Sixth Sense Means Words May Appear On Their Own

Sometimes words just pop out of my mouth to convey a message. This is sixth sense in action!

Yesterday, I received news that one of my older aunts have been hospitalized due to bad health. As I thought more about this news, I started to recite a prayer that is recited at the funeral. I said, “Verily we belong to Allah; and verily to Him, we will return”. Today, in the morning, I received the news that my aunt passed away. It hit me then that I was reciting a relevant prayer yesterday.

This has happened before. For example, when I was writing about my dream about the shooting in Rabbi’s home in Monsey, I said the following while I was awake.

Holy man, you have to stay close to me. No one can help me now (referring to the pain and fear I am experiencing while recalling my dream). But a Holy person can. And, you are a Holy person. Source: Nightmares or Realities: Triggered By The Stabbing Incidence That Took Place At A Rabbi’s Home In Monsey, New York During Hanukkah Celebration.

The victim of this tragic incident, R’ Yosef Neiman, eventually passed away after I had this dream and after I wrote this post. Thus the Holy Man was the guy who was going to say the final prayers at the victim’s funeral.

Thus one must conclude that words flowing out automatically, which is a bit like Automatic Writing, is a key characteristic of Sixth Sense including Telepathy.

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Another Spiritual Encounter: Connecting With Professor Barbara Todish Before Her Death

In April 2019, a user named “Barbara Todish” left a comment (scroll down on the blog post to see comment) on my blog post “Link between Lucid Dreaming and Automatic Writing” about how she wanted her lucid dreams to be transcribed. I called her; and, spoke to her in detail. Later, I found out that she also wanted some of her written essays and articles to be published. Despite my heavy schedule, I agreed to volunteer for her and get her work published. After a bit more communication, I found out that she had brain cancer as well. I also learned that she wanted to give the revenue generated from this publication to one of her brothers.

Now let me tell you the full story about what actually happened. I lost one of my cousins several years ago due to cancer. I cried a lot while talking to him over the phone. He was in the bed and medicated. I remember feeling very shaken when he told me that he experienced pain due to cancer and associated treatments. I felt helpless throughout all this ordeal; and, then he died one day. You know, I heard a voice once concerning his household more than 20 years ago while we were still living in Pakistan and had not moved to Canada.

I heard a voice in my head, “I like him a lot. Tell me more about yourself.” Then I addressed him and started talking to him. This is when I heard another voice, “In this household, you have four cousins not five”. Source: Connecting With My Dead Cousin.

So eventually I learned that this voice told the truth! I did lose him while the other brothers were still alive.

In July 2019, I had a bizarre experience. Some time before Barbara Todish called me to tell me about her cancer, a friend of mine from UK emailed me the link to one of Nashiha Pervin’s video where she briefly discussed benefits of Black Seed oil. I documented this entire incidence to show the timeline in blog post “Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots“.

After the call, I thought back to how my online friend from UK had sent me a link to Nashiha Pervin’s YouTube channel; and, how one of her videos discuss benefits of Black Seed. Then, I googled for info online and found an article that recommends use of Black Seed to treat cancer. Here is this article, “Benefits of black seed oil“. I emailed this article to the American friend who was suffering from cancer at 4:26 pm. Source: Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots.

So to help her out, I not only sent her an article about Black Seed but also mailed her Black Seed pills. It is funny how time wrap ran just before Barbara Todish told me about her cancer! Read “Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots” blog post to get the full story.

While writing this post, I mentioned how I couldn’t have saved my younger cousin from cancer!

Now, here is something that happened way before this incidence. Some years ago, I lost one of my younger cousins due to a particular kind of cancer. I promised him when I talked to him before he died that I will find out how to treat his cancer. That promise was never completed on time because God wanted to take his soul away─Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said that Black Seed can cure everything except death. Source: Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots.

The following two images show the email I sent to Barbara after our telephone conversation on July 14 2019.

You can see Barbara’s email address here:

Fortunately, I was able to submit her work to an American publisher. I was also able to transcribe her dreams; but, I couldn’t finish the transcription because she had to clarify some of the handwritten words. I texted Barbara about what was going on a couple of times; and, then I just waited for her. I waited for her reply for some months. Meanwhile, I waited for the publisher to make a decision. Finally, in Jan 2021, I received a reply back. Unfortunately, her work did not get published.

