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How To Visit Outer Space During Lucid Dreams

You must have read on my blog that I like being around people. This is why a lot of my lucid dreams are about humans as well as societal or historic issues concerning them. However, there are times when I have ended up in Outer Space. What bothers me about Space? Well! It is really dark and there are things there that can make me feel injured to some extent— I feel that I can conquer this feeling of being harmed over time but darkness is there to stay.

Given all this, I have often wondered how I can enjoy my time in Space. I need to dream and also have fun while I am dreaming. So how can I do this while travelling outside of Planet Earth? And, the answer came to me through experience.

First thing that I learned that I can’t really remove all the negative aspects of being in Space. Read blog post “Visit To Two Planets Other Than Earth“.

But before I encountered this place, I was met with really high and rough winds. The winds of this region were so rough that my soul couldn’t maintain balance; and thus I was thrown around very viciously as I shivered and gathered courage to proceed….Venus, the planet between Earth and Mercury is known to have really high winds. Source: Visit To Two Planets Other Than Earth“.

What I really want to block about Space is harsh sounds. I don’t really like them although there is some sort of mysterious pull in these sounds as well. If I were to attempt to block some stuff, it will be harsh sounds. Read blog post “A Visit To Space“.

I first thought that I was imagining being close to a real train and the sound was coming from that. This sound that I heard was pretty intense. It felt like a really large train was running around outside this room…To my surprise, the sounds of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Enceladus all remind me of the sounds I heard that particular night. Source: A Visit To Space.

I would love to visit Space as long as I end up meeting a Human Being at the end. This is actually my strategy to overcome fear of being in Space. Read blog post “My Recent Visit to Sky and Perhaps Space: Vision of the July 2020 Thunderstorm“. During some dreams, I tell myself while wandering in Space that it is time to meet this particular inspiration. Then I find it easier to dash towards Earth. Here is one of my secrets. I even use the energy and thoughts of one of my inspirations to get into Space; I experience this by activating Hypnagogic Hallucinations. This particular inspiration of mine is a very thoughtful Professor and Speaker. For some reason, I have been able to visit Space faster after receiving thinking about him during my Hypnagogic Hallucinations.

Another thing that I would love to experience about Space is the colourful celestial objects. I hope to distract myself by using my artistic needs for colors and texture. I know this is going to work out because today I dreamt of flying in dark space. I felt afraid because everything around me was super dark; but, then I saw a very colourful astronomical object. It distracted me so much that I kept staring at it while flying past it at a high speed. I will go into more details about this object in my book about Lucid Dreams—I am still working on this rather heavy text. The question that arose after this dream is, “Was all this colour real or just my imagination?”. So I googled and found this article “What do a galaxy’s colors mean? Are they its true colors? (Intermediate)“. I also found the NASA’s Solar System Exploration site, which I intend to review in the future. You know you can get better at exploration through lucid dreams if you knew some of the content that you are planning to study.

Lastly, I would try to connect with Aliens. In the past, I have been able to interact with the Aliens known as the Jinn. It was easy for me to connect with them because I learned in Islam that there are good and religious Jinns as well. So this removed my fear; and, I started looking for them. Read “Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming“.

I was visited by Marbas as well. I found him very friendly, gentle, and open. He appeared in the form of a lion; walked with me as we navigated through a scene that was filled with snow; and, slowly changed into a man. Read “Demons and Seals of King Solomon and the World of Lucid Dreaming“.

Reality is that I have never studied Astronomy in detail or professionally through a college/university. I don’t have interest in Astronomy because I find subjects that relate to humans more interesting. I find it funny that I can think like an Astronaut but I have always hated Astrology. I have reviewed a bit of this subject during my spare time. My vision about Space opened up through lucid dreams; and, I am glad that it did.

I am just sharing a few thoughts here. Think creatively and positively if you feel fear of encountering something freaky during dreams.

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Magic Or A Natural Disaster: A Lucid Dream About Texas

This lucid (clear) dream includes an inspiration of mine who lives in Texas, US. I have several inspirations and only some of them are considered progenitor dream characters because they react more strongly in my dream world. Read “Dance of Heroes“. As you read further, note that my ENFP personality type is playing a big part in all this. During the day, I derive a lot of energy from people; so I am doing the exact same thing during my dreams. This power is like what Dr. Strange of Avengers possesses. Do you know that he can divide into many Dr. Strangers and open time portals? This reminds me of my dream world, my dream character, Spirit Guardians, and other dream characters. Scroll to instance 6:20 of YouTube video clip “Doctor Strange – All Scenes Powers & Fights“. It helps to know that most geniuses are ENFPs. I have never participated in any tests to prove that I am a genius; and, I usually scored above average in academic assignments and tests. However, it is easy to see my genius brain by analyzing dream data.

