Observing The World Through My Gifted Mind

Today I gazed peacefully at the clouds that were settling outside my place. I placed my hands on the glass window and hesitantly shifted my mind outside of my body. It’s a technique I have learned over time; but, I do not apply it often. I believe that the fact most people around me are not as gifted as I am plays a big role in creating these moments of self-doubt.

Nevertheless, I slowly willed myself to shift outside with closed eyes. Briefly, I felt something warm; and then I felt something light. I kept feeling and what was light now became lighter and lighter. That light thing that just appeared somehow tickled me as I viewed the world in this partially shunned manner. All of a sudden, I experienced something very odd. I could see myself staring back at me except that I was standing outside of the room. Did I just visualize my reflection or was it a signal of some sort? I opened my eyes, felt unsettled, amd walked away. Some minutes later, it stared to rain. I ran back to the window; and, now I knew what felt so light to me. It was the rain. Can you believe it? I saw and felt the rain pouring down just minutes before it actually it. So this is how the world feels to the blind!

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Does Moon Impact Lucid Dreaming?

Let me guess the answer based on my experiences! I had some vivid dreams recently. I have been feeling romantic for a bit. I danced a lot (in my lounge) just yesterday and day before yesterday. And tonight, I felt like daydreaming.  So I checked the sky through my window. I was very surprised to see the crescent shining in the darkness. I took a picture of it. I am posting a screenshot, which shows it was taken today at 1:23 am.


So here are some articles on this particular topic:

Does The Moon Influence Dreams?

Seven Subtle Factors Influencing Lucid Dreams (c) 2005 Robert Waggoner

Moon Dreams: How Moon Phases Affect Your Dreaming

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Why Is It Easy To Believe a Pathological Lair or Psychopath?

I am reading into my rape case that I have been reviewing up close. That Pathological Liar—see how to detect a Pathological Liar—and Psychopath criminal is an Indonesian Buddhist man who lives in Mississauga. He is tall and well-built. He teaches Martial Arts; has a webpage about Mortgage Brokerage; and, he works in the Clinical Research sector. He sounds very confident, friendly, and knowledgeable; but, in reality he has tendencies of a serial rapist (article 1, article 2). More specifically, he is a Gentleman Rapist; this explains why I was still unharmed after the rape. A close analysis of this case study has revealed the basics of how he made me believe that my rape was my fault. He used to start  believing that he is totally innocent whenever I would try to tell him that he is wrong. This way, he projected those thoughts on my mind and made me believe that I am the one who needs to be admonished. He repeatedly did that until I started believing that I was at fault. He also insulted my religion and beliefs so that I may start feeling lack of control. Furthermore, he played very friendly when I started crying due to emotional or physical pain. Due to this behaviour, I started thinking that he has decided to become friendly and nice; and, that he was repenting in some way. But the reality is that he was reworking my beliefs and character his way. That’s called “Doubling or Shifting the Character”. The second I thought that he is nice and friendly, it became easier for him to rape me because he does not have fun when I am crying for help. And he is a real bully! He uses phrases like “you are being immature” or “you like to suffer” to describe what I did due to my Stockholm Syndrome. This way he made me more submissive to him. Note the phrase, “you like to suffer” originates from Buddhist teachings. Suffering is known to improve knowledge and endurance; but, it can cause issues if left unattended. I think some phrases by Buddha are meant to be philosophical teachings; but, these can become lethal when read by wrong minds. I have not read Buddhism in detail but the article “Buddha is a Psychopath: Siddartha, Sociopathy, and the Middle (Psycho) Path” is by a guy who has first hand experiences with a Buddhist psychopath. This is not the end of my story. This psycho further scared and intimidated me by calling himself “The Devil” when I tried to talk him out of his deeds after being raped. Furthermore, he tried to win my sympathy by telling me his personal grievances. He does not know anything about my past; my likes and dislikes; and my religion. Yet, he pretends to be my boyfriend; and, he thinks that he knows me really well. If he were to ever learn something about me, it will be by reviewing my website. But know that this website was constructed while I recovering. So it does not cover critical details like “the name of my favourite pet”.  In addition, he has harmed another woman, perhaps two, before he got to me. And, one of them have actually filed a massive legal case on him. His crime that was directed towards me was not reported on time because he is a covert criminal who only utilizes those who are close to him. Through coerce manipulation, he tried adding an obligation towards himself in my innocent mind. Know that he wins by creating stories inside minds after scaring the victims. That is when you are going to hear him call his victims blackmailing words “gullible”. But the reality is that I was a virgin when he raped me. I had never seen someone psychotic like him before, which is how I got so scared and developed Stockholm Syndrome. Lastly, he keeps bringing up Muslims and Islam through negative stories only; he does not know any positive stories for some odd reason. And, once he told me that he has done lots of wrong to me and that he should be punished for this. He specifically said that he is surprised that I am letting him go; like I said he fails to acknowledge my fears completely. He also said that I should not think about him because doing so would hurt my mind and soul. What if this was his gentle way of discarding his victims and nothing more than that?


