What Is a Real Man?

A real man is very hard to find nowadays not because of how much money and ethics are being controlled by governments but because the knowledge of female psychology is disappearing from this world. A real man knows certain things by default like “What to say and do to make her stay?” and he never verbally or physically imposes himself on the women. I learned the psychology of real men by studying Islam. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) used to say, “What type of man would hit/abuse his woman and then sleep with her?” This tells you a lot about how he conducted himself around women. One of his wives stated that he was always busy doing house chores. If you don’t believe me, then hear Dr. Craig Considine out. He is narrating how Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said that the mother (woman) is 3 times more important than the father.

As a buddy from the “Buddy Program“, I have learned that lots of young Canadian girls and women don’t know what a real man is supposed to be like simply because these women are repeatedly being overridden by abusive men. And, sometimes the men are like something that has a head but no feet; e.g., when they help out in the house but later watch only porn to learn about women. Even some well-trained Canadian men who are considered experts in “Women’s Rights”, “Human Rights”, “Marriage or Dating Matchmaking”, “Health Care”, “Clinical Research”, and “Spiritualism” are raping and abusing women. To clarify this concept of neglect and care, let us turn towards movies.

Rahim Pardesia’s video clip, “The Nasreen Kidnap“, shows how Nasreen keeps calling her husband after being kidnapped and he doesn’t do anything. When she gets back home, he is still playing cards with his lazy friends. In contrast, the movie “Baahubali” shows how Prince Baahubali is enraged when Queen Devasena tells him that “she isn’t lying at all and that this man really tried to touch her body”. Baahubali had built strong level of trust with his Queen by giving her a chance to learn from him and teach him whatever she knows. That’s how he decided to immediately react and kill the man who attempted this pussy-like act.

You know even if you use common logic without doing much research, you will easily realize the difference between real men and peekaboo-cowards. Remember that you must stay away from abusive men if you wish to be your previous self. And, make sure to wear or keep some Spy Cameras with you when you are dating.

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Link Between Drugs and Rape

I have been analyzing some articles. Here are my thoughts and conclusion:

  1. Hillary Clinton said that America created the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS.
  2. Drug use is linked to Sexual Abuse. There are many kinds of drugs that can cause this kind of behaviour.
  3. ISIS fighters are well known for raping women and acting under the influence of drugs. 
  4. The West including North America has a strong rape culture where victims are blamed repeatedly for being abused. This is true regardless of the Women’s Rights and relevant campaigns.  The North Americans are going through Decadence, which includes use of drugs, alcohol, and sex.

This is why Hillary Clinton calls Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS fanatical. They are drugged and reacting like that. Obviously, the rest of the Muslims aren’t comfortable about all this simply because they aren’t drugged.

Therefore, it is easy to conclude that America has caused another genocide by using drugs and still not many have dared to point to this sequence.

Narcissists are Bad People

Note: I have been observing some of this up close and some of this was used to target me. I have done my best to put those abusers under control. This includes use of lawyer as well as blocking social media accounts. Do not give such covert abusers a say no matter what.

Narcissists, including those who offer you empathy, are the wrong kind of people to hang out with. They will always erode your sense of worth through horrible comments, gestures, and jokes. This behaviour is there because they have been taught to win in a predatory manner.

  • You are crazy.
  • You are a psycho.
  • You usually lie.
  • You don’t know what you are doing.
  • You cannot share this with anyone except for me.
  • Sure! I abused you while you were working. But let us talk again because I think you have been handling my comments pretty well.
  • Whatever! I am not listening to any issues and comments. This discussion is futile.
  • You can leave the house. It isn’t really yours even if you are inheriting it.
  • I want you to leave us alone and not say anything. Leave quietly!
  • I will scold you in front of the rest and that way all of you will behave.
  • Not identified: You are reacting due to fear and trauma; Identified: You shouldn’t feel anything when I abuse you; and, you should have run away from me instead of sticking around.
  • I have nothing to do with your work assignments and deadlines but I can most certainly sit here and evaluate your performance.
  • Says: We should be able to share personal things with each other. Motive: Abuse including hate mail and cyberbullying will begin some month afterwards.
  • Says: Don’t laugh too much while watching a movie because you are disturbing everyone else. Ignores: I know that she really enjoys watching movies and that she is gonna laugh really hard. So, I have to ask her out.
  • Says: Don’t hang out with her. You know some of her family members aren’t as nice as you have been imagining them to be. Ignores: I am not nice to her and this other girl/woman is defining all her exit points.

