God Controls All Of Your Body Movements

Today, I was sitting at my study table and reviewing some work for One World Flim Festival  when something funny happened. You see! for some days now, I have been thinking about an Islamic teaching that God controls the movements of humans. Today while I was exhausted and about to fall asleep on my chair when something funny happened that made me think back to this particular teaching.

I thought I lost my pen because it was not on my table. I found a pencil and started taking my notes. Then, I realized that I do not wish to write by using a pencil. My desk was cluttered and my pencil case was somewhere under my books—I haven’t cleaned up because I have been super busy. I could not reach my pencil case so I just decided to open all the drawers to look for a pen. I opened the first drawer and searched in vain; then I opened the second one; pretty soon afterwards, I opened the third drawer. I got frustrated when I couldn’t find a pen in there either. I tried closing the last drawer but a newspaper got stuck under it—my study table is near my library. I finally got very pushed to bend and remove the stuck newspaper. As I was bending, I found the lost pen. It was just near my feet.

This is when I woke up from my zoned out state. I clearly saw now that God was listening to me and reacting to my needs. I got so spooked because the answer to my question was staring right at my face! Its the same funny experience as described in the blog post “Something Watches Over Me“.

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Angels Whisper During Sleep

You must have read somewhere in my blog that I believe that I have been visited by angels during sleep. See blog post “Influence Of Angels on Lucid Dreamers and Telepaths“. The angels can whisper to lucid dreamers while they are asleep because their REM deep state sleep lets them visualize these entities to some extent. Here are two strong reasons why I feel that angels visit me during sleep:

  1. I once saw a very tall dark creature standing next to me. It told me that it was the Keeper of some sort of ethereal boundary. This creature stopped me from flying and playfully threw me on my bed, which somehow got covered with roses. I named it “Dark Giant”; and, I feel that I have seen him before. Read “Lucid Dreamers Can Get Visions Of And From the Angel of Death“. I believe its the same creature I saw when I was a child. Read “Dream Character: Dark Giant“. I wonder if I am more perceptive to angels because I am pretty smart or is it because I escaped death (lethal chickenpox) when I was a child!
  2. Some of my dreams actually come true. One of these dreams were about my visit to the 2108 Parliament of Religions and meeting a team of dignitaries. During the dream I saw some faces; but, I did not realize whom I saw because all of these faces were new to me; when I met the speakers, one of them namely Dr. Craig Considine reminded me of one men who visited me during this dream. Read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year“.

The reason I am wondering again about how angels visit humans during sleep is that recently I had a very scary dream about young men being eaten by a large dark monster. Read “Spooky Dream About Dark Creatures Eating Young Men“. After having this dream, I felt worried enough to browse online to see if a natural disaster is going to hit this planet—nothing made sense although I did find an article titled “10 Major Natural Disasters Predicted In The Near Future“. I also somehow developed a gut feeling that this dream would one day come true although I have been hoping that it wouldn’t because it seems to show some sort of tragedy.

Today, after resting for a bit, I started thinking that this dream data was masked on purpose. Thus, I asked myself why would angels choose to hide some data in this manner? This is when I recalled learning in Islam that disasters are a natural part of our life on this planet Earth. Calamities teach lessons and test humans to see which one would become better; which one would become worse; and, under what circumstances would one change. This is why some catastrophes witnessed during dreams can’t be interpreted until its too late.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) once said the following:

“Angels come to you in succession by night and day and all of them get together at the time of the Fajr (early morning) and Asr (afternoon) prayers. Those who have passed the night with you (or stayed with you) ascend (to the Heaven) and God asks them, though He knows everything about you well, “In what state did you leave my slaves?” The angels reply: “When we left them they were praying and when we reached them, they were praying.” Source Angels: Guarded by Angels; Religion of Islam

Oh! here is a wicked thing that you can learn only from religious scriptures, which are usually discarded by most of us nowadays. Before you read religious information, know that this is what you will hear from those around you if you failed to do what you wanted to do: “You are a loser”; “You just don’t know how to finish your tasks”; and, “Maybe, people don’t like you enough to help you out.” In contrast, this is what Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) would have told you:

“Whoever intended to do a good deed, but did not do it, it is written for him as a complete good deed. If he actually performed the good deed then it is written as ten good deeds, or up to seven hundred times or more. If a person intended to do an evil deed, but did not do it, it is written as a good deed, while if he entertained the thought and acted on it, it is written as a single evil deed.” Source Angels: Guarded by Angels; Religion of Islam

I feel at peace after reading about angels because this way I know that someone is watching over me—those angelic energies that surround me aren’t just wild imagination.

