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Creating Murder Mysteries through Dreams

Originally Published On: 22/06/2017

Creating Murder Mysteries through dreams is not easy because some of these dream snippets include watching unusual things take place up close─this is something psychic investigators also do during lucid dreams. The writers are required to study real crime cases because they can compose masterpieces only after they have studied everything exhaustively. Lucid dreaming allows you to achieve exactly this─I call this the Pandora Version of Lucid Dreamers; its trickier because it looks for trouble instead of looking for nicer things. You can not only examine how the murder took place but you can also tell who exactly is injured; what exactly is in a given setting; and feel the feelings of the victims and abusers. Of course, it might be painful for the person who is dreaming all of this; and he/she can be left startled forever. That’s why I don’t run this state often, and I always make sure that I am implementing sufficient self-care.

Reality Does Not Surface

In one of my dreams, I saw this very tall woman whose jawline was too firm and well-defined. This dream started suddenly and without any warning or cueing. I saw her throw one of her children in a bathtub. Then, she held him/her down and listened quietly to his/her cries. After her child was drowned and murdered, she wore her scarf around her neck and left the house. Then, I saw her standing outside feeling proud of something and sipping in some fresh air. She looked at everyone around her like she is in command─there really was this eerie feeling about her. This is one of those dreams where I can’t really tell who or what exactly I saw and whether this is past, present, or future.

Reality Surfaces

This state can play on its own if you are bonded to someone who needs help or if you have somehow developed a gut feeling about something. For example, I was helping an abused woman when I dreamt of three dancing couples, but I couldn’t find her there with her husband. Later, I found out that he was cheating on her. Only the abused woman is keeping track of this truthful dream.

Sometimes, you will realize what exactly the dream is trying to show you after you have received some relevant news. For instance, I saw a happily married couple around one or two months before a friend of mine decided to get married to the girl of his choice. I only found out that this dream was true after he confirmed this surprising news with me.

Remember that it takes effort to open yourself to this psychic world through dreams; thus, I have done this only with my friends or family members.

In conclusion, your mind is automatically tied into the world of murders, mysteries, and detective work given that you are writer. Don’t feel too frightened of this ability, and open it only in a safe and accepting environment. Attempt this dream state while cueing yourself to believe that the time warp does not influence you while you are asleep.


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Originally Published On: 14/05/2016

Note: This is based on one of my older lucid dreams. I have imagined our conversation although the rest of the indications were in that dream. In my original lucid dream, my dream character did not directly address me because I did not knew how to maintain a dialogue with dream characters at that time in my life.

The young girl searched for him fervently as the night fell silently. “Whom do I play with today?” she thought as she sneaked around curiously to find her lucid playmate. The night fell melodically and teased her while hiding her in its open hawk-like wings. The divine orchestra played mesmerizingly as the drapes swayed at her touch. She laughed delicately as she saw her shy date hiding behind the drapes.

He ate his biscuits and seemed to ignore her to indicate that she is the one who should approach him. As she quietly approached him, he looked in her dark eyes and addressed her gently, “Oh! I am sorry but forgive me that I did not notice you standing there. And what is your lovely name?” His eyes seemed to issue a forbidden indication, which the young girl studied slowly as she partially understood the answers to his whispered questions.

She experienced an invisible tune and acceptance as the music of darkness, song, and self entrenched both of them. Spontaneously, she engaged him as she talked like a young maiden who knew nothing more than just having childlike fun. Gradually, the boy waned and became one of the silent ones as he realized that it was time to fly away. She dismissed his hurry as that of one of the grand ones who knew well how to sing, play, and dance. “Perhaps, it was time for him to experience something else,” she thought as she flew towards the ceiling and became absorbed in viewing the dynamic enfolding of the surrounding buildings.

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True Friends

Note: I wrote this poem for my close friends who suffer from domestic abuse or those who do not. This song will ensure that they all know that I am there for them.

You are better than a song to me

If I kiss you on your cheek

It won’t be enough…

You feel like an ephemeral and dainty scent

My heart sings like a lark when I sense your smile

I am in love with my true friend

So I run barefoot on the grass

To get to you

Can I keep running like this?

Oh sweet friend, when would you be back?

