Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming

I have been analyzing my lucid dreams in new light after I learned about the Key of Solomon. Three aspects of lucid dreaming that inspired me to investigate this in detail are 1) Shadow Figures; 2) Otherworldly monsters; and, 3) my new-found ability to fly. First, I wanted to think that all this was just my very eccentric and vast imagination at work; later, I found out similar data in Carl Jung’s book “The Red Book”.

I thought about all this; thus, I allowed myself to drift into deep dreaming states often. Eventually, I figured out that Lucid Dreaming is allowing for very well-defined mathematical and geometric patterns as well as monsters of some sorts to open up in my world.

I have seen lots of patterns and sceneries; but, I cannot describe them fully because I don’t know how to draw. That is why I am looking for help from real artists or animators to draw some stuff that I have seen. And, I have seen lots of monsters or monsters who have shapeshifted.

I want to talk about some monsters that I feel appeared in my sleep and that are actually  mentioned in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Watch the video “72 Demons of King Solomon – Demonology” before you read the rest of this blog post.

Demon 1: Samigina

He is a big Marquis. He appears as a small horse or a donkey; but, sometimes he takes human shape too. He speaks…passing words of the ones who died in sin. Source: 72 Demons of King Solomon – Demonology

I have seen this demon before. I ride it often. It is fast and like a real horse. It has never taken human shape in front of me. You can read one of these dreams here. Once, I saw it coming out of a relative’s home some years after a senior relative had died. What if it was stating that she died in sin? You know I don’t share this often; but, I know that she was verbally abusive towards some of the younger women who lived in that house.

Demon 2: Marbas

The President who appears as a powerful lion; but, sometimes he takes a human shape too. He speaks honestly about all secret things or hidden things. He is the one who is the healer as well as the one who is bringing the diseases. He is good in mechanics and he can turn people in everything he wants. Source: 72 Demons of King Solomon – Demonology

I was visited by Marbas as well. I found him very friendly, gentle, and open. He appeared in the form of a lion; walked with me as we navigated through a scene that was filled with snow; and, slowly changed into a man. I woke up as soon as he changed into a male. His manner of conduct still startles me because he felt like a very caring entity. I was surprised when today I found this description of the “Marbas”; I was even more shocked when I read that this entity is a healer.

Demon 3: Beleth

Horrible and Powerful King. He rides on a white horse while all kind of music surrounds him. He is furious if he is called first; he must be held and handled in a triangle or a circle and with a stick of hazel; and, he must be turned to the South-East. He must be welcomed as a King with respect; but, no matter what you must wear a silver ring on the middle finger of your left hand and always near your face. He makes love happen among men and women and he comes from the Order of Power. Source: 72 Demons of King Solomon – Demonology

I recently had a crush on a foreigner I happened to meet at a conference. I fell asleep thinking about a whole lots of things when he appeared in a large van. I was sitting at the back; and, I was holding a child. Then, the van just zoomed through the time wrap. I could sense all sorts of chaos, rage, fury, power, and knowledge inside that van. The scenes, which I could view through the windows of the van, changed and changed as the van moved through time. It felt like watching music of some sort, the scenes changed really that fast. This is when I saw that the van was moving inside what appeared like a triangle. How the triangle appears in this dream is funny. I see that there are two buses and that their fronts meet somehow although it is not an accident. Then, our van seems to pass right through this triangle almost as if the triangle did not exist. The description above states that Beleth must be turned South-East; I don’t know what it means but there was a clock in that van that was used to cause the movement of the van. The clock could move only when the guy or the gal touch it; and, set it to some specific numbers. Soon, I wished/screamed due to shock that this man should go away simply because I haven’t known him for too long; this is when a rather scary and disoriented man appeared and caused many accidents as he drove. I started screaming that my crush should come back; and, I think he came back. After reading this description, I realized that Beleth makes love happen among men and women and he comes from the Order of Power. Love was demonstrated in this dream when the man stopped the car on purpose so that I may get out and relax; and, when he listened to my entire commentary. Order of Power was demonstrated in this dream when I traveled through time and appeared in a different country, which I think was New Zealand; and, when I briefly attended a Christmas party. The van would have actually traveled in circles as the woman tried to make the man turn it around and go back. I didn’t see what happened next, whether it actually turned around or not. Also, the silver ring was still kind of there. I am lucid so I can massage my fingers and imagine wearing rings as Totems. What if Totem rings are used to control some demons that help you with lucid dreaming!I recorded everything in an audio and sent this audio to my closest friend. It was kind of exciting