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Why I Think That God Controls Machines

Several years ago when I was still new to driving and cars, I got stranded in the parking lot of a local mall. It was very dark that night and perhaps it was raining too. Yes! I was definitely in rush to get back home. When I got into my car, I found out that my steering wheel had locked; it must have locked because I accidentally hit against it as I left the car. Anyways, I just sat in my car and tried to unlock the steering wheel for several minutes. I felt so scared because my hands were too small to move this stuck wheel. I panicked more when nobody picked up the phone when I dialed for help.

So, I did the only thing that made sense to me. I started praying to God. After around two minutes of praying and attempting to unlock the steering wheel, something just worked. My hands just moved almost on their own in the right direction and the steering wheel got unlocked. I was able to drive back home safely.

I have read in Islam that everything including good and bad as well movements of the human body and mind are under God’s control. I have always believed that for some reason; but, this experience has just increased my faith in this particular teaching. I have been challenged many times by people about God’s existence; and, I can clearly see today why I don’t shake with fear when telling them that their belief that there is no God won’t ever influence mine. I learned this in Islam as well because it is a mandatory teaching that allows for co-existence of different faiths including atheism.

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Another Prayer Of Mine Got Accepted. Hello “Matchmaking”!

I am new to Ottawa; and, I am still looking for a husband. Its going pretty slow because the city has lots of desolate corners; really large streets; and, really less relevant events that I can find through Meetup.com or EventBrite.com. To overcome these hurdles, I did spend time online on two matchmaking sites; but, I did not find anyone worthwhile. Even some of my friends are looking for me; but, there is no word from their end so far. I definitely realize now that it takes longer to find a suitable match!

So I prayed for myself—I call such genuine prayers, Silver Bullet. Then, I went back to hunting for a job. I had access to some databases that contained names of employers. I hunted and hunted for a job for some months. Just this month—around a month after my birthday—I found a business that organizes matchmaking and dating events for Muslims. I spoke to the owner just a few days ago; and, my mouth literally dropped open when I heard her tell me this. I think I will join one of her events to find a guy. I still kind of wonder how exactly I clicked on her website given that I had access to information about so many other employers!

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Signet Ring and Seal of King Solomon and Totem Rings of Lucid Dreamers

There was the Noah’s Ark and then there is the Dreamer’s Ark. Both have some sort of equivalency owing to the fascination these draw from enormous crowds and the very nature of their existence. Lucid Dreaming is an incredible feat which is why the dreamers’ minds have always wandered ceaselessly to find answers to understand what they have been made to witness. This is why, every now and then, I have also considered if there are any overlaps between the world of Lucid Dreaming and the world of King Solomon. I have found some similarities over time, which include communication with jinn, angels, other otherworldly entities, and time travel. Read the following posts if you wish to learn further about this subject:

My Thoughts on “Key of Solomon”
Proof of Link Between The Key of Solomon and Lucid Dreaming
Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming
Jinn and Lucid Dreaming

I tried reading the Key of Solomon; but, it did not translate at all inside my mind. Then, I tried to reinterpret some of my dreams in the light of the knowledge about the demons who were placed under the Seal of Solomon. And, I did find some startling similarities; I discussed these in the post Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming. Furthermore, I used some Islamic prayers like Rabbai Zidni Ilmin, four Quls, and Ayat-ul-Qursi to invoke my dream state. Prayers are like meditations so they activate more relaxed state in the dreamer.

Today, I revisited two techniques that eventually created the REM sleep stages. These techniques are described below.

