Domino Effect of Lucid Dreamers

Lucid Dreams allow some sort of Domino Effect that appears in real life. I will give you some examples of this:

1) I participated in a study about Stereodepth Vision that was conducted at the University of Toronto. Later, I created this blog by using the inspiration offered by this particular study.

2) I have received many compliments about my poetry from all sorts of people ranging from average ones to savants. These positive commentaries and constructive criticisms are now the basis of my future works as well as lucid dreams.

3) Once, I studied the method of attracting wealthy clients towards a given company. I was trained in this for only one month; and, I never ended up applying this skill in that company due to their lack of budget. Around a year later, I found a festival that needed to attract sponsors. I decided to become a Member of the Board and help them learn how to attract the rich towards them.

4) My first book will show another Domino Effect, the study of workplace abuse as it takes place in Canada.

5) I can cause the right set of people to clutter together somehow. I don’t know how exactly this happens. I will give you an example from real life. When I was in high school, I was emotionally and physically abused by a gang of around 10 young women. They locked me in the washroom; took my belongings; circled around me; and, made fun of me. I asked them to stop and I cried like a child because I had not suffered from abuse like this before—all my friends were very loving creatures. While this was happening, my younger sister just happened to walk in this washroom. She analyzed the entire situation and screamed at them to buzz off. I looked at her; came to my senses, and walked away from them. The gang leaders were suspended after we spoke to the Vice Principal. Later, one of the gang leaders got into trouble because she did not knew how to study well. She just happened to be studying right next to me while I taught students who were part of the Peer Tutoring club. I saw her crying in a very horrible way and then I felt sad about her situation. So I went up to her and taught her all the tricks; after a couple of days, she was screaming with joy as she showed me her very high mark. Later she tried making friends me and apologized to me. Stunning right!

Thus, you have seen only some examples of the Domino Effect. There are several such examples that are creating the next moments in my life and only some of these examples are invisible from the rest of the eyes.

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How Lucid Dreamers Can Collapse Imperialism?

I have pondered about how the lucid dreamers can offer an alternative illusion to collapse the vision of Imperialism. My answers are pretty simple because control and power are a simple thing to collapse:

Imperialists have more money because they have taken it by force. This is why they have more buildings and machines. So do the Lucid Dreamers. My time machines allow me to travel through time. I have many types of time machines.

Imperialists have more intelligence because they have taken it by force. This is why they have more technology. So do the Lucid Dreamers. Lucid Dream Characters are the best technology in this world because they are the basis of great technologies.

Imperialists have more guts because they have more control. This is why they can brainwash people very easily. So do Lucid Dreamers. Lucid Dreamers know how to use hypnosis on themselves as well as others to create new and fresh minds.

Imperialists have more weapons because they have more money. This is why they can take over the world. So do the Lucid Dreamers. Dreams and prayers also offer control just like weapons do.

Imperialists are very loved nowadays because they play the rule of abuse and groom really well. This is why they can add an illusion of love inside the minds of their victims. So do the Lucid Dreamers; but they do this without victimizing. Lucid Dreams are used to heal people and the self; sing unearthly tunes inside those who are near the dreamers; and, share the most selfless form of love.

Imperialists have more friends and perhaps more sex partners because they can afford them. This is how they make only those people more jealous who buy into this deception. So do Lucid Dreamers. Lucid Dreams are used to create extraordinary sex partners, friends, children, and siblings.

So please choose your path now! It isn’t that late to learn this art. I can clearly visualize the future where world is more peaceful and people are more intelligent and productive. In this world, the imperialists have lost and people are in control again.

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Creating Change

I just completed some through thinking today. I feel that it is time for the next set of steps for me; I had to delay this phase a bit because I was finishing my certificate in Event Management.

Over time, I have realized that I am ready for this. But, my feelings about doing this matured tremendously in one night when I got stuck with a friend in the April 2018 snow storm. I wanted to give her a ride because the streets were freezing quickly. She would have found it difficult to walk that night. But by the time we got to my car, the front, back, and window glasses got covered with frozen ice. I endured some crazy moments feeling agonized about this snow storm; glancing at my friend who was not dressed well for this; desperately cleaning the car with very cold hands; realizing that I could not do this task alone and that I had to shut my car’s engine because there was really less gas left; and, then running around for help. Two guys helped us out; and, only one of them stayed behind for long and scraped the rest of the ice from my car. Both of us ladies got back home safely. I realized that day I could achieve very challenging tasks easily if I were to put my mind to it.