Demon 4: Botis

The great President and Count. He appears as a big snake, but he can also take the shape of a human but with horns and big teeth. He carries sharp sword in his hand. He is the creator of past, present, and future. He can bring peace between enemies. Source: 72 Demons of King Solomon – Demonology

I have definitely connected with Botis. He is actually a very smart and knowledgeable demon. I wrote about this earlier here. In this dream, I was in love with a young man who liked to read me his books. He was a very loving man and he loved sitting close to me. He did not had big teeth or horn though; is it because I did not want to see them? Here is what I wrote before: “Then a large male dragon came and attempted to injure the younger man. To my surprise, the younger man changed into a gigantic dragon and engaged in a battle with his bully. I sat and stared in fear until the younger dragon got injured. I couldn’t tolerate this any further so I willed myself to transform into a dragoness. Then, I attacked the dragon who interfered with our meeting. He attacked me back; and, I fell down. But, it was already too late. The meaner dragon felt compelled to fly away. The younger dragon was still too worried so he transformed back into his human self; picked my wounded body; and, flew out of the window. By the way, this young man looked like my younger brother who loves me a lot.” Reality is that there is “peace among enemies”, which is also one of the abilities of demon Botis, due to some of my efforts.

Demon 5: Purson

The Great King. He appears as a man with lion head carrying a snake on his hand, riding a bear with trumpets in front of him. He hides and finds hidden treasure and gives straight answers to all the questions you ask. He brings good spirits in house. Source: 72 Demons of King Solomon – Demonology

I think I met this demon in Jan 2017, before finishing an interview in Feb 2017. In this dream, I saw Carl Jung—I think he is a good spirit because he makes my dreams super powerful—sat on a seat that was placed inside a large and deserted room. The seat is the bear that Purson rides. There was no one else there except for Carl. He was tall and had the ability to beckon any soul towards him with ease. This matches the description that Purson can answer all your questions and bring good spirits to the house. I examined him from far away. Soon, I realized that he was not alone at all. I first SAW a smell of some sort; then I thought I saw some sort of dark presence wrapped around him; as I stared further, the dark presence moved a little and whiffs of rotten smell spanned across the room and reached me. This matches the description of the snake on the hand of Purson; we all know that snakes can wrap themselves around people very easily. Carl remained unmoving towards this presence as my head started whirling at how strong and strange that smell was. I also felt some sort of creative music and solitude in his kind presence. This again matches the description of Purson who always carries a trumpet. I woke up soon after this; and, I felt that if I had the strength and courage to go near him, then he would have started talking like the rest of my dream characters. Was Carl there in spirit form and telling me about my upcoming ordeals? Was the bad smell there due to these upcoming negative experiences? I was rejected from the interview and my dad fell ill. All this happened in Feb 2017 and this dream took place in Jan 2017. Or was this dream signal actually an indication of some sort of overlap between Carl Jung, my father, and the interviewer? My father healed pretty soon, which matches the description of how Purson brings good spirits in the house. So these were all “straight answers to some questions”, which is what Purson offers.

The first demon I ever communicated with was “Bagarbilla”. I wrote about him here.  I was able to put this demon under my control by instructing it to obey my commands. I must comment that I was a child back then; and, I was not exposed to any data about demons and magic. Even then, I was able to communicate with demons and spirits because these are a part of the world of lucid dreams. An Islamic teaching states that humans are superior than jinns (demons). What if some of this superiority is in form of dreams? Of course! in the dream world, we humans are mostly observing and learning. But, are we also controlling the world around us by employing power on demons of the dreams? I think the answer to this question is “Yes!”. I say “Yes!” because I have been able to create some change by blogging about my dreams.

According to the Lesser Key of Solomon, the above-mentioned demons were captured by King Solomon who was a Prophet of Islam. According to some ancient Islamic text that I have read, the jinns have religions, intellect, and free will. What if these demons arrive easily in the world of lucid dreams because they were captured by King Solomon? I am going to cut pictures of Key of Solomon’s Seals and Demons and stick them to index cards. I will review these patterns and spirits before falling asleep. I will use the lucid visualization techniques to beckon all this.

