Note: I have not studied Poetry professionally; and, I have taken only one post-graduate English course at the University of Toronto, which is where I learned just a little bit of poetry. I completed only three grades here in the Canadian High Schools so I did not get exposed to too much poetry in my English classes either. Poetry is my passion because some of my relatives are poets too. And, thus I feel that the need to write or understand poetry is a genetic traitI am a Rajput by birth. I am in the process of publishing my first book; most if it has been written down and it is going to be thoroughly edited after my graduation, which is in August 2018. Below are some of my poems:

My Instincts Say “Nay”

Average Joe

My Sex Partner

Pretty Butterfly

Poos Pies Etceteras

Oasis or Mirage

3 – 4 AM

The Kid

True Friends

In Love, They Waited Patiently

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