Seeing Light and Energy

I was reading William Stillman’s article “6 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Here” on HuffPost when I realized something very critical. The article specifically states that you can tell that your spirit guide is here if you unexpectedly see flash of light or energy.

Pinpoint of light. You may see an unexpected blue flash of light out of the corner of one eye, or you may see a sphere of spiritual energy, commonly called an “orb.” The light or orb may even travel by bobbing about or moving quickly through your space. If you engage in prayer and meditation, you may actually “see” in your mind’s eye a pinpoint of light that lingers long enough for you to acknowledge its presence. The pinpoint of light may come simultaneous to your experiencing the sensation of high thought and emotion, or it may come as you are thinking about the loving and supportive presence that is your spirit guide. As before, this should not be persistent, unpleasant or intrusive; if so, please seek medical advice. Source: “6 Signs Your Spirit Guide Is Here“.

I sometimes see this very clearly.

  1. In the blog post “Other Super Powers that I Believe I Have“, I mentioned that I have interacted with the Orbs in the dreams. In one dream, this round ball of light moved around in my room. Then, it entered the closet where the Quran and Bible were kept safely. I felt the orb danced with delight as it passed by my body.
  2. I see some sort of light coming from the centre of my forehead every time I try to fall asleep. It does not look like white light although I can clearly see my body glowing in some sort of dark matter─I reported this in the blog post “Scent-based Telepathy“. Its so beautiful!
  3. When I pray, I can clearly see a build of beautiful energy around me. Only once, I clearly saw something sitting on my side─I forgot which side it sat on. I felt it said to me that “I can see which man you like and exactly why”. It felt like something that was full of love and joyous feelings. I stopped praying because I had never experienced this before.

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Guardian Spirits Meet Me During Day and Night

Guardian Spirits use your bodies to send you messages. I have learned this on my own and over considerable time. Sharing this is not just a “I Can Scare You” gesture from my end. I have other family members who are like me; and, I know that one of them is very frightened of her abilities. I also always wanted to believe that the odd things I experienced in real life are not really happening. But, my experiences eventually got to the point where I could not lock my mind to not believe the idea that the Guardian Spirits haunt me during the day as well.

I will now share two real incidences to show this phenomenon:

I Am Awake

Some years ago, I was driving back home when my mind just compelled me to stop and enjoy the night. Roads were a bit wet that day, I think. In response to this “need”, my mind implored back, “But I must go back home soon. It’s really late.” My body almost froze in the car’s seat like its super-tired but hypnotized. I decided to drive to the local Chapters and happily stepped out of the car in the night. When I got into the store, I roamed around aimlessly feeling unsettled about why I decided to stop by. Eventually, my body started feeling heavy and fatigued again so I just sat down next to a shelf. As I turned my head towards the shelf, I almost jumped away in shock. Carlos Gomez’s book “Man Up: Cracking the Code of Modern Manhood” was sitting right in front of me; and, this was the last copy. I immediately picked it up and bought it. As I left the parking lot, I thought about how I wanted to visit Carlos for his performances and how I wanted to get introduced to his gang of poets and writers. However, I never made it because I was left studying and working. To overcome my worries, my Guardian Spirit brought me to Chapters so that I may purchase his book. I got a bit scared about this incidence so I shared it only once on my older blog. Then I closed this older blog pretty fast.

Notice that my mind tricks me when doing these things. For example, it told me “it needs to stay outside”. But the truth is that it was going for this book.

