Some Men Cannot Select Women Properly Due To Movies

Movies are creating standards for what is accepted and what is not. For instance, very slim models—some of who are suffering from Anorexia Nervosa—are showcased as the most desired women. Obviously, this is very harmful for the rest of the women. Here is my personal story.

Once I came across this rather interesting, attractive, and smart Pakistani-Canadian guy. I was curious about him so I started talking to him. Later I found out that he was not my type. For example, once I was hanging out with him when he said that my hips are large just like any other Pakistani women. I felt surprised that he said this since I was not wearing revealing clothes. Furthermore, I knew he was mistaken because my hips are not too large and not too slim. Anyways, I realized that he wanted someone skinny. I left him soon after I heard him say a couple of more rude things—including asking for premarital sex—to me that did not make any sense to me.

Today, I was reading browsing the web when I found the article “The 11 Physical Features Men Can’t Resist, According to Science“. This article clearly stated that men find women with large hips (waist to hip ratio of 7:10) more attractive. I think my ratio is around there! According to the article,”Does Hip Size Affect Childbirth? An Expert Explains What “Childbearing Hips” Actually Mean” hip size does not influence childbirth. But, I am gathering that men still find big—appropriately sized—hips attractive.

So movies have done this to some men! Some of them are really looking for perfect women who are not that attractive but they mistakenly feel that they are. You know what I mean! Phew! I am so glad that I left him before developing a serious relationship. Apparently, he did notice my looks, hair, manner, and intellect; but then there were other things about him that made him undesirable to me. Of course! like men, I am selective too; but, I only require good manners and intellect as well as appropriate attraction. And, I know that I won’t get distracted by whatever I have seen in the movies because I always scan for brains first.

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South Asian Women Face Ongoing Harsh Abuse In Canada

I have stated in my blog that I have experienced abuse from members of the Pakistani and Muslim Canadian community as well as the Canadian community. Once this Pakistani-Canadian man questioned me why so many people are willing to target me. I looked right at him and realized that the Pakistani-Canadian men and most Canadian men don’t realize what we women are going through—I removed him from my network since his statements confirmed my existing suspicions.

Read the article “The Intersectional Oppressions of South Asian Immigrant Women and Vulnerability in Relation to Domestic Violence: A Case Study“, which is written by Dr. Ferzana Chaze and Archana Medhekar and published by the Ontario Bar Association.

The literature informs us that immigrant South Asian women can experience multiple oppressions both from within the South Asian community as well as on account of being a racialized minority group in Canada. Source: “The Intersectional Oppressions of South Asian Immigrant Women and Vulnerability in Relation to Domestic Violence: A Case Study“.

Read the article “What Are Immigrants’ Experiences Of Discrimination In The Workplace?“, which is published by The Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative. 

For visible minority immigrants, fluency in English or French increases reports of discrimination in the workplace. Source: “What Are Immigrants’ Experiences Of Discrimination In The Workplace?

Read “Douglas Todd: Female foreign students endure harassment, exploitation“, which is written by Douglas Todd and published on Vancouver Star.

The young women are frightened, especially when exploitative employers in the underground economy threaten to report them to immigration officials. Source: “Douglas Todd: Female foreign students endure harassment, exploitation“.

Here are some of my blog posts that discuss abuse of Canadian women including South Asian women like me:

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And, there are more blog posts…

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Why Some Love Me And Others Abuse Me

I have thought about this for some years now. It seems that I have attracted both who truly love and appreciate me and who wish to only manipulate and abuse me. I have completed the HowStuffWorks’ quiz “What Type of Guy Is Most Attracted to You?” twice and both times my results have shown that I can attract only smart men to myself. My second ex-fiance was Dyslexic and he used to beat me in chess a second or so. I have never met anyone else who could do this! So this is how I know that only the smartest men can get attracted to me. Furthermore, most of the people who have targeted me have been identified by others around them as narcissistic in nature. Narcissists are very smart people; do you know that some Medical Doctors are narcissists? I can attract narcissists very easily towards myself because I am an Empath. My empathy is related to the fact that I am an ENFP and that I am a Muslim. This is how the abusers have always misunderstood my real intentions! I plan to challenge my abusers by discussing things on stage; even then, I have to play it very careful to make sure that I am not injured any further. This shall be fun because I usually give it my best shot. For instance, I learned how to sell very simple items like hair curling rods, pillow covers, and duvets—I did amazing at generating sales within the assigned time—so that I may be prepared to sell my upcoming books and workshops.


