Dream Characters that Appear Suddenly to Warn

I once had a very lovely lucid dream that came true the second I woke up. I saw a young girl dressed in white standing alone in a room that’s inside a construction site. Then, I saw two male dream characters anxiously staring at her through some sort of well-like opening that was part of this building. One of them who looked like an American professor I sometimes read used a rope to climb down the building. Then I woke up.

I scanned my Facebook immediately because I had a feeling that my male dream character (based on a very smart American professor) was trying to send me a signal of some sort. Soon, I found out that an acquaintance of mine was being abused on Facebook. I tried to stop this cyberbullying by telling her about several resources including PrevNet.

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She: The Mirror

I am in the process of writing this novel with the help of another author. She: The Mirror is about women abuse and how it is caused by society, peers, friends, and family. I will attempt to emphasize Abnormal Psychology,  societal trends, domestic abuse, and Canada as Dystopia. I will also clash Buddhists and Muslims of Canada to show how they participate in mistreatment of women by using misleading personal and religious ideas. My inspiration for this novel is a Buddhist Chinese woman who was a close friend of mine and whom I lost a long while ago. She was a bit psychic just like me so obviously I was very close to her.

So far, I have written many pages and recorded many audios. I am going to lose myself in this book soon after my “Event Management” program is over. Here is a snippet:

Protagonist: Sofia is snobby all the time. “Don’t do this. Do that. Don’t come in my room”. Her attitude implies that she wants to hang out but only if she wants to hang out. It is never about the other person who needs emotional support. Misfits! And, she talks like monkeys like last time she said, “Your butt cleavage is showing!” Right! Hang On! If its showing, then why don’t you cover it for me? You are my sister, aren’t you?  And, why do you have to complain like this in front of father? Then, she scolds me over nothing sometimes, “What are you doing? Don’t go out with this other woman. She is a grown woman but she is crazy all of a sudden”. I cannot believe that she said all this about my best friend. Has she lost her nuts?  I mean “this other girl” is the “only girl I can talk to without being neglected”. And, my sister is always saying things like “Don’t say anything to your dad. Don’t challenge him. Just sit quietly there and listen to him”. Right! the implication is that he should be able to pound me if he wants to. I think she purposedly targets the things and concepts that I somehow hold precious and without fully realizing what she is doing.

Younger brother notices everything, picks up his toy lamp and farts in it a couple of times; then, he offers it to the older sister and says, “Here sister, some ‘fruits of nature'” for you.

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Do Women Allow for Abuse?

Some people say a lot of things to women like they are willing to be abused or that they can handle mistreatment. Here is a brief comment from my end: Men do the same but nobody sits there and uses this ability against them. Scroll to 9:38 for “Journey to America” by Akbar Ahmed. Farhan, the former President of the Local MSA, states that when he was being beaten by some men, he was unable to respond because he knew them. Truth is that most of the abusers who like punishing women actually know them one way or another. So, some women are reacting just like some men when it comes to reactions like these. I wonder if this reaction is tying into “Empathy” and not just “Tend and Befriend” response!

Bollywood vs Hollywood

I just watched the video “Bollywood’s Problem with Women” on Twitter and YouTube. I agree with this video because I am from Pakistan and I have been forced to observe a lot—these memories of a specific city of Pakistan are around 18 years old because I have not visited that country for this long. For instance, as a Pakistani teenager, I used to get stalked daily by young men and teenagers. Cruel and confusing wild gestures like winking, blowing kisses, and physical advances (sexual harassment) were normal for them. Tons of boys used to cling to the Women’s-Only high school and stare at them. Thus, all the girls used to always form large gangs and move together. So all this caused some men to become very protective towards me and the other girls who were involved in all this. Another thing that was common in Pakistan was how adults and children in some households used to watch porn together simply because it was considered a group thing—most of this was Western porn. It felt very ridiculous and confusing because we were just teenagers and growing slowly—bond formation is a big deal for teenagers so it is very easy to learn about porn while visiting a close friend. Not only we were being offered mixed messages that affection and gender interaction allow only men to tease as many women as possible but we were also being peer pressured to watch porn. By the way, I survived all this abuse because I was lucid. Even when I was not engaging in vivid lucid dreams, my body would release healing energy and I used to heal quickly. 