IF YOU FIND A MALE WHO MATCHES THIS DESCRIPTION, THEN RUN THE OTHER WAY WITHOUT THINKING EVEN IF YOU ARE A GUY. I am telling you the truth! He is free in Mississauga right now because the Canadian law allows crazy people like him to freely mix with almost anyone. They don’t care to understand the fact that the Canadian society is filled with people who have deep trauma due to how their economy is being run and how colored people are being mistreated. They don’t care to understand that criminals use trauma to change character and to create a new person. That is all the criminals need. Your trauma is the only weapon they need to make you act in unimaginable ways. It is a fact that only 1 out of 3 Canadians know about sexual consent. The rest do not know this at all, which is why Canada is one of the most dangerous places in this world. It is a fact that false rape allegations are rare; but, liars always strive to tell us the opposite because inflicting pain give them sadistic pleasure.

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In Love, They Waited Patiently

Note: I wrote this poem for my Belgian (Muslim) ex-fiance. I was in love with him when I wrote this; later, circumstances removed these feelings. But, that’s why I say “InshaAllah” when it comes to these critical things. “InshaAllah” means “if God wills”. So the attached prayer is that the match will disappear on his own if he is not for me. Prayer is a bond and intention that can work beyond human knowledge and comprehension.

I wrote this poem when I was around 25 years old. Its one of my oldest poems; and, it has not been edited at all simply because its a real memory. If you read it and compare it with the rest of my works, you will notice that it is much simpler in nature.

Oh my love! My heart pains for you
This insatiable pain is so consuming
I feel intoxicated with your thoughts
I am encompassed in your existence

This love is so beautiful
I never dreamed of this to happen
When the larks cry out the song of love
In my heart, every day

You are so far away and yet so near
It feels so poisonous and yet so relieving
This love that I feel for you my love
Demands the best of me, for you

I love you. I love you. Oh! I love you so much
I love you. I love you. Oh! how strongly I love you

You have won me over and over again
Oh my conqueror, my King
My love, my man, my friend
Love me today, tomorrow, and forever
Mould me into any shape you like and make me yours
Love me; desire me; and, don’t ever let go

I feel trapped
Unable to join you yet
I await your arrival InshaAllah
For one day, we shall join in Holy Matrimony
And that day, God will smile with us InshaAllah

True love will bloom and nurture under His Guidance
Without his permission, our love will wither away
Thus, I must be patient and so should you my love
One day God will join us, one day He will InshaAllah

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Other Super Powers that I Believe I Have

I have bought a new book titled “The Children of Now: Crystalline Children, Indigo Children, Start Kids, Angels on Earth, And the Phenomenon of Transitional Children” by Meg Blackburn Losey. I want to share some abilities that I feel I have just recently discovered.