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I Think Like A Cop

I have a severe history of abuse; but, I have become a Women Rights advocate. I have learned how to get women out of trouble and to identify those who are stuck. I have met all these women in real life; some of these women are very smart and memories of some of these women have been removed so that they may shift into a different person.

I like the fact that when under pressure, I think like a cop. My writing ability overlaps with this facility. Read “7 Ways Police Work Made Me a Better Writer“.  Once I sat in the car of a stalker along with a victim. I pretended to be friends so that I may figure out how he behaves. This ended well and safely. The rest of the details I cannot share due to confidentiality. But, this should give you an idea that I will venture in the uncomfortable zone. For instance, revealing certain information about myself online is pretty easy for me because it would make the abusers feel uncomfortable. I know from experience that I have gained while working with nice and normal men is that only abusers feel uncomfortable about disclosure.

Obviously, protecting women is a challenging task; but, by now I know how to get the women out of trouble. I have created this guide to help women nail abusers since abused women cannot do this properly without written aid. Read my blog post “Regeneration“.


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How To Get Out Of Nightmares

Ever since I heard of how India is forcibly making its way into the Kashmir region and that the Indian forces are abusing the Kashmiris, I have been receiving dreams of Kashmiri women being raped. I cannot really explain what I have been made to witness since some of this stuff is extremely disturbing!

In one dream, I saw some men surrounding a woman; then they put a really large sword-like thing in her mouth; and, then they took it out and then they put it in again. The female victim was unable to even scream due to fear. Then, in another dream, there were several women sitting in a large room. But, some men came and tried to rape them. I felt that someone touched me as well while I was dreaming. Perhaps, I was also sitting in that room. This is the cunning part about entering the subconscious and higher intelligence through dreams! You cannot always differentiate yourself from your dream characters.

Then, I remember getting very angry about all of this. Then, I just flew really high. I started flying first out of the room and then I got into the woods. The trees were very large. I learned how to throw a web just like Spider Man does. The web wounded itself around a tree and I swung over a couple of trees to get to that tree. I felt that some people were chasing me. Fear enveloped me so I started swinging very fast by using the spider web and trees. I experienced the sun blinding my eyes and I sensed the wilderness and nakedness of the large jungle. I kept swinging until I finally woke up.

So to get out of nightmares, you have to learn how to do something fun while escaping.

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How Some Canadian Muslim Men Are Abusing Some Of The Canadian Muslim Women

In Canada, Muslims are the minority. Obviously, even the worst Muslims would want to appear as loving and approachable in this country. I have gathered this data after talking to some Muslim women who are victims of abuse as well as from my experiences—I had some very harsh experiences most of which I was required to sort mostly on my own although I had exactly three friends who validated my experiences and comforted me through thick and thin. Some Canadian Muslim men are abusing some of the Canadian Muslim women in following ways:

