Telepathic Signal From My Niece: Conquering The Waters

I have a 1 year old niece who has felt super-smart to me even when she was in her mother’s womb. I have felt her many times while she was unborn by touching her mother’s tummy. On several occasions, I have dreamt about her. Before she was born, I actually dreamt that my sibling was holding a new baby. The delivery went well; and, Myah was born.

Myah is very beautiful and super-attractive just like me. Just like me, its not her looks that are superior but there is something mysterious about this kid that takes over the other person whenever she interacts. Just like me, her best feature are her eyes, which become very alluring whenever she is looking at someone she loves. Not to forget, she has a distinct music surrounding her body and soul, which seems very hypnotic to me.

Some months ago, I had an interesting dream about baby Myah. Her mom was wandering near a large water body, which reminded me of a sea. Myah and her mom went inside this water body. Then there was this huge light that came from the bosom of the sea, which I strongly felt was coming from Myah herself. The light shone and lit everything to the extent that for several moments I could not see anything. Then, Myah and her mom came out of the water alive.

I was very puzzled about this dream. I think I found the answer just a couple of months ago when my sibling told me that Myah had learned some swimming and that she will continue to learn.

This is great news! I think Myah is special like me. She has been sending me signals even when she was not born and these signals continue even when she is living some hours away from me.

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Canada Is Not A Multicultural Country

Did you see the video Woman launches into racist tirade against staff at Burnaby Shoppers Drug Mart? 

Here a female shopper is yelling at a staff member, “Shut up, speaking in Chinese in front of me…Shut up, speak English in Canada”. Although I do realize that it is important to address someone in the language they understand, I still do not understand a lot of other things that took place during this incidence.

By saying “Shut up” so many times, this abuser is scaring and shunning the staff especially the woman. She is saying “Shut up” so many times almost like this conduct has been practiced many times; and, this tells me that this manner of addressing foreigners or colored people is very common in Canada. She is not even giving her room to breath. She is not noticing that this woman is speaking in Englishher English is not fluentand that she is visibly disturbed after hearing her speech because she understands what is being said to her.

This video clearly shows that some racist Canadians don’t know their place. This staff member was mumbling a bit. I know that if someone has ESL issues, then it is important to give them some room to think so that they may be able to speak betterthis is true for anyone who is struggling to learn a new language. But, apparently this woman who sounds like a very angry military leader does not know this at all. Furthermore, Canada always boasts about being multicultural; but, in reality it is one of the most racist countries in the world. Canada brings so many foreigners and there are so many people here who belong to different cultures and religions; but, some Canadians fail to respect them and trash them whenever they find an opportunity to do so. For instance, it is very easy to find Canadian teachers and students who mock the accent  and language skills of English-speaking Chinese students. I have come across such people while studying or working in Canada. What you are seeing in this video is common attitude in some areas of Canada. Lastly, I know that Canada actually traps foreigners and immigrants here in order to utilize their money and resources. Read “Should Foreigners Or Colored People Choose Canada for Stay or Business?”

I got so stressed after watching this video that I am planning to fry chips for myself. Potatoes relax me and give me great lucid dreams.


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My Best Prayer

There are many types of prayers. Some are to ask for the basic needs to be fulfilled; and, others are issued after much thinking.

Here is my best prayer. It is one of the best prayers because it arose after realizing the importance of female thinkers and artists in this decaying world. You must have learned from my blog that I am a creative writer, a poet, a lucid dreamer, and a Human Rights advocate. I mostly use my writings and dreams to offer protection to humans. The ability to have lucid dreams is one of the gifts that can revive life on this planet where basic rights of many humans have gone missing while wars, floods, and plagues are taking over. Read “Lucid Dreams Suggest That Women Should Be Leaders In Peacebuilding
So here is my best prayer. I say this one often; and, when I am not saying it, I think about it.

May there be more women who would follow my footsteps; and may there be female poets, thinkers, and lucid dreamers who can take my place after I die.


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Is Future Predetermined?

I had an interesting lucid dream some while ago when I slept thinking about a specific publisher. I am still working on my first book; it still needs thorough review and edit; and, I have not been able to get to it due to my work schedule. Although I have talked to this publisher and reviewed other options, I still have not decided whom to publish with.

During my dream, I received a package. My printed book was very colorful; and, it had the name of the owner of the publishing company printed on it as well. And, I heard some sort of voice that showed some intentions of the owner of the publishing company although I was unable to fully decipher what was being said.

Oh! I think that I have received multiple dreams related to this publisher and people who visit his company or are his friends. I don’t know any of these individuals up close; but, I receive these dreams when I am thinking about this particular publisher or his work. Some are rather vague yet others are strong signals. For example, the dream “Lucid Dreams Show Processes” is connected to volunteers or artists who are somehow connected to this publisher.

Since I have not made a decision yet, does the dream about publication of my book indicate that matters are predetermined? I have always wondered about how destined and chance events work. I am tempted to believe that God can create both types of events. I think God wills which events are going to be chance events and which are going to be predetermined; and, the way things are orchestrated, we humans receive the illusion of time. Lucid Dreams are how the illusion of time can be erased; but, to what extent and for what reason? Don’t you see that this dream has added a conviction inside my mind. Am I going to attempt to publish the first or second book with this publisher? And, why is this choice important enough for this dream to exist?

I wonder how and why God created this universe!


