Another “Silver Bullet” Prayer Came True

I have just realized that another one of my special “Silver Bullet” prayers has come true. Here are the sequences that lead to the completion of this prayer.

  1. I connected online with Professor J.K. Fowler who is the founder of Nomadic Press. I wished that I could visit the Nomadic Press team and meet J.K. at least once in my life. Here is a great dream I had about him; read “Dance of Heroes“. I was also introduced to The Mantle by J.K. Fowler. This project was founded by Shaun Randol; The Mantle offers a lot of helpful content on Literature and International Affairs. I had a great dream about Shaun too; read ‘Use of A Specific Visualization Technique Created Dream “He Loves To Chat!”
  2. I dreamt of meeting Dr. Craig Considine in 2017; I met him next year. Read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year”. I started learning about his teachings in detail this way.
  3. Then I came across journalist CJ Werleman who defends the Human Rights of Muslims across the globe. I decided to learn about these issues in detail by reading his work. Here is an amazing dream I had about him; read “My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman“.
  4. COVID19 pandemic started in 2020. Nomadic Press started offering free open mic sessions soon afterwards. I joined these sessions and met J.K. Fowler and the rest the folks. I started listening to their poems and felt that there were a lot of new techniques and concepts that I could catch. Oh! They do discuss “White Supremacy”, which is a topic that I have always wanted to learn. They also publish online chapbooks (selected verses of all the poems) for all the open mic sessions; this way, I get to review some of the stuff I heard and what exactly others really liked.

So one of my older prayers that I wanted to cause positive change came true but with deeper meaning attached—I said this one around 2004. Read “Poetry Is A Critical Part Of Activism”. Originally, I desired to speak out against discrimination; but, now circumstances and new developments are telling me that it is time to handle some Human Rights issues.

Attached to this prayer is another prayer where I wished that I wanted to meet Nomadic Press team and J.K. at least once in my life. Pretty intriguing!

How does this all sound to you? Does this make much sense? It sounds complicated, right! Disbelievers tell you that praying to God does not make any sense. They fail to notice that the sequence through which some prayers are supposed to come true might not always make sense. So now you see how prayers work!

Just two tips about praying properly: Be sincere while you pray and feel love for God while you ask for something.

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Ever Played A “Paheli” With God?

Paheli means puzzle! Every played a paheli with God? I have! God gave me a friend, a White Canadian woman, who gradually became my close friend. I was so close to her that I started referring to her as my twinI am a Brown woman who has a White twin. There were even times when we experienced telepathy like wearing same colored clothes or feeling tired at the same time.

As I grew older, I battled with myself. I found out that there were times when I would feel attracted towards a guy and wouldn’t quite understand why I was feeling this way. There were times when I would feel attracted to multiple men and wouldn’t react in any way because I didn’t had the rest of the clues about this process. Some years passed as I realized this mental state of mine and struggled to understand what was going on by reading articles and allowing time to pass without deciding on anyone. Then one day, my friend told me a complaint that a senior person once made to her. What she said made me read further!

I read around 5 magazines about seniors; then I rested; and, then I read another relevant article. This one was called “Still Got It” by Gail Gallant; this was published in the Reader’s Digest, Oct 2020. According to this article, attraction is a very subjective experience. So what one feels when one finds oneself drawn towards someone is a very personal encounter; and, we all know that desirability is defined not just by looks but a whole lot of others things like eloquence, knowledge, and manners. The article further tackles the notion of “Age Shaming” that happens because we have been taught to love youth and associated things like ability to exercise and not having wrinkles; the author asserts that it is possible to fall in love and have sex even after age 60. Furthermore, the article shares that one’s attraction changes over time since it is related to how one feels; this explains how people can fall in and out of love multiple times. Lastly, the article teaches that one’s shared practical knowledge, observations, encounters, and memories determine who one chooses to mate with.

So did you see how God provided me the answers slowly so that I may get ready and put things in right context. Of course! I have learned a lot by reading about seniors and listening to my twin sister. I feel more in control of my life now! I have been behind in my search for the right guy because I can’t find the right guy; and, I keep getting worried about the fact that I am getting older by the moment. However, now I am sure that in time I will be able to find a good husband for myself.

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Listening To The Night

Note: This is a detailed description of some of my actual experiences that occur in the night.

