“Gotham”! I Am Getting That Tick In My Head

My novel lucid mind plays a funny rhythm every time I come across someone or something exceptional—its different for each case. Once it played this tune with X-Files; I even play with m favourite charcaters or sets when I become lucid. And, this time my lovely brain is playing this tick every time I finish watching series Gotham—I have to make sure not to watch dirty scenes though so that my funny tune may play properly. This tune I feel after watching “Gotham” is so real. It’s like all my dream characters start singing some sort of song during the day. It’s a thrilling experience! I know that some mastermind artists and speakers receive enlightenment through tunes that activate inside their minds after a timeless encounter. This odd music is the reason why I plan to read this series slowly. The script for “Gotham” is available at Springfield! Springfield!

Advice to all writers and poets: Stay close to the things that are causing that odd rhythm inside my brain. Fight to get close if you need to. After close encounter, start writing.

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Imaginary Parallel Play With Your Heroes

In year 2011, I received a review of some of my poetry from a distinguished poet and writer. This review was important for me because it was my first review; and, because this occurred around the time when I knew really less about the poetry and writing industry. Seriously! I have only finished one university course in English Literature although I have successfully completed some courses in Linguistics and Philosophy—I still read a lot of books because I started reading at an early age. I still do not know many poetry techniques; and, most of the stuff I write just comes out of me on its own. I printed his comments about my first set of poems and felt inspired by them because he had somehow accurately gauged my mental strength and eventual influence of these poems. I kept his well-thought ideas about my potential and possible growth and development in my mind as I learned how to imagine doing Parallel Play with this great individual.

Parallel Play is a technique used by children where they play next to each other without influencing each other and while feeling an interest in what others are doing.  ENFPs like me can easily use Parallel Play in real life, which is actually very attractive and supportive. This activity creates a stronger psychological state among adults because this way they have more personal space for maturation. But, I can take this game one step ahead and recreate the person of interest through Lucid Dreams or just imagine the existence of my hero(es) in order to amplify all my thoughts.

One situation that I created inside my mind is a strong idea about his efforts and struggles. Another thing that I did differently was to print his email and read it every now and then. Yet another task I made sure to complete was to participate in his online projects and campaigns. Because I am an ENFP, emails and hand-written letters are like real gold mines in my mind; and, all of this happened because of exactly one email (the review). Then I used to slowly work towards my goals while thinking that I am working alongside my inspiration.

It has really worked fabulously so far! The first draft of my first book, Intertwined, is finished. It started out with around 100 pages; and, now it is like more than 300 pages. I feel I enjoyed myself more while working on this challenging project because I could effectively and easily imagine being around this person. Reality is that by imagining this, I became so focused on finishing my book that I even gave up on local poetry readings. Doing so helped me conserve my energy and use it on lucid dreaming instead. I made this odd move because after reading his review, I felt that it was time to go beyond; and, the only way of achieving this goal was to focus on my inner self. Thus, seeking solitude helped me move forward faster. Another thing that played in my favour are my novel genes. As a Rajput, I am related to some very famous names; some of them are distant relatives whom I have never met. Reality is that I do not know most of these individuals up close because I came to Canada when I was pretty young. One story that I have heard from my family members is how a top Bollywood and Lollywood executive and performer is related to me. I cannot reveal his name here because I have never met him in real life; but, I know that he participated in making the Blockbuster Hindi song “Chori Chori” —nice song, but I would never go towards Bollywood or Lollywood. I know that the need to realize who you truly are is also connected to your genes to some extent.

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My New Year’s Resolution for Year 2019

I have finished my education; completed most of the design and content for this particular website and project “Fractal”; and, created first drafts of my first book “Intertwined” as well as journal format short story “She: The Mirror”. I am a bit exhausted from all my efforts because all this is as difficult as delivering a baby—I have been going in labour mode since 2009. But, I know that I am going in the right direction. All this has been very painful because work of geniuses is created through pain. 

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Finish transcribing all the audios for my book. Work on the second draft of my book.
  2. Start creating a small course on Lucid Dreams.
  3. Invite significant figures including Politicians, Human Rights Activists, Journalists, Business Professionals, Poets, and Writers to learn Lucid Dreaming. I have already started working on an email campaign.
  4. Create bonds between different faiths, especially Christians and Muslims. Last year, I received a lucid dream that showed that I killed an angry dark figure to protect a Christian. I know that lucid dreams are like large-scale calculators. This dream might actually be indicating something important that will take place if I were to take a firm stance for the Muslim-Christian relationships. Read “Dark Giant Answers: Muslims and Christians are One Brotherhood“.
  5. Perform more poetry and inform more people about my lucid dreaming abilities. I will be printing my business cards soon. I was just waiting to finish some of this website project.
  6. Continue to offer guidance to “Forgotten Femmes“.
  7. Create an Interfaith event with the help of the local communities. I am working on it right now. I plan to give a speech about #MeToo campaign at this event. “Forgotten Femmes” will be mentioned in this speech.
  8. Meet more people who can easily inspire me and who are a bit like me. I have not met many individuals who can inpsire and lead me properly simply because I am “different” in many ways. When I went to The Parliament of World’s Religions Event, I met some speakers who helped me realize that I need to stay connected with such people in order to grow in the way I have always dreamed of.