Technique 1

Imagine rubbing your index fingers─perhaps of both hands. People wear rings at index fingers. I got the idea of using this strategy not by reading about it on the web but through an actual dream.

I use only imaginary rings to create lucid dreams. I can create very deep and romantic dreams with these rings. Once, I dreamt of seeing a large volcano erupt. I was standing near the window and looking outside. To my right side, the volcano erupted and I could see light illuminating the sky. Then, a package containing rings that were made from the volcanic ash and debris flew from the volcano and fell in my hands. I was surprised when I received these rings. Some months or maybe years afterwards–I failed to document this interval here due to a high frequency of lucid dreams–I thought back to this dream. I wanted to reinitiate the dream sequence and find out what the rings were for. So I rubbed my fingers where I imagined wearing one of these rings. Then, during my sleep, I had an orgasm. Do you know that even virgins can get orgasms through lucid dreams? Source: Lucid Dreaming Totems. 

I researched the use of rings in Lucid Dreaming after going through this particular experience. Finally, I found a document titled “Totem Induced Lucid Dream (TILD) Tutorial + 8 Totem Ideas” on HowToLucid.com. This article discusses just one use of the ring totems, which proves that somebody else have successfully used the ring to achieve something in the dream world. After reading this, I thought back to how King Solomon used to use a Signet Ring as a seal when he commanded the demons. The Signet Ring had the pentagram or hexagram shape on it, which could be playing a part in somehow sealing the demons. What if I made these shapes on my fingers or somewhere on my body and fell asleep. What would that do?

Technique 2

The second technique was devised after I played Foosball with some of my colleagues. I was so happy at that time. Then, one night, I had trouble falling asleep asleep. So, I imagined playing Foosball while lying in bed─I have lots of imagination so this did not feel weird. I did this two phases somehow─I made up the phases on the spot. In the first phase, I held both of my hands and imagined that the square part of the Foosball table is at the chest level while I twisted the Foosball handles. In the second phase, I placed both of my hands next to my sides; imagined that the square part of the Foosball table is on my lower abdomen; and, then I twisted the imaginary Foosball handles. I fell asleep after doing this; and, I had an interesting lucid dream.

When I drew the pictures to display this particular technique, I was shocked to find that these pictures looked very similar to what is drawn on the Seal of King Solomon. Check it out! The seal is the third picture on the right side of this Wikipedia page. The upper part of the Seal of King Solomon is similar to picture of Phase 1; and, the lower part of the seal is like the picture of Phase 2. The central figure of the Seal of King Solomon looks like a human; this shape is represented by the body of the lucid dreamer. See the pictures below.

Phase 1 of Foosball Technique. The round objects are my hands!
Phase 2 of Foosball Technique. The round objects are my hands!

Can you easily visualize now some key connections between the Signet Ring and Seal of King Solomon and Lucid Dreaming?

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How and Why I Cry?

I have always been able to cry even when my heart has calloused due to mistreatment. I find tears very beautiful.

I mostly cry when I am alone; I have cried openly at funerals of my loved ones. Usually, I have to make sure that I am in a safe place; then, it is easy for me to let it out. I also cry when I am very stressed about work.

I always feel more clear after crying. Its easier for me to focus on life after crying. I have gone through a tough time when I could not cry. I was too confused due to something; and, I forgot to cry. I started getting massive headaches after a few months had passed; and, I almost got depressed. So, I developed a method to make myself cry. To heal myself, I started listening to lectures by some of my favorite speakers; and, then I would slowly cry while falling asleep. When I cry like this, my tears feel so warm and safe that you have no idea whatsoever. Gradually, I was able to go back to feeling fresh and great.

According to M.D. Judith Orloff’s article “The Health Benefits of Tears“, tears heal the heart by decreasing heart rate and introducing a more relaxed emotional and biological state; and, tears release stress hormones from the body and cause the production of pain killer hormones endorphins.

Crying is so beautiful and universal!


