Feeling a Little Frightened

I have seen jinns a couple of times while I was wide awake and focused─sometimes those around me have also reported seeing something weird and shadowy.  Twice, I saw these entities while visiting haunted places. It’s a bit creepy because we don’t usually suspect these entities to roam in our dimension. Nevertheless, these experiences are a bit entertaining because we get to notice how they appear to us and how they react to us.

Once, I was sitting with a friend of mine when both of us were startled as we saw a white blanket-like entity standing at the entrance of his room. My friend screamed and jumped towards me for help, and I started praying like crazy. The white entity disappeared as I held my friend’s head and prayed for both of us.

It is a bit scary to watch all of this but we really can’t control their visits to our world. Read “Types of Jinn” by the Seven Worlds.


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Learning How to Dream Through Dreams

Dreams teach you a lot about how to get lucid. My dream characters are very incredible entities that tell me things that I don’t really know─I can sometimes become psychic during the day, which tells you a lot about the nature of my dream characters. I usually research the provided clues later on and end up finding a link between the signals and reality. For example, once the Dark Giant showed me roses and another time the Keepers of the Lucid Stargate showed me the oil that drenched the Lucid Stargate. Later, I found out with the help of the Internet that Roses and Essential Oils actually induce lucid dreams. Just like me, my dream characters are empathetic so sometimes they are actually attempting to induce healing by telling me where to look. Each Lucid dream is very vast, and it usually offers multiple meanings and clues. Make sure to read things you feel interested in and get as many visual cues as possible because these also help create intelligent dream characters and dreams. Remember that higher IQ helps create more dreams and dreams actually improve creativity and IQ─this is how I am extraordinary or grander.

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Lucid Dreaming Totems

There are many lucid dreaming totems, which you may utilize to gain and maintain your lucid dreaming state; and, I think that the ones you will choose really depend on your archetype. By the way, I am an empath psychic, which is also defining the nature of my totems. Below are some of my totems:

The Moon and Stars

I point to the moon and stars to play, which relaxes me somehow. I channel poetry, writing, and dreaming this way.

Rains and Storms

Electricity massages my mind, and I wonder if I am designed to somehow map the movement of such environmental phenomena. I get very sensual dreams before, during, and after the rains and storms. Empaths have addictions that help them cope with this world and one of them is sex; otherwise, they will be screaming in their beds every time it pours. I can also predict whether its gonna rain or not through lucid dreams.

Creative People

If you ever meet me, you will notice that I hang around the most creative bunch. I can use Carl Jung’s “The Red Book” as totem. My dreams enter a different level the second I fall asleep with Carl’s book next to me. In one dream, I rode a train in a very curved and mountaneous area that had lots of gardens around it. In another dream that I had while sleeping next to Carl’s book, I had an overwhelming sexual encounter with a very powerful man. I was unable to control this entity so I woke up. I will eventually buy Carl’s Red Book to explore it slowly during sleep. In fact, lots of books that I have been buying over the last 4 years are actually potent totems created by very creative people.


Children are pure beings that attract the spirit world more easily. Just being around kids creates a psychic field that can be used to generate creative dreams. This is why I can easily generate children during my 3D dreams.

Large Empty Space

I can mold my psychic data more this way. I once pointed my imaginary finger towards my car’s window and channeled outside away from my car; gradually, my mind created the image of something slanted, structured, and rough. So I looked to my right and saw two or three fallen trees that now looked like a cabin with no roof. Practice this technique during the day, and you will notice that your dreams will improve.


I use only imaginary rings to create lucid dreams. I can create very deep and romantic dreams with these rings. Once, I dreamt of seeing a large volcano erupt after I had rubbed my imaginary ring before falling asleep.

Rotating Tea Cup Seat

The stationary tea cup seat was in one of the parks that was next to one of my older houses. I used to sit in it a lot. During the night, I would think of playing inside the tea cup seat again. Then the Dark Giant, one of my most brilliant Dream Characters, used to arrive.


Jinns are spiritual entities that are a bit like humans. These are powerful entities that any lucid can use, but you have to have some sort of childhood experience with jinns to connect with them without feeling frightened. As a child, I once lived in a haunted house and witnessed an exorcism─supernatural beings like jinns have never truly felt foreign to me. This is another reason why I play with the jinn during my dreams.


