I Love My Eyes

My eyes are really large and dark because of high levels of stereodepth that’s in my veins. I use the same vision to create my 3 D dreams that run just like real life or movies. Just a note before you examine my eyes closely: I don’t wear anything artificial inside my eyes and my contact lens are colorless.

Look at them when I am really happy.

Now, look at them when I am very sober. The glitter completely dissapears. This is why everyone finds my face very confusing. 

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About My Stereodepth Vision

Originally Published On Dec 4, 2017

I have a very high level of stereodepth vision that was tested in one of the research labs at the University of Toronto, Canada─look, my eyes are different. I find it really odd that this is one of the two research studies I ever participated in. At that time, I was not a full-fledged lucid neither did I had any idea what the terms “lucid dream” or “stereodepth vision” meant.

I have thought really hard about what really alarmed and surprised the professor that day about my test results. And, I have realized something vital: High level of Stereodepth vision is linked to Lucid Dreaming—Professor’s research has nothing to do with my proposed hypothesis though. 


Has this ever been proven or is this a new research hypothesis? I do not know this yet because I haven’t yet been able to spare time to research relevant data in favor or opposition of this hypothesis. But, this is on my table and I will try to present relevant information in the course about Lucid Dreaming, which I am slowly designing.

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Feeling a Little Frightened

I have seen jinns a couple of times while I was wide awake and focused─sometimes those around me have also reported seeing something weird and shadowy.  Twice, I saw these entities while visiting haunted places. It’s a bit creepy because we don’t usually suspect these entities to roam in our dimension. Nevertheless, these experiences are a bit entertaining because we get to notice how they appear to us and how they react to us.

Once, I was sitting with a friend of mine when both of us were startled as we saw a white blanket-like entity standing at the entrance of his room. My friend screamed and jumped towards me for help, and I started praying like crazy. The white entity disappeared as I held my friend’s head and prayed for both of us.

It is a bit scary to watch all of this but we really can’t control their visits to our world. Read “Types of Jinn” by the Seven Worlds.


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Psychic Feelings Are Like Different Langauges

Psychic feelings are very difficult to enumaerate because they can become very diffused and distinct; they merge very well with the rest of one’s reality; they sometimes go unnoticed during daily routines because one fails to notice minor things or because vibes of the rest prevent proper readings.

Sometimes, psychic feelings are very strong and the psychic gets strong images inside the mind. For example, see how I read my Chinese friend and how I reviewed  Sun Lutang’s picture.

Other times, psychic phenomena does not surface until you have really focused on your subject or unless you have reviewed the evidence multiple times. For example, see how I read Rishi Kapoor.

Yet other times, this kind of extraordinary stuff is ignored because it seems too insignificant. For example, two days ago, I wore red nail polish on purpose. Today, one of my relatives gifted me a beige suit that has red embroidery and prints. I was stunned when I noticed that I was wearing matching nail polish. I shared this story with some of my relatives. I have added my picture below for my readers.

In conclusion, being psychic is fun but this ability still offers limited and unguarded existence like the rest. It’s easy to compel oneself to be psychic by reading and practicing techniques. One lovely method is use of open spaces for entertainment or meditations. Is this why the early Muslims disliked closed spaces?


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The One Who Watches Through the Veil of Night

Note: I had this lucid dream when I was very young. None of this is fabricated. 

I fell asleep and woke up during an alluring lucid trance. The house and its large courtyard as well as the neighborhood were covered in the veil of the night. Music of the darkness played like a solo and I ran through the courtyard as if dancing to the whim of this alive music. One of my siblings ran next to me while holding my hand. “We will ask the  man near the fenced door to give us some candies”, we whispered to each other as we ran towards the door excitedly. We sat down near the steel fenced door and extended our palms outside. Then we chanted to beckon the man who will bring us candies. Perhaps, this man was our uncle; perhaps, he was a friend of the family; or perhaps, he was just some random guy who lived near our house. We didn’t knew and we didn’t care enough as we stubbornly demanded the man to run towards us. Then, we heard some sort of thudding noise as an adult man finally arrived at the door. He sat down and happily placed some candies on our palms. Then, he whispered that everything is okay and that he actually knows our parents. I felt that he wanted us to stay inside the house next to our parents. My sibling and I giggled because we somehow understood that we have seen him before. This curiously frank gentleman left quietly after we took the candies from him and started eating them. Little did I knew at that time that the same check can be used to scan our vicinity. The man who found us near the entrance was safe because that night was a safe night and there was no immediate danger in our area. I am sure now that if that this stranger played things differently, then this would have indicated the presence of someone sinister in our surroundings.

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Souls are Pretty

Souls are the loveliest forms in this world. I once saw this writer sitting still while reading a book. Then, I heard weird music around him. I thought I saw something, but I thought I also heard something. It felt like I was hallucinating, but I wasn’t. Perhaps, he has a strong creative soul, which is leaving this magical impression. Another time, I had a similar experience when I walked into the room of a young spiritual woman. Her room was drenched in spiritual vibrations that felt extremely soothing to me. I felt that I could spend an eon in this room without realising it. I felt frozen due to her entrancing left-over vibe as my mind and body became warmer.

