Forced Marriages And Rape Are Common in Canada

Forced marriages and rape are very common in Canada. Only 1 out of 3 Canadians know what sexual consent means. No wonder, I have to be very careful around Canadian men. I have learned that some of them can force you and then shift blame on you.

Besides rape, forced marriages are also very common in Canada. Do you know that Pakistan made forced marriages illegal before Canada? Even then, I know that there are so many ways of doing this in Pakistan. For example, a husband may act in a gentle manner to force his wife to stay out of the job market. It’s twisted behaviour that can still hide the fact that someone is being forced in a marriage.

Now, let us talk about what is going on inside Canada. I know from experience that some Canadian-Pakistani Muslim women are very abusive; and, they are very polite when they do this. Around a year ago, I was at a rather extensive house party run by a Muslim Canadian-Pakistani woman when I came across a very well-dressed and well-mannered mother. This woman said the following about her daughter, “But, we are her parents. We will decide who she is going to marry. And, we are going to marry her off when she is still young. Of course! we would like our daughter to connect with other people”. Another statement that I heard from a very nice Canadian-Pakistani Muslim woman who was at this party was, “Arzoo! It’s up to your parents to get you married. They should be doing this for you.” She said this when I asked her to help me find a good proposal. I walked away from her and that other woman; I made sure that I did not appear at any of the parties she was throwing. These kind of women are eliminating other women’s options.

Coloured women including Canadian-Pakistani women are less integrated in Canada due to the Double Glass ceiling effect, which is when it is tough for them to climb up the ladder while studying and after studying. Obviously, there are some successful cases; but, there are many fail cases that occur due to Canada’s deep integration issues.

Furthermore, Canada has laws like Occupational Health and Safety Act and laws about Discrimination and Ageism. But the reality is that these laws are not followed in the workplaces.

In my opinion, if you were to put every piece of the puzzle together, you can clearly see how Canada is allowing for forced marriages.

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Here are two helpful webpages from Government of Canada’s official website:

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It pays to be very careful. Canada has all sorts of rules and still coloured people get injured a lot. Forced marriages are taking place among the White people; but, the colored people can be injured as well. For example, I was at a business networking seminar when a senior professional came up to me and tried confusing me by saying, “Your face tells me that you want children.” I looked at him; and, said that I don’t know what he wants. I have never seen him before; and, I avoided him throughout the networking session. You can tell how some Canadian men talk to women. They don’t really know what they are doing or saying.

Always keep a journal about what is happening to you in Canada. I have a large case file; first draft of a book; some printed thoughts and experiences; and, 4 digital backups of a whole lot of shit that took place here in Canada. I plan to finish writing my book, Intertwined, and show the world the true face of Canada.

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Please Help! Princess Latifa Of Dubai Is In Extreme Danger

Princess Latifa, a daughter of the ruler of Dubai, is in extreme danger because her family members have imprisoned her for attempting to escape. They have also captured some other princesses. I believe that they beat and abuse them like animals; and, they are maintaining false stories about “loved and protected princesses” in the media. You can watch her entire story on the site #FREELATIFA. You should share this post or post something about Princess Latifa on your social media accounts while using the hashtag #freelatifa.

I must comment that I have to firmly believe Princess Latifa’s story simply because I feel forced to do so. Several years ago, around 2012 or 2013, a close friend of mine suggested that I should apply for jobs in Dubai. He said it was a great place for women who wish to work; and, it is very well-built. At that point in my life, I was planning to get a job and be married soon. I started thinking after what he said; and, something just kept hitting against my mind like ice cold water. It was the thought: “Don’t go there. Dubai is actually bad for women. It doesn’t show on the surface; but, this is still there. There is a chance of being trapped there as well”. I asked the voice if it was sure; and, it repeated itself. I hear these voices every now and then because I am telepathic; I even get precognitive dreams, which means that I can definitely conduct telepathy during the day as well.  Make sure to click on the links where I am discussing my abilities before you read Princess Latifa’s comments.

So all of this public image that he’s trying to portray human rights, its bullshit.

He’s the most evil person I’ve ever met in my life. He’s pure evil. There’s nothing good in him. He’s responsible for so many people’s deaths and ruining so many people’s lives.

He doesn’t care about anyone. Source: Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Princess Dubai Royal Family Full Video

So you see how crushing one woman can crush the rest as well as alert the rest. This is called the Amplification effect, which can be played in real life and during sleep. Of course! if average women can play the Amplification effect during the day, then so can the telepathic women except that they do this differently sometimes.

