Born Different

I was born with very large eyes (see my pic at end), which is how it is very easy for me to use Visualization techniques to attach spirits to my body, activate dreams, and activate telepathy.

In one of the scenes from the movie Wanted (Viewer Discretion advised), Wesley kills many gang members instead of just one and he does so by coming out of nowhere; i.e. jumping through a glass window. If you were to run your dream world while surrounding the victim you are trying to protect, you will easily be able to nail multiple abusers given that there are really that many abusers.

Next dream technique involves learning where you stand in the dream, which is what defines your scope of vision. You can run the dreams as outsiders or as insiders who are openly communicating with dream characters that are involved in a case you are trying to solve─in the movie, Wanted, Fox manages to kill several members of a gang by curving a bullet while standing in a circle along with other members of the gang.  Dreams can deliver the same end result if you learn “how to stand where” and “do exactly what in your dream”. Things as simple as dancing can shed a huge light on a crime case.

Another thing you can do is teach the victim how to play the Sender Signal through prayers, meditations, and even dreams. The woman I protected knew how to play the Sender Signal and sometimes she was doing this without fully realizing that she was running the classic psychic and dream signals. The signals can be weak ones but it is still possible to read them. A friend of mine somehow ran some weak Sender Signals through my brain while I was asleep. After comparing the signals I received from both of them, I know that the signal strength depends on spirituality and emotional and mental strength of the Sender as well as the Receiver. If you have a Signal Receiver at your end, then make sure you are bonding with them. A lot of Lucid Dreamers react strongly and appropriately if they have been engaged properly and according to their emotional and mental needs. This is because they are very gentle people and it is thus very easy to tune them out simply by ignoring a couple of opportunities to have tea with them.

Last thing you need to do is learn how to interact with your Dark and Light figures. I have a Dark figure in my life that’s very protective of me. His name is “Dark Giant” and it responds very well to my prayers. And, there is a Light figure in my life that appears when I am very sleepy or tired. You should learn about both of yours. I think this is why Islam refers to humans as superior to Angels, Jinn, or any other creature.

When I became the Knight of the Flying Carpet, I ended up nailing a gang of men who were harming a woman. I didn’t realize it was a gang until I started learning how to use my lucid dreams properly.

What is different about you? Try finding that. You will notice that you can sharpen only some of your human senses easily because only some senses are more advanced than the rest.

Justice is Blind meaning I am Sleeping. 🙂


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Proof of Link Between The Key of Solomon and Lucid Dreaming

I have always felt that the Key of Solomon is somehow and to some extent linked to Lucid Dreaming.  There are several other Prophets from the Abrahamic faiths who knew and applied this knowledge but most people tend to ignore the DreamWorld as fabric of one’s imagination—what these prophets are doing differently is that they are whispering their wishes (channeling their mental or physical energy) to One God and not the other humans or themselves.

Now, let us move towards understanding how the Jinn intersect with our dimensions. In one of her YouTube videos, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, hints to the fact that the Shadow Figures are actually the Jinn. I wrote this imaginary dialogue to help readers understand my way of analyzing some of the information that was provided by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. As you read this dialogue, you will notice that I didn’t fail to mention the fact that I am using prayers to control my dreams, mood, and knowledge. My blog post “An Enigma: Realm of Jinns and Lucid Dreamers” talks about how the Qareens—the entities that are known to be born with humans and exist in a parallel dimension—tie into the Lucid Dreamscape. One of my personal experiences offer me a very strong glimpse into this parallel dimension. I had this lucid dream when I was just a teenager. I saw two very sinister and dark figures standing near my bed and looking at me as if they were my parents; but, I could sense that they were vicious entities who must be controlled and that my parents are different kind of people. They weren’t my parents, they were just some sorts of entities that came out of nowhere. I started praying the moment one of the dark entities, the female entity, suddenly flew towards me and tried to enter my mind through my forehead. I felt pressure on my body and I knew that it was a sleep paralysis but at the same time I felt that my prayers were controlling and scaring the Shadow figures. Thus, I concluded that the jinn can easily connect with people during sleep paralysis and lucid dreams. I reached this conclusion while I was just a teenager. As I matured, I received more normal visions of my parents that match their actual description. Now that I am reaching my 40s, I have actually been sitting and analyzing both descriptions of my parents from my dreams and it has become clear that those two entities weren’t my parents.

