Something Is Wrong With The Sun

Before you read this, know two incredible facts about me: 1) I am a lucid dreamer; and, 2) I have high levels of the stereodepth vision. If you feel dumbfounded after reading this, know that you are not alone. Even I feel like this when I gaze at the world through my eyes! But, all this can’t be helped simply because I am designed to perform feats. I am a genius so I can easily think and create in a dented manner. However, I have learned over time how not to feel much fear while doing this.

As I write this, I feel spooked of myself! I have lived my entire life with people who are not like me; and, so I have learned to be a bit like them. I know the reason why I did not release these pictures earlier is because I had learned to navigate like the rest, which is something that does not play in anyone’s favor. I mean my mental ideas are conceived to save people from bad things; so if I am compelled to walk the same path as others, then who am I going to save. Furthermore, its very difficult for me to function along with someperhaps mostCanadians simply because I find them very racist!

Here is the incredible story behind these pics and post. Several years ago, I was driving around in the city when I looked up and saw the sun. My keen eyes allowed me to view the sun and the sunlight in depth. Suddenly, I knew that something was wrong with the sun and sunlight. I was not looking at the usual scene! The sun seemed brighter and more serene at the same time. The sunbeams were longer and more spread across the sky. It felt like looking at a spectacular solar phenomenon of some sort! I was gripped with terrible fear at this sight, then for several days, and then for some years. I knew that something had gone wrong! I did not knew how to tell people about what was going on; so I created this picture by using a software. I think I posted this on my older blog, which I had to delete to make this new blog.

As you view the rest of the post, know that the Date Created is flipped with the Date Modified because I moved my files around—this answer was provided by the Microsoft Community. The picture “The New Sun (Cells and Energy)” was created on April 2, 2011.

Cells and Energy picnik
The New Sun (Cells and Energy)
Date of creation of “The New Sun (Cells and Energy)”: Apr 2, 2011.
cells and energy
Process of Creation (Cells and Energy)
Date of creation for the pic “Process of Creation (Cells and Energy)”: Jan 5, 2014.

According to article, “What’s wrong with the sun?“, which was published in 2010, the sunspots have been vanishing for the past two years. This article tells us that some researchers believe that the sun is shrinking, which is causing massive climate change.

So what I saw in 2011 and then later drew it is what the researchers are pointing towards; i.e. a noticeable change in the Sun. So my eyes are letting me do this heavy job of detecting things that don’t make much sense with grand ease.

Do you wanna have more fun with this news? Check out article, “Our Sun Is Lighter Than Ever, And The Problem Is Getting Worse”, which was published in 2018. Now compare the first picture found in this article with the pic I made in 2011. They are similar right! Now refer to the third and fourth images of my blog post.  On Jan 4, 2014, I reviewed some of the draft images that were edited to create the final image (first pic) and created a collage (third image of this post titled “Process of Creation ‘Cells and Energy'”) by using three relevant ones. Did I somehow gauge the similarity between my picture (The New Sun “Cells and Energy”) that was made in 2011 and the image shared in the article Our Sun Is Lighter Than Ever, And The Problem Is Getting Worse”, which was published in 2018; and, then decided to make the image “Process of Creation (Cells and Energy)”. Its almost like I am saying to others, “No! Really! I made this picture; and, I did not download it from anywhere.”

Our Sun contains 99.8% of the Solar System’s mass, but gets lighter every day. When enough time goes by, its changes will render Earth uninhabitable. Source: “Our Sun Is Lighter Than Ever, And The Problem Is Getting Worse”

If you don’t believe how dented I can actually become, refer to the blog post, “Prediction Within A Prediction: Use Of Mind’s Peripheral Vision” to read how I predicted the coming of the Coronavirus.

Since I am a Muslim, I will leave a reminder here for everyone. In the Quran, we are warned that sun will join the moon (near the Earth) on the Day of the Judgement; see article, “Sun & Moon Join on Day of Judgment“.

Well! The Day of Judgement is not here yet; so the scientific communities from all across the world must join hands to figure out what should be done about these changes that are taking place in the Sun.

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Dented Thinking Of A Genius

What I am about to narrate to you today is an incredible personal story. The data around me is very different because I am a lucid dreamer, a telepath, and an ENFP genius. I seriously hope nobody gets spooked by this story!