In contrast, Hollywood paints a different picture altogether. We have Wonder Woman who is flying in her nickers and killing as many muscled, abusive, and murderous men as possible. And, she always wins! I have no idea how she always wins but the reality is that the people who are showing you this believe in HYPER-RESPONSIBILITY. For example, Canada’s legal system is hyper-responsible; and, they expect too many things from women but they don’t give them timely and sufficient support. This is why in North America, “men walking away from women after using their assistance” has become an established trend. In addition, some Canadians crave porn. Porn and sex is a common topic of discussion in many Canadian schools, colleges, and universities. I even heard a funny comment by a White girl that her boyfriend teaches her about sex and she don’t really know what he is doing. Just a thought: that’s not how it is done through marriage that is considered an actual contract according to Islam. Rape and abuse of the female gender is a type of thing that is underreported in North America. Watch this video where a newscaster talks about how live rape that was showcased on Facebook was not reported in a timely manner—this story reminds me of how I intervened and gave some information about Anonymous Hacktivist community, tips about detecting abusive people, and PREVNet to a woman who was being cyber bullied on Facebook. To learn more about exploitation of women as it takes place in Canada, read my blog post “Canada’s Need for Porn and Sex Trafficking“.

Seriously! Hollywood and Bollywood are creating more Dysfunctional families and societies. We are being raised in an era where money and happiness are being controlled by only few individuals. Thus, these channels are the cheapest to get when one is feeling emotionally neglected but they are only adding to the existing problems. Do you know that managing stress means having sex? Do you know that porn is related to emotional trauma? I think that a lot of younger people who are doing these things have previous history of harsh abuse.

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Silent Treatments

Some abusive households function in a covert manner. For example, they may choose to neglect only one person who chose to speak out. Usually, the victim is a female because they are easier to victimize due to their strong “tend and befriend” response. One way of neglecting her is to lock her in the house and do not invite her to shopping or take her out to family vacations. All this can be done under the guise of “she has to take care of the house”. These things could be done in a modern country like Canada and nobody will know about this because the victim could have become “verbally shunned” simply because she can see these negligent patterns.

This kind of thing happens to those who have been emotionally abused before; are economically less stable (like a blogger or an artist); or live in a house that’s lead by only men. You know, wherever the Abuse Cylce is somehow still intact!

If you come across such a woman/girl, please act responsibly and help her fit into this society because she might have been neglected for years and knows less about the outside world. You will notice that she won’t tell you anything about her condition while she is staying with her parents and she may not bring her parents up again once she has fled the situation.


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Some Canadian Workplaces Are Very Abusive Towards Women

I resigned 4 times from bad Canadian workplaces. I am an immigrant and I came to Canada from Pakistan thinking that I will have a life and some freedom here. But, I have gone through thorough abuse here and I am noticing that many people including some teachers, professors, and health care providers are trying to discourage women from speaking out for themselves. Their motto is, “her personal information is nobody’s business and its safer that way”. That’s a lie! It is not safer that way. Abusive men will have a stronger say that way because they will end up thinking that “she is easy to abuse”; “she is naive”; or “she is okay with all this”.  This is why I have been pushed to believe that living in Canada is just like living in a very abusive country like Ukraine where cops rape women and everyone stays quiet.

First, I used to think that maybe my attitude needed some change. Every now and then, I used to wonder as to why my own thoughts would get directed towards my attitude? I mean when I got to Canada, I was an extrovert. Maybe, some abusive Canadian people tried to change me into a quieter person but these kind of scare tactics don’t work for long. When I started investigating about what was going on, I found out that many White women and not just the colored women were complaining. A White woman once told me that she was being forced to volunteer. Another White woman frankly informed me that she did not get a job because of how young she looked. If White women are being put through this, then obviously the colored women are being abused in harsher ways. A lot of times, the abusive men are getting away with this because they are abusing younger women; immigrants who do not know the entire Canadian system fully; or those who are already stuck behind multiple barriers that are erected by this racist country that has a very well-defined gap between the rich and poor.  Read “Harassment and Violence in the Canadian Workplace; An Issue on the Rise” by The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime.

Seriously! I am getting abused despite being so well-connected, educated, and experienced. I still do not have sufficient time or money to get a lawyer and sue my offenders. That’s why there is no written record of this abuse except for what I have already documented or discussed with my friends and advisors. And, that’s why my heart is getting affected and I am running into breathing issues. I wonder what is being done to those women who aren’t as privileged as I am! I am always more than happy to resign because I bring down my abusers every time I do this. You know what I mean!

Here is my message to all the women of this world: If you want risky adventure in your life like entertain the possibility of having your character assassinated, being murdered or raped, or enduring the state of invisibility, then you may decide to work in some Canadian workplace—remember that only some Canadian workplaces keep the women physically, economically, and psychologically safe and the rest offer grave health risks to them and their loved ones. I am writing a book about this; please, make sure to get your own copy once its completed and published. I am even running a Writing group for women only due to all of this. This way, we won’t be granting any abusers any opportunity to “open and close” the victims.  I know that all these fails are actually dictating a win, which is why I do not feel lost about things.