I Am Asleep

As a kid, I was in love with one of my uncles. I used to take care of him like rub his feet, massage his scalp, and cut his nails. He was a Medical Doctor so he used to get very tired; and, that’s when I used to force him to sit next to me so I could manage him. He loved me a lot. He used to say, “You can stay in my pocket. I say this because you were really little when you were born. I could hold you on my palm and I could have fit you in my pocket”. I was very close to him; and, I missed him a lot when he died. I cried a lot; and, I even made myself believe that he is not dead. This is when he visited me as a Guardian Spirit. He visits me when I need him; but, there is one time when he visited me to deliver great news. I was very stressed around that time because I really wanted a car and could not figure out if I would have sufficient funds to purchase it. So this stayed on my mind while I fell asleep one day. In my lucid dream, I saw my uncle sitting next to a car. He was cleaning its tire. As soon as he felt me standing near the garage, he looked up and motioned me to come near him. “Arzoo, come here. I will show you how to clean it.” I smiled at him and walked towards him. I woke up pretty soon because I realized that my uncle has passed away and that this was his spirit. Some months later, I successfully managed to purchase a new car.

I think uncle came to bless me and to add to my mind that things are possible once I start believing in them.

So you see how Guardian Spirits work in a disguised manner!

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Dark Giant Answers: Muslims and Christians are One Brotherhood

Day before yesterday, I had a funny dream while I was thinking of the written works of a Christian professor. During my dream, I was attacked by a dark force that initially looked much smaller in size. It threw a twisted blade on my mid-back; and, I stared at it shockingly as I felt warm blood trickle down my spine. My legs buckled; I fell down; and, I had difficulty standing up. The dark force started growing in size. Suddenly, this Christian professor appeared out of nowhere; he helped me get up; and, then he calmly placed his hand where I was bleeding. The dark force threw another one of its claw-like blade and it landed on professor’s hand. His hand started bleeding. It is interesting for me to note that this man was dressed in white; one of his hands bled; I could not see his face although I could feel that it was the professor; and, that he tried to save me from harm. He beckoned me to move away from this creature with his help. But I got too angry when I saw blood on professor’s hand. In anger, I faced the creature and slapped its face with one of my hands. The creature became timid and lost power. I relaxed and walked away with the professor.

I believe that the Dark Giant, my best Dream Character, was fully involved in creating this dream because I have been requesting him/her/it to visit me. Lucid Dreams are sometimes precognitive in nature; and, I strongly feel that this dream is precognitive because there is a strong sense about this in the dream.

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How Prayers Hide Information to Proceed?

This just happened to me; and, I am slowly recovering from this mild shock because I thought I will get this done faster because I frequently visit the local Art Galleries. I am trying to finish an academic project for a course that is held at Algonquin College. I am supposed to help my group find entertainment for a fundraising event held for “Farm Radio International”, which is a non-profit program that serves the African farmers. I am not from Africa so I don’t know much about the culture and trends of this particular region. So, I spent around an hour browsing the web while praying to God that I finish this assignment in time.

First my eyes got stuck on the Firestone Collection that is displayed at the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG GAO). But, I couldn’t find the price, which I am supposed to quote for this project, for the items found in this collection. Then I browsed through some other collections offered at the OAG GAO and couldn’t find anything with prices attached to them. After some while, I visited Kijiji and found some paintings that are worth more than $1000. For some reason, I didn’t like any of these amazing paintings. The two selections were Large Fernand Labelle Oil On Canvas Painting  and Abstract Marcel Favreau Oil On Canvas Painting. I was just about to give up when I stumbled upon Artists in Canada and found a painting of “some kind of round fruits” by Virginia Dupuis (fifth painting from the left, under words “click on image for enlargement”). I didn’t understand the drawings that were presented there due to my lack of knowledge; and, thus I visited Invaluable and searched for another painting there. Again, I didn’t feel content with the search results for some reason. So I browsed back to Virginia Dupuis’s drawings. I started staring at Harvest Moon, which is a close-up of Gooseberries (green round fruits); and, I started praying for help again because I didn’t knew what I was looking at. Next, I googled the words “Gooseberries + Africa” and ended up finding from Berries of Africa website that Gooseberries are one of South Africa’s most popular berries. This painting is an exact match because “Farm Radio International” serves the African farmers.