They are afraid of the fact that the victim(s) may share this kind of abusive commentary with friends or online. That’s the only thing that really freaks them out and keep the victim(s) safe. Get away from them because they can cause severe issues like heart attack, seizures, rape, and suicide. And, then they always say that it’s not their fault. So there is no point building a durable relationship with them.

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The Classic Delete Key

Narcissists have a very specific way of addressing all the victims, which includes loving and putting down at the same time. They also gaslight and abuse people right in front of others so that others may feel scared and abused─why do you think that some parents can silence every sibling by shunning only one kid? In addition, they can get the humans emotions become sticky very fast so that the emotions start gliding this way and that way. Thus, lots of odd commentary comes out of the victims’ mouth, which are usually the things that the victims do not believe in. This happens because the victims have been brainwashed, and this brainwashing can go to the extent of making the victims gradually turn into criminals─do you realize why there is a knife in the hands of Gaslight’s heroine, Ingrid Bergman? Narcissistic manipulation is how the victims start taking responsibility of the actions that they didn’t quite perform; think that the crimes of the narcissistic abusers are due to them; or end up doing something their minds cannot fully commit to. A lot of teachers, lecturers, politicians, business professionals, and managers are actually brutal narcissists who are not there to get your point─only some of them are harmless narcissists. They can even switch to your side after showing that they hate you a lot, which is how they keep you very quiet and shunned. Rule of the thumb is never to share any warmth with a narcissist; always communicate from a distance; and, with thorough intellect, breadth, and depth─do you notice that certain comments that are issued by exceptional narcissists don’t have anything vital attached to them except the intention to shift blame. Politicians who are highly narcissists can easily cause massive conflicts like World Wars─see Noam Chomsky’s warning about Trump─and nobody realizes how to mend things because almost everyone can become their puppets. Trump is actually isolating America and making it look like that the world loves this manner of protection. This is why less people are fully realizing that the wall that’s built around Mexico and the collection of the social media information are both examples of the classic DELETE key that narcissists use to trap emotions. Such emotions may easily lead to decisions that the victims would never have otherwise agreed upon. If you analyze the online news properly, you will find several attackers who attacked the Muslims and later apologized for that because they realized that something new has been added to their brains. Its really not the attackers’ fault simply because Narcissistic abusers can play two distinct people, which is the Good Cop Bad Cop routine that can create false confessionsevil narcissists are the masterminds of the rape culture. RUN AWAY or FIGHT BACK if you come across such evil narcissists because they can keep you in the dark for several years or an entire lifetime until you realize what is actually going on and decide to keep your distance.

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Framing and Misuse of the Canadian Muslim Women

Note: I have been collecting these ideas slowly over some years by speaking to Muslim women and watching how some Muslim families and the Canadian society have been working together to oppress the Muslim women─some of them offer us victim blaming but appear “accepting” and “loving” in the mosques or inside their communities. I once saved three young Muslim women from domestic abuse and abuse by unknown males; and I escaped a kidnapping attempt by two Black males by frightening them with my cellphone. As you read the rest of this article, know that none of this is fabricated in any way. I learned about the basic idea for the “Buddy System” through a lawyer and started a volunteer group on my own. This group is very small, and it lacks resources and manpower; this is why I am choosing to work only with those victims of abuse who are safe towards me. Some victims of abuse temporarily exhibit very psychotic tendencies, which is why I am careful about whom I should be working with.

