Reading Difficult Features of Body

I have high levels of Stereodepth Vision, which allow me to look at things in much detail without any effort—I am so excited that my eyes are very different. I first noticed my ability to effectively read features several years ago. I had gone outside for a task and I ended up meeting one of my cousins in the mall. Do you know how I recognized him as he walked among so many other people? I just happened to look at his neck while I was walking behind him. It took me seconds to realize that I was looking at my cousin’s neck. I was stupefied when I realized that I could read necks this way. The same happened when I saw Wesley’s Decoy sitting at his table at the end of the movie “Wanted”. I looked at the shape of his head and realized that it was different than Wesley’s because it was curved slightly different at the bottom. Do you know that police must train themselves to read features like these? They are passed through lots of manuals where they are taught how to read features so that they may easily identify almost anyone and even if that person has altered his/her looks. I think I will beat them at their game if I need to. Feeling Blessed!

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High Levels of Stereodepth Vision Make me Naturally Talented As A Photographer

I have not taken even one class in photography. I only know how to hold the camera and snap a picture. Below are some pictures that I took in the past. I find flowers so attractive.

There are some more great pictures that I took during my spare time. I will upload them here later.

Keep your cameras handy. Weather is nicer nowadays!

How Good Men Teach Women?

I was at a business event in Oakville when one of the guys who was a bit drunk started being slightly verbally intrusive towards me. One of his male friends looked right at him and asked him to stop. He also asked me to walk away and to ignore him. He seemed angry at this man for saying something odd to me; and, I learned right away that something was going to go wrong if I didn’t listen to him. Around a year afterwards, I ended up in Ottawa. Here at another local business event, a rather old and fat stranger approached me and said, “You want to have babies, don’t you? Your features look like this.” I looked at his face feeling scared and shocked; and, I remembered that man from Oakville who felt that he had to intervene right away to protect me. My reaction now was similar and faster: I memorized this man’s face and avoided him throughout the event and after the event.

Another respectable business professional I came across in Toronto advised me to learn how to drive because he believed that driving is almost mandatory while working in Canada. I was really young back then; and, I am glad that I paid attention to his comment and worked hard to get a G License.

Then another noteworthy American poet reviewed my poetry and said that my work was very beautiful. I listened to his words and kept his note in my notebook. I used to read it every now and then and then think about writing. This is how he played a critical role in gearing me in the right direction with respect to my first book.

Lastly, a male lawyer told me about the condition of the abused Canadian women and advised me to start the “Buddy Program”. This is how I started gaining real experience of how abused women think and react differently than other women; how to talk to them; and, how to help them by sharing resources and contacts. Although this group is currently really small, it serves as an inspiration to everyone who wish to start their own “Buddy Program”.

Correct! Good men can teach women a whole lot of important things without breaking any boundaries or compromising the women. For example, in all these cases, I am not close to any of these men. These men are wonderful human beings and that’s why they were supporting and protecting me although they don’t know me well enough.

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How Abusers Lie?

Abusers lie to you in a very fishy manner so that other people may not find out what its about. I had lots of abusers in my life and I am still trying my best to stabilize my condition. Here is something you might hear from an abuser:

Why are you blowing the horn right away about the possibility of your success? You don’t have an offer by a sponsor yet? Why be so happy about your first couple of tries?

The people who are watching this abuse and perhaps even enjoying it don’t understand what exactly is going on because they aren’t smart enough or educated enough. They don’t know that victim’s behaviour is motivated by the following phrase:

Believe that you have already succeeded before you even begin the task. (Source: “How to be Successful at Sponsorship Sales” by Sylvia Allen.)

Here is a screenshot from Chapter 53.


So this is how the abusers are twisting critical images that are already inside the minds of the victims. They do this on purpose so that the victims may not realize how to succeed in their lives.

Here is another very important example of how abusers lie to their victims. Protective and loving humans tend to make women feel a lot of positive emotions when they stand next to them. But, the abusive humans can make the women feel crowded with negative emotions when they stand next to them.  This shows really well in photos in form of altered facial features such as a genuine smile and a faked grin. It is easy to tell if a woman is happy or unhappy while standing next to someone because their minds can keep playing a game of avoidance while they are near the abuser. For example, the mind can play the emotion “frustrated” many times when the victim tries to lie to the self.

I can cope for a bit, I think.

In many cases, abuser’s apology does not play anything inside the victim’s numb mind. This is because even the victim’s mind has a limit set inside and it knows when she cannot handle things anymore.

Furthermore, they attempt to reverse how the memory nodes are originally set up. For instance, the original information is as follows:

I will network, connect, and move on in my life; I will make more safe friends who will offer me appropriate emotional support.

Once the abuser finds this out, they strive hard to make one think incorrectly. For example, they may say many twisting things to prevent the behaviour that may lead to freedom and stability. Below are some examples:

Why what’s going on?  Who is more important than your family that you are sharing these things with that person instead of us?

Quit performing outside! You can perform in front of us all the time and we will complement you.

Don’t show your house (like I do with my favourite guests) to your friends because people can bring positive and negative vibes with them.

Look at the nature of these comments: They are all playing on the idea of love, support, friendliness, and morality; but, they are designed to destabilize the victim’s personal network.

Lastly, the abusers are demented and vindictive in nature. For instance, if the victim has become incapable of praying due to lack of focus that is caused due to domestic abuse, then they offer spiritual assistance by stating the following:

Looks like you need to be patient about all of this. Since you are not praying anymore, I can state that the Devil (Shaytaan) is very effective on you.