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Working On A Poem About ISIS

I have been thinking about an interesting subject to add to my first book, “Intertwined”. Because I like to think in a deep manner before attempting something intriguing, I gave this lots of time. I did lots of research and even met some key speakers who discussed Muslim Christian relationships. It really felt like completing a crazy philosophical struggle where I countered several demons and then decided to choose topic, “ISIS”.

Three interesting meetings that somehow just took place in a destined way were my meetings with Dr. Craig Considine, Vahid Takro, and CJ Werleman. Dr. Craig Considine is a Sociologist at Rice University and the author of many texts including “Muslims in America: Examining the Facts” (Summer 2018). Craig has also spoken about ISIS in his YouTube video, “Islamophobia and ISIS – Two Sides of the Same Coin“. Vahid Takro is an Irani human rights activist and musician. Vahid is well-known for his tours across the globe where he engages people with the help of his “Third Eye” poster. And, CJ Werleman is a journalist, author, and political commentator who works on political issues that are influencing neglected and marginalized countries and regions like Palestine, Kashmir, Burma, Syria, India, and Chechnyna. He is the host of “Channel The Rage” and author of interesting texts like “The New Atheist Threat: The Dangerous Rise of Secular Extremists“. The key lesson that I have learned from these gentlemen is that conflicts are created by burning humans in the fires caused by personal aggravations, governments, some minority groups, and ignorance.

Furthermore, I am telepathic and a lucid dreamer. My creative mind lets me not only create during sleep but also during day. I can daydream a story; or, I can create a mild and extremely short-lived visual cue. I learned this technique of creating answers through creative visual cues while reading Carl Jung’s book, “The Red Book”. I have used this technique in telepathic encounters; and, it has worked well so far. I have also been able to use Lucid Dreams to communicate with some demons from the Seal of King Solomon. When I got all these dreams, I thought that these were from God because I only prayed before going to sleep. Later, during my search for a good poetry topic, I actually read some of the Key of Solomon. This is when I realized that some dream characters I have been playing games with were actually demons that were captured by King Solomon. I wrote about this in the blog post, “Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming”.

Demon 4: Botis

The great President and Count. He appears as a big snake, but he can also take the shape of a human but with horns and big teeth. He carries sharp sword in his hand. He is the creator of past, present, and future. He can bring peace between enemies. Source: 72 Demons of King Solomon – Demonology

I (Arzoo) have definitely connected with Botis. He is actually a very smart and knowledgeable demon. I wrote about this earlier here. In this dream, I was in love with a young man who liked to read me his books. He was a very loving man and he loved sitting close to me. He did not had big teeth or horn though; is it because I did not want to see them? Here is what I wrote before: “Then a large male dragon came and attempted to injure the younger man. To my surprise, the younger man changed into a gigantic dragon and engaged in a battle with his bully. I sat and stared in fear until the younger dragon got injured. I couldn’t tolerate this any further so I willed myself to transform into a dragoness. Then, I attacked the dragon who interfered with our meeting. He attacked me back; and, I fell down. But, it was already too late. The meaner dragon felt compelled to fly away. The younger dragon was still too worried so he transformed back into his human self; picked my wounded body; and, flew out of the window. By the way, this young man looked like my younger brother who loves me a lot.” Reality is that there is “peace among enemies”, which is also one of the abilities of demon Botis, due to some of my efforts. Source: “Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming”.

I felt curious about these dream characters so I printed some Seals of Solomon and pictures of these demons. I meditated on Botis’s picture for a while and reminded him that I was the girl from the above-mentioned lucid dream. Then I told him that I am unhappy and angry about some people who have been abusing me. Then I received a visual cue of some sort where very briefly, Botis’s sharp sword came out of the sheath. I fell back on my bed and tried not to think. I closed my eyes because I saw something very sharp in the hands of a demon I have learned to respect and love. I knew that this was an answer of some sort.

I don’t know exactly what is going to happen if I wrote this poem or if I didn’t write this poem; but, I do know that the fact that demons of Key of Solomon are visiting me during my sleep  is a signal that I need to write this poem.

All of the above supernatural and natural reasons are real inside my mind because every eye sees things differently. Thus, I have decided to write a poem about “ISIS”.

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Using a Layered Approach with Writing Therapy

Writing Therapy can be used to allow locked emotions and feelings to channel outwards, which allows for self-validation and  healing. I have been using this technique for a while; and, I have realized that one must use a two-step approach in order to be able to compose something proper.