  • Engage in pre-marital sex and expect to marry virgins
  • Rape women who approach them or who are strangers
  • Pretend to be religious to attract women
  • Pretend to be friendly and caring to lure women until they are trapped
  • Confine women to closed spaces for hours or days to disconnect them
  • Spy on them by reading their social media and cellphone messages
  • Promise to marry someone and then bring someone else from their country of origin and marry that person instead
  • Physically or emotionally harm their female relatives and act nicer towards them in front of other women; this continues until another woman is caught in this malicious cycle
  • Force women out of their jobs or compel them to work for less
  • Do not offer promised training to the women they have hired
  • Mistreat and harm women and then go to masjids for prayers and fast to appear religious
  • Lock younger sisters or wives in rooms and watch TV or go out for fun
  • Threaten to deport them and/or actually deport them to their original country after psychologically or physically torturing them
  • Make fun of the wife in front of his friends
  • Enjoy parties including dance parties while neglecting the women of their households
  • Twist victims’ personalities and characters until the victims double and shift into someone else
  • Obsessively blame the victim at home and then use instances where she lost her temper or got annoyed to tell her that she is not fit enough to work outside with people
  • Stalk women especially those they are hanging out with or dating
  • Expect the women to hide their issues including issues related to their reproductive system and emotional health from men of the family
  • Expect women to act like they would have done routinely while they are pregnant including shopping, cleaning, cooking, managing guests and parties, and appearing at social gatherings
  • Force and expect women to do menial jobs; sometimes they actually say, “Why don’t you go out and work in Packaging for a bit” while ignoring that this person has a resume tailored for an executive position
  • Some male relatives are telling women, “Whether you will  have a job or not really depends on your husband; this does not depend on you, your brother, or your father”
  • Regularly be absent from conversations about critical personal issues like mental health or emotional state. I know that some of them have been depriving the victims since they were children.
  • Use other women of the households to manipulate the victims
  • Hide symptoms of withdrawal and depression as “need to procrastinate” and “laziness”
  • Diagnose the victim as “obese” or “tending towards obesity” to hide the fact that her condition is due to ongoing emotional abuse
  • Tell the victim that she is prone to listening to the devil when in reality she is not praying due to loss of concentration
  • Prevent victim from nailing what really is going on with her mental or physical health by telling her lies and expecting her to repeat these lies back to her therapists or friends
  • Form an abusive gang whose members notice that the older members of the household are ignoring someone and then make sure to neglect and desert the victim

Of course! Women abuse is common in all communities including the Muslim community. However, its important to note what is going on inside Canadian Muslim community because Muslims are a minority here and mainstream media and politics aren’t attempting to effectively manage the issues afflicting this community.

These men and the men who appear totally clueless when you bring up whatever is negatively influencing the women are not following Prophet Mohammad’s (peace be upon him) teachings. Read Jim Garrison’s article, “Mohammad was a Feminist” to learn how Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) liberated the women.

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Some Colored Women Are Told A Lie That Appearing “Reasonable” or “Great” Should Get Them Jobs In Canada

I find Canada to be a dangerous place for colored people especially colored women. It is a very misogynist country where you will meet lots of men who talk to women like they are drug or drunk.

Articles About Misogyny

I have been told a couple of times by colored men that I look reasonable and great; then they specified that they think that I should have no trouble landing a job simply due to my looks. Once, I was told by a Black Canadian that I am so beautiful that people will be more willing to buy from meI was like is this “Sales” or “Sex Trafficking”? Another time, a young White male told me my blouse and perfume felt amazing; at the same time, this guy was picking fights with a coloured male I happen to knew. I felt very distraught after I heard them talk like this simply because I feel that they were making a wrong assumptionI am sure that some other colored women also have to hear and perhaps believe this lie. Quite frankly, I have seen lots of resistance from both Muslim and White communities as I hunt for appropriate jobs. Whether I get a job or not does not really depend on my skills, experience, qualifications, recognitions, or connections. It all depends on who is hiring and what are his/her views about colored women. And, no one is willing to officially recognize the gap that is created in my resume and life due to all of this. When I bring this up with Human Resources experts they either become very quiet and empathetic or they attempt to change the topic of discussion. Its disgusting to witness the later!

Just recently, a Norwegian writer Kent Jensen attempted to discourage me from speaking out online.  I am glad that I immediately wrote about his commentary and posted print screens of the conversation online. I am also glad that I faced hardships in Canada because now I have sufficient arsenal to discuss what really is going on in this country. One example of such misuse is when some White people approach me to get help on something or just to make friends and later tell me harsh misogynist or racist things. I have learned to block such people from my life; however, this entire “investigate and then block” process is very disturbing in nature. Such people can destroy your brain, mind, attitude, personality, character, values, beliefs, and lifethey can double you if you don’t watch out. I have learned how to stay away from them because I have struggled hard to learn about the “real me” and a large category of abnormal people including Misogynists, Rapists, and Narcissists.