I must comment that there are many princesses like Princess Latifa except that they are not privileged enough to have their stories flashed on mainstream channels like BBC. People need to learn to watch out for them! This is why I am running a Facebook group called “Forgotten Femmes” to help abused women. After I took the responsibility of the Facebook group in 2013, I had time to learn about Human Rights and Women Rights. I learned mostly on my own because I needed time before making the next set of moves. In 2018, I came across the Human Rights Watch webpage and found the following data on UAE/Dubai.

UAE law permits domestic violence. Article 53 of the UAE’s penal code allows the imposition of “chastisement by a husband to his wife and the chastisement of minor children” so long as the assault does not exceed the limits prescribed by Sharia, or Islamic law. Source: Human Rights Watch, UAE.

When Princess Latifa’s story emerged in the news, I felt baffled. I knew it was easy to change this into a conspiracy theory, which is what’s mentioned in the BBC video, “What happened to Dubai’s Sheikha Latifa?”, as well. Even then, I feel forced to write this down because of the voice I heard, Latifa’s story, and feedback provided by Human Rights Watch. Please help the women of this world if you can!

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Becoming Alive Again

I had lots of female friends in Pakistan. Because I was a Muslim girl, I only hanged around with girls. Being around with boys was out of question unless they were my cousins, my classmates, my teachers, or friends of my family—this changed when I grew older because now I had to meet my colleagues as well as men I felt interested in. So when I was younger, mostly my female friends offered me all sorts of enjoyment.

They always held my hand when I was sad; spoiled me with movies, snacks, and sleepovers; studied together and danced at weddings together; and, broke some critical rules to make me laugh. We used to have so much fun together but that was our daily routine. Gradually, something inside just died due to the fact that I got so used to everything. I needed to try new things out. But, I didn’t fully realize that this is what I needed until I arrived in Canada. I was just a teenager back then; obviously, I was pretty confused.

In Canada, I was lucky enough to meet a Buddhist Chinese-Canadian girl, L.C. She felt so awesome because she used to add a new idea inside my young mind every now and then.Yes! She was the one who got me into reading newspaper and articles related to global affairs. I felt that I became alive when she came in my life although she was just like the rest of the girls. She was a bit different than the rest because she was telepathic; that is why she could create a “lock and key” mechanism inside my mind. Whenever she talked, it felt like a mirror. Sometimes, she would say things that I needed to hear; and sometimes, I would say things that she needed to hear. We were like that despite the fact that we belonged to different cultures and religions.

Around 10 years have passed since she left me due to her domestic abuse issues—I have always known that the second L.C. would be abused, I will be abused somehow as well. But, I still miss her like hell! Ever since she has left me, I have waited for her and thought about her every year. I have scanned the web; and, I have failed. I did find out the name of the city she went to; but, I was unable to find out her address in time because we had to move away as well. I have some great friends but they cannot replace her. Her memories are so fresh in my mind that I woke up today thinking about her and ended up making seven audio recordings about how we used to be. I intend to publish this in my short story/novel “She: The Mirror”. I recorded myself crying over her because her memories are so fresh that these sting like fresh wounds. You know after ten years passed, I realized that I have lost a real sister.


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How God Has Blessed Me?

I think when God created me, He created a very large puzzle and test. This is why He gave me both friends and enemies to deal with; and, He made sure that both my well-wishers and foes are very smart. But, God is very Loving so He gave me eight crazy cool tools to deal with those who wish to harm me:

  1. Creative Writing (part of Channel Therapy)
  2. Poetry (part of Channel Therapy)
  3. Lucid Dreams (part of Psychotherapy)
  4. Ability to fall in love with Historic figures like Anne Frank.
  5. Ability to dance (exercise heals)
  6. Ability to love songs and music (I listen and I sing, which heals)
  7. Prayers─Silver Bullets─that get accepted.
  8. I enjoy getting “fits” of laughter.

I am definitely not forgetting the fact that my friends are making sure that I stay safe. The only thought that prevented me from mentioning them in this list is that my friends are not my tools. LOL!

If you ever get in real trouble, think back to what I wrote above. Oh! Watch YouTube video “Light in the Darkness Living Well After Trauma“. This video is a real blesssing because a Twitter user decided to send it to me; it’s very detailed and informative.

