Observing The World Through My Gifted Mind

Today I gazed peacefully at the clouds that were settling outside my place. I placed my hands on the glass window and hesitantly shifted my mind outside of my body. It’s a technique I have learned over time; but, I do not apply it often. I believe that the fact most people around me are not as gifted as I am plays a big role in creating these moments of self-doubt.

Nevertheless, I slowly willed myself to shift outside with closed eyes. Briefly, I felt something warm; and then I felt something light. I kept feeling and what was light now became lighter and lighter. That light thing that just appeared somehow tickled me as I viewed the world in this partially shunned manner. All of a sudden, I experienced something very odd. I could see myself staring back at me except that I was standing outside of the room. Did I just visualize my reflection or was it a signal of some sort? I opened my eyes, felt unsettled, amd walked away. Some minutes later, it stared to rain. I ran back to the window; and, now I knew what felt so light to me. It was the rain. Can you believe it? I saw and felt the rain pouring down just minutes before it actually it. So this is how the world feels to the blind!

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How to Safely Conduct Telepathy During the Day?

I have used telepathy during the day occasionally to save some people. All this started when I was a child. I just happened to hear a voice minutes before I saved my sibling from being kidnapped. The second incidence, which I still recall very clearly owing to its very confusing nature, is a bit recent. I cannot provide any details of this incidence due to confidentiality issues; but, I used my telepathy vision to glance at two men who were posing as friends of a young woman. After studying the faces and vibes of both of the guys for just a little bit, I realized that they weren’t really her friends. She used a bit of my help to escape because she chose to trust me instead.

My experiences have taught me that I can read and react faster if the other person (victim) fully trusts me.


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Sometimes, time and relativity conform really well inside my mind without my full realization of this occurrence. This is why the entire incidence can display itself as a coincidence. Because this is has happened multiple times with me, I can easily state that its some sort of mental rule that applies on its own. But, some outsiders who have not seen this about me in person would doubt my story; the rest will believe in me owing to their knowledge, inspirations, and minds.

This happened when I was driving on the road and turning the dial on my radio. Just minutes before an ambulance came roaring from the back, Marc Anthony’s song “You sang to me” started on the radio. The lyrics that ran are as follows:

All the while
You were in front of me
I never realized
I just can’t believe
I didn’t see it
In your eyes
I didn’t see it
I can’t believe it
Oh but I feel it
When you sing to me

How I long
To hear you sing
Beneath the clear blue skies
And I promise you
This time I’ll see it
In your eyes
I didn’t see it
I can’t believe it
Oh but I feel it

I had the recorder on my cellphone turned on because I was recording something before I started driving and I didn’t turn it off. You can hear the ambulance’s sirens just before this song ends.  The funny thing is that the song is talking about someone’s eyes—I talk about my eyes often—and it is one of my favourite songs, which put me on alert. Thus, I stopped my car while the ambulance was still far away. After this, I kept switching the radio to find another great song. The recorder recorded everything as it is. You can easily hear the noise created by traffic in this video.

This audio was recorded on July 20, 2018 as I drove between Algonquin College and my place near Strandherd Road, Ottawa.

I am a very active Fractal form, which is how I am just a bit different from the rest. I feel that everyone is different and everything depends on how you are opened to the world around you.

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Awake Psychic Mind Thinks and Reacts in Small Segments

I think that the awake Psychic mind thinks and reacts in small segments. For instance, today I was at WalMart when I had a sudden urge to eat bananas—actually, I had been dieting and I decided to eat some bananas just two days ago. So I bought some more bananas from this retailer. When I got home and I was surprised to find out that we had three unexpected guests. We ended up serving the bananas along with the rest of the fruits and meal.

When I go to sleep, I can construct large and detailed objects, buildings, and entities in a matter of minutes or perhaps seconds. But, during the day I can do only some things in a very deep telepathic manner simply because the mind unconsciously filters out unnecessary things. This is why I think that the awake version of the human mind works in smaller segments.


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Link Between Music of Lucid Dreams and Telepathy

I hear music that comes from human bodies. That’s why my friends describe me as “grander than others”. I think they end up seeing their faces and minds inside my mind and this removes stress from them. During sleep, I can use the same music to activate lucid dreams although using music of person A might lead to dreams of person B. I just read about how to create music in lucid dreams; and, I realized that I can enhance my soul’s music by using lucid music. However, I am wondering what will happen if I ended up enhancing my mind this way? I mean my current state feels like “torture” to others and myself. Everyone else tells me this and I can “feel” what they mean.

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Sickness of the Gifted

Note: No matter how queer this sounds, none of this is fabricated.

