Telepathy Controls Body’s and Mind’s Needs

Telepathy can change your body’s and mind’s needs temporarily to satisfy a future occurrence. For example, day before yesterday, I had a sudden urge to manage my hair really late in the night. So I worked on them for like an hour or so. The next day, I received a call for an interview. I felt so thrilled to realize that this sudden urge was actually a telepathic response to what my inner self perceived as a good opportunity. Can you see how brilliantly you can function if you were to allow even a little bit of control? When I was working on my hair, I thought I was just doing a routine task to make myself happier. Only later, I realized that this meant something bigger. Can you seenow that telepathic triggers won’t always disrupt your need to live the usual way.


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How I Healed Acne Issues My Sister and I Were Facing

My sister and I are both sensitive ladies; when we get stressed, we both can develop acne. Therefore, both of us know about many creams and treatments that help clean acne and make the face go back to normal. I was clever enough to find the fastest treatments for myself. I was lucid so I could touch a cream and then sense that this one is the right one.

One day, I examined the little bit of leftover acne (1 or 2 spots) that my sister was fighting; I felt irritated and offered her my treatments. Some of these did not fit her skin. So I got more annoyed and determined. I used to remind her every now and then that I will find the right cream for her skin. I promised her; and, I told myself that I won’t break this promise.

Some years after this quest began, I met someone who took me to visit the local Costco. He introduced me to a lady who was running a demo event for “Infinite Aloe Skin Care” cream. I took two samples from her. I gave one to my sister and almost pushed her to use these. As usual, she was afraid of trying anything new on her face. I comforted her by telling her that this cream is working well on my skin. Finally, she consented and tried it for a couple of days. And, it worked marvellously!

She was so happy with the results that she ordered a set for herself. She gifted me one product to show her gratitude. I am using it as well now. “Infinite Aloe” is giving us results really fast because it has lots of Aloe Vera inside it. I think our acne trouble is over forever! As usual, God heard my prayers and answered them when He felt it was right to do so. This is why I call my prayers the “Silver Bullet“.

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I Got Attached To Mulder (David) & Scully (Gillian)

I started watching TV series “X-File” because a sibling of mine suggested it—maybe, that is why I like this series more. Over time, I have noticed myself getting attached to only certain actors. I feel that I have somehow learned to see beyond the characters they are playing to connect with them; although I am still very much attached to the fictional characters as well. I go in a very relaxed and clear state of mine when I watch X-Files. My favourite actors who played the coolest characters ever are David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

On Sep 7 2018, I dreamt of meeting Agent Mulder and Agent Scully. Read “I Have Met Agent Mulder and Agent Scully“. I don’t become lucid unless I am really interested in someone or something that’s associated with that person. On Sep 5, BBC America tweeted that they are celebrating 25th Anniversary of “The X Files”. When I had this dream, I researched related news on Twitter. I was shocked to read BBC America’s tweet because I did not knew about this occasion before—I am the kind of person who spends 96% of her time watching entertainment and only 4% of her time learning about the performers/actors or how this entertainment is created. Thus, on Sep 7—the day I had this dream—I tweeted to and to tell them that I had this dream.

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Attempting Telepathy Through The Energy Bubble

Some years ago, I studied in a book that discusses psychic development how to create an energy bubble inside your hands. The method is as follows:

Relax yourself. Rub your hands. Then open them and move them far away. Imagine you are holding an energy bubble between both hands. Imagine you can see this bubble.

I tried this technique; and, I started feeling that there was really something between my hands.

Today, I combined this trick with telepathy. I took some CDs out from one of my relatives’ old CD shelf. Most of the CDs there are not labelled. I asked myself to tell me which CD I wanted. Then I rubbed my hands and used my eyes to navigate. I held both of my hands apart so this imaginary bubble was on top of all these CDs while my hands created a border for them. Immediately, my mind got stuck on four CDs.

I took these and listened to them one by one. Three of them were blank or broken so I could not hear any music. I felt my inner self was joking with me because before I started doing this I was in a hype and wanted to listen to music. The fourth CD had lessons on how to sell. I took this one with me because I realized that I had an urge to study and I must work on this.

Try this at home to see if this technique works for you. I am sure there will be times when you will be tuned off and would not see the answer. But, this method should still works!