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Link Between Sexual Assault Trauma, Physical Issues, and Need for Psychological Relief

I was researching something on the net for myself when I came across the PowerPoint presentation titled, “Impact of SA on the body: working with survivors of sexual assault to assist them in healing pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction issues“.  These slides discuss how some women can develop pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction after being sexually assaulted. I was shocked to read the meditations that are mentioned on pages 35 till 38. The therapists are using phrases like “My sexuality is safe”; “It is safe to be vulnerable”; and, “I am willing to feel. It is safe for me to express my emotions. I love myself” to heal several pelvic flood dysfunctions. Really! I have read the Abuse Cycle in detail; and, I know that the psychological needs and physical needs are linked with each other, which is how something like hitting can lead to other issues that remain hidden until therapists teach the victims how to cope with trauma. Until today, I had no idea that the thoughts are linking into physical illnesses to such a refined extent.

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Muslim Women, Be Wary of Family Members Who Keep Quiet When You Are Injured

I encourage women to be careful of family members who stay quiet when one is neglected. I am using my personal experiences to form conclusions. Some years ago, I was sexually harassed by a Buddhist man. Later, I found out that he was a real criminal; and, that is how he kept brainwashing me with grand ease. I was a virgin when this happened; and, I survived all this because I was emotionally and physically strong. This man actually apologized to me by sharing his entire life story. The fact that I engage in small talk helped him do this. Most people don’t realize that small talk is healthy for humans; but, I have always known and applied this knowledge ever since I was a child.

Even though he finally started sounding very sincere, I still don’t believe a lot of things he told me because sometimes he would talk like two people and not one. It really feels like one is talking to “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. No wonder, I got so confused! I got away from safely somehow; and, I did manage to eliminate all contact with this criminal. I also wrote down everything he said and did; and, I intend to use this data for my upcoming book, “She: The Mirror”. As an ENFP, I am designed to do exactly this; i.e., become stubborn when I feel compromised.

I got over this trauma very slowly and mostly on my own. When I complained to a female relative, she asked me to stay quiet and not discuss it at all. She said that your dad is not so well and you should not share anything that can cause him to become more ill. Obviously, I got a bit scared and decided not to talk; even then, I felt that this was an indication of communication issues and not “sincere love”. This way I had zero support from my family members. I have been thinking about this; and, I realized that I cannot complain now because that female relative of mine already delayed the entire process by asking me to be shunned about this. When I told an Indian woman about this so that she may offer me emotional support, she said, “you are an honorable woman; and, you should not tell anyone about this”. In both cases, the women ended up injuring me further. This is why I have decided to leave their company; and, move on with my life. I will also be deserting certain men who played a role in this mistreatment. Instead, I have started making contact with those men and women who would like to listen to my personal experiences and help me find a permanent exit. Like I said, I can become very stubborn when I feel compromised. 

I have thought about this really hard. Rape is becoming common. 2 out of 3 Canadians don’t know about sexual consent; and, 1 out of 3 Canadian women experience sexual assault. Marital rape is also becoming common. Then there is sexual exploitation going on in form of Hilala marriages. How am I supposed to survive if something was done to me after marriage? Is this relative of mine going to command me to shut up again?

I got tired of all these tactics; and, so I decided to post. I also read into what rape can do to human minds. This is when I realized that it can cause victims to be silenced; and, that is why its used as a weapon during wars. Lies cannot work for long. So I ended up posting this on the web; and, I have finished the first draft of my book, “She: The Mirror” by using some of these experiences of mine. I am thinking of publishing it as a short story first; and, then later edit parts and create something else. This work should help you fully realize how Canada systemically allows for abuse of colored women; you should also be able to see how exactly I ended up surviving so much trauma on my own. Obviously, it’s clear inside my mind that the Muslims who are abusing me are not following the guidelines set by Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and Islam.

I have also realized that there are too many women abusers nowadays. Not to forget that I am planning to use my prayers against all my prayers. My prayers work within multiple dimensions. They are deeper in nature because I am a lucid dreamer. That is why I call my prayers “Silver Bullet”. I can use it to remove things that are as intimidating as werewolves; and, I have done this a couple of times before.