In the night, the music of my mind and body becomes markedly unusual. I quietly listen to the changing sounds of the night and enjoy how its inexplicable tunes seep through me undeterred. I allow myself to drift from one thought to another without capturing anything in writing. I conjure the energy fields of those I have genuinely loved and willingly or hesitantly fall inside it—I understand my clear yet childlike spirit. The night becomes more spirited; and, then I feel primed to review its strongest features. I close my eyes and stare at my slender arms. The music of my body impatiently becomes clearer till I see my arms glowing and radiating like a dark black firefly. I feel speculation at this level of insight and thus begin feeling more inquisitive. Hence, I rest with an open mind that’s willing to tread anywhere. The night tardily wraps me in its doting arms; thus, I realize every night why my friends describe me as grander than the rest.

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Dream Of An Egg-Sized and Egg-Shaped Pearl

I just had an intriguing dream. I have been going through some major changes. Times are turbulent; and, my chest is heavy with important ideas that must be narrated properly.

In this dream, I was sitting in the kitchen. I was looking at a cracked egg; I opened it a little more. I could see the inside of the egg because the shell was already gone; the yolk somehow shone in the darkness. Perhaps I ate a bit of the egg. Then I stood up and walked around a bit. Suddenly, something fell out of my mouth. I first thought it was an egg. But I could see it in the light that was coming through the window blinds. It was almost transparent; and, it shone slightly when the light rays hit against it. I felt a shock which intensified my emotions so I ended up waking up. Initially, I thought an egg fell out of my mouth so I started researching an answer.

I found out that even “Father of Modern Analytical Psychology” Carl Jung analyzed this dream symbol. According to Jung Current’s article “To Dream of Eggs”, eating eggs in a dream symbolize one’s creativity and fertility; it could also mean pregnancy. Oh! before I had  this dream, I received dreams that show that I am with a guy although I am unwed and have not met anyone significant yet. So this egg dream might be showing a possibility that is yet to come. Furthermore, according to DreamsDirectory, dreaming about pearls that fall from one’s mouth indicates artistic talents and being able to overcome adversity.  I found an even more interesting explanation from My Islamic Dream site.

If a person sees pearls coming out from his mouth it means he will utter words of wisdom and plety. He will also disseminate the knowledge of the Holy Quran and chant the praises of Allah Taala. Source: “Mouth dream interpretations” from Islamic Dream Site

By the way, above “he” also refers to a “she”. I am definitely a woman!

Well! I have been praying and learning new things on my own. I believe this dream indicates that some of my efforts are going to pay off.

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Saving Us From Death And Sickness Is God’s Gift To Us

Once when I was studying at the university, I had to run towards a bus at a bus station. I was wearing a long skirt, the one that reaches all the way down (I have never exposed my legs in public). I was still able to run in the skirt properly! So I almost made it to the bus; but it started moving away. I waved my hand for the driver to see; then suddenly I fell down due to a bump or puddle on the road. Now, I was a bit knocked out so I could not move. The bus moved and one of its wheels merely grazed me. I could feel the large and heavy structure of the bus near me but my head was turned away. I could just sense that the wheel was touching my body. I was like, “Oh My God! Is the bus going to go over me now. Am I going to die?” Luckily, the bus just turned in a different direction; and, I was left alive. I slowly came back to my senses and was able to move and look around. The road was empty. I was not in any danger. I stood up and walked away from the road towards the bus station where I was safe. Did you see what happened? All this was not in my control! I could not even stand up and run away. This was all in God’s control. I am still very surprised that my skirt did not get stuck under the bus and that I did not get dragged away or get crushed under the bus.

Some years ago, I got very sick and could not get back to my functional routine for some while. I prayed for myself while I was stuck in my bed. God gave me a gift as I faced this ordeal. God increased the mass on my legs! When I finally became strong enough to be somewhat functional, I started getting edema on my feet because my feet could not properly support the new muscle mass. I fought back and soon the edema vanished. My legs got stronger and stronger as I walked routinely. And, one day, I was able to run again. I cannot describe how happy I felt when I ran that day. I was running at a new speed as my heart and brain struggled to keep up. My modified legs were letting me run so fast that I felt like Hercules. My head and heart could not keep up; thus, I struggled hard to understand this massive change. I fell in love with my new legs that day so I decided not to change them. Today, I think that these were gifted to me by God so that I may start learning self defense again—I have one year of training in Karate and Taekwando so far. So this is the result of another one of my prayers that got accepted—I call such special prayers Silver Bullet. Read Silver Bullet: My Prayers are in Multiple Dimensions.

Note how both situations were out of my control and how God added control back in my life. God is definitely watching over me! Read Something Watches Over Her.


