Why Canadian “Niceness” Is Unhealthy

I do not want to live in Canada or marry a Canadian anymore simply because I am a nice person who is also an ENFP—I feel that it is very easy for some Canadians to ridicule me even if my personality type is ENFP, which is the Champion of Myers Briggs Personality Types. As an ENFP, I tend to derive lots of warmth from the people around me; and, I can be considered a workforce because I am social, peaceful, analytical, and creative. Unfortunately, I have learned over time that I am definitely not the kind of nice person Canadians are used to. For example, there are many instances where I would bluntly state something instead of stating it in a reserved and nice manner, which is what I am doing in this post. I have lived in Canada for around 20 years; and, I have found out that if you have come across someone bad at workplace or in life, then you are mostly on your own. This is because most Canadians are good at deserting people; and, they are super-shy about admitting this truth. However, it is also true that if you are in a good group, you will find friends who will flee from the abusive employer with you. I have spent years building a healthy relationship with two women who left me when I changed the city. We used to hang out and chat a lot; but, I have not received even one phone call from any of these ladies ever since I moved away. We were pretty close; so when this happened, I started feeling that I could not trust them anymore. Only my best friend bothered to call me and stay in touch with me. It is due to her emotional support that I have two more close friends now in this new foreign place.

I found this very funny and odd so God gave me an answer. In the new city, I came across a White male who told me about how his Canadian friends left him too. This is when it occurred to me that that is how Canadians are in general.

Even after talking to him, I did not think about all this for like a year or so. Today, I was calmly thinking about a lucid dream I recently had when I thought back to all of this. I googled online “Canadians desert each other” and “Canadians are not good friends” when I ended up finding the article, “Canadians are nice and polite. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to make friends here”.

Evelyn Sommers, a Toronto psychologist, knows it firsthand…she decries excessive niceness as damaging because it blocks the expression of true feelings. Romance gone awry. Abusive relationships allowed to fester. Niceness, she writes, can produce passivity. Source: Owen Guo, “Canadians are nice and polite. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to make friends here”.

If you read this above-mentioned article, you will notice that the Canadians always tell each other to go to a meetup to connect. I have tried meetups too! I did not had much luck there either because people are mostly there to hang out; and, they may choose to connect if they want to. But, then again, I find it absurd to spend my money just to socialize or to keep socializing with someone in a group setting. Other meetups have agendas and you cannot really talk there with anyone. According to Monica Torres’ article, “Science tells us how long it takes an adult to make a new friend“, it takes 50 hours before someone becomes a casual friend; 90 hours before someone decides to become a real friend; and, 200 hours before someone becomes a close friend. But then you cannot really complete even 50 hours through meetups! You will get fed up of driving to a given location; connecting with someone in front of everyone else; and/or spending your money on getting admission ticket and/or food. So when a Canadian tells you to make friends through meetups, please read into how unrealistically they are thinking and forcing you to think as well. Sometimes you will find people who would want to just share their numbers with you; but, most of these people will not pick up when you need them. And when they do pick up, it’s usually about work or “on the surface” issues that real friends do not discuss. Then there is always a STRONG possibility that someone’s usual nice mask will somehow rip off to reveal a racist or sexist person since Canada is a very racist and sexist country. Believe me! I am speaking from experience! Even some colored people I have come across who tend to act like “nice Canadians” have offered me severe issues including neglect and emotional and psychological abuse. Read one of my experiences, “Covert Form of Islamophobia is Very Much Canadian in Nature“. Another very cruel thing about Canadians that I have learned is “Anonymity”. Most Canadians tend to stay so anonymous that when one of the friends, neighbors, or colleagues need help or get in trouble, they do not know how to properly react or rather they have designed themselves not to react, i.e. they are too passive. I find this very unattractive!

For around 20 years while living in Canada, I have found out that living here is extremely butchering physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Not offering genuine bonds is just one small thing! Most Canadians hide their racism and arrogance under their “Nice Person” mask. This is how they get away with torturing people who thus fail to communicate their real feelings and thoughts in time. One can have a functional network here although this is still hard for colored people; but, it is exceptionally hard to find real and trustworthy friends.