Oh well! I just finished my assigned part of the project. How queer all this was!

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Born Different

I was born with very large eyes (see my pic at end), which is how it is very easy for me to use Visualization techniques to attach spirits to my body, activate dreams, and activate telepathy.

In one of the scenes from the movie Wanted (Viewer Discretion advised), Wesley kills many gang members instead of just one and he does so by coming out of nowhere; i.e. jumping through a glass window. If you were to run your dream world while surrounding the victim you are trying to protect, you will easily be able to nail multiple abusers given that there are really that many abusers.

Next dream technique involves learning where you stand in the dream, which is what defines your scope of vision. You can run the dreams as outsiders or as insiders who are openly communicating with dream characters that are involved in a case you are trying to solve─in the movie, Wanted, Fox manages to kill several members of a gang by curving a bullet while standing in a circle along with other members of the gang.  Dreams can deliver the same end result if you learn “how to stand where” and “do exactly what in your dream”. Things as simple as dancing can shed a huge light on a crime case.

Another thing you can do is teach the victim how to play the Sender Signal through prayers, meditations, and even dreams. The woman I protected knew how to play the Sender Signal and sometimes she was doing this without fully realizing that she was running the classic psychic and dream signals. The signals can be weak ones but it is still possible to read them. A friend of mine somehow ran some weak Sender Signals through my brain while I was asleep. After comparing the signals I received from both of them, I know that the signal strength depends on spirituality and emotional and mental strength of the Sender as well as the Receiver. If you have a Signal Receiver at your end, then make sure you are bonding with them. A lot of Lucid Dreamers react strongly and appropriately if they have been engaged properly and according to their emotional and mental needs. This is because they are very gentle people and it is thus very easy to tune them out simply by ignoring a couple of opportunities to have tea with them.

Last thing you need to do is learn how to interact with your Dark and Light figures. I have a Dark figure in my life that’s very protective of me. His name is “Dark Giant” and it responds very well to my prayers. And, there is a Light figure in my life that appears when I am very sleepy or tired. You should learn about both of yours. I think this is why Islam refers to humans as superior to Angels, Jinn, or any other creature.

When I became the Knight of the Flying Carpet, I ended up nailing a gang of men who were harming a woman. I didn’t realize it was a gang until I started learning how to use my lucid dreams properly.

What is different about you? Try finding that. You will notice that you can sharpen only some of your human senses easily because only some senses are more advanced than the rest.

Justice is Blind meaning I am Sleeping. 🙂


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Proof of Link Between The Key of Solomon and Lucid Dreaming

I have always felt that the Key of Solomon is somehow and to some extent linked to Lucid Dreaming.  There are several other Prophets from the Abrahamic faiths who knew and applied this knowledge but most people tend to ignore the DreamWorld as fabric of one’s imagination—what these prophets are doing differently is that they are whispering their wishes (channeling their mental or physical energy) to One God and not the other humans or themselves.

Now, let us move towards understanding how the Jinn intersect with our dimensions. In one of her YouTube videos, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, hints to the fact that the Shadow Figures are actually the Jinn. I wrote this imaginary dialogue to help readers understand my way of analyzing some of the information that was provided by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. As you read this dialogue, you will notice that I didn’t fail to mention the fact that I am using prayers to control my dreams, mood, and knowledge. My blog post “An Enigma: Realm of Jinns and Lucid Dreamers” talks about how the Qareens—the entities that are known to be born with humans and exist in a parallel dimension—tie into the Lucid Dreamscape. One of my personal experiences offer me a very strong glimpse into this parallel dimension. I had this lucid dream when I was just a teenager. I saw two very sinister and dark figures standing near my bed and looking at me as if they were my parents; but, I could sense that they were vicious entities who must be controlled and that my parents are different kind of people. They weren’t my parents, they were just some sorts of entities that came out of nowhere. I started praying the moment one of the dark entities, the female entity, suddenly flew towards me and tried to enter my mind through my forehead. I felt pressure on my body and I knew that it was a sleep paralysis but at the same time I felt that my prayers were controlling and scaring the Shadow figures. Thus, I concluded that the jinn can easily connect with people during sleep paralysis and lucid dreams. I reached this conclusion while I was just a teenager. As I matured, I received more normal visions of my parents that match their actual description. Now that I am reaching my 40s, I have actually been sitting and analyzing both descriptions of my parents from my dreams and it has become clear that those two entities weren’t my parents.

