…I doodle to get less distracted, less stressed, and to laugh. According to Theresa Fisher’s article, “Studies Show That People Who Doodle Have An Advantage Over the Rest“, doodling allows one to retain information, improve focus, prevent boredom, and manage stressful moments…According to Matt Ellis’s article, “The meaning of doodles: when a squiggle isn’t just a squiggle”, some of history’s most influential people used to doodle. Source: Why I Doodle?

Lady Bag
Funny Face
Rag Doll
Hidden Warrior Final with Copyright Notice
The Hidden Soldier
conn and ds 06
Connected and Disconnected
Philosopher Within edited final
The Philosopher Within


I love how drawing things relaxes and focuses me; and, I love how drawing has always felt natural to me. I have not been trained in the classroom in this art except for when I was in high school. I belonged to a Pakistani high school, which was run in a small city named Sheikhupura, so obviously we had to learn without much help. I studied in National Model High School, which was one of the best schools in our city. This school started at grade 5 or 6; and, they focused mostly on Sciences. Thus, I had only a sketch pad, some pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, and some color pencilsI also managed to learn just a little bit of water coloring. My teachers taught me how to draw fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ducks. I even won an award for drawing and coloring ducks. Source: Drawing Feels Natural

I am still learning how to draw. I also intend to learn how to paint⁠—starting with Water Colors. I get dreams of 3D scenes that are just like real life and have colors and concepts that I have not experienced before. Thrilling! I know that Salvador Dali, a legendary surrealist artist, painted by using his lucid dreams. So I am now learning how to draw and paint slowly. I am also going to attempt how to play the guitar so let us see how far I can goI am learning from home by using the net.

Image of Rohingya woman  named “Mayina Khatun”. Original post “Drawing Feels Natural“.
Based on my picture. Original post “Self-Portrait“.
Image of Professor J.K. Fowler. Original post “Celebrity Drawings: JK Fowler”
Image of Dr. Craig Considine. Original post “Celebrity Drawings: Craig Considine
Image of Noam Chomsky. Original post “Celebrity Drawings: Noam Chomsky”
Image of author Dame Barbara Cartland. Original post “Celebrity Drawings: Dame Barbara Cartland
Image of Ibn-Sina (Avicenna), the most influential philosopher of the pre-modern era and Islamic Golden Age. Original post Celebrity Drawings: Ibn-Sina (Avicenna).
Image of Fatima Al-Fihri, the founder of world’s first university (Al-Qarawiyyin). Original post Celebrity Drawings: Fatima Al-Fihri
Image of Mohamed El Baradei, an Egyptian Nobel Peace Price. Original post “Celebrity Drawings: Mohamed El Baradei
Based on my picture. Original post “Drawing A Different Face By Using Your Own Face“.
Colored version of the image shown above. Original post “Managing Yourself During Coronavirus Outbreak: Drawing And Coloring Ease Tension“.
Image of Human Rights Activist CJ Werleman. Original post Celebrity Drawings: CJ Werleman.

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