When I was choosing my university, I received a couple of admission letters. I asked myself what I wanted at the end of all this studies and my mind promptly answered, “I want Prestige; thus, I want University of Toronto”. So I chose to study Biological Sciences; I was planning to study Cellular and Molecular Biology after graduating. But, I never did my Master of Science because I felt neglected due to what was going on inside Univeristy of Toronto. Now the next set of things are very surprising!

  1. I was discriminated against while studying at the Uniiversity of Toronto. One of my professors mocked me when I asked him what he really thought of a Research Thesis of mine. He could not read me properly at all. I asked this because I wrote this; and, obviously I loved what I had written. He replied in an aloof and sarcastic manner that this is just one paper. I felt enormous pain when he addressed me like this! Of course! I was new to all this so I must have made some errors as well. But I was a young student back then; and, I deserved to be loved and cherished properly. Furthermore, while I was doing research at The Ramsay Wright Zoological Laboratories, I found out that the female researchers were unhappy because they were not receiving sufficient grants. After all this, I started feeling that even if I got my PhD, I won’t be taken seriously. Eventually, I decided not to complete my Master of Science. Read blog post Canada’s Undiscovered Geniuses. I must comment that I did got admission into York University but I did not say YES to this. From what I have learned by talking to York’s coloured graduates, York University’s Sciences department has a good reputation when it comes to properly integrating coloured students.  As you read the rest of the story, you will realize that all this had to happen before I ended up gaining “Prestige”.
  2. While studying at University of Toronto, I completed a study through which I found it that I had high levels of stereodepth vision, the vision responsible for the feats conducted by surgeons, athletes, and scientists. I discussed this in the blog post, “About My Stereodepth Vision”. Oh, once a Psychology professor told me that there are many kinds of IQs and we cannot just figure out how smart someone is simply by doing an IQ test. I believed him right away simply because I am a very broad minded individual.
  3. As I grew older, I became more and more “out of the box” in nature. I started experiencing lucid dreaming and telepathic encounters, which actually intensified a lot after 9/11 since I was using prayers to protect myself and the weak. I made sure to avoid racist and abusive people because I felt that my brain used to stop functioning in their presence. As I learned about myself further, I realized that I was able to receive dreams that had historic significance. I learned that I could open time portals and move through time to learn something. Read blog post, “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In time By Around Four Years” and “Time Portals Open According To Your Decisions and Intentions“. Truth is that when I received a precognitive dream as a child, I completely forgot about it until I reached a stage in my life where I realized that I could not ignore these signals anymore. Read How Far Ahead In Time Can A Lucid Dreamer Really Go?  to learn about a precognitive dream that I had around 20 years ago and that come true just recently. Reality is that throughout this project, I had no mentors at all. I learned all of this on my own; and, I built my entire website as well as wrote all the content on my own.
  4. Truth is that I predicted that in 2015 a pandemic will hit America. Read blog post, “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years” and “Time Portals Open According To Your Decisions and Intentions“. In my dream, a Black woman stated that a plague has arrived. Plague is a type of pandemic. During my dream, I wondered what sort of plague she was referring to; but, then I chose to use a time portal that showed me the world that was going to be created with the election to Trump. Was the Black woman using the word plague loosely or was she using it based on similarity between plague and Coronavirus. For example, in both cases, some people are willing to market and sell fake products.

I left my studies due to discrimination specifically racism and gender bias. If things stayed on course, then today I would have been working inside a lab learning about Cellular and Molecular Biology. I would have conducted breakthrough research and perhaps I would have saved everyone from Coronavirus. It is all very simple inside my head! So racist or sexist people should know that lots of suffering that everyone including themselves will go through in this world would be created due to discrimination.

As I finish my thinking here, I fully realize that I got what I wanted when I enrolled in University of Toronto. I wanted “prestige” and today I definitely got it. I have belled the cat! If you still do not believe me think about this sequence: I completed the writing for this blog on my own; I had a dream about a plague in 2015; and, I have somehow managed to warn people about what really is going on. Like I said, I got “prestige” just like I promised myself!