It helps to learn that a very large number of skilled and rich immigrants including colored women are leaving Canada after they have spent so much money just to come here and properly attempting to settle here.

Articles About How Immigrants Are Deserting Canada

Then, there is this interesting fact that the entire Canadian labour market is color-coded. This just tells me that most White people who are earning high income and are considered influential are not really smart and are just using their privilege to learn!

Articles About Canada’s Color-Coded Labour Market

Furthermore, some Canadian workplaces are filled with sexual predators some of who acquire mentorship positions just so that they may trap and molest women. Most women I have come across in Canada including myself are either struggling to get a decent job or are left battling men even during seminars and workshops that they themselves designed and executed. The women are not usually in power so they cannot do much if they are raped. I know that the article “Only 1 in 3 Canadians Know What Sexual Consent Means” is telling the truth because most of the men including younger men I have come across do not even know how to talk properly to women; so how are they going to work on the complex process of obtaining sexual consent? The cherry on the cake for those who want the colored women to suffer is the fact that the Canadian Justice system is not willing to look into the complaints of the colored women as they would have done so for the White women. Watch movie “Because We Are Girls” and compare this to the aftermath of Rehtaeh Parson’s gang rape. You will see that the Brown Canadian women from “Because We Are Girls” are left feeling lost but Rehteah’s rape has received so much attention that Canadian laws have been modified. So how do comments about how my looks will get me a decent job sound now given that you can see the whole picture? I only see that these comments were issued because these colored people have learned to properly read into the Canadian culture.

Articles About #MeToo campaign and Sexual Harassment in Canadian Workplaces

What adds to this problem is the fact that some companies like Randstad are offering misleading articles to the public. Read article “11 reasons canada’s an awesome place for new immigrants“.

What I find extremely sickening about CanadaI hope I don’t puke all night today—is how some White people keep telling me that Canada is a very inclusive country when all the facts point in the other direction. Sounds very dirty and extremely fishy!

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My Thoughts On Interfaith Marriage

I was reading Dr. Craig Considine’s Twitter profile where he briefly commented on Interfaith marriage. See original tweet here.

This idea has puzzled me often. We live in an area where things are already pretty tough: 1) Some Muslims are abusing other Muslims rather harshly; and, I have come across a couple of such cases; 2) According to Wikipedia, 65.4% of people are Christians; and, only 6.5% of the population are Muslims.

So after reading Dr. Craig’s tweet, I researched a bit. I replied a couple of times on this tweet. Here are all my replies.

  1. I have thought about this often. Quran refers to Christians as believers and states that marriage between believers is allowed. This article states that only the scholars are saying Muslim women may marry only Muslim men but Quran does not say this. Read Dr. Asma Lamrabet’s article, “What Does The Quran Say About The Interfaith Marriage?
  2. Quote [In absence of any proof that justifies the prohibition…contemporary scholars justify their attitudes by “natural weakness” of Muslim women who may go astray under the “bad” influence of their Christian/Jewish husbands] This sounds misogynist! Read Dr. Asma Lamrabet’s article, “What Does The Quran Say About The Interfaith Marriage?
  3. I believe God knew that some Muslims were going to oppress Muslim women. That is one more reason why God allowed for marriage between Muslim women and Christian/Jew men. Obviously, some Muslim men are forbidden on Muslim women because they have “bad” influence.
  4. You should read “Imam’s Daughter” by Hannah Shah. It a true story that shows how an entire Muslim community did not help Hannah who was being raped by her father (an Imam). She later became a Christian and married a Christian. What she did is totally halal.
  5. Islam states that Islam will spread to West. In some areas of West, there are less Muslims and more Christians/Jews. Writer of “Imam’s Daughter” lived in England and her Muslim community allowed her abuse. Continued….
  6. Its a small community so people found it easier not to protest against the Imam. Christians helped her. Thus the correct Islamic ruling is that Christian/Jew men are allowed on Muslim women through marriage.
  7. Quran only forbids marriage between a believer and a polytheist. Christians are considered believers; i.e., “closest to Muslims”. Quran has 1 or 2 verses that state that marriage b/w believers is allowed. These verses apply to both men and women.
  8. Scholars are misinterpreting these verses, I think; and, teaching them in a narrow-minded way. How can these scholars say that Christians/Jew women are believers but Christian/Jew men are not? Read Dr. Asma Lamrabet’s article, “What Does The Quran Say About The Interfaith Marriage?
  9. Quran also says that rules of country also apply for things like marriage. So if an imam is unwilling to marry a Muslim woman to a Christian/Jew man due to advice offered by scholars, then go to court to get wed. Choose a court that lets you. That is how you fight oppression.

