When Telepathy Does Not Work

Telepaths are extremely sensitive people, which is because Telepathy requires reactivity in order to function. I know from experience that even while lucid dreaming I have to use methods that are not harsh at all, such as easier sleep postures and nicer meditations. If I do not do things my way, my brain just shuts off so I appear like a DUMBO!

Below is a personal experience. None of this is fabricated! Things happened exactly like I am describing.

I have a male relative who is somewhat stubborn and very intelligent. So once I took him with me while I was shopping for a new laptop. He went over tons of laptops and told me relevant technical data. A Customer Services Rep kept tailing us so every now and then so we also shot some questions his way. My relative finally decided about a laptop and suggested to me that this one was a great choice. I looked at the laptop and something inside my head just clicked; I said, “I do not like it; is there a better option?” So we spent more time looking for devices and he suggested again that this was the best option given what I was looking for and the available budget. So I just shut off my head and stopped thinking about why it was clicking this way. He also said that it was up to me what to choose! But given how tired he was and his other suggestion, I started thinking about if he was now too tired of this hard work; therefore, I felt obliged to purchase that particular laptop.

Anyways, I did not use this new laptop for many months. Eventually, I decided to use it. Just some days after I started working on this laptop, the “Blue Screen of Death” just turned on. I remember I had prayed at the time this laptop was purchased! So I trusted my prayer and started looking for a solution. I talked to the Sales Rep at the shop; and he suggested that I should return this one and buy a new one. But, I could not do this quickly for some reason! I slowly looked for the receipt and found out that I would not be able to exchange this laptop because it was too late to do this. So I started using my technical side. Pretty soon, I managed to fix the issue—I did this entirely on my own.

This is how I learned that I actually shut down my telepathic instincts when someone does not listen to me. Even if this happens briefly, I still shut down. This happens because Telepathy depends on “Trust” a lot! “Trust” shows in many ways and it really depends on all the angels available. For instance, when I was just a teenager, I told a senior relative of mine that he should not make a specific business decision. He did not listen to me and ventured to complete that business venture. He still regrets doing this! How did I do this when I had no training of business at all? Also, if the situation is really urgent, then I am bound to find one way or another to relieve the issue at hand. But, if you ever see me tussling with something in real life, then know that I know something that you do not.

Nevertheless, the trial described above proved to be a great experience for me because I also learned how to cue someone to get proper answers about laptops or computers. But, I did this just for fun! Next time, I will walk in the shop and just pick a laptop by using my instincts, which I will do after listening to what the Rep says. Yes! You can still use your instincts well even after being educated about things.


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Inner Voice That Repeats Itself

I sometimes hear an inner voice that sometimes imposes itself on my will by repeating itself. One of these voices got triggered when I went through an ordeal a couple of years ago. In a very unsettling manner, the voice said, “I will write in my Black Book”. First I thought it was a joke because at that time I did not possess a Black Book/Diary. But the voice kept repeating itself in a displaced manner, meaning in a context where it does not belong. Years afterwards, I had time to open and read Carl Jung’s Red Book.  When I went to page 199 of Liber Novus, I found out that Carl Jung also wrote in “Black Book 2”. I googled this; and, so I found out that he actually wrote seven Black Books in which he documented his imaginative and visionary experiences that he experienced while interacting with his unconscious.

Intriguing how my inner voice guides me. I wonder if I should read Carl’s Black Books after finishing “The Red Book”!

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Why I Called Carl Jung My Main Guy For My Fantasy Novel “Koh Kaaf”

I have a strong connection with the spirit of Carl Jung. I can smell him and his thoughts the second I open his book “The Red Book”; I have only been able to read just a couple of pages of “The Red Book”; and, I can feel my mind scattering owing to his creativity. What happens to me is pure mathematics! When I connect with Carl Jung, I always have very exciting or freaky dreams. But, these scary dreams are a form of protection, Carl Jung’s is offering me as a guardian spirit. For example, remember how I wrote on my blog that ever since I moved to Ottawa, I have received some dreams about rapes. Carl Jung was the first spirit who appeared to tell me about rape! I saw a large white man trying to forcibly sleep with me. I got frustrated and woke up. Because he used force, I took this as a signal and slowly allowed the signal to start opening in different ways until I became more aware of what really was going on. My next dream did not involve me but some young girl who went shopping. Read “Many Rapists Are Hiding In Ottawa“. I believe these dreams were a signal from him because most of the times I receive very pleasant dreams when I think about him. I believe his spirit is somehow guarding me.

