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Leading by Example: Fight Islamophobia By Causing Social Change

I came across Justice For All during a virtual event “Justice for All Benefit – Bay Area” where Australian Journalist and Human Rights Activist CJ Werleman was presenting; see the relevant tweet here. Other Human Rights Activists who presented at this event are Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, Hena Zuberi, Adem Carroll, and Razzak Lebbai.

Justice For All is a Chicago-based NGO that has played a vital role in raising awareness about human rights in United States and across the globe. Some of their projects include Burma Task Force, Save Uighur, Free Kashmir, and Bosnia Task Force. Justice For All has Consultative Status at the United Nations; and, they campaign by interacting with officials, NGOs and Nobel Prize winners. Please donate to them during this Ramadan. Visit today and donate!

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Expressing Admiration and Respect Through Lucid Dreams

I had a very interesting dream in the morning today; this was about one of my inspirations who is mentioned in the blog post “Dance of Heroes” and “Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies During Lucid Dreams“.

In this particular lucid dream, I was in a house where several of my relatives had gathered. I was with a man, a well-known Human Rights Activist. He was resting right next to me. I held his foot throughout this dream to show my respect for him. The entire place was drenched in some sort of mesmerizing, serene, and light background music; the dark room was illuminated by natural light that danced in through the open windows. The hypnotic music reminded me of this individual’s body’s music—I can hear different types of music including the music that comes from people’s bodies. For several instants, he held me in his deep gaze as he conveyed some profound message; during these sacred moments, I held one of his feet and placed my head near it. I dozed off pretty soon because I felt very rested. When I woke up inside this dream, I was surprised to find out that I was holding my sister’s foot.

I believe that this dream is reminding me of my respect and admiration for this Human Rights Activist. Thus, presence of my lovely sister in the same place indicated how the only person whose thoughts can cause such reverence is my younger sister.

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Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies During Lucid Dreams

I have noticed that some of my most detailed dreams include men or Hypnagogic Hallucinations involving their energies and thoughts relating to them; some of these men are inspirations who are mentioned in blog post “Dance of Heroes“. I believe this is because balancing the feminine and masculine energies enhances the lucid dreaming state. Have you watched the movie, “Shadow”? In this movie, Commander Yu’s wife teaches her husband’s Shadow how to use the Umbrella of Pei so that the Shadow may fight to reclaim the Jingzhou City. Check out this clip here; it is offered by MovieClips.

Here are some of the dreams where I used male energies. I did this by thinking about them just before falling asleep; the Hypnagogic Hallucinations thus induced caused these dreams.

This dream links into the closure of India’s Amnesty International. I have hidden the name of the Human Rights activist I was dreaming about to protect him from any sort of abuse; I mean people can develop ideas if they see something that offers some clues. Read “Another Dream Symbol Came True: Amnesty International and India

This dream is about American Human Rights Lawyer and Activist Qasim Rashid who was the Dem Nominee for this previous election. The dream carries a critical symbol: role of men in preventing abuse of women. Read ‘Please Support VA Senate District 28 Dem Nominee “Qasim Rashid”

This dream is about Australian Journalist and Human Rights Activist CJ Werleman. This dreams reads into the painful images associated with the abuse of Muslims; it also reads into stereotypes associated with male leaders. Read “My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman“.

This dream is about American Professor and Poet JK Fowler. It shows how important masculine energies are in balancing the feminine energies; it also shows my attachment to poetry and poets. Read “Another Lucid Encounter With My Favourite Poet J.K. Fowler“.

This dream occurred after I thought about American Professor Eric Anthamatten and legendary Psychologist and Psychiatrist Carl Jung. It shows how mass graves were created in New York due to COVID-19 pandemic. Read “Prediction Within A Prediction: Use Of Mind’s Peripheral Vision“.

This dream is about the founder of The Mantle, Shaun Randol. It offers a prediction about what was going to happen after the COVID-19 pandemic. Read “Dream That Made Me Study Sales Was A Grand-Scale Prediction“.