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I Responded To An Inaudible Voice/Sound And Managed Something Urgent In The Kitchen

Since I am a telepath and lucid dreamer, I can sometimes respond to inaudible voices/sounds. Since these cannot be heard, I do not know whether I am listening to a voice or some other sound. This is rare; and, I intend to keep this rare; otherwise, I would be on red alert all the time since I use these voices/sounds to react before something happens. These are slightly different than my usual telepathic encounters, which are based on several things including voices, images, smells, and dreams. However, I know that if I keep seeking through dreams, then this ability is going to magnify. Read “Some Telepathic Encounters Are Like Inaudible Voices“.

Today, I was sitting in the kitchen and working in one of my projects. I was writing, browsing online, and reading fast. My mind was pretty occupied with thoughts about my project and the articles I was reading so I was willing to not pay that much attention to my surroundings. All of a sudden, I just looked up and stared in a particular direction. Nothing was going on inside the kitchen except that one of my female friends was busy finishing some of her tasks. I realized that I was actually ignoring her and was staring in a specific direction looking for something. But, there was nothing peculiar out there! Slowly, I realized that I should not be staring at things when nothing is going on. I allowed myself to break free of this trance and was able to focus on my books. After 7 minutes or so had passed, I started smelling something. I looked up to find out that something was burning on the stove because my friend left it there and forgot about it. I ran towards the stove and managed everything.

Wow! Listening to inaudible voices/sounds is pretty fun!

Photo by Marko Blazevic on

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I Just Saved Someone From Being Urinated On Inside The Bus

Today, inside the bus, something very weird and creepy happened. A young Lack woman got on the bus and sat just a couple of seats away from me. She seemed drowsy and was wearing eye glasses to conceal her eyes. She sat slumped on the chair and did not seem all there. I managed to look at her eyes even though her glasses were on; her eyes were closed. Every now and then, she would spit a lot on the floor. I observed her for a bit and though she was drunk or stoned or maybe she she had been to a dentist’s office. I had placed my bad on the floor and my purse on the other seat; and, now I was just busy checking her out.

After a while, another young Black woman came and sat on the seat that was right next to this lady’s seat. She placed her feet on the spit and sat down. At this point, I started feeling worried. I mean with the Coronavirus outbreak, making contact with someone’s spit is not a good idea. Instincltly, I started praying. I had a bad feeling and the thought that something was wrong kept hitting in my head. After I finished praying to God, I had courage enough to ask the other Black woman who just happened to seat herself next to this lady to come close to me. She made eye contact with me pretty fast; got up from her seat;and walked towards me. I made her sit next to me instead and I told her that that woman was spitting for a long while and that she might be drugged or drunk.

So Episode 1 of this scary movie is over.

Then came Episode 2.

The lady next just removed her pants. I looked at her doing this and just panicked. Instinctively, I picked up my bag from the floor as well as the rest of the belongings from the other seat. Next, I ran to the driver and told him that someone has just undressed inside the bus. He went in a shock and asked me to clarify what I was saying. I looked back at the lady. She was now urinating in the bus. The urine was now spreading quickly towards where the other woman was sitting–she was holding  and where I was standing. So I told the driver again exactly what was going on. He just stopped the bus and got to the woman to check if she needed medical attention. And, I got off the bus. Phew! This was so stressful for me to watch. I am hoping that this lady stays safe.

Perhaps, I should become a detective. My gut feelings are really astounding!

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Lucid Energies Make You Feel Good Just Like When You Are Having Sex

I was thinking again about how just a couple of days I placed my hands on my tummy and healed my menstrual cramps within seconds. I have previously discussed this ability here, Healing Menstrual Pain. Once, one of my best friendsa Chinese Canadian Buddhisttold me to meet as many people as possible because she strongly felt that everyone will love me. Other times, I get lots of attention even from well-meaning male strangers. Read Types Of Eye Contact.  A couple of times, I have received marriage proposals or requests from men who wanted to connect with me after looking at me only once. One of the queerest thing that happened to me was when a White man complimented me about my shirt while emotionally harassing one of the Brown guys I was friends with me.