So far, I have been willingly talking to angels and God only before falling asleep; I do this task simply because I am a Muslim. I just learned from Wikipedia page “Shem HaMephorash” that there are angels ruling over these demons and that some Psalms of David can be used to control them. I already know this teaching because it is taught in Islam as well. For example, the Ayat-ul-Qursi of the Quran is known to burn bad demons simply because it talks about “Throne of One God, Allah”. The things that are taught in the Wikipedia page, “Shem HaMephorash” are different than what I already know. Summoning demons and spirits in an aware manner would be an interesting task, I think. Let us see what happens next!


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Please Help! Princess Latifa Of Dubai Is In Extreme Danger

Princess Latifa, a daughter of the ruler of Dubai, is in extreme danger because her family members have imprisoned her for attempting to escape. They have also captured some other princesses. I believe that they beat and abuse them like animals; and, they are maintaining false stories about “loved and protected princesses” in the media. You can watch her entire story on the site #FREELATIFA. You should share this post or post something about Princess Latifa on your social media accounts while using the hashtag #freelatifa.

I must comment that I have to firmly believe Princess Latifa’s story simply because I feel forced to do so. Several years ago, around 2012 or 2013, a close friend of mine suggested that I should apply for jobs in Dubai. He said it was a great place for women who wish to work; and, it is very well-built. At that point in my life, I was planning to get a job and be married soon. I started thinking after what he said; and, something just kept hitting against my mind like ice cold water. It was the thought: “Don’t go there. Dubai is actually bad for women. It doesn’t show on the surface; but, this is still there. There is a chance of being trapped there as well”. I asked the voice if it was sure; and, it repeated itself. I hear these voices every now and then because I am telepathic; I even get precognitive dreams, which means that I can definitely conduct telepathy during the day as well.  Make sure to click on the links where I am discussing my abilities before you read Princess Latifa’s comments.

So all of this public image that he’s trying to portray human rights, its bullshit.

He’s the most evil person I’ve ever met in my life. He’s pure evil. There’s nothing good in him. He’s responsible for so many people’s deaths and ruining so many people’s lives.

He doesn’t care about anyone. Source: Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Princess Dubai Royal Family Full Video

So you see how crushing one woman can crush the rest as well as alert the rest. This is called the Amplification effect, which can be played in real life and during sleep. Of course! if average women can play the Amplification effect during the day, then so can the telepathic women except that they do this differently sometimes.

I must comment that there are many princesses like Princess Latifa except that they are not privileged enough to have their stories flashed on mainstream channels like BBC. People need to learn to watch out for them! This is why I am running a Facebook group called “Forgotten Femmes” to help abused women. After I took the responsibility of the Facebook group in 2013, I had time to learn about Human Rights and Women Rights. I learned mostly on my own because I needed time before making the next set of moves. In 2018, I came across the Human Rights Watch webpage and found the following data on UAE/Dubai.

UAE law permits domestic violence. Article 53 of the UAE’s penal code allows the imposition of “chastisement by a husband to his wife and the chastisement of minor children” so long as the assault does not exceed the limits prescribed by Sharia, or Islamic law. Source: Human Rights Watch, UAE.

When Princess Latifa’s story emerged in the news, I felt baffled. I knew it was easy to change this into a conspiracy theory, which is what’s mentioned in the BBC video, “What happened to Dubai’s Sheikha Latifa?”, as well. Even then, I feel forced to write this down because of the voice I heard, Latifa’s story, and feedback provided by Human Rights Watch. Please help the women of this world if you can!

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Psychic Feelings Create a Nudge At One’s Heart

Psychic feelings push you to do something that involves stepping out of one’s daily routine behaviour—I have noticed this about myself ever since I gained sufficient awareness and knowledge to notice myself and others in detail and react or cause someone else to react. For example, today is Sunday; and, that is why I wanted to rest all day.  I was not thinking of opening the door and stepping outside. However, after eating my brunch, I felt like walking towards the door. I eventually opened and peeked outside for newspaper. There was nothing there so I closed the door and walked away. I ate some more food and relaxed. Then, for some odd reason, I started walking towards the door again. I opened the door again; this time, I felt like peeking at the other side of the rest of the door, the area that usually remains hidden from sight because only one side of the door actually opens. And, there it was! There was a parcel there; and, I knew that it had been sitting there for some while. I picked it up and brought it inside. So that is how psychic feelings keep tugging at my heart until I find out what exactly is going on. If you have known me somehow and observed something about me that isn’t making much sense, then know that I can get like this whenever the need arises.


