I am careful about catching things from students because a lot of times they are telling me excuses that are being drilled inside their minds by the system itself; for example, “maybe, we will make it this time” or “maybe, we are wrong and this program isn’t that bad”.

So I reviewed Twitter profile of AlJazeera and found the video “Migrant Dreams: Canada’s Broken Promise“.  What these migrant workers are going through is very similar to what the Canadian students and graduates are being put through. Here is a screenshot of my comment. 110,000 workers are paying more than $700,000,000 but where exactly is this money going? I am putting an example that “kind of relates” because I am trying to show that the entire Canadian system is corrupt in many ways.



I strongly feel that Canada is getting rich by pushing money out of helpless and poor people. Look at me! I am writing this in a haste while I have college assignments due and while I am still unemployed. If you feel that my story isn’t real, then please start looking for White or colored people who are standing in cafes as cashiers and servers. You will find plenty of very talented and educated White and colored graduates there. Why must they hold an odd job in order to get an education and a real job? When will they get a real and stable job? Feel free to check out organizations like the Meeting Professionals International or Society of Technical Communication and you will find so many unemployed volunteers there that you will start losing your hair and perhaps your sanity.  All this is happening because Canada has a very strong and wide Rich Poor Gap. What is making things worse is when the victims are left very hazy simply because someone who had the right authority to make some changes decides to gaslight them; for instance, Professors who are constantly telling students that “this is a basic course” vs. “this is a post-graduate certificate” are both gaslighting students. I find it funny that some of them don’t wish to believe us even after the “Conference Board of Canada” has issued this particular infographic that states that there is a gap between what the employers are looking for and the subjects that are being taught to the Post-secondary Education (PSE) students—PSE includes many kinds of academic institutions such as colleges, universities, and career schools.

So what do you all think now? Do I sound stubborn or what! LOL!

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Link Between Drugs and Rape

I have been analyzing some articles. Here are my thoughts and conclusion:

  1. Hillary Clinton said that America created the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS.
  2. Drug use is linked to Sexual Abuse. There are many kinds of drugs that can cause this kind of behaviour.
  3. ISIS fighters are well known for raping women and acting under the influence of drugs. 
  4. The West including North America has a strong rape culture where victims are blamed repeatedly for being abused. This is true regardless of the Women’s Rights and relevant campaigns.  The North Americans are going through Decadence, which includes use of drugs, alcohol, and sex.

This is why Hillary Clinton calls Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS fanatical. They are drugged and reacting like that. Obviously, the rest of the Muslims aren’t comfortable about all this simply because they aren’t drugged.

Therefore, it is easy to conclude that America has caused another genocide by using drugs and still not many have dared to point to this sequence.

The Classic Delete Key

Narcissists have a very specific way of addressing all the victims, which includes loving and putting down at the same time. They also gaslight and abuse people right in front of others so that others may feel scared and abused─why do you think that some parents can silence every sibling by shunning only one kid? In addition, they can get the humans emotions become sticky very fast so that the emotions start gliding this way and that way. Thus, lots of odd commentary comes out of the victims’ mouth, which are usually the things that the victims do not believe in. This happens because the victims have been brainwashed, and this brainwashing can go to the extent of making the victims gradually turn into criminals─do you realize why there is a knife in the hands of Gaslight’s heroine, Ingrid Bergman? Narcissistic manipulation is how the victims start taking responsibility of the actions that they didn’t quite perform; think that the crimes of the narcissistic abusers are due to them; or end up doing something their minds cannot fully commit to. A lot of teachers, lecturers, politicians, business professionals, and managers are actually brutal narcissists who are not there to get your point─only some of them are harmless narcissists. They can even switch to your side after showing that they hate you a lot, which is how they keep you very quiet and shunned. Rule of the thumb is never to share any warmth with a narcissist; always communicate from a distance; and, with thorough intellect, breadth, and depth─do you notice that certain comments that are issued by exceptional narcissists don’t have anything vital attached to them except the intention to shift blame. Politicians who are highly narcissists can easily cause massive conflicts like World Wars─see Noam Chomsky’s warning about Trump─and nobody realizes how to mend things because almost everyone can become their puppets. Trump is actually isolating America and making it look like that the world loves this manner of protection. This is why less people are fully realizing that the wall that’s built around Mexico and the collection of the social media information are both examples of the classic DELETE key that narcissists use to trap emotions. Such emotions may easily lead to decisions that the victims would never have otherwise agreed upon. If you analyze the online news properly, you will find several attackers who attacked the Muslims and later apologized for that because they realized that something new has been added to their brains. Its really not the attackers’ fault simply because Narcissistic abusers can play two distinct people, which is the Good Cop Bad Cop routine that can create false confessionsevil narcissists are the masterminds of the rape culture. RUN AWAY or FIGHT BACK if you come across such evil narcissists because they can keep you in the dark for several years or an entire lifetime until you realize what is actually going on and decide to keep your distance.

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Syrian “White Helmets” Sounds like a Scam

I watched the documentary “White Helmets” yesterday night. I was kind of snoozing during some parts of this movie. But, I did catch some stuff that did not make any sense to me.

