What My Gut Feelings Told Me About Canada’s Role in Iraq’s War

I sometimes receive very strong gut feelings about certain things. I believe this ability is based on what exactly is being polished through dreams. I have received dreams of war zones before. In one dream, I felt kind of awake and I asked about the White House. Soon, I kind of saw a dark place where walls were filled with blood; perhaps, I just heard the voice say it and not saw this. I think I felt I saw a woman who was crying for help; but, I never really saw it and only felt this. I woke up after this. This one was kind of confusing; but, I fully realized it was telling me the truth. Of course! I had read about the atrocities conducted by US before; but, watching this through a dream is a very unique and intense experience.

This odd game does not end here. When Canada told everyone that they won’t go into Iraq because UN advised against it, I felt glad thinking about it. I used to not think about this; and, then I used to struggle to think about this. Sometimes while thinking rather deeply about Canada’s role in Iraq as well as how it connects with America, I used to get this deep feeling that we shouldn’t trust what Canada says because Canada usually sides with America when no one is watching. Today when I asked myself about Canada’s role in Iraq, I heard the same voice. So I investigated this and found out a new article, “Canada in Iraq : The Hidden War“, which was published in 2015.

OK! So I was right again.

I had the same queer gut feeling when Obama was being elected. I just decided not to side with him when some of my acquaintances were running to America to help Obama in his campaign. Later, after his election, people found out how Obama dropped bombs in some countries. Read “America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to Obama’s reign“.

I get such gut feelings sometimes. Once I prevented a kidnapping when I was a child by using these voices. Another time, I had a dream about Mulder (David) & Scully (Gillian) around the time the 25th anniversary of X-files was going to take place.


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How My Detective Self Sometimes Work

Well! I am just like a real detective simply because I can spy while I am awake or asleep. Sometimes, some stuff just gets stuck in my mind and it nudges at me differently than the rest. For instance, I have watched only some videos of Indian actress of Sushmita Sen; but, after watching a particular dance video, I realized pretty soon that I was looking at a dilemma of some sort. I felt that the actress had a much stronger gravity than what the video was trying to depict. So I researched her and found an article about her on the official website of Miss Universe. According to this article, Sushmita Sen was elected the 43rd Miss Universe in  1994; she has also acted as an entrepreneur; and, she has received the “Peacemakers of the World, Osaka, Japan” award. Notice how quickly I catch data that interests me! This is how I have met so many heroes during my sleep. I guess this ability makes me a hero as well!


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My Psychic Experiences With My 1 Year Old Niece “Myah”

My niece is 1 year old now. I mostly receive sensations from her when I think about her. When she is away, I sometimes receive strong feelings that she misses being held by me. These are very light vibes/rays of energy that I can sense whenever I am thinking about her and even when she is not near me.

Before she was born, I dreamt that my younger brother and his wife had a baby. I believe that in my dream she was playing on a slide with my brother while my sister-in-law waited at the end of the slide for them. I also saw them leave together with the baby.

I have talked with some of my family members as well as online about how I saw her before she was born. See post published on Oct 29, 2018. Oh! I deleted one post because I got scared of how I predicted something about the baby. Later, I gave up on this irrational fear because I had already safely shared my thoughts with some of my family members. I repeated what scared me on the tweet (second one here) I made on Oct 10, 2018.

I said that she looked like a boy. Now, check out her face (first picture). She looks just like my younger brother (the kid in the center, second picture).

My niece “Myah”.
Starting from left to right: Me (Arzoo); one of my younger brothers (father); my older brother

Don’t you love telepathy that takes place between relatives and loved ones? I have been receiving telepathic signals from “Myah” before she was born. Scientific research points to the fact that babies exhibit brainwaves that are similar to those seen during the REM sleep while they are still in the womb. Read article “Do Babies Dream?” I now wonder if those dreams about a certain guy I met at “The Parliament of World’s Religions” are actually predictions of the future? Dunno yet! Well, back to “Myah”. Check out how I spend quality time with my adorable angel. Read “My Niece ‘Myah’“.