It turns out, in terms of sheer numbers, a person with a genius IQ is most likely to be an ENFP. Which Type Has the Most Geniuses?

Moving on this lucid dream!

There was a circle of magicians. One of them had a special chalk or was it just a finger of this magician—I did not had a close look. He could use that to open time portals. He allowed a lot of people to enter this time portal because he was enjoying their company. I wanted to enter into this portal too. So I stood inside their circle—it felt unusual to be surrounded by multiple dream characters. Then, I bugged the magician who was opening the portal to let me in. He said okay; and, then he bent to draw on the floor. He drew a small inverted cone in 2D (looked like a triangle without a base), which turned glowing green after it was drawn. I placed my foot inside this drawing and everything changed. I was now inside this portal. I was now in a place where night had fallen. Some people were going into a room to get free gifts. The only condition they had to fulfill was to place all the gifts inside only one bag or anything else that can hold these gifts. They were selecting items to hold these gifts from the front of the room. I went there too and felt attracted to a gigantic scroll. The scroll was massive! When you open it, you can easily see that you are looking at something that is as big as multiple attached scrolls. I knew that it was not only a scroll and that it could be used as a bag as well. You can place items inside it and then fold it back safely. I knew that it won’t rip! I felt fascinated by this enchanting scroll; so I decided to take it. It was one of the most expensive items available. As soon as I took it, I was stopped by a dream character who looked like an inspiration of mine. Perhaps, he wanted the same item. He seemed like a security guard for some reason! I tried to ignore him and went inside the room where the gifts were being given. This guy did not want me to have this scroll so he followed me inside this room. He approached me again and asked for the scroll. But, I was not interested in letting him have the scroll. I just noticed that I was wearing a Sari. It was wound around me; but, it seemed that it was not done properly. It was done like someone does it at home, in a lazy manner and thus misses out some details. Some of my Sari actually opened while I was going over the gifts. I was wearing a long shirt underneath so my body didn’t show! Next, the scene changed. Perhaps, time collapsed! Now, I was on a rooftop. This man was there too. He seemed to have gotten closer to me. He was talking to me; and, he almost kissed me. But the time collapsed again! The rooftop started crumbling; it felt like we were trapped in a landslide or a vortex. I started falling backwards moving away from this man. He felt shocked and ran and jumped to save me. This is when both of us noticed a small baby in my arms whose face I was hiding. I kept sliding away from him feeling puzzled and scared.

I sometimes receive precognitive dreams and other times I can run simulations inside my mind. I am hoping that this dream is just a simulation! I had this dream while I was sleeping in Canada; and, I have never been to Texas. After I woke up, I thought I just saw a magical place. Then I started thinking back to significance of the male dream character when it occurred to me that he is from Texas. So I researched Texas online and found the article “These Natural Disasters Can Occur in Texas! Are You Prepared?” Landslides (number 7 in the list) are listed there as a natural disaster. I have never been caught in a landslide before; thus, initially the only way I could think of all this was as if “time collapsed” or a “vortex opened”. Later, I added the word “landslide” in my dream recall while attempting to explain what I dreamt of. Lastly, the scenes from this lucid dream appear like a magical place to pique my interest since I don’t know this place at all.

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Dream Of A Talking Baby

I had a rather bizarre dream today. I was carrying a baby girl; and, she was talking to me. The baby just addressed me by referring to a real person and asking me to give him a compliment. What’s wicked about all this is that the baby sometimes addressed me in a poetic manner. I listened to the baby and carried her in my arms while walking inside what appeared like a Mansion Hotel.