Reply from the American publisher was sent on Jan 2021.

In May 2020, I sent another detailed message to Barbara through her Facebook account. I received a reply from one of her friends—a rather kind and caring soul—in Jan 2021. He said that Barbara passed away in Mar 2020.

In Jan 2021, I learned that Barbara had passed away. I texted the person who told me about this in Facebook’s Comments section through the Messenger right away. The date shows in the Messenger.

Now here is the interesting part. In April 2020, I wrote blog post Connecting With My Dead Cousin, which discussed a dream I had received about my cousins who lost their younger brother to cancer and how I didn’t see the spirit of this dead individual in this dream. I thought that meant that my soul was at rest about this situation right now!

I wrote this post today because I had a dream about my cousins. I saw only three cousins from that household. They were sitting with my siblings and playing card games. I was in the other room and I actually came to talk to them. They were all very excited to see me. I checked out my cousins and was able to figure out faces of two of them. But, I could not fully see the face of my third cousin. I also wondered where my fourth and fifth (dead cousin) were!

I woke up and realized that my dead cousin’s soul was signalling to me that he is okay in his other world, which is why he is not joining us for games. I feel I have successfully reached a closure. Source: Connecting With My Dead Cousin.

Scary thing is that Barbara passed away in Mar 2020 (see her orbituary); I received the above-mentioned dream in or around Apr 2020; and, I learned that Barbara was not with us anymore in Jan 2021.

I see all this as a message from God!

Next I wanted to clarify if it was safe for me to proceed with attempting to publish her work. And, I was advised that since the author is dead and the author has not given me a written “Power of Attorney” while there is a contentious person in her family (one of her brothers), it is not advisable to proceed. I felt extremely sad after hearing this because I had invested lots of effort in completing the assigned tasks; and, I was also battling a medical condition while I was volunteering for Barbara Todish. I felt compelled to believe that Barbara will stay alive despite all this because she was very optimistic and clear about how she intended to use her energy to heal herself. I really wanted to save her written works; and, then I had another dream months before she actually contacted me where I saw myself swimming to save somebody’s work. I wrote about this in blog post “The Swimmer Who Protected Important Written Material“; this dream helped me focus on my task despite my bad health.

Thus, I decided to discuss the entire incidence here and teach people about Barbara and her works—I made the difficult choice of revealing snapshots of some of my private communication.

Barbara Todish was a Professor, a Motivational Speaker, a Writer, and a Comedian. I never actually read all of her work in detail; but, I did agree with some of her thoughts and opinions. I was particularly impressed with how thoroughly she described identity and its interactions with the society. The saddest thing that I learned about her was that she worked as a prostitute for like 3 months. This is mentioned in the article by CHUO FM 89.1 about The Train’s episode with Barbara Todish; article title is “Banned from academia and from her professional associations for her honesty about the human condition“. The sweetest things about her were that she received lucid dreams just like me; she hated Donald Trump (listen to her poem about Trump) ; and she wanted to be a Professor regardless of how she was being banned from acquiring such a job due to her background as a prostitute. Listen to her podcast “Barbara Todish: UnbelievablePodcast Episode3“. Starting from instance 16:57 she mentions how Donald Trump is not creative enough because he believes in stereotypes; starting from instance 21:10 she states that she has been provoked all her life; and, then at instances 23:23 and 24:00 she begins discussing her “enemies”.

Shockingly, I have been observing from Canada how this American woman is getting abused; and, how her “enemies” made sure to ban her or mistreat her every now and then. So here is a note to Barbara’s “enemies”: “In Islam, we are taught that people plan things; but God, the best planner, plans too”. My second message is to everyone: “Women are at stake here. I believe that Barbara’s death signifies the neglect society offers to women one way or another.”