This dream is about American Professor and Activist Craig Considine; through this dream, I met him around a year before I actually connected with him at The Parliament of World Religions. Read “Proof That I Can Move Forward In Time By One Year“.

This dream included the American actor David Duchovny. I love X-Files; so this dream occurred around the  25th Anniversary of “The X Files. Read “I Got Attached To Mulder (David) & Scully (Gillian)“.

I had this dream about Pope Francis around a year before he visited Iraq. This relates to me because I advocated against the Iraq war. Read “Regarding Pope Francis’s Visit to Iraq“.

And, there are a couple more of such energies…

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Dance Choreography Through Lucid Dreams

I love dancing! I used to dance more when I was younger. I was pretty crazy about dances back then, dancing at parties, weddings, and privately. But, I now I dance less because I am usually busy; and, I only dance alone now. Over time, I have noticed that even my dream characters dance very gracefully. I have learned that it is very easy for my dream characters to dance together. All this feels like choreographing a dance! In addition, my dream characters play musical instruments during my dreams. Oh! I can even throw dance parties with their help!

In one of my lucid dreams, I saw actor Prabhu Deva—the guy from the famous song “Muqabla“—dancing with a group of people. They were all standing in a higher place, like steps or a stage. There were long rows of people on both of Prabhu’s side. As they danced rather fast, their bodies moved in harmony almost like they were hypnotized. The entire area was lit with lights. I wonder if I saw a real event though!

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A Perfect Error: First Recording My Guitar

So today, I decided to take some time to record some music that I generated with the help of my first guitarI am still learning how to play the guitar. I decided to use the recorder of my computer. Reality is that I have never used this recorder to record music. So I just turned the recorder on and played my guitar. Not to forget that my guitar had one string in the wrong place.

The result is hilarious and freaky! Truth is that the result is beautiful!

The music resembles Space sounds. Sure! As a lucid dreamer, I have heard Space Sounds before and visited Outer Space. But I was not expecting this kind of error!

Every now and then there is silence in the audio because I am deciding what to play. Then the bizarre recording starts again.

All this was being recorded. Meanwhile, I had no idea! I was just playing my guitar and feeling groovy.

Cool thing is that I had a laugh. Bad thing is that now I can’t listen to how I did and fix my errors.

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Regarding Pope Francis’s Visit to Iraq

I went through a lot because of the Iraq War that started in 2003. I signed lots of petitions against this war; I read several articles; and, I shared my opinion about how this war is wrong. On top of all this, I started receiving terrible nightmares about the conflict zone; read a little bit about one of such dreams here “Lucid Dreams suggest that women should be leaders in peacebuilding“.

In one dream, I was inside Iraq. There was a large wall behind which injured people were hiding. A spirit took me to the other side of the wall. A man complained to me about the condition of those who were harmed. I looked at everyone who was bleeding and dying. After feeling their misery and looking at their dire condition, I flew away and promised that I will do something. Source: “Lucid Dreams suggest that women should be leaders in peacebuilding“.

Today, I read the news about how Pope Francis is visiting Iraq from Mar 5 till Mar 8. I was super-thrilled about this. My birthday is on Mar 6; so I thought this visit is a gift from God.

Here is proof that my birthday is on Mar 06; parts of this ID card were edited to ensure confidential information may remain hidden.

Another funny thing that happened to me last year is that in the morning of Jan 21, 2020, I received a dream about Pope Francis. Read “I Met Pope Francis In My Dream“. I published this after midnight so the publication date is Jan 22, 2020.

Revision history shows that this post was started on Jan 21; thus, the phrase, “I had an interesting dream in the morning” is referring to Jan 21, 2020.
I don’t know how God made me do this; but, I finally published this post on Jan 22, 2020 after midnight.