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Why I Believe Telepathy Is Natural?

I had a bizarre day today because I had multiple telepathic encounters. The way I can tell that it’s telepathy is because my mind becomes open and then it stays open towards this phenomenon for a bit. I can imagine a creative brainwave of that sort. This brainwave shuts down when my brain needs to relax.

I had to travel around a bit today by using the buses. I sat in one of the front seats of my bus and played with my cell for a bit. All of a sudden, I had the urge to move to the back. When I got to the very last seat, I sat down and started looking outside the window. Next, I had the urge to just turn my body a bit towards the front so that I may easily turn my head in that direction as well. This is when I saw an old Brown male sitting with his cellphone on the seat and between his legs. He had placed it there and then forgotten it. The bus jerked; and, I noticed his cellphone shake. It was about to fall down when I told the man that he should pick up his cell. He thanked  me as he hastily grabbed his phone.

Then on the next bus, I chose one of the last seats again. I had another interesting encounter this time. A drunk man walked towards me and sat down. He said hello to me so I said hello back. I had a bad feeling the second I saw him so I decided not to talk to him. Pretty soon, I noticed that he was hiding a large bottle of beer under his jacket. He needed to rant so he told me what he does to make a living as well as his ethnic background. I won’t be discussing everything here because it would be unethical to do so. However, I will bring up some relevant points. He said that he works for the military and that he has participated in warfare in Afghanistan and Somalia. He then quickly showed me all the scars he had, which included several marks on his face, back of head, knuckles, and hand. Then he asked me where I am from. I told him that I am Canadian instead of sharing my ethnic background—you see I had a bad feel about him the second I saw him. After hearing my reply he cheered up and said that he liked it. He then stated that the new religion is “One Religion” or “No Religion”. He said that when he fights, he knows that other guys are always the losers. Then he said that Christopher Columbus discovered America. I smiled at his comments because I had decided just to listen to him without engaging. After this, he joked: “But, there was an Indian man who also discovered America. Tell me his name.” I told him that I don’t know anything about this person. He mumbled something really fast. It sounded like an Indian name, “Binder” something. I exclaimed in surprise so he clarified: “There is no such person. It’s a joke. I said ‘Been there, done that.’ ” His commentary clearly showed that he was expressing opinions of his social group. Read article “Why people believe in conspiracy theories – and how to change their minds“.

Let me end this story here. All this started a while ago when a friend of mine told me that some people who work in the military have a very racist and demeaning attitude. At that point, I thought that this is something one can understand more easily after observing it up close. Some years after this conversation, I experienced this particular encounter.

Did you notice that we cannot tell if the second event is peculiar in nature if we cannot see how the first event enfolded? I had the urge to sit at the back during the first incidence; and, I repeated this action so that the second event occurred. Truth is that I had a third telepathic encounter soon after the second one: I found the washroom even when I was hoping to wait before relaxing myself and roaming around to check out a specific office at first floor when my appointment was at the second floor. Again, I had the urge to wander at the first floor instead of running upstairs to the second floor. Can you now clearly see that telepathy is a very camaflouged phenomenon. If outsiders were observing me, they would just think that I am strolling around on purpose or that I am lost. But, that is not what’s going on in my mind. Reality is that when I viewed the board where all the numbers were listed, the room number for the office that was at the first floor kept popping up for some reason—I was inside a building I have never visited before.

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I Can Brainwash Myself!

I discovered something new about myself yesterday. I was very sick yesterday; and, I had to sleep a lot to recover. I got bored of lying in my bed, so I started recording things in my recorder. My head clicked in the right direction because before I recorded something that felt graphic to me, I imagined a fantasy story about a King who falls in love with a rather ordinary woman. These interesting fantasy stories are the reason why my head did not hit in the wrong direction. Because I have high levels of Stereodepth Vision—this was tested in a lab at University of Toronto—I see actual images inside my mind while I imagine a story, a possible scenario, or reality. I believe that the fact that I am a lucid dreamer also plays a critical role in helping me achieve this. Cool thing is that I can do this while I am awake or asleep. When I imagine fantasy stories, my mind releases some chemicals that have a strong and immediate influence on my mood. This is how I recorded the second, more painful recording, which is about discrimination.