Barbara Todish’s Curriculum Vitae

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The Social Contract Is A Bully Contract Or A Crime

A Self Validity Contract To Replace The Social Contract: A Manifesto

‘The Social Contract’ IS Torture, To Me, at Least! (on her YouTube channel) (on her YouTube channel)

Barbara Todish at The Comic Strip.m4v (on her YouTube channel)

2011-06-16=CHUO-Train-radio=Barbara-Todish-interview (interview mentioned in article Banned from academia and from her professional associations for her honesty about the human condition)

We Need a Serious Player For the 2012 Role of POTUS

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Barbara Todish: UnbelievablePodcast Episode3

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Warning By Telepathic Voice: UAE’s Mistreatment of Women and Girls

Some years ago, around 2012 or 2013, a trustworthy friend of mine suggested that I should apply to relevant jobs in Dubai, UAE. I thought about this for a while; and, a telepathic voice warned me not to go there. I didn’t think much about all this at that time; instead, I just chose not to throw my resume that way. I remember feeling a bit worried about why my inner voice was tackling me about this. Some years later, I found out how Princess Latifa who is the daughter of a ruler of Dubai was imprisoned by her family members. So I ended up writing a blog post about this; read “Please Help! Princess Latifa Of Dubai Is In Extreme Danger“.

At that point in my life, I was planning to get a job and be married soon. I started thinking after what he said; and, something just kept hitting against my mind like ice cold water. It was the thought: “Don’t go there. Dubai is actually bad for women. It doesn’t show on the surface; but, this is still there. There is a chance of being trapped there as well”. I asked the voice if it was sure; and, it repeated itself. Source: Please Help! Princess Latifa Of Dubai Is In Extreme Danger.

Around a year ago, I came across CJ Werleman online. Over time, I had a couple of very nice dreams about him and his family members. I sometimes receive dreams about my inspirations and their families; read “Surviving COVID19 Lockouts and Pandemic By Using Lucid Dreams“. Today, I reviewed one of CJ’s articles and found an answer that further validates why I heard this voice several years ago. Read article “Israeli Sex Tourists Exacerbate UAE’s Human Trafficking Nightmare“.

…many human rights experts believe the overwhelming majority to be coerced and often lured to the country on the promise of alternative employment. Source: CJ Werleman, “Israeli Sex Tourists Exacerbate UAE’s Human Trafficking Nightmare“.

I believe that responsible individuals should learn more about how UAE is trafficking humans. According to United Nation’s article “Report: Majority of trafficking victims are women and girls; one-third children“, mostly women and girls are usually trafficked. Make sure to take some action to resolve this ongoing issue. Start by participating in CJ Werleman’s “Stop Human Trafficking” campaign; see tweet here.

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

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Listening To The Night

Note: This is a detailed description of some of my actual experiences that occur in the night.

In the night, the music of my mind and body becomes markedly unusual. I quietly listen to the changing sounds of the night and enjoy how its inexplicable tunes seep through me undeterred. I allow myself to drift from one thought to another without capturing anything in writing. I conjure the energy fields of those I have genuinely loved and willingly or hesitantly fall inside it—I understand my clear yet childlike spirit. The night becomes more spirited; and, then I feel primed to review its strongest features. I close my eyes and stare at my slender arms. The music of my body impatiently becomes clearer till I see my arms glowing and radiating like a dark black firefly. I feel speculation at this level of insight and thus begin feeling more inquisitive. Hence, I rest with an open mind that’s willing to tread anywhere. The night tardily wraps me in its doting arms; thus, I realize every night why my friends describe me as grander than the rest.

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Nourishing The Psychic Child

Before I begin this post, I must share two facts. First of all, I am an ENFP so a part of me is still childlike; this is why I possess a strong and contagious imagination. Secondly, my sister has recently given birth to twin daughters—they sent me psychic signals from their mother’s womb. Thus, I have been learning about parenting infants. Recently, I noticed that the babies were happier when I was holding them and they would get a bit annoyed when I would place them in the bassinet. I thought about this for several days; finally, I ended up researching this online.

According to María Verónica Degwitz’s article “Do children remember being in their mother’s womb?“, children calm down and their mood improves after hearing mother’s heartbeat. This article further states that the strength of relationship and attachment a child feels towards his/her mother is determined by how much time is spent in the womb; the child also learns a lot from mother’s scent, smell, movements, and gestures. The author concludes that attachment is thus a child’s most significant reference for learning about reality.  