Another thing that helped me mature this idea was a lucid dream. I had this dream when I was just a teenager; every now and then, I used to think about when I would get married and to whom. One day, I had a dream that I actually left at the back of my mind until today. In this dream, I was wearing a white dress and my husband was lying bleeding next to a large pond. He was crying for me; and, I was just staring at him. Today, I realized that this dream means something very important. It means men are going to die if I didn’t know what to do. I had another similar dream yesterday where I asked a voice, “What will happen if I did not help out with Human Rights related issues?” The voice showed me a scene where I saw some well-known Rights Activists being slaughtered like cows. I woke up and realized that both dreams are tying into something much bigger. I must comment that I don’t usually get nightmares; and, that I am very much versed in communicating with some very intelligent dream characters. It is a scientific fact that Dream Characters can solve all sorts of problems and they are never wrong.

I am going to start the project “Next Creatives” by creating blog posts, essays, and summaries of articles about some critical global issues. The ones that I really like are Poverty, Interfaith Dialogue, Women Rights, White Supremacy, Imperialism, Mental Health, and World Peace. So far, I have been reading about these on my own. I plan to create brief plans inside many minds by using a fragmented approach. I also plan to make a great team; and, then hold events to address these issues and connect with like minds. If you feel that you would like to connect with me and help me with these causes, then email me at  Here is the Facebook page for Next Creatives. Make sure to put a relevant subject heading like “Addressing Global Issues”. I look forward to this new phase of my life.


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Ancient Muslims Were Better Rulers

Ancient Muslims were better Muslims than the ones we observe today. Modern rulers including Imperialistic rulers are bent on creating all sorts of gaps under the guise of protection or governance. For example, a lot of money is thrown into building stronger armed forces and intimidating other countries instead of focusing on creating more durable international ties and treaties. Another instance of such oppression is the Rich Poor Gap that exists in many rich countries like Canada. All of this is done in a very clever manner so all the average joes are left singing praises of their countries. For instance, Canada is well-known for harassing citizens by expecting them to earn their wages in an unstable economy and even while having really bad circumstances like aching teeth and no healthy food. Thus, Canada is considered rich but her people are unproductive and unhappy.

I have spent lots of time learning about Islam and the West as well because I started studying at a very young age. However, I can easily state that I still know less because of the nature of my segmented education (most of the time, I study these subjects during spare time only) and the amount of reliable information that is really out there. I think of myself as a young and budding scholar. And, I am not surprised that I can still easily state that ancient Muslims were far better rulers than what we are forced to observe today. For example, when I was a teenager, I learned a story in my Pakistani “Islamic Studies” class. I learned how generous acts are mandatory in Islam and can easily open the gates of Heaven.  I was so happy to learn that the Muslim Rulers inlcuding Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and several of his close companions used to distribute their wealth after they would bring their trade processions to their homeland. This wealth was routinely distributed in the marketplace by the rulers themselves; this way, the people could access the minds and wealth of their rulers and influence their decisions. Most of the rulers would go back home with sufficient and very less money, which they needed to help their family members.

I used to feel very awed by this example because I had not seen in real life simply; this is because the rulers of my world are very greedy people. For many years, like more than 20 years, I held onto this thought because I needed to know why they did this. After reading and researching many concepts and ideas over time, I understood something vital. These Muslim traders including Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) were fitter than the rest of the population. Other people could not have been that successful in bringing thousands and thousands of camels that are loaded with real gold and valuables. So to manintain fairness and equality, i.e. to protect people who have slightly different IQ than theirs, they used to give away their wealth. Thus, their people slowly became more productive and loving in nature; and, that is how Islam became a popular religion and still is because it does not believe in the survival of the fittest. Rather, it points to the mental and physical abilities as critical definition of the humans that can still flourish really well in a healthy environment created by those who are able to do so.

