Anger Of Artists Is A Blessing In Disguise

Anger is a very important ingredient that is vital for the creation of admirable works. I have experienced rage when I observe things like human rights related issues. Artists are creative folks who can channel their emotions including the most vile imaginations in writing and still leave a lesson.  “Writing Therapy” is a well-known technique among us! As a Lucid Dreamer and Telepath, I have experienced energies and vibes at an incredible level. Read Massive Energy Release. When you let out your negative emotions creatively, you have better chances of creating something conflictual and intricate because your positive emotions will keep flowing through as well. I have experienced this wicked mental state myself; and, I have found out that this expression is actually challenging to master. Its like fighting a very formidable version of myself, someone I know exists but someone I have not fully understood yet!

The above is actually a very broad subject and should be studied slowly. You should learn about this concept by learning about other artists. See article Expressing rage through angles and pie charts with Berlin-based artist Christine Sun Kim.


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Lucid Dreaming Does Not Require Psychedelics

Someone once commented that one cannot have lucid dreams without the use of Psychedelics. I created this post because I felt this was a topic that others might bring up  later. I totally disagreed with this individual!

Below are some important things that we need to note:

  • Some Psychology experts or enthusiasts are not so happy about lucid dreaming so they might say that dreamers are using psychedelics; this is true of the person who issued this comment and this is also true of those experts who haunted Carl Jung when he tried to use dreams to study Psychology and behavior. In 2002, University of Wisconsin’s researchers found out that gamma brainwaves were seen in Buddhist monks’ brains during  meditation and everyday neural activity. Read “Study of meditation and brain waves in Buddhist monks confounds Wisconsin researchers“. In 2009, researchers Voss and Hobson from the Neurological Laboratory in Frankfurt, Germany found out that gamma brainwaves exhibited during lucid dreams. Read “Lucid Dreams Found to Take Place at Gamma Brainwave Frequencies”. Meditations can cause gamma brainwaves, which can induce lucid dreams. Meditations are easy to do; and, thus it is easier for me to conclude that extreme measures like use of Psychedelics are not required for lucid dreaming.
  • Psychedelics are illegal in most countries; and, Psychedelic experiences can easily cause nightmares. Read article Lucid Dream Induction – Psychedelics
  • There are various techniques that can be used to induce lucid dreamswithout using Psychedelics. Read article How To Lucid Dream And 7 Ways It Will Change Your Life
  • The ability to have lucid dreams is a genetic trait as well. I do not use Psychedelics but I have been able to have lucid dreams since I was a kid. Two female relatives of mine also receives creative lucid dreams; and, they have never touched any Psychedelics in their entire life.

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When Telepathy Does Not Work

Telepaths are extremely sensitive people, which is because Telepathy requires reactivity in order to function. I know from experience that even while lucid dreaming I have to use methods that are not harsh at all, such as easier sleep postures and nicer meditations. If I do not do things my way, my brain just shuts off so I appear like a DUMBO!

Below is a personal experience. None of this is fabricated! Things happened exactly like I am describing.

I have a male relative who is somewhat stubborn and very intelligent. So once I took him with me while I was shopping for a new laptop. He went over tons of laptops and told me relevant technical data. A Customer Services Rep kept tailing us so every now and then so we also shot some questions his way. My relative finally decided about a laptop and suggested to me that this one was a great choice. I looked at the laptop and something inside my head just clicked; I said, “I do not like it; is there a better option?” So we spent more time looking for devices and he suggested again that this was the best option given what I was looking for and the available budget. So I just shut off my head and stopped thinking about why it was clicking this way. He also said that it was up to me what to choose! But given how tired he was and his other suggestion, I started thinking about if he was now too tired of this hard work; therefore, I felt obliged to purchase that particular laptop.

Anyways, I did not use this new laptop for many months. Eventually, I decided to use it. Just some days after I started working on this laptop, the “Blue Screen of Death” just turned on. I remember I had prayed at the time this laptop was purchased! So I trusted my prayer and started looking for a solution. I talked to the Sales Rep at the shop; and he suggested that I should return this one and buy a new one. But, I could not do this quickly for some reason! I slowly looked for the receipt and found out that I would not be able to exchange this laptop because it was too late to do this. So I started using my technical side. Pretty soon, I managed to fix the issue—I did this entirely on my own.