So after healing my menstrual pain, I started thinking about all of this. Is it true that others and I are getting influenced by my lucid energies? According to Rebecca Turner’s article “Physical Healing in Lucid Dreams“, Ed Kellong, a Biochemist, was able to dramatically heal the pain and inflammation caused by an infected tonsil by becoming aware during the lucid state. My mother once commented that you bring with you what you see or learn in the world of dreams. This means that the energies that I interacted with or released while I was asleep are actually in action while I am awake. I know that it is possible to compel positive energies to come out of one’s body, like when one is massaging someone or engaging in motivational speeches; but, I also know that energies derived by engaging in lucid dreaming are of many types and they are usually released automatically even when you are awake.  According to article, “Is It Safe to Have Sex During Your Period? Tips, Benefits, and Side Effects“, women can be relieved of menstrual cramps due to endorphins that are released due to sex.

So it is apparent that not only I am able to heal myself but I am also able to impact others through the energies that are being emitted by my body.


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Who Are The Best BodyGuards In The World?

The best bodyguards in the world are those lucid dreamers who can use dreams and telepathy to protect their loved ones. I realized this truth when recently I had dreams about a very well-known Human Rights Activist and his family. I am not sharing all the dreams I had about them because I wish to protect them. In these dreams, I briefly saw places where they were living or visiting; maybe, I made up these places and they do not really exist; also, twice I traveled with him. I wondered about this new reality a lot! This is kind of new because I have not paid that much attention to his family members; but, they are still appearing in my dreams for some reason. After thinking a lot, I realized that its the fact that I trust him and that he trusts me back that is allowing these dreams to occur.

I have bodyguarded some people while asleep or awake. Its very easy inside my mind and heart as long as I am free to do so and the subjects of my dreams genuinely love me.

Below are some incidences that have actually taken place:

Always Look Back

My Gut Feelings Make Me Fight Back

Good Souls Channel Together

Remote Sensing Through Telepathy

Telepathy Controls Body’s and Mind’s Needs

Reading Faces

Telepathic Signal From My Niece: Conquering The Waters

Should Pakistan Be Allowed To Harass Peace Activists?

Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years

Knights of the Flying Carpet

And, there are many more! I wonder if I should become a professional bodyguard and get paid for what I do! So far I have been working for free because I find all this a playful game. I wonder if I should make this a paid profession! I wonder! I wonder!


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Sensing The Writer Through His/Her Writings

I was volunteering to help a writer finish her tasks today when I got too absorbed in typing out some of her works. This is when I almost felt her sitting very close to me. I sensed a certain sort of energy again today! This energy is specific to this particular writer; I sense it whenever I am working for her. I had a couple of dreams that remind me of her. I started having these dreams when I kind of forgot to work on her project. This is when I started getting haunted by dreams that seemed a bit broken and not mine⁠—I know its not just stress. I took this as a signal to start working on her project right away!

I had similar encounters with other writers and poets⁠—I can have lucid dreams about only some of them. Read “Another Lucid Encounter With My Favourite Poet“; and, you will realize that it is possible to receive energies/vibes before becoming lucid. These sensations are called “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”. One way of inducing such hallucinations is to meditate while lying on bed; relax your muscles and body; and, then start listening to all the sensations and sounds around you. Make sure all the electronics are turned off though! Since I am telepathic, I can experience energies with just a little bit of stimulation, such as a poem.

So I listened to one of his poems tonight. The atmosphere around me started changing gradually while I was still awake. First I felt a presence near me while I was resting on my bed. It was a very comfy presence so I slept near it while hugging it. This is odd to explain! Basically my bed is always warm; but, today it felt different because the atmosphere became heavier and denser. I could feel strong vibes of some sort coming from somewhere. Then there was this comforting smell that I continued to experience till morning. Source: Another Lucid Encounter With My Favourite Poet.

Once you have successfully activated relevant “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”, then know that the portal to connecting with an idea or person is now open. This is how I keep getting repeat dreams about some of my inspirations.

I was tired and resting on a large bed. A man who resembled a famous American poet sat on the floor near my bed. His face was facing me; and, he was slowly stating some mysterious and endearing words. I could hear him say something in Urdu although I know that the poet whom this dream character resembled does not know this language. His voice was very soothing; and, I started feeling relaxed after listening to him although I could not fully understand what he was trying to say. Source: A Man Sitting Near My Bed.