Abusers make a big mistake when they misuse and mistreat people. They do not read them properly and they do not give them a chance to be read in a safe manner. They failed to read the following:

  1. I am a writer who stays quiet until she is done observing something.
  2. I am a great chess player and I slowly learn how to reverse all the moves.
  3. I am very stubborn, which is why I always follow up.
  4. I love using strategies to resolve conflicts; so if you are offering me even a tiny bit of doubt about something then I will definitely investigate it in detail.
  5. I am a genius but I haven’t fully discussed this in public yet. This is another reason why this fact is still undiscovered.
  6. I am a Rajput and thus I belong to one of the most brilliant races of this world. I once walked back home after a sparring match with a broken foot. Indian Rajputs have kind of that body type and endurance. I still have a mark on one of my foot. It’s my trophy!
  7. I heal faster simply because I am lucid.
  8. People and strangers love me.
  9. I don’t believe in the usual types of heroes that are shown by Hollywood, Bollywood, and Warner Bros although I give people the other impression when I am wasting my time. This is because I know that the real champions are made up of something different than what we all have come to believe.

By the way, classic mistakes like these can cause historical changes. But, in Canada these kind of mistakes are becoming the norm!

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Born Different

I was born with very large eyes (see my pic at end), which is how it is very easy for me to use Visualization techniques to attach spirits to my body, activate dreams, and activate telepathy.

In one of the scenes from the movie Wanted (Viewer Discretion advised), Wesley kills many gang members instead of just one and he does so by coming out of nowhere; i.e. jumping through a glass window. If you were to run your dream world while surrounding the victim you are trying to protect, you will easily be able to nail multiple abusers given that there are really that many abusers.

Next dream technique involves learning where you stand in the dream, which is what defines your scope of vision. You can run the dreams as outsiders or as insiders who are openly communicating with dream characters that are involved in a case you are trying to solve─in the movie, Wanted, Fox manages to kill several members of a gang by curving a bullet while standing in a circle along with other members of the gang.  Dreams can deliver the same end result if you learn “how to stand where” and “do exactly what in your dream”. Things as simple as dancing can shed a huge light on a crime case.

Another thing you can do is teach the victim how to play the Sender Signal through prayers, meditations, and even dreams. The woman I protected knew how to play the Sender Signal and sometimes she was doing this without fully realizing that she was running the classic psychic and dream signals. The signals can be weak ones but it is still possible to read them. A friend of mine somehow ran some weak Sender Signals through my brain while I was asleep. After comparing the signals I received from both of them, I know that the signal strength depends on spirituality and emotional and mental strength of the Sender as well as the Receiver. If you have a Signal Receiver at your end, then make sure you are bonding with them. A lot of Lucid Dreamers react strongly and appropriately if they have been engaged properly and according to their emotional and mental needs. This is because they are very gentle people and it is thus very easy to tune them out simply by ignoring a couple of opportunities to have tea with them.

Last thing you need to do is learn how to interact with your Dark and Light figures. I have a Dark figure in my life that’s very protective of me. His name is “Dark Giant” and it responds very well to my prayers. And, there is a Light figure in my life that appears when I am very sleepy or tired. You should learn about both of yours. I think this is why Islam refers to humans as superior to Angels, Jinn, or any other creature.

When I became the Knight of the Flying Carpet, I ended up nailing a gang of men who were harming a woman. I didn’t realize it was a gang until I started learning how to use my lucid dreams properly.

What is different about you? Try finding that. You will notice that you can sharpen only some of your human senses easily because only some senses are more advanced than the rest.

Justice is Blind meaning I am Sleeping. 🙂


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Word of Caution to Protectors of Islam and Muslims

Before you read this know the following: I am an ENFP, which makes me a champion in team play. That’s how I am not lying about anything here no matter how horrific it seems.

Please be careful of whom you trust. I am a Muslim woman and I have really rough and frightening experiences with some Muslims. A lot of Muslims aren’t what you think they are. They are two-faced monsters who confuse women and then get away with it. They add to any confusion or difficult circumstances that are created by someone else instead of resolving the issues at hand like responsible citizens. My personal experiences have shown me that some or perhaps many Muslims are busy breaking their written or verbal contracts that they have made with women who are in need of assistance like monetary aid, shelter, or employment. Another set of experiences have taught me that some or perhaps many Muslims go to prayers and pray for the well-being of everyone who is protecting the Muslims simply because everyone else is praying that way; then, they come back home and if by chance alone they find one of the protectors of Islam or Muslims and don’t know who they are dealing with, then they emotionally, physically, or economically abuse them. Lastly, some Muslims I have been watching are very evil: they hurt their daughters and sisters and then they play it pretty well with their neighbors and friends so nobody ever figures out what exactly is going wrong. I have seen all this about some Muslims up close.

So if you are out there trying to watch out for Muslims, then please play it very carefully. And, don’t get too close to some of the Muslims because you may not always know who you are dealing with.

