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Songs Sung & Written by Someone Else

All of the songs below were written by someone else. I am just singing a little bit of it for fun. I haven’t received formal training in song and music; I have always been more attracted to Sciences, Philosophy, and Mathematics─that’s all I studied at the University of Toronto. I received just a little bit of training in singing when I was a teenager; I was one of the top girls of our high school’s choir. I learned how to play with my vocal cords a little bit while singing. If you were to control your vocal cords, you can easily change your voice. By the way, I can sing pretty well without proper training because I am a Rajput and some very famous poets, musicians, and singers are genetically linked to me. I don’t sing often anymore because I am busy writing poetry and creative prose. But, I wanted to keep just a small set of the following poems since thinking back to how I can actually sing makes me feel good somehow. Oh! I do not how to sing in English since I have learned how to sing in Urdu/Hindi only. Also, when I sing these songs, I can see that I have lost my original Urdu accent. I can feel myself fighting to remember the original accent, which is actually very fun to watch. Oh one reason why I cannot sing so well is because I actually asks questions about the lyrics as I proceed. This is one reason why I have not recorded myself singing the entire songs. I have a bit of Philosopher hidden within, which is why singing just allows my mind to be raided with more questions. Read “An English-Hindi Romantic Song I Have Always Loved“. Truth is that I can think very deeply due to my lucid dreaming abilities; this is why I am now focusing on my efforts to create poetry that relates well to the field of Human Rights.

Nevertheless, check out some of the songs that I have sung just a bit!

Gulabi Ankhein

Gulabi Ankhein” song was originally sung by the band Sanam.

Dil Kya Karai Jab Kisi Ko

Dil Kya Karai Jab Kisi Ko” song was originally sung by artist Arnab Chakraborty.


Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar

Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar” song was originally sung by the band Strings. Its my favourite song and I used to lead some of the girls from my high school choir to sing this song in the school bus. Cool!