Mirror is a time traveling totem although I don’t know how to use it fully. It works well with the thoughts of a creative person─maybe it is easier to create dialogues with the help of a mirror because there is something different about it. To run a precognitive dream, I need you to dream of a mirror and then think of a creative person whom you have met. I bet you will be able to visualize his/her needs or future somehow given that you have cued yourself properly to do so.


I think of prayer as a totem because it works like that although it isn’t a physical object and thus doesn’t fit the definition of a totem─but, then again our definitions of physical and mental spaces are very narrow because these are designed by analyzing only some available parameters. Prayers open the other dimensions like the spirit world and dreams. The things that I have achieved through prayers are very difficult to understand. For example, while I was learning how to drive, I used to pray a lot. I made all sorts of mistakes until I found an instructor who showed me how to drive in narrow, large, and twisted streets. He was exceptional because he wouldn’t make me stick around inside one city or type of region. Several years later, we ended up in Ottawa where the roads are designed just like the way that last instructor had showed me. Every time I drive around in Ottawa, I only think about him─I had some bad driving instructors and only one of them was smart enough to help me pass. Whether we believe it or not, prayers have a very strong effect on this world including the dreamscape. One prayer that opens you up to your hidden self as well as the cosmos is “Rabbai Zidni Ilmin“, which means “God! Grant me more insight”. You should say this prayer a couple of times while lying down and activating your alpha state.

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Did I Meet Carl Jung?

Originally Published On: Jan 20, 2017

Note Added on Feb. 15, 2017: This post was originally written in January 20, 2017. I was interviewed in early Feb, 2017 by a male. I got rejected because I had applied to a senior position on purpose. Furthermore, my dad also fell ill in Feb, 2017. After going through all of this, I felt compelled to review this dream. The voice in my dream baffled me on purpose and told me that Carl is somehow present there. I felt so convinced that I thought I was looking at Carl Jung himself. Was Carl there in spirit form and telling me about my upcoming ordeals or was this dream signal actually an indication of some sort of overlap between Carl Jung, my father, and the interviewer? 

Note Added on Sep 21, 2017:  I am an ENFP, and thus I am somehow linked to INFJs like Carl Jung. I realized that perhaps Carl Jung is now a permanent aspect of my dream world simply because I have blindly realized some of his mental anagrams by reading The Red Book. I must comment that my 3D dreams become very vivid and detailed after I have reviewed The Red Book. This is because it contains lines and patterns of some sort that induce and improve lucid dreams. I haven’t formally studied psychology and so I don’t know what The Red Book means. But, my dreams definitely improve every time I lazily browse some of this unbelievable document. Now, I believe that this indicates that you are supposed to read, review, and understand any sort of material written or created by those who somehow complement your personality style. Lastly, you will feel very surprised that I have always been attracted to fairies and jinn; and Jungian Psychology provides a very strong interpretation of that world.

Like Carl Jung, I have a strong fascination towards subjects that require investigation such as Psychology. Last night, I fell asleep while thinking of calling a Jinn or Spirit to help me write. My dreams were very weird after this and occurred at a fast rate despite my high stress levels. Although I was unable to remember all the details when I woke up, I still recalled some significant details. This dream ran as disconnected snippets, which occurred due to my existing stress. In one snippet, I strongly felt that I saw Carl Jung and I also felt like he was expecting me. Maybe, I felt like this because of the match in our belief in the overlap of the supernatural with this world as well as our existing knowledge.

Carl Jung sat on a seat that was placed inside a large and deserted room. There was no one else there except for him. He was tall and had the ability to beckon any soul towards him with ease. I examined him from far away. Soon, I realized that he was not alone at all. I first SAW a smell of some sort; then I thought I saw some sort of dark presence wrapped around him; as I stared further, the dark presence moved a little and whiffs of rotten smell spanned across the room and reached me. Carl remained unmoving towards this presence as my head started whirling at how strong and strange that smell was. I also felt some sort of creative music and solitude in his kind presence. I woke up soon after this; and, I felt that if I had the strength and courage to go near him, he would have started talking like the rest of my dream characters.

Perhaps, these are my overall feelings about him; but, I must comment that both of these presences felt very real and independent of me. What was that dark presence? Is it death, an angel, stress, illness, or creativity? This is why I strongly feel that I have seen the real Carl Jung and not just a memory. Remember that memories are the gateway to the rest of lucid realities.

