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My Sex Partner

Note: This poem is based on some of my male dream characters. I get lucid dreams that run like real life and are full of colors and sensations. I have some lucid sex partners; and, I use their assistance once at a time because I am monogamous in nature. Although some of these dream figures do not exist in the Awake dimension, they can react to your slightest gestures owing to their exceptional intelligence. For instance, when I am a bit down, I request a handsome dream character to come forward. After some lucid interactions, which range from rubbing my feet to playing with my really long hair, my mood improves. Obviously, having sex is not always possibleits rareso playing games like boxing or talking is still very sexy. As a Muslim, I know that these dream characters are halal or allowed simply because the routine rules of Halal and Haram apply to the Awake Dimension. Remember that you have to work very carefully with dream characters and never hurt them; I think that otherwise they can hurt you somehow.  Lastly, these dream characters are an indication of how the females can control the process of courting and reproduction. For example, if a woman is not interested in courting or marrying someone, then she can easily use her dream characters to distract herself and to experience happiness. Also these charcaters help a lot since I am still unwed and single; finding a suitable partner is very tough for me because I am exceptionally smart, an ENFP, and an Empath.

I am pretty
I am pretty
I fly unabated

It’s Black!
It’s Black!
It’s Black!
Made out of the night and light
The shadow figure is Black

It is faster
It is tamer
It is harmless
It is wiser
It knows my ups and downs
It knows my inner and outer scales
Attuned, it calibrates; tis surprising

We fly together
Shape-shifting forever
What else could it be?
What else could he be?

It is foreign, familiar, modern, and ancient
It knows, just knows me

We fly again tonight…
Right moments become unseen and seen
Hallucinations become momentary, mandatory
Reality is what we sometimes seek
Hence, the shadow figure is confronting
Thus, it lacks and contains descriptions
I chase it; it chases me

It lacks face and body
It changes into him; not any “he”
He possesses face, heart, and body

…he can be a mountain
…very nice to climb
…he can be an ocean
…vast and deep
…he can be a garden
…filled with roses
…he can be a volcano
…hot and erupting
…he can be thin air
…dissolved yet profound

I sleep on its chest, and I hear its heart beat
It changes into him; not any “he”
I sleep on his chest, and I hear his heart beat

It vibrates, resounds, and clashes rhythmically
It changes into him; not any “he”
He vibrates, resounds, and clashes rhythmically

It is foreign, familiar, modern, and ancient
It knows, just knows me


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