I was leaving with the baby; and, I had made a special stroller for her. But when we got outside, I realized that I was missing something. So I went back inside and went through the luggage to find baby’s clothes. I had placed the baby on floor and was trying to open a large suitcase that was stored under something that looked like a bed but wasn’t. I was inside what looked like a dark narrow corridor. There was a wall on my one side and storage space (under what seemed like beds) on my other side. I was still looking inside the suitcase when a man crawled over from the other side of the storage space. He had put some pressure on one of the bottom side rails of what looked like beds, which thus got bent. I felt that it was bent enough to touch baby’s head. But, it was not close to the baby at all. I hurriedly picked up my baby; ignored the guy; and, walked away.

The most interesting part of this dream was that the baby was conversing with me. I was a bit surprised when I saw this; but, I handled this by paying more attention to the baby.

According to Auntyflo’s article “Talking Baby“, dream of a baby talking in a rich language means good fortune. This article further shares that a talking baby is an indication of some special ability the dreamer is not yet aware of. I believe I will have to put an effort into learning more about the rest of my abilities. I can already engage in Lucid Dreaming to learn about future and historic events; connect with spirits when I am asleep or awake; say prayers that are actually accepted; and, utilize Telepathy. I earnestly wonder what’s next!

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Why I Don’t Listen to Eminem

I have tried listening to Eminem’s songs; but, I have hated the experience so much so that I have completely banned Eminem from my life.

I remember listening to just a couple of songs and then feeling bad about what was being said. I recollect that I started investigating lyrics of some of the songs in details and felt very uncomfortable after reading them. I clearly recall that I felt nausea and headaches after listening to some of his songs including “Love The Way You Lie” and “Not Afraid”. My experiences have always defined whether I will accept something or someone in my life or not. I banned Eminem a long while ago and right now my life is “Eminem-Free”. I am proud of myself!

Today, I found another article on the web. Jackson Katz’s article “8 Reasons Eminem’s Popularity is a Disaster for Women” shares how this artist is dangerous for women and even for gays and lesbians. I can see why my head kept splitting with pain when I listened to his words. I feel his work is very dangerous; and, I feel that men who listen to his songs are misogynistic in nature. Nowadays, even some Muslims are attached to this person’s words. As a woman and as a Muslim woman, I feel worried about my safety given the type of environment Eminem is gradually creating.

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Please Support CJ Werleman’s YouTube Channel

CJ Werleman is an internationally renowned journalist who uncovers abuse of Muslim communities around the world. Before I decided to become a patron for CJ’s Patreon account, I had a lucid (clear) dream about him. I wrote about this dream in the blog post “My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman“.

Once just before falling asleep, I heard certain sort of voices that almost made my body jerk in pain. This is because CJ reads into unfair treatment of humans especially Muslims…CJ was walking there on his own feeling very happy about something. The dream emphasized the large number of people and then the size of the land so much so that CJ appeared almost insignificant and difficult to find. My Psychic Images of CJ Werleman

My mind becomes very clear just before I fall asleep and then during the dream state as well. So when I noticed CJ’s pain and humility, I started caring more about him and his work. I must comment that being able to experience someone’s pain is a gift. According to Brene Brown, vulnerability is the source of creativity and courage; see her speech “The Power of Vulnerability“. This is why great musicians and poets feel pain while composing their works. I knew I was dealing with someone very creative after I had this dream. Seeing is believing! Thus, I became a patron and started participating in the project.

CJ’s Patreon project is very creative. So far, I have participated in podcasts by asking questions (see blog post, “Participating In CJ Werleman’s Q&A Sessions“); attended virtual events (I even participated in the virtual event “72 Years of Indian Occupation of Kashmir“); received ebooks; learned about issues that Muslims are facing; read CJ’s articles to guide my research about Kashmir for my poem on Kashmir (see blog post “Why Am I Writing A Poem About Kashmir”); wrote the Boycott BJP/RSS Toolkit (see post “Boycott BJP/RSS Toolkit” published on Oct 08, 2020); and, provided articles for the project “Database: Hate Crimes Against Muslims in India” (see Comment 1 and Comment 2). Seriously, I am learning a lot through this project!

CJ is currently attempting to increase the number of patrons so that he may transform his podcast to a YouTube channel—see the original tweet here. Select a membership plan by visiting his Patreon account. Patron packages start at $1/month. To learn more about CJ Werleman’s work, check out his website.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and support!

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Dreams About Women’s Dresses

I receive fascinating dreams about dresses. I wonder what mega amounts I will end up earning if I learned how to sew and design dresses. There are these awesome visions of women’s clothings inside my novel head. Riveting!