Also, note that the Canadian media mostly hires White people so that the other side of the story or correct representation of the facts─the entire story of the Muslims or the colored people as it takes place under the veil of “diversity”─may remain missing. One example of this queer phenomenon is when we read about a Muslim who looted a bank, but we are never told that that individual had PTSD or Stockholm Syndrome and he/she needed psychiatric assistance not jail. You will find lots of such stories online because the mainstream media creates and sells lies. Canadian media is an excellent of the White Saviour Complex where the commentary is provided only to appear good and to uproot and abuse families and communities instead of helping them safely handle chronic societal issues that are there due to ongoing neglect. Journalism and Politics work together, and we all know that some people who indulge in Politics a lot are great at narcissism. They are parenting us like we are children, which is why we aren’t allowed to thoroughly communicate by using the mainstream media. This is why I believe that the Canadian Muslim community needs to be treated for the scary side effects of being constantly gaslighted and mistreated through narcissism.

I have been talking to a couple of Canadian Muslim women who have been suffering from extreme abuse that’s inflicted on them by the Muslim men and their families. So I completed some investigation on my own and found out other similar cases in the community and online. Here is a list of articles that tells you the kind of things that are going on inside the Canadian Muslim community, and it indicates some of the abusive gang dynamics and culture that are being offered by the Canadian society:

The major and more formal portion of this investigation started when a lawyer approached me with regards to the “Buddy System”. He said that he needed the women to do something about this because the men who aren’t victimizers may not know where these abused women are and how they have been kept. So I started talking to some Muslim women and girls and learned a couple of things that struck me as extremely peculiar. Sometimes, I am referring to the possibility that there must be similar cases out there of which I am not aware of by stating “some Muslim women” or “some Muslim men”. Behavior is usually taught and learned in a group setting, which is why I think that cases of domestic abuse that targets women are actually hinting to a much deeper norm where the majority is equally guilty as the minority. Below, I am going to show you how racism and inequality that exists within the the Canadian system and society is working together with the harmful attitudes that are offered by some Muslim families and men to silent the victims─its all a setup; and I know of some of these cases because either a very reliable source informed me or because I have been able to communicate with the victims.

  1. Some Muslim women are being raised inside houses where their men don’t listen to them and a lot of times they suffer due to “lack of cherishment”.
  2. Some influential Muslim women are less likely to get away with requests to get a woman hired than a man even if that request is made to an Imam.
  3. Some educated Muslim graduates are at the risk of being lied and blackmailed by their Muslim employers who are doing all this because others in their circles are leading this way.
  4. Inexperienced, young, and vulnerable Muslim women are being severely mistreated by false White friendsI know two such cases where two Muslim female professionals were being mocked and harassed by some White Canadians who befriended them for a year or more.
  5. Some Muslim women are not being paid reasonably for their efforts and work. I once met a female speaker who was running educational seminars in one of the Ottawa-based mosques. When I asked her how much she was earning, she said that she is not making anything at all. For some unknown reason, I felt that she was being brainwashed. I stared at her and wondered why she isn’t even given the minimum stipend for running such heavy classes every now and then. So I met another Muslim woman who was visiting the same mosque and felt scared when she said to me, “We Muslim women do not work for money, and we work for God. What I do for others is for God.” My jaw dropped open when I heard this from her─I mean, how are such women going to make any difference in this society where change means offering donations or exhibiting control. I feel that such women are participating in something very dangerous because they are busy removing the idea of “working in a paid capacity”, which is allowed in Islam, from the minds of younger women and girls, converts, and stressed women. Sure! it is a good idea to help out charities and masjids, but know that the administration of some of the masjids might be busy looting the offered resources one way or another. Should the Muslim women trust this conditioning and treatment any further?
  6. Some Muslim women who are married to filthy rich, educated, and vocal Canadian Muslim men are actually locked inside houses as their husbands neglect them and their children. While acting as a buddy, I have seen two such cases. I can’t reveal any of their personal information because of fear of victim blaming and because they are actually using social case workers and lawyers to get through.
  7. Canada’s legal system and perhaps the Canadian society as a whole expect “Hyper-Responsibility” from women, which is how they can forcibly criminalize some of the victims of abuse.
  8. Muslim women suffer from neglect and abuse when they come home after being rejected from job interviews. This is very common in Canada. We all know that jobs are necessary for adults to grow and present themselves as responsible members of the community and the household.  Canada is very racist, and thus Canada’s Muslim women are underrepresented in many fields and platforms.