This dream was a surprise to me because I have never met Pope Francis in my life. Today, after receiving news about Pope’s visit to Iraq, I thought about how I had a dream on Jan 21, 2020 and this visit is taking place in Mar 2021. I have shared on this blog how I receive precognitive dreams. This precognitive dream is telling me about Pope’s upcoming visit to Iraq. It is also very interesting to note that on Jan 22, 2020, Pope gave a speech about importance of hospitality and a prayer for Christian unity. Here is a description from my dream:

I was at some event where Pope Francis was giving a speech in a building that had corridors and rooms with furniture and equipment. I was standing at the door; and, I addressed him by his name. He talked to me very briefly. Source: I Met Pope Francis In My Dream

The room that I saw in this dream was much smaller than the one that shows in the YouTube video here; however, it is possible that this room was where he planned his speech or where he was before or after the event.

Furthermore, it is usual for me to receive dreams that have two meanings attached. One of such dreams is about the mass graves that were created in New York to manage the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Read “Prediction Within A Prediction: Use Of Mind’s Peripheral Vision“. So this dream about Pope Francis emphasizes three things:

  1. Hospitality is a strong theme among the Muslims as well since I am a Muslim and I am dreaming about Pope Francis around the time when he delivered a speech about hospitality.
  2. Muslims and Christians share a very deep bond, which is something I have felt since I was a kid.
  3. Around a year after this dream, Pope decided to visit Iraq. I had to know this given my past activities regarding Iraq so God designed this event to take place in Mar 2021. The event is from Mar 5 till Mar 8; and, my birthday is Mar 6. According to article “Pope Francis set to make first papal visit to Iraq amid possible turmoil”, inter-religious activities between Muslims and Christians are going to take place on Mar 6. I believe things are happening this way because God wants me to pay some attention to Iraq, Christians, and this event; and then by highlighting this incidence God wants people to learn to pay attention to Iraqis because they need our help right now.

So here are my thoughts about Pope Francis’s visit to Iraq. I believe it is nice of him to think of Iraqis during such tough times; perhaps, his visit would compel richer countries to somehow ensure that all Iraqis end up getting vaccinated. Mostly richer countries have acquired vaccines; Iraq is not on the list shown in the article “With First Dibs on Vaccines, Rich Countries Have ‘Cleared the Shelves“. Secondly, Iraq received its first set of COVID-19 vaccines as donations from China; read “Does Iraq Have A Strategy For Acquiring COVID-19 Vaccines?” In addition, Pope’s visit would promote solidarity and communication between Muslims and Christians, which is much needed right now. However, it is possible that this event will spread COVID-19 in Iraq; read “Pope’s Planned Visit to Iraq, Amid Pandemic, Raises Questions of Timing“. Reality is that I am worried about why Pope has decided to visit during such harsh times; I think he could have just participated in a virtual event like most of us are doing right now. However, I am hoping and praying that everyone stays safe during all this and that they effectively perform social distancing as well as take other safety precautions.

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A Creative Lucid Dream About Some War In Orient

Today, I took some hot beverage with sweetener during breakfast. Then I took a small nap before starting the rest of day.

So I saw a couple of dreams in short snippets. In one dream snippet, I was in a large field that was filled with snow. It was dark; I could tell that the surface was brown below the snow. There was a war taking place; the folks from the Orient were involved. There was a large army there; their metallic armour was red. They were fighting someone although I couldn’t clearly see who they were fighting. Suddenly, all of them lined up against the large wall that barricaded this area. They formed a really gigantic wall by standing on each other’s shoulders. I looked at this wall from outside. From the other side of this wall, I could see shiny red armour shining in the moonlight. I could tell that their metallic armour was very strong! This human wall was like a couple of long ladders combined. I kept looking at this human wall and was astounded to notice that the soldiers started jumping to the other side of the wall, away from the area where this conflict was taking place. I seriously didn’t expect them to flee because they seemed courageous and ferocious. Some soldiers were left behind; and, they jumped into this war in an attempt to save those who had escaped. There was a maddening look on their faces; they seemed like angry tigers and lions. I got a bit scared so I stopped thinking about what was going on! During this time the war was at its end; but, it felt like it was at its peak. Then I saw someone who looked like a Chinese person being dragged by another person on snow. I could clearly see the tracks this process was making.

I don’t know what I actually saw! This could be my creative mind showing me how to write; this could be a nightmare; or this could be a precognitive dream. I intend to wait and see what this is all about!