In conclusion, I feel that he is somewhat safe to proceed with as a spirit. Last time, I ended up having more creative dreams as I fell asleep with Carl’s “The Red Book” laying near my pillow. On two separate occasions, I felt a vile presence near me while I slept with his book near me; this presence was overbearing, strong, and easy to control although sometimes I find it too difficult to handle. That was one reason why I returned this book to the library. The presence ceased to exist after the book was returned. Even after these experiences, I feel that Carl Jung was a very strong spirit who knew how to laugh and share his experiences while managing his two personalities. I still don’t fully know what that dark presence that had wounded itself around Carl Jung was; I strongly feel that Carl had played with both good and evil spirits, which is just like any other human.

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Removing Evil Spirits and Witchcraft

Originally Published On: March 9, 2017

Evil spirits can be easily conjured during the day and night; this, I think, excludes the Dark Shadows you receive during sleep because they are under your control and not necessarily evil. I learned my lesson about spirits the hard way. Once, I heard a real story where a family was placed under the influence of Witchcraft and abused; another time, I kind of messed with the spirit world while awake and without fully realizing this ability. This is the day I decided not to experiment any further although I do not mind reading about all of this.

I have never been able to be fully scared of spirits. As a Muslim, I have been taught that bad spirits can be controlled. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was also placed under a strong spell, which was later removed with the help of the members of his community. This is an unbelievable story of a man who lived in a different era and was bound by an entirely different set of societal norms. But, witchcraft and bad spirits still exist; and, the knowledge of how to deal with them is lacking compared to what was known in the ancient world. For instance, see this horror movie “Jinn” where a spirit tries to ruin the lives of its victims.

In the case of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), the Muslims recited the “four Quls” and perhaps “Aayat-ul-Qursi” as well to remove witchcraft and magic. These meditations or prayers from the Quran are designed to ward off evils of the spirit world. It pays to know all of this whether you are lucid or not. If you don’t trust what I just told you, listen to Rosemary E Guiley.

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Spirit Attachment

Originally Published On: March 9, 2017

Note: This is entirely true. None of this has been fabricated. King Solomon used to use and monitor all sorts of spirits. Lucid dreamers definitely have some sort of overlap with this King. But, most of us don’t know how to fully utilize a summoned spirit. Of course, we can utilize spirits only partially for now. But, who exactly is this beckoned spirit? That I really don’t know fully yet. As a teenager, I used to play with the Ouija board─in a group setting, of course. Some spirits we called were very mild mannered and obedient and others were rash. The rash ones wouldn’t leave even when we asked them to leave, but they wouldn’t harm anyone. When I moved to Ottawa, I spoke with a White Canadian male Spiritualist who told me how his group used Ouija board to call a spirit and the spirit became physically violent. I can’t believe my luck that I actually ran into these guys.

On two separate occasions, two very gifted members of my family complained about their very sickening dreams. Some months ago, my mom confided in me about seeing a dream about a short and stout woman who was after me for some reason. She did not tell this to anyone else except me. Just today, my sister also secretly told me about three lucid dreams she had concerning me. In one dream, she saw a short woman staring at me. She said that the woman is evil and that she was only focusing on me to bug me. I felt a bit frightened when I heard my sister’s dream because it sounded like my mom’s dream.

So here is my side of the story. I have several explanations of this phenomenon.

  1. I had edited a picture of mine to make it look scary. There is an effect in one of the iPad applications that twists the face a bit and puts hair on the face so that it looks like an entity. I spent a lot of time playing with and thinking about that picture. I was puzzled about how this could have done anything; so I researched the net and found out that lucid dreamers can create dreams by using visualization techniques.
  2. I am a fan of scary stories. One story that my mom passed to me was the story of a haunted room from where the sounds of drums and songs used to come. When people would go inside the room, it would be always be empty. I heard this story when I was a teenager. Just some months ago, I thought of having fun with the concept of how spirits get attracted to dancers. I danced in front of my mirror and then I beckoned the spirits of that room to come to me.
  3. I suffered from mild abuse from a short stout woman at work.
  4. I have been playing with Carl Jung’s “The Red Book”. He had a very abusive and controlling mom who was also short and stout. I read how Carl was abused by his mom, and thus I decided to dislike that woman.