This is how I learned that I actually shut down my telepathic instincts when someone does not listen to me. Even if this happens briefly, I still shut down. This happens because Telepathy depends on “Trust” a lot! “Trust” shows in many ways and it really depends on all the angels available. For instance, when I was just a teenager, I told a senior relative of mine that he should not make a specific business decision. He did not listen to me and ventured to complete that business venture. He still regrets doing this! How did I do this when I had no training of business at all? Also, if the situation is really urgent, then I am bound to find one way or another to relieve the issue at hand. But, if you ever see me tussling with something in real life, then know that I know something that you do not.

Nevertheless, the trial described above proved to be a great experience for me because I also learned how to cue someone to get proper answers about laptops or computers. But, I did this just for fun! Next time, I will walk in the shop and just pick a laptop by using my instincts, which I will do after listening to what the Rep says. Yes! You can still use your instincts well even after being educated about things.


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Meeting With American Congresswoman Ilhan Oman

I had some awesome lucid dreams today. In one snippet, I saw myself sitting in a bus next to American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. We chatted for a long while; perhaps, I tried puzzling her with some arguments; but, she endured patiently as she answered me. At the end, she started laughing and said, “You are a nice person. I did not realize this before”. I think this dream character hinted to the fact that thischaracteristic does not show on my face because it is easy for people to misread my features. I will have to add Ilhan’s name to my blog post, “Dance of Heroes“,which is where I am keeping track of all the heroes/heroines I have met in my lucid state.

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Sounds of Prayers: Melodies That Echoes

I have a younger sister who is a religious woman—she chose Islam after reviewing and reading other religions although she was born among Muslims. She prays a lot and she is definitely a good believer. Now, I would not have commented like this about her spiritual nature unless I had observed something interesting! Those echoes are too profound and even I cannot fight these voices. When she is not in her room, her room feels too bright with ethereal and unearthly energy. I can almost hear her prayers and visualize angels whispering back. Her room feels really that beautiful and different even when she is not there. Another time, I have felt a similar force is when I read Dr. Craig Considine, a Christian speaker. Prayers like music have their own mathematics. Read “The Magical Mathematics Of Music“. Oh interacting with such energy forces has been quite an experience! I have documented some other incidences I had with energies and vibes in the post “Influence Of Angels on Lucid Dreamers and Telepaths“.


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Game Of Roses

On July 24, 2019 I wrote that I dreamt of a rose that I somehow associated with a particular speaker. Read “I Saw A Red Rose In My Dream“. In Jan 2020, some of my family members came to visit me. One of my male relatives had bought roses for his wife who decided to give these to me because I told her that I love roses. So I did receive roses like I predicted!

There are three things that can be easily noted here:

  1. The thought of the speaker is a displaced thought. Just like people sometimes displace during dreams so do thoughts. This means that you can see an object where it is not; but, later that object would appear in a different place than the one you envisioned.
  2. Second meaning is based on my personality type. I am ENFP, which means that I can receive dreams that have multiple meanings since I sometimes think like this during the day as well. What if the thought of that speaker just entered my dream because it is actually a psychic signal from the future. Read “Dream With Multiple Meanings“.
  3. Third meaning is that I have learned to associate with the natural elements that are surrounding this person. Read “Which Disney Princess Am I Like“.

Here is a picture of the roses my relative gave to me. They are withered now! I was about to remove all the petals and roses and put them in a bowl as decoration when I realized that I wanted to write this post and preserve the image of these roses.


I kept the dry and the fresh petals in two separate bowls; I placed two whole roses in each bowl. I loved how these felt in my hands!

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Why I Think Writing Is The Best Way of Shunning Rapists And Rape Culture

I have spent some years of my life in Pakistan. When I was a teenager, I wrote a powerful piece in my personal diary; I was still sitting in my high school when I composed this. I wrote this to make sense out of my thoughts that had scattered after I read a news article about rape of some Pakistani woman. I jotted down my thoughts and shared this with my friends. Within minutes, a teacher came to me and forcibly took my diary from me. She made it look like that I had written something evil and negative by adding stigma in my mind as well as those who were watching or participating in this cruel act. I still feel shocked when I think about how I had this freaky experience when I was just learning to communicate. I guess I was in bad hands back then! Anyways, I stayed true to myself and my needs when I grew older. Here in Canada, I can share written content; but, I know that the Canadian women are not really free in many ways.