Therefore, I have sufficient reason to state that some Muslim men and women have been strategically brainwashing the Muslim women to ask for less, work for free, and complain less when they are in pain. I am sure some of these women are being gravely misused because their abusive partners or guardians (men and sometimes women) are busy running almost everything on their own. These guardians have heavy insurances, stable jobs, and investments; however, the female victims know only the most basic things like how to deposit money in the bank or how to deliver a rehearsed speech.

These abusive Muslim men and women are part of the double glass ceiling that Canada is offering to the Muslim women regardless of the level of authority the abusers are exercising in their community. I know so many women who do not visit the masajids (mosques) or stick around other Muslims because they do not wish to be involved in framing or be abused in any way. In some cases, this behavior is actually preventing the women from being caught inside a psychotic gang.


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Demonizing Islam through Lame Lies

Originally Published On: Dec 18, 2016

Note: This commentary is a response to the YouTube video “Muslim rape slavery comes to Canada“. Please click through all the links and review all the associated articles. Otherwise, don’t read any of this because its not going to make any sense. Also note that the Western media mostly hires White people because this way coloured individuals cannot pinpoint to an issue, and only the White community members appear as saviors─just like Hollywood, this is an example of the White Saviour Complex.

I just watched horrible commentary by Ezra Levant that linked a despicable crime like rape to Islam. This video fails to mention four very critical aspects of Islam:

  1. Islam utilizes the testimony of women to punish rapists but some current so-called Islamic governments fail to implement this ruling.
  2. Rape is not acceptable even if you are looking at slaves. I am under the impression that the earliest Muslims were allowed to marry slaves but only after receiving consent and offering mahr (money offered by the groom to the bride). These marriages were offered as deception to the society so that eventually the slaves can be freed and empowered─remember that this society required slavery and its members would have gladly killed those who tried to openly abolish it. Hence, a deception was offered; and slowly the idea was implemented so that slave masters started freeing slaves in very large numbers.
  3. Slavery was slowly abolished by Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) as he offered a great example to the rest by granting the slave women he married freedom, status, and rights; and, as he employed freed slaves as independent leaders of his society. Do you think that Prophet Mohammad (we are now told this man is a captor) would have been able to stand up against those slaves whom he himself freed after granting them freedom, respect, and independence? One such very popular example is the leader Bilal. If there is one such man, then there were more and more such women and men.
  4. Islam encourages Muslims to seek assistance from investigators and lawyers by using any governing law (such as Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism) given that those are their authorities. (What if this ruling is useless now because Muslims are being heavily profiled not only in North America but also in other parts of the world?)

You can verify my comments by talking to exceptionally educated Imams or Muslim or by thoroughly reviewing the original Islamic literature.

The speaker cries “Islamic rape slavery” has come to Canada now. But, rape slavery was already in Canada and the rest of the West; and, rape or slavery have nothing to do with Islam─Islam makes the women free in so many ways; e.g., I broke my first and second engagements because I wasn’t interested in those candidates and because Islam grants me this right. Blackmailing commentary like the above is clearly an attempt to brainwash masses who don’t know much about Islam so that people may start believing that Islam is a cruel religion that seeks to oppress women and children. Showcasing Muslim men as violent and numb is the same as when Joseph Conrad shows Africans as having no ability to speak or worthy of only being chained. The phrase “Islamic rape slavery” is just like the statements that are issued by some journalists who substitute the word “rape” with “affair”.