My family members started having disturbing dreams after all of these incidences. They never knew about my experiences, and I felt forced to reveal these experiences after they told me about their dreams. I personally feel that I have attracted some sort of evil spirit to this world unconsciously or it could be just a dream signal of some sort—if its just a psychic signal, then that makes sense because a lot of my psychic signals are based on bonding. I am not feeling concerned although I am a bit spooked. What exactly is the spirit planning to do? I am sure that if I don’t channel into it, it will leave on its own. This experience has taught me that gifted people can attract negative and positive energies very fast. For example, Psychic Anna Sayce actually mentions that protecting oneself from bad spirits involves avoiding abusive individuals and being careful about whom to channel with. In conclusion, I feel that I will have to rinse my soul with some prayers and ask for God’s protection so that this negative force may leave permanently—if you are surprised at my conclusions, think like a channelist or an energy sponge.

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Detecting Soul As It Leaves the Body

Note: I have high levels of stereodepth vision so all my dreams are vivid and in 3D. I feel that during sleep my body actually goes to places that are found in this or other dimensions. I wake up only to write down explanations in the languages or abilities I have understood so far.

I have always had odd dreams or visions before the deaths of my loved ones simply because I am lucid. Only once I saw something leave my body while I was still awake, resting on bed, and pretty stressed. I feel that people can see other people dying during dreams or while awake because their brains are tuned into different frequencies.

Lucid dreaming is just one explanation of this phenomenon, which makes sense because it is described as an “incredible” ability. Since I am stubborn, I kept researching for more explanations of this spectacular experience. This is when I came across Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov’s profile. He is a Biophysicist who has combined scientific methods with inquiries about souls. The YouTube video “Scientist photographs soul leaving body” shows that Dr. Korotkov has found technology that can display a human soul as it leaves the body. The video also explains that the soul has certain parameters that we humans are still learning about.

When I compared my experiences with Dr. Korotkov’s findings, I recalled that the religion of Islam also teaches us that the human soul leaves the body during night; and if it is not claimed by angels while you sleep, then you will most certainly awaken.

Thank God! My lucid abilities are making more and more sense now. I have now started believing with fresh affirmation that lucid dreamers are so advanced that they don’t need Dr. Korotkov’s GDV device to view souls taking off.  Nevertheless, the GDV device is critical for helping the humans somewhat understand the nature of the human soul. I feel that mankind was created in a deficient manner so that they are never really complete and their technologies, methods, and knowledge are very scattered and incomplete in nature. That’s why Quran states that to understand the Quran (the Holy Book of Muslims), you will have to connect and learn from the current leading experts regardless of their religion or beliefs. There are times when the Quran is somehow describing things that cannot be described until you have the best equipment and technology or unless you are located in the future.

What Exactly Are the Stargates of Lucid Dreamers?

In my opinion, stargates of lucid dreamers are used to open this reality as well as other realities. I also feel that time travel is possible through theses stargates or portals. I have been feeling all sorts of odd sensations and vibrations ever since I woke up from this dream.  Make sure to read one of my most recent lucid dreams about stargates.

Lucid Stargate

Lucid dreams that include a portal of some sort are usually more creative in nature. In one of my most recent lucid dreams, I saw two portals: one on the floor and the other looked like a door. It’s a portal of some sort because once it is crossed, things seem different. For instance, in this dream, a woman was running on the road; and, the houses were moving in the opposite direction as the woman moved forward. Funniest thing was that the house she planning to get to kept moving away from her, and it seemed to have a will of its own. Sudden appearance of items is also possible as the stargates become more visible. For example, the cabinet containing pet animals became visible after I (the woman in the dream) had cleaned the stargate that was found on the floor and was covered with edible oil. Things might also be out of place in the vicinity of the stargate or on the stargate. For example, objects including humans of some sort were vibrating, slowly moving, and perhaps communicating in some sort of illegible language while I (the woman in the dream) cleaned the stargate.
Stargates are of many types. I know that some people who are looking for material strength are busy searching for physical and mental stargate. But,they will never find the complete answer if they keep using brute force to get what they want. That’s because my stargate only opens as gently as possible, which is a critical definition of the rest of the universe. Its called “using Microcosm to define Macrocosm”.


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