In her article “Babies Rely on Mother’s Voice and Heartbeat To Develop Healthy Brains“, Allison Eck discusses the research conducted by Amir Lahav who is a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School. Amir and his colleagues found out that premature babies who are exposed to recordings of mother’s heartbeat and voice develop thicker auditory cortex (part of the brain that is responsible for hearing); larger auditory cortices are linked to improved language development and hearing in infants.

Meditation by thinking about someone invokes Hypnagogic Hallucinations, which include sensation of dream subject’s heartbeat, scent, breathing, touch, and vibes. This heavenly experience happens right before one enters sleep and then become lucid. I can learn about these things by reviewing content written by someone, videos, audios, or real life experiences—it is easier and preferable to activate sensations of those who inspire or love you! I wonder if the sensations we experience through Hypnagogic Hallucinations are part of the human soul, which leaves the body while we sleep. Furthermore, human vibes, scents, and music are three of the most significant mediums in this game; I can use these to initiate telepathic incidences as well as lucid dreams.

Scented Blankets” shares a dream where I found myself covered in a blanket that was drenched in the scent of a world-renowned Human Rights Advocate. I took this as a sign of some sort!

Be Moderate About Lucid Dream Sex” discusses how I interacted with some energies before I had lucid dream sex with a particular dream character.

My Motherly Instincts Are Sharpened Through Lucid Scents and Music” shows how I protect people by using scents and music.

Music of Lucid Dreamers” is about seven types of music I hear during my telepathic or lucid dream encounters.

Link Between Music of Lucid Dreams and Telepathy” reviews how I use the music that comes from human bodies and why my friends describe me as “grander than others”.

Vibe Size” explores different uses of the human vibes during the awake and asleep states.

Sensing The Writer Through His/Her Writings” again examines the use of vibes and Hypnagogic Hallucinations in inducing telepathic events and lucid dreams.

Just like a child grows and develops by listening to mom’s heartbeat and voice, the psychic self educates and nourishes itself by listening to much needed Hypnagogic Hallucinations (heartbeat, scent, breathing, touch, and vibes). One of the best conclusions of such inductions is meeting with one’s inspirations. Some key figures I have connected with are J.K. Fowler, Ahed Tamimi, Dr. Craig Considine, Lucy Lawless, Carl Jung, Che Guvra, Shaun Randol, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Qasim Rashid, Eric Anthamatten, Ilhan Omar, Pope Francis, and, CJ Werleman. You can search these names in my blog to read relevant dreams. Read blog post “Dance of Heroes“. Additionally, I also love dreams about paranormal creatures like the jinn. I can have these dreams because I believe in existence of such entities and because I am somehow able to read into their presence. I have encountered some of these entities; so far, I have been able to name only four of these by matching descriptions found in the dreams with information provided in certain preserved texts. Read “Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming“. Lastly, I receive historic dreams and connect with extremely deep and wise dream characters; I have three progenitor dream characters who link into several dreams. Check out some of my historic dreams ‘Progenitor Dream Characters and “Big Dreams”: Lessons Derived From Evolution Of Carl Jung’s Dream Character Elijah And His “Big Dreams”‘.

Just like an infant, my attachment levels tend to heighten before, during, and after a psychic or non-psychic encounter. Furthermore, my relationship with the actual person or entity actually gets better after repeat encounters—given the fact that I am looking at someone really nice or smart. For instance, after connecting with Carl Jung through my dreams, I got a bit more closer to his work. Just like infants develop better auditory cortices after exposure to mother’s heartbeat and voice, I develop stronger brain, body, and soul through lucid dreams and telepathic incidences. Therefore, it is obvious that dream characters are very similar to one’s parents.

Cherishing the psychic child (a type of inner child) is a blessed and enlightening experience. How do you love and educate your psychic child?