And shower your sweet words on me

I was just daydreaming about you

You are still my chum; you are still my chum

I sing to you of an accepting world that’s kind of foreign to me

Thus, my words are a solitary folly

Love reciprocates only when the other heart speaks

The other heart…

The other heart…

When you don’t speak, then you become a rhythm

Rhythm that ryhmes with your friend

Rhythm that ryhmes with your friend

The rhyme doesn’t know anything else

This overwhelmed rhyme does not fully know how to reciprocate

Thus, this rhyme is inspiring and true

See you around, my kind of nutcase

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Note: (added on July, 04, 2015) This video is the best description of my poem, “Brackets”: Watch this video and then read my poem Brackets. Then you will realize the real potential of mankind for the very nature of pursuit of education is the deletion of a bracket. However, it is ironic to observe that it is this same nature of education that also creates brackets, like destruction of a forest because mankind has learned how to create and use machines. All of this is possible since the nature of mankind is flawed and so are all of their observations and movements. There is a verse in Quran that states that mankind is created deficient. I feel that the verse is referring to this paradox.

And the video does not discuss the biggest bracket mankind have experienced, namely God. What makes me think that the observer himself/herself is altered by God? Isn’t God like that parameter that we are not able to fully see and isn’t that’s why many humans feel baffled by arguments about the existence of God? 


Of within
and without

Of consciousness
and unconsciousness

Of the self
and the non-self

Of thoughts
and actions

Of sanity
and insanity

Of policies
and politics

Of determinism
and indeterminism

Of finite
and infinite

Of kismet
and karishma

Of the gamma
and the quark

Of the universe
and oblivion

Of known
and the unknown

There are brackets
[        ]
{        }
(        )
Of varying kinds


Copyright © by Arzoo Zaheer. All Rights Reserved.

My Sex Partner

Note: This poem is based on some of my male dream characters. I get lucid dreams that run like real life and are full of colors and sensations. I have some lucid sex partners; and, I use their assistance once at a time because I am monogamous in nature. Although some of these dream figures do not exist in the Awake dimension, they can react to your slightest gestures owing to their exceptional intelligence. For instance, when I am a bit down, I request a handsome dream character to come forward. After some lucid interactions, which range from rubbing my feet to playing with my really long hair, my mood improves. Obviously, having sex is not always possibleits rareso playing games like boxing or talking is still very sexy. As a Muslim, I know that these dream characters are halal or allowed simply because the routine rules of Halal and Haram apply to the Awake Dimension. Remember that you have to work very carefully with dream characters and never hurt them; I think that otherwise they can hurt you somehow.  Lastly, these dream characters are an indication of how the females can control the process of courting and reproduction. For example, if a woman is not interested in courting or marrying someone, then she can easily use her dream characters to distract herself and to experience happiness. Also these charcaters help a lot since I am still unwed and single; finding a suitable partner is very tough for me because I am exceptionally smart, an ENFP, and an Empath.

I am pretty
I am pretty
I fly unabated

It’s Black!
It’s Black!
It’s Black!
Made out of the night and stars
The shadow figure is Black

It is faster
It is tamer
It is harmless
It is wiser
It knows my ups and downs
It knows my inner and outer scales
Attuned, it calibrates; tis surprising

We fly together
Shape-shifting forever
What else could it be?
What else could he be?

It is foreign, familiar, modern, and ancient
It knows, just knows me

We fly again tonight…
Right moments become unseen and seen
Hallucinations become momentary, mandatory
Reality is what we sometimes seek
Hence, the shadow figure is confronting
Thus, it lacks and contains descriptions
I chase it; it chases me

It lacks face and body
It changes into him; not any “he”
He possesses face, heart, and body

…he can be a mountain
…very nice to climb
…he can be an ocean
…vast and deep
…he can be a garden
…filled with roses
…he can be a volcano
…hot and erupting
…he can be thin air
…dissolved yet profound

I sleep on its chest, and I hear its heart beat
It changes into him; not any “he”
I sleep on his chest, and I hear his heart beat

It vibrates, resounds, and clashes rhythmically
It changes into him; not any “he”
He vibrates, resounds, and clashes rhythmically

It is foreign, familiar, modern, and ancient
It knows, just knows me


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