Here are some more blog posts about the dire condition of the Muslims:

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This is why the Buddy System has become a mandatory requirement for survival among the Muslim women. Abuse by friends, family members, and even colleagues is just one reason why more and more Muslim women are unavailable to help out the general population. Their abuse is making them too busy with dealing with their own affairs and they can’t spend too much time handling affairs/concepts that they have been trained to manage.

Saying all this, I am still going to stay Muslim. You know what I mean! Islam doesn’t need protection at all because it explains things on its own and paves its own path. Its the current Muslims who are erring; so if they are suffering one way or another, then that’s punishment from God. I have even met a sweet Atheist who clearly stated that there is a strong difference between “real Muslims” and most of the current Muslims. The issues of these abusers aren’t on me and I don’t practise my religion for the sake of people. I guess that’s why I am going to stay Muslim.

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Mind Game: I Can Have It, You Can’t

Note: The following is a leak that was provided to me by some Muslim women. As you read this, remember that Islam allows every Muslim woman to dictate in their prenuptial agreement that she wishes her husband to stay monogamous as long as he is married to her. Also, remember that some Muslim men don’t inform the women about this particular detail regarding the prenuptial agreement. This is because they are not aware of this detail─these rulings were issued thousands of years ago─or they don’t wish to share with the hope of luring more women after marriage. Read Violence in the Lives of Muslim Girls and Women in Canada to learn about some ways Muslim women are pressured into sex, which is always without consent. Read “The Imam’s Daughter: My Desperate Flight to Freedom” to learn about Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and Stockholm Syndrome as well as to understand how some women can get psychologically tuned to leave their religion and culture. The story “The Imam’s Daughter: My Desperate Flight to Freedom” is a great one to read because it shows you how some Muslim men are forcing themselves on their female relatives and then teaching them a very narrow and twisted version of Islam.

I am currently looking at the plight of some Muslim leaders. I have decided to post some examples of how some of them choose to be negligent because a Canadian businessman once taught me that embarrassment creates the best reaction. Some of them simply do not want to hear from us because just hearing us out means “far too much work” and “possibility of added resistance towards neglected and controversial causes like rape”. They offer so many excuses when we try sharing something vital that could save the Muslim women from being mistreated and neglected: “I am busy today”; “I am with kids”; “Please don’t share this on my Facebook page”; “I don’t want to hear this anymore”; “You are too worried and don’t think about this”; or, “Please ask someone else”. In essence, some of them─not all─are as inefficient as (some) non-Muslims who are negligent towards women when it comes to protecting the women despite having a very strong lobby or education. I will tell you one of my experiences here. An influential Muslim man took my resume and marriage profile and then told me that he will be helping me out. I never heard back from him at all. I have no clue what he has been doing with both of my profiles. In the old days, Muslim leaders used to step down everytime the women would ask for help. Nowadays, some of them put the women so below them that they can’t even discuss anything properly without feeling fear or shame.

Some Muslim men are having affairs with other women before marriage. They use them like a Rolodex, which is an indication of decayed mentality directed at the women─there is really that much pressure on some of the Muslim women. After having several affairs with some women before marriage, which is not allowed in Islam, they request to marry a virgin. This is when their (helpless or cunning) mothers go around looking for a decent and meek match, the type who would “listen” to their sons. So, decency is actually not found any more in certain portions of the Muslim community: if some Muslim men are having affairs with women, then some Muslim women who claim to be virgins are not really virgins because they have been pressured into sex and then asked to keep quiet. I wouldn’t have said all this here if I didn’t came across 2 similar stories that were shared with me by a Hindu and a Muslim woman. In another story I came across, a Muslim woman who had lost her virginity due to another Muslim man was forced to use chicken blood to show that she was still a virgin at the time of her marriage. Oh! I heard all these stories in Canada while I was maturing into a woman. Growing up has been a scary process for me but I am playing the Buddy System so its working out.

Why is the Muslim community still struggling to handle such issues despite clear Islamic rulings about not having affairs before marriage and respecting the women? I have come to realize that these issues cannot be properly managed by some of the Western authorities either due of their strong rape culture and their strong need to place all sorts of twisted mentals and psychos right back into the society─these men are awesome at throwing apologies, gifts, and lies to confuse their victims so that they willingly walk back to the same old cycle of abuse. Lastly, I have realized why the families of the victims tend to stay quiet and never open up about this misuse. Here is my reasoning: This is due to fear of losing their daughters to a crowd that needs to instigate, victim-blame, and kill; or, it is because of the family’s need to shift blame to the victim and remain ignorant of the need to make a permanent positive change in her life. The first case becomes evident after learning about Rehtaeh Parson’s case where the entire community ganged up on a raped teenager who ended up committing suicide. In conclusion, I am 100% sure that the stories of abusive Muslim men are very similar to those of the abusive men of other communities; and, that’s why similar kind of misuse is taking place in other communities as well except that their men are more open about their affairs and not necessarily looking for virgins.

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