I believe writing is the most effective method for handling rapists and rape cultures because rape is a very sensitive issue and there is less support for victims.

  • The current Canadian justice system is filled with flaws; and, testimonies of the victims can be easily used against them or the cases can be deemed unfounded. This is true for several other countries.
  • Most of the abusers know their victims up close; and, rapists are usually masters of emotional blackmail. This is why it is easier for victims to leave the city and contacts of their abusers and start a new life.
  • Most rape victims find it very difficult to acknowledge what actually happened to them. Read article “Why most rape victims never acknowledge what happened”.
  • Some rape victims are actually victims of domestic abuse and attempting to throw a rapist in jail could mean jailing a family member as well.
  • Sometimes it takes several years for the rape victim to come to terms and learn about what actually happened. Not all rape victims are educated about things like “Stockholm Syndrome”.
  • Sometimes it is very tough to receive support from family members. This could daunt even the most independent type of women.

This is why you should use writing to channel your thoughts and trauma:

  • Writing thoughts and experiences can heal the trauma.
  • It is possible to hide critical details and publish the work as fiction.
  • It is possible to overcome issues that caused the actual rape through writing: for example, the victim was unemployed when she walked into the wrong hands.
  • It is possible to shed light on society’s ills that have caused the rape.
  • Whenever victim’s trauma returns, all one has to do to feel empowered is open the book he/she wrote and start reading.
  • Victims can share their experiences without fear that someone else would inject their toxic thoughts into their victimized mind.
  • Victims’ work will stay in responsible hands of those who seek knowledge even after the victims have passed away.

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Using Drawings/Sketches To Induce Lucid Dreams

Yesterday, I created two drawings of two of my favorite speakers. These were not well-done at all; but, perhaps this does not matter at all. When I fell asleep, I had two very lovely, detailed, and exciting lucid dreams. Drawings/sketches helps you remember other details like where this person was sitting; who he/she was sitting with; what he/she likes; what he/she wears; and, how he/she talks. The dreams that were triggered included the speaker only in one instance and not the second one. The first one showed one of the speakers; one of his family members whom I have never met before; a building that served as a home, office, and a school of some sort; and people these dream characters were visiting. The second dream showed some very mesmerizing castle-like buildings that belonged to America and were somehow created by thinking about the second speaker. This speaker works in California. I googled and found out that there are two castles in California namely Hearst Castle and Castello di Amorosa. But the buildings I saw seemed both modern and ancient. What if I created hybrids of some sort! Read article “The 12 Most Beautiful Castles In The United States“.  

I believe that my ENFP personality types can activate these dreams simply because precious memories of loved ones keep me warm and safe. However, there is something more exceptional about these dreams! Think about how telepathic individuals can use drawings to convey meanings and concepts; and, you will realize many dimensions of drawings. I do not think of drawings/sketches as 2D representations anymore since this 2D representation is bound by time; but, as soon as the self frees itself from time, which happens during sleep, these images can become alive in numerous ways.

photo of biscuit beside sketchpad
Photo by Mona Termos on

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I Wonder What My Babies Are Going To Be Like!

I wonder what my babies are going to be like! I think about this whenever I touch my tummy. I am not married yet; but, I strongly feel that I will have a husband and kids. I can sometimes almost hear them! I have always felt them around me! I am writing this note here for my kids to see. I learned this strategy from another mom who wrote a diary for her baby. When my babies will grow old enough, I will show them this note.

I wonder if my babies will travel through time like their mother. I would teach them how to do this. They will have my genes so this task should be easy for them!

I wonder if they will be lucid dreamers and telepathic like me. I hope and pray that these abilities are passed to all of them.

I wonder if they would do something interesting that historians would like to jot down.

I wonder if they will dance and sing like I do

I wonder what kind of friends they would make; and, I know they will run away from bad people because I will teach them how to do this properly.

I wonder what they will study

I wonder which country they would choose to live in

I wonder if they would become travellers like some of my elders

I wonder if they would get attracted to Human Rights and Arts like I did

I wonder which religion they will choose

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder


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