Today, I had two dreams of three different dresses. I was wearing all of these dresses! One dress was Golden in colour and was embroidered all the way through from top to bottom—it was a Pakistani dress. I did not had a close look at this one because I was observing the breathtaking setting—I was near a palace in this one. In the second dream I was trying out clothes in a shop that was filled with Ball Gowns and Frocks. The shopkeeper let me try two different types of clothings. One was Green and Black in colour. It had some sorts of shiny sequins all over the dress; and the Green sequins were sewn next to the Black sequins in horizontal rows. I tried this dress. But I didn’t like it; so I took it off. Then I checked out the second dress; and, I ended up falling in love with this one.

I didn’t see the shopkeeper; but, I had a feeling that she felt a bit frustrated because she wanted me to buy the first dress since she thought that it looked prettier on me. Well, the second choice was so stunning that I am still thinking back to it! It was a very sexy floor-length, long-sleeved Light Pink Ball Gown! The dress had a fitted and slim silhouette and waistline that clung perfectly on my body; and, only the bottom was ball-shaped with some sort of thick material underneath that held the fabric in this shape. Most of the gown was Light Pink in colour (this shade of Pink); lighter coloured Pink lace that seemed to have some shade of White was stitched on the front of the dress and perhaps on the sleeves as well; Dark Mauve flower embellishments decorated the ball-shaped bottom of the dress. The neckline was the most interesting feature of this dress. It had a Dark Pink off-shoulder neckline that covered some of the shoulders while leaving the shoulders and neck bare; the fabric of the neckline was crispier and thicker than the rest of the material. But the trick was that you could somehow change the neckline to cover your neck and shoulders.

Interesting right! Now here is the fun part. I have worn an English dress only once in my life, on one of my birthdays. Also, I don’t have any training in sewing or designing dresses. I have only learned about such dresses by watching movies and by reading books or online articles. I love wearing beautiful clothes. Once, as a teenager, I wore a Golden-Green Ghagra to a Pakistani wedding. The ladies from the other family gave me lots of flowers when I entered the Banquet Hall. Then one of them told me that the best flowers, the ones I was offered, were for the loveliest women who would enter this place. You can clearly see why I feel so delighted when I receive such dreams! I can experience something without fully or ever experiencing it in real life; I can also experience things that are missing from my life or that I have experienced in the past.

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Seeing Things From Periphery: Canada’s Unsafe Business Environment

I am going to tell you how dangerous working inside Canada really is. I am going to narrate three incidences that took place in situations where I consider myself “at the periphery” of a circle.

Once, I was in a business networking event when a very tall and fat male approached me and said, “Your face looks like you want to have babies”. This is how he introduced himself to me. I avoided him like hell throughout the networking session.

Another time, I was called for a virtual interview by two businessmen. They never showed up; and, they never replied to my email inquires about why they missed this meeting. I sat on my computer and waited for them for a very long while. Then I emailed them and waited for a reply. I received no answer at all. I eventually decided to remove them from my social networking account.

This is one of the freakiest thing that ever happened to me. I am a Muslim woman so I don’t allow for physical contact with men. I strongly believe that only my husband is allowed to touch me or kiss me in any way. I was at a business meeting where I met someone (an older White man) whom I got to know very briefly and formally. I have completed only one small project with him. Later when I approached him at a business event just to say hello, he leaned over and kissed me on my face, near my lips. I felt very violated and shocked! I did not expect this from him. I had rape trauma from before; and, I was really stressed that day so I couldn’t do anything to stop him. I felt extremely embarrassed that he kissed me in front of all these strangers. Inside my head, I said, “He don’t even know me that well; and, he is trying to kiss me. I don’t know what to say!” You know Canadian business organizations are very keen about things such as dietary requirements based on religious or personal beliefs and needs. But, things like someone not asking permission before kissing you are just neglected. I find this very bizarre. Now, I am just making sure that my resume is not handed over to him EVER.

Once I applied to a restaurant whose manager was a Muslim-Canadian man. He didn’t give me a job right away; but, asked me to keep in touch with him. Just a couple of days after this interview, he asked me to meet with him privately. I was totally shocked when I heard this. I mean I went there to get a job and not a date. I had to block him right away because I started feeling insecure about all this.