I once saved a woman from stalkers; I am sure other women would have puked before entertaining this idea. I have saved 5 women this way; sometimes, I am using telepathy to do this. The fact that I can brainwash myself helps me move forward so that I may be able to help others. This is why its easy for me to run “Forgotten Femmes” for abused women.


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My Lucid Family

My Lucid family is very large and smart. I have always received clear dream signals from some of my family members, friends, and heroes/heroines. Some of my family members also get similar signals, which is how I know that this ability is genetic in my case—can’t wait to find the right guy and have kids who will be geniuses like me. What I love about my lucid family is that they actually introduce me to their friends. This is how my family increases in size every time I connect with someone I can genuinely love and appreciate.

Sometimes, just before falling asleep or while asleep, I clearly hear some sort of voices that tell me that they are voices of friends of this particular friend or hero/heroine. A few times, when I was almost asleep as well as when I was fast asleep, I played with the dog of one of my favourite authors. Another time, I travelled with and talked to child of one my favourite speakers; in another dream, I held an infant who belonged to this particular speaker in my lap. In yet another lucid encounter I attended the engagement of the aforementioned speaker; later, I checked his social media page only to learn that he has recently engaged. I have also used my dreams to play board games with a refugee child who lived in a shelter that’s based in Ottawa—he told me this about himself. Sometimes, during the day when I visit social media accounts of my favourite people, I hear voices of some of their friends—voices tell me that is who they are. Other times, I hear convincing voices that my friends really want me to perform at their events—so far this ability has clicked well with two well-known event planners. Last but not least, sometimes spirits of my fans get attached. Once I dreamt of an African girl drawing something with chalk outside my room; I was thinking about a specific fan—I have seen her online only—while I fell asleep so I think this child spirit was attached to her.

I can do this all because I can sometimes enter pictures and scenes without fully realizing it. Obviously, I sometimes also hear voices when one of the friends of my friends/heroes/heroines get injured or worried. Remember not to escape once friends of your friends/heroes/heroines invite you to their world. If you have already entered even a tiny portion of their psyche, then consider this as permission to continue your lucid relationships.

So now you have learned a bit about my lucid family. I cannot wait until you make one for yourself as well! Go slow with this; and, make sure to keep practicing lucidity once you have learned how to do this. Don’t get frustrated if you become rare due to this—I know that it’s not easy to be rare!

To understand yourself and the rest fully, you must learn through real experience like I did to overcome your psychic numbing—type and intensity of trauma and IQ can both cause numbing if you have not learned what to do next. I overcome the trauma caused by my deepest thoughts and the fact that I recieve these best moments while I am alone by buying something my friends have to offer; by spending time with some of them in real life; or by visiting their social media accounts.

The first line of Lord Byron’s poem “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage” means that there is more fun doing things that others don’t do. I think Lord Byron meant “unique activities” by “pathless woods”. Obviously you are gonna roam more if the woods don’t have a carved path. 

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An Incredible Lucid Dream With False Awakenings and Three Details That Came True Instantly

A fun aspect of lucid dreams that I have been noticing for quite some while is that figures of my family members appear and then I end up receiving great fortune during the day. One example of this phenomenon is the sudden appearance of a long-lost uncle of mine. Every time he appears, I get something good like a gift from relatives or strangers; this has happened twice during dreams; I love him a lot so I also have to block his thoughts a bit to survive. I feel that his will that I should be happy was attached not only in my mind but also in the universe. This is why I receive blessings from him even after he died. Are these just precognitive dreams where I am using my uncle as a signal; or, are these actually signals from my uncle. According to rules of Quantum Theroy, souls don’t die.