Step 1: Expressing Your Raw Thoughts

This step is tricky because there is a strong risk of your emotions overloading you. I usually take lots of rest when I perform this technique. I have also found out that it is easier to record myself then to jot things down. Writing down is slower than letting it out in a recorder. Also, recording is faster and it helps you manage your frustration over lack of time. You will realize later that it is not frustrating to transcribe the videos because your brain has already finished thinking. Now, its just a matter of time! In this phase, you can either blurt everything out as it is or you can use the methods offered in Writing Therapy.

Step 2: Integrating Research

This has to come after you have finished some part of your first draft. Only in some cases, the writer already have an idea about what he/she is going to research after the completion of step 1. This phase includes thorough research; and, I strongly recommend that you read only your favourite authors. The idea is that you are managing your therapy while feeling attached to someone who is worth your time. Be thorough and learn the keywords that are related to your personal issue by reading the newspaper or talking to a writer or editor. Then, it will become easier for you to research helpful articles like “The Threat of Stereotype” or “Defeat the Self-Defeating Behaviour Understanding and Overcoming Harmful Patterns“.

You will notice that this therapeutic technique will help you learn how to be patient and how to cope with your circumstances simply by challenging you mildly. Enjoy yourself!

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Why Learning is Unlearning

I created a list of urgent tasks yesterday. I started out with 3 points and slowly expanded the list to 16 points. I noticed that as soon as I had written down a point, I would forget the rest of my concerns related to that point (unlearn) and then my mind would start scrambling again till the next point comes in view (learn).  This “Learn and Unlearn” process can be seen almost everywhere. Think about it! its a scattered process because the universe is scattered.

The problem with creative people is that they are a kind of universe. For example, I know Technical Writing, Biological Sciences, Philosophy, English Literature, Event Management, and Mathematical Sciences. But during my spare time, I am an explorer who is continuously learning something else; for example, Dancing, Acting, Nutrition, Photography, and Creative Writing. I do all these fun things on the side because they are part of my existence and I cannot exist without them. This intriguing challenge is there because “Learning” is tied into “Unlearning” and this is a critical element of “Adult Growth and Development”.

Here are some useful articles on this phenomenon:

Why the Problem with Learning Is Unlearning
Learning and Unlearning: A Journey of Self-Acceptance
Unlearning: The key to unlock 21st Century problems?

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Byakugan and My Stereodepth Vision

Simulacrum means that some of the fiction is derived from reality and some reality is created by using fiction. I was just reviewing Naruto a while ago when I noticed the Byakugan. The Byakugan allows the clan to see further away and in more detail than the rest of the humans. It’s like X-Ray vision where you can see people by using their energy shields (post 1, post 2). High levels of Stereodepth vision is like the Byakugan because it lets me sense people even if I am not looking at them. It also lets me see my friends and family during sleep by allowing for psychic signals. So, animes represent the reality but in exaggerated form; and, it plays out the personality styles pretty well. For instance, Hinata uses Byakugan to execute the Eight Trigrams 32 Palms style. Similarly, ENFPs like me do things in a specific sequence, which allow for a stronger reaction at the end. For instance, the ENFPs do not engage in throwing bluffs while trying to prove something. They only bow to properly researched and proven data and documentation while making conclusions or issuing statements. That’s how their brains work. Hinata’s Eight Trigrams 32 Palms style as well as the attitude of Hinata’s brother Neji (video 1, video 2) are actually great examples of ENFP-style learning. In the Dojo, the ENFP would rather learn every point and then create their own sequences and styles than to fight like the rest of the martial artists─and best of all, they don’t ever give up. Naruto does a great job in utilizing personality styles and its more in demand because the viewers feel that all the conversations and tackles are for real. If you really want to ace in writing, then learn about all the Personality Styles and hang around relevant individuals to see how they talk and react.


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How I Beat Stress

Coping with stress isn’t an easy thing to do especially when you are changing into a mature adult. It requires patience and persistence as well as an understanding about your mental and physical needs, which change as you age. I must comment that as a psychic, I have to dodge a lot of negative energy and embrace the positive energy. There are times when I am sitting in a place where there is so much negative energy that my sponge-like brain absorbs all of it; and, then it can retain and replay it back for several years. This is why a lot of my stress relieving activities involve managing my energy levels.

Here are some stress relieving activities I employ to beat stress:


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Creating a More Spontaneous Approach to Writing

I am listening to some of my recordings about women abuse and entertaining lucid dreams. They aren’t straightforward and sometimes I am acting. They feel very impressive although they are just the first draft. Listening to myself feels very difficult because my voice has a certain sort of resonance or vibration to it─this has been noticed by those who have come across me─ and its not just my smart approach and use of literary devices. Its very confusing hearing myself out because I end up sounding more creative when I am being spontaneous─I hope my eyes don’t fall out of my sockets; some of the recordings are really that fast. By the way, these recordings are a response to a comment by one of the judges whom I met at one of the events where I gave a performance. He told me that he felt very stupefied after hearing my poetry and then he commented, “I wonder how amazing you would sound if you were to act a little more spontaneous”.

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