What Is a Real Man?

A real man is very hard to find nowadays not because of how much money and ethics are being controlled by governments but because the knowledge of female psychology is disappearing from this world. A real man knows certain things by default like “What to say and do to make her stay?” and he never verbally or physically imposes himself on the women. I learned the psychology of real men by studying Islam. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) used to say, “What type of man would hit/abuse his woman and then sleep with her?” This tells you a lot about how he conducted himself around women. One of his wives stated that he was always busy doing house chores. If you don’t believe me, then hear Dr. Craig Considine out. He is narrating how Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said that the mother (woman) is 3 times more important than the father.

As a buddy from the “Buddy Program“, I have learned that lots of young Canadian girls and women don’t know what a real man is supposed to be like simply because these women are repeatedly being overridden by abusive men. And, sometimes the men are like something that has a head but no feet; e.g., when they help out in the house but later watch only porn to learn about women. Even some well-trained Canadian men who are considered experts in “Women’s Rights”, “Human Rights”, “Marriage or Dating Matchmaking”, “Health Care”, “Clinical Research”, and “Spiritualism” are raping and abusing women. To clarify this concept of neglect and care, let us turn towards movies.

Rahim Pardesia’s video clip, “The Nasreen Kidnap“, shows how Nasreen keeps calling her husband after being kidnapped and he doesn’t do anything. When she gets back home, he is still playing cards with his lazy friends. In contrast, the movie “Baahubali” shows how Prince Baahubali is enraged when Queen Devasena tells him that “she isn’t lying at all and that this man really tried to touch her body”. Baahubali had built strong level of trust with his Queen by giving her a chance to learn from him and teach him whatever she knows. That’s how he decided to immediately react and kill the man who attempted this pussy-like act.

You know even if you use common logic without doing much research, you will easily realize the difference between real men and peekaboo-cowards. Remember that you must stay away from abusive men if you wish to be your previous self. And, make sure to wear or keep some Spy Cameras with you when you are dating.

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Being Aesthetic

Once, while shopping, I came across a Muslim woman who was hastily going over so many clothes. She seemed a bit flustered because shopping isn’t an easy task. I walked towards her and looked at her face and figure. Then, I reviewed some dresses and picked one for her. I placed it next to her and showed her the mirror. She was startled at how her complexion started standing out like freshness of young and open petals of a rose. The second that dress was placed near her, her manner of conduct and smile changed drastically. I was so pleased that day because I learned that I can achieve something difficult without much training.

My eyes work like this. I can sometimes pick very little details very quickly, but I have to be in the mood to do this. I reviewed my sight today for fun by running these two clips of Cinderella. Both of her dresses are very beautiful, and it isn’t easy to figure out the right dress for her. But, I started hating her Yellow Ball Dress because it kept throwing her complexion off. To make matters worse, her hair are almost the same color as the dress. There is no classic contrast here to indicate unity of opposites. Thus, I fell in love with her Blue Dress. You can see what I mean by running both clips. You will see that the difference between the potential of both dresses is very minute.

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Glimpses of the Universe

I feel that Lucid Dreaming allows me to peek into the universe to some extent. For instance, in one of my dreams, I saw a male who appeared like a real man, but he had a very long neck like that of a snake. And, he could shift his neck up and down. He seemed passive to begin with but then he did something very frightening. He uttered a scream and his neck became longer and then he dashed like a bully towards his victim. 

This dream is very confusing. Fair enough! There are times when I think that I saw a jinn or some altered reality of my creative mind. Other times, I think that I saw Fu Wengui, the Chinese kid who was born with 3 additional vertebrae in his neck and Congenital Scoliosis—I just found this video today and I had no idea about Fu until today. Or did I see both human and jinn and then craftily merged them into one? As of today, I am not so sure in terms of what I witnessed the night I saw this dream character, the Shapeshifter. The vision was so freakish that I still think several times before deciding to shiver and accepting my fear.

In another recent historic dream, I was sitting next to Che Guvra, the Argentine Marxist revolutionary, writer, and guerrilla leader. His body was alive and vibrating with life. He seemed full of life and very delighted when he saw me. He was looking at me and was about to address me when I felt scared and switched the dream scene—I get dreams of political figures and writers because of my ENFP personality.

Clearly, I can bring my favourite friends and individuals to my dream world. In one dream, I saw my best Christian friend and her husband playing Piano right next to my bed. This is a historic dream because it matches how another legendary figure, Richard D James / Aphex Twin, used to hear music during sleep. In another dream, I briefly saw my best Muslim friend in his wife’s arms. I haven’t met both of my close buddies for some years now because I live in a different city. But, during the night, I can connect with them again. My empathy allows me to play this move very easily.

Think about it! Islam clearly states that with every human, a Qareen is born. Qareens are the jinns or angels that are born with the human except that they interfere from a different dimension.  My dreams indicate that something else has always been present besides my mind and soul. During lucid dreams, the brainwaves are designed to alter and thus reality becomes clear. For instance, I have solved a crime case on my own through lucid dreams. During sleep, the human brainwaves alter and our souls enter a different dimension. This is why I could see the Bagarbilla, the small gnome-like dream creature who used to bug me while I was a child. Bagarbilla never appeared after 2 or 3 encounters. Perhaps, it stopped haunting the house? Was it really there or did I scare something away? My first book is going to offer detailed descriptions of some of my lucid dreams. Thus, you will have a glimpse of the universe.


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An Attempt to Override Someone’s Deficiency

My mother once narrated a really ancient Islamic saying, which specifically stated that souls interact with each other during sleep. I have always believed what she told me simply because of my experiences within the Lucid Dreamscape.

A critical inquiry that arises after we analyze this saying is regarding the nature of this interaction. True! We can read each other’s thoughts and signals during sleep, but can we override each other’s deficiencies? I have often pondered about the answer to this question; thus, once I ventured forward in one of my lucid dreams with a new prime directive.