Saying all this, I must comment that I can still point to some Muslims who can be considered great leaders although they are filtering information from this current world. For instance, the Army Battallion Captain who taught me a bit of the Army curriculum when I was a teenager (First Aid, Marching, Running, and Shooting), treated me like his own child. He was loving and protective of me; and, he used to make sure that I would get my rest whenever I would ask for it. His manner of speech was like that of a real mother, which is why I found it easy to intimidate him with phrases like, “If I want to, I won’t listen to you at all.” He used to laugh at all the queer stuff I could come up with because he found me funny. I studied under his supervision for around a year; and, I found it interesting to notice that he was so nice and humble despite having so many rewards and despite being able to intimidate his peers with his intelligence, strategical thinking, expertise, and emtions. So he grew me really well and taught me about choosing things properly and slowly. I feel that his manner of conduct made him a great leader although he is still nowhere near the amazing ancient examples I have studied. I think this is because those examples are from a time when information was processed differently due to circumstances.

Lastly, I must point out that the quest for power destroys the mind.  But, those of us who are reacting better when they feel loved and protective have better minds because these minds are versed in interdependence, which is a vital element of the emotion Love. Ancient Muslim Rulers had this too; and, it showed in form of covenants that are designed to protect the Christians are anyone else who chose to live in the Islamic countries.

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How God Showed me that Canada’s Economy is Slowly Collapsing

God has played a great role in making me who I am today. God brought two incidences in my life that clearly showed me that something was going wrong in Canada.

Incidence 1: Around 14 years ago, I met my ex-fiance who was a Belgian Muslim. We spent a lot of time talking to each other; and, during one of our conversations, he said that you are paying lots of money to get educated. He said that that is how you are going to have trouble moving forward. Lastly, he added that he has paid almost nothing to get an undergraduate education and then a post-graduate Plumbing certificate. He wanted to start his own business, which he must have done so by now.

Incidence 2: Around 11 years ago, I met a gentleman who had some experience working in the Middle East. He said that the housing schemes in the Middle East are way savvy and better than what we have seen in Canada. I tallied this comment with one of my childhood experiences. I remember visiting a servant’s house in Pakistan; and, I clearly recall feeling stunned in terms of how large the house was. Multiple families lived in that house so it was easy for them to pay the property tax. The house was theirs to keep; and, they said it was very easy to let their family members build and improve portions of this house. I have never observed such stability in Canada. People are stuck handling very boring and lengthy mortgage schemes.

In July 27, 2017, the Trumpet published the article “Canada’s Economy on the Verge of Collapse“. Read this article and you will notice that the first two issues that are mentioned here are the ones that I was made aware by the above-mentioned gentlemen.

Don’t feel scared about how I did this again. I am a Lucid Dreamer and a spiritual woman so there are lots of things about me that don’t fall under the “average” category.

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2 out of 3 Canadians: Lack of Sexual Consent, Pornography, and Sex Trafficking

I have volunteered to help out abused women before; I have a history of being physically, verbally, and sexually assaulted; and, this is why I was not surprised when I read online that 2 out of 3 Canadians do not know what sexual consent means.

I wanted to know why they did not knew about this simple task so I goggled it online. According to HuffingtonPost article, “Two Reasons Canadians Are Confused About Sexual Consent”, which is written by Diane Hill, most Canadians don’t know about sexual consent because of Sexism and Silence. This article further states the following:

They still think “real” men should aggressively pursue sex and “good” women should resist (and eventually give in).

Aggressive behaviour (by men or usual offenders) and resistance (by women or usual victims) are characteristics of rape not sex. Again, I am not surprised to read the implication that most Canadians see sex as rape.

The above article misses the role of porn in creating aggressive behaviour. Porn is actually a much loved concept among Canadians, which is hilarious given how shy and reserved most Canadians appear. I find it shocking to see that most Canadians are heading that way while not attempting to learn about the actual fun associated with courting, obtaining sexual consent, and then forming and maintaining a real relationship.

Pornhub receives over 3.7 million unique visitors in Canada per month, which accounts for 10.6% of the country, and that’s just one porn site! So clearly, there’s a bit of underreporting going on when it comes to Canadians denying their own love of porn. Source: “Canadians Love to Pretend They Don’t Watch Porn” by Justin Ling.