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Telepathic Experiences Are Enhanced With The Help of Like-Minded People

Telepathic experiences can be enhanced with the help of those who believe in such abilities. The reason behind this is that the mind of telepaths is very vulnerable. This is because their brains are designed to be sensitive enough to catch hidden information. As a result, telepaths shut down when they feel they cannot trust someone. During these movements, their abilities become less and pain manifests itself slowly.

Today, I read an image from Carl Jung’s book, “The Red Book”. This image is on page 163. I have attached its pic here as well as a pic of the words that came to me as I touched and sensed this image.

The words that came to me are as follows:

  1. Tension
  2. Feeling of being attached
  3. Rough edges, round wrinkles
  4. like Holy Water
  5. Holiness
  6. Living compatments
  7. Edges: keeping something safe
I wrote all the words that came to me as I touched the image on Page 163 of Carl Jung’s “The Red Book”.


After figuring out these words, I looked at the translation and found out that the Chapter name was “The Magician”. Here is the translation of the material on page 163. It says, 162/163 and 162/163 on the side of the image below.

Translation of page 163 of “The Red Book”.

162 S: “But could you exist without divisiveness and disunity? You have to get worked up about something, represent a party, overcome opposites, if you want to live”.
I: “That does not help. We also see each other in the opposite. We have grown tired of his game.”
S: “And so with life”
I: “It seems to me that it depends on what you call life. Your notion of life has to do with climbing up and tearing down, 162/163 with assertion and doubt, with impatient dragging around, 163 with hasty desire. You lack the absolute and its forbearing patience”.
S: “Quite right. My life bubbles and foams and stirs up turbulent waves, it consists of seizing and throwing away, ardent wishing and restlessness. That is life, isn’t it?”
I: “But the absolute also lives”.
S: “That is no life. It is a standstill or as good as a standstill, or rather: it lives interminably slowly and wastes thousands of years, just like the miserable condition that you have created”.
I: “You enlighten me, You are personal life, but the apparent standstill is the forbearing life of eternity, the life of devinity! This time you have counselled me well. I will let you go. Farewell.”

Here is an interpretation of my words:

  1. Tension: Just before 163 begins, Carl discusses how one has to struggle with opposites. Then at 163, it is stated, “with hasty desire. You lack the absolute and its forbearing patience”. In my mind, being hasty and lacking patience are the reasons behind tension.
  2. Feeling of being attached: Being attached to this world creates impatience. Then it is also mentioned in 162/163 that to live means having doubts, forming assertions, and dragging around with desire and impatience. This is also a description of feeling attached to something.
  3. Rough edges, round wrinkles: This is a description of  water, which is discussed in 163 as “My life bubbles and foams and stirs up turbulent waves, it consists of seizing and throwing away, ardent wishing and restlessness. That is life, isn’t it?”
  4. like Holy Water: refers to how life is stated similar to water that bubbles, foams, and forms waves.
  5. Holiness: Refers to the struggle life imparts.
  6. Living compatments: In my mind, “like Holy Water” and “Holiness” change into “Living compartments”. This means that I am seeing something that is mobile and unsettled change into something peaceful and something that lives. This is when you read in 163, “My life bubbles and foams… That is life, isn’t it?…But the absolute also lives.”
  7. Edges: keeping something safe: Edges indicate end of something because all edges in a picture indicate the end of a picture and beginning of a new one. Thus, it is stated in 163, “I: “You enlighten me, You are personal life, but the apparent standstill is the forbearing life of eternity, the life of devinity!” The “Edges” is life of eternity that starts after this life ends or it signifies higher knowledge that erupts after acquiring lesser knowledge. After writing “Edges”, I wrote “keeping something safe”. The last lines of 163 are “This time you have counselled me well. I will let you go. Farewell.” This means that both entities, the one who is being counselled and the one counsells, are safe. The one who is counselling is safe because he/she is being let go in a safe manner, which includes offering a thanks and farewell. The counselled feels secure because he has learned something valuable during this encounter.