Then, Ezra brings a second case where a gang of British-Pakistani Muslim men got away with raping 1400 white girls for a period of 16 years. He further comments that they got away because they were Muslims. Honestly! There is no point in deluding the audience like this. Perhaps, you don’t want them to know that British, America, United Kingdom, and Canada all have their own versions of child abuse and sex slavery. Here are some interesting articles that should clarify how the elite including politicians and military personnel are participating in such abuse. But, this usually does not get caught or gets caught with lots of difficulties because the abusers are rich, famous, and “the best”.

Behind Anonymous’s Operation to Reveal Britain’s Elite Child-Rape Syndicate

This article shows how Scotland Yard found out that the British VIPs were involved in the rape and murder of young boys.

Child sexual abuse in the United Kingdom

According to this article, child sex abuse in the United Kingdom involves popular entertainers, politicians, military personnel, and other officials.

Power, Pedophilia, and the US Government

This article shares the fact that pedophilia sex scandals involve the highest levels of elite including US presidents and the British royal family.

‘Sex slaves are on every street in Britain’

In Britain, young girls who don’t know anything about concepts like “PTSD” or “Stockholm Syndrome” are thrown in the world of sex trafficking by boys and men who know grooming and abuse. The gifting and incidence parts of the abuse cycle keep the victims quiet for very long periods like several years.

Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery in Canada

Sex trafficking is a hidden crime in Canada. Only recently, the Toronto police has started a serious campaign to handle this issue. The Mantle Thought has also brought this issue up.

‘Invisible War’ Shines Light on Rape in the Military

You can find tons and tons of articles and documentaries about how the Canadian and American militaries are sometimes hiding stories of rape.

What Lies Beneath the Robes: Are Buddhist Monasteries Suitable Places for Children?

Rape of children takes place at some Buddhist monasteries; and, thus it is safe to conclude that Buddhist men and women are also at risk of being raped given that they are visiting a monastery of concern. There are times when raped children grow up to become rapists too. Is this Buddhist monk rapist a rape victim too or is he a full-fledged psychopath or sociopath?

The evidence for such cases are hard to find because really less number of individuals end up reporting this kind of crime; there is a stronger hush code; or people don’t know about signs of rape and abuse. One only needs to watch cases of Linda Lovelace and Samantha Geimer to see how easy it is to hide evidence as well as confuse victims to cooperate. In both cases, the attackers were White men namely Chuck Traynor and Roman Polanski respectively. They were both very difficult to catch: Traynor was receiving support from a lawyer who hid details of the abuse and Polanski was arrested after 31 years.

I believe sex slavery and rape are linked to domestic abuse, societal abuse, and neglect as well as other ignored issues like prostitution and pornographyquite frankly, most of the humans who are currently living on Planet Earth may not possess sufficient knowledge of the real psychology of men and women simply because their mental schemas are being gravely altered with the help of the movies and porn. The issue of sexual abuse must be addressed as something that is ailing any given society and not just an Islamic society.

Saying all this, I must comment that everyone must stop attacking Islam. These attackers and abusers are wasting my time and life. I don’t want to be sitting on the computer 24/7 and handling issues like these when I can go out and party with my friends. People who are lying about Islam should be sued for defaming Islam, creating hate crimes, and wasting the money of their governments that’s used to stop hate crimes─QUIT RUNNING IN CIRCLES.

Muslim Marriage Crisis

Originally Published On: Mar 18, 2017

Note: Some or most Muslim men have double standards that are deeply rooted inside their minds. They twist the issues their coloured sisters are having to make them seem demonic and unacceptable while creating excuses to help White women who have similar issues. They ignore vital things like the impact of domestic abuse; things that happen to young minds as they grow in isolation and while being misunderstood; and the need for privacy or acceptance of free choices. The Muslim Marriage crisis is just a reflection of these realities. Muslim men who just want to marry only White women while making fun of the headscarves and clothings of their Muslim female relatives or other sisters are an excellent exampleI have definitely seen and heard of some of these men.