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How Offering Volunteer Work Can Be Risky In Canada

Canada is currently going through a severe workplace crisis. Check out article “New survey details widespread harassment in Canada’s workplaces“. Here is a personal story that I am sharing here because I want you to see how some Canadians are offering abuse to even volunteers. Basically, they are attempting to change them into slaves by not listening to their needs and undermining the affect of the neglect that they are offering to the victim. I am using the word “slave” because abuse can cause PTSD, which in some cases can lead to severe things like rape and Stockholm Syndrome. I am using the word “slave” here because neglect like this has happened before. I have already discussed another personal story. Read “Contorting Information Inside Canadian Workplaces“. I was also volunteering for them when I was gaslighted in a very harsh manner. It took me some months to get over what was done to me.

Then something else happened. Oh! Note that both of these incidences took place inside Ottawa, which is the Capital of Canada.

So in this second incidence, I decided to volunteer for a local festival. This was my first time working for a festival. I had no idea how things were supposed to be done. But, the woman who was in charge of supervising and training me left Canada for some days despite a request by the festival team not to leave because we were near the launch date. This festival is run by volunteers only; so she decided it was okay to take some time off. When she came back, I tried to reach out to her a couple of times because I was hoping to have a conversation for another event that we did not had a chance to discuss; I was also hoping to chat about one of projects that both of us had already worked on. Anyways, she declined to meet with me in person; and, she also did not call by phone about this. I eventually got exhausted due to all of this and left the festival. Of course! I was promised a good reference letter; but, I received less training compared to what I was told that I can receive if I decided to volunteer with them. Just a clarification! The festival team was not at fault though; but, only one person managed to ruin things by choosing not to listen.

This kind of abuse is ongoing! My skin color and gender makes things easier for the abusers. They can get away with assuming that they are correct. Usually, they don’t let me point out the issue in a group setting because they treat the issue at hand with silence. Abusive workplaces offer abusive gang dynamics. Progress reviews, feedbacks, arguments, and conflicts are normal routines for workplaces. But people have to learn how to handle arguments and conflicts effectively. I have read about conflict resolution so many times; but I hardly see this in practice in Canada. Instead, I see an entire group attempting to silence one person who has figured out that something is going wrong. And, sometimes things can be done so subtly that the victim is just left gasping for breath trying to figure out what are the real intentions and what exactly is going on.

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How Am I Connected To Famous Pakistani Poet “Jameel Malik”

Yesterday, I had time to talk to one of my elders so I found something about my past, something that I have not known or investigated until today.

I have written earlier how I am related to some very well-known poets and musicians. In the blog post, “Why I Would Not Sell Any Of My Work To Lollywood Or Bollywood“, I wrote that I am related to a famous person who works for Lollywood (Pakistani cinema) and Bollywood (Indian cinema). I can’t relate well to these cinemas so I didn’t find much inspiration there except for music and lyrics of certain songs; I am learning the guitar and some of their songs have great music. Well! Good news is that now I have finally received news about someone I can relate to.

Once I received marriage proposal from a relative of mine. I ended up rejecting it because I wasn’t interested in him. I wrote about him earlier in blog post “What Kind of Guys I Attract?” Yesterday, I found out that his dad was a cousin of famous Pakistani poet “Jameel Malik“.

I just had time to review some of his poems. They are pretty thoughtful and lovely! He has written romantic poems as well as poems about social issues. On page 2 of his book, ‘Pas-e-Aaina”, the following is written.

He (Jameel) was a warrior who fought against cruelty, darkness, poverty, and sickness. Source: Jameel Malik, Pas-e-Aaina.

Surprisingly, uncle’s description reminds me of myself! The need to find solutions for Cruelty, Darkness, Poverty, and Sickness is constantly on my mind! I have never met uncle Jameel in my life; and today after reading the above, I learned that I am a lot like him. Shocking!