What interests me more about all this is the fact that Carl Jung is an INFJ and I am an ENFP. INFJs are ENFPs’ ideal match! The connection between Carl and I is very strong because our personalities are designed for this intertwining. This is true for all the heroes/heroines listed in my blog post “Dance of Heroes“ since it is easier to bring those dream characters to you that are somehow connected to you.

To answer why I feel so unsettled when I read about Carl Jung, I reviewed article, “Jung’s Personality Type: INTP, INFJ, INTJ, or INFP?” This article clearly stated that Carl Jung thought that spirituality and religion would improve one’s health; symbols and archetypes are central to human spirituality; and, Arts, Religion, and Humanities were all important subjects and its not just Sciences that should dominate one’s world. According to Carl Jung’s book, “The Red Book”, Carl was busy studying the myth-creating functions of mind and fantasies. This sounds so funny because it feels like looking at my reflection. Read my blog carefully! I state everything that is already well-known about this legend:

  • I believe that spirituality and religion improve one’s health, which is why I prefer to  pray when dealing with ruthless enemies. The thing about praying is that it does not necessarily have to hurt one’s enemies because it might end up healing them instead while you are learning to be less reactive to traumatic events.
  • Something deep inside me has always reacted to symbols and archetypes, which is what Carl thinks is central to human spirituality. You can tell this is true about me because lucid dreamers are usually playing with symbols and archetypes.
  • Carl asserted that Arts, Religion, and Humanities were all important subjects and its not just the Sciences that should dominate one’s world. This makes a lot of sense to me. When I was studying at the University of Toronto, I started out by studying Sciences. However, I started feeling very queer and bad about studying only this particular subject. So I added Humanities (Linguistics, English, and Philosophy) and Mathematics courses to my schedule. As I matured further, I started using poetry (Arts) to convey myself.
  • Carl studying the myth-creating functions of mind and fantasies.  I have always been attracted to fantasies, myths, and fairy tales. Read blog post “My Mental Archetype: An Orchestra Of Fairy Tales And Wisdom“. I am reading some of Jung’s dreams and I feel it I should easy to construct fairy tales by dreaming like he does. This is why I am currently investigating “The Red Book” in detail. Watch video Video replay: Introduction to Jung and Fairy Tales to understand further.

And, Drrrummmmmm Rrrrolllll……

Best surprise is that both Carl Jung and I use lucid dreams to finish our works! Aaaaawesommmmmmme!

So can you see why Carl Jung and I are inherently connected. Although he was not that great when it came to having genuine relationships and he did get attached to some of his female patients, I still feel that there is a part of his psyche that is rich with interesting ideas and should be explored slowly. Here are some dreams where I connected with Carl Jung’s spirit.

Did I Meet Carl Jung?

Nature Of My Telepathic Connection With Carl Jung

Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport

Shadow Figures of Some Lucid Dreamers or Creatives

Telepathic Experiences Are Enhanced With The Help of Like-Minded People

Its clear to me that INFJs are a great match for me because they believe in protecting those who need help and my entire life’s quest has been to help others achieve their dreams.

ENFPs are sometimes referred to as Champion personalities because of their enthusiasm for helping others realize their dreams. Source: “ENFP: The Champion

I called Carl Jung the main guy for my fantasy novel, “Koh Kaaf” because he gives me both scary and pleasant dreams, which is why it feels like that I exist in a different dimension altogether whenever I am reading his works or thinking about him.

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I Tasted Almonds Before Eating Them

I can exhibit ESP during the day sometimes. Yesterday I was shopping when I came across some packed almonds. They were not that expensive; but I started wondering if they would smell okay when I open them. I hesitated a bit because I did not want to buy something I could not enjoy. Then I overcame my fear by telling that I will clean them in water and boil them before eating. At this point, I just relaxed; and, then something stunning happened. I could tast fresh almonds in my mouth. They tasted great so I picked up this bag. When I got home, I opened them and was shocked after tasting the first almond. It tasted exactly like I imagined! Oh! I experience some fear before performing a creative task like precognition because fear and creativity are linked. I wrote about this earlier in my blog post “Releasing Myself“.

apple beside white ceramic mug of tea and plate of almonds and nuts on brown wooden table
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Another Lucid Encounter With My Favourite Poet

I have read lots of poetry but I feel very attracted to words of a certain American poet. I won’t be sharing his name here because I am describing a lucid encounter, which is a very deep telepathic and lucid experience but it could be deemed uncomfortable in the awake dimension. I get lucid easily after listening to him because he is a very caring and smart person and because his voice feels very soothing to me.

So I listened to one of his poems tonight. The atmosphere around me started changing gradually while I was still awake. First I felt a presence near me while I was resting on my bed. It was a very comfy presence so I slept near it while hugging it. This is odd to explain! Basically my bed is always warm but today it felt different because the atmosphere became heavier and denser. I could feel strong vibes of some sort coming from somewhere. Then there was this comforting smell that I continued to experience till morning.

