Studying and Creating Characters

Study 16 Personality Styles  and those around you if you wish to study or create characters. Get a notepad and write down personality traits and associated behaviors. Think of yourself as a Psychologist who is examining patients or an Ecologist who is reviewing the environment. Below is an example that will help you figure things…… Continue reading Studying and Creating Characters

Staying Creative and Genuine

Staying creative while sounding genuine requires the writer to learn that they are required to document things as much as they can and that everything they write won’t be published. This is a hard lesson for all the writers because of the level of attachment they have with their ideas. To overcome this gap, I…… Continue reading Staying Creative and Genuine

I Write Like

If you wish to understand your writing style, then you should create some content while awake or sleep. When his arduous task is complete─all this is strenuous for the mind  because finding dream content requires relaxing my body and mind─use I Write Like to figure out which author you sound more closer to. Then, borrow some…… Continue reading I Write Like

Independent Learning

I am learning Twitter on my own. I AM ON MY OWN, which means that I am learning independently.  I had a Facebook account before; but I deleted it because it was causing too much pressure. It says FACEbook, which means “Your Face”, “Your Personal Life”, and “Your book or Private Diary”. That’s what it…… Continue reading Independent Learning

Publication of My First Book

Originally Published On: Dec 23, 2016 I just removed some of my written content from both of my blogs because I am revisiting all of this. I intend to publish my poetry and prose together. As I launch on this heavy task, I am thinking back to how some poets rewrite their poems 100 times before…… Continue reading Publication of My First Book

Producing Creative Drafts

Dreams and writing have significant number of overlaps. Both are very creative processes and both require effort and understanding. Writers create first, second, and third drafts; discard several pieces of their written material; finalize their works alone or with the help of other writers or editors; and compose pieces that belong to different genres. Its…… Continue reading Producing Creative Drafts

Link between Lucid Dreaming and Automatic Writing

After experiencing several dreams that are challenging to document owing to their uniqueness and high frequency of occurrence, I have started wondering about the link between lucid dreaming and automatic writing. They are both considered psychic writings; and the primary difference between them is that automatic writing can only be done while awake and lucid dreaming…… Continue reading Link between Lucid Dreaming and Automatic Writing

Vague Sentences are More Creative

I write like David Foster Wallace About David Foster Wallace | Analyze your text Sentences that are unclear within or without the context add creativity to your content. Let us review the sentence, “They are not for me”. This sentence is directed at something or someone; and it is imaginative because it can easily refer…… Continue reading Vague Sentences are More Creative