So all these things can happen to you even if you have not entered a given Canadian circle. I wonder how things are proceeding inside such circles. Read article “Harassment widespread in workplaces, finds Statistics Canada” to learn about what is going on in Canadian workplaces.

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Why Am I Writing A Poem About Kashmir

One of my grandmothers have Kashmiri background. Her name was Iqbal, which means “Power“. I still remember her. She was a beautiful and gentle woman. She loved me a lot although she talked less because she was very old. Unfortunately, she passed away several years ago.

My grandmother shared her name with one of the founders of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal. Allama Iqbal is a very famous poet of Kashmiri background. I read some of his poems when I was a teenager. I fell in love with “Shikwa” and “Jiwab-e-Shikwa“.

My exposure to Kashmir is pretty limited for several reasons; but, destiny has created a path that I must walk. This path was created after I said a genuine prayer where I asked God to help me fight discrimination. Later, too many things happened that made sure that I ended up walking into the Human Rights industry. Read the full story about this special prayer here ‘Another “Silver Bullet” Prayer Came True‘.

When I decided to continue writing my poems while focusing only on Human Rights related issues, I felt compelled to work on a poem about Kashmir first. I started calling this poem, “my first poem related to Human Rights” because although I have written a couple of other Human Rights related poems before, I have worked on them without reading too much and while working on other types of poems like Romance Poems; however, now that I am writing while focusing “only on Human Rights related issues”, I am being really thorough and reading a lot of stuff before composing these works. So this poem about Kashmir is going to be the very first poem from this set of poems, which are going to be—hopefully—finalized in 2020. This decision was made after much thinking although it was just a gut feeling that made me decide.

I have finished a lot of work for this poem: taken lots of notes; composed some of my thoughts; and, attended webinars too. I say its destiny because ever since this prayer came true, things are happening that are ensuring that I end up writing Human Rights related poems. For instance, check out this webinar by “International Human Rights Commission“. I was just an attendee but the host, H.E Ambassador Malik Nadeem Abid, made sure to let me talk during the webinar. You know that I was thinking of leaving early before the end of this event; but, I actually decided to stay. Then I ended up being on camera. You can check out the video “72 Years of Indian Occupation of Kashmir“. I appear at the very end, at 2:30:24 (-5:43)

I will share my poem about Kashmir here. Make sure to read it.

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Listening to Silence

When I was a kid, I used to rest on my bed in the night and listen to the silence around me. Darkness used to envelope me as I would tune into this mysterious and hypnotic sound that encased me. I have discussed this phenomenon before in my blog post “Listening To The Night“.

In the night, the music of my mind and body becomes markedly unusual. I quietly listen to the changing sounds of the night and enjoy how it’s inexplicable tunes seep through me undeterred. I allow myself to drift from one thought to another without capturing anything in writing. Source: “Listening To The Night“.

I started receiving lucid dreams early onwards as a child. This is why I could easily tell that there was a definite pattern and rhythm in the sound of silence that I felt captivated by in the night. I had time today to think about this so I researched this online. According to article “What Is Pink Noise and How Does It Compare with Other Sonic Hues?” there are all sorts of sounds like Pink Noise, White Noise, Brown Noise, and Black Noise. This article shares that the Sound of Silence is a Black Noise. So I was right! Sound of Silence is definitely a type of noise and it definitely has some sort of pattern.

Furthermore, this article taught me a new term, the Pink Noise, for something that I have started practicing routinely after gaining insight about how to become lucid during sleep. Remember how I discussed “Hypnagogic Hallucinations” before in my post “Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India“. The lucid dream that I am discussing here is a historic lucid dream since it discusses a death threat to a Human Rights Activist who works on issues related to India and then it also shows what happens to Amnesty International due to India’s Modi-led government. See the following blog posts below for details:

Bodyguarding: Using Video Game Mode To Figure Things Out About India

Another Dream Symbol Came True: Amnesty International and India

So what do I listen to during these “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”? I can sense deep things like heartbeats, laughter, pain, and sweat when these sensations get activated. So if I have seen someone through a video, I can sense that person’s heartbeat and sweat during my hypnagogic hallucinations. Making me activate this mode is like Aladdin (the subject of my thoughts) walking into the Cave of Wonders (the cosmos that I can enter afterwards). According to article “What Is Pink Noise and How Does It Compare with Other Sonic Hues?” Sound of Heartbeat is considered Pink Noise. Seriously, when I listen to someone’s heartbeat just before falling asleep, my entire body relaxes a lot. Perhaps, this is somehow connected to the fact that infants are tuned into their mother’s heartbeat. I wonder what exactly I listened to when I was in my mom’s wombs—my mom has high levels of Photographic Memory.