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Narcissists Like It When Victims Cave In

A relative of mine likes to emotionally abuse whenever he deems fit. I have noticed that although he sometimes offers what seems to be criticism, he does this by bringing up opposing arguments while finger-pointing. I have also noticed that he can use one person against another to create a real situation. Lastly, I noticed that he apologizes pretty soon but then another incidence happens. All this mistreatment slowly crumbled my health. I used to study martial arts but that also changed due to this and some other factors; for around a year, I became almost dead as I started sleeping more and ignoring my personal needs. My therapist tried putting me on anti-depressants, which I refused. I turned to herbal treatments and exercise instead because I felt those would prove easier on my system. As I think back to all this, I realize that I stopped thinking due to him. I realize that criminal Narcissists also do this but they do this more strongly. This thought snapped me back to reality as I decided that I need to safely exit this situation by confiding in some trustworthy people.

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How Some Professional Men Are Literally Throwing Some Canadian Women Out of Their Homes

As a professional woman, I have been noticing a whole lots of things not only about Canadian men but also about foreign men—I read the Human Rights Watch reports whenever I have spare time and that is how I have learned about the foreign men. Most of them are busy throwing women out of their homes and jobs by making sure that they are never introduced into their network or by mistreating them mentally or physically. For example, a male friend of mine never invites me to any weddings he attends; this way, I have never been introduced to any of his friends. It is also becoming common to ignore professional communication. For instance, I was recently invited for an interview by a Canadian company. But the guy who was supposed to interview me never made it. Furthermore, he never replied to my email messages. I finally removed him from my LinkedIn account, which has over 500 contacts, simply because he failed to reach out to me within two weeks. In another example of workplace harassment, I reached out to the CEO to resolve a dispute that a new senior employee was causing; and, the CEO never replied back. Instead he stayed on my LinkedIn for several months while I struggled to find out what The Ministry of Labour says about such abuse. Finally, I had to remove his account from my LinkedIn account as well.

There are several other examples of workplace abuse ranging from unnecessarily overriding my authority and expertise to pressuring me to do more work for a lower payment. Most of the times, this abuse was reported to someone influential or some authority figure; and, even then no fruitful action was taken. For example, I once reported this low payment deal to an HR person; and, she said that it is up to the employer to offer you a wage and that it must match or be above the minimum wage. I felt that by saying something like this, she was participating in creating the wage gap that female Canadian workers have to fight while working in Canada. This is how HR personnel are breaking down the real story into smaller unrealistic fragments and then feeding it back to the victims. Truth is that some of them are unaware of the wage gap and that is why they just sit there and justify things instead. I feel that if I tell some trustworthy people about what is going on, then they are more likely not going to utilize the services offered by these professionals or their businesses. Its like when Eric decides to call his girlfriend Amanda’s friend Alexa; and Alexa knows that Eric is not reliable because honest Amanda said so;  and, so Alexa hangs up on Eric and warns the rest of the girls that he is looking for a date.

This situation is ongoing; and, I believe that it is common in Canada because other women are also complaining about this. If you are in the position to help us, then please do so by applying political pressure or by openly stating on your social media or among your friends and acquaintances that you are not comfortable about this. I am very scared for myself because I feel that my psychological safety has been repeatedly threatened by professional men. What if I finally stop applying to jobs because I have started feeling very harassed and need some time away? What if I keep doing this every now and then and thus keep missing some good chances? What if I ended up sleeping on streets when I get older because I failed to save up sufficient cash for retirement? Obviously, abusers don’t see through all of this because they are rash and irresponsible. I can clearly see Canada changing into something like the trains of Mumbai, India. There are going to be more and more accidents and mental wreckage in the future as men learn how to run this train. If you don’t trust me, read about a recent survey and hear Justin Trudeau’s brief comments about workplace harassment.

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Some Canadian Muslim Matchmakers Are Very Lame

Here is one of my experiences with a Canadian Muslim Matchmaker. I got so disgusted after this that I neglected talking to other matchmakers for some years. Here is what this matchmaker inquired about me during the first conversation:

“How is her neck?”

“What is the size of her waist?”

“What is her complexion and height?”

She was so breaking down everything that I got fed up. Who is going to be happy when matched with a guy who is extremely keen about how you look? I could clearly visualize her calling some guy up and then telling him extreme details about how I look. He was only going to turn greedy after hearing all this. After pondering like this, I asked my female chaperone to hang up; but, she complained that other matchmakers might end up asking the same thing. I told her it is the matchmakers and their culture, which is separate from their religion Islam.

Was this all not remarkably hilarious and weird?