There is a marriage crisis enfolding in the North America’s among the Muslims. The Muslim youth and adults lack ideal role models, which have been fed to them by their family members. Just like the rest of the humans, they also turn to TV and movies for comfort since these are globalized cheap products. Not all the Muslim parents understand their children’s needs and a lot of them are closed towards family counseling. This is how the Muslim youth and adults, especially girls and women are challenged.

I know that lots of superb Muslim women and girls are left struggling against their own family members and their double standards. They want to run away from their houses and be at a safe place where they may educate themselves and stand on their own. Despite all the religious rulings and help that are issued by some really good masjids (place of worship), the Muslims are still left struggling on their own. For some reason, the strong structure that the masjids offer ends up breaking outside─sure, there are rare cases where this beautiful supportive mentality still exists. The masjids teach you to be patient and not to judge. But outside, some Muslims judge each other, backbite each other, and leave their friends bare. That’s how they are blending into existing trends.

Perhaps, one of the most disturbing trend that I have found inside the Canadian Muslim community is misuse and wrongful application of the Islamic laws and rulings. For instance, blame can be easily shifted to the rape victims by failing to analyze psychology and circumstances of the victims as well as the abnormal psychology of the abusers. In another example, some Canadian Muslim men and their families walk away from eligible women and girls because of the fact that they are wearing pant and shirt outside. What do they want these women or girls to do? These women and girls are living and growing in Canada. You don’t expect them to be dressed in traditional clothing 24/7, do you? They will have to go outside and work and wear pant and shirt. What is wrong with that? I have even met women who are in their early forties, have Canadian PhDs or Medical Degrees, and are still desperately searching for a good match. I spoke with some other Muslim women and also looked at my personal experiences only to realize that a lot of us aren’t getting married because some Muslim men are looking for women who are less educated.

Why is this happening? That’s because there are some men who want to be always in control. They think that women aren’t smart enough and shouldn’t be allowed to override the judgments and thinking of the men. These men place Islamic scriptures in front of you and then say that that’s what it says. At the same time, they are ripping off the rest of the context and concepts; such as Muslim women may own processions and be very wealthy traders. What type of very intelligent beings are allowed to have trade and processions? They are the ones hiring men and telling them what to do and not the other way. Wow! After reviewing the whole set of scriptures, it becomes very easy to conclude that the men who keep asking women to be very obedient to them have very strong control issues. No wonder the women and girls feel so suffocated around them. Admit it! They are saying these things to them because they want the women and girls to be their puppets and just lay eggs. Don’t Be A Psychotic Weirdo!

Just remember, the above is true for ONLY SOME MUSLIM MEN AND FAMILIES. 

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Cyber Attack: Halal Dating Site

Originally Published On: Aug 15, 2017

Note: This post is based on credible evidence of misuse of women by some Muslim men through online chat. The idea of somehow lowering women stems from misinterpretation of some of the rulings of a Islam. As we read through existing translations of Islamic scriptures, we must keep in mind that the existing scholars are in fact struggling to learn the original Arabic, which is very much different than the modern or other recent versions of Arabic. This is how mistakes are made in translations or difference in opinions arises. There are some Muslim leaders and Imams who tend to believe the shortened versions of some Islamic scriptures and then devise rulings based on these. For instance, look how twisted the statements by the Toronto Police Services Muslim Chaplain Musleh Khan are sounding. Such men ignore a whole lots of things such as credible evidence and female psychology. Think of it this way: If Khadija, the first wife of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was not an independent and fierce thinker, then she would had been unable to lead all those mighty trade processions or hire Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) to do the tasks for her. 

She was new to this halal dating site, and it was her very first chat with some Muslim man who appeared to be very polite.

