Story Of The White Mouse

Some months ago, I dreamt that there was a white mouse on my younger sister’s bed. I could see it playing on my sister’s empty bed; and, I got a feeling that somebody has given my sister a gift so that she may feel happy. I woke up feeling unsettled about this dream because I wanted to know what exactly is going on. I told my younger sister what I saw; and, she was surprised as well. Some months later, I received an answer when I found out that my younger sister has decided to marry someone. She is wed now; and, I am very happy for her because her husband seems like a very caring man. I wonder what’s next? Maybe, Parrots will do. I mean they are both chatting like crazy all the time. And, the Parrots will sing, “And, I’m telling you I’m not going“.


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Releasing Myself

Yesterday, I was standing near the train tracks and waiting for the train. I asked myself when it will arrive. Pretty soon, I felt some form of fear as my mind fixed itself on the original inquiry. I felt my mind was trying to manage some sort of contradiction. I could not digest my fear properly; and, soon it altered into something more creative. I could now see the train but only by using my peripheral vision. It felt like seeing a ghost because I knew that the train was not really there yet. I turned my head around and there was still no train in sight. I moved a bit forward and peeked in the distance. Soon, I could see the lights of the train; some moments later, it arrived at the location I had just imagined it to be at.

Lucid Dreaming and telepathy both require a state of alertness while the mind is relaxed. I was physically relaxed while waiting for the train; and, I was very alert because of my creative fear. I was not overloaded with thoughts so it was easy for me to engage in telepathy.

I feel that fear and precognitive abilities are inherently linked into leadership. Every now and then, I hear complaints that more creative leaders are not running the current governments and that we are all in bad hands. After a bit of searching, I found out that some really creative leaders are away from usual posts because they do not like being manupilated. Their creative fears let them read into situations created by controlling people; and, then they only think of escaping before they attempt to change things. So if you are feeling that good people are dying, then do not worry; and, know that they are just creating change and then adjusting, which is causing delays.

Reality is that some individuals are great at reading into leadership. They know that humble leaders are better than controlling ones. This is why those whose hearts are clean have asked me to lead. Others have seen me running away from manupilative people. Living in Canada and then managing Domestic Abuse or Workplace Abuse is not easy; this is why I feel peaceful after reading the story of Moses. This prophet was raised by Pharoah; and I was raised among some cruel and mean-hearted individuals. Moses chose to run away and then he came back to create positive change in his society. Watch the video about Moses and you will notice that his fear makes him run away from his so-called loved ones. That was very genuine and creative! Can you see now that we are so used to seeing people constantly tackle abusive humans and forgetting the fact that one is being mistreated that we forget about those who have managed to run away while keeping record of everything that has happened. We do not usually hear of such stories of use of fear to create change until we read some Holy Scriptures or scientific articles. When you hear such stories, its like seeing the train when it is not there. Refreshing, right!

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Use of Channeling and Happiness in Telepathy

Today, I hacked into my mind with the help of real happiness and patient channeling. I ended up having three telepathic experiences instead of one. I was kind of hazy during the first one and the last one so I reacted less to them; but, I still noticed what was going on. Only for the first one, I recorded some stuff really quickly. You will notice me hiccuping at the beginning; I usually hiccup when I get really scared.

Incidence 1

I was waiting at the first station. A tall man came running towards the bus. I looked at him and my inner voice said, “You know all the destined things happen to this man”. I listened to it; and, then I got on the bus. I paid less attention to this man; but during the trip, my eyes would move back to him every now and then. For some reason, I felt something was going to happen to him; but, I was too sleepy to react. Suddenly, he tripped and fell down near the first door. Someone helped him get up. I asked myself why I thought what I thought and why I took notice of him in the first place.

Incidence 2

The above is a recording that I made after my first experience and a little bit of the second experience had occurred. The rest of this experience is recorded in here. You will hear a young lady scream something at the back. I did not really record her; and, I had my cellphone turned away so you cannot really catch what she is saying. Plus, you can hear the wind as she talks, which works in my favor almost like nature is censoring her voice to some extent. I was recording this for myself so she just got caught in the middle of this. And, then I had to run and take my bus. This is how I did not think about asking her permission to investigate this. Below is the transcript of this recording. I have added some minor details that I actually observed and that are missing from the recording.