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“Surah Nuh (Noah)”: A Prayer To Get Rid Of Really Ruthless Enemies

I am reading a collection of prayers called “Majmuah Wazaif”. This book has some particular Surahs (set of Quranic verses also called “Chapters”) as well as different ways of praying each of them.

Next to “Surah Noah” the description of recitation is as follows

If someone is under severe danger from an enemy and getting away is impossible, then read this Surah 1000 times. You can also read it in a group that has an odd number of people. Read it one seating.

I know that some people would dedicate an entire day to read it 1000 times; I am planning to do the same because I have been reading blog posts by some people who need some real help and because I need to ask God to help me on certain tasks. In the past, I have recited some prayers sometimes exactly according to description─like the above quoted details─and other times a little farther away from the description. I strongly believe that God sees one struggle and does not look for perfection when granting something.

“Surah Nuh (Noah)” discusses the story of Prophet Nuh who is mentioned in the Torah, Bible, and Quran. He is the guy who built the Ark with the help of angels. Read article “Prophet Nuh (Noah), the Ark and the Flood in the Islamic Teachings“.

The website Quran.com shares the complete “Surah Nuh (Noah)” here.

I am now going to share a real story with you before I leave. I used to pray a lot; and, I used to pray in a specific manner. When my needs arose, my prayers started to get accepted─I think my lucid nature also played a role in this. I started calling my prayers, “The Silver Bullet” because I was given exactly what I asked for. Believe in God; and, God will protect you while you are alive or dead.

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Nature Of My Telepathic Connection With Carl Jung

I just feel close to Carl Jung because 1) he studied one of my favourite subjects, Psychology; 2) he practiced lucid dreaming; and, 3) he had a history of child abuse.

How I Get Close To Carl’s Spirit

  1. I read some of his written work as well as its interpretation. I feel a strong longing for his book, “The Red Book”.
  2. I review the patterns and pictures available in “The Red Book”
  3. I watch videos about Carl and his work.
  4. I learn a bit about Carl’s personal life.

Changes Experienced

  1. My lucid dreams become very vivid after I connect with Carl Jung.
  2. I get dreams that are actually true including warnings. In one warning, I saw a rather older man attempting to sleep with a younger woman. Then I received some other similar dreams. All this happened while I was in Ottawa, which is I feel that this is a warning that rapists are living in Ottawa. I left a warning online in my blog post, “Many Rapists Are Hiding In Ottawa
  3. I get dreams about my personal affairs. I have actually seen Carl in one of these dreams. Read “Did I Meet Carl Jung?
  4. I even connected with a mean spirit who reminded me of Carl’s mom; but, this might actually be a warning that someone is trying to abuse me in real life. See point 4 of my blog post, “Spirit Attachment“.

Breathing Space

I give myself time away from Carl Jung. For many months or even years, I stop myself from connecting with his spirit. This helps me recover from the shock of experiencing this other spirit that seems to be part of me but feels different.


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Use of Lucid Dreams and Automatic Writings to Connect With Spirits/Ghosts

Note: If the audios below don’t run in Firefox for some reason, try running them in IE or Opera.

I learned in Mathematics that if A=B and B=C, then A=C.

A= Lucid Dreams

B= Automatic Writing

C= Ability to connect with spirits

Lucid dreams are used to do automatic writing. Read my blog post, Link Between Lucid Dreaming And Automatic Writing. Automatic writing is used to connect with spirits/ghosts. Read blog post, Using Automatic Writing To Communicate With Ghosts. Therefore, both Lucid Dreaming and Automatic Writings are used to connect with spirits/ghosts.

Here is proof of all this. I had an odd lucid dream about this phenomenon today—dreams usually tell you the truth about people and concepts because these are used to gaze into souls and universe. Lastly, I was thinking about one of my younger siblings before I snoozed and experienced this dream—this dreaming ability became easy for me because my younger sibling is a very caring and creative man. Dreams are fractal in nature, which is how they can capture other fractals.

This is the edited version.
This is the unedited version. At some instances, I am mumbling; using the wrong words;  and, yawning. This tells you that I was very sleepy while I was recording this.

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