Just one porn site, Pornhub, receives 10.6% of the Canadian population. I realize why some men at one of my previous workplaces were talking about porn so openly—obviously, I moved away from that office pretty soon. So what exactly is pornography doing to change sexual behaviour and harm the partner/spouse? According to Brian Mcneill’s article “How pornography influences and harms sexual behaviour” males who watched porn visualized pornographic images during sex on purpose. OK! If you are experiencing porn and not sex during sexual encounters, then how are you going to read your partner well? How are you going to tell that you are hurting your partner or just having fun?

Furthermore, I think that if pornography is twisting men’s behaviour, then it can cause rape really easily. For example, some porn involves intimate acts after listening to just a little bit of conversation that is not always considered romantic. Correct! If you study a rapist up close, you will see that he/she acts the same way.

We found that exposure to pornography increased dart throwing at human faces, which is correlated with aggressive tendencies….In particular, viewing violent pornography can increase males’ subsequent aggressive behaviour because it portrays a male’s coercive and aggressive behavior against a female victim as being a reward. Source: “Effects of Exposure to Pornography on Male Aggressive Behavioral Tendencies” by Dong-ouk Yang and Gahyun Youn.

Now think about this! Most Canadians are busy watching porn, which is what’s skewing their behaviour. Men are learning to be more aggressive and thus most women have learned to walk away. I have even met some Canadian women who do not want to have any sort of relationship with men due to their history of abuse. So if there are more and more Canadian women who are like this, then obviously men are watching more and more porn. But, that might be adding more force inside their minds. So what do they end up doing? Well! They are then participating in sex trafficking.

When men use pornography, in that process they are trained as tricks. Pornography is men’s rehearsal for prostitution. Source: “The Problem of Demand in Combating Sex Trafficking” by CAIRN INFO.

This above quote now takes us to the Erika Klein’s article “Human Sex Trafficking: Canada’s Hidden Crime”, which was published on The Mantle.

A booming black market industry, earning $32 billion dollars annually, more than the worth of Google, Starbucks and Nike combined. Human trafficking for the purposes of selling sexual acts, also known as sexual terrorism, is the use of illicit sex, violence and threats to intimidate or coerce to the state of fear and submission. It’s a problem worldwide, but it is becoming more widespread in North America, especially in Canada.

So you see why 2 out of 3 Canadians don’t know about sexual consent? So you see their future given that pornography and sex trafficking remain high in Canada?

Perhaps, it helps to know that Canada’s legal system itself is helping these causes. For example, the article “Why police dismiss 1 in 5 sexual assault claims as baseless” by Robyn Doolittle clearly state some flaws in the process used to handle sexual assault allegations.

Every year, an average of 5,500 people are reporting sexual violence to Canadian police, but their cases are dropping out of the system as unfounded long before a Crown prosecutor, judge or jury has a chance to weigh in.

The result is a game of chance for Canadian sex-assault complainants, whose odds of justice are determined not only by the facts of their case, but by where the crime took place, which police force picks up their file, and what officer shows up at their door.

Earlier in my blog, you must have read that I stated that Canada is actually one of the most dangerous countries to live in. Again, you can see why I think so.

“What’s Next?” Does Not Work in Canada.

A lot of Canadians have an odd attitude where they justify and explain things only to benefit themselves. This holds true for workplaces and private lives. Here are some very odd things that I have heard or observed while living in Canada:

1) Friends who tell the victims that they are their close friends and mean her/him well; but, they do not even call to check on them, not even after four years have passed. Know what is a true friend. 

2) Some White people cannot relate well to colored people. When you talk them about something, they sound really off and uneducated. They think they can just scream about things and get away with it. They even work like this. It’s scary to see them living in their own world especially when the Internet is booming with complaints from the coloured Canadian. Maybe, these kind of White people are self-righteous.