  1. This group is from Syria where a very humongous conflict is taking place. But all the members of the “White Helmets” were wearing these very crazy-looking and sleek helmets. Why? Why is it that the entire team has such expensive helmets? Rescue workers usually have less budget and thus their uniforms is so so. Uniform is designed to bend minds, which is how perception and understanding can be distorted.
  2. There are no female “White Helmets” who appeared in this movie. Why? In the war zone, people need help. It should be very easy to find and film female rescue workers. Secondly, how is it always possible to rescue women from rubble without aid from other women? Sure! They are just carrying them around but rescue workers also have to provide some medical care. Do you think Syrian women would be comfortable receiving medical care from male rescue workers?
  3. One of the “White Helmets” commented that they have no real training in handling this all. Then why doesn’t this documentary show them cracking out, going “coo coo”. It’s a documentary right! I have even read about how very strong military men break down like girls due to pressure from war. Why aren’t these men shown in such humiliating and truthful positions or stances? Why isn’t this documentary covering this particular aspect of rescue work. I mean it’s sounding way too neat!
  4. The “White Helmets” are shown driving over to Turkey. The vehicle was filled only with men. And there is no thorough discussion about how they are paying for food and gas.

When I researched them on the net, I found out that they have a heavy web presence including around 10,000 followers on Twitter. Establishing an intimidating presence of such sort requires strong and ongoing financial and physical security. How is that made possible? They say that some Western organizations are supporting them. Sure! If the Western organizations are supporting you, then why did they not film the female White Helmets? They are all pro for Women’s Rights. Getting women on your team should have been an easy task if this wasn’t supposed to be fake.

After feeling exhausted about this review of the “White Helmets”, I found another article titled “Film about White Helmets Wins Oscar Amid Allegations of Terrorist Ties” on It is providing commentary by Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett who traveled to Syria to report that civilians of Eastern Aleppo don’t know about “White Helmets” although “White Helmets” maintain that they are busy rescuing Syrians of Eastern Aleppo. The YouTube video “The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS” shows how the The White Helmets have access to guns and they are facilitating executions.

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Should She Be Placed in Prison for Urinating on Quran?

I am reading the story of Sheila Szmerekova, the woman who tore the pages of the Quran and urinated on them. Her mother commented that her behaviour is erratic because several Romani gypsies raped her when she was really young. I believe her mom simply because mothers don’t usually throw lies that can hurt their daughters’ dignity. I also believe her because I have read about some rape victims and their behaviour seems very chilling to me.

I feel that certain governments including America, Saudi Arabia, and Britain are waging a war on the women. It’s mentioned in several YouTube videos and online articles. Google phrases like “drug abuse+women+jail+America” and “abuse cycle+jail+women+UK”. Across the globe, women are being treated in a very hypocritical manner. People are harsher on women, and they expect too many things from them. For example, 80% of the British female inmates are imprisoned due to non-violent crimes. Once the women have been imprisoned, other forms of abuse may occur including severe sex abuse, gang rapes, drug abuse, physical abuse, or emotional abuse. After reviewing credible resources, I have come to believe that the White women also suffer from inconsistent behaviour just like the Coloured women do.

I believe that the sentence that was imparted on this young lady is a hoax. It was given just to put her through harsher circumstances. Sure! It was issued to protect the Muslims, but it has nothing to do with the Muslims─I mean, it has nothing to do with the manner of conduct that was gradually taught around 1400 years ago. Muslims follow Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) who used to forgive those wicked pagans who routinely harassed the Muslims and peed inside the prayer area of the (masjids) mosques. You can’t find this version of the Islam unless you have figured how many hate campaigns have been launched to slowly distort the true face and context of Islamic rulings and unless you have realized that some translations of the Quran are actually incorrect; just like me, you won’t be able to figure out the complete version of early Islam due to lack of reliable teachers, inconsistencies caused by wrong translations, lack of group learning, and peer pressure. Sheila Szmerekova isn’t doing anything different than what those pagans were doing; yet, some Muslims on Facebook groups are cheering about her arrest. Despicable!

Six years of imprisonment for sounding insane doesn’t sound right to me simply because the current justice system is more lenient towards rapists. Jailing someone can easily initiate a much harsher drug abuse cycle, which is harder to beat than receiving rehabilitation for vile behaviour and commentary.

Why was Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) so loving and forgiving even towards the worst criminals? Is it because he knew and understood that strict judgements may eventually lead to psychopathic behaviour that would start plaguing the entire globe? Islam spread across the globe not due to cruel punishments but owing to the gentle demeanor of the leaders. I feel that the modern Muslims need to study their earliest leaders in detail so that they may learn and apply their actions, actual intentions, and methods of deriving logic.

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Inconsistencies that Target Coloured Women

Note: Read “Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women ” to learn about another Black Champion! Shh! Don’t tell a narcissist because if you do they will downplay you by saying something mean like “We are all awarded champions here. You know what I mean.” [Quote] As a resident of South Los Angeles, a black community under siege in the War on Drugs, it was but a matter of time before Susan was arrested. She cycled in and out of prison for over 15 years; never was she offered therapy or treatment for addiction. On her own, she eventually found a private drug rehabilitation facility. [End Quote] I am placing this in the note simply because this book talks about the drug cycle and how inmates are abused by it.

North America as a whole has criminal attitude towards the women regardless of their colour, ethnicity, and all the other etceteras. What kind of women can endure so much abuse and then be shown as champions or be willing to share personal details on the TV? I hate it when they underestimate women. I once saved three women from severe abuse while I was studying and struggling for a stable career. Was that easy? 

I am finding this very troubling.

1) U.S. allows girls as young as 12 to get married. 
2) U.S. mostly picks up African-American women to be imprisoned if they are using drugs.
3) We all know that imprisonment can easily lead to more drug abuse since the prisoners are forced to purchase drugs to substitute for prescription drugs that were given to them while they were jailed. This is because they usually aren’t given sufficient money after release.

What is the message here? Do you think that women who are trying sex for the first time or girls who are only 12 years old at the time of marriage would know how to handle their first pregnancy?

What exactly is the message here?


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