As I finally slept, I had a lucid dream. In this dream, I could see this poet in a video. He loves his projects because he puts quite an effort in them; and, I really admire him for doing this. So in this video, he was walking in a crowded area and singing one of his poems. One of the kids who was with three really beautiful women who had small faces but really large eyes stopped the poet to play with him. The poet bent and placed his face near the kid’s face and smiled. I looked at the women again who were also smiling at this while they talked to each other. As the poet talked to the kid, the facial color of the three women changed from dull white to rosy white. Then the poet walked away. Now he was singing a beautiful song as he faced the camera. I could not fully understand all the words and techniques he threw although I felt mesmerized by his performance. As he swayed his head and uttered some beautiful words, everything around him faded; he seemed unaware of my presence although to some extent he knew that I was watching. After performing, he walked away and now he slowly became faded like a blob. My eyes eagerly tailed him; and, I could still see his vanishing figure.

When I woke up, I felt that my hand that was resting on my pillow was being held by a powerful force that I have learned to relate to this poet. I could feel this power attached to me, which makes sense because I know him and I feel attached to both him and his works.

Before this exciting encounter, I was in a very bad mood. For some days, I have been crying over some bad political news concerning Muslims; I have been working hard to learn something new; and, I was upset at something personal. I am so glad that I watched him perform one of his poems before I fell asleep. Oh! I have connected with him through my dreams before. Read “A Man Sitting Near My Bed” and “Dream Characters That Appear Suddenly To Warn”.

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Is The Dreamscape A Realm For Controlling Digital Devices?

Some years ago, I had a rather queer dream. In this dream, I saw two large dark figures walking away from my bed. They looked like robots and one of them waved at me. They were both laughing and kidding around almost like they were leaving a friend behind because she does not want to interact. I looked at the backs of these robots and felt very shocked to see such creatures so near me. I woke up soon after this.

I thought and thought about this dream. And, I told myself that I must have attempted to dream of some characters from movie “Transformers”. So I decided to forget about this dream since such dreams don’t attract me enough.

Just a couple of months ago, something odd happened to me.I wrote about it on my blog.

Once it has happened that I was supposed to print more than ten copies of a large document for a meeting. But, the computer malfunctioned that day! And, I ended up printing only five copies; and, there was one incomplete print out as well. When I got there, there were less people so five copies were sufficient. I did not knew how many people were going to show up that day. Right now, I have the copy that did not print fully; only last two or three pages are missing; and, there is still sufficient there for me to read, which is why I am thinking back to what ACTUALLY happened. Source: Telepathy Involving Digital Devices

Today, I am thinking back. Do these robots have something to do with this incidence? Am I unconsciously controlling the digital devices that are around me to some extent or is something else controlling them for me for some reason? The only reason I cannot figure out what’s going on is because I am an Empath so I don’t feel too much attracted to inanimate objects; then, how can I control these devices? I got no clue what exactly happened that day! This is not a coincidence although it looks like one. I think this because too many similar and odd coincidences take place around me. Read blog post, Queer Incidences that Appear Like Coincidences

I can say with conviction that interacting with dream characters can change the reality to some extent. Thus, it is easy to conclude that interacting with robots and devices during dreams will create results in real life as well. Even after making this conclusion, I feel very puzzled. I guess this reaction is bound to happen as I develop as a lucid dreamer and telepath. Read the full post Telepathy Involving Digital Devices.


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Am I Like An Exorcist?

Ever since I was a child, I have always felt that spirits are a very common part of this world. My mom once told me about how one of our ancestors fought evil spirits that haunted a jungle by using meat and hammer. I was very surprised when I learned about the entire story and how he was not afraid at all.

Reality is that spirits haunt me during the day and while I am asleep. Just a couple of days, just before my relatives visited me, I saw some spirits standing in the kitchen. Some moments later, I heard a knock on the door. Today, I was eating some food inside the kitchen when I saw a white colored spirit standing near the entrance. I still remember that I turned my head and saw it standing there; and, I clearly felt that one of my relatives was standing there. Moments later, my relative actually came to the kitchen; but, he was wearing blue and not white. Some months ago, inside the same place, I was washing the dishes when I saw something really large and black standing behind me. It felt like a female; and, when I almost got scared, I got a distinct feeling that it was not trying to scare me. This place where we currently live is spacious, which is another reason it is attracting real spirits. Over time, I have learned to say hello to these spirits; and, I have fully realized that they are not harmful in nature.