3) Rapists who think they have not done anything wrong; and, their victims who have now Stockholm Syndrome are consenting on their own. 2/3 Canadians do not know what sexual consent means. So if you hear a Canadian man saying ill things about some women, then check his brain and behaviour thoroughly. He might just be a rapist or a strong woman abuser. Their deep narcisstic nature helps them shun the victims and everyone else further by lying and complaining. 

4) Sex Trafficking (lethal sex predators who can double personalities work with younger people and even the disabled in the offices) and trafficking of assets through a Glass Ceiling and Workplace violence is a norm. This is worst in some cities and not so obvious in other cities.

5) There is a food crisis going on for years. I heard about this around 10 years ago from a friend. Here is a complaint by Olivier De Schutter who is UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. 

At first glance it is hard to understand how 800,000 households are food insecure in a country as prosperous as Canada, ranked sixth in the Human Development Index (link is external). Scratching the surface, however, innumerable reasons emerge to explain the shocking levels of hunger and malnutrition in the country.

The above-mentioned report was from 2012 and here is another one from 2015. The later report states that more than a million Canadians live without healthy food. 

6) Social Security pays really less and they expect you to pay your rent, grocery, and all the etceteras with $500 or so. But the reality is that it takes around $2000 per month to live decently in Canada.

There are more and more things about Canada that don’t make any sense. Canada is number 24 on the list provided in article “The 30 richest countries in the world”. One of my ex-finances, the one who is from Belgium, got married a long while ago—he must be fully settled now (wealthier than before). He was learning Plumbing in Belgium  around 10 years ago; and, he told me that education is almost free in Belgium. He said that this is why it would be easier for me to study in Belgium and open my own business just like him. I was younger and inexperienced back then. And, I felt that it was not going to work out with him so I did not leave for Belgium. Today, I am looking at this list and it states that Belgium is number 25 on the list. This means it’s a bit poorer than Canada, which is known to lock students in a cycle of student debt (OSAP) and offer a very hard-core expectation gap. 

“What’s Next?” does not work in Canada because Canadian government is locking funds away from people and creating an exceptionally wide Rich-Poor Gap.

I landed in Canada in 1997 so all of the stuff that I have described above is coming from experience or by listening to another fellow Canadian. Canada is one of the most wronged country in the world.

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Canada’s Double Glass Ceiling: Where Should Canadian Women Go?

Below are some interesting facts of my life that made me think about what exactly is going on in Canada and whether Canadian women should seek to stay in Canada or move away to some other country:

  1. I was an extrovert and was very well-integrated in the society before I came to Canada. I felt that I became very quiet and reserved while living here; and, nobody bothered to find out about me until I came out of this ordeal on my own.
  2. As a Technical Writer, I have to sometimes work in the Tech sector. I am finding that there are less women who work with men in the Tech sector; and, there are more women who are complaining about being mistreated while finding work.
  3. There are times when I see Canadian students give more attention to a lame comment by a male student than to a more informed comment by a female student. Some of them do not bother to attempt to learn why the male student’s comment can easily be regarded as dumb. After graduating and getting a great job, these students are going to actively under-represent women in the workforce.
  4. Because I am an ENFP and thus very friendly and easy-going, I get to hear a lot of personal aggravations every other day from almost everyone.
  5. I have been abused multiple times by men during the interview. This abuse goes from asking me to visit too many times or asking me questions about my religion and culture when I am already too stressed. Most of this abuse was reported to the correct authorities.

According to Marina Glogovac’s article “The challenge for women to smash the glass ceiling”, which was published on The Globe and Mail in 2016, only 0.32% of the female participants of the Canadian labor force (48%) find a job in senior management.

In the 2016 Statista article “Which countries have the most women in senior management?”, Niall McCarthy does not list Canada in the top ten or the bottom ten countries that have the most women in senior management. However, the writer lists Indonesia and China in the top ten list and Turkey and India in the top bottom list.

According to the IT World Canada’s article “Women are seriously under-represented in the Canadian tech sector and it’s not improving: new report”, which was written by Mandy Kovacs in 2017, women are under-represented in the Tech sector. Read my personal experience, point 2.

According to a 2015 article “The Countries with the Most Women Managers Worldwide”, which was published on Expert Market and authored by Jared Keleher, US and Canada don’t make the list of top 10 countries that mostly hire and protect senior female executives. Canada is number 36 in this list, below Jamaica and Philippines.