I discovered myself alone in Canada. I didn’t had my elders with me who could teach me about poetry. Now that I have uncle Jameel’s works, I believe it would be easier for me to learn and transform. I now have a friend who can show me who I am truly meant to become. All this is connected to one of my special prayers—I call my special prayers that come true, “The Silver Bullet“. Earlier I wrote the following:

So one of my older prayers that I wanted to cause positive change came true but with deeper meaning attached—I said this one around 2004. Read “Poetry Is A Critical Part Of Activism”. Originally, I desired to speak out against discrimination; but, now circumstances and new developments are telling me that it is time to handle some Human Rights issues. Source: “Another “Silver Bullet” Prayer Came True“.

Look at the people (guides) who are named in the above-mentioned blog post: Two American Professors namely J.K. Fowler and Craig Considine; and, an Australian journalist CJ Werleman. Uncle Jameel’s name is not there because I have only recently been introduced to him and his works.

I feel overwhelmed after all this! Fortunately, I have already studied my Inner Child in detail, which is how it will be easier for me to bring myself close to my deeper thoughts.

Poet Jameel Malik’s works are available on the following sites:

Rekhta, Jameel Malik.

Darsaal, Jameel Malik Poetry in English, Ghazal and Poem of Jameel Malik in English.

Urdu Point, Poetry of Jamal Malik, Urdu Shayari of Jameel Malik.

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Another Spiritual Encounter: Connecting With Professor Barbara Todish Before Her Death

In April 2019, a user named “Barbara Todish” left a comment (scroll down on the blog post to see comment) on my blog post “Link between Lucid Dreaming and Automatic Writing” about how she wanted her lucid dreams to be transcribed. I called her; and, spoke to her in detail. Later, I found out that she also wanted some of her written essays and articles to be published. Despite my heavy schedule, I agreed to volunteer for her and get her work published. After a bit more communication, I found out that she had brain cancer as well. I also learned that she wanted to give the revenue generated from this publication to one of her brothers.

Now let me tell you the full story about what actually happened. I lost one of my cousins several years ago due to cancer. I cried a lot while talking to him over the phone. He was in the bed and medicated. I remember feeling very shaken when he told me that he experienced pain due to cancer and associated treatments. I felt helpless throughout all this ordeal; and, then he died one day. You know, I heard a voice once concerning his household more than 20 years ago while we were still living in Pakistan and had not moved to Canada.

I heard a voice in my head, “I like him a lot. Tell me more about yourself.” Then I addressed him and started talking to him. This is when I heard another voice, “In this household, you have four cousins not five”. Source: Connecting With My Dead Cousin.

So eventually I learned that this voice told the truth! I did lose him while the other brothers were still alive.

In July 2019, I had a bizarre experience. Some time before Barbara Todish called me to tell me about her cancer, a friend of mine from UK emailed me the link to one of Nashiha Pervin’s video where she briefly discussed benefits of Black Seed oil. I documented this entire incidence to show the timeline in blog post “Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots“.

After the call, I thought back to how my online friend from UK had sent me a link to Nashiha Pervin’s YouTube channel; and, how one of her videos discuss benefits of Black Seed. Then, I googled for info online and found an article that recommends use of Black Seed to treat cancer. Here is this article, “Benefits of black seed oil“. I emailed this article to the American friend who was suffering from cancer at 4:26 pm. Source: Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots.

So to help her out, I not only sent her an article about Black Seed but also mailed her Black Seed pills. It is funny how time wrap ran just before Barbara Todish told me about her cancer! Read “Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots” blog post to get the full story.

While writing this post, I mentioned how I couldn’t have saved my younger cousin from cancer!

Now, here is something that happened way before this incidence. Some years ago, I lost one of my younger cousins due to a particular kind of cancer. I promised him when I talked to him before he died that I will find out how to treat his cancer. That promise was never completed on time because God wanted to take his soul away─Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said that Black Seed can cure everything except death. Source: Prayer Or Telepathy: Connecting Two Seemingly Unconnected Dots.

The following two images show the email I sent to Barbara after our telephone conversation on July 14 2019.

