“What’s Next?” Does Not Work in Canada.

A lot of Canadians have an odd attitude where they justify and explain things only to benefit themselves. This holds true for workplaces and private lives. Here are some very odd things that I have heard or observed while living in Canada:

1) Friends who tell the victims that they are their close friends and mean her/him well; but, they do not even call to check on them, not even after four years have passed. Know what is a true friend. 

2) Some White people cannot relate well to colored people. When you talk them about something, they sound really off and uneducated. They think they can just scream about things and get away with it. They even work like this. It’s scary to see them living in their own world especially when the Internet is booming with complaints from the coloured Canadian. Maybe, these kind of White people are self-righteous.

3) Rapists who think they have not done anything wrong; and, their victims who have now Stockholm Syndrome are consenting on their own. 2/3 Canadians do not know what sexual consent means. So if you hear a Canadian man saying ill things about some women, then check his brain and behaviour thoroughly. He might just be a rapist or a strong woman abuser. Their deep narcisstic nature helps them shun the victims and everyone else further by lying and complaining. 

4) Sex Trafficking (lethal sex predators who can double personalities work with younger people and even the disabled in the offices) and trafficking of assets through a Glass Ceiling and Workplace violence is a norm. This is worst in some cities and not so obvious in other cities.

5) There is a food crisis going on for years. I heard about this around 10 years ago from a friend. Here is a complaint by Olivier De Schutter who is UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. 

At first glance it is hard to understand how 800,000 households are food insecure in a country as prosperous as Canada, ranked sixth in the Human Development Index (link is external). Scratching the surface, however, innumerable reasons emerge to explain the shocking levels of hunger and malnutrition in the country.

The above-mentioned report was from 2012 and here is another one from 2015. The later report states that more than a million Canadians live without healthy food. 

6) Social Security pays really less and they expect you to pay your rent, grocery, and all the etceteras with $500 or so. But the reality is that it takes around $2000 per month to live decently in Canada.

There are more and more things about Canada that don’t make any sense. Canada is number 24 on the list provided in article “The 30 richest countries in the world”. One of my ex-finances, the one who is from Belgium, got married a long while ago—he must be fully settled now (wealthier than before). He was learning Plumbing in Belgium  around 10 years ago; and, he told me that education is almost free in Belgium. He said that this is why it would be easier for me to study in Belgium and open my own business just like him. I was younger and inexperienced back then. And, I felt that it was not going to work out with him so I did not leave for Belgium. Today, I am looking at this list and it states that Belgium is number 25 on the list. This means it’s a bit poorer than Canada, which is known to lock students in a cycle of student debt (OSAP) and offer a very hard-core expectation gap. 

“What’s Next?” does not work in Canada because Canadian government is locking funds away from people and creating an exceptionally wide Rich-Poor Gap.

I landed in Canada in 1997 so all of the stuff that I have described above is coming from experience or by listening to another fellow Canadian. Canada is one of the most wronged country in the world.

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Colour and Crime

Canada’s definition of crime is based on colour. A lot of coloured people who come to Canada do not know this until they are faced with the truth during their stay in Canada. Canada rips money from very wealthy immigrants. Why do you think that Medical Specialists who come to Canada are left working inside Tim Hortons or McDonald’s while most of the easy jobs like those found in Journalism go to the White people? They tell coloured people or immigrants that they are welcome here; but, this is done by using their money to run the Canadian economy while ensuring that coloured people or immigrants have trouble living stable and safe lives in Canada. All of this falls under systemic abuse that’s offered by the Canadian system and the people. Minorities are always being told that they should be doing more work to get that job but the Canadian system offers services and jobs mostly to the White people. This is another example of how Canada’s legal system promotes and expects Hyper-Responsibility. I think back to the dehumanization of Africans that’s depicted in the novel “Heart of Darkness” every time I analyze how coloured people are brutalized in Canada─perhaps, coloured people aren’t considered fully human and this whisper is somehow always there. Everyone knows that inequality and poverty is linked to crime. And, everyone knows that compartmentalization creates poverty through isolation.. Thus, everyone knows how some coloured people are suffocated till they become real criminals. Thus, Crime of Colour is like how Hilary Clinton admitted that US created Al Qaeda/ISIS but nobody talks about this by using the mainstream media─I hope these people don’t get to China as well and create their own “Khun Cha Terrorist Group”.  These people don’t wish to fully integrate and listen to other cultures’ viewpoints simply because their rules might be superior in many ways. For instance, pornography is forbidden in Islam but that’s eating most of the Westerners alive; another example is how mental exertion is very much discouraged in Islam, but the digital age is forcing this heroin on almost every Western child; another thing that’s being hidden from the eyes of some unsuspecting Westerners is that Islam does not allow abuse of prisoners of war or unarmed civilians during armed conflicts; and, the last example is how Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) used to prescribe honey as treatment for stress and depression but most of the Westerners are subjected to lethal anti-depressants.

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Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.