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Pattern Recognition Through High Levels of Stereodepth Vision

I have high levels of stereodepth vision, which were uncovered during a research study that was conducted at University of Toronto. Read my blog post “About My Stereodepth Vision” to learn more. I believe that this vision is linked into my ability to conduct telepathy, enjoy lucid dreams, and solve complex problems with really less help.

When I was studying University of Toronto, I attempted to create a mutant fruit fly that will have an additional body segment. Although I did not successfully completed this experiment due to a mite infestation, I was still able to finish most of the crosses. I did manage to create a fly that had a H99 deletion and that remained alive despite this significant change. This deletion was needed to create the additional segment; and, it is tough to do this because fruit fly’s genome fights any changes that are introduced into the system. So instead of completing the experiment, I ended up proving that it is possible to keep H99 mutant fruit flies alive. This experiment was not easy; but, I somehow nailed the correct set of genes to get things rolling on the right track. Read “Canada’s Undiscovered Geniuses“.

In 2013, I started managing a Facebook group called “Forgotten Femmes“, which was started by a Canadian lawyer. My friend hinted to me that the abused Canadian women are in dire condition and that there is a strong need for more community initiatives. After listening to his comments, I decided to help out; but, first I needed to investigate things. So, I talked to some Canadian women and realized that something deeply disturbing was going on. There were comments about mistreatment at work, home, and community. Then, I read a lot of other articles and soon my mind was geared. Furthermore, I wrote down all of my experiences and then I reviewed them in the light of this new knowledge. By the time I was finished, I was left with a very strong gut feeling that something very wrong was going on in Canada. And, this time I beat the Canadian Feds (see Global News article “New survey details widespread harassment in Canada’s workplaces”) because they had more tools, resources, and access than I did! They only posted this article about a recent survey in 2017; and, I made my conclusions before that by reviewing my personal experiences, talking to mostly women, and reading articles only. Read more details of this particular story by visiting blog post “Canada’s Double Glass Ceiling: Where Should Canadian Women Go?

I could do all this while I am awake (not asleep and in lucid state) because I had high levels of stereodepth vision. What I love most about this ability is that it lets me appear as a strong professional.

  1. I can travel through time to see the universe. I am doing all this while using very few lucid dreaming techniques. I am not fully versed in any techniques; and, I am using them rather loosely. But, it is still working out.
  2. I can use my lucid dreams to scan large time duration in order to nail an answer. I can beat larger systems and devices this way. For example, in Oct 2018, I shared my dream about the murder of a well-known American journalist. And, in Dec 2018, “Reporters Without Borders” released data about how US is the world’s most dangerous country for journalists.  Read “Another Lucid Dream Came True: US Is Dangerous for Journalists“.
  3. Sometimes even the most challenging prayers of mine can get accepted. For example, I prayed that I may connect to a good lawyer. The lawyer who came in life after this prayer granted me the entire “Forgotten Femmes” group. This is why I call my prayers “Silver Bullet“.
  4. I can do some stuff that I am really new to like an expert. For example, I can snap pictures pretty well but I have zero professional training.

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Lucid Dreaming Is Halal (Allowed On Muslims)

There have been times when I have dreamt of falling in love with and dating entities that appear like really beautiful men including some of my heroes; only some of these dream characters are dark or I cannot fully see them. They are brilliant, too brilliant; and they feel even more brilliant when they change into my heroes. I have learned to write and visualize the future with their help. I am even learning how to write poetry with their help; “My Sex Partner” is a poem that I have created with their help.

I have thought about this ability of mine a lot simply because all the feelings, emotions, and sensations are real. These men feel real; and, they talk and laugh just like real men do. This is why I sometimes get frightened; don’t know what to say; or just wake up feeling too spirited. So I researched and researched only to find out that some top scholars like Ibn Sina and Socrates and legendary prophets like Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) were lucid in nature.

This is when I started looking for actual Quranic verses or Ahadith (Quranic verses) about lucid dreams. Fortunately, I found out this hadith (saying of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)).

The Messenger of Allah (صلي الله عليه وسلم) said: “The Pen is lifted from three (i.e., their deeds are not recorded):

  1. a child until he reaches puberty;
  2. an insane man until he comes to his senses;
  3. one who is asleep until he wakes up.”