One of my close friends once told me that he has always wanted to wake up as a lucid, but he don’t have any previous lucid dream experiences. I noted his complaint in a genuine manner and fell asleep while wishing to show him the next set of steps. During my dream, I became aware and then I beckoned my friend to come forward. He looked fragile and young as usual. I held his outstretched hand and walked towards the window with him. “This won’t take us too long”, I encouraged him in a kind manner. Then, I held his hand and jumped out of the window.  Quickly, I whispered for the rest of the environment to fall into his mind. Everything around us was dark: the window, the room, and the sky. We both looked like dark shadows although we were fully aware of each other’s intentions. He curiously flew with me for a bit; and, then astonishingly he vanished somewhere. Perhaps, he ended up gaining more speed than me; maybe he came back to this dimension; or, perchance his usual shy manner deceived me again.

I think I have overridden something about his future or have I just promised myself that I will teach him exactly what he needs to learn—After all! Lucid Dreamscape is considered a training ground of some sort by researchers. I guess, I will post again once my friend manages to experience his lucid form.


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I Love My Eyes

My eyes are really large and dark because of high levels of stereodepth that’s in my veins. I use the same vision to create my 3 D dreams that run just like real life or movies. Just a note before you examine my eyes closely: I don’t wear anything artificial inside my eyes and my contact lens are colorless.

Look at them when I am really happy.

Now, look at them when I am very sober. The glitter completely dissapears. This is why everyone finds my face very confusing. 

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About My Stereodepth Vision

Originally Published On Dec 4, 2017

I have a very high level of stereodepth vision that was tested in one of the research labs at the University of Toronto, Canada─look, my eyes are different. I find it really odd that this is one of the two research studies I ever participated in. At that time, I was not a full-fledged lucid neither did I had any idea what the terms “lucid dream” or “stereodepth vision” meant.

I have thought really hard about what really alarmed and surprised the professor that day about my test results. And, I have realized something vital: High level of Stereodepth vision is linked to Lucid Dreaming—Professor’s research has nothing to do with my proposed hypothesis though. 


Has this ever been proven or is this a new research hypothesis? I do not know this yet because I haven’t yet been able to spare time to research relevant data in favor or opposition of this hypothesis. But, this is on my table and I will try to present relevant information in the course about Lucid Dreaming, which I am slowly designing.

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Feeling a Little Frightened

I have seen jinns a couple of times while I was wide awake and focused─sometimes those around me have also reported seeing something weird and shadowy.  Twice, I saw these entities while visiting haunted places. It’s a bit creepy because we don’t usually suspect these entities to roam in our dimension. Nevertheless, these experiences are a bit entertaining because we get to notice how they appear to us and how they react to us.

Once, I was sitting with a friend of mine when both of us were startled as we saw a white blanket-like entity standing at the entrance of his room. My friend screamed and jumped towards me for help, and I started praying like crazy. The white entity disappeared as I held my friend’s head and prayed for both of us.

It is a bit scary to watch all of this but we really can’t control their visits to our world. Read “Types of Jinn” by the Seven Worlds.


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Psychic Feelings Are Like Different Langauges

Psychic feelings are very difficult to enumaerate because they can become very diffused and distinct; they merge very well with the rest of one’s reality; they sometimes go unnoticed during daily routines because one fails to notice minor things or because vibes of the rest prevent proper readings.

Sometimes, psychic feelings are very strong and the psychic gets strong images inside the mind. For example, see how I read my Chinese friend and how I reviewed  Sun Lutang’s picture.

Other times, psychic phenomena does not surface until you have really focused on your subject or unless you have reviewed the evidence multiple times. For example, see how I read Rishi Kapoor.

Yet other times, this kind of extraordinary stuff is ignored because it seems too insignificant. For example, two days ago, I wore red nail polish on purpose. Today, one of my relatives gifted me a beige suit that has red embroidery and prints. I was stunned when I noticed that I was wearing matching nail polish. I shared this story with some of my relatives. I have added my picture below for my readers.

In conclusion, being psychic is fun but this ability still offers limited and unguarded existence like the rest. It’s easy to compel oneself to be psychic by reading and practicing techniques. One lovely method is use of open spaces for entertainment or meditations. Is this why the early Muslims disliked closed spaces?


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The One Who Watches Through the Veil of Night

Note: I had this lucid dream when I was very young. None of this is fabricated. 

I fell asleep and woke up during an alluring lucid trance. The house and its large courtyard as well as the neighborhood were covered in the veil of the night. Music of the darkness played like a solo and I ran through the courtyard as if dancing to the whim of this alive music. One of my siblings ran next to me while holding my hand. “We will ask the  man near the fenced door to give us some candies”, we whispered to each other as we ran towards the door excitedly. We sat down near the steel fenced door and extended our palms outside. Then we chanted to beckon the man who will bring us candies. Perhaps, this man was our uncle; perhaps, he was a friend of the family; or perhaps, he was just some random guy who lived near our house. We didn’t knew and we didn’t care enough as we stubbornly demanded the man to run towards us. Then, we heard some sort of thudding noise as an adult man finally arrived at the door. He sat down and happily placed some candies on our palms. Then, he whispered that everything is okay and that he actually knows our parents. I felt that he wanted us to stay inside the house next to our parents. My sibling and I giggled because we somehow understood that we have seen him before. This curiously frank gentleman left quietly after we took the candies from him and started eating them. Little did I knew at that time that the same check can be used to scan our vicinity. The man who found us near the entrance was safe because that night was a safe night and there was no immediate danger in our area. I am sure now that if that this stranger played things differently, then this would have indicated the presence of someone sinister in our surroundings.

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