For some very odd reason, I felt that I was still lacking some kind of proof even after I finished my above quest and even after I wrote so many of these articles. Obviously, I prayed and fell asleep thinking about the idea that God will help me solve this queer issue. Just recently, I found this video where a German man talks about how he controlled Dark Shadows (Jinn) with the help of prayers, which he issued while awake and asleep. Thus, I ended up reaffirming the conclusion that the Key of Solomon carried certain prayers that allowed King Solomon to control the jinn and perhaps even angels—I  mean think about it! when you are controlling the jinn, then you are somehow controlling the angels who are somehow associated with the jinn.

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Projecting Yourself Forward

Just last week, I was waiting at an intersection. The Pedestrian sign came on and I started crossing the street. Then, I looked up and threw my soul out of my forehead while focusing on the sign. The Wait sign flashed in my eyes several moments before it actually appeared. I clearly felt that the energies present in Ottawa were more clearer than the ones I have experienced before. This is why it was easier for me to bring the future to the present and then allow it to flow back to the future. This is why I have formed a final conclusion that the future exists in the same slot as the present except that we are unable to see it due to the dimension our soul is attached to. If you project yourself out of your body, you will see that that is the real answer. By the way, prayers act the same way. This is why almost everyone can feel deluded about whether their prayers are getting answered or not.

Yoohoo! Another psychic technique has been successfully completed. Below is an image of what exactly I have learned. The rest of my thoughts and ideas will be published me in my first book.


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I am Clairaudient and Clairvoyant

I wake up early in the morning and start listening to songs in YouTube. Music is one of the loveliest things in my life. I can daydream like hell if I see some cute Middle Eastern people because their minds are really that lucid and pretty—you should definitely attempt this and I got no idea what kind of heaven will just open up inside your brain. I can read into people easily as long as I am tuned in. I also hear music that comes from people and this is regardless of tuning in or tuning out. This music is very warm and it rings inside my ears and brain like a real melody. Lastly, I get very vivid lucid dreams. I have been like this since I was a kid but I never trained myself fully because my brain is really that vast and it is very difficult to satisfy its needs—even my close friends, peers, and teachers notice this about me, which is why they respect and love me.

I got these techniques from the web and I got so excited when the descriptions matched what I have been experiencing.

11 Signs You Might be Clairaudient
Signs You’re a Clairvoyant Psychic

I plan to study all the techniques slowly. Right now, I know only some of the Lucid Dreaming and Psychic techniques. Apparently, there are more and more of these interesting techniques. Currently, I am reviewing information made available by HowToLucid and Anna Sayce.


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Reading into Layered Personalities

Some personalities are very layered and its very hard to read into them. For instance, people whose faces seem different from different angles, sometimes soft and sometimes firm, usually have layered personalities. That means they are both hard and soft in nature, which is how psychics can get sometimes confused.

To understand their psychic readings, learn how to use multiple pictures and view the faces and environment from different angles. What can possibly aid you in reading this are the books that cops use to recognize facial features and the things that might have taken place at a crime scene. This will help you somehow although I don’t know how exactly it will do this. I learn from my example because there are certain things I do differently than the rest of the humans due to my high levels of stereodepth vision. For instance, I can easily read how the back of the head or neck is shaped differently for each person even if these appear very similar. Once, I recognized one of my cousins while he was walking in a crowd by looking at his neck only. Maybe, eye exercises will help you improve your stereodepth vision as well as your Horus.

Reading faces from different angles is important because there is more depth and intensity to various aspects of their personalities. The best way that I have found about reading such subjects is to ignore the person and read the vibe that becomes apparent around them. These lovely humans have a stronger envelope of energy around them. Focus your Horus (inner eye) on the surrounding energy, my child, and read without feeling restraint. Remember that this category of humans can very easily read into the best psychics. They can do this by reviewing only a couple of your writings or a bit of your personality. In essence, you are reading into your real competition if you are reading into this kind of individuals. Lastly, their strong vibes actually allow the psychics to open them during lucid dreams.