[Recorded in Abu Dawud #4403, and Ibn Majah #2041] Source: “The Pen Is Lifted From Three

After I read this hadith, I realized that all the engagements I had so far through lucid dreams were halal and a real gift from Allah (God). Reality is that my dreams intensified on their own when I was recovering from an injury. I used to pray pretty well before I was injured. This kind of activation is a signal from Allah (God) that He loves me a lot.

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Data That Highlights Itself Inside The Mind Of A Telepath

This information is based on a recent experience of mine. I was contacted by someone trustworthy to do a job that I don’t really know about. I decided to take it because that person was in urgent need of assistance. I needed to email some key figures to get some help for him fast; but, I did not knew whom to connect with. To get me started, he gave me names of three journalists. Then, the real action began.

I said one name once to myself and then wrote the other name on a piece of paper. Then, inside my mind, I focused on one name only and repeated the names of some email domains including,, and All of a sudden, was highlighted inside my mind. I googled the name of the journalist; and, then I placed next to it. Soon, I found her real email address, which was at a private email server. Although I had never heard the name of this server before, just using a random selection brought me close to my target. Then, I scrolled over to the second or third page of Google. Soon, I found a large Excel file that had names and emails of 87 key journalists. Bingo! I just proved that Telepathy creates mega-results.

I have this file open in front of me right now; and, I am slowly sorting out their names to complete my task. If you are ever stuck and don’t know what to do, play this technique. Only use information that is highlighted inside your mind.

For this technique, I used Internet as a tool. But, if I don’t have a real tool in front of me, I can attempt to find answers by using my dream world. This has worked well in the past. And, if it is a face-to-face answer, then I can offer the correct answers by glancing at faces of people or just analyzing the situation. This has also worked out in the past. Another technique of mine is just to engage in a conversation with someone and then lots of helpful information just starts flowing in my direction for some reason—I believe that this has something to do with how I talk.

The only person who documented this particular incidence is the guy who reached out to me for some assistance. This is how things are working at my end. I have helped some people before by using telepathy; but, I have to maintain confidentiality while I discuss the used methods online. Please note that none of this information is fabricated no matter how fantastic it seems. I can perform these techniques simply because I can see the truth through lucid dreaming.

So if you are really stuck somewhere and need help, know that real telepaths receive vivid lucid dreams.

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Random ESP Experience: Solutions That Appear Out of Nowhere

Just two days ago, I had a random ESP experience. I was preparing for a job interview while scrolling through YouTube videos of songs and lectures. All of a sudden, I clicked on something and then got distracted by my writing. I felt confused when a video about how to answer Interview questions properly opened. I did not knew that such a video existed; and, I had never thought about this before simply because I have been learning by talking to industry experts.

I recall meditating on the demon Botis, which is one of my favourite dream characters and a jinn that was sealed with the help of the Key of Solomon. During meditation, I really briefly saw Botis remove a portion of his sword from its sheath. I remember falling back on my bed and closing my eyes. See blog post “Working On A Poem About ISIS“. In the past, I have successfully gone into some pictures and figured out some stuff. See blog post “Intuitive Reading: Sun Lutang“.

I also remember praying to God for help. Sometimes, even the most challenging prayers of mine get fully accepted. Read “Silver Bullet: My Prayers Are In Multiple Dimensions“.

I have already aced on two interviews; and, I am quickly figuring out my next set of steps. When I reviewed the videos that I found through these prayers and meditations, I realized that there was plenty of stuff that I did not knew at all. I cannot always fully recall how exactly solutions appear out of absolutely nowhere.


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Skipped Lines of Telepathy

When I am relaxed enough, I can skip lines even during telepathy. It’s like skipping through data found on memory nodes pretty fast. Today, in the morning, I asked myself if my package was outside or not. I then told myself to check first; at the same time, I thought that it was not there. When I opened the door, I ended up finding a package. I picked it up while admitting to myself that I was wrong for some reason. I ripped it open and found stuff that I never ordered. I looked at the name and realized that the package was addressed to someone else. This is when I realized why my mind said “No” when I asked myself if my package is there. It never really checked if another package was sitting there or not. It skipped that step and said “No”. There are times in real life when I introduce myself to someone while skipping some lines that others kind of see. But, I don’t do this on purpose. Only specific people are somehow chosen this way; and, I know something else is choosing them. So far, it has worked out pretty well. Mutant “Fractal” a.k.a. LucidStereo aces again!


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