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Telepathy: Repeat Flashing Of Images

There are times when I see images of certain people flash in my eyes even when they are so far away and even when I haven’t met them or met them very brieflythis is rare though. There is one particular American speaker whose image flashes in my eyes more than the rest of the images for some unknown reason. When these images flash, I literally see them for less than or more than a second.  Once I was standing near the reception desk of a local clinic when I turned to my left and saw image of this particular American speaker flash on an existing banner for some while. This image persisted longer than a couple of seconds.  I felt a bit puzzled when I saw this non-existent image—like I said earlier, this is rare for me. I have seen this person’s image repeat so many times that I have started thinking that there is some sort of superior and hidden message in this repetition. This is an example of telepathy. Read article, “Mental Telepathy is Real“. Check out user Jemifest’s YouTube video “How to Send a Mental Message to Someone!!! (TELEPATHICALLY)“to learn how to send messages through your mind’s eye; I think the images are more or less transmitted the same way. In my case, there is less effort required because I am highly intuitive; thus, the images just flash when they have to. I believe this is due to the fact that my third eye has already been sharpened due to lucid dreams.


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Activation Of Inner Eye Through Lucid Dreams

I have been noticing something captivating for some while. I have noticed this on my blog before.

When someone about whom I have dreamt a couple of times gets injured, I end up hearing odd sounds in my ear; for instance, sounds that convey pain and confusion. Given the situation, the sounds can convey happiness or sorrow; thus, I feel happy or worried. This usually happens more easily when I am alone and listening as deeply as possible.

I know that some Telepaths usually shut down their ability after hearing such voices since doing so helps them control how much actually flows into them. I feel this is a normal thing to do! But, I have also learned from experience that it is best to let the voices to stay because sometimes these voices are delivering important lessons. Lastly, I am loving the idea that awakening a dream character of a real person would link a couple of his/her real experiences to my mind even while I am awake.


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I Engaged in “Invisible Communication” (A Type of Telepathic Experience)

According to the article “The Biology of Telepathy“, in 2005, Biologist Rupert Sheldrake and his Research Associate Pam Smart found out that the 43% of the guesses made by the participants were correct about who will be emailing them.

Something interesting happened to me a couple of days ago. I have been feeling very bored at home (COVID19 outbreak); so I have been attempting to join as many online events as I can easily manage. I am learning about Interfaith Dialogue so I have been following Dr. Craig Considine who is a Sociologist at Rice University and a Christian-Islamic Interfaith speaker.

The event “For Humanity: Interfaith Solidarity & Joint Action To Combat COVID19”  by The World Muslim Communities Council (WMCC) was supposed to take place at 8 AM on April 22; it was going to end after 5 hours at noon. Dr. Craig Considine stated on his Twitter account that the start time was going to be around 7 AM, which is around 8 AM at my endhe is in America and I am in Canada. Nowhere on the Facebook page of WMCC was there any mention of the time Dr. Craig is supposed to appear. You can see the WMCC’s Facebook post about Dr. Craig’s speech here and the Twitter post here. I had an online meeting scheduled at 10:45 AM with someone else on the same day. A day before this particular event, I emailed that person at 11:02 PM asking her to postpone the meeting to 11:00 AM tomorrow. When I wrote this email, I was a bit hazy about the actual time of this second meeting due to stress and fatigue; and, I was thinking that this second meeting was at 10:00 AM.

This email was sent on April 21, 2020 at 11:02 PM

When the event started on April 22 around 8:00 AM, I had no clue whatsoever when my favorite speaker Dr. Craig Considine was going to appear. Check out the event video, “The virtual conference of the World Muslim Communities Council“. To my surprise, Craig was introduced at around 9:50 AM (video time 1:50) and he finished giving the speech at around 10:04 AM (video time 2:04). Note that in the previous email, I specifically said that I will be somewhere else at 10:00 AM. So after this, I emailed the person whose meeting I was trying to postpone at 10:34 AM. See the image below.


What’s very interesting is that my other meeting was originally supposed to be at 10:45 AM; but, I thought it was at 10:00 AM, which is why I stated in the first email, “Something has come up at my end and I need to be elsewhere at 10:00 AM”; then, I asked the meeting to be postponed to 11:00 AM. I somehow made an estimate about when Craig’s going to appear in the video; i.e. he is going to appear somewhere between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM; I also correctly guessed that I will be somewhere else at 10:00 AM. Craig appeared at around 9:50 AM and finished talking around 10:04 AM. Thus, I was able to attend my second online meeting, which was originally scheduled for 10:45 AM.

Come to think about it, you can see how God is doing everything. There were so many speakers at this online conference; and my other meeting was somehow scheduled at 10:45 AMaround a month agoafter Craig was supposed to be done on April 22.