So I am kind of done for the day. I am glad that Carl’s spirit is back in my room and within my self, which is not just contained within my body and spirit. I have met Carl’s spirit before through my dreams. Read about one of my encounters, “Did I Meet Carl Jung?

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Remote Sensing Through Telepathy

Note: None of this is fabricated. This happened when I was barely in my twenties. It was easy for me to get confused about this phenomenon so I shared this only with my close family members. Now, I am willing to share this with the rest of the world.

I had been up in the morning so that I could help my youngest brother get ready for school. After he left for school, I went back to sleep only to wake up again feeling worried about something. I was half sleepy when I put my slippers on and left my home. For some reason, I kept walking and walking until I ended up in my youngest brother’s home. Now, the funny thing is that I didn’t exactly knew the route to his school because my parents drops him to school.  I somehow got there. I kind of woke up when I saw some children playing football in a field. I started walking towards the field because I could see my youngest brother there. Then, I saw another kid hit him really hard. I started running towards them. I went near my brother and held him close to me. I told him that I love him a lot. After this, I made eye contact with his young bullies and told them to stop. They backed out because I told them to fully understand that I will bring the teachers in this game of theirs. My younger brother looked closely at me and said, “You are still wearing slippers? Wait! You are still not wearing your nicer clothes that you wear outside. How did you get here?” I did not knew how to answer him so I told him the truth that I just had a gut feeling that I have to here. He asked again, “How did you get here?” So I told him that I just wore my slippers and started walking around.

Okay! So the above is an example of scent-based telepathy. You remember how I told you that I found a missing Diamond earing and returned it to its owner. Well! Both of these incidences are indicating to a larger mathematical calculation that my mind sometimes does simply because it needs to. I am not in full control during those times; something else runs every critical move needed for me to get to my destination.

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Good Souls Channel Together

I have been thinking about a recent telepathic experience I had while I was at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) for The Parliament of World Religions. I remember that while entering this convention centre, I channeled a prayer to protect those who were there. I felt lots of positive energy when I was there, which helped me meditate further. What happened next is actually a bit freaky; but, it’s all real.

After my shift as a volunteer was over, I hanged around with a friend of mine. We got lost and then we found our way around; we chatted for some while and took some photographs; and, eventually, we bid each other farewell. I was too stressed by that time so I sat down next to a large poster about The Gate movie. This poster was right next to the bridge that connect the South and North buildings. I remember being very satisfied with my experiences at this event; and, then I started walking on the bridge. I stopped at the centre of the bridge and decided to take the last set of photos. AsI put my stuff on a sofa, I saw a diamond jewelleary item. I picked it up and analyzed it. Soon I realized that it was made up of real diamonds and that it was either an earring or a piece from a bracelet. I decided to give this item to the Lost and Found. As I turned around, I noticed a woman dressed in black walking on the bridge. She had a walkie talkie in one of the pockets of her pants because she was working at this convention centre. For some odd reason I felt compelled to talk to her. I addressed her rather quickly, “Miss, can you help me?” She turned around and walked towards me. I told her that I have just found some missing jewellery; and, since I was tired, I was wondering if she could give it to Lost and Found. She screamed with delight when I showed her this item. Then she said the most astonishing words as she showed me her ear that had a similar earring on it, “This is mine. I lost it. You found it. I cannot believe it”. I smiled at her and gave her earring back to her. Then I told her that I am telepathic, which is how I found her stuff. She was surprised to hear this. I walked away after comforting her for a bit.

I thought about this tonight; and, I realized that someone else was channeling with good intentions. My channeling increases whenever this happens. Second thing I noticed was that I was delaying things by getting lost, chatting to my friend, taking photographs, and then taking some rest. Did I knew somehow that she was going to arrive at the Bridge at a specific time and then I would help her? Similar incidences have happened before; but, I cannot fully get used to this all because all this does not fit into what most of us have been made to believe about human senses.

This picture was taken next to the poster for “The Gate” movie, which was placed right near the Bridge that connected the North and South Buildings of the MTCC.