According to the CNBC article “Companies with more female executives make more money—here’s why. 2018”, which was published by Yoni Blumberg in 2018,  gender diversity enhances a company’s performance—by the way, this article shares the picture of Facebook’s CEO, Sheryl Sandberg, who resembles the Indian actress, Alia Bhatt.

A profitable firm at which 30 percent of leaders are women could expect to add more than 1 percentage point to its net margin compared with an otherwise similar firm with no female leaders,” the report notes. “By way of comparison, the typical profitable firm in our sample had a net profit margin of 6.4 percent, so a 1 percentage point increase represents a 15 percent boost to profitability.

In one of the oldest religions, Islam, female business professionals are given a lot of weight. For instance, Lady Khadija (Prophet Mohammad’s first wife) was one of the wealthiest Arab trader and many female industry leaders were created through her although we don’t have a complete documentation of these other women.

Now, let me give you a cool hint about myself. Many women of my household are senior executives or business professionals. I inherited great business guts this way. This is why when I get severe gut feelings about where my male relatives should be investing and from where they should be removing their money. Every time I tell them that something is wrong with an investment of theirs, then something turns out wrong even years afterwards. This mostly happens with my close relatives and friends. It is also true that sometimes I think and compute like regular humans and other times I get way ahead too fast—when I become different, I clearly hear a voice telling me something and I clearly state that something is wrong.

Here is another hint about my intelligence. Several years ago, a friend of mine—a well-respected Canadian lawyer—briefly discussed the conditions of Canadian women and left the decision of helping out in my hands. I decided to move forward on my own and started discussing and implementing his brain child, “Buddy Program”.  I investigated totally on my own and reported on my blog several times that something was really wrong. I followed my gut feeling again; and, this time I beat the Canadian Feds (see Global News article “New survey details widespread harassment in Canada’s workplaces”) because they had more tools, resources, and access than I did! They only posted this article in 2017; and, I made my conclusions before that by reviewing my personal experiences, talking to mostly women, and reading articles only. You can see a print screen of my older blog, Writer’s Dojo. I wrote my first article about the “Buddy Program” in 2016.


In conclusion, finding a great management job in Canada is pretty tough. A lot of times I am triangulated in a very deceptive manner by multiple individuals so that they may break me down. I am sure that the same is happening to the other Canadian women. I strongly feel that the Canadian women can either fight this oppression or they can desert the Canadian men and flee for a better country. See “18 of the Best International Recruitment Agencies in Canada”.

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About Canadian Workplaces: I Was Telling You The Truth!

You must have read my previous posts about how I feel abused while working in Canada and how deeply I regret my decision of coming to Canada.

Some Canadian Workplaces Are Very Abusive Towards Women

Workplace Harassment and Racism Causes Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

Canada Offers a Facade to Its Citizens

Do Canada’s Rules About Employee Harassment Apply to Minorities?

Framing and Misuse of the Canadian Muslim Women

Just today, I found a video on Global News that discusses how Canada has a really big issue that is disrupting her economy; namely, Workplace Harassment.  The video is discussing results of a large survey (90,000 participants) that was recently run by the federal government.  Half of the survey participants reported that they were being harassed, which should tell you about the manner of conduct inside many Canadian workplaces. A good survey has to be representative of the population: the large size of the survey; reliable and detailed statistics; independent source like the federal government; and, how my story is tying in on its own tells you that many or perhaps most Canadian workplaces are unsafe for serious-minded and talented individuals, especially women.

Here is another video about this.

I am documenting everything; and, I intend to share some of my personal traumatic experiences with the rest of the world through my novel, “She The Mirror”.  Just recently, I even tried approaching a Muslim man to help me out; but, he was so ill-informed and uneducated that he tried doubting and questioning me first. He almost made it look like that perhaps I was at fault—he isn’t the first man I have permanently blocked from all my online accounts, cellphone, and life. This is true of most men regardless of their religion and culture—the Global News video clearly shares that mostly its the women who are being abused. In conclusion, you will become very invisible if you are a woman who is trying to work and settle in Canada.

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