I had telepathic experiences in the form of lucid dreams with Dr. Craig before. Here are three of these experiences.

Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year

Should Pakistan Be Allowed To Harass Peace Activists?

I Came Across An Irish Gang Today

After watching how well all the relevant events, scheduling and appearance of all the speakers; scheduling of my second appointment; my estimate that Craig will be there between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM; and, my correct answer that I will be elsewhere at 10:00 AM were choreographed, I must comment that God is the best planner. I mean I am the one who is just guessing things here and the rest is kind of happening on its own! What if I guessed the wrong end time, 11:00 AM, because God wanted me to guess it incorrectly and in doing so leave a trace about my attempts and thoughts in the form of email messages that were sent out to shift the second meeting! What if this ability to only estimate time of appearance, between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM, was there so that I  may feel compelled to document this entire event on this blog! Combine this scenario with my lucid dreams and you will notice that I am more clear when it comes to figuring things out during dreams than when I am awake. However, notice that sometimes there is still some vagueness about the content collected during dreams, which is because my level of vision tends to alter every now and then. All of this reminds me of how Neurologist Dr. Julia Mossbridge found out that precognitive dreams are caused by future events. Read article “The scientist who says we CAN see the future in our dreams“to learn more about Dr. Julia Mossbridge’s work on precognitive dreams.

I must end this post by repeating this critical lesson: God is the best planner.

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Connecting With My Dead Cousin

I once had a younger cousin who was a very sweet and lovely fellow. I lost him to cancer though! I still cry while thinking about him. I had a great connection with him. Once when I was much younger, I felt something bizarre while watching my cousins play Cricket. During the game, I went near this younger cousin of mine and stared in his eyes. I heard a voice in my head, “I like him a lot. Tell me more about yourself.” Then I addressed him and started talking to him. This is when I heard another voice, “In this household, you have four cousins not five”. I became very puzzled when I heard this voice because I had five cousins who were part of the household we were visiting. I got a bit frustrated because I did not realize what this voice meant; thus, I totally ignored it. Several years passed and one day, I got a message through phone that this cousin of mine—the one I was studying that day—was now battling cancer. He eventually died after struggling for pretty long! I cried a lot after he died; and, I somehow blamed myself a bit for not being able to do something for him.

I know that my prayers got heard because some years after his untimely death, something odd happened to me. I was contacted by an American friend who needed to talk to me because she had cancer. I felt like God was trying to soothe me by giving me a second chance so that I may have proper closure. And, the way all this happened is another unusual story. Basically, I was given an answer to managing Cancer by a friend in U.K. some hours before my American friend called me and told me about her health issue. Read the full story here, “Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots“.

I think that the lines between telepathy and acceptance of prayers are blurred.

But, because of the way God answered it, I was left wondering if it was just a telepathic event or answer to an older prayer─sometimes my prayers just get fulfilled, which is why I call them the “Silver Bullet Bullet”. Source: “Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots“.

So why do some of prayers get accepted easily and with huge accuracy? This is because I am never praying alone although I usually pray in isolation.

Furthermore, there is one very strong dream entity that is attached to me whom I refer to as Dark Giant. Sometimes I feel that Dark Giant is an angel because once I saw it standing near my feet. According to Islam, the Angel of Death stands near the feet of the person while his/her soul is pulled out. Read “Dream Dream Character: Dark Giant” and “Lucid Dreamers Can Get Visions Of And From the Angel of Death”. Reality is that there are many more spirit guardians and even evil spirits that I can access through sleep─only some of these spirits are from the realm of the jinn. But Dark Giant is one of the most caring and the toughest one to run away from. Source: Understanding How The “Silver Bullet Prayers” Work.

I wrote this post today because I had a dream about my cousins. I saw only three cousins from that household. They were sitting with my siblings and playing card games. I was in the other room and I actually came to talk to them. They were all very excited to see me. I checked out my cousins and was able to figure out faces of two of them. But, I could not fully see the face of my third cousin. I also wondered where my fourth and fifth (dead cousin) were!