You will find the answer easily this way. Remember that layered personalities can be reviewed with the help of the one who is blind to their presence. I know all this because I have only two people like this: one of them is a well-known American professor who is still alive and well and the second is Sun Lutang.

All this is easy if you want to! I can do this because one of my code name is Fractal. Learn what you are and you will bend the universe your way given that you cannot bend it my way. As you proceed with your personal quest, remember to improve your multiple senses.


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Psychic Replacements

Psychic replacements are done while reading someone or while healing a damaged memory. I learned this trick the hard way. After my car accident, I had to take Trauma Relief Therapy to improve my mood and rehabilitation. My Councillor taught me to focus on a person or a thought I have loved to adore, and just think about them for a bit. I tried this therapy while handling my pain and my mind experienced an indescribable ecstasy as I imagined rowing the boat with my best mates. Despite my trauma, I easily felt a mystical and euphoric energy releasing itself from my trapped mind.

Some years later, I learned a psychic technique that psychics like Anna Sayce use and teach. This technique involves using the thought of someone else to figure out who a given figure reminds you of. The rest of the method involves allowing the thoughts to just flow in any direction they wish to go. It works out really well this way.

Always Believe in the Supernatural and Spiritual realm. And don’t feel worried about losing this game because there is nothing to lose. If your and your subject’s mental energies intersect, then you can sketch more than what you have ever imagined. But, if the mental energies get blocked through someone else’s energy or any other Supernatural or Spiritual factor, then you will catch less.

Enjoy yourself by using the Conglomeration!

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I Love My Eyes

My eyes are really large and dark because of high levels of stereodepth that’s in my veins. I use the same vision to create my 3 D dreams that run just like real life or movies. Just a note before you examine my eyes closely: I don’t wear anything artificial inside my eyes and my contact lens are colorless.

Look at them when I am really happy.

Now, look at them when I am very sober. The glitter completely dissapears. This is why everyone finds my face very confusing. 

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About My Stereodepth Vision

Originally Published On Dec 4, 2017

I have a very high level of stereodepth vision that was tested in one of the research labs at the University of Toronto, Canada─look, my eyes are different. I find it really odd that this is one of the two research studies I ever participated in. At that time, I was not a full-fledged lucid neither did I had any idea what the terms “lucid dream” or “stereodepth vision” meant.

I have thought really hard about what really alarmed and surprised the professor that day about my test results. And, I have realized something vital: High level of Stereodepth vision is linked to Lucid Dreaming—Professor’s research has nothing to do with my proposed hypothesis though. 


Has this ever been proven or is this a new research hypothesis? I do not know this yet because I haven’t yet been able to spare time to research relevant data in favor or opposition of this hypothesis. But, this is on my table and I will try to present relevant information in the course about Lucid Dreaming, which I am slowly designing.

Meanwhile, you can learn how to improve your Stereodepth Vision. Read the following two articles:

How Do I Exercise for Increased Depth Perception?
Eye Exercises Might Boost Fine Depth Perception
What is Depth Perception and How Important is it?

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Feeling a Little Frightened

I have seen jinns a couple of times while I was wide awake and focused─sometimes those around me have also reported seeing something weird and shadowy.  Twice, I saw these entities while visiting haunted places. It’s a bit creepy because we don’t usually suspect these entities to roam in our dimension. Nevertheless, these experiences are a bit entertaining because we get to notice how they appear to us and how they react to us.

Once, I was sitting with a friend of mine when both of us were startled as we saw a white blanket-like entity standing at the entrance of his room. My friend screamed and jumped towards me for help, and I started praying like crazy. The white entity disappeared as I held my friend’s head and prayed for both of us.

It is a bit scary to watch all of this but we really can’t control their visits to our world. Read “Types of Jinn” by the Seven Worlds.


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