I am coming from Downtown Ottawa from a meeting with some professionals. I enjoyed myself at the meeting; therefore, I was in a great mood. On my way back, I was not only extremely merry but also felt that some burden has been removed from my mind. I felt younger and more carefree, which is an excellent setting for telepathic experiences. I got into the bus; sat in the middle of the bus; and started staring outside. It was really dark outside. The bus started moving; after a while, it stopped at a station. I could see two young women running towards the bus. I felt fixated on one of the women’s face because she somehow felt familiar to me. For some reason, I thought that she was one of my friends from Algonquin College. As she ran towards the bus, I scanned her face to be sure. I could see some of her facial curves and features and chin. The front light of the bus illuminated her face as she ran into the bus and sat down. As soon as she had entered the bus, I realized that that was not my friend; I looked away and decided not to pay any attention to this. I realized that sometimes I am unconsciously scanning faces because of my training with Anna Sayce and because my stereodepth vision lets me catch certain details. This is how I felt that that woman was my friend; at the same time, I kind of doubted myself. Later, due to how the rest of the events took place, I realized that my mind can create creative doubts to get me focused on something or someone in order to get something else done—do you think that great cops and detectives just get attached to someone for no reason at all? Later, she got off the bus at the same station, Baseline Station of Algonquin College, as I did. This is when I realized that maybe this is how my vision really is working now after training with Anna Sayce: by cueing me into reading facial cues and then giving telepathic signals at the same time. Perhaps the reason why her face suddenly seemed like that of my friend from this college was that that she was going to get off at the same station. Due to these other factors, sometimes I cannot read into coincidences or chances. As I waited for the bus, I started recording my thoughts about what I had observed so far. As I stepped out of the bus station to experience the cold and wind, I ended up seeing that young woman again. She and her friend were taking a brisk walk right beside me. She looked at me and screamed, “Which bus are you waiting for?”. I felt startled as I saw her; but, I commented confidently, “95 Cambrian”. She said, “Look at the sign behind you. The bus does not come to this station that late in the night. You will have to go to the other station”. The rest of the events got recorded just perfectly. After talking to her and thanking her, I said in my recorder, “I am even more scared because remember the girl that I told you about just looked at me and said to me that buses don’t come to this station. They don’t come here in the night. So basically, I am not so scared but this is just way too extended. Anyways, thanks for your time. Bye!” I started running towards the other station as soon as I had to finished talking to this lady. You can hear my voice shake as I recorded my last lengthy comment, which is the quoted comment documented above. As I got on the bus, I recorded, “Got on the bus! Ran for a while”. Then, I recorded a “Thanks”, which I issued to the driver.

Incidence 3

I had descended from the bus. As I walked in the chilly night, I stared at the trees. I felt that one of the trees had something round on it. First, I thought, “What could be round and be on the tree?” Then, I told myself lazily, “Its nests. Maybe, there are many birds and there are many nests”. Then the voice said, “Keep Scanning”. So I kept scanning the tree I was originally staring at. I felt that there was something else on it besides leaves. I couldn’t not detect anything other than leaves so I started moving towards my place. A couple of minutes afterwards, I came across a tree that had Christmas lights on it. It felt odd seeing this after thinking like this.


Reality is that all my life I have been surrounded by telepaths and the rest. Thus, I have learned to scan the world like someone who does not have any of these abilities and someone who does. I have also learned that I can receive better telepathic visions if I am happy and psychologically safe. This is because alpha wave, the brainwave that is required for telepathic experiences and alertness, can be released when one is cheerful and thus meditative in nature.

Often, I have heard my close friends and sometimes even strangers comment, “Oh God! Don’t give Arzoo in wrong hands. She seems too fragile and too innocent. She won’t know what to do if something bad happened to her”. I analyzed these statements today. I realized that these people are actually seeing something that is part of a bigger picture. They are fully understanding that I am vulnerable; but, they aren’t reading into the fact that my sensitive nature lets me enter into psychic state. This is why all telepaths openly state that they will help out if they feel that the others trust them. You cannot force yourself in the alpha state; and, it has to be created in an authentic manner. Think about it this way! The richest can easily shut down their doors if someone mistreats them. Telepaths have that power by default! It is built inside their minds just like the need to cry when injured is slowly designed inside the mind since birth.

Last note: I am planning to slowly build a team or connect with an existing team that is interested in documenting telepathic events including lucid dreams. Any suggestions or requests? Please email me at

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Finger Induced Lucid Dreams Link Into Telepathy

Note: No matter how bizzare this sounds to you, all of this is 100% true.