All this commentary excludes those Canadians who are not like what I have described above. Funny! I am left explaining so many things here when others are just saying the exact same thing. But, racism works like this: it forces you to explain things. As I write this last line, I fully agree with myself that it is not worth living, studying (not only the programs that are offered are not properly aligned with needs of employers but also sometimes one is forced to learn or watch as International students are repeatedly abused in more than one ways), working, or forming a family in Canada. If you still don’t trust what I just told you, read this Quora post by Jimmy Hanks who is a Social Researcher/Analyst; who has lived in Canada for 15 years; and, who has based his article on a social experiment he conducted in Canada. Read “Is it boring living in Canada?

I strongly recommend that you leave CanadaI will attempt to do the same. I really don’t want my (future) children to be fed to prostitution or rape (article 1, article 2). I have learned over time that chances of escaping rape is actually low in Canada! Jimmy Hanks discusses several other problems that are offered by Canada in his article “Is it a good idea to immigrate to Canada?” Don’t sit there and listen to success stories, which are actually rare. Canadians live in denial and a lot of them are mentally ill. It is also strongly possible that you are listening to a lie when you are listening to a success story. I once came across a Canadian man who had gotten filthy rich by working in Canada but who was so harshly abused by his employers that he later became mentally ill. Seriously! Some success stories are like that. So get out before its too late!

Lastly, I must remind you that I am an Empath ENFP who loves interacting with people. If I am feeling like I and those who are concerned need to desert Canada, then this is REALLY BIG NEWS. One core issue that is stimulating the rest of the relevant issues is Narcissism. According to article Does a narcissism epidemic exist in modern western societies? Comparing narcissism and self-esteem in East and West Germanywritten by by Aline Vater ,Steffen Moritz, and Stefan Roepkenarcissism in individualistic cultures is higher than in collectivistic (holistic) cultures. This explains why Canada and America have higher rates of suicide than Pakistan. I know that Pakistan is dangerous for women but even then the suicide rate is lower than the ones for America and Canada. According to World Population Review, suicide rate in America is 15.3, in Canada is 12.5, and in Pakistan is 2.9.

Its funny to see how this is happening inside a modern and diverse society like Canada! Anyways, I cannot think any further. I must learn coping strategies about how not to feel overwhelmed before finalizing my next steps. You should do this too! Its important that you make an aware and free decision that is good for you and your loved ones. Take small steps at a time. For example, send your older children to study and work overseas; and, then leave when they are ready to sponsor you. I am sure if you chose a holistic or a less racist culture, then you will be very happy and content with whatever life offers you.

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Canada Is Not A Multicultural Country

Did you see the video Woman launches into racist tirade against staff at Burnaby Shoppers Drug Mart? 

Here a female shopper is yelling at a staff member, “Shut up, speaking in Chinese in front of me…Shut up, speak English in Canada”. Although I do realize that it is important to address someone in the language they understand, I still do not understand a lot of other things that took place during this incidence.

By saying “Shut up” so many times, this abuser is scaring and shunning the staff especially the woman. She is saying “Shut up” so many times almost like this conduct has been practiced many times; and, this tells me that this manner of addressing foreigners or colored people is very common in Canada. She is not even giving her room to breath. She is not noticing that this woman is speaking in Englishher English is not fluentand that she is visibly disturbed after hearing her speech because she understands what is being said to her.

This video clearly shows that some racist Canadians don’t know their place. This staff member was mumbling a bit. I know that if someone has ESL issues, then it is important to give them some room to think so that they may be able to speak betterthis is true for anyone who is struggling to learn a new language. But, apparently this woman who sounds like a very angry military leader does not know this at all. Furthermore, Canada always boasts about being multicultural; but, in reality it is one of the most racist countries in the world. Canada brings so many foreigners and there are so many people here who belong to different cultures and religions; but, some Canadians fail to respect them and trash them whenever they find an opportunity to do so. For instance, it is very easy to find Canadian teachers and students who mock the accent  and language skills of English-speaking Chinese students. I have come across such people while studying or working in Canada. What you are seeing in this video is common attitude in some areas of Canada. Lastly, I know that Canada actually traps foreigners and immigrants here in order to utilize their money and resources. Read “Should Foreigners Or Colored People Choose Canada for Stay or Business?”

I got so stressed after watching this video that I am planning to fry chips for myself. Potatoes relax me and give me great lucid dreams.


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How White Supremacists Think

According to Wikipedia, White Supremacists believe that the White people have a right to dominate other races since they are superior to them.