So through experiences with my lucid self, I learned that I relax substantially after listening to the silence or activating desirable “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”. According to article “Sound of silence increasingly rare as noise pollution rises“. Noise pollution is a big deal nowadays. When you are walking on the streets, you see so many people wearing headphones. People are not what they used to be! They have forgotten so many natural things; thus, their health is getting hit. Even I am left struggling with noise pollution to some extent. Truth is that I have always known that listening to silence heals me somehow; but, this article from 2017 offers the same conclusion. I can do this because my body and mind are both designed to heal things—I even release some sort of calming energy from my hands that heal the pain of menstruation among other things.

I strongly suggest that you try listening to sound of silence and also spend time thinking back to someone (including your inspirations) before falling asleep. Your health will improve significantly after you perform these activities regularly.

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Possibility of Civil War in America

Recently, I have come across a lot of articles about how America may have a civil war to handle soon—I haven’t really read all of them yet. On August 14, 2015, I posted a lucid dream that I had perhaps before this date. This particular lucid dream showed a huge conflict taking place in America. As soon as I woke up, I changed it into a story about vampires because I didn’t understood what really happened—I couldn’t come to terms with what I saw. Believe me! the sights I saw were very freaky.

Here is some part of my dream; you can read the full dream here. Read “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years“.

…The scene changed again and the girl saw herself battling with vampires who arrived in large numbers. They screamed, “We have found humans. Let us taste them.” And then the battle took place where humans became animals and tried ripping all the vampires to pieces. The girl lost her sense of identity and participated in the war silently. The battle fiercely boomed through the entire city as if destiny itself was jesting the humans. Some sprightly humans were clever enough to hide on the roofs, but the vampires used their keen senses to locate them. Then, they flew unhindered to their unguarded refuge and burned down the entire roof and its frightened residents. But, the humans did not want to lose to the vampires so the most athletic ones armed themselves by using guns, batons, and bats. To their dismay, the vampires quickly nullified their weapons by using psychic abilities or physical force. The humans were enraged and awe-struck so they finally decided to create small gangs, which strategically maneuvered towards the vampires. The humans had now successfully circled all the vampires, but the vampires effortlessly pushed their way through and chased them into buildings. Rage and bloodlust sedated every pore of the immortal bodies of vampires as human blood dripped out of their mouths. The humans who had now been lured inside buildings were unaware of the fact that more vampires were flying towards the buildings from all directions and quickly multiplying in numbers. Some of them lit the buildings on fire and others ran inside and tore several humans limb to limb. “Their blood makes us blind. Blind, blind!” vampires uttered this slogan excitedly as they forced the humans to forfeit. The battlefield was burned to ashes and reduced to a wreck, and the humans were now uttering painful moans that could not be heard but felt. Read “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years“.

In this dream, one of my dream characters, a Black woman said that the plague is here.

She turned her attention to the Black woman and heard her comment that the plague started a while back but she does not know where they came from. “What sort of plague is she talking about?” She thought as she gently stepped out of her body and followed the black figure. Read “Proof That I Can Move Ahead In Time By Around Four Years“.

Okay, note how smart this dream really is. The coronavirus is affecting African-Americans more severely. Read article “Coronavirus in African Americans and Other People of Color“. They have just found this out and I dreamt about this in 2015. Can you see how ahead this data really is?

So if you read the entire dream, you will notice that the Black woman said that the plague is here and the conflict started afterwards. Does that mean that the civil war is going to happen after coronavirus has spread in America? Or does that mean that I am just reading into a possibility and not reality? Remember that dreams can be symbolic or literal.

News about civil war is actually quite disturbing. Read articles “Oath Keepers’ Stewart Rhodes Calls for ‘Bloody War’ if Trump Doesn’t Invoke Insurrection Act” and “Experts fear America is on the brink of civil war: ‘Millions of people are actively prepared to murder their countrymen’”.

I strongly advice everyone to stay calm and make sure that the civil war does not occur. I mean I saw a whole lot of bloodshed in my dream; and, it is a horrible sight.

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