Muslim Man: Assalam-u-alaikum, how are you doing?
Muslim Girl: Wa-alaikum-assalam, I am well. How are you?
Muslim Man: I am well, alhamdulillah. So, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Muslim Girl: (provides minimum information) I like to play board games. What about you?
Muslim Man: (rhymes in sync like a puppet) I like them too. What else do you like?
Muslim Girl: (decides to investigate further) Please give me some time to review your profile.
Muslim Man: (tries sounding persuasive) I like your profile. Do you want to meet up?
Muslim Girl: (stays quiet and finishes reviewing his profile) I just found out that you are from Middle East. I don’t wish to move to Middle East. I wish you luck in finding a suitable spouse, inshaAllah.
Muslim Man: What do you mean? You cannot leave now.
Muslim Girl: (feels shocked) What do you mean I cannot leave now?
Muslim Man: I like your profile. You are a devil if you left. How dare you, you bitch?
Muslim Girl: (starts shaking) I think I have just connected with a whacko. (copies the entire conversation, emails it to the administration, blocks the guy, and then removes her profile from the website) I swear that I will not marry a born Muslim. They are doing a lot of things wrong. Maybe, a convert Muslim man will do things right. Today was the last straw because now I am hardwired into believing this.

It is the traumatic nature of memories that creates a general impression of anything including race and websites. She decided to stay single for a bit because she lost trust in online dating and men and her community was far too segregated for her to reach out given her minimum pay and small network.

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Selling Your First Book

Originally Published On: Mar 8, 2016

Selling your first book isn’t an easy task because during this trial you will be initiating a new learning phase. Most of the writers are afraid of this first step because they are afraid of failures or competition─in case of good writers, the winners might be just kissing up to the norms blindly. This makes sense to me because being able to compete and become famous means having connections. There are several writers like me who shy away from high-level connections because they don’t feel they need them to prove their intellect or abilities─this is a type of truth that is shown inside Philosophy classrooms where we are taught that “recognition” and “self-respect” are different from “fame.” In reality, you might see that most of your high-level connections are more stripped of realities like the actual psychology of women simply because they are too busy signing contracts and becoming wealthy. For instance, I worked part-time to create this blog and my first book. During this time, I did not earn much; but, I felt very satisfied with my performance and drive. Furthermore, I was concerned with learning the realities behind abused women so I volunteered for a charity organization for free. But, if I were super-busy just loading my bank account with cash, then all these grander things were going to get drained in sewers─I mean, no one wants to help abused women or writers who need to do their own thing for a while. I am lucky because I know that that being away from work allows for more wandering, which is what increases your IQ at the end.

I thought today about how to sell my first book, which is currently being run through a very comprehensive editing phase. Nothing much came to my mind except for these very basic principles of entrepreneurship─remember that no one has mentored or taught me entrepreneurship, and I have been navigating mostly on my own. The correct concept is to identify the concerned niches where people will be more willing to purchase your book. If you think strongly, you will first notice some niches and then several sub-niches. For example, sub-niche “childhood trauma” goes with niche “abused women”. Write all these niches and sub-niches on paper and then use Meetup.com to navigate to pertinent groups. Use these groups to align yourself with professionals who are willing to work closely with you. The second notion is to sell where you have already sold something before. Write down the names of all of your friends and trustworthy contacts. You will be emailing these guys and gals to ask them to spread the word about your published work. Third princips requires becoming mighty and credible by using reliable resources to establish yourself as an expert. Fourth idea is to ring through the hearts of the rest of your kind by establishing yourself on multiple social media platforms─shake as many hands as possible and keep sharing the information about your book. There are more and more of these concepts, and you can clearly understand them after completing a course or reading a book on entrepreneurship. As you learn how to professionally present yourself and material to the desired audience, remember to stay away from false friends─smarter brains can feel very shut down when they are surrounded with false friends.

Remember as you walk on the road your mind has somehow crafted, you will feel more determined to give less and less attention to your foes. Please throw their words or sayings in a flush right now and move on─I will be very glad if you followed my advice.


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