An Error That Lead To Murder

I had a funny dream today. I saw an error that lead to a murder. This is just a creative dream. I have actually forgotten some parts of it due to stress; but, I remember some parts. I have some stress in my life because I am slowly working to achieve three large projects. I…… Continue reading An Error That Lead To Murder

Types Of Eye Contact

I write like Arthur Clarke About Arthur Clarke | Analyze your text I sometimes receive really solid stares by men—sometimes this happens at odd places like the bus and other time it happens in more usual places. I think its natural instincts though! Once, in Canada, this guy got into the bus; walked right up…… Continue reading Types Of Eye Contact

How Acting Can Be Dangerous

I am a writer who likes to sometimes act in order to create written work. I was like this when I was a child and teenager; but, as an adult, I act less because I can get tired this way. Its a demanding struggle inside my mind because acting creates more creative content! Read blog…… Continue reading How Acting Can Be Dangerous

Anger Of Artists Is A Blessing In Disguise

Anger is a very important ingredient that is vital for the creation of admirable works. I have experienced rage when I observe things like human rights related issues. Artists are creative folks who can channel their emotions including the most vile imaginations in writing and still leave a lesson.  “Writing Therapy” is a well-known technique…… Continue reading Anger Of Artists Is A Blessing In Disguise

Why I Think Writing Is The Best Way of Shunning Rapists And Rape Culture

I have spent some years of my life in Pakistan. When I was a teenager, I wrote a powerful piece in my personal diary; I was still sitting in my high school when I composed this. I wrote this to make sense out of my thoughts that had scattered after I read a news article…… Continue reading Why I Think Writing Is The Best Way of Shunning Rapists And Rape Culture

Daydreaming About Someone You Love Creates Stunning Lucid Dreams

I daydream often because it ties into my creativity and helps me sleep well. Read “I Daydream Often”.  Yesterday, I daydreamt about a relative of mine who is very close to me. He is a very loving, forgiving, and creative in nature. I have always felt so close to him that I actually created a character […]


Today, I am reading another one of Barbara Cartland’s clean romance novels and loudly laughing at my older self.  My mother gifted me my first copies of Dame Barbara Cartland’s Regency Romance novels when I was a teenager. Here are some of my precious thoughts on these books: The Story That Used To Run In…… Continue reading Innocence

Using a Layered Approach with Writing Therapy

Writing Therapy can be used to allow locked emotions and feelings to channel outwards, which allows for self-validation and  healing. I have been using this technique for a while; and, I have realized that one must use a two-step approach in order to be able to compose something proper. Step 1: Expressing Your Raw Thoughts…… Continue reading Using a Layered Approach with Writing Therapy

Brainstorming as a Character

This is a hectic technique because it requires use of acting and writing skills. You can do this routine in small chunks; you just need to know where each snippet is saved. To accomplish this technique, you will have to role play and imagine being in the position of your character─be spontaneous and shocking. I…… Continue reading Brainstorming as a Character

Act It All The Way Through

Writers can learn from actors because acting is inherently linked to writing. I know this because I have always felt drawn to the actors and their minds─like Charles Dickens, I am an ENFP who likes to act because it drives her mad with pleasure. When some writers are thinking of fun things to say or different…… Continue reading Act It All The Way Through