Note that I mentioned Hannah Shah’s book “Imam’s Daughter” as a reference. It offers a real story about how mistreatment of Muslim girls/ women can go undetected because it is taking place in a secretive manner. I really love the whole book; but, I disagreed with how she says that the Islam allows for men to beat their wives and to kill apostates. Both of these are controversial issues and some of my research shows that the Quran does not ask wives to be beaten or apostates to be punished. I think Hannah was referring to a wrong translation of the Quran or Ahadith. That’s not her fault because there are really lots of interpretations, some of which are confusing. Read my blog post “How Do I Handle Different Data Collected From Different Islamic Sects?” Saying all this, it’s still an eye-opening experience to read this book.

Also note that in point 7 above I stated that the Muslims are not allowed to marry Polytheists. But that is my interpretation because it makes more sense. It makes more sense because it’s very tough to digest polytheism when one is monotheistic and a lot of Polythiests of India (Hindus) are currently trying to murder, abuse, and defame Muslims. Read Dr. Asma Lamrabet’s article, “What Does The Quran Say About The Interfaith Marriage?”. You will notice that even this scholar is debating that the verse about not marrying Polytheists is related to how Muslims were being abused by the Polytheists of that time. I really do not know too many details on this issue but for now I am content with my interpretation.

Now let us go back to the original topic. I moved to Ottawa just around 2 years ago; and, I have been abused by around 5 Muslim employers. Murderers! I am new here; and, I cannot believe that they are attempting to abuse me. I told whoever I could; I also made sure to get as far away as possible; and, I have also blocked some new mean Muslim friends and not just abusive Muslim employers. I am happy that I chose to publically share some of these experiences here on my blog. See posts under category “Women Abuse“.

I am actually very glad that I read Craig’s tweet; and, researched the stuff. Reality is that the Quran is written for common folks; and, it can be easily interpreted by common folks especially when it comes to very basic needs like marriage. This is why I am now fully open to even marrying among Christians or Jews. Truth is that I have been looking among the Muslims for a really long; and, I still have not met anyone compatible yet. And, I strongly feel that God guided me to say all this by finding out what exactly is going on inside some of the Muslim community of Ottawa.

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Narcissism and “Islamic Morality”

Recently, I was reviewing Dr. Craig Considine’s Twitter profile when I left some comments about why I think Islamic Morality is not properly taught by the  Muslims. You can view the original tweet here; and, the tweet to which I replied here.