For some very odd reason, I felt that I was still lacking some kind of proof even after I finished my above quest and even after I wrote so many of these articles. Obviously, I prayed and fell asleep thinking about the idea that God will help me solve this queer issue. Just recently, I found this video where a German man talks about how he controlled Dark Shadows (Jinn) with the help of prayers, which he issued while awake and asleep. Thus, I ended up reaffirming the conclusion that the Key of Solomon carried certain prayers that allowed King Solomon to control the jinn and perhaps even angels—I  mean think about it! when you are controlling the jinn, then you are somehow controlling the angels who are somehow associated with the jinn.

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Dealing with Nightmares

There have been times when reading the Quran or stories of Islam, especially stories about Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), have relieved my mental or physical pain. This phenomenon has been reported by some of my close friends as well. When reading about Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), I clearly see real light that’s relaxing in nature.

Do you know that once certain individuals tried harming me; but they ended up going almost crazy with pain of some sort and most of them ended up respecting or loving me instead? I don’t know what’s going on but I pray a lot for my safety. This is why I think that Islam is a phenomenon and Allah (one God) actually exists.

Listen to this German brother who reported that his nightmares disappeared after he started reading the Quran. I am finding it very funny that he said he used to receive dreams of dark creatures and then he used to pray; and, then they would go away somehow.  I also used to get dreams of dark creatures and I have always been able to use prayers to control them or work with them.

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Projecting Yourself Forward

Just last week, I was waiting at an intersection. The Pedestrian sign came on and I started crossing the street. Then, I looked up and threw my soul out of my forehead while focusing on the sign. The Wait sign flashed in my eyes several moments before it actually appeared. I clearly felt that the energies present in Ottawa were more clearer than the ones I have experienced before. This is why it was easier for me to bring the future to the present and then allow it to flow back to the future. This is why I have formed a final conclusion that the future exists in the same slot as the present except that we are unable to see it due to the dimension our soul is attached to. If you project yourself out of your body, you will see that that is the real answer. By the way, prayers act the same way. This is why almost everyone can feel deluded about whether their prayers are getting answered or not.

Yoohoo! Another psychic technique has been successfully completed. Below is an image of what exactly I have learned. The rest of my thoughts and ideas will be published me in my first book.


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I am Clairaudient and Clairvoyant

I wake up early in the morning and start listening to songs in YouTube. Music is one of the loveliest things in my life. I can daydream like hell if I see some cute Middle Eastern people because their minds are really that lucid and pretty—you should definitely attempt this and I got no idea what kind of heaven will just open up inside your brain. I can read into people easily as long as I am tuned in. I also hear music that comes from people and this is regardless of tuning in or tuning out. This music is very warm and it rings inside my ears and brain like a real melody. Lastly, I get very vivid lucid dreams. I have been like this since I was a kid but I never trained myself fully because my brain is really that vast and it is very difficult to satisfy its needs—even my close friends, peers, and teachers notice this about me, which is why they respect and love me.

I got these techniques from the web and I got so excited when the descriptions matched what I have been experiencing.

11 Signs You Might be Clairaudient
Signs You’re a Clairvoyant Psychic

I plan to study all the techniques slowly. Right now, I know only some of the Lucid Dreaming and Psychic techniques. Apparently, there are more and more of these interesting techniques. Currently, I am reviewing information made available by HowToLucid and Anna Sayce.


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