I woke up and realized that my dead cousin’s soul was signalling to me that he is okay in his other world, which is why he is not joining us for games. I feel I have successfully reached a closure.

man in white jersey shirt and pants holding cricket bat
Photo by Patrick Case on

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Something Is Wrong With The Sun

Before you read this, know two incredible facts about me: 1) I am a lucid dreamer; and, 2) I have high levels of the stereodepth vision. If you feel dumbfounded after reading this, know that you are not alone. Even I feel like this when I gaze at the world through my eyes! But, all this can’t be helped simply because I am designed to perform feats. I am a genius so I can easily think and create in a dented manner. However, I have learned over time how not to feel much fear while doing this.

As I write this, I feel spooked of myself! I have lived my entire life with people who are not like me; and, so I have learned to be a bit like them. I know the reason why I did not release these pictures earlier is because I had learned to navigate like the rest, which is something that does not play in anyone’s favor. I mean my mental ideas are conceived to save people from bad things; so if I am compelled to walk the same path as others, then who am I going to save. Furthermore, its very difficult for me to function along with someperhaps mostCanadians simply because I find them very racist!

Here is the incredible story behind these pics and post. Several years ago, I was driving around in the city when I looked up and saw the sun. My keen eyes allowed me to view the sun and the sunlight in depth. Suddenly, I knew that something was wrong with the sun and sunlight. I was not looking at the usual scene! The sun seemed brighter and more serene at the same time. The sunbeams were longer and more spread across the sky. It felt like looking at a spectacular solar phenomenon of some sort! I was gripped with terrible fear at this sight, then for several days, and then for some years. I knew that something had gone wrong! Then, there was my inner voice that compelled me to continue with my thoughts for some reason. I did not knew how to tell people about what was going on; so I created this picture by using a software. I think I posted this on my older blog, which I had to delete to make this new blog.

As you view the rest of the post, know that the Date Created is flipped with the Date Modified because I moved my files around—this answer was provided by the Microsoft Community. The picture “The New Sun (Cells and Energy)” was created on April 2, 2011.

Cells and Energy picnik
The New Sun (Cells and Energy)

Date of creation of “The New Sun (Cells and Energy)”: Apr 2, 2011.

cells and energy
Process of Creation (Cells and Energy)

Date of creation for the pic “Process of Creation (Cells and Energy)”: Jan 5, 2014.

According to article, “What’s wrong with the sun?“, which was published in 2010, the sunspots have been vanishing for the past two years. This article tells us that some researchers believe that the sun is shrinking, which is causing massive climate change.

So what I saw in 2011 and then later drew it is what the researchers are pointing towards; i.e. a noticeable change in the Sun. So my eyes are letting me do this heavy job of detecting things that don’t make much sense with grand ease.

Do you wanna have more fun with this news? Check out article, “Our Sun Is Lighter Than Ever, And The Problem Is Getting Worse”, which was published in 2018. Now compare the first picture found in this article with the pic I made in 2011. They are similar right! Now refer to the third and fourth images of my blog post.  On Jan 4, 2014, I reviewed some of the draft images that were edited to create the final image (first pic) and created a collage (third image of this post titled “Process of Creation ‘Cells and Energy'”) by using three relevant ones. Did I somehow gauge the similarity between my picture (The New Sun “Cells and Energy”) that was made in 2011 and the image shared in the article Our Sun Is Lighter Than Ever, And The Problem Is Getting Worse”, which was published in 2018; and, then decided to make the image “Process of Creation (Cells and Energy)”. Its almost like I am saying to others, “No! Really! I made this picture; and, I did not download it from anywhere.”

Our Sun contains 99.8% of the Solar System’s mass, but gets lighter every day. When enough time goes by, its changes will render Earth uninhabitable. Source: “Our Sun Is Lighter Than Ever, And The Problem Is Getting Worse”

If you don’t believe how dented I can actually become, refer to the blog post, “Prediction Within A Prediction: Use Of Mind’s Peripheral Vision” to read how I predicted the coming of the Coronavirus.

Since I am a Muslim, I will leave a reminder here for everyone. In the Quran, we are warned that sun will join the moon (near the Earth) on the Day of the Judgement; see article, “Sun & Moon Join on Day of Judgment“.

Well! The Day of Judgement is not here yet; so the scientific communities from all across the world must join hands to figure out what should be done about these changes that are taking place in the Sun.

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