After interacting with your dream characters for some while, you should be able to tell certain things about the person you are dreaming about. For instance, something will play differently that would show you a particular characteristic of your inspiration.

At some point, his face started vanishing because I was too tired to maintain the dream scene. But then I thought that I did not want him to disappear. As soon as I thought this, his face appeared again. Source: A Man Sitting Near My Bed.

This tells me that the American poet I have been studying is actually a very sensitive and empathetic person because his face disappears and appears based on my needs. So adorable!

Try connecting with yourself and your inspirations while activating “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”. Its an experience you will never forget!

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How ESP Works In A Hidden Manner

My experience tells me that ESP including Telepathy includes very deep, broad, and alive forces. It shuts down on its own and it opens up on its own. Sometimes, it focuses on me or others and the rest of the times it focuses on the energies around us. Its fun to see myself tuning in and tuning out every now and then!

Yesterday, something mysterious happened to me. I have been thinking of buying a new purse for myself for some while. For some reason, I chose to shop for it yesterday night. When I got to the shop, most of the purses had already been purchased. I wanted one with a long strap because its easier to carry it by letting it swing on the side. I looked around and eventually found a really fancy leather purse that had brown, black, and white colors. Its strap was the loveliest thing ever! The strap had a checkered design on white leather, which was near where it was attached to the purse; but the rest of the strap was dark black. And, it had the right size, perfectly fit for my belongings. Lastly, it was on discount. I bought this one right away. Today, I am thinking back to all this and feeling a bit unsettled. The shelves were almost empty yesterday; but, this really hot purse was just sitting there waiting for me.

Similar unusual incidences are usual around me. Read “Queer Incidences that Appear Like Coincidences“. I feel very happy and blessed about this ability!


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When Telepathy Does Not Work

Telepaths are extremely sensitive people, which is because Telepathy requires reactivity in order to function. I know from experience that even while lucid dreaming I have to use methods that are not harsh at all, such as easier sleep postures and nicer meditations. If I do not do things my way, my brain just shuts off so I appear like a DUMBO!

Below is a personal experience. None of this is fabricated! Things happened exactly like I am describing.

I have a male relative who is somewhat stubborn and very intelligent. So once I took him with me while I was shopping for a new laptop. He went over tons of laptops and told me relevant technical data. A Customer Services Rep kept tailing us so every now and then so we also shot some questions his way. My relative finally decided about a laptop and suggested to me that this one was a great choice. I looked at the laptop and something inside my head just clicked; I said, “I do not like it; is there a better option?” So we spent more time looking for devices and he suggested again that this was the best option given what I was looking for and the available budget. So I just shut off my head and stopped thinking about why it was clicking this way. He also said that it was up to me what to choose! But given how tired he was and his other suggestion, I started thinking about if he was now too tired of this hard work; therefore, I felt obliged to purchase that particular laptop.

Anyways, I did not use this new laptop for many months. Eventually, I decided to use it. Just some days after I started working on this laptop, the “Blue Screen of Death” just turned on. I remember I had prayed at the time this laptop was purchased! So I trusted my prayer and started looking for a solution. I talked to the Sales Rep at the shop; and he suggested that I should return this one and buy a new one. But, I could not do this quickly for some reason! I slowly looked for the receipt and found out that I would not be able to exchange this laptop because it was too late to do this. So I started using my technical side. Pretty soon, I managed to fix the issue—I did this entirely on my own.

This is how I learned that I actually shut down my telepathic instincts when someone does not listen to me. Even if this happens briefly, I still shut down. This happens because Telepathy depends on “Trust” a lot! “Trust” shows in many ways and it really depends on all the angels available. For instance, when I was just a teenager, I told a senior relative of mine that he should not make a specific business decision. He did not listen to me and ventured to complete that business venture. He still regrets doing this! How did I do this when I had no training of business at all? Also, if the situation is really urgent, then I am bound to find one way or another to relieve the issue at hand. But, if you ever see me tussling with something in real life, then know that I know something that you do not.

Nevertheless, the trial described above proved to be a great experience for me because I also learned how to cue someone to get proper answers about laptops or computers. But, I did this just for fun! Next time, I will walk in the shop and just pick a laptop by using my instincts, which I will do after listening to what the Rep says. Yes! You can still use your instincts well even after being educated about things.


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