Islam & Islamophobia

Note: One reason behind this blog was to manage the aftermath of 9/11. I am hoping that learning about Islam from a Muslim woman would help you understand the reality.

Recitations of Quran

Ramadan 2020 has started; and, I am very excited about this Ramadan. I am happier today because I have survived rape trauma. It took me around 7 years to fight back. Bit by bit, I reclaimed pieces of my sanity that were destroyed by an older and very physically stronger Buddhist Islamophobic man. While raping me, he brainwashed me by saying, “God is not there for us.” He wanted me to believe that Islam does not make…

A Live Q&A Session With IslamInSpanish

I participated in a live Q&A session with IslamInSpanish, which is an educational non-profit organization that offers Latinos education about Islam in Spanish language. I find it interesting that this organizationfounded by Mujahid Fletcherwas created after 9/11 since some of my work including some upcoming poetry is also created…

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Tango Between Personal and Societal Issues

A while ago, I read Amira Elghawaby’s Twitter post where she shared a video of a female child feeding toilet water to three male children; Amira commented that this is how Patriarchy feels like to her. I replied back to this tweet by sharing the video Shop Snatch where the character Nasreen who is married to a Misogynist and Patriarchal man…

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Acting In Moderation

In Islam, moderation is a very broad concept. It takes time and patience to learn this skill. I believe that usually Muslims who are keen about both secular and religious aspects tend to be moderate in nature. According to the article, “How the Prophet Muhammad Rose above Enmity and Insult“, Michael Hart who wrote “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History”

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Sounds of Prayers: Melodies That Echoes

I have a younger sister who is a religious woman—she chose Islam after reviewing and reading other religions although she was born among Muslims. She prays a lot and she is definitely a good believer. Now, I would not have commented like this about her spiritual nature unless I had observed something interesting! Those echoes are too profound…

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I Used A Prayer To Straighten My Hair

Several years ago, I fell in love with super straight hair. My hair are very fine so I did not want to use a rod to straighten them. Furthermore, I did not had detailed knowledge of hair products; and, the most I knew was about Nioxin products because an older lady told me about them. At some point, I prayed to God that I wanted straight hair…

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Mary Was A Prophetess And There Were Other Female Prophets

I was thinking about how I can predict some future events, which is a key characteristics of certain prophets. I must comment that I have read in Islam that believers have only 1 out of 24 visions that a prophet or prophetess possesses. I once heard from a Muslim woman that…

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Significance Of White Colour In Lucid Dreams

I sometimes get lucid dreams where I interact with dream characters that are dressed in white. In one dream, I was wearing a white dress and standing next to a dream character (my husband) as he bled near a pond. Read “Creating Change“. In another dream, I was dressed in white; and, I interacted with the dream character of an American professor…

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Why I Chose “Surah Noah” To Get Rid of Really Ruthless Enemies

You must have read the blog post, “Surah Nuh (Noah)”: A Prayer To Get Rid Of Really Ruthless Enemies“. Now, I must tell you that I just chose to open the book “Majmuah Wazaif” (it is published by the Chaand Company of Lahore, Pakistan) and decided to…

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How Some Canadian Muslim Men Are Abusing Some Of The Canadian Muslim Women

In Canada, Muslims are the minority. Obviously, even the worst Muslims would want to appear as loving and approachable in this country. I have gathered this data after talking to some Muslim women who are victims of abuse as well as from my experiences—I had some very harsh experiences most of which I was required to sort mostly on my own…

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How God Creates Rejections To Offer Something Better

This has just happened to me recently. I was trying to get a part-time job as a server in a restaurant because I was planning to volunteer to learn Event Planning—I found about this opportunity some weeks before the restaurant actually opened. I had another part-time position in Events so I was not worried about acquiring another relevant job

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Understanding How The “Silver Bullet Prayers” Work