Here are my replies:

  1. People are not looking for morals anymore. Don’t you see! A narcissist can also play moral in order to trap & destroy victims. Thus, morals are not granted to people by others or expected of others. Instead people are learning how to escape psychopaths, narcissists, and sociopaths.
  2. Forgiving requires communication with narcissist, which can destroy the mind further. Then another narcissist can easily sit in the victim’s lap.
  3. If you are Muslim, then your mind would eventually say hurt the narcissist. Then it would say apply the rules of the country. But this way the narcissist is going to get away because law is subservient to criminals. (added later on WordPress only: A lot of well-known politicians as well as political regulations are narcissistic in nature.)
  4. Only way to defeat a narcissist is to draw a boundary, which can be misconstrued as “harsh”, “childish”, or “unnecessary”. Drawing a boundary can be seen as immoral b/c narcissists select those victims they have drawn closer to or b/c they are reacting to their previous wounds.
  5. It is a fact that one has to play bad (cruel) in order to escape abusers. So why are you teaching me all these morals of Prophet? I mean applying these would mean that I will become forgiving again and someone will hurt me again.
  6. Narcissists create codependents who tend to be forgiving. If we added “Islamic Morals” to current situations, then victims will get in more trouble. Victim is “supply” b/c narcissist need his/her energy to thrive. People are destroying the idea of “forgiveness” from their minds.
  7. I meant the fact that people can be changed into supply is the reason why people are destroying concept of forgiveness.
  8. Psychopaths & Narcissists are hiding in great fields. Narcissists choose Medicine, Management, or Politics. They can get away with hiding lots of scandals by pointing fingers at others. Some Doctors do this too! Those in authority are abusive; so what are the rest going to learn?
  9. Narcissists create tough situations: “A manager hits her kids in front of her team. Team stays quiet b/c they need money to survive; and, economy is already broken. Would they take money or stop the Manager?” This is why people run away in groups from some Canadian workplaces.
  10. It’s not just “Islamic Morality” that cannot be applied. Normal behaviour or certain aspects of any law cannot be applied to narcissists because they are opportunistic and manipulative.
  11. We need a new system if we wish to survive. But to do this we will have to stay away from psychopaths and narcissists. This has to be done to prevent self-destruction. Really tough!
  12. We can play “Islamic Morality” partially nowadays. We need to not forgive in order to teach. We need to forgive in order to not let the victim do self harm.
  13. People cannot follow rituals because following rituals can cause brainwashing. Research online and you will find that I am telling the truth. That is what prayers and rituals are without “Islamic Morality”.
  14. I must comment that I did apply rules of “Islamic Morality” thoroughly once in my life. I was younger then so I could take some hits from a younger bully without feeling too angry. One day I prayed for him. He changed completely after this prayer. He has NEVER harmed me again.
  15. Other times, abusers just apologize for abusing me because they know that I don’t belong in this kind of circle. But, I make sure to move away from abusers. They pick more on me because I am an Empath. This is why I have to use a functional group to escape. Prophet did this too!

Saying all this, I must comment that I am still learning about “Islamic Morality”. However, the fact that Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) devised a system to manage cruel people shows that doing so is part of the “Islamic Morality”.  So I answered partially because it is a lengthy discussion; you cannot apply the rules of “Islamic Morality” to narcissists or psychopaths without the help of a functional and smart group; and, whatever most of the people learn from masjid counts as basic “Islamic Morality”, which does not quite take you where you want to go with these people.

Think of this example as you look into what I am saying to you:

According to article, “Half of Canada’s prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests” half of Canada’s prisoners are victims of child abuse including sexual abuse. Canada should have placed them only in rehabilitation instead of prisons. But, the jailing system nowadays is very different than what we have learned in Islam. In Islam, prisoners have so many rights that they do not count as prisoners in the sense that we understand nowadays; and, these rights are there to ensure that they go back to exhibiting normal behaviour. My sister once told me that we cannot apply Islamic teachings nowadays because we do not have the rest of the system. This is true because something as simple as forgiving a criminal must be done when trustworthy alliance is still available. These reliable friends or companions used to make sure through their actions and attitude that this criminal does not misbehave again. I have read in the article, “Teaching philosophy to prisoners can help transform ‘macho’ prison culture” that teaching philosophy proves very beneficial to prisoners. Thus it is obvious to me that when Prophet used to forgive someone, his companions or alliances used to offer the system necessary to help the criminal become his/her usual self. Otherwise this forgiveness thing does not work!

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