I have sometimes tried the FILD technique; I have managed to achieve some lucidity while performing this technique imperfectly. I have been noticing that sometimes my finger starts tapping on its own. I first thought that it was just because I cued myself into the finger tapping technique. But, today something happened while I was driving around and scanning some places for job. As I approached a mall, my left finger started tapping on its own. Instinctively, I made a left turn and drove into the mall. I checked out some places; and decided to stop at an Indian Take-Out. After speaking to the Manager, I found out that she was actually looking for someone in Marketing. I felt glad and gave her my resume, which was a perfect fit for this position. After this incidence, I realized that when my finger starts tapping on its own, then it is actually saying something. I am sure that there will be times when finger tapping won’t lead to any positive results; but, I believe this is because I am not doing the finger tap technique properly. Why don’t you try this at home and see what happens!

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Projecting Inwards

As a telepath, I can project inwards to some extent. I can project into mirrors, human abdomens, pictures, and human souls. I feel that telepathic projections work in the same way as prayers and intentions do. Of course! dreams project inside the human minds and the universe as well; but, I am talking about while I am still awake. Here are some of my experiences and remember that I am still developing this ability.


Just today, I was standing in the washroom and cleaning my hands when I looked at my face in the mirror. My facial features altered very slightly and I could clearly see my mother’s face. I thought it was a signal so I opened the washroom door and left. Just a couple of seconds later, my mother got downstairs; and, I realized that the signal was that she is nearby.

Human Abdomens

When my brother’s wife was going to have a baby, I placed my hand on her tummy. Then, I said that it is a boy and I would like a boy. Later, when the baby was born, she looked just like my brother. Baby girl looks like a BOY! I think I saw inside her tummy somehow. My brother’s wife knows this.


I can read some pictures to some extent. Here is an intuitive reading that I did while studying a course with telepathic Anna Sayce. She taught a specific method to initiate first contact. For instance, she asked people to ask if they can trust the person in the picture. Then she taught a couple of other seemingly basic questions that aided in projecting inside the persons from the provided pictures.

Human Souls

I feel that telepathic projections and prayers can both change the humans into better or bad humans. For instance, once a young bully became very normal after some interactions with me and later he also changed into a very confident and loving adult. Another example is that of a real criminal who came across me and tried abusing me. He told me that he should be called “The Devil”. He also ended up apologizing to me because I projected a creature inside his mind. Another time, a man who touched me inappropriately (not rape) when I was very young ended up dying from Stroke. I forgave him for doing this because he apologized soon afterwards. However, he died in a very horrible way when he was very old: his heartbeat stopped and he felt extreme pain for several moments. I was in a different country when this happened to him; and, I still did not know what exactly happened because I was very young when he harmed me. I think when this ability shows through death, it shows under what is considered natural or normal circumstances. This is why I have always wondered what will happen if I projected negative images inside someone’s mind or said some prayers to hurt someone who has proved very harmful towards me! I did research and I found out that prayers are to be said in a way that is not harmful. For example, you should not say, “Just hurt this aggressor and his family” but instead say, “God! save me from my abusers”. Saying this, I must comment that this is why I dislike negative projection. I believe the only time such projections can fail the medium is when God decides to stand in the way.

Always remember that humans are born with many senses. This is why I also use usual average logic; for example, when I need help, I ask a friend right away. Awesome abilities like telepathy and lucid dreams work together with these other senses. You won’t become invincible although you will successfully create an illusion inside other minds and appear like immortal heroes. These illusions are the reasons why some of my close friends and even some strangers call me grander than the rest.

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Telepathic Voices Can Be Tricky

My Telepathic voices can be tricky because I am a creative writer; and, I use humour to dodge ball every now and then. I will describe two instances where the voice appeared tricky and hilarious so that my stress levels went pretty low and I was able to focus.

Incidence 1: Tonight, I was driving back home in the rain. It was very dark; and, driving felt a bit stressful due to lower visibility. As I drove, I heard a voice in my head, “Imagine firing on someone’s tire.” I protested, “I don’t want to. It will burn.” The voice persisted and again said, “Just imagine please.” I kept ignoring the voice until I got home. Then I thought back to it and started checking all my tires. Soon, I found out that one of the tires was really hot and had a strong burning smell. I called my mom and one of my neighbours. My neighbour brought a flash light and checked the tire slowly. He said that something is rubbing against the brakes; and, that I should get it checked fast. Today, I felt that the voice played with my patience; by, I can see why it did that.

Incidence 2: I came across an interesting male writer once. I asked myself how I would feel if this man got angry or upset with me. A voice said, “That does not make any sense. Don’t do this.” I listened to the voice attentively and felt that it sounded different than what I have heard before. I puzzled about this and decided to pursue this person. Some months afterwards, we reconnected and talked briefly. I had a very pleasant feeling about him. Deep inside, I felt that I had found an amazing person.

So if your mental voice tries becoming trickier than before, then make sure to hear it out. It might be de-stressing!