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Connecting With My Dead Cousin

I once had a younger cousin who was a very sweet and lovely fellow. I lost him to cancer though! I still cry while thinking about him. I had a great connection with him. Once when I was much younger, I felt something bizarre while watching my cousins play Cricket. During the game, I went near this younger cousin of mine and stared in his eyes. I heard a voice in my head, “I like him a lot. Tell me more about yourself.” Then I addressed him and started talking to him. This is when I heard another voice, “In this household, you have four cousins not five”. I became very puzzled when I heard this voice because I had five cousins who were part of the household we were visiting. I got a bit frustrated because I did not realize what this voice meant; thus, I totally ignored it. Several years passed and one day, I got a message through phone that this cousin of mine—the one I was studying that day—was now battling cancer. He eventually died after struggling for pretty long! I cried a lot after he died; and, I somehow blamed myself a bit for not being able to do something for him.

I know that my prayers got heard because some years after his untimely death, something odd happened to me. I was contacted by an American friend who needed to talk to me because she had cancer. I felt like God was trying to soothe me by giving me a second chance so that I may have proper closure. And, the way all this happened is another unusual story. Basically, I was given an answer to managing Cancer by a friend in U.K. some hours before my American friend called me and told me about her health issue. Read the full story here, “Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots“.

I think that the lines between telepathy and acceptance of prayers are blurred.

But, because of the way God answered it, I was left wondering if it was just a telepathic event or answer to an older prayer─sometimes my prayers just get fulfilled, which is why I call them the “Silver Bullet Bullet”. Source: “Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots“.

So why do some of prayers get accepted easily and with huge accuracy? This is because I am never praying alone although I usually pray in isolation.

Furthermore, there is one very strong dream entity that is attached to me whom I refer to as Dark Giant. Sometimes I feel that Dark Giant is an angel because once I saw it standing near my feet. According to Islam, the Angel of Death stands near the feet of the person while his/her soul is pulled out. Read “Dream Dream Character: Dark Giant” and “Lucid Dreamers Can Get Visions Of And From the Angel of Death”. Reality is that there are many more spirit guardians and even evil spirits that I can access through sleep─only some of these spirits are from the realm of the jinn. But Dark Giant is one of the most caring and the toughest one to run away from. Source: Understanding How The “Silver Bullet Prayers” Work.

I wrote this post today because I had a dream about my cousins. I saw only three cousins from that household. They were sitting with my siblings and playing card games. I was in the other room and I actually came to talk to them. They were all very excited to see me. I checked out my cousins and was able to figure out faces of two of them. But, I could not fully see the face of my third cousin. I also wondered where my fourth and fifth (dead cousin) were!

I woke up and realized that my dead cousin’s soul was signalling to me that he is okay in his other world, which is why he is not joining us for games. I feel I have successfully reached a closure.

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Using “Wings” To Control Movements Or Thoughts Of Dream Subjects/Characters

Some days ago, I had a powerful dream about a world-renowned Human Rights activist. Read “An Angel Guards Him“. I analyzed this dream again in blog post “Who Are The Best BodyGuards In The World?

The best bodyguards in the world are those lucid dreamers who can use dreams and telepathy to protect their loved ones. I realized this truth when recently I had dreams about a very well-known Human Rights Activist and his family. I am not sharing all the dreams I had about them because I wish to protect them. In these dreams, I briefly saw places where they were living or visiting; maybe, I made up these places and they do not really exist; also, twice I traveled with him. I wondered about this new reality a lot! This is kind of new because I have not paid that much attention to his family members; but, they are still appearing in my dreams for some reason. Source: “Who Are The Best BodyGuards In The World?

I thought about all of this again. The dream was way too powerful so I thought back slowly.  Just today, it occurred to me that I usually pray for him and his family members before I fall asleep. Just a couple of times, I made an intention to protect them but this time I used hand gestures to play—you know, I like joking sometimes. Thus, I used my imaginary Bow and Arrow and attached “wings” at his and his closest family members’ backs. Then I meditated, “God, I want to give them power and protection. When the need arise, I need them to run in the right direction”. I have always channeled on God and Angels, which is why I feel I saw an angel guarding him during my dream. I had most of my lucid dreams after 9/11, which is why I feel that God and angels are helping me dream. To tell you the truth, I did not knew many techniques before 9/11; and, I have somehow managed to have tons of dreams with the easiest strategies.