Just a while ago, I had an accident online. I came across Kent Jensen of Narata Storytelling Cardsyou can compare the logo found in the Twitter messages with the one found in Kent’s official Twitter page. I found the storytelling cards entertaining so I wrote a blog post about them. I had to remove this blog post later because I found out that he was racist.

Here is a picture of the blog post that I wrote on June 10, 2019.

Image of the blog post “Narata Storytelling Cards” that was published on June 10, 2019.
Image of the Twitter post about “Narata Storytelling Cards”.

Yesterday, Kent Jensen texted me the following message. See pic below.

Funny. You use the technology of the brilliant whites to complain about us. Oh such gratitude. Lucky Canada.


Guess what he said before that? See pic below.

I also get very quickly tied to wherever I go. I was in Morocco and considered staying there. I was in Chicago and considered staying there. Paris, London, La, etc. I really could live permanently in Rome. My favorite place on Earth.


So he sounded very friendly until yesterday, which is when he asked me why I was using a technology  made by the White people to complain about them? He mocked that I was showing “gratitude to Canada” this way!

I was surprised when I read these comments. Thus, I had to message him back

Canada is a very racist country. That is why! What is funny about me saying this? People should use any means available to complain. What are trying to convey?

Why are you calling Internet technology of Brilliant Whites? Colored people also contributed to its development. https://msmagazine.com/2012/06/04/the-women-and-people-of-color-who-invented-the-internet/

This is the article I shared with him: The Women and People of Color Who Invented the Internet.

I find it very surprising that he told me that he loves traveling all around the world; but, this is what he has to say to a colored woman. He is from Norway; and, I have learned about racism mostly due to my experiences that took place inside Canada. This is how I know that all White Supremacist have the same awful language that uses lies to demean and manipulate others. Read article, “Far-right extremist groups and hate crime rates are growing in Canada“.

I was also planning to buy the Narata Storytelling cards; but, something delayed me and the crowdfunding campaign closed before I could purchase the cards. See this Twitter  message (last pic) was sent by me on July 22, 2019; and, the Narata Storytelling Cards crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign ended on July 21, 2019. I am glad that my telepathic (Psychic Realm, Lucid Dreams) instincts prevented me from spending money on his campaign.


In light of the attacks that took place at the Al-Noor Islamic Center near Oslo, Norway, I feel that these Twitter messages should gain more attention since you can clearly see how White Supremacists think.  According to article, “Suspect in Oslo mosque shooting expressed right-wing sympathies, say police”, the shooter was influenced by Vidkun Quisling who is known for his war crimes and cooperation with Nazis. According to article, “The Development of White Nationalism in Nazi Germany“, White Supremacy has roots in the vision created by Adolf Hitler. What Kent Jensen is really saying is that he can visit different places on Earth; but, I (a colored woman) should not be complaining about Canada (a country lead mostly by White people) by using the net, which he incorrectly believes is a technology created by White people. After reading this, I recalled that the White Supremacists are sitting among the creative folks as well. By offering commentary that minimizes the role of colored people in creating revolutionary inventions or works as well as the realities faced by the colored people, the White Supremacists are developing an atmosphere that is required for terrorism and mass murder. Read article, “White Supremacy Is Terrorism, Not a Difference of Opinion“; and, you will realize that White Supremacists are doing and saying things as they see it proper. The Pyramid of White Supremacy clearly shows that “Call for Violence” and “Genocide” come after attempts to “Minimize” and “Discriminate in a hidden or open manner”. To understand the threat posed by White Supremacy further, read article, ‘FBI director to Congress: Most domestic terror cases are driven by “white supremacist violence”‘.

I can clearly see why I felt very concerned after reading his vile message. I wonder how his threats are going to escalate given that the political environment is already offering coloured people lots of friction and hurdles! Kindly make sure to share this article with as many people as possible. People like him are offering coloured people barriers to establishing themselves properly and living a life free of abuse.

Added August 19, 2020

This attitude reminds me of how some Canadians act. I have been facing harsh abuse for some years now. Seriously! There is a Whiteness standard on almost everything here. Only recently, a UK based think tank published a report that showed that Canada is one of the worst countries with a strong White Supremacist base. Read Canada Among Very Worst White Supremacist Countries: Report.

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