Today, I had a dream that had false awakenings during which I knew I was still asleep and not awake. At the beginning, I saw shadow figure of what appeared like my younger sibling visit my room. She walked into my closet where my prayer books, Quran, and Bible are. She went in there and then she came out; she went in there twice.

I was feeling physically sick during my dream so I tried to get out of my body while one of my arms felt numb and my heart seemed to suffer from an attack of some sort. I tried to get out of my body. I have been reading something related to ongoing genocide of Muslims so my subconscious might be signalling that it’s annoyed about this—at certain times, it runs jokes or satires as well so I know it’s not referring to a real physical issue.

I felt this odd pain and even then I tried to get out of my body. The second I got out, I wanted to fly to America to connect with a particular writer. When I got near my window to exit, I was brutally punched by really strong wind. My soul shivered a bit so I got scared and stepped back in my body. Then I left my body again. Now I was flying way high in the sky. I saw small patches of land coalesced together; it looked like fungus; I could see the green edges and the water surrounding it; I think the land formation shifted a bit, which could be indicating that the scene was changing really quickly. Suddenly, I was shocked as some sort of monster almost came out of the water. This time, I was really near the water so that I may check out what exactly was surfacing. I couldn’t tell if it was an anaconda, an alligator, a shark, or just a submarine. Water waves rippled and bounced around chaotically as something enourmous hit against the water surface; waves contorted and contorted in a pattern that was similar to whatever was underneath the water surface. I was thinking of meeting a writer so was this all part of his thoughts? Was he thinking of taking me out somewhere to entertain me? Or was this just something out of my accelerated thoughts, which tend to reach a specific frequency when I believe someone else is present or when I am anticapting to connect with someone creative. I don’t know what’s the exact answer to this riddle?

Pretty soon, I realized that I could not get to America since its far away and the weather isn’t that friendly. So I went back inside my body. Then I got out of my body again because I wanted more lucid experiences. When I came out of my body, I was now checking out a place that looked a little similar to my place. Somebody had driven outside in a van; one of his male friends was in back of the van. This man looked taller and more muscular than my brother whom he resembled. He saw me and started talking to me rather gently; then he hugged me pretty well. I started feeling so sleepy, peaceful, and rested when he did this. I could easily visualize my brainwaves shifting with his touch. I definitely get like this near some of my close family members, friends, and any individual whom I happen to admire. The most interesting part is that this ability does not scan for physical distance and can be triggered through online encounters as well; another fascinating feature is that this ability does not scan for things like religion and ethnicity before allowing me to fall in love with someone.

As I struggled to wake up, I could see centre of my forehead; and, I was able to see the centre of the forehead of a male too who was sitting somewhere near me.

Now here are three things that happened after I woke up:

  1. It was really windy in Ottawa and even garbage cans were flying around. This is exactly what my soul told me during sleep. Also, the monster that was hitting agains the water surface might also be referring to the rain that started falling today. Some areas on roads and near pavements were flooded today and it was hard to walk there. When I tried getting out of my house, I actually got scared and decided to close the door so that I may feel brave enough to open it again. This is similar to my behaviour during sleep.
  2. I got a call for a part-time job with a great company. The female dream character who resembled my younger sibling and  who visited the place where my prayer books, Quran, and Bible are resting was actually noting this good fortune. Not to forget that I was hired by a Muslim woman, which is why this dream character went near the holy books.
  3. As I struggled to wake up, I could see centre of my forehead; and, I was able to see the centre of the forehead of a male too who was sitting somewhere near me. There was some online activity today by an organization that is run by a rather cool guy. What if the male dream character who hugged me repesented this man? 

So how did all this feel? Incredible, right! Try lucid dreaming at home. You won’t be dissapointed!

