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The Moment

Dedication: To my future husband.

Clear deep water stood still, very still
I hear no crickets, no toads, no birds, no wind
I hear no breath, no laughter, no echo
Sweet silence, I truly hear naught

Has the fabled wind stopped stirring?
Have the mystical clouds stopped floating?
Serenity echoed amid the universe, moon, and sun
Justly the world fell silent, in accord with One

As she held his hand and gazed in his eyes
God smilingly pressed pause from up in the skies


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

Poo Pies etceteras

Note: I wrote this today, on Oct.13, 2013, after feeling very frustrated about any wars that are taking place and poverty. Please feel free to email this poem to any official who care about stopping wars or poverty. Keep smiling! 

We made poo pies from body waste
Stool cream from feces and dung
Excreta cupcakes from droppings
And buffalo chips from fertilizers 

I carry this news from the prison cells
Mayday, mayday, mayday!

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

Oasis or Mirage

Note: This poem was inspired by my best friend who has always felt like both oasis and mirage to me; and this poem was inspired some verses of the Quran, which I read in the darkness of the night. Somehow, the verses magically transformed into this poem as I tried to comprehend the meaning behind them. The poem just impatiently stumbled out of me, and I have no idea how and why? I was so overwhelmed that I closed the book and tried to just breathe. Between thinking and catching my breath, I totally neglected to jot down the verse number. 

Learn to discover this world through thy eyes
If thee comprehend fully, a vast oasis will emerge
Avoid understanding the world via others’ eyes
If thee do so, verily thee will view only a mirage
O yea! the roles will flip, infinitely
So pay heed, my league, pay heed
Believe in thyself
Inquire the “patterns”
And just be, truly thyself
No need to understand
No need to comprehend
For sometimes ceasing to understand is the answer
Recall! the patterns of oasis and mirage
Overlap infinitely
Like waves of a sea
Differences, similarities, or relations?
Believe in thyself
Inquire the patterns
And just be, truly thyself
No need to understand
No need to comprehend

Just remove thy lens, oh thee who view an endless mirage
And humbly wear a different lens today
Just to clearly view an oasis



Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.


Smiling warmly, she radiated that protective glow
Oh, how close time has made us grow
You used to be a childish figurante
But now you are my close confidante
Sharing all my worries, I felt a flow
Of peace as I tied her lovely bow
Thanking God of the presence of this bacchante
I shared with her my warm croissant
We will always be there for each other, I know
Holding each other through storms of life and so
And in extremely sad times, I will sing you a courante
To bring a smile on your lovely face, my confidante
Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

3–4 AM

Note: (added on 12, 2011) I wrote this poem one night when I woke up at 3:00 am. I was worried about something so I couldn’t sleep well. After finishing the first draft of this poem, I decided to take some rest. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I said a solemn prayer asking God to alleviate my suffering and pain. Suddenly my head turned warm and I felt that someone was holding it with two hands. This is when I became very peaceful and sleepy. This happened around 4:00 am. That’s how I figured out the ending and name of this poem. 

(added on July 20, 2015) I have asked myself several times what do the above-mentioned hands represent. After feeling unsettled several times, I decided to eventually use specific keywords to research some content about Lucid Dreaming. So, a while back I found an article that I posted as a comment on my Facebook. I had time to review this article today. Apparently, it is talking about some sort of Lucid hands (see the second paragraph under the heading “Writing, Dreaming, and Lucid Art”). I feel that the two hands I created just before sleeping are some sort of Lucid healing technique. I did this without much knowledge of my lucid abilities or techniques that activate the lucid state. I wonder what happens when I get fully versed in using these techniques. 

Early morning, 3 am
I am still awake
Feeling my heart ache
Struggling to collect
The past that was wrecked
Reminiscing, I swam

Exhausted, I’m
Knowing life is opaque
And how often people are fake
Innocent mind they infect
Purity, they foolishly reject
Finding an answer; I climb

Staring at stars; love ’em
I see the floating clouds that make
Onlookers feel fully awake
Crisp, dark night fully reflect
Majesty of God in full effect
Magnificent nature; a true gem

Deeply satisfied, I’m
His presence melting my ache
His shelter, I must take
Slowly, I will learn to collect
Because moi, I truly respect
Losing my fear, I finally rest; 4 am


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

The Kid

Note: This poem came to me when I was meditating on the picture of an African child, which was published on World Vision’s website. I was planning on donating some money for the African children and was distracted by a kid’s picture. So I meditated on the picture for a couple of minutes and created this poem.

He looks at us with those dignified eyes

His head slightly tilted
That appeal for respect in his eyes
That appeal for recognition
Shining magnificently
He beseeches us politely
Wondering if we will ever answer
His lips quiver as he fights hesitation
Wondering how to endeavor properly
Silently praying
Yearning for a hug
That orphan kid
Hugs his knees
Sitting on the rough ground
He watches the kids pass
Hand in hand with their parents
A tear escapes his eyes
That gallant shine almost disappearing
Am I not wanted?
Am I not needed?
A smile forms slowly
As he looks up at the sky
And feels the strength and courage
Emanating from within
One day, I will be loved
It’s not too dark yet
It’s not too dark yet

Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.