I have often thought about how it is possible for my prayers to deliver accurate and/or better results. I call these special prayers that come true “Silver Bullet” because they give me whatever I require. For instance, once I thought and wished to God that I wanted…

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What Islam Teaches Us About Different Races

I was born in a Muslim household; obviously, I learned the value of different races at a very young age. I was pretty blessed in terms of my exposure to different races from the very start. I started studies in a Pakistani school, St. Mary’s School, which was located inside the city of Sheikhupra. This school was owned by two very smart and powerful…

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Why I Think Observing “Rights of Neighbors” Are Critical For Creating World Peace

I have been recently learning whatever I might have forgotten due to lack of practice; busy schedule; lack of a reminder; and, younger age.

I am usually a quiet person, so this is one reason why I don’t hang out too much; another reason is that intelligent people usually make fewer friends.

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My Thoughts On Interfaith Marriage

I was reading Dr. Craig Considine’s Twitter profile where he briefly commented on Interfaith marriage. See original tweet here.

This idea has puzzled me often. We live in an area where things are already pretty tough: 1) Some Muslims are abusing other Muslims rather harshly; and, I have come across a couple of such cases; 2) According to Wikipedia, 65.4% of people are Christians; and, only 6.5% of the population are Muslims…

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God is Al-Hafiz (The Preserver)

So I can sometimes read minds during the day; and, I receive truthful visions during sleep. So that makes me a believer because I have only 1 out of 24 sights of a real prophet. 

But, there are times when I need a break from all this different existence. So how do I get that break? Well! I use music to tune out; then, I tune back in when I feel the need to do…

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God Controls All Of Your Body Movements

Today, I was sitting at my study table and reviewing some work for One World Flim Festival  when something funny happened. You see! for some days now, I have been thinking about an Islamic teaching that God controls the movements of humans. Today while I was exhausted and about to fall asleep on my chair when something funny…

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Falling In Love Feels Like A Heart Attack

Note: I am sharing this here because a lot of times Muslims are portrayed as dull and boring people who lack the intellect to do creative things like falling in or out of love. The mainstream media has played a big role in twisting the image of the Muslims—even historical acts that were issued to demonstrate kindness and love have been manipulated…

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My Attachment To Sociology Taught Me How Crushes And Love Work

When I was studying at University of Toronto, I experienced strong psychological need to learn as much as possible. My need was so massive that I could not focus on one particular program. I started out with a Major in Biological Sciences. After one year of studies, I realized that I was simply not performing the way I had expected myself to…

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Reverts (Converts) To Islam Bring Guidance To Muslims

I like the stories of those who revert (convert) to Islam! I have read some interesting stories online; and, all this started out when I read about the first set of new Muslims who were companions of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). To my young mind…

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Memories and Aftermath of Sep 11

Sep 11 of year 2011 was a scary day for me because that day I saw some buildings collapsing on TV as a plane hit it. At this odd sight, I screamed with shock and almost started crying. My telepathic instincts just got triggered; and, I knew something really…

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How “One World Film Festival” Raises Awareness About Global Issues

Canadian youth and adults are challenged by a fast-paced system and a politically charged environment where many are aware about the need to promote awareness of relevant international and local issues. A film festival like One World Film Festival…

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How Gotham’s Dr. Hugo Strange and Arkham Represent The Grating Realities of Canada

Dr. Hugo Strange manages Gotham‘s asylum for criminally insane, “Arkham“. First viewers may think that Dr. Strange is the good guy because he does all the normal things like smile, laugh, work, and read books. But, soon his speech becomes distorted enough to show his real side. I am making up the following dialogues after studying Dr. Strange…

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Covert Form of Islamophobia is Very Much Canadian in Nature

Some years ago, a colleague of mine argued with me about the Quran and Islam; he hung up after one call. I met him at work; and, I found him to be very friendly and approachable. When we informally talked over phone for the very first time, things changed. His first comment was about why the Muslim women cannot have multiple…

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