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My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman

I have just met CJ Werleman online; and, I have received certain psychic images just before falling asleep and during sleep. I get dreams of only those people who I have somehow accepted in my life—I am using some of CJ’s writings to educate myself on some poetry concepts.

I know that some of these images are very scary although I have been blocking them effectively. Once just before falling asleep, I heard certain sort of voices that made my body jerk in pain. This is because CJ reads into unfair treatment of humans especially Muslims. Another reason for this response is that I am trying to trigger my creativity by reading into some graphic stuff—pain and creativity are inherently linked. My mind and body can handle pain really well because my lucid nature heals me rather quickly (article 1, article 2, article 3, article 4). During one of my lucid dreams, I saw him on a large land that was filled by people; it was so large that it felt more open than an enormous stadium. CJ was walking there on his own feeling very happy about something. The dream emphasized the large number of people and then the size of the land so much so that CJ appeared almost insignificant and difficult to find. I also think that I saw a real place that actually exists on Planet Earth; I strongly feel this was a dream with multiple meanings, which is why I feel that this one also showed me humble nature of CJ Werleman. Thus, CJ Werleman broke through the falsehoods and stereotypes surrounding male leaders. For instance, mainstream media usually shows leaders and heroes as very unrealistically secure, powerful, and destructive entities of some sort. Truth is that humility is one of the most important and most underestimated trait of great leaders. I know this because I have learned this through experience; do you know that I am choosing mentees by looking at their ability to show compassion and care?

My blog post, “Dance of Heroes” provides names of some other heroes I have met through my dreams. I can do this because I was born different; but, I know that other people can open themselves to the lucid training ground through practice. I find lucid dream encounters very interesting because these provide training grounds for my personal growth and development.

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Telepathic Love Signals

Just before falling asleep, my mind becomes very different. I sometimes enter stunning daydreams just before falling asleep. Day before yesterday, just before falling asleep, I started thinking back about a journalist I had just met. All of a sudden, I heard really mesmerizing tunes inside my mind; and, I instinctively understood that it was the music of his thoughts and breath. Read section titled ‘Shadow Figures That Appear As Tunes” of blog post “Shadow Figures of Some Lucid Dreamers or Creatives“.

Today, I thought about all of this and realized that I was receiving telepathic signals that indicate some people including entities really love and admire me. Read article, Tana Hoy’s article “Can Telepathy Be Used To Send Love Signals“.

Here are some of my dreams that indicate that some individuals totally love and respect meI am still unable to fully interpret the actual meaning behind these dream signals.

Entering Someone’s Subconscious Mind

The Date That Almost Blew My Cover!

My Lucid Dream Provides Proof That Men Want To Be Desired

Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreamers Can Get Visions Of And From the Angel of Death

Earthlings that are like Kryptonians

Dance of Heroes

You must read all your dream characters like they are real people; and, you must thank and praise them for their efforts. They actually just tell what the intended subjects are like so make sure to protect the ones these dream characters represent. Love signals can take other forms such as when a dream character warns you  about something;  when a dream character gives you a tour of a place that holds your interest; when a dream character invites you to an event; when a dream character plays games with you like reading you a book; when a dream character saves your life; or, when an entire group dances with the dreamer. All of these previous examples are about my lucid dreams; and, all the characters mentioned in the aforementioned list are based on real humans.

I must comment that daydreaming is very natural ability that some or perhaps all lucid dreamers possess simply because it is linked to higher levels of creativity. Also remember that whatever happens in the world of Lucid Dreaming is actually halal or permissible because owing to its nature, the lucid mind is supposed to absorb more of the “Love” phenomenon. This deeper kind of love actually displays itself during real life relationships. For example, I once prayed for a male bully of mine; and some months after this prayer was issue, he changed into a very loving man. People who have known me up close say there is an “Arzoo Factor” that causes positive changes inside groups or humans.

You should attempt to learn daydreaming, telepathy, or lucid dreaming; and, then you will be able to visualize what I experience on daily basis. Its all very entertaining!


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