Dancing feels Ecstatic

I started dancing at weddings as a child─I am Rajputian so it is easy for me to learn dancing. Ever since then, my body has been learning on its own by listening to different types of music. I have learned mostly on my own after being taught a little bit in high school. Right now,…… Continue reading Dancing feels Ecstatic

Understanding the Two Selves

I write like Vladimir Nabokov About Vladimir Nabokov | Analyze your text I have been thinking about all the buildings I have viewed and visited during my lucid dreams. Once, I visited a building and later found a very similar one in the city of Ottawa. My lucid dream showed me stunning images of a…… Continue reading Understanding the Two Selves

How to Talk to Dream Characters?

I have not learned how to talk to dream characters by working with a professional lucid dreamer, and it is something I am learning slowly on my own by activating lucidity. The only things I do to connect with my dream characters is demonstrate curiosity; attempt to communicate with dream characters and spirit guides; switch between dreams when…… Continue reading How to Talk to Dream Characters?

3000 Things I have Done During Lucid Dreams

Originally Published On Oct 8, 2016 I am the first Muslim Woman from a very vast circle of acquaintances, friends, and family members who can create so many of these vivid, 3D dreams. The following list does not include all the details because I am saving the details for my short stories, poems, or novels.…… Continue reading 3000 Things I have Done During Lucid Dreams

Knights of the Flying Carpet

I write like J. K. Rowling About J. K. Rowling | Analyze your text Originally Published On: 14/04/2016 Note: This is one of my older lucid dreams. I got this one when I did not knew much about signs of women abuse. The voices I heard at the end of this dream were a prophecy…… Continue reading Knights of the Flying Carpet

Creating Murder Mysteries through Dreams

I write like David Foster Wallace About David Foster Wallace | Analyze your text Originally Published On: 22/06/2017 Creating Murder Mysteries through dreams is not easy because some of these dream snippets include watching unusual things take place up close─this is something psychic investigators also do during lucid dreams. The writers are required to study…… Continue reading Creating Murder Mysteries through Dreams


I write like Stephen King About Stephen King | Analyze your text Originally Published On: 14/05/2016 Note: This is based on one of my older lucid dreams. I have imagined our conversation although the rest of the indications were in that dream. In my original lucid dream, my dream character did not directly address me…… Continue reading Study