Domino Effect: Reinforcement

Today, I was supposed to get to the Parliament of World Religions event by 3 pm. I got late because I was too busy talking to my aunt. So, my aunt tried dropping me off at the GO train. But that did not work; and, I ended up missing the train by 2 minutes. Then my aunt drove me back to her place. Pretty soon, my younger cousin came outside; and, then he drove me to a different GO station. I decided to get the cab from there because it was already late. I felt a bit surprised at this decision because I have been up since 8:30 am; and, I chatted with my aunt till noon. The next thing I know is that I was sitting in a cab with a male driver who knew well about several aspects of women abuse as well as oppressive condition of women in Canada. He talked about some issues as he drove. I was able to engage him thoroughly because he allowed me to validate some of my doubts and thoughts. This is when I realized that God wanted this man to drive me to the Parliament of World Religions event. The reality is that I was planning to talk to some speakers about some abuse related issues. And I was having second thoughts about whether I should be doing this right away or if I should wait for another opportunity. When I listened to this man talk like this, I realized that God has sent him to reinforce my original thoughts. I am looking forward to network wih some key speakers now.

This is an example of my Domino effect, which usually takes place wih more intensity due to combination of spiritual and lucid nature.

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Earthlings that are like Kryptonians

Note: Lucid Dreamers are like SuperMan and SuperWoman. I have flown several times during my lucid dreams and it will take me lots of time to fully describe everything that I have experienced. Here is just one of my dreams. I originally posted it on my older blog “Writer’s Dojo” as “The Jinn Gang”.

This is one of my lucid dreams. I am just describing a small portion of my dream. It is a very long dream and I don’t wish to type everything. These things fly really fast. I felt I was being zapped like The Flash. I think that I accessed the Black Light that is characterized by other Lucid Dreamers, among other things, by a visual of being carried or guided by black winds. Perhaps, the Jinn also participate in some lucid dreams and thus in the process of unraveling the unconsciousness.

The black mass flew over the buildings with stealthily speed. They were many in numbers and the woman could see them. They were also fully aware of her presence. But, they liked her presence so they allowed her to be part of their gang. The black mass was enormous, long, and ever-molding; dark and tightening as the deepest depths of ocean; fast as sound or lightning; fierce as the deadliest inhabitants of the jungle; and deceptive, quiet, and expressed as the darkened forest. Black mass camouflaged them from everyone as they rested in mid-air, above shops, and further strategized their movements. They were many in numbers and were fearsome yet playful. During this encounter, her fear quickly changed into trust as she flew and twirled with the jinn gang. They silently watched over her while she purchased a soap from a small shop. As she came out of the shop, they circled her and lifted her protectively. Then they all flew together again as the woman enjoyed this new comradeship. “They will drop me back home safely,” she told herself as she experienced this rather fast, dark, and inexplicable dash through the sky.

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.