First, I must briefly discuss some of my abilities that have already been mentioned on this blog:

  1. A voice that tells me what to do when I am in danger or someone I love is in danger.
  2. Meet and talk to otherworldly creatures like the jinn; e.g., the Dark Giant.
  3. Receive vivid dreams
  4. Use dreams to glance into the future
  5. Remove bullies from my life through thoughts or prayers only
  6. Heal quickly
  7. Heal those around me
  8. Have difficult prayers accepted
  9. Help senior business professionals make more profound monetary decisions
  10. Catch and stop crimes through dreams
  11. Project myself forward in future
  12. Know if someone close to me is going to die. I get dream signals just before someone I know or have loved dies.
  13. Use someone else’s energy to create dream
  14. Utilize dream portals
  15. Shapeshift during sleep
  16. Get attracted to ancient things like text, concepts, and pyramids
  17. Communicate with the dead
  18. Communicate with my loved ones like my friends and family members
  19. Communicate with my heroes
  20. Learn processes during my sleep
  21. Hear the music of body, soul, sleep, and guts
  22. Read pictures fast. I can only read some pictures this way.
  23. See Jinn (dark creatures from a different dimension)
  24. Attract lucid dreamers and other gifted people towards myself
  25. Attract spirits to myself and allow other intelligent humans view those spirits
  26. Know through dreams if weather is gonna change like rain or storm
  27. A strong inner understanding of the difference between my powers (level 1) and those of a real Prophet (level 24)

Here are some abilities that are mentioned in the book “The Children of Now”, which I believe I have although I never read into these fully until today:

  1. Interact with Orb people through dreams. Other gifted children have also reported this. Read Chapter 3, “Orbs are People Too”.
  2. Have some impact on equipment and machinery. Other gifted children have also reported this. Read Chapter 6, “Children of the Stars”.
  3. Not stay bound within the time portal. Other gifted children have also reported   this. Read Chapter 6, “Children of the Stars”.

Many of the Star Kids also have a unique effect on electronic equipment, causing it to malfunction or turn off and on randomly. Pg.  114, Chapter 6. “The Children of Now”.

They are also able to expand and collapse time consciously—they can actually make events longer or shorter by working outside of time intentionally. They have intrinsic understanding that consciousness is faster than the speed of light, and they use their consciousness to warp time relations as they wish. Pg.  115, Chapter 6. “The Children of Now”

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Why Am I Finding It Difficult To Draw Female Faces?

I have drawn three female faces and three male faces so far. I have found out that I am finding it hard to draw female faces; but, the guys’ features are very easy for me to capture. When I was drawing female faces, I thought that my mind was being compelled to create errors. No matter how many times I erased and redrew, I still ended up making mistakes. Today, I thought about this and googled the concept “hard to draw female faces”. I found out that this is actually a phenomenon. Read “On the Difficulty of Drawing Women’s Faces” on Illustration Art. People find female faces more difficult to draw than male faces. I am glad that I can do plenty of things that fall under regular, average behaviour.

Here are the sketches of women:

Randomly Selected Beautiful Older Woman


Dame Barbara Cartland

Here are the sketches of men:

Noam Chomsky

Craig Considine

JK Fowler

This was very interesting! Right!

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Celebrity Drawings: Dame Barbara Cartland

My mom introduced me to Dame Barbara Cartland’s Regency Romance novels when I turned 16 years old. Dame Barbara Cartland is not only a British Royal but also a well-known author whose name is in the Guinness Book of World Record.

Dame Barbara Cartland is a heroine because she chose to offer lighter and cleaner romance and fought the porn industry. See her talk on the 1987 Jackie Collins show.

This celebrity is drawing is based on the image here. I have studied several other images of hers; and, thus this drawing seems a bit different than the image used.

Its great that I can draw this well with absolutely no real formal training. The only drawings I learned were up till grade 5; and, those were limited to fruits, vegetables, abstract images, and animals.


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The Dragon Seer: Invoking the Dragon Within

I had some dreams of reptiles but the one that I found very entertaining involved three dragons. In this dream, I was in love with a young man who liked to read me his books. He was a very loving man and he loved sitting close to me. Then a large male dragon came and attempted to injure the younger man. To my surprise, the younger man changed into a gigantic dragon and engaged in a battle with his bully. I sat and stared in fear until the younger dragon got injured. I couldn’t tolerate this any further so I willed myself to transform into a dragoness. Then, I attacked the dragon who interfered with our meeting. He attacked me back; and, I fell down. But, it was already too late. The meaner dragon felt compelled to fly away.  The younger dragon was still too worried so he transformed back into his human self; picked my wounded body; and, flew out of the window. By the way, this young man looked like my younger brother who loves me a lot.