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Guardian Spirits Meet Me During Day and Night

Guardian Spirits use your bodies to send you messages. I have learned this on my own and over considerable time. Sharing this is not just a “I Can Scare You” gesture from my end. I have other family members who are like me; and, I know that one of them is very frightened of her abilities. I also always wanted to believe that the odd things I experienced in real life are not really happening. But, my experiences eventually got to the point where I could not lock my mind to not believe the idea that the Guardian Spirits haunt me during the day as well.

I will now share two real incidences to show this phenomenon:

I Am Awake

Some years ago, I was driving back home when my mind just compelled me to stop and enjoy the night. Roads were a bit wet that day, I think. In response to this “need”, my mind implored back, “But I must go back home soon. It’s really late.” My body almost froze in the car’s seat like its super-tired but hypnotized. I decided to drive to the local Chapters and happily stepped out of the car in the night. When I got into the store, I roamed around aimlessly feeling unsettled about why I decided to stop by. Eventually, my body started feeling heavy and fatigued again so I just sat down next to a shelf. As I turned my head towards the shelf, I almost jumped away in shock. Carlos Gomez’s book “Man Up: Cracking the Code of Modern Manhood” was sitting right in front of me; and, this was the last copy. I immediately picked it up and bought it. As I left the parking lot, I thought about how I wanted to visit Carlos for his performances and how I wanted to get introduced to his gang of poets and writers. However, I never made it because I was left studying and working. To overcome my worries, my Guardian Spirit brought me to Chapters so that I may purchase his book. I got a bit scared about this incidence so I shared it only once on my older blog. Then I closed this older blog pretty fast.

Notice that my mind tricks me when doing these things. For example, it told me “it needs to stay outside”. But the truth is that it was going for this book.

I Am Asleep

As a kid, I was in love with one of my uncles. I used to take care of him like rub his feet, massage his scalp, and cut his nails. He was a Medical Doctor so he used to get very tired; and, that’s when I used to force him to sit next to me so I could manage him. He loved me a lot. He used to say, “You can stay in my pocket. I say this because you were really little when you were born. I could hold you on my palm and I could have fit you in my pocket”. I was very close to him; and, I missed him a lot when he died. I cried a lot; and, I even made myself believe that he is not dead. This is when he visited me as a Guardian Spirit. He visits me when I need him; but, there is one time when he visited me to deliver great news. I was very stressed around that time because I really wanted a car and could not figure out if I would have sufficient funds to purchase it. So this stayed on my mind while I fell asleep one day. In my lucid dream, I saw my uncle sitting next to a car. He was cleaning its tire. As soon as he felt me standing near the garage, he looked up and motioned me to come near him. “Arzoo, come here. I will show you how to clean it.” I smiled at him and walked towards him. I woke up pretty soon because I realized that my uncle has passed away and that this was his spirit. Some months later, I successfully managed to purchase a new car.

I think uncle came to bless me and to add to my mind that things are possible once I start believing in them.

So you see how Guardian Spirits work in a disguised manner!

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Observing The World Through My Gifted Mind

Today I gazed peacefully at the clouds that were settling outside my place. I placed my hands on the glass window and hesitantly shifted my mind outside of my body. It’s a technique I have learned over time; but, I do not apply it often. I believe that the fact most people around me are not as gifted as I am plays a big role in creating these moments of self-doubt.

Nevertheless, I slowly willed myself to shift outside with closed eyes. Briefly, I felt something warm; and then I felt something light. I kept feeling and what was light now became lighter and lighter. That light thing that just appeared somehow tickled me as I viewed the world in this partially shunned manner. All of a sudden, I experienced something very odd. I could see myself staring back at me except that I was standing outside of the room. Did I just visualize my reflection or was it a signal of some sort? I opened my eyes, felt unsettled, amd walked away. Some minutes later, it stared to rain. I ran back to the window; and, now I knew what felt so light to me. It was the rain. Can you believe it? I saw and felt the rain pouring down just minutes before it actually it. So this is how the world feels to the blind!

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How to Safely Conduct Telepathy During the Day?

I have used telepathy during the day occasionally to save some people. All this started when I was a child. I just happened to hear a voice minutes before I saved my sibling from being kidnapped. The second incidence, which I still recall very clearly owing to its very confusing nature, is a bit recent. I cannot provide any details of this incidence due to confidentiality issues; but, I used my telepathy vision to glance at two men who were posing as friends of a young woman. After studying the faces and vibes of both of the guys for just a little bit, I realized that they weren’t really her friends. She used a bit of my help to escape because she chose to trust me instead.

My experiences have taught me that I can read and react faster if the other person (victim) fully trusts me.


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