I was laying on my bed reading something when I started feeling severe pain in my heart and head. All of a sudden, I had trouble breathing. First, I tried to ignore this because I did not knew why I was feeling like this. I went to my laptop and tried to distract myself through writing and studying. But, the pain continued so I felt unsettled and walked towards my parents’ room. Soon my mom spoke to me and told me that dad was not feeling so well. I have felt similar types of pain when one of my uncles, one of my grandmas, and one of my aunt died due to natural causesI feel similar things when it comes to close friends. For example, In my uncle’s case, I was bathing in the washroom when I heard a really odd sound and then I felt pain of some sort. Some months after my uncle died from a stroke. He was still in Pakistan and I experienced all of this from Canada.

Today is June 03, 2018 and my dad is not so well again. He had bad health and we were helping him recover; but, its back again and I feel that I am suffering immensely as well.


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Same/Similar Food Urges

I get food urges when my siblings get them, especially when my brothers get them. I get this experience a lot when it comes to my two younger brothers. For instance, today I bought Sushi Family Pack after running around in the mall for a bit. When I got home, I ate a bit of it. Later in the evening, my younger brother surprised by suddenly visiting us along with his family–I had no idea whatsoever that he was coming. I looked at his face and then I realized why I got this strong urge to eat Sushi today. The fact is that he loves Sushi and he always eats seafood with his family. This is an indication of scent-based telepathy, I think.


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Queer Incidences that Appear Like Coincidences

Since I am lucid and thus incredibly intelligent, I experience odd incidences that can easily be camouflaged as coincidences. To prevent my mind from wondering about their existence, I will recount only 5 such incidences:

  1. I was still battling my infectionits almost healed so don’t worrywhen my exams for the first semester of “Event Management” program began in April 2018. I had to take a break according to doctor’s instructions to manage my exhaustion. When I went to take one of my postponed exam, I ended up at a place where books and binders were being donated. I took a large binder and now I do not have to go shopping for next semester.
  2. When I visited “Algonquin College” in 2017, I ended up meeting a guy by chance alone who gave me a brief tour of the college. This happened before the Orientation and I am lucky that I met him.
  3. In Dec 2013, I got a job in a very “out of the box” manner. I printed a list of Recruiters and then decided to visit the first two recruiting companies. The second office I visited was located inside a mall. I got into the mall but then I couldn’t find them. Thus, I decided to knock at another company’s door and ask them where they had moved. The person I spoke to next gave me a job inside his company.
  4. A relative of mine suffered from a massive loss in business simply because he decided not to listen my comments. I was just 18 years old then and I did not had any training or exposure to the world of business. However, I swiftly analyzed a situation as an outsider and gave him my feedback. He thought that I was just a teenager who was trying to sound smart. Some years later, he found out why I cautioned him.
  5. I have dodged death four times. I do not wish to discuss everything here but I can briefly discuss two such accidents: as a child, I contracted Chicken Pox and I could not get out of bed or feel fully aware for many many days; and, another time a well-educated and seemingly normal Canadian man tried to physically harm me. Because I am slightly psychic, I get near-death experiences; and, I get more psychic due to these experiences. I feel it works both ways. I am well and safe because I can heal owing to my lucid dreams. In essence, I am an X-File.
  6. A young boy once complained to me that he was too slim. I prayed in his favour and now he is adult with really large muscles. Sometimes, my prayers work really well so I call them “The Silver Bullet”.

There are more and more of these incidences and I am a bit afraid of documenting all of them. I feel that even if I fully embrace my inner genius, many individuals will try to daunt me one way or anotherof course! Einstein was lucid and thus a genius; but, why should a random woman win a similar position? This struggle would give me a headache and my performance might decrease. But, I must be brave enough to proceed so that you may notice more queer things in my first book.

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Life in a Haunted House

Note: None of this is fabricated. This is 100% true; I haven’t changed this story at all.

I have spent some of my teenager years inside a rather spacious house that was really haunted. Exorcism had to be conducted to get rid of some of the evil spirits who had haunted the house. I saw only one real jinn in that house who pretended to be my dad. I still recall saying bye to my dad when he left for work and then I remember seeing him again in the afternoon. I thought hard at the sight because I couldn’t see his head at all and yet I felt compelled to believe that it was dad. I even felt comforted thinking that I was looking at my dad as he walked towards my mom’s room. Then, I kept staring at empty space as I thought why father was home early. I peeked into the room only to see my dad go inside the washroom. I waited outside for several minutes and then impatiently ran inside his room. My dad was not in the washroom at all. That’s when I snapped and told some of my family members about this─I can’t believe that I fell for this spell even if I couldn’t see its head because it was too tall; jinns can make you believe lots of beautiful things if they need to. At that point, my mom also confirmed that she had just seen my dad. Later, we called my father and found out that he was really at his office. These hauntings only troubled my family members and some of us were afflicted with real heavy nightmares. Eventually, our house and lives became normal after a very lengthy exorcism was conducted. I became more interested in the stories and lives of jinns after this queer incidence. Seeing them right in front of me or hearing what my family members witnessed was quite a treat. What puzzled me most was that every family member reported seeing someone different─I am saving these ideas for my novel “Koh Kaaf”. My experiences have lead me to a firm conclusion that jinns are actually telepathic nature.

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