But, they never say that you have been emotionally abused and perhaps you will remember how to pray well after you have left the abusive situation. And, if they were to say this all after hearing your commentary, then that would be their last attempt after they are done running their verbal tricks on the rest of your mind.

How scamming and cunning does this all sound to you? I must tell you that even I started believing my abusers for a little bit but then my mind didn’t conform fully to these tactics. So I did some readings and found out that they were lying to me.

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Earthlings that are like Kryptonians

Note: Lucid Dreamers are like SuperMan and SuperWoman. I have flown several times during my lucid dreams and it will take me lots of time to fully describe everything that I have experienced. Here is just one of my dreams. I originally posted it on my older blog “Writer’s Dojo” as “The Jinn Gang”.

This is one of my lucid dreams. I am just describing a small portion of my dream. It is a very long dream and I don’t wish to type everything. These things fly really fast. I felt I was being zapped like The Flash. I think that I accessed the Black Light that is characterized by other Lucid Dreamers, among other things, by a visual of being carried or guided by black winds. Perhaps, the Jinn also participate in some lucid dreams and thus in the process of unraveling the unconsciousness.

The black mass flew over the buildings with stealthily speed. They were many in numbers and the woman could see them. They were also fully aware of her presence. But, they liked her presence so they allowed her to be part of their gang. The black mass was enormous, long, and ever-molding; dark and tightening as the deepest depths of ocean; fast as sound or lightning; fierce as the deadliest inhabitants of the jungle; and deceptive, quiet, and expressed as the darkened forest. Black mass camouflaged them from everyone as they rested in mid-air, above shops, and further strategized their movements. They were many in numbers and were fearsome yet playful. During this encounter, her fear quickly changed into trust as she flew and twirled with the jinn gang. They silently watched over her while she purchased a soap from a small shop. As she came out of the shop, they circled her and lifted her protectively. Then they all flew together again as the woman enjoyed this new comradeship. “They will drop me back home safely,” she told herself as she experienced this rather fast, dark, and inexplicable dash through the sky.

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Link Between Music of Lucid Dreams and Telepathy

I hear music that comes from human bodies. That’s why my friends describe me as “grander than others”. I think they end up seeing their faces and minds inside my mind and this removes stress from them. During sleep, I can use the same music to activate lucid dreams although using music of person A might lead to dreams of person B. I just read about how to create music in lucid dreams; and, I realized that I can enhance my soul’s music by using lucid music. However, I am wondering what will happen if I ended up enhancing my mind this way? I mean my current state feels like “torture” to others and myself. Everyone else tells me this and I can “feel” what they mean.

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Lucid Dreamers are Historic Entities

Do you find it queer that I, an ENFP, am documenting Canada’s Dystopia after and before 9/11 and that Anne Frank, an ENFP, documented the Nazis. You will see the results in my second novel “She: The Mirror”.

Further Readings

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    2. Opinion: Indigenous peoples in Canada exist in ‘dystopian present’
    3. Restorying Canada: Margaret Atwood, Leah Kostamo on the yin and yang of utopia and dystopia
    4. How the Police Generate False Confessions: An Inside Look at the Interrogation Room

“She: The Mirror” will be published some years after the publication of my first book, “Intertwined”.

Oh! I even look a little like Anne Frank (see her picture). Here is one of my pics from teenage years.

Odd right!



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My First Book, “Intertwined”

I have finished the first draft of “Intertwined”, which will have my poetry, prose, lucid dreams, and pictures based on my dreams. It took me longer to finish this book because I had to induce lucid dreams over more than a year to slowly collect all the dreams and images. Then, I had to go on a hunt for an editor and drawing artists. All of this is done now. Soon, I will being the challenging task of interviewing artists and editing my book before its sent to my Senior Editor.

Some samples of my poems are available here.

I have not shared all the usual prose (written while awake) on my blog because it is focused on “Women Abuse” as it takes place inside Canada. I need this to be a surprise!

Only some of my lucid dreams are online and a much larger number of these exotic and unique dreams will be published in this book.


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Many Rapists Are Hiding in Ottawa

Ottawa is a small place and maybe that is why I had around 3 dreams of some rapists abusing me or perhaps some other women─it is difficult for me to realize if it was someone else because the women felt very familiar to me. I am not going to narrate all of these dreams but I will share the one that just took place tonight on June 06, 2018 around 9:00 pm.

A family had arrived to the mall and some of the younger members of the family had decided to stroll away from their parents and navigate the mall. This was a big mall and there was another set of stairs that led to a large shop where a friendly man was standing at the Reception Window. He asked them to come inside because the shop wasn’t closed yet. One of the girls went inside with his brothers and asked the older woman to come inside as well. They went over some clothing and were told that each piece is like worth only $2.00. The younger woman quickly grabbed a dress, paid, and ran outside with her brothers. The older woman slowly looked over the dresses as she was having trouble deciding. All of a sudden, the lights were turned off. She turned around and noticed a large figure looming over her. First she looked away thinking that she is mistaken and the lights will soon turn on again. Then, she looked at the figure again and felt him attempting to grab her. She thought quickly about fighting back.

I got scared and woke up. I quickly thought about what I just saw and slowly came to terms with myself that I have been getting rape dreams ever since I moved to Ottawa. I did some research online and found out that sexual assault is on the rise in Ottawa. I trust my visions because I get a lot of precognitive dreams─feel free to review them under the “Lucid Dreams” category. Kindly be vigilant about any reports because I know women really well and thus I know that rape reports are rarely false─I mean who wants to talk about strange men making moves on their bodies and minds while they are crying for help?

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