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A Man Sitting Near My Bed

Once upon a time, in one of my recent lucid dreams, I saw a very large mansion, the types Rajas and Ranis of Indo-Pak subcontinent used to have. Some of my family members and I were occupying that place. I did not feel too much interest in this place so I did not observe well—also I was stressed when I fell asleep. One woman from my family was holding her baby and standing and talking to someone in a rather spacious corridor. I was tired and resting on a large bed. A man who resembled a famous American poet sat on the floor near my bed. His face was facing me; and, he was slowly stating some mysterious and endearing words. I could hear him say something in Urdu although I know that the poet whom this dream character resembled does not know this language. His voice was very soothing; and, I started feeling relaxed after listening to him although I could not fully understand what he was trying to say. This handsome dream character seemed very concerned about me; and, it was evident that he wanted me to heal fast. At some point, his face started vanishing because I was too tired to maintain the dream scene. But then I thought that I did not want him to disappear. As soon as I thought this, his face appeared again. I listened to his animated chat and smiled. I felt lost in this trance where I tried to interpret his words and realized the beautiful meaning of this kind gesture. I woke up feeling rejuvenated after this encounter.

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Am I Like An Exorcist?

Ever since I was a child, I have always felt that spirits are a very common part of this world. My mom once told me about how one of our ancestors fought evil spirits that haunted a jungle by using meat and hammer. I was very surprised when I learned about the entire story and how he was not afraid at all.

Reality is that spirits haunt me during the day and while I am asleep. Just a couple of days, just before my relatives visited me, I saw some spirits standing in the kitchen. Some moments later, I heard a knock on the door. Today, I was eating some food inside the kitchen when I saw a white colored spirit standing near the entrance. I still remember that I turned my head and saw it standing there; and, I clearly felt that one of my relatives was standing there. Moments later, my relative actually came to the kitchen; but, he was wearing blue and not white. Some months ago, inside the same place, I was washing the dishes when I saw something really large and black standing behind me. It felt like a female; and, when I almost got scared, I got a distinct feeling that it was not trying to scare me. This place where we currently live is spacious, which is another reason it is attracting real spirits. Over time, I have learned to say hello to these spirits; and, I have fully realized that they are not harmful in nature.

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This is how I have been left wondering if it would make more sense for me to take some training as an exorcist. I have this control over spirits. I once had a dream as a child where I managed to communicate and frighten an evil spirit whom I named “Bagarbilla”; and, one of my ancestors is definitely a very strong exorcist. I seriously wonder what will happen if I chose to become an exorcist!


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I Received Signals From My Aunt’s Cat Before She Died

Some years ago, I met Kajol, a very large black cat, while I was visiting my aunt in America. Kajol was known to be closed towards contact with strangers and sometimes even the family members; and, I even heard that some people found him very domineering and somewhat scary. When I saw him for the first time, I felt very attracted to this cat’s personality and connected with him immediately. I fell head over heels in love with him the very first time I saw him—I get the same feelings towards certain humans. This ability is related to the fact that I have better metacognition due to lucid dreaming.

Since I fell in love with Kajol, I gave it my best shot to get him to like me. I tailed him when he would be playing alone; I rested near the tables when he would hide under them; I sat next to him and bugged him a lot when he would rest on the sofa; and, I learned how to feed him. At first, he did not want me to touch him; later, he started to enjoy my touch and even started playing games with me where he would try to bite or scratch my hand. Kajol’s eyes were very dark and these felt very stunning every time I would look at them.

Before leaving, I had an urge to find Kajol again. A voice daunted me asking me to just get going since it is getting late. But, my need overcame me! So I ran around in the house and looked for Kajol. Eventually, I found this beauty! He was hiding behind the curtain, inside the main bedroom. I lifted the curtain and had a glimpse of his back. He was still healthy although I felt that he was very tired. Suddenly, fear crept over me. I felt that he was not really that healthy and that he was struggling somehow. This did not usually show because his face was very animated most of the times. He was very well-kept and was very loved by my relatives and family members. This is another reason why he used to be so full of life. But, right now, I was looking at him while standing behind him. I bent and petted Kajol on his back and addressed him, “Kajol, love, I am going home now. I will see you next time. I love you!” Kajol turned around and looked at me and then continued to ignore me. He was a very spoiled cat! I smiled heartily at this arrogant gesture since I felt teased. Even as we engaged, I strongly felt that something was wrong and that Kajol was actually not as well as he pretended to be.

I still remember that my cousin called us to inform us that Kajol is not with us anymore. The visit described above was the last visit before Kajol died due to bad health. I was so traumatized that I almost removed the memory of this call from my mind. I tried forgetting; but, today I remembered Kajol again. After immersing myself in Kajol’s thoughts for some while, I decided to share these lovely memories online.

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Lucid Dreamers Create Legacies

Lucid Dreamers are born to create legacies. Today I  had a supersonic dream that I am saving for my workshop—it is not a romantic dream. I am not going to share this on the web because I am saving it for my workshops and books; however, I can show you something that is inferior to this dream in quality and concept although watching this clip should help you envision a small portion of my mega dream.

See this clip from Twilight; here Edward takes Bella on a ride through the wind.

Here is a lesson that I have learned from this dream. I can have real fun by studying pictures that are associated with someone else as long as I have learned to trust that person. In this dream, I used an idea that I actually learned by looking at some pictures of a Human Rights activist I came across online. And, it worked out really well! Just adding an idea that is described in a picture into the dream can create something very novel and exciting. Exquisite!


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Looking For Co-Hosts/Speakers

I am planning to run workshops or speaking sessions with the help of other gifted individuals including Lucid Dreamers. I am looking for co-hosts/speakers who are from Ottawa, Ontario. I will be focusing on “Lucid Dreams“. Kindly connect with me at

Message To All My Followers and Supporters: Thanks for all your support! I feel that you have played a significant role in ensuring my proper development.


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