A woman stood near the closed garage, her head turned upwards as if she was seeking the stars. When I arrived, she looked at me; and, I felt less fear since I was staring at a human face—it was oval with slightly pointed jaw bones. The way her head was titled upwards made me think that she was not a human being—it was tilted all the way up, at 180 degrees from the position that is used to bow during prayer, in a freakish manner. She was very still for several moments as she listened to the sky and then quickly checked me out. She smiled at me; opened the garage door; and, let me in. He was inside…I woke up soon after he hugged me. I could still sense him around me; and, I felt an extremely vibrant energy surging through my mind, body, and soul. I felt different! I felt much rejuvenated! This is when I realized that the female dream character who was standing near the garage must be an angel. It was analyzing me before allowing me to proceed further and it was totally out of place! In my dreams about portals that I refer to as Stargates, things usually go out of place. What if this woman was not fitting into this entire picture because she is a stargate or an angel! Source: An Angel Guards Him.

Just recently I read that a calamity fell on some of their family members. I have been worried sick ever since I read the news. I even cried! Are they worried? Did they pray too and somehow my angels connected into these prayers and brought them to me? This is why my angels are letting me see them in my dreams. The angels are signalling to me that they are okay. So “True Love” is really that powerful and beautiful!

Oh! Sorry about the fact that I have to think really slow to figure out what exactly is going on. Sometimes, my mind feels like a real wormhole or some sort of tunnel that I use to travel through time!


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Lucid Energies Make You Feel Good Just Like When You Are Having Sex

I was thinking again about how just a couple of days I placed my hands on my tummy and healed my menstrual cramps within seconds. I have previously discussed this ability here, Healing Menstrual Pain. Once, one of my best friendsa Chinese Canadian Buddhisttold me to meet as many people as possible because she strongly felt that everyone will love me. Other times, I get lots of attention even from well-meaning male strangers. Read Types Of Eye Contact.  A couple of times, I have received marriage proposals or requests from men who wanted to connect with me after looking at me only once. One of the queerest thing that happened to me was when a White man complimented me about my shirt while emotionally harassing one of the Brown guys I was friends with me.

So after healing my menstrual pain, I started thinking about all of this. Is it true that others and I are getting influenced by my lucid energies? According to Rebecca Turner’s article “Physical Healing in Lucid Dreams“, Ed Kellong, a Biochemist, was able to dramatically heal the pain and inflammation caused by an infected tonsil by becoming aware during the lucid state. My mother once commented that you bring with you what you see or learn in the world of dreams. This means that the energies that I interacted with or released while I was asleep are actually in action while I am awake. I know that it is possible to compel positive energies to come out of one’s body, like when one is massaging someone or engaging in motivational speeches; but, I also know that energies derived by engaging in lucid dreaming are of many types and they are usually released automatically even when you are awake.  According to article, “Is It Safe to Have Sex During Your Period? Tips, Benefits, and Side Effects“, women can be relieved of menstrual cramps due to endorphins that are released due to sex.

So it is apparent that not only I am able to heal myself but I am also able to impact others through the energies that are being emitted by my body.


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Sounds of Prayers: Melodies That Echoes

I have a younger sister who is a religious woman—she chose Islam after reviewing and reading other religions although she was born among Muslims. She prays a lot and she is definitely a good believer. Now, I would not have commented like this about her spiritual nature unless I had observed something interesting! Those echoes are too profound and even I cannot fight these voices. When she is not in her room, her room feels too bright with ethereal and unearthly energy. I can almost hear her prayers and visualize angels whispering back. Her room feels really that beautiful and different even when she is not there. Prayers like music have their own mathematics. Read “The Magical Mathematics Of Music“. Oh interacting with such energy forces has been quite an experience! I have documented some other incidences I had with energies and vibes in the post “Influence Of Angels on Lucid Dreamers and Telepaths“.


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Significance Of White Colour In Lucid Dreams

I sometimes get lucid dreams where I interact with dream characters that are dressed in white. In one dream, I was wearing a white dress and standing next to a dream character (I thought that he was my future husband) as he bled near a pond. Read “Creating Change“. In another dream, I was dressed in white; and, I interacted with the dream character of an American professor before I woke up and saved a young Canadian girl from being cyberbullied. Read “Dream Characters That Appear Suddenly To Warn”. In yet another dream, a Christian professor appeared in white and saved me from being abused. Read “Dark Giant Answers: Muslims and Christians Are One Brotherhood”.

I personally think that White is an angelic colour since the dream characters are wearing white while saving someone or standing near someone who is dying. According to the “Dream Moods”, white colour indicates purity and awareness.

In Christianiy, white is associated with angels. In Judaism, white refers to purity. In Islam, dead are supposed to be dressed in white. Read about this in Wikipedia.

I find it peculiar how in Islam we are told that the best colors for the dead is the white colour. This is an odd statement because in Islam sleep is referred to as a state that is like death. Intriguing right!

I think these are the reasons why some of my dream characters including me are dressed in white.

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