Some Spirits That I Have Seen During The Day

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Some Spirits That I Have Met Through Dreams

Use of Lucid Dreams and Automatic Writings to Connect With Spirits/Ghosts

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Lucid Dream: The Three Skeletons and The Airport

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Should Pakistan Be Allowed To Harass Peace Activists?

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Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming

King Solomon’s Jinn “Marbas” Visits Again

About my Upcoming Novel “Koh Kaaf”

This is how I have been left wondering if it would make more sense for me to take some training as an exorcist. I have this control over spirits. I once had a dream as a child where I managed to communicate and frighten an evil spirit whom I named “Bagarbilla”; and, one of my ancestors is definitely a very strong exorcist. I seriously wonder what will happen if I chose to become an exorcist!


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I Received Signals From My Aunt’s Cat Before She Died

Some years ago, I met Kajol, a very large black cat, while I was visiting my aunt in America. Kajol was known to be closed towards contact with strangers and sometimes even the family members; and, I even heard that some people found him very domineering and somewhat scary. When I saw him for the first time, I felt very attracted to this cat’s personality and connected with him immediately. I fell head over heels in love with him the very first time I saw him—I get the same feelings towards certain humans. This ability is related to the fact that I have better metacognition due to lucid dreaming.

Since I fell in love with Kajol, I gave it my best shot to get him to like me. I tailed him when he would be playing alone; I rested near the tables when he would hide under them; I sat next to him and bugged him a lot when he would rest on the sofa; and, I learned how to feed him. At first, he did not want me to touch him; later, he started to enjoy my touch and even started playing games with me where he would try to bite or scratch my hand. Kajol’s eyes were very dark and these felt very stunning every time I would look at them.

Before leaving, I had an urge to find Kajol again. A voice daunted me asking me to just get going since it is getting late. But, my need overcame me! So I ran around in the house and looked for Kajol. Eventually, I found this beauty! He was hiding behind the curtain, inside the main bedroom. I lifted the curtain and had a glimpse of his back. He was still healthy although I felt that he was very tired. Suddenly, fear crept over me. I felt that he was not really that healthy and that he was struggling somehow. This did not usually show because his face was very animated most of the times. He was very well-kept and was very loved by my relatives and family members. This is another reason why he used to be so full of life. But, right now, I was looking at him while standing behind him. I bent and petted Kajol on his back and addressed him, “Kajol, love, I am going home now. I will see you next time. I love you!” Kajol turned around and looked at me and then continued to ignore me. He was a very spoiled cat! I smiled heartily at this arrogant gesture since I felt teased. Even as we engaged, I strongly felt that something was wrong and that Kajol was actually not as well as he pretended to be.

I still remember that my cousin called us to inform us that Kajol is not with us anymore. The visit described above was the last visit before Kajol died due to bad health. I was so traumatized that I almost removed the memory of this call from my mind. I tried forgetting; but, today I remembered Kajol again. After immersing myself in Kajol’s thoughts for some while, I decided to share these lovely memories online.

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Memories and Aftermath of Sep 11

Sep 11 of year 2011 was a scary day for me because that day I saw some buildings collapsing on TV as a plane hit it. At this odd sight, I screamed with shock and almost started crying. My telepathic instincts just got triggered; and, I knew something really big had happened.

I was just very unsettled after this attack; and, I researched it thoroughly. I realized that there is no way that America would have missed an attack on her people so I blamed the government of America for allowing this disaster.

After Sep 11 many things happened to the Muslims including genocides that just started in other countries like India.

The need to manage the consequences of this atrocity is one reason why I started this blog as well as “Lucid Dreaming” and “Telepathy” projects. God has a way of gifting me! Just yesterday, on Sep 11, I attended IFCO’s (Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa) grant writing workshop to which I was invited by my employer. See the date and name of workshop here⁠—this is proof that all of this took place on Sep 11. I was introduced to a couple of filmmakers during a workshop. At the end of the workshop, one of the filmmakers agreed to connect with me next month.

On my way back home, my mind ran a telepathic signal. I imagined doing a riveting and creepy dance of some sort the details of which I don’t wish to share. Then I got home and fell asleep. When I woke up, I received a message from a female filmmaker who agreed to help me make my first film. I love the fact that a woman is willing to work with me because I have always supported the womenI run the Facebook group, “Forgotten Femmes”.

I cannot believe all this happened on Sep 11! God is signalling to me again! I mean how is this possible that I was supposed to find a job at a specific company at a specific time and thus be in time to meet these filmmakers? God is making these moves on His own!

All of this was like a Super Nova explosion!

Check out the date on my notes, Sep 11, 2019. I am taking this as a signal from God that I need to get near the filmmakers or even animators.

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