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Story Of The White Mouse

Some months ago, I dreamt that there was a white mouse on my younger sister’s bed. I could see it playing on my sister’s empty bed; and, I got a feeling that somebody has given my sister a gift so that she may feel happy. I woke up feeling unsettled about this dream because I wanted to know what exactly is going on. I told my younger sister what I saw; and, she was surprised as well. Some months later, I received an answer when I found out that my younger sister has decided to marry someone. She is wed now; and, I am very happy for her because her husband seems like a very caring man. I wonder what’s next? Maybe, Parrots will do. I mean they are both chatting like crazy all the time. And, the Parrots will sing, “And, I’m telling you I’m not going“.


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Releasing Myself

Yesterday, I was standing near the train tracks and waiting for the train. I asked myself when it will arrive. Pretty soon, I felt some form of fear as my mind fixed itself on the original inquiry. I felt my mind was trying to manage some sort of contradiction. I could not digest my fear properly; and, soon it altered into something more creative. I could now see the train but only by using my peripheral vision. It felt like seeing a ghost because I knew that the train was not really there yet. I turned my head around and there was still no train in sight. I moved a bit forward and peeked in the distance. Soon, I could see the lights of the train; some moments later, it arrived at the location I had just imagined it to be at.

Lucid Dreaming and telepathy both require a state of alertness while the mind is relaxed. I was physically relaxed while waiting for the train; and, I was very alert because of my creative fear. I was not overloaded with thoughts so it was easy for me to engage in telepathy.

I feel that fear and precognitive abilities are inherently linked into leadership. Every now and then, I hear complaints that more creative leaders are not running the current governments and that we are all in bad hands. After a bit of searching, I found out that some really creative leaders are away from usual posts because they do not like being manupilated. Their creative fears let them read into situations created by controlling people; and, then they only think of escaping before they attempt to change things. So if you are feeling that good people are dying, then do not worry; and, know that they are just creating change and then adjusting, which is causing delays.

Reality is that some individuals are great at reading into leadership. They know that humble leaders are better than controlling ones. This is why those whose hearts are clean have asked me to lead. Others have seen me running away from manupilative people. Living in Canada and then managing Domestic Abuse or Workplace Abuse is not easy; this is why I feel peaceful after reading the story of Moses. This prophet was raised by Pharoah; and I was raised among some cruel and mean-hearted individuals. Moses chose to run away and then he came back to create positive change in his society. Watch the video about Moses and you will notice that his fear makes him run away from his so-called loved ones. That was very genuine and creative! Can you see now that we are so used to seeing people constantly tackle abusive humans and forgetting the fact that one is being mistreated that we forget about those who have managed to run away while keeping record of everything that has happened. We do not usually hear of such stories of use of fear to create change until we read some Holy Scriptures or scientific articles. When you hear such stories, its like seeing the train when it is not there. Refreshing, right!

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Use of Channeling and Happiness in Telepathy

Today, I hacked into my mind with the help of real happiness and patient channeling. I ended up having three telepathic experiences instead of one. I was kind of hazy during the first one and the last one so I reacted less to them; but, I still noticed what was going on. Only for the first one, I recorded some stuff really quickly. You will notice me hiccuping at the beginning; I usually hiccup when I get really scared.

Incidence 1

I was waiting at the first station. A tall man came running towards the bus. I looked at him and my inner voice said, “You know all the destined things happen to this man”. I listened to it; and, then I got on the bus. I paid less attention to this man; but during the trip, my eyes would move back to him every now and then. For some reason, I felt something was going to happen to him; but, I was too sleepy to react. Suddenly, he tripped and fell down near the first door. Someone helped him get up. I asked myself why I thought what I thought and why I took notice of him in the first place.

Incidence 2

The above is a recording that I made after my first experience and a little bit of the second experience had occurred. The rest of this experience is recorded in here. You will hear a young lady scream something at the back. I did not really record her; and, I had my cellphone turned away so you cannot really catch what she is saying. Plus, you can hear the wind as she talks, which works in my favor almost like nature is censoring her voice to some extent. I was recording this for myself so she just got caught in the middle of this. And, then I had to run and take my bus. This is how I did not think about asking her permission to investigate this. Below is the transcript of this recording. I have added some minor details that I actually observed and that are missing from the recording.