Souls are pretty because they can leave impressions on things, like the last object touched by the person. Some people can read those impressions and others can sense them vaguely. Spirit sensing can stop whenever the gifted ones tune out on purpose. Once, I felt something milky white and melodious holding me while I fell asleep. Souls definitely have some sort of music attached to them, which runs during sleep as well. This kind of music has too many forms and that’s why even the most gifted ones feel limited while sensing.

Souls have many dimensions, which is why we cannot limit the soul to this world only. Once a friend of mine said to me, “Who wouldn’t notice you sitting in the class?” I fully realize why he said that. He was referring to a specific dimension of my soul, which he somehow sensed easily. It’s that dimension that makes me noticeable somehow.


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Another Weather-Related Warning

I had a funny dream in the morning. I saw a shed-like house that was placed near the bank of a lake or river falling inside the water. It was inhabited by an old couple who did not notice that they were now floating on water. I was standing next to my sibling who indicated to me that we need to help out. We jumped inside and became almost invisible. Then, somehow and I don’t know how exactly, we pulled the small shed back to the bank. We tried to place it back on the bank but it was still loose and not attached to the Earth. It rained later in the day today; and, here is the relevant warning by The Weather Network. I also took a screenshot of the warning, which shows today’s date in the lower-left corner.

I am staring outside my window and watching the messy raindrops. My mind is stuck at the level and manner of prediction this lucid dream has offered. I guess I am a bit scared of my IQ. Being Peculiar like fictional characters from the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children isn’t easy; for example, the crazy thing about this dream is that it shows a type of disaster one usually sees during a severe weather warning. Right now, it isn’t raining that hard but we are still at the risk of being attacked by a thunderstorm and it might already be raining cats and dogs in some other nearby areas.


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Learning How to Dream Through Dreams

Dreams teach you a lot about how to get lucid. My dream characters are very incredible entities that tell me things that I don’t really know─I can sometimes become psychic during the day, which tells you a lot about the nature of my dream characters. I usually research the provided clues later on and end up finding a link between the signals and reality. For example, once the Dark Giant showed me roses and another time the Keepers of the Lucid Stargate showed me the oil that drenched the Lucid Stargate. Later, I found out with the help of the Internet that Roses and Essential Oils actually induce lucid dreams. Just like me, my dream characters are empathetic so sometimes they are actually attempting to induce healing by telling me where to look. Each Lucid dream is very vast, and it usually offers multiple meanings and clues. Make sure to read things you feel interested in and get as many visual cues as possible because these also help create intelligent dream characters and dreams. Remember that higher IQ helps create more dreams and dreams actually improve creativity and IQ─this is how I am extraordinary or grander.

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Intuitive Reading: Rishi Kapoor

Note: I am psychic because I have high levels of stereodepth (3D) vision and the ability to become lucid during sleep. I think I understand the Alpha state by default, but reviewing the article “The Alpha State – Why Is It Essential to Psychic Development?” really helps. I do not like “performing” psychic readings a lot─in my mind, “performing” does not include daily occurrences─because sometimes they can get challenging to tackle. I strongly believe that this psychic state isn’t an indication of prophethood of any sort because almost anyone can do this when taught correctly..  Also, these readings just tell me one or two things. So, don’t use any of my commentary to judge someone because it is based on reading one or two things. The rest of things I don’t really know. 

I attended a friend’s wedding a while ago, and we have been singing “Om Shanti Om” song, which is from the Indian movie Karz. The lead male actor is Rishi Kapoor who is actually a heavily-awarded actor.

As I watched the song “Om Shanti Om“, I told myself that I won’t be reading anything today. However, I got bored and attempted reading into things after watching this song a couple of times─I think it was the drums because I have heard that Shamans used drums to reach higher awareness. I mentally pulled  myself into the song and started dancing and singing. I imagined that I was on the stage with Rishi and enjoying myself like the other actors and actresses. Rishi appear normal during the first couple of minutes of this song. At 5:43, his facial features alter; and, all of a sudden he becomes very serious as he turns around and looks at his dance partner who has just left the stage. But, that’s not it. If you look closely, from 5:58 till 6:30, you will notice that he starts looking very stern and odd. I thought about dancing close to him, but I started feeling a very uncomfortable vibe. Then, I heard the following voices: “he is stern” and “people will decide later”; but, I didn’t hear the voice “don’t go near him”. Perhaps, this is describing how people behave around him; only later, they find out that something is odd about him.  Look at him closely from 5:58 till 6:30; you will notice that even after dancing with a woman, there is no real freshness about his looks. Instead, he has a masked face that appears too firm and too focused.  Oh, I learned how to do such readings by reviewing Anna Sayce website.

After finishing this reading, I checked some articles about him online. Apparently, he has issues with his son and once he was caught loosing his cool on the Red Carpet. I don’t have genuine interest in researching him in depth simply because doing so does not match my taste.

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