You can see Barbara’s email address here:

Fortunately, I was able to submit her work to an American publisher. I was also able to transcribe her dreams; but, I couldn’t finish the transcription because she had to clarify some of the handwritten words. I texted Barbara about what was going on a couple of times; and, then I just waited for her. I waited for her reply for some months. Meanwhile, I waited for the publisher to make a decision. Finally, in Jan 2021, I received a reply back. Unfortunately, her work did not get published.

Reply from the American publisher was sent on Jan 2021.

In May 2020, I sent another detailed message to Barbara through her Facebook account. I received a reply from one of her friends—a rather kind and caring soul—in Jan 2021. He said that Barbara passed away in Mar 2020.

In Jan 2021, I learned that Barbara had passed away. I texted the person who told me about this in Facebook’s Comments section through the Messenger right away. The date shows in the Messenger.

Now here is the interesting part. In April 2020, I wrote blog post Connecting With My Dead Cousin, which discussed a dream I had received about my cousins who lost their younger brother to cancer and how I didn’t see the spirit of this dead individual in this dream. I thought that meant that my soul was at rest about this situation right now!

I wrote this post today because I had a dream about my cousins. I saw only three cousins from that household. They were sitting with my siblings and playing card games. I was in the other room and I actually came to talk to them. They were all very excited to see me. I checked out my cousins and was able to figure out faces of two of them. But, I could not fully see the face of my third cousin. I also wondered where my fourth and fifth (dead cousin) were!

I woke up and realized that my dead cousin’s soul was signalling to me that he is okay in his other world, which is why he is not joining us for games. I feel I have successfully reached a closure. Source: Connecting With My Dead Cousin.

Scary thing is that Barbara passed away in Mar 2020 (see her orbituary); I received the above-mentioned dream in or around Apr 2020; and, I learned that Barbara was not with us anymore in Jan 2021.

I see all this as a message from God!

Next I wanted to clarify if it was safe for me to proceed with attempting to publish her work. And, I was advised that since the author is dead and the author has not given me a written “Power of Attorney” while there is a contentious person in her family (one of her brothers), it is not advisable to proceed. I felt extremely sad after hearing this because I had invested lots of effort in completing the assigned tasks; and, I was also battling a medical condition while I was volunteering for Barbara Todish. I felt compelled to believe that Barbara will stay alive despite all this because she was very optimistic and clear about how she intended to use her energy to heal herself. I really wanted to save her written works; and, then I had another dream months before she actually contacted me where I saw myself swimming to save somebody’s work. I wrote about this in blog post “The Swimmer Who Protected Important Written Material“; this dream helped me focus on my task despite my bad health.

Thus, I decided to discuss the entire incidence here and teach people about Barbara and her works—I made the difficult choice of revealing snapshots of some of my private communication.

Barbara Todish was a Professor, a Motivational Speaker, a Writer, and a Comedian. I never actually read all of her work in detail; but, I did agree with some of her thoughts and opinions. I was particularly impressed with how thoroughly she described identity and its interactions with the society. The saddest thing that I learned about her was that she worked as a prostitute for like 3 months. This is mentioned in the article by CHUO FM 89.1 about The Train’s episode with Barbara Todish; article title is “Banned from academia and from her professional associations for her honesty about the human condition“. The sweetest things about her were that she received lucid dreams just like me; she hated Donald Trump (listen to her poem about Trump) ; and she wanted to be a Professor regardless of how she was being banned from acquiring such a job due to her background as a prostitute. Listen to her podcast “Barbara Todish: UnbelievablePodcast Episode3“. Starting from instance 16:57 she mentions how Donald Trump is not creative enough because he believes in stereotypes; starting from instance 21:10 she states that she has been provoked all her life; and, then at instances 23:23 and 24:00 she begins discussing her “enemies”.

Shockingly, I have been observing from Canada how this American woman is getting abused; and, how her “enemies” made sure to ban her or mistreat her every now and then. So here is a note to Barbara’s “enemies”: “In Islam, we are taught that people plan things; but God, the best planner, plans too”. My second message is to everyone: “Women are at stake here. I believe that Barbara’s death signifies the neglect society offers to women one way or another.”


Barbara Todish’s Curriculum Vitae

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