I am coming from Downtown Ottawa from a meeting with some professionals. I enjoyed myself at the meeting; therefore, I was in a great mood. On my way back, I was not only extremely merry but also felt that some burden has been removed from my mind. I felt younger and more carefree, which is an excellent setting for telepathic experiences. I got into the bus; sat in the middle of the bus; and started staring outside. It was really dark outside. The bus started moving; after a while, it stopped at a station. I could see two young women running towards the bus. I felt fixated on one of the women’s face because she somehow felt familiar to me. For some reason, I thought that she was one of my friends from Algonquin College. As she ran towards the bus, I scanned her face to be sure. I could see some of her facial curves and features and chin. The front light of the bus illuminated her face as she ran into the bus and sat down. As soon as she had entered the bus, I realized that that was not my friend; I looked away and decided not to pay any attention to this. I realized that sometimes I am unconsciously scanning faces because of my training with Anna Sayce and because my stereodepth vision lets me catch certain details. This is how I felt that that woman was my friend; at the same time, I kind of doubted myself. Later, due to how the rest of the events took place, I realized that my mind can create creative doubts to get me focused on something or someone in order to get something else done—do you think that great cops and detectives just get attached to someone for no reason at all? Later, she got off the bus at the same station, Baseline Station of Algonquin College, as I did. This is when I realized that maybe this is how my vision really is working now after training with Anna Sayce: by cueing me into reading facial cues and then giving telepathic signals at the same time. Perhaps the reason why her face suddenly seemed like that of my friend from this college was that that she was going to get off at the same station. Due to these other factors, sometimes I cannot read into coincidences or chances. As I waited for the bus, I started recording my thoughts about what I had observed so far. As I stepped out of the bus station to experience the cold and wind, I ended up seeing that young woman again. She and her friend were taking a brisk walk right beside me. She looked at me and screamed, “Which bus are you waiting for?”. I felt startled as I saw her; but, I commented confidently, “95 Cambrian”. She said, “Look at the sign behind you. The bus does not come to this station that late in the night. You will have to go to the other station”. The rest of the events got recorded just perfectly. After talking to her and thanking her, I said in my recorder, “I am even more scared because remember the girl that I told you about just looked at me and said to me that buses don’t come to this station. They don’t come here in the night. So basically, I am not so scared but this is just way too extended. Anyways, thanks for your time. Bye!” I started running towards the other station as soon as I had to finished talking to this lady. You can hear my voice shake as I recorded my last lengthy comment, which is the quoted comment documented above. As I got on the bus, I recorded, “Got on the bus! Ran for a while”. Then, I recorded a “Thanks”, which I issued to the driver.

Incidence 3

I had descended from the bus. As I walked in the chilly night, I stared at the trees. I felt that one of the trees had something round on it. First, I thought, “What could be round and be on the tree?” Then, I told myself lazily, “Its nests. Maybe, there are many birds and there are many nests”. Then the voice said, “Keep Scanning”. So I kept scanning the tree I was originally staring at. I felt that there was something else on it besides leaves. I couldn’t not detect anything other than leaves so I started moving towards my place. A couple of minutes afterwards, I came across a tree that had Christmas lights on it. It felt odd seeing this after thinking like this.


Reality is that all my life I have been surrounded by telepaths and the rest. Thus, I have learned to scan the world like someone who does not have any of these abilities and someone who does. I have also learned that I can receive better telepathic visions if I am happy and psychologically safe. This is because alpha wave, the brainwave that is required for telepathic experiences and alertness, can be released when one is cheerful and thus meditative in nature.

Often, I have heard my close friends and sometimes even strangers comment, “Oh God! Don’t give Arzoo in wrong hands. She seems too fragile and too innocent. She won’t know what to do if something bad happened to her”. I analyzed these statements today. I realized that these people are actually seeing something that is part of a bigger picture. They are fully understanding that I am vulnerable; but, they aren’t reading into the fact that my sensitive nature lets me enter into psychic state. This is why all telepaths openly state that they will help out if they feel that the others trust them. You cannot force yourself in the alpha state; and, it has to be created in an authentic manner. Think about it this way! The richest can easily shut down their doors if someone mistreats them. Telepaths have that power by default! It is built inside their minds just like the need to cry when injured is slowly designed inside the mind since birth.

Last note: I am planning to slowly build a team or connect with an existing team that is interested in documenting telepathic events including lucid dreams. Any suggestions or requests? Please email me at

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