I was just reading the book “The Psychic Children. Dolphins, DNA, and the Planetary Grid” by Hugh Newman. On Page 16, following is stated.

Uxmal was an odd place. Its layout looked like some sort of university or school. I felt tired and slept in the shade for a couple of hours until I was woken up by some lizards, who reminded me to pay attention to my dreams. Note taken.


I finally understood what some Reptiles of Dreamscape symbolize. This book traces the voyage of a gifted child named Orion who visits and meditates at different places. During one of her dreams, she says that the lizards tell her to pay attention to her dreams. This sounded funny to me because the Dragon who played by my side was also filled with persuasion, power, love, and anger.

I couldn’t believe the similarity between these two dreams. So I googled this concept and found this article “Seven ways your lizard brain can improve your persuasion skills” by Harvey Schachter. It specifically states that the lizard brain improves persuasion, which is what both Orion and I saw about our lizards. What exactly did we hack into?

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Capitalizing on Muslim Marriage Crisis

There is a real Marriage Crisis that’s enfolding in the North America and influencing the lives of the Muslims. And, I strongly believe that the Muslim women are not at fault because this crisis might just be an indication of Female Infanticide, which is plaguing almost every country in one form or another.

As you must have read before, I am originally from Pakistan; and, I have two ex-fiances. I have been hunting for a good match for a really long while. But, I am finding that there are lots of men who I find unattractive; and, there are lots of men who expect things from me that I won’t be able to provide. Once a well-known Lawyer who was a convert Muslim man (he was originally a Christian) contacted me regarding dating, which we were hoping will eventually lead to marriage. When we talked on the phone, he bluntly asked if I would be interested in being a housewife because that’s what he was looking for. He was a White Canadian man. I was very surprised when I heard him say this to me. I refused right away and we both hung up.

I took a break from all this by focusing on my studies. Now that my studies are over, I am back hunting for a good proposal. Its been very discouraging so far but let’s see what happens next. I just talked to a close friend of mine who advised me to use both the net and personal connections to get through. So, I browsed the web today and found the article titled “Canadian women create ‘offline dating’ service for Muslims looking for love”.

Signing up for Matchbox is free, but a single introduction is $250. A “one-to-one platinum service,” which includes meeting the person’s friends and family, and confirming details like health, education and employment, start at $10,000.

$250 for a single introduction and $10,000 for checking and confirming personal details! Really! I know that this service is offering a scamming environment because it does not cater to the needs of the target population. For example,  a while back, I was at a meetup held by Muslim Mingle. I gave only $20 entrance fee for a party at a local Grill Restaurant. The environment was safe because the group admins were informed about how to keep all the candidates and their personal information safe. I was introduced to around 20  men; and, I did not feel much interest in any of them. This is normal because this society has made us smarter and patient. Also, grown ups don’t develop a strong interest in anyone without reading into things for really long. Furthermore, Muslim Mingle meetup was decent as well. I sat inside a real restaurant; ate and drank lots of free food and beverages; and, connected with lots of men and women. It felt like a real party! Lastly, I had 5 minutes to have a private discussion with every guy. At the end of discussion, everyone submitted an index card with names of the individuals they felt interested in. I submitted a blank index card! So for $20, I met around 20 guys and did not feel connected to any of them. Who would want to pay $250 for a single introduction given that almost everyone is selecting in a very selective manner? And, $10,000 for checking personal details sounds very unreasonable. I know a couple of abused women who actually spent a whole lot of time checking the details of their guys before marrying them—one of these abused women is a relative of mine and another one is a close friend of mine. Despite all the precautions these smart ladies took, they still got severely abused. So why spend $10,000 on verifying things when the society we are living in has become extremely manipulative and uncaring.

Saying all this, I am back to the hunt to find a cool mate for myself. However